Megan Thee Stallion: Megan Thee Plaintiff

This is about Megan and her label, not her and Musty Lanez.

Back in late November when I read on Keke Palmer, I also read on Megan and what was going on with her label. For some reason, it was really hard to record the reading and then when I tried to edit it, the program kept crashing. Maybe that was a sign that I didn’t need to post the reading just then. Or Mars was just retrograding. I’m not sure. In either case, I got really busy in December (I still am), so I decided to post the reading as an article instead. Remember that all readings are for entertainment purposes only. I don’t know anyone involved nor meant to cause any harm to them.

Start of reading

So, I wanted to read on Megan for a minute, but I didn’t know where to focus as she seems to have a lot of things going on with her. The most consistent issues have been her lawsuit against her company 1501 Certified Entertainment and of course her [now concluded] suit against Tory Lanez. Today, I will focus on this ongoing label issue.

For those who have forgotten, back in March 2020, Megan went on Instagram live and said she was blocked from releasing music when she tried to renegotiate her contract. This all came after Megan signed to Roc Nation for management in September of 2019, where they alerted her to some of the unsavory aspects of her contract which is a 360 deal. In her first lawsuit against her label, Megan claimed that 1501 “withheld income from her, failed to provide financial transparency, misrepresented her contract during negotiations, and, when she attempted to fix these issues, blocked her from releasing new music” according to The FADER. Following this, it was reported that a Texas judge granted Megan a temporary restraining order against her label which allowed her to release her EP Suga.

Ever since then, 1501 has seemingly tried to block Megan at every turn. Back in August 2021, she sued her label again, stating that they were preventing her from releasing the BTS remix of “Butter” which she is a feature on. Like the prior lawsuit, a judge sided with Megan which allowed the song to drop.

Next, according to The FADER, Megan was supposedly under the impression that she owed 1501 two more studio albums. The first she dropped was Something For Thee Hotties, which was released in October 2021. However, her label didn’t count it as an album which led Megan to sue them once more to get it recognized as such in February of this year. A month later, 1501 countersued, stating that it simply didn’t meet the requirements of an album, arguing that it was a mixtape.

In August of this year, Megan released Traumazine, which should be her last album for the label. But things didn’t go as planned. Megan alleges that 1501 sabotaged it by leaking songs and cover art online which caused her to release the album early. After this, Megan and her legal team amended their previous filing to also make Traumazine recognized as an album as 1501 declared it wasn’t one either. She additionally asked for $1 million in damages because she claims 1501 has not paid her in royalties. 1501 argues against this, stating that “it was actually Megan who had failed to pay [the company] its fair share of money she made from endorsements, partnerships and other business deals, as well as requirements related to publishing royalties” according to Billboard. “[1501] further added that any claims of underpayment of royalties should be redirected to 300 Entertainment.” This trial won’t take place until May of next year according to Rolling Stone.

The drama didn’t end as it was in reported mid-November that Megan was granted an “ex parte” order on her restraining order against her label and distributor 300 Entertainment because they “took steps ‘to block or interfere with Pete exploiting, licensing, or publishing her music’ in the lead-up to the upcoming [American Music Awards] on Sunday (Nov. 20),” as reported by Billboard. In other words, Megan’s label and distributor were trying to block her from appearing and performing at the AMAs. The hearing on the actual restraining order was on the 22nd of November. (I can’t find any info on this particular lawsuit.)

So, that’s the abbreviated run down. You can look this all up for yourselves. In this reading I will keep things open-ended which isn’t my style and just ask what is going on between Megan and her label.

First Pull

I pulled some oracle cards to set the mood. We got The Flame and The Cave along with The Gentle Dance, Tears of Innocence, The Empty Tomb of Love, and Memories of Life.

