Why Was Your 2022 Like That?

As I promised, I made a pick-a-card reading about why 2022 was the way that it was for you all.

Pick one.

Pile 1

What was your 2022 like?

I thought I would start out describing what your 2022 was like before getting into the “why.”

The Hermit
3 of Wands (reverse)
2 of Swords (reverse)
9 of Swords (reverse)
The Devil

2022 for you may have been about fighting demons. I feel like early in the year, perhaps during the first third, you were in Hermit mode. Maybe just in your own world, learning for some of you but I think the majority of you were indecisive and very in your head about something. This continued on into the year. There may have been many sleepless or restless nights. Whatever you were stressing about didn’t seem to be resolved by the end of the year.

I sense a melancholy. Maybe plans fell through, mistakes made, and 2022 just not being your year. The Devil can speak to addictions and obsessions, but I feel like something about the past came back in a way that made it known that you were not going to escape this anymore. With Justice in the middle, I feel like your year was so shitty because you were clearing karma of some sort or a specific cycle. It’s just that what this karma/etc. was possibly put you through the absolute ringer…but for a “good” reason, even if you don’t see it that way. Something in your life had to be recalibrated this year. The scales of fate manifested as mental anguish. Why?

Why was your year like that? What was the spiritual significance, if any?

Page of Discs (reverse)
Knight of Discs (reverse)
5 of Wands
Queen of Wands
Queen of Discs
The Magician

Your life is a canvas: Artist. Manifestation. Creative accountability.

Perspective: None of this matters. Zoom out. Common ground.

Messenger: Sirius energy. Bringing harmony and balance. (bottom of the deck)

We have many pentacles and the Queen of Wands which was at the bottom of the previous spread. I’m surprised the Wait card didn’t come out, because while I was shuffling, it continued to assert itself. Interesting.

Your 2022 was the way that it was because you have been inactive in your life. By that I mean, you may have a tendency to not take action, even when it is required of you. You may try to rationalize this as being “neutral” or not being “brash,” but those are just excuses. You move slowly through life because you are afraid of living in it. You may hate conflict but always find yourself in it somehow. You may not want to be in the center of anything nor really want to do the heavy lifting that living may ask of you. You may believe that you are content not doing much of anything or staying in your little corner unbothered and bothering no one, but I get the sense that your spirit guides observed this in you and wanted to shake you out of that pattern.

Yes, the Magician is over the Devil and the Queen of Wands and Discs over the 2 and 9 of Swords, respectively. You may suffer from depression and anxiety, but you may use these ailments to not do things, to live life, and avoid responsibility and accountability. You simply try to float through life, and you may feel as though life is constantly assaulting you when it is not. Life is not easy but avoiding it doesn’t help with your fears and worries. But by not being grounded, by being unconfident in yourself, and being so caught up in your issues, you miss the larger meaning or purpose to life. You are not living.

The Magician over the Devil to me says that you unfortunately like to be helpless because that is yet another excuse to be inactive and to wallow in self-pity and fear because by doing that instead of living, you can get off scot-free. But that is never how life works. Things simply do not happen to us. We all make choices and either face the consequences of them or the rewards. There is not a precise science that ensures that we get one or the other, or more of the latter than the former. But you stay willfully trapped in the coffin of your own creation and seem a bit hellbent on convincing others that you like it. But the fact that you have to do any of that should clue you in to the fact that you do not like living this way.

What you lack is perspective. Your issues seem so all-encompassing because you do not step aside to look at them objectively or from a different angle. I honestly want to say “head-on” as well because it’s like you actively try to warp your reality to continue to trick yourself into believing that your versions of events are correct and did occur when maybe they didn’t, or at least not in that way.

We have the overarching message of balance. You were lacking that all throughout 2022 and it’s almost as if the year was beating you over the head about that. But with Messenger, I think your spirit guides are very kind and just want the best for you. I can see them trying to give you signs and messages and you sort of turning away from them, rejecting them because they don’t fit into the narrative you have created for yourself. They are telling you a story you don’t agree with but in not heeding nor listening to them and what they have to say, your 2022 was a bit chaotic. Although the Tower didn’t come out, this feels like a Tower kind of year. Maybe it didn’t come out because you’re not at a point where total ruin and rebuilding is necessary, but I feel like you’re tip toeing around that kind of event happening.

