2023 Predictions

Happy New Year!

I did the most this year, at least I think so lol! I asked about big things like COVID and climate change.

What is the energy for 2023?

Midheaven: Pinnacle
Pluto: Rebirth (reverse; bottom of the deck)

For 2023 we can expect to reach new heights but for them to also come crumbling down. I feel like this is pertaining to the pandemic. We may (all) believe that it’s behind us but something about the virus may come back with a vengeance. It may be subtle and inconsequential at first but causes absolute mayhem. I feel like for the U.S., they will try to keep people from worrying and downplay it but if you are in the eye of the storm, such as a healthcare worker, infectious disease expert, etc. you’ll see and know the real tea. Pluto is the planet of death but on this card has the subtitle “rebirth.” I don’t think the regeneration process has even begun because the death part hasn’t even concluded yet. So, we may have two juxtaposing energies in 2023, one where things are on the upturn then the exact opposite. It may feel like a whole new year, but it may be more of the same underneath as this cycle we’ve been in isn’t over yet.

From my Instagram

Typically, I write a whole other, more in depth interpretation for my blog but I think what I said on Instagram is sufficient. Maybe the one thing I’ll add is that many governments may try to smooth over the whole resurgence of the virus or how it’s still around to force “normalcy.” But in those government labs and stuff, they’re (allegedly) trying to find a way to contain the new variant. I feel like the variant may be weaker in general compared to the other ones but is still insidious. It may be immune to measures we have tried before. As in, it mutated. “Mutation” came to mind while I looked at the Pluto card. I feel like people may be sick with respiratory illnesses more in 2023 and it’s not just COVID but something else. Not the flu but like a sickness that’s a bit rarer or unknown to the general public. Maybe another SARS thing, SARS itself? I’m not entirely sure. But I just see people in labs testing something and looking at something under a microscope. Winter may be significant. I wanted to say next December but it could pop up in these early months too. Again, I see governments trying to allegedly downplay it all though. Interesting.

A 7 Year

2023 will be a 7 year. This is a mystical number, and we can see that reflected a bit in various cultures, especially spiritually. The 7 Deadly Sins, the 7 chakras, the 7 wonders of the world. But 7 also shows up a bit mundanely too. 7 days of the week; 777 jackpots; 28, a multiple of 7, days in a month, in a menstrual cycle, and to a full moon; 7 colors of the rainbow. Numerically, 7 is all about introspection, analysis, and of course spirituality. This is a very private number, one that doesn’t really mingle with others. This number tends to produce perfectionists and know-it-alls. As a year number, we are encouraged to retreat and reflect. This isn’t a year to be superficial and frivolous. Faith and knowledge are working in tandem this year. Time to start cracking open those books! Immense growth is possible in 2023.

What can expect from COVID in 2023?


Son of Coins
2 of Baskets (cups)
Son of Baskets (reverse)
8 of Coins
3 of Baskets

Top of deck
Railroad Bill (the Chariot)
7 of Coins

Bottom of the deck
Father of Knives (reverse)
3 of Knives (reverse)

I feel like the government is still trying to find the perfect solution to the virus medically. They may be testing new drugs or treatments and studying how effective they are. There’s something about food I’m feeling. Like what you eat may spread the virus or even potentially keep it at bay. Fresh food, that is, but I think something may get contaminated because in the 7 of Coins we have a woman in a field. I think this may be the government again trying to see what the issue is, but it may take a while. I also see this card as people maybe growing their own food after this happens if they haven’t already.

With the 3 of Baskets, we get food again. (I originally got this idea from the 2 of Baskets.) Maybe it’s the result of the holidays and everyone coming together that causes a new variant, surge, or outbreak. It may be among older adults at first but then it effects children really badly with the Son of Baskets in reverse. I feel like it’s something to do with fluid in their lungs. It may not be COVID exactly but some other respiratory illness like the RSV stuff that has been going around. Whopping cough came to my mind for some reason. Just coughing, hacking, and snotting may be a sign of something more serious with them.

I feel like with Strength, moms in particular are not gonna play around in 2023. I see them advocating for their children in hospitals and even demanding answers and/or action from their state governments and the national one as well. I feel like some may take their own initiative and try to find home remedies or something natural as in plants or “cheap” as in drug store medicine to ensure their children’s safety.

With Railroad Bill, I feel like the government will still try to steamroll over concerns and downplay them (allegedly) in order to get the economy on track as that has always been their first priority. But with cases continuing to grow potentially and not subside, this may force them to think about something else besides money.

The Father of Knives is interesting. Will the government be tight lipped? I feel their messaging may be sharper in 2023. That is, they’ll continue to push for vaccination despite it not always working depending on what is being passed around. It’s like they’re trying to do damage control by being firmer and it will not work. [Allegedly!]

With the 3 of Knives in this deck, I still feel like people will die but they won’t be reported on like last year. People may die in silence. That is, people close to them knew they were sick with COVID or something else respiratory-related, but it may just feel like no one outside of family and friends cared. It’s as though there wasn’t many avenues for them to take and medical staff just threw their hands up and shrugged and asked them what they wanted them to do about it. They’re understaffed and overwhelmed. While that may be true, I feel like this will break a lot of people’s hearts. I’m seeing a black family around an older, perhaps elderly, man, in a hospital after he passed. They’re sad and grieving but some are a bit angry because they felt like more could have been done to save him. The staff looks white, and you already know how these types of scenarios go. Maybe the virus or whatever will impact (poor) black families the most. This wouldn’t be shocking.