With the Wild Unknown Archetype cards in the center, we have this duality of light and dark. There are many things behind the scenes we do not know. Megan may try to clue us in on some of these matters but there are many more that she can’t. In the guidebook, The Flame talks about protecting your inner vitality or passion while The Cave is about initiation and stepping into a portal. I personally see these cards as Megan trying her best to keep the career she has afloat and her love for music still burning. In her situation, it is all too easy just to give up, and if she is ever released from her contract, to never make music again. But she’s a fighter. Even when her company tries to put out her flame, she preserves. Her flame is almost like an eternal one. With The Cave, we can see that her label doesn’t like that, how at every turn Megan just picks herself back up again. [Allegedly!] Like when they may or may not have allegedly leaked Traumazine, it could have been easy to get flustered and all shook up. But instead of that, Megan just pushed the release of it to the next day. Megan is agile and always finds way to land back on her feet and her label doesn’t like that about her. [Allegedly!] They can’t completely destroy her through petty methods. They too have to be smart and strategic like she is.

With The Gentle Dance, we once again get the sense that things are not what they seem which is interesting within this context. We have a couple wearing masks while three other women are in the background to varying degrees of prominence. If you have tried to keep up with this never-ending saga between Megan and her label, you would have noticed that both her and Carl Crawford, the CEO of 1501, tend to go back and forth a lot on social media. They give two very different stories and I think the masks in this card is showing that a bit. People often say there’s two sides to every story and then the truth. I don’t personally agree with that because it assumes both parties can be wrong and lying when that isn’t the case for every singular situation, but here in this reading, this two stories and the truth may be applicable. Megan and her label are doing a very complicated dance for all of us to witness even if in actuality Megan is in the right and 1501 in the wrong. There is some slight deception here I feel. We’ll see later if that reveals itself.

Here are some examples of Megan and Carl (featuring J Prince at times) going at each other online.

With the Tears of Innocence, this is clearly Megan having regrets. She said she signed at age 20 which is considered to be more of an adult than being 18 but is still quite a young and naïve part of life. I wasn’t in the room when she and 1501 were negotiating and Megan eventually signed but teaming up with Roc Nation did open her eyes to what her contract was really about. With 1501 turning on her, at least according to Megan, we can see how these regrets have manifested. At every turn, it seems like they are trying their hardest to keep Megan under them. I wonder if she ever thinks about the past to when she first got on and how the label treated her so differently than they do now. But, unfortunately, what is done is done.

The Tomb of Love also speaks of regrets and loss but more in a “life is full of changes” type of way instead of a “What would life be like if I had chosen differently?” vein. With a child in this card next to a tombstone, I wonder if Megan often thinks about her mom and wishes she could be there to help her through this legal mess. Megan may put on this tough girl image but inside she is a scared kid who just wants their mom. Being a rapper was likely her dream but what she’s going through right now is a waking nightmare that won’t end.

Memories of Life under this card just echoes what I said. Megan is seeking direction. Does every artist go through this? What is the best course of action? What if 1501 keeps saying that every body of work she has put out isn’t an album or doesn’t count to the terms of her contract which will allow her to leave and sign elsewhere? Then what? There are so many unknowns and 1501 doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon. What will happen if a judge finally rules in the label’s favor? Will she be stuck in 1501 forever or until they have sucked her dry? Megan just doesn’t know. Let’s see what we can know.

Second Pull

We got Strength, the 5 of Cups in reverse, the Knight of Swords, and the Queen of Swords.

For the astrology we got the Sun, Mercury in reverse, and Sagittarius in reverse.

With Strength and the Sun, I get the sense that neither camp is backing down. This is about pride on Megan’s side and ego on 1501/Carl’s side. [Allegedly!] For Megan, she is trying to hold on and push past all the BS and remain strong. For 1501, they are scheming and want Megan to jump through hoops. [Allegedly!] As we can see with the Sun card, the being is almost smirking like they have something up their sleeve. As we have seen, that has been the case with 1501. They have blocked EPs and singles from coming out. They have retroactively declared albums to not be albums. They found a way to block Megan from attending the AMAs. It’s one thing after another. For someone else, they would break but not Megan. She has a fire in her as we saw from the previous Flame card. There is a mighty lion in her, which we can see astrologically with both her Mars and Moon in Leo. If 1501 wants to continue to play with her, she’ll always bite back just as hard if not harder.