2022 for you was about creative accountability, which to me means trying to find unique solutions to your problems but I just feel like that didn’t necessarily happen for most of you. I see many of you just trying to go on as though all this turmoil didn’t happen in your life. Or you do acknowledge this but want to quickly move on to 2023 where you naively think things will magically be better without you putting in the work to make it a better year, whatever that may mean to you. When I was originally thinking of making this pick-a-card, I wanted to ask if you learned the lessons of what 2022 was trying to teach you but I think it is clear here that the answer is “no.” With that said, what will be a major theme or two for you in 2023?

A preview of 2023: What is a major theme(s) for the new year?

9 of Wands
Earth Pulsing: Pulse of the Mother. Slow down. Time in nature.

While I was shuffling I saw the card “Baby Steps” with the word “Action” on it. I almost pulled it but didn’t. Earth Pulsing fell out instead with Baby Steps deep in the deck. I think 2023 will continue to be hard, with you on the defensive and having to fight back. But I think that will only happen because you are resisting inner change. With Earth Pulsing, I think you need to go within and connect with yourself and then go outside quite literally and connect with nature. As the great internet saying goes, “Go outside and touch some grass.” You have been so disconnected from the earth that you may greatly benefit from interacting with it more. Like the woman in the card, laying in nature and soaking it up can likely do wonders for your mental health and help you to realize that your problems may not be as big and monstrous as you think. Of course, if you need mental help, seek it out, but it seems like you just have to participate in life again and starting with nature can help you. “Baby steps.” Rather than fighting your mind, surrender to the serenity of Mother Earth from time to time in 2023.

Pile 2

What was your 2022 like?

I thought I would start out describing what your 2022 was like before getting into the “why.”

The Prince (Knight) of Wands
5 of Swords
10 of Cups
Princess (Page) of Swords
8 of Pentacles
King of Pentacles
The Lovers (bottom of the deck)

2022 for you all may have been a year of conquest. You conquered people who were talking out the side of their necks and you conquered a career and/or your money. It may have been a very busy year for you all, with tons of forward movement that didn’t really let up. You may have almost gone through a transformation, a metamorphosis. We end with the King of Pentacles and the Lovers. Something almost went full circle in a rather positive way. Who you started out as at the beginning of the year is not who you are now. You grew up a lot and set some boundaries because people had to be checked. I see that you have a lot more peace of mind now.

Your dreams were likely fulfilled in some way but that is because you took initiative all this year. You didn’t stop. You expanded your mind and wallet. Money is very important here. You were likely working at something for a while and now it is blossoming and yielding fruit for you. Yes, although the year may have started a bit bumpy, especially with that 5 of Swords, you didn’t let many things deter you. And because of that you are now reaping the rewards of your persistent labor. Bigger, better, faster may have characterized your 2022.

Why was your year like that? What was the spiritual significance, if any?

Ace of Cups
Queen of Pentacles
Justice (reverse)
The Chariot
2 of Wands (reverse)
7 of Cups (bottom of the deck)

Self-Control - Higher Self
Family - Holy Spirit
New Beginnings - Divine Father

I think it is because you simply had the fortitude and tenacity to make this year about you. We have Strength right over the Prince of Wands and the Chariot out. Despite whatever obstacles may have been in your way, you marched forward. You weren’t letting anyone, or anything, stop you this year and that worked immensely in your favor. With the Ace of Cups, you were finally filling your own cup back up. I’m not sure if in the past you constantly over poured for others but that seemed to have stopped in 2022. You had big dreams for yourself with the 7 of Cups, numerous options which you may have been too scared to act on in some point of the year. I want to say early in the year for some but not all. In the end, however, you did eventually act on your desires. And now you are reveling in the results.

