January 2023 Predictions

Happy 2023!

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January 2023 Planetary Transits

Jan. 3 Venus enters Aquarius
Jan. 6 Full Moon in Cancer (domicile)
Jan. 12 Mars stations direct at 8°07’ Gemini
Jan. 18 Mercury stations direct at 8°08’ Capricorn
Jan. 20 The Sun enters Aquarius (detriment)
Jan. 21 New Moon in Aquarius
Jan. 22 Uranus stations direct at 14°56’ Taurus
Jan. 27 Venus enters Pisces (exalted)

Jan. 1 Mercury rx sextile Neptune, Venus conjunct Pluto
Jan. 3 Venus sextile Jupiter
Jan. 5 Sun trine Uranus rx
Jan. 7 Sun conjunct Mercury rx
Jan. 8 Mercury rx trine Uranus rx
Jan. 9 Venus trine Mars rx
Jan. 13 Sun sextile Neptune
Jan. 14 Venus square Uranus rx
Jan. 18 Sun conjunct Pluto
Jan. 22 Venus conjunct Saturn
Jan. 24 Sun sextile Jupiter 
Jan. 29 Sun trine Mars, Mercury trine Uranus

It’s 2023 already, wow. Anyway, 2023 starts off strong as all of the planets will finally be direct! Indeed, Mercury went retrograde at the very tail-end of 2022, which complicates Mars because it is being governed by Mercury as it is retrograding in Gemini. So, we got a double whammy of wonkiness towards the end of 2022 and into 2023. It is more Mercury flavored, however. But by the end of this month, everything should start to return to normal.

Many things in life may feel like they are moving forward by the end of the month. After what seemed like 50-11 years, Uranus stations direct in January. This has been the last outer planet that was still retrograde long after Neptune and Pluto turned direct. Even Saturn turned direct before Uranus did. I want to say all this forward movement will really usher in a new change in direction on the collective level. Instead of looking at the past, we are staring straight ahead for once. Until the next planet goes retrograde at least lol.

The planetary motion for all of the planets in 2023

It is interesting how we are finally going forward when the energy of this year is 7, the most introspective and introverted of the numbers. Maybe this means that we will all make progress in terms of our inner lives. With numerous places wanting to blitz through this pandemic to disastrous effects where many (or at the very least the U.S.) governments just elected to not report on the cases and deaths anymore to force “normalcy,” perhaps 2023 is the year that we all take an actual break or at least take things much slower. …But I doubt it. If history and planets in retrograde motion have taught us anything, that is that history tends to repeat itself, sadly.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Regardless, not much is going on in January from an astrological perspective besides Mars, Mercury, and Uranus turning direct. I’m not really a person to be like “Omg these transits are the end of the world!1!” because I’m just not lol. But 2023 may actually feel like a year that’s new. As though it’s not a “different year, same bullshit” kind of feeling. I don’t know I just get that feeling for some reason.

The aspects the planets will make are overall not that bad, safe for the conjunctions to Pluto. Many seeds may be sown in January not only for you all personally but on a global scale. Places that have contentious conflicts with their governments will persist and may even reach a new height around these Pluto conjuncts. With the planets moving into Aquarius, something will change. With Saturn still there and it continuing to make a square to Uranus, this change will face massive pushback. But with the planets making contact with Pluto, this change will be enduring and not die out as fast as it may have done in the past. Even if the change in the moment is suppressed, it will have very long-lasting effects that will crop again later down the line, and perhaps more successfully too. Maybe when the planets reach Taurus and thus Uranus, we may see what those effects are. In either case, I feel like I don’t have much to say for some reason, so I guess I’ll just leave things here. 2023, here we come!

Oracle Messages

Fire Signs

Tenth House: Authority 
Progressions: Journey
Second House: Resources (reverse)
Eighth House: Mystery

The World (reverse)
Angel of Love
Angel of Balance
Woman Holding A Coin (reverse)

Pelican: Love, motherhood [water]

For January and the new year, you are slowly making progress on a goal. But this slowness may leave you all feeling defeated instead of empowered. Money may be the main issue here. You may find yourself more in the red than black in January, but I believe this can be turned around come February and maybe into March. Don’t get discouraged. The universe is watching you, not leaving you behind. This may be a month to get all your ducks in a row so that abundance can more easily flow to you in the coming months. Don’t be afraid of losing money or the lack of it this month.