In this deck, the angel is walking away from their five cups in a fashion that is very similar to the imagery in the traditional 8 of Cups. Since this card is in reverse, I see this as neither Megan especially nor 1501 walking away from this battle. For either person, this could have been easy and good for both camps. That is, to just cut their losses and move on. But that hasn’t happened in the 2 years since Megan claimed she tried to renegotiate her contract. Both have been at it back and forth, with 1501, however, being rather petty and annoying.

The Knight of Swords upright but Mercury in reverse is interesting. Both deal with communication. I get the sense that Megan and Carl just yell at each other if they try to talk. I don’t even think the conversation starts out nice. [Allegedly!] I see Megan in the studio looking at Carl with disgust while he looks at her like, “Are you going to say something?” I feel a lot of resentment from Megan to Carl and Carl just waiting for Megan to say something to him. And when Megan does speak, it quickly goes left and they both start shouting at each other. [Allegedly!] I don’t know how frequently this happens but I kinda see some people in the room trying to break the two up and prevent anything physical from happening and other people just ducking their heads waiting for the altercation to end.

With this Queen of Swords out, this is Megan. If you remember my relationship reading I did on her, there was a rumor going around on the low budget gossip sites that Megan has a mouth to her. That was [allegedly!] confirmed to be true based on my cards and this issue of communication pops up once again. As an Aquarius whose Mars opposes her Sun directly by degree and Mercury more indirectly by sign, Megan can be silver tongued. The guidebook for this queen reads, “Armed and ready the angel of sorrow will kill any that oppose her” (p. 14). At this point, after 2 years of nonsense, Megan may very well be ready to do this. [Allegedly!]

In her eyes, she’s trying to play nice and fulfill her contract so she can leave but 1501 wants to be childish and poke at her. It’s like they can’t just leave her in peace. And because of that she bites back with her words at little grievances because they are compounded by bigger issues. So, it may seem like she pops off out of nowhere, but the resentment and anger has been boiling for quite some time. I just see her giving Carl the stank eye in a studio. She doesn’t say anything at first but when he goads her like the creature in the Sagittarius card, and she unleashes everything she has. [Allegedly!]

The creature in the Mercury card is always interesting in this deck because it is looking back over its shoulder. Here it’s giving me the energy of “What did you just say?” I think that can apply to both Megan and Carl. I feel like Carl talks under his breath, when Megan isn’t in the room, and on social media in sly ways that warrants Megan’s intense side eye. [Allegedly!] But at the same time, Megan just openly dunking on Carl makes him turn around and be like “I’m sorry, what?” too. Like I said about The Gentle Dance, both put on a show for us the public in how they act and talk about one another. It’s performative in a way and almost routine. As I mentioned, I see both people tired of the drama and others who are very on edge by it. Very interesting. Let’s pull more cards.

Third Pull

We got the Ace of Swords in reverse, 2 of Wands in reverse, 3 of Wands in reverse, and the 4 of Wands in reverse.

We also got Fire in reverse, Aquarius, and Venus in reverse.

I pulled some more archetype cards and got The Mirror and The Medallion in reverse.

With the Ace of Swords and Fire under it both in reverse, we got more confirmation that communication is down and when it is up, can be very nasty and hostile between Megan and her label. [Allegedly!] I wonder if Megan doesn’t even really talk to her label anymore or people directly in it. She may just get information from them through her lawyers. I see someone presenting her with a piece of paper while she sits at her kitchen’s island with a stank face. I’m assuming the person who gave the paper is not directly tied to 1501 but the contents of the letter are from them, hence why she’s upset. The communication just seems very tense but not face-to-face. They both communicate to one another through other people and the written word. But I think because they do this, they believe whatever they want to and not really internalize what is being said.

I see Megan on her phone scrolling through Instagram and Twitter in this same kitchen. When we speak online, tone, inflection, and intention often gets lost and people project anything and everything on to what you say and what you supposedly meant even if you could not be any clearer or more precise. The Mirror card talks about that. How mirrors can distort and reflect. So, if Megan is in a mood and “accidentally” “stumbles” across Carl’s pages, she can project all types of negative feelings on to what she sees and interpret his messages to mean something else such as a coded dig at her. I again see her looking disgusted and then her talking loudly on the phone with a friend about what she saw, saying all type of things about Carl which may or may not be true.

