March 2023 Predictions

Winter really said “f y’all” huh LMAO!


March 2023 Planetary Transits

March 2 Mercury enters Pisces (fall and detriment)
March 7 Full Moon in Virgo, Saturn enters Pisces
March 16 Venus enters Taurus (domicile)
March 19 Mercury enters Aries
March 20 The Sun enters Aries (exalted)
March 21 New Moon in Aries
March 23 Pluto enters Aquarius
March 25 Mars enters Cancer (fall)

March 1 Venus conjunct Jupiter
March 2 Mercury conjunct Saturn
March 6 Sun sextile Uranus
March 10 Venus sextile Mars
March 11 Mercury sextile Uranus
March 13 Mars square Neptune
March 15 Sun square Mars, Sun conjunct Neptune
March 16 Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury conjunct Neptune, Venus square Pluto
March 17 Mercury square Mars, Venus sextile Saturn
March 19 Mercury sextile Pluto
March 20 Sun sextile Pluto
March 28 Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Mars trine Saturn
March 30 Venus conjunct Uranus

I don’t know about anyone else, but February felt long af for the shortest month of the year. With the “crazy” ingresses we will have this month, especially at the end, perhaps this was just the calm before the storm. However, I feel like we had quite a few warning shots.

From senseless mass shootings to reckless toxic disasters, 2023 is off to an awful start. This is largely due to Mars as it was previously retrograde for two months. Going back over the part of the sky it traversed backwards but now in forward motion has to be causing all this mess: the unseasonably warm weather making winter basically nonexistent for a lot of the world (according to Claudius Ptolemy Mars was excessively hot and dry because of its malefic nature) and in the U.S. toxic waste released into the air, water, and ground with what seems like an unsettling regular basis. And local governments have the nerve to say that everything is okay, get out of my face with that!

Gemini as depicted by Reverend Richard Rouse Bloxam in his Urania’s Mirror, c. 1825

(Ptolemy also wrote on Gemini: “The sign of Gemini as a whole is productive of an equable temperature, but taken part by part its leading portion is wet and destructive, its middle temperate, and its following portion mixed and irregular. Its northern parts are windy and cause earthquakes; its southern parts dry and parching” (2nd CE/1974, p. 59).)

Now in March, Mars falls in Cancer. March, as a result, may feel a bit sluggish but I think the more apt word is perhaps chaotic, especially as many planets in Pisces will square Mars while it is still in Gemini. Saturn leaves its domicile and enters Pisces for the first time, leaving Pluto to take its place in Aquarius. Neptune, of course, is still domicile in Pisces as well.

Many astrologers online have been fear mongering about Pluto’s transit through Aquarius, but I think it’s important to remember Saturn’s role here too. I think something is going to crumble. Something big.

Saturn is modernly linked to the government and Pluto whilst in Capricorn has been both exposing and unearthing a lot in relation to our governments and structures. At the same time, there were many high-profile court cases on various moral and/or sociopolitical topics. I want to say most went positively in the sense that justice was served to awful people, but as we know, Roe V. Wade was overturned and bigots across the nation have been hard at work rolling back LGBT, T specifically, legal protections. These same people have also been wreaking havoc on the school system, suddenly banning, removing, or otherwise challenging books as if they truly care or even know what their kids or kids in general are reading. I don’t attribute this all solely to Pluto but Saturn as well.

Photo by Pavel Shakotko on
Photo by ZCH on

Now with Saturn in Jupiter’s nocturnal domain with Neptune domicile, I feel like there will be a lot of disillusionment moving forward. Inflation is crazy and we’re supposed to keep buying like we got money. And we’re all supposed to be okay with the government crying about inflation and raising prices all the while they’re continuing to send billions overseas no questions asked. I think we might reach peak cynicism and annoyance with how we are governed, and some may try to do something about it.

Saturn actually had a lot of significations relating to violence too like Mars because it is a malefic also. I don’t think just because it is in the wishy-washy Pisces with hippy dippy Neptune that that will change. Especially not with the “higher octave” of Mars is in Aquarius.

I think there will be a long disenchantment period where things are sort of melting, coming apart, or decaying à la Saturn in Pisces until it reaches a breaking point and then Pluto in Aquarius comes to restructure everything.

I’m resistant to the “quirky,” “radical” interpretation of Aquarius but I feel like that is more accurate this time around. It is likely because Pluto now takes Saturn’s place in squaring Uranus. These are perhaps the two planets you don’t want in a square. Slow, deep change (Pluto) versus rapid, sometimes superficial, but nonetheless, jarring change (Uranus). Something will shift in March. And whatever that is, is laying the foundation not just for the rest of the year but the decades to come I want to say.

