February 2023 Predictions

I guess winter took a break too lol, at least every place else except the east coast.

Hi! 😀 I’m back. Like I said in my mini update post, I was really busy in January. But now I’m here to give you all readings again. Yay lol.

I’m still trying to figure this Anchor thing out. I was trying to redo the audio because I updated the post but it kept resulting in an error. So, the original article with the light typos remain in the audio, sorry.

February 2023 Planetary Transits

Feb. 5 Full Moon in Leo
Feb. 11 Mercury enters Aquarius
Feb. 18 The Sun enters Pisces
Feb. 20 New Moon in Pisces, Venus enters Aries (detriment)

Feb. 3 Sun square Uranus
Feb. 4 Venus square Mars
Feb. 6 Mercury sextile Neptune
Feb. 7 Venus sextile Uranus
Feb. 10 Mercury conjunct Pluto
Feb. 15 Venus conjunct Neptune
Feb. 16 Sun conjunct Saturn
Feb. 17 Mercury sextile Jupiter 
Feb. 19 Venus sextile Pluto 
Feb. 21 Mercury square Uranus
Feb. 22 Mercury trine Mars

As of this month, ALL of the planets are direct but I can definitely see and feel the lingering effects of Mars and Mercury in shadow. There are still technical and communication issues cropping up but by March and even April, things should be okay. I say that because Mercury is retrograde for about a month and Mars two and a half. But spring and summer is when some of the planets turn back retrograde. So, if you want to get big things done, perhaps this month until April is the time to do so. This retrograde period may have made many of you really contemplate what you want to do or reevaluate what you’re currently doing. Now, especially with Venus entering Aries where it will meet up with Jupiter, you should be able to act on your plans swiftly or at least passionately. However, there is still a lot that may slow you down.

Mercury cozies up to Saturn, and with Mars still in Gemini, this can cause you all to take much more measured but informed steps rather than just sprinting to what you think is the finish line. The Sun entering Pisces can also make things a bit slow too or rather lethargic. You may not have the energy you think you will this month. This may especially be the case as the Sun will meet up with Neptune and Venus as well. You may get turned around a bit or find that perhaps doing more than one thing (Gemini is a mutable sign) is not feasible, at least at the moment. You may need to get more organized and clearheaded before you attempt things once more. Yes, if you were looking to get back into something, you may face a different kind of challenge to it.

The aspects the planets make are pretty nice, mostly soft ones with a couple squares. The squares to Uranus at the beginning and end of the month could suggest that we might all get the jerk around in some way. It could also mean that you start off explosive, then flounder a bit all month, but end on another high. Or it could mean you are thrown about in a different direction that may in some ways all come together nicely by the end of the month. That or vice versa—you’re on track despite setbacks and weird departures to end up completely somewhere else by the end. So, that’s fun lol. Let’s see what will happen.

Oracle Messages

Fire Signs

Psychic Awareness: Divine Soul - Capricorn (reverse) - Choose a new direction - Abundance - Ace of Pentacles

I wanted to pull less cards this month, but I think I ended up with about the same lol. In either case, for you all, you are being turned around. Yes, I mentioned this intuitively on my own with the astrology. This may affect my fellow Aries more and likely Leo’s too in regard to that. Why? Because Capricorn squares Aries but Saturn is currently opposed Leo. Sagittarius sextiles Aquarius and cannot see Capricorn. So, it’s mostly unaffected although its ruler, Jupiter, is in Aries currently. Regardless, in February, you all may have push back or set backs towards your goals but it’s for a reason. There is something better on the other side or somewhere else.

Indeed, we have not only Abundance but the Ace of Pentacles. Big money, more money, or new money is coming potentially in February if you let yourself be guided by your intuition and by any signs you see trying to get your attention this month. The person pointing a wand at the sky can be your spirit guide trying to show you that the path ahead is more fruitful than the one you were on. Some of you may not believe it, choosing to hold disbelief and frustration at being stopped instead. For those who are able to push past these feelings, you will likely be in for a nice surprise. Be open and receptive in February. Your guides and the universe are trying to help you out monetarily. Birds, fish, and the (full) moon may be especially salient to some.

Water Signs

Creativity: Creativity Guides - Rest: Holy Spirit 

Cancer (reverse) - Leo (reverse)

The Magician

No - No!

