Ravi: Trying to Dodge the Draft?

Early this year, Ravi was embroiled in a scandal where he was rumored to have used a broker agency to effectively dodge the draft. On March 6, he finally admitted to the claims. Back in February I read on Ravi and this whole situation. If you would like to see the full article, be sure to check out my Patreon. Here is a preview.

I was thinking about VIXX randomly back in early January or late December and a day or so later, they released a song out the blue. But it only included Ken, Leo, and Hyuk. I wondered where Ravi and N were. I Googled Ravi and saw that he was in the military. I didn’t look up N because I just assumed he wanted to be an actor now and had no interest to returning to music. (He already served and left Jellyfish Entertainment a couple of years ago.) I was slightly disappointed (N was my favorite), especially since I didn’t like the song, but moved on. But a day or so later Ravi was embroiled in a scandal. According to articles, he was allegedly trying to avoid his military service by manipulating his health records to say he suffered from epilepsy. This meant that he didn’t have to do active duty.

This all came to light because, apparently, he used a broker agency that specializes in this kind of thing. But this broker was recently arrested and claimed that one of their clients was a K-pop rapper who started serving as a social service agent (I’ve seen other places translate this as “public service worker” which many idols do while in the military) last October. They used this idol to boast about their success. What made Ravi stand out is that the timeline of him becoming a social service agent does align with the timeline the broker gave. To make matters worse, the police also obtained phone records showing that Ravi received consulting from this agency as well.

In May, Ravi left the cast of KBS’s 2 Days & 1 Night variety show to prepare for his military service in late October. This was an entire spectacle in and of itself, where he was crying and stuff. On the 7th of October, Ravi tweeted that he was going to serve as a social service agent/public service worker due to his supposed health. Given recent events, perhaps he was meeting up with this broker between May and October… In either case, his self-made company, GROOVL1N, responded to the allegations of military dodging the same day the news broke by…giving a rather strange statement.


This is GROOVL1N.

We would like to convey our official statement regarding the reports that came out today.

After receiving the report, we are closely examining the truth about the situation.

It is only right to give a statement as quickly as possible, but since the problem is related to military duty, we think it is only appropriate to first find out the details and then give thorough explanations after, so we are currently trying to figure out the details. In addition, if there is a request for an investigation related to this case, [Ravi] will undergo it faithfully at any time.

More exact details will be provided in a separate notice at a later date.

As translated by Soompi

Since then it was has been pretty radio silent on what’s going on with Ravi, not to mention the other celebrities embroiled in this controversy. All I could find even now is that he was booked and being investigated. If found guilty, he would have to service twice before facing a 1-5 year jail sentence! Why so many celebrities think they can dodge the draft in some way is beyond me, especially given such high-profile cases of where this backfired for others. It’s not like they won’t get special treatment because of their status, at least I believe. I know they’ll get harassed, unfortunately, but why ruin your career by not going or trying to avoid most of what military service entails? Korea has shown consistently that they are not kind to people who flake out on military service. I unfortunately think this is the final nail in the coffin for VIXX in general and Ravi’s career specifically. But let’s see.

Was Ravi the idol rapper in question?

This may seem like a silly question given that everything already points to yes, but why not ask anyway?

Death (reverse)
9 of Pentacles
3 of Swords
4 of Wands (reverse)
Knight of Pentacles (reverse)
The Sun
Queen of Pentacles

There's something better

When I first asked the Angels Answer cards, I didn’t flip over the one card that came out right away until I got tarot. When I finally did flip it over “There’s something better” was there. I thought that was odd, so I pulled from the top of the deck and got “No.” That was weird too, so I put them back and tried to make a card jump out. “Unlikely.” I pulled a random card and got “No!” “No” was at the top of the deck once more. This is very interesting…

I wonder if Ravi is being made “an example of” or like a pariah in this situation. With the 9 of Pentacles, we have a woman who is being highlighted above the rest of the crowd. This crowd can represent the other people who used this broker to dodge the draft or get alternative service. These people are more in the shadows in the card, and some have their head down. But then why would Ravi allegedly have been in contact with this agency if the allegations are untrue? Perhaps these “no’s” are Ravi’s spirit guides or his literal spirit denying them. I’m not sure.

Death in reverse can indicate a resistance to change. With the 3 of Swords, I think Ravi knows how this all makes him look and how this will unfortunately taint his image in the eyes of the Korean public. Indeed, I sort of the see the 4 of Wands in this deck as a scene from a movie or show being played out or set up. Traditionally it symbolizes a celebration and here you can see that people are carrying things for what looks like one. In reverse, it indicates that festivities are cancelled and that someone may be leaving home. It can also show that you are not feeling welcomed. Ravi is likely feeling the heat right now. His career is effectively ruined. Yes, the Knight of Pentacles is in reverse. His money is drying up and he’s not going anywhere in the sense that he’s currently being investigated. This immobility can also be seen in Death reversed.

The Sun is curious. This is usually a good card. The guidebook says that the universe is coming together and agreeing with your path. But is it though lol. I wonder if the bird carrying that person represents the universe bringing to light what is really going on with Ravi. The Sun represents clarity and truth in astrology. But flying too close to it can burn you. Does this mean that the allegations are true, and they are going to burn up Ravi?

We end with the Queen of Pentacles. I have no idea who this is. Ravi is an Aquarius. Let’s ask who this is.

The Star (reverse)
The Hanged Man (reverse)
The Lovers (reverse)
9 of Wands (reverse)

Does he have a girlfriend? When I first saw the Queen, I thought it was Wheein because I think she left his company recently (looking this up later, that was Ailee lol) or he recently collaborated with her (this is true). She’s an Aries, however, so perhaps this isn’t her. (Ailee is a Gemini.) Regardless, the Lovers came out indicating that this Queen is likely involved with him romantically/sexually. With the Star, Hanged Man, and 9 of Wands, she is disappointed in him, I think. I don’t think she wants to believe the allegations, or she wishes that he wasn’t stupid enough to do something like this. I wonder if he told her that he would do this so he could come back to her sooner. And she was sort of taken aback in disbelief. Like, “He wouldn’t! Would he?” I see a woman looking up at him with a confused face. Now hearing the news she’s like “Fuck!”

Wheein (left), Ailee (right), and Ravi (back)

Although Ravi is like 30 (he’s apparently 29) and isn’t really in the idol game like that anymore, I think, he probably still can’t openly claim her and vice versa. So now she’s just back at home watching the news from her bedroom at a loss as to what to do. The Hanged Man represents stagnancy and the 9 of Wands upright usually represents trying to keep fighting. In reverse, you’ve given up usually. But for her, she couldn’t even fight because that would make Ravi look even worse. It’s very much a damned if you, damned if you don’t kind of situation for her. Welp.

That’s it for the preview! I have been kinda watching this case with bated breath as I am a fan of VIXX lol. It’s sad how they went out like this but maybe it was for the best that all of this mess is happening when they haven’t been a full group for quite some time. I’m not sure. In either case, everything is always alleged and for entertainment purposes only. What do you all think will happen to Ravi next?

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