This year was about new beginnings, indeed. A new beginning independently, especially financially and materially. We got the Queen of Pentacles which sits above where the King of Pentacles is. 2022 was about big money moves and taking a chance out on yourself. I think what may have facilitated this was this reversed Justice. I see it as past (life?) karma being cleared out which enabled you to swiftly cover as much ground as you did this year.

You barreled through challenges and obstacles but in a composed manner with Strength and Self-Control next to it. You did not accomplish what you did this year by acting rashly or without discernment. No, you were very smart and resourceful with what you were doing this year. We had the 8 of Pentacles out. You were methodical and carefully planned out your mission before undertaking it. Maybe this can also explain why the 2 of Wands is in reverse. Although full of passion and wanderlust, you acted with common sense which is seen with the Queen of Pentacles. While everyone around you was acting an entire fool, you managed to keep calm and focused which allowed you to succeed as much as you did.

Family coming out is interesting because the 10 of Cups often speaks about family too. For both in this reading however, I get the sense that many of you moved away from home for the first time, especially with the bird flying away from the home in the Family card. Whether that meant moving out of the family home or simply moving a bit farther away from family in general to pursue a career or job. Yes, 2022 was about you, and it was a long time coming.

A preview of 2023: What is a major theme(s) for the new year?

Gifts - Joy Guides (reverse)
Bravado - Warrior Guides
Business - Venus

5 of Wands
9 of Swords
2 of Swords (reverse)
Prince (Knight) of Wands (reverse)

Your cards all fell out nicely but the meaning of them is not so nice. While 2022 may have been amazing for many of you, 2023 will bring about conflict and fighting. Yes, I sort of see this as people not being happy for you and instigating drama because of that. Your business and/or money may continue to pop but all people may bring to you is misery and jealousy. I see many of you trying to remain cool with the 2 of Swords and Prince of Wands both in reverse, but this constant aggression and pettiness may get to you with the 9 of Swords.

Gifts interestingly came out reversed. (I don’t shuffle in reversals for those cards.) I don’t see this as you being unappreciative of the blessings you have gotten like the guidebook insulates, but again people not cheering for your accomplishments. Instead, they want to rejoice in your ruin. Perhaps they may show their contempt for you by “accidentally” “forgetting” to give you a gift in honor of something you have achieved, for example. It is just petty little stuff like that that will really test your patience.

I think the advice is to just brush these people off and just focus on your money and career, which may be hard because I see family members doing this too. You gained a lot of traction in 2022. This doesn’t have to be squandered just because some people want to be big mad about it. Pick your battles wisely in 2023.

Pile 3

What was your 2022 like?

I thought I would start out describing what your 2022 was like before getting into the “why.”

10 of Swords
Princess (Page) of Swords
King of Swords
Princess of Cups (reverse)
The Lovers
The Tower 

Bottom of the deck
7 of Cups (reverse) 
Strength (reverse)
5 of Cups (reverse)
The Hermit (reverse)
The Wheel of Fortune

Are you my water pile because you all went through it in 2022 from beginning to end. Indeed, the first three cards flew out on to my desk and the first is the 10 of Swords. 2022 may have been miserable for you. Something may have happened early on in the year that set the foundation for what happened at the end. Perhaps a backstabbing, a sudden and almost permanent stop or end to an endeavor, just giving up, the list is endless. But you all started out 2022 already defeated. You all may have tried to mentally rise above it a little bit afterwards into the middle of the year but there was just lots of lows with highs far and few in between.

All this year you were likely in your feelings. Some of this may be the result of relationship troubles or drama but for others it was the continued thwarting of your dreams. You may have closed yourself off by the middle of the year, wishing to not interact with anymore and to not participate in life anymore. I see you all wrapped up in a blanket in bed unmoving. This may have characterized a lot of your 2022. But by the end it was like people were accusing you of something, perhaps even your own lover may have done this. Judgment is out but not reversed. Neither is Justice nor the Wheel of Fortune. What was said in this instance by whomever may have been true and that shattered you with the Tower. I get feelings of never being “right” or having their side taken. I feel like with the Wheel of Fortune and Justice, especially, divine intervention or interference was at work here.