For others of you, all this slow movement is the result of a pregnancy. I feel like many of you are in the early phases, perhaps where you’re not even sure yet. If you have been wanting to have a baby, you are likely to become pregnant in January. If so, maybe this lack of money or the spending of it is the reflection of you preparing for the baby to come. I feel like you all should be a little careful with this as it is easy to go overboard.

Water Signs

Aries: Act
Gemini: Cross-pollinate
Saturn: Structure

Happy Family

Starfish: Wishes, sensitivity [water]
Hedgehog: Inner world, curiosity [earth]

For once, we don’t get a message of spiraling lol. Maybe I shouldn’t laugh because some of you were going through it. In any case, January and the new year may have lit a fire under your butts. 2023 may be the year of getting things done or started and not letting things stop you, especially your fears. I see a much more confident group of people here. The sensitivity is still there, and you may have periods of withdrawal, but I still see forward movement.

Some of you may be doing the most, however, trying to tackle multiple things at once. Slow down lol. Saturn is out reminding you to calm down and do things one at a time or with more structure. This will ensure that you don’t burn out. You’ll likely achieve your goals this month, checking off boxes and meeting new milestones. Some of you may be traveling a bunch this month. Some may finally be able to go home or see family after Mercury in retrograde fucked up all those flights and communication across the world, not just the U.S. Others of you may just be traveling. Maybe you’re getting more acquainted to where you live now or you’re just traveling for a vlog/blog/new job/pleasure. Whatever the case, be mindful of deceptive people around you. They may take your naiveness for granted. You all can be a bit too trusting of others. Feel out a person’s energy before you give them the time of day.

Earth Signs

Scorpio: Investigate
North Node: Future
South Node: Past

Sixth Chakra, Archangel Metatron
Woman Holding A Heart

Whale: Imagination, emotional memory [water]
Toad: Listening, secrecy [earth] 

January is a month of inventory for you all. You may spend the month reviewing how far you have gotten last year and thinking about how far you can go in 2023. I feel like this new chapter will be slow but meaningful. Typically, when the Yin/Yang card is upright, you are in the yang, masculine energy of doing. But when I look at the card, I get the opposite, that the yin, passive side is more dominating here by like 75%.

There may be a lot of spiritual growth for you all in 2023. Your intuition may be heightened this month as you are led to your life’s purpose/destiny/etc. You may tie up some loose karmic ends, especially in the form of a past relationship. As I said on Instagram, I think this will be an amicable one last coming together. I don’t see drama or conflict. 2022 is officially ending for you so that 2023 can be ushered in.

Air Signs

Venus: Beloved 
Ninth House: Exploration 
Twelfth House: Introspection

Man Holding A Heart (reverse)

Seahorse: Fatherly power, constancy [water]

We got an interesting development here. It seems like most of you have been able to move on from the mess that was 2022 and find a boo thang! For some, this is great! But for others…you may have to examine who you’re with. The microscope on the Ninth House suggests that you may not really know this person. They may be hiding things, and this can be why the relationship isn’t developing further. Or, as I said on Instagram, this person is just not that into you, but since you are so in love, you may take other people warning you as them being jealous. You may not find out the truth until late January.

For others, you’re in a much better connection. You may be with a person who is kind and compassionate. They may not fulfil traditional gender roles, and this is a point of contention with some people around you. They seem like haters. But be mindful of the slick things they may say. Also don’t be surprised if some people admit they never liked your partner all along because they’re “weird” and sensitive. This can also take a racist or xenophobic angle in some cases. In others, the people around you may try to use your culture against you to paint your partner in a bad light. Pay these people no mind. They just hate to see you with a good person and happy.

Things are kind of light this month, which makes sense as this is the first month out the year. But I was also not that energetic (?) while reading too, so that could have been an issue. Anyway, if you liked this article, consider leaving me a tip on my Ko-Fi. I also have an Amazon Wishlist!

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