Wonho: Enduring Change

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This article briefly mentions suicide a couple of times.

Wonho recently went off to serve the military as he is almost 30, which is the latest age a Korean man can be before he enlists (Google says 28 in Korean years) or else he’ll get in trouble by the government, apparently. Most idols go to the military without incident, although later when they come back, they tend to have numerous stories of people staring at them and harassing them in some manner. But even so, we usually don’t hear of idols being transferred out or placed somewhere else within the military until Taemin.

Essentially, it seemed like Taemin was not adjusting well, which isn’t surprising because he’s a double Cancer (i.e., Sun and Moon) and has unfortunately been stunted emotionally because he grew up in the industry, training under SM Entertainment at age 11 and quickly debuting with SHINee at 14. He is currently 29. Based on a reading Thelionsdentarot did on the situation twice, it seemed like Taemin was trying to use his money and/or influence to make things more comfortable for him but ultimately, he became suicidal and was removed from the military’s band and was transitioned into being a public server worker. For as long as I have the misfortune of being a Kpop fan, I haven’t heard of a story similar to his. So, with Wonho now gone, I was curious to see how he would fare, especially since he’s so muscular and has a rather thotty reputation that Korea has a mixed reaction to.

Korean society, despite how popular Kpop has gotten over this last decade especially, doesn’t widely respect idols with even actors and actresses looking down on them and the two share the same entertainment space! With the military as well, idols seem to be rather avoidant of it, for good reasons mostly, I believe, but this has likely caused this disdain for idols to be so pervasive by numerous institutions. Korea is socially conservative and very patriotic. Serving in the military is an extremely prideful thing to do. Men who don’t go or try to avoid the draft fall socially, with some even being basically exiled from the country. So, serving in the military is a rather serious matter over there. Anyway, let’s get into the reading.

To WENEE [Wonho’s official fandom],
I will be fulfilling my military duty!

Each and every day that I’ve spent together with WENEE up until now, we’ve made so many memories together that if I just spent one day thinking back on each one of those days, it would already be time for us to meet again.

I’ll prepare lots of things so that WENEE won’t get bored, and I hope WENEE will spend that time happily, freely catching up on the things that you haven’t been able to do up until now while waiting for the day that we’ll meet again!

WENEE, will you wait just a little while for me?

WENEE will be spending their first Christmas without me since we met.

After winter passes and spring comes, after the seasons come and go, in summer of next year, on the day when I first sang for WENEE. On that same day, I will come find WENEE again, just as cool as I was that day.

I will return again to the doorstep of WENEE, the place where I belong, my home, my everything.

From WENEE’s Wonho

Wonho’s letter to his fans announcing his enlistment. It was posted on his fan café on Nov. 15. Translated by Soompi.

How did Wonho feel about going to the military before he actually went?

The Lovers (reverse)
6 of Swords
Ace of Cups
5 of Pentacles
King of Wands (reverse)
Page of Pentacles (reverse)
6 of Cups (reverse)
10 of Wands (bottom of the deck)

Coyote: Intelligence, unpredictability [Earth]
Deer: Grace, kindness [Earth]

Adversity: I accept that challenges are the best way to learn
Acceptance: I am learning to accept the things that I cannot change
Regret: I know that I cannot change the past

As was linked above, Wonho wrote a letter to his fans before he left. With the Lovers in reverse, it seems to be very genuine. Idols, as part of their jobs, often have to express that they love their fans in a way that makes it seem as though they are dating them effectively. But for Wonho, I think he is truly grateful for his fans and whoever else stuck by him as he transitioned from MONSTA X to a solo artist. With the 5 of Pentacles, that was a very difficult journey for Wonho, especially money-wise. In my first reading on him, I kept getting the sense that Wonho grew up poor or otherwise “hard.” And I think with the 5 of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles in reverse, Wonho was definitely worrying about how he would be able to come back from the military and keep him afloat financially.

Going suddenly from being a part of a group to a solo act likely caused a drastic shift in his income, especially as Wonho had a rather negative scandal attached to him where it was alleged that he did drugs and the like. If Wonho didn’t continue to work as an idol, he likely would have had to struggle financially once more like he potentially did in the past. For him, I feel like he never wants to live that life again or anything even close to it. I feel like for Wonho, he had to fight almost all his life and the hardest fight he thought he “won” was that of financial insecurity.

Yes, the 6 of Cups is reversed and speaks of the past. For Wonho, going to the military was yet another situation where he was placed in a very precarious spot. I’m not sure if you have to pay for your own things while in the military, but all I know is that you can’t work for the 18 months you’re in. So, if you had a stable job before then, you may not have one once you’re out. For idols, that is especially true because not only are they now older, but their fans may have moved on or outgrown them by the time they come back.