Yes, this with broken down communication, things can be easily misconstrued here which may make Megan also go online and talk out the side of her neck seemingly out of nowhere. [Allegedly!] Again, this is all a dance. One of them says or does something, and the other reacts or has something to say even if what the other person said or did had nothing to do with them or their ongoing legal battle. I can see why some people around these two are tired.

Next we have the 2 and 3 of Wands in reverse. Both can show a lack of plans, a feeling as though you have little to no options, and a delay in news or cancellation of events. With Aquarius under these cards, I think this pertains to Megan and how her plans are constantly messed with, cancelled, etc. With the angel playing a violin in the 2 of Wands, I think this is talking about Megan’s music to a large extent but I’m also getting other non-music related activities like modeling and makeup too. According to her contract, 1501 does have a right to any money Megan makes outside of her music. So, I can see 1501 also blocking Megan in these areas as well. They may suddenly cancel collaborations or deals even when she’s already on set. [Allegedly!] I know she wasn’t on the third, and unfortunately, final season of Legendary and everyone made a big to do about Savage X Fenty removing her pictures, although it turned out later that her contract with them as an ambassador simply expired. Could that all have been 1501? It’s very possible. If they can block music, why can’t they block anything else?

With this light running through the Aquarius creature, I can see this constant meddling gets on Megan’s nerves. It lights her up inside, but I don’t see it coming out right away. Fire is reversed. Maybe it just comes out when she sees when Carl. [Allegedly!] It’s anger that has been brewing.

With the 4 of Wands and Venus in reverse, I wonder if people at 1501 have turned on Megan. I don’t think this is completely true, however. I see people that work for 1501 being a bit sorry for Megan while others are just trying to stay out of it. I think because they have seen Megan go off quite a few times [allegedly!], many are in an awkward situation with her. I also see these cards as how Megan once viewed the label as her second home until she tried to renegotiate. First starting out in your career can be excited and people within the company may have hyped Megan up and made her feel like she was a part of a family and loved. But now? This is absent.

I feel like people are rather cold or aloof. It’s not the same high energy workplace it once was. It may be more like “Let’s do this recording, photoshoot, music video, etc and go.” I don’t see Megan staying and hanging out with many people like she may have done in the past. She’s in and out. I wonder with how the creature’s eyes look in the Venus card if Megan is now suspicious of people at 1501, as though they are snakes out to get her too. I feel like Megan keeps a distance. I see her with sunglasses on with her hands clasped in front of her not saying much of anything in a recording booth as others talk freely. I wonder if she’s like that with the people around her at the studio.

With the Medallion, I see this as relating to her contract. Something is being dangled in front of her. This can be her contract itself. If her last two works are considered to be albums, she is essentially free. With the hand reaching out to the medallion, this autonomy is so close within reach, but she can’t grasp it. The guidebook talks about how things that are passed down have a silent obligation to them. I wonder if that is also what is keeping Megan tied to 1501 beyond producing a certain number of albums. In all of their countersuits, 1501 claims that Megan is the one that owes them money. I’m sure she may legally owe them something, but I also get the sense that they leverage like her hair and makeup expenses too, just other smaller things that people may not consider. [Allegedly!] I’m also thinking of her apartment or whatever she lives in. Maybe 1501 helped her to secure that location. Although I don’t think that is in her contract anywhere, them doing certain things to help her that are not related to her career can be seen as a IOU to the label. Without them she wouldn’t have x, y, and z type of deal. So even if she fulfills her contract, she has all this other stuff that needs to be reckoned with as well potentially.

Fourth Pull

I pulled some final cards. We got the 5 of Wands in reverse, the 6 of Wands in reverse, the 7 of Wands in reverse, and the 8 of Wands in reverse.

For the astrology we got Gemini, Earth, and Virgo in reverse which was clarified by the Moon in reverse.

We also got The Second Journey and Surrendering to the Magic.