The wheels of karma were turning. It was now your time to be judged whether you liked it or not or felt that it was “fair.” In the eyes of the divine, it was, actually. This didn’t mean you had to atone for your “sins” but more that it was time to get something rolling in your life and your resistance to it only exacerbated what this change needed to be. Perhaps that is why the Tower came out. This change or this year overall may have felt chaotic from start to finish because something in the spiritual realm had to be reckoned with and it came through as the manifestation of total ruin in your life. But why?

Why was your year like that? What was the spiritual significance, if any?

3 of Pentacles
The Moon
9 of Cups (reverse)
The World (reverse)
Ace of Swords
7 of Swords
9 of Swords
Knight of Swords

Peace: I am a being of love, I release all negative energy (reverse)

Change: I understand that nothing can grow or evolve without movement (bottom of the deck)

I feel like you had to be my water pile but instead of finally stepping into your own, you were the select few that never did. 2022 was such a shit show for you because I think the universe and your guides were trying to cut away the fluff so that you can see what’s really going on in your life. This was a collaborative effort between your higher self, soul, and spiritual team or your soul, spiritual team, and universe. However you slice it, 2022 had to pull you down to make you see how you see yourself: unlovable, loathsome, miserable. Something had to change in your life and that seemed to be how you are just a slave to your emotions and how you never take concrete steps to free yourself from that mental and emotional anguish.

You may see life as wholly mysterious and weird and that’s why you believe your life is the same (i.e., a mess) but both aren’t necessarily true. Your life is usually in such shambles because you let it be that way. No one is forcing you to life in chaos and yet you remain there, even flock to it. Why? Why are so averse to inner peace? What do you gain by being in mess? What do you think you’ll supposedly lose by getting your act together? Change is inevitable and not something we can truly fight and win against but you keep trying. That energy can be used elsewhere and yet you sit in this vortex of chaos unmoving. Why? I feel like your spiritual team asks you this and you just shrug your shoulders.

I think many of you are afraid of yourselves for whatever reason. You don’t like who you think you are but your spiritual team sees a you that you don’t and they’re trying to encourage you to go within and fish that person out. But in 2022 you didn’t and just spiraled. Yes, some of the chaos may have been divinely orchestrated but I feel like most of it wasn’t. I see the universe and your guides being very impartial and removed from your spiraling. They watched you but didn’t prevent it because it wasn’t their place. It’s sort of like “If you wish” or “This is the bed you made, so lie in it. But once you’re ready for help, we’ll be there.”

Peace is over the Wheel of Fortune and Justice cards. You didn’t find peace in 2022 because you didn’t want it. You wanted the chaos and got it, but this is why 2022 wasn’t good to you. You reaped what you have sown. The turmoil not offset by you was an attempt to steer you back on track. At the bottom with nothing to grasp, you had no choice but to rebuild. But did you? That’s the ultimate question. I feel like the answer is “no.” But the hands of fate will continue to lead to making a choice. Change is coming.

A preview of 2023: What is a major theme(s) for the new year?

Patience: I accept that everything happens in Divine order

For you all, 2023 is all about things happening for a reason at the “right” time, not your time and not for your reasons. It may be confusing, odd, and frustrating at times, but fate is taking the reins from you in 2023. This doesn’t mean you can’t do what you want, when you want to; it simply means that circumstances in 2023 seem to be heavily influenced and directed by the divine. I want to say “for your own good” until you get it together and understand. This may make more sense in early January for some reason.

Well, this is all I have for you all. I don’t really like overjustifying myself, but I didn’t “make” these spreads be overly “negative” or “accusatory.” That’s simply how the cards came out. You can take or leave the messages. Neither bothers me lol. In either case, I wanted to get more readings out by the end of this year but Mars in retrograde told me to sit down lol, just like my reading for the fire signs this month said to do as well. I may try to squeeze out a reading for HyunA and Dawn by the end of the year and possibly a reading I did almost a month ago for my YouTube channel. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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