Plate 26: Aquarius, Piscis Australis & Ballon Aerostatique | Reverend Richard Rouse Bloxam, c. 1825

Indeed, Aries season always begins in March. Venus already got a head start and now the rest of the inner planets are following suit. And this happens basically back-to-back with Mercury, then the Sun, and then the Moon. But right after the Moon is Pluto entering Aquarius. And then a few days later Mars finally leaves Gemini.

The end of the month may be a mess. We may get a sudden jolt of energy and then it sort of flounders. Cancer is also a cardinal sign like Aries, but it is not as forward-moving as the Mars-ruled sign. Cancer approaches everything with hesitancy and from an angle. Rams hit things straight on and this where some of the issues lie. At least in Gemini, Mars can still be fast even if all over the place. Cancer finds it difficult to get moving and then it stops too much during its trek. Although it is the triplicity ruler of water, Mars doesn’t mix too well with the Moon-ruled water sign. And thus it is in fall here.

Plate 16: Aries and Musca Borealis | Reverend Richard Rouse Bloxam, c. 1825

So if you thought March was your time to “get it together” maybe think again. Indeed, March is not really a good time to get organized because Mercury is quickly debilitated on the 3rd as it enters Pisces. Traditionally, Mercury is just in fall in Pisces but since the Medieval period (of astrology) it was also considered to be in detriment, a position worse than fall. So, Mercury is debilitated twice in Pisces. With Mars still in Gemini until the 25th, this can mess up your plans. Where you thought you had clarity, you may not suddenly. You can get confused and overwhelmed and may just opt to go without a plan or direction to unsurprisingly bad consequences. Going with the flow and feeling things out are okay within reason but since Pisces and Gemini square with Pisces dominating Gemini, don’t be surprised if your efforts are not as fruitful as you wanted. You may just have to take a break or cool off a bit once Mars enters Cancer and try again in a more adjacent approach.

Overall, I feel like March is a new beginning or a shift towards something new. If you felt like 2023 is sucking so far or is not really exciting, buckle up because that will likely change once the month is over.

Oracle Messages

Fire Signs

Leo: The Lover (reverse)
7th House: Relating
Venus: Love

Rest and Rejuvenate
Adjacent Possibilities

The Ankh: The Ankh represents the key to all hidden knowledge. The loop symbolizes the eternal soul as it has no beginning or end.

We got a love message! I don’t think the fire signs have really gotten one before. In either case, we start off with odd cards: Leo in reverse and Rest and Rejuvenate. It seems like for the first third, I’m getting, you should take a break from dating and partying. Yes, you may need to move away from the spotlight or being the life of the party in early March. Why? I’m not too sure. Some of you may just be tired and burnt out. After this rest period, you can return to the world of dating, hooking up, etc. because we have the 7th House and Action. Action is like the Ace or 8 of Wands—fast-moving energy.

You may meet someone soon after this quiet period, but they may be a bit “unusual.” With Adjacent Possibilities, this person may be out of your norm, whether that’s in terms of dating, physical appearance, personality, whatever. But with Venus, you may find yourself attracted to them, nonetheless. I see you all genuinely fascinated by this person. I see a nerdy person for some reason lol. So, see where this connection leads you! 😀 You may have met them for a reason. 👀

Water Signs

Cancer: The Doula (reverse)
9th House: Seeking (reverse)
2nd House: Assets (reverse)
8th House: Intimacy

Storm Warning

Feather: Be honest with yourself. There is somewhere in your life where you haven't been upfront.

Another month, another similar message. In March, you all may go through another emotional struggle. We have Storm Warning out. As I said on Instagram, a storm was actually rolling in while I typed this. The thunder was small at first but then it grew louder, and the rain came in afterwards. It was pouring. Some of you likely know what the issue is, and in March you are asked to confront it. Yes, we have Feather out. It’s like you have the answer but don’t like what that answer is. You may try to seek guidance or answers through spiritual means, but your problems may be more concrete and earthy. That is, you may be struggling financially or with your employment or lack there or.

With Cancer in reverse, this can be a sore spot for you. You may be the kind of person who always needs assistance or help and the people around you are kinda over your “bullshit.” It may not necessarily be “bullshit,” but the people around you, your friends and family, may just be exasperated by how you manage to get into “trouble” or the kind of situations you find yourself in. It could be that you’re the kind of person with spotty employment or assets. You may find it hard to hold down a job for some reason or keep money in your bank account. You have to ask for help because of this and when you ask, you may cry and breakdown and it’s just a never-ending cycle.

But…I feel like many of you don’t know what to do genuinely. It’s not that you like “being a burden” or “troublesome;” it’s just that that is how your life has always been. But the question is why? Why do you have more bad times than good? What is it that you’re not seeing? The 9th house is about higher education or knowledge. It is often overly associated with Sagittarius, but I think that can apply a bit here. You are seeing your issues as much bigger and scarier than they may be because you are looking at them too closely. When you zoom out, you are much more able to see what’s actually wrong and what led you down this path. I think if you able to step away from your emotional chaos for a bit, you can see that you are not as hopeless or defenseless as you think you are.