2 of Coins (reverse)
3 of Coins (reverse)
2 of Sticks
Father of Coins (reverse)
Miss Ida (The High Priestess)
10 of Sticks
7 of Baskets
Dr. Grant (The Hermit; reverse)

I feel like internationally people will really struggle. The Caribbean comes to mind the strongest or island nations just in general. They may lack the infrastructure and resources to continue fighting the virus. With the Father of Coins, I also get Southwest Asia, specifically the United Arab Emirates or countries west of Palestine. I feel like they may be better off the Caribbean but things may be a bit chaotic over there. With the Father here, I don’t know if whoever controls the government is hoarding money or something while people suffer (allegedly) or what but I feel like this may lead to some protests that are brutally put down. I’m not sure.

With the other cards, I feel like some countries will resort to spiritual means to get things done. Some may go a little darker with it while others may choose to go lighter. I’m not sure which place will fare better in either scenario. I feel like some will lose and others may “win.” It’s a mixed bag. All I know is that with the 10 of Sticks here, again, Caribbean nations especially, and the world more largely, will struggle under the weight of COVID. I’m not sure if any place has been able to successfully create their own vaccines or what thanks to Western patents. This may be why some people go the spiritual route or even the herbalist route with Dr. Grant. I see the herbs or whatever a place’s version of Hoodoo is giving mixed results too. Perhaps this is why the 7 of Baskets sits in between him and the 10 of Sticks. It’s a gamble either way with whatever people choose.

Finally with the 2 of Sticks I see this as people crossing the border to the U.S. Yes, more people may be coming. Again, I’m getting the Caribbean for some reason. Perhaps people from there will try their luck again. Hopefully the racists in Texas don’t try to round them up on horses like it’s slave times again smh. With this card, I see people on islands going to mainlands in general as well. For some reason I get Sri Lankans immigrating to southern India, for example. This exodus may also be the result of climate change.

What will the weather/climate be like in 2023?


Purity (reverse)
Relaxation (reverse)

I asked about the U.S., but with Adventures, I got the Amazon. I feel like it will be unusually dry there. Rivers and other bodies of water may dry up. Water can also be contaminated by big foreign companies, which isn’t new, unfortunately. Birds may be particularly impacted by this but also by plastics. I feel like they’ll be migrating more east and that will be very unusual for them. Perhaps environments that are more similar to their habitats are located that way and that is why they’re migrating. I also feel like people are continuing to cut down the forest for plantations and farming, so that can also be another reason.

If we bring this back to an American perspective, perhaps this card is saying summer will be so hot, we might as well be deep in the jungle. It may be very humid this year and not only during the summer months. We may have usual warm spells that exceed 100°. Spring, as in April, may be one of those times.

Moving on, Florida and other states near the ocean will continue to have rough hurricanes and hurricanes out of season. But with Action, I think summer may be particularly bad. We all may think it’s a bit quiet or “normal” until it’s not. I don’t know why I thought of tsunami waves. Maybe the damage will be awful like one. Maybe the (tropical) South doesn’t just have to worry about hurricanes but just the ocean in general.

With Purity, the West may continue to get mountains of snow like they have been getting these past few years. But even with the snow, the issue of water and enough of it may still be an issue. I see Colorado and the Rocky Mountains and it being rather dry despite the snowfall. With this wolf, the wolf population may be under threat again, but they may be key to something going on in the environment. Without them, something is off balance. Something about the forest and trees.

With Relaxation in reverse, we ain’t getting that in 2023 weather-wise. There may be unusual, disastrous, record breaking, unprecedented weather as the result of climate change. People may want to ignore this reality, but reality is quite literally kicking our doors in with something. This card can also represent how even tourist spots aren’t “safe.” In fact, these island nations and places along the coast may be hit the hardest in Latin America and the Caribbean. We may all need to get off our asses and try to combat these mounting climate issues and related ones.



The cards didn’t want to come out for some reason. Regardless, there may be some collective denial with the Pleasure card. While there may still be supposedly “untouched” places, I don’t think that should distract us from our current reality, which is very grim. But I feel like many people may have this sort of pristine, “untouched by man” fantasy going on and some may go out in search of that, harming and harassing the native people living there. This can also be like the weird, white supremacist “cottage core” movement where people wanted to escape reality to these little cottages in the woods where they didn’t have to deal with the consequences of humanity we all bear. But we all can’t do that. We all need to come together to intact some measures to ensure the longevity of the planet. But many people are simply not there mentally.

With Relaxation showing up again but upright, we indeed get this message of inaction. People would rather kick their feet up and escape through media than try to help in any way that they can. I notice the water under this person. There may be massive floods across the world or something about giant rivers is important in 2023. I know last year, big rivers in China just completely dried up. In 2023 we may see that again but also the opposite in some places. I see a lot of people moving and seeking asylum.

With Purity again I think the northern most tundra and other places are going to see a lack of snow. It may be rather humid up there and people who live there may be angry and scared. They may (rightfully) blame the rest of the world for why they can’t live like they have been for hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of years. I get Mongolia and eastern “Russia” for some reason. The people who live there may be speaking out more. I don’t see them migrating more south. I think they’ll try to stick it out and find solutions which may be squandered by other nations potentially, allegedly.

What we were supposed to learn in 2022 collectively?

Inner Earth: You'll survive this. New solutions and beginnings.

I think we were supposed to learn that we were gonna make it through. With the virus, war, civil unrest, and then the extremes of climate change, it could have been all too easy to get caught up in doomsday thinking, that it was the end of the world. But it wasn’t. This “Inner Earth” gives me the feeling that Earth is long from dead, and humans will survive much longer than we think. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned, however, but how we are individually concerned (or not) isn’t always needed. We didn’t have to live in perpetual fear that shit was going to hit the fan any second. We found solutions and something new is coming. I want to say in February or March for some reason. 2023 in generally feels like a brand-new year, I don’t know why. But perhaps this is the new beginning this card is talking about. We’ll survive another day. And for the people who didn’t, they likely have found peace, so don’t worry.

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