The Wands deal with conflict. The 5 of Wands is all about fighting hence there tends to be a group of people all with wands in this card beating each other. The 7 of Wands represents standing your ground and fighting back. We’ve seen this all the way back in the first spread. Megan is trying to fight back against all the BS her company is doing. With the 6 of Wands in reverse and The Second Journey, we get this sense that 1501 parades Megan around and reaps all the benefits from her labor. There is a disrespect here. They want to sabotage her but also drain her for all that she that she can make. [Allegedly!] All Megan wanted to do before everything went to hell was have an even 50/50 split between her and her company. But instead, they are really making her feel that 60% she is losing.

Originally, I thought that the 6 of Wands was the 6 of Swords, and then when I saw Gemini I saw the two together as showing how Megan cannot detach herself from 1501. They’re almost one. I don’t know if this company has other artists nor who they are, but it can be very possible that Megan elevated the company through her success as a rapper. In this way, the label could have saw things as “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” Then that made the 60/40 split “fair” because 1501 put up the money and other resources that would allow Megan the opportunities and support she wouldn’t have otherwise. Earth here can represent that money and other material things I’m talking about. But with the tarot reversed above it, this is clearly not seen as a fair deal to Megan. These extra fees tied to things outside music production may be used as an IOU to make her stay longer in her contract as I mentioned previously.

Virgo is reversed which I found strange. The Moon clarifying it suggests that Megan is not privy to something. It may be a minute detail or something she may find insignificant that can actually be a big deal in relation to her ongoing legal battle. Yes, Surrender to the Magic speaks of not listening to your intuition which the Moon in reverse can also signify. Megan just wants to fulfill her contract as fast as she can and finds all these delays unnecessary, but they may be blessings in disguise in that they allow her the time to build up a much better case for herself. Because let us not forget that she has been a legal battle with Tory Lanez too. [This has come to pass and he was found guilty.] Where does she find the time to deal with both? The universe may be trying to get Megan to sit down and get her ducks in a row instead of trying to bulldoze right through everything. I can understand her need to just free herself, but she is not aware of something. Let’s ask what that is.

What is Megan not aware of?

We got the 10 of Wands in reverse, the 4 of Swords in reverse, the 6 of Swords finally in reverse, and the Wheel of Fortune in reverse.

We also got Leo, Libra in reverse, and Aries as well as The Bridge and The Queen.

What Megan isn’t aware of is how getting out of this contact will not be easy by any means. This should be self-evident but her just being stubborn and sticking to her guns won’t work in her favor forever. With the Wheel of Fortune and Libra in reverse, her good luck streak with the courts may finally change in the opposite direction. I think with both Leo and Aries out, this is because in her haste, she overlooks small details that would help her case.

I think when it comes to terminating or fulfilling her contract, a judge isn’t going to look at or care about all the petty incidents that occurred online. I see the judge just looking at the situation very bare bones and dryly. Did Megan fulfill her contract or not? There aren’t any “well’s” or “technically’s.” It’s either yes or no. Naturally, then, she can go but if she still has to pay 1501 for certain things then she is still beholden to that. If the answer is “no,” then she and 1501 have to figure it out on their own terms and Megan has to comply to them.

This Bridge makes me think of how both Megan and 1501 owe each other. Things will not end amicably until both sides fulfill their end of the bargain as outlined by this contract. They have to meet each other halfway. But with one hand looking like it is giving the other something, this “halfway” point seems to be Megan giving what she owes to 1501 first, however. This is something she doesn’t realize. She is the one that has to give an inch first. [Allegedly!]

The grim reaper-like figure in the 10 of Wands reminds me that there is a clause in Megan’s contact that says that 1501 owns pretty much everything of Megan’s, including her legal name and image, in perpetuity. This can be the snag she isn’t fully paying attention to. Because even if she does leave, that clause will still be a burden to her well into her career. Perhaps this is why the 6 of Swords is in reverse because even if she goes, 1501 will still hang over her like a dark cloud. This card can also represent that, once again, this battle isn’t over yet. In many ways, it hasn’t even begun.