I don’t know what it is, but your element persistently gets “negative” or downer readings. Maybe the cards are just reflecting your mental state and it just fluctuates from month to month. I don’t know. Either way, in February, many of you are in your feelings and feeling sad for yourself. I feel like something in particular happened with work. A rejection, a criticism/critique, an evaluation that was a bit painful, something. We have Leo and the Magician. We also have both “no’s.” Maybe someone told you “no” and rather abrasively for some, and that left you feeling like your ego just got shot. Maybe you had a proposal or big project coming up and the big wigs weren’t satisfied or found your work to be subpar. Whatever the reason, you all are likely feeling sorry for yourself this month. You may not be going out as much or interacting with people. You may be under the covers crying, upset, or ruminating about whatever may have happened. You may think you’re lousy and that the world is about to end because you either “messed up” or didn’t perform in the way you and/or other people wanted. But your spirit guides don’t want you all to wallow in self-pity forever. Most of them want you to take a step back and just breathe.

I feel like some of you teeter on the line of overly dramatic and can blow things out of proportion. Your guides in these instances want you all to just calm down. Again, it is not the end of the world because you didn’t “do good.” Life moves on and you should as well. With Creativity, they are asking you all to pick yourselves back up and try again. Try a different approach or try to see this rejection as an opportunity to grow and get better if that is the issue. Immediately falling to the floor and getting upset won’t help you. Thinking of the worst case scenario and other awful situations that aren’t true and likely never will be does not help you in any sense of the word either. Breathe. Relax. Try to approach things at a different angle. It will be okay, I promise.

Earth Signs

Invention: Creativity Guides - Scorpio (reverse) - Judgment (reverse) - Helpful people - Forgiveness

I want to say this is a strange message but it’s not really lol. Anyway, this is giving me the energy of a fallout or strained friend relationship. Whatever the status is, you all seem to be holding on to negative feelings and that is not serving you this month. While you are brooding and moody, you are letting life pass you by. This other person could have been moved on, so all this intensity is really amounting to nothing. You can spread rumors, be passive aggressive, and malicious all you want; that won’t change the fact that the relationship ended or is on its way out. For others of you, this could have ended a long time ago, but I don’t feel like that is the majority of you. Regardless, we have Invention which speaks of turning bad situations and hurt feelings into something positive. We also have Forgiveness. We already know how I personally feel about this subject matter lol. You all can do what you want but the message seems to be to forgive and let go. Harboring such dark emotions towards someone will not do much of anything but make you miserable, unfortunately. So, the message seems to be to redirect that into something else. It could be artistic in nature, although the Invention card is speaking more in metaphor.

In either case, like I said on Instagram, there could have been a divine reason for separation or near separation. Instead of gripping on to this relationship for dear life, try to uncover why this separation may have been necessary for you. Sometimes these sorts of painful experiences are for our own good but we are too blinded by grief and other emotions to notice it. Likewise, remember you can always make new relationships! This one is not the end of the world even if you feel like it is. You have a lot of divine influence around you that is willing to help you all along the way. Trust them. Let go.

Air Signs

Purpose: Master teacher - Taurus - 9 of Pentacles - Communicate clearly - Reconsider - A year from now

A positive message! Many of you are on the right path. I want to say in career, but this can just be in life in general. If you were unsure of what you’re doing is “correct,” it is. However, the end of your journey, the goal of what you want, will likely take a while. In the Purpose card we don’t see anything at the end of the arrow and Taurus is a very slow sign, perhaps the slowest of the earth signs. We also have A Year From Now. Whatever you are undertaking won’t pay off for close to a year from now. 2024 may be the year you see everything culminate and pay off for you in a positive way. We have the 9 of Pentacles. You will likely get some big money. You may attain a certain level of financial success and/or independence here through your own efforts.

In the traditional tarot, the 9 of Pentacles shows a luxurious woman in the vineyard with a bird on her hand. Here, we have an older woman in a tomato field holding some carrots.

Whatever you have sowed will blossom into a vibrant garden that will sustain you in some way. You are moving on up in life materially. But, as I said on Instagram, you need to be very clear on what you want first. Carrots are supposed to give us Vitamin A which helps with our eyesight. Are you properly seeing your prospects? Do you have the right game plan in focus? Do you need to go back to the drawing board before you leave? Do you need to pack anything extra? These are all important questions to ask yourself before you embark. Your journey will be rather long and will require you to take breaks and relax along the way. It would be a shame if you would have to turn back at any point because you needed something or misjudged something. It is better to have all your ducks in a row before you leave.

Like I said in my mini update, I was busy for almost all of January. I wanted to have my Black History Month article up earlier this year but that may not happen, unfortunately. But we shall see! Anyway, if you liked this article, consider leaving me a tip on my Ko-Fi. I also have an Amazon Wishlist!

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