I feel like some of you give up very easily or are overwhelmed by the tiniest of things but the unfortunate thing about life is that you have to live it. Others helping you out is fine but learned helplessness is not. You have to put your big drawers on and face your issues. The truth may be ugly, and you would rather avoid it but that in itself is likely the problem.

You may need to stop relying on and expecting the people in your life to always help you when you cry or feel scared and lost. There are professional and legal ways of getting these things and people in these positions are much better equipped to actually guide you. “Legal” keeps coming to my mind when I write on you all. Some of you may be in some legal trouble in relation to money. The 8th house is all about debt, what you lose, and what is owed to others. Have you’ve been borrowing from people and/or places and it’s all catching up to you? Maybe that is the storm coming. But I feel like if you all just acted and instead of cower in fear, you can actually solve the issues that plagued you. You just have to get out of that rut, that “woe is me” energy first. If not…well, nothing will change in March expect for the worst perhaps. The choice is always yours.

Earth Signs

The Numinous: Mystery
Gemini: The Butterfly (reverse)
Mars: Action (reverse)

Caring Connections
The Sun (reverse)
Door to Spirit

Discovery: Reawaken your sense of discovery and expedition.
Bear: Be sensitive to where you are at and reflect on where you would most need heal

Everyone is getting interesting messages so far. For you all, there is something you need to discover in March, about a person it seems. Likely your person. The Numinous is out as is Discovery and Bear. There’s something you may be in the dark about, but I feel like you had your suspicions for a while. As I said on Instagram, your spirit guides, etc. may want you to find out whatever this is. You may first hear about it or have your inklings confirmed through gossip or a person or group of people confirming and/or revealing part of this secret. That may be your guides at work so that you are motivated to dig a bit deeper. But what you may find may disappoint you or leave you disillusioned.

Some of you may outright reject the truth you hear until everything is just out in the open. Then I see many of you understandably upset. But I think this needed to come out. You couldn’t be in the dark anymore. You had to know. It will likely hurt but it may be for your ultimate good. Mars’s energy, according to the late Robert Schmidt, was to “sever and separate.” Perhaps you needed to separate from this person for whatever reason and it was meant to go down that way. Why? Well, that depends on what the issue at hand is. But regardless of what it is, your spirit guides are here to help you heal afterwards. It is okay to grieve.

Air Signs

Neptune: Dreams (reverse)
Sagittarius: The Voyager (reverse)
Scorpio: The Animal (reverse)

Appreciation (reverse)
Door to Value 
Door to Personal Healing and Happiness
The Thinking Woman

Time: Time has a wonderful way of showing you what really matters.

As I said in other elements’ sections, we got some unique readings here. In March, I feel like something will change or something is set in motion. This may be started by another person, a Sagittarius or Scorpio, and/or a feminine person/woman who is a bit bookish or cerebral. Whoever this is, I feel like they’re not really on your radar. You may not think about them much or pay them no mind. But I feel like this may bite you in the butt for some reason. They may be important to this change you want to enact or that is enacted in general.

For some of you I feel like this is a spirit guide for some reason or just a person you are meant to meet and interact with, but you won’t realize the higher purpose until they’re gone or “it’s late,” whatever that means. It’s like they’re unassuming, quiet, and doesn’t really say or much in relation to you but may actually do a lot for you that you are simply not aware of. I see them watching you from afar almost with contempt because of how you treat them. I don’t think they “hate” you or anything; it’s just that your ignorance is almost fun to watch. Almost. This person, who I again think is in your life, although on the periphery of your consciousness, for a divine reason. And that mystery of them does confuse you. You may feel like you know them beyond superficial interactions at work or whenever, but you can’t quite place your finger as to where. I think that’s intentional or speaks to the divine nature of this coming together.

But, regardless, March may be the month where you get some new financial opportunities and your life just heads in a new direction in general. I think it will be the result of this person for many of you. For others, you may not have a strange person in your life. Instead, you could have just done the work to make your life the way you wanted. But from desire to physical materialization may be where you are confused.

Maybe you wanted a specific job. Maybe you wanted to be happy. Whatever the case may be, you may find in March that you are on or put on a path you are unsure of. I think with time these “detours” will make more sense. But for now, you may just have to trust, let your guard down a bit, and learn to see the silver lining in what is presented to you.

“Grateful” came to mind. Maybe you don’t have to go that far but being appreciative of what the universe gives you or leads you to may be needed here. What you want may not have come in on your time but it still came in nonetheless, albeit slightly altered from what you exactly wanted. Rarely do we get what we want to a T. Sometimes we get what is needed instead. Don’t over think it. Just appreciate that it came through at all.

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