The Queen was strange. I pulled a clarifying card and got The Threshold. I wonder if Megan’s ego is so big currently that is obstructing the truth or the clarity she needs right now. Leo especially but Aries as well can be short sighted once pride is involved. Megan may be thinking in a confident way that this can’t be happening to her because she’s Megan. The courts have sided with her all this time, why wouldn’t they continue to do so in the future? So, she may be a bit sloppier with this newer battle over what constitutes an album or in some other hearing. She may just try to use her charm and personality to win her some points during her trial, but I again see a very sober judge not caring about all these theatrics. They are just trying to see if this whole situation is a yes or no. Everything else can be left outside the court room. So, that’s what I see. To close this long reading out, let’s ask what the ultimate outcome between Megan and her label will be.

The final outcome between Megan and her label?

We got the 8 of Wands in reverse, the 8 of Discs, the Queen of Swords, and the 4 of Wands in reverse.

For the astrology we got the Moon, Fire, and Gemini in reverse.

I think it is still a bit up in the air. Notice how we didn’t get the Justice card nor Libra. I feel like this issue over Megan’s contact and if she fulfilled it or not will rage on but slowly as the 8 of Wands is in reverse. With the Moon, I think we the public aren’t supposed to know. I wonder with the 4 of Wands if things will eventually be settled out of court or in a smaller court setting.

With the angel in the 8 of Discs looking at a tower, I feel like Megan will try her hardest to get the money she was owed/made. She may argue that she was the one that put all the effort and time into making that money so it should go to her. I see her very fiery in court verbalizing this. The angel in the 8 of Discs is holding something in her hands defensibly. So, yes, Megan will fight to the bitter end but so will Carl and 1501 with this reversed Gemini. They will still claim that Megan is the one who owes them and until she pays them back, they won’t let her go. [Allegedly!] I looked at the top of both decks and the cards there speak of not knowing something or things not being revealed, so once again, the answer seems a bit inconclusive here. The war isn’t over, but Megan is prepared to fight anyway.

I asked the Angel Answers cards for fun to see what they say. Will Megan ever get out of her contract with 1501?

“Yes!”, “You’re Ready,” and “Take Action.” So, it seems very possible that Megan can free herself from this label, but it seems like only if she is persistent and takes action. I guess we all just have to wait and see if this will be true.

Conclusion and other thoughts

What are your thoughts on Megan’s ongoing legal battle with her label? Back when I read on her in 2020, it was during her initial lawsuit. I included a section on her 7th house as that is modernly associated with contracts and business deals. I said something to the effect of how Mars as the ruler of that house in Megan’s chart because Scorpio sits there denotes that she will have aggressive partners not only romantically but in business. And this is self-evident with how her life has gone these past few years. Mars interestingly also ruled lawsuits, perjury, imprisonment, punishment, theft, and verbal abuse among other things such as deception and lying. Mars directly opposes Megan’s Sun and thus her. As the ruler of other people in Megan’s chart, Mars shows that people are aggressive and vicious towards her. With her Mars being in Leo, this is often a result of dominance and ego. Leo was considered to be feral, meaning that “it is capable of savage and ferociously destructive traits” according to the website Skyscript. Once this sign gets angry, it won’t stop until its opponent is completely annihilate. Does this not sum up the entire saga of this legal battle?

The 8th house shows debts, how your things become someone else’s, and other people’s assets. Megan has both Jupiter domicile there and Pluto. Jupiter is what has been saving and siding with her. Jupiter shows freedom, good luck, and the releasement of bonds. However, her Jupiter both rules and squares her Saturn. In this square, Saturn maltreats or corrupts Jupiter while Jupiter bonifies or uplifts Saturn. This all can be seen in how the courts have continuously ruled in Megan’s favor but also how she is not out of her contract yet. These planets are pulling at each other, even though Jupiter has the upper hand here in more than one way. If the last spread is to be true, then this reversal in fortune can also be this square at work. Everything that comes up, must come back down. Jupiter is Megan’s most benefic planet, but Saturn rules a lot of her chart, most notably her through her Sun and her career through her Midheaven and 10th whole house. Saturn is imposing this strict contract on her and is not letting her go just yet, if ever. So, yeah. It’s interesting how one’s birth chart can foretell such events in a person’s life.

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