In the music industry, older artists are always quickly phased out and with the amount of dancing they have to do in tandem with singing, I can see why a lot of male artists sort of fade away into the background when they’re finally released. No group has ever really come back together all the same after serving, and that is likely why these boy groups often just quietly disband after a certain point once all or most of the members are done with their service as well. But for Wonho, I think he doesn’t have any other plans besides being an idol. I feel as though he finally found a groove to being a solo artist and now that has mud all over it. Going to the military puts all that he has built these last of couple of years on hold. Will his fans, WENEEs (yes, seriously), actually wait for him? Will they support him once he’s back? That is unknown. And because of that Wonho seemed to have been worrying about his coin before he went.

In my prior reading on him, I saw him passing up on some opportunities because of his scandal and him overworking himself afterwards once he was cleared. I wonder if this Regrets card and the pentacles ones are in reference to that. Maybe Wonho wishes he took certain deals before going because then he would have extra cash to sustain himself once he got out and tried to plan his next move. With the 10 of Wands, the military was indeed a big burden to him. I think this is also why he waited so long to go. I don’t know when the earliest is that you can go but if we assume 18 (Google says that is correct), then Wonho could have gone any time before right now. Heck, he could have quickly gone after his scandal cleared up, which is something other male idols caught up in something tend to do. But Wonho didn’t. He stayed and tried to re-establish himself. But now I wonder if he regrets that. It feels like it was the wrong place, wrong time for him. But Wonho sucked it up and went when he was supposed to, unlike some idols currently and in the past.

We have Adversity, Acceptance, the Coyote, and the Deer along with the 6 of Swords. While Wonho eventually came around to the idea of having to serve, I wonder with the reverse King of Wands if he was still a little pissed off about it. I pulled another card to clarify it. I interestingly got the Queen of Wands also in reverse.

Was Wonho entertaining a lady or feminine person? The Ace of Wands was reversed at the bottom of the deck, showing that Wonho was indeed not really enthused about going. Now with the Lovers in reverse and the poor couple in the 5 of Pentacles, I wonder if Wonho was dating someone and supporting them financially for whatever reason. Thus, some of this worrying was about his partner. I’m not sure but with the other cards, Wonho was of two minds about serving: one was focused on his money and found going to be a hindrance to that and the other was one of acceptance that he had to go but he seemed a little alert by it. By this I mean, Wonho seemed to be mentally preparing for what he may have to do and endure while he served. I feel like he felt like the military was a bit unpredictable. I think he’s been aware of stories other idols have told when they went.

Joohoney, the main rapper of MONSTA X

For some reason I see him talking to Joohoney, his ex-bandmate from MONSTA X, and Joonhoney is like telling him about some of these tales which is a bit weird because he is a little younger than Wonho and hasn’t served yet. But regardless, I sort of see Joohoney giving him a pep talk and saying how Wonho should be strong and brave and not let others get one over him. I see Wonho sort of looking off and getting a bit nervous by this speech. I think Joohoney sort of spooked him a bit, which I don’t think was his full intention.

Joohoney always seemed very serious but in an aggressive, almost Scorpionic way to me for some reason. (He’s a Libra.) And I don’t think Wonho needed that kind of talk nor intensity. Wonho is a Pisces (potentially), so a nice talk that reassured him would have been better, I think. But after that chat, I see Wonho being a bit anxious and alert like how a deer would be. I don’t see the quiet majesty like the card presents but more of the fidgety, flighty type of creature we usually encounter. Both the Coyote and Deer are looking off into the distance at something and the person in the 10 of Wands next to these cards is also looking over their shoulder. For Wonho, I think while in the military he won’t ever be completely comfortable but on alert, always prepared for something. I know as an idol and with how big he is, he’ll likely be a target anyway but even before going Wonho seemed wound up and tense. The King of Wands is reversed. While not entirely happy to be there, Wonho is also a bit on edge.

Adversity is what Wonho thought he would face once he entered so he came into the military with that defensive mindset. But with two cards speaking of things one cannot change, I wonder if Wonho wrestled with the fact that he had no choice in this. Military service is compulsory. There are really no loopholes, and even if there was, he’s an idol. Everyone and their mama would know if he didn’t go and he would be shamed and ostracized for it, rightfully so to many in the public, I think. So, Wonho had some mixed and complicated feelings about going to the military before he actually went.

What does he think about the military so far?

7 of Swords
King of Wands (reverse)
Page of Pentacles (reverse)
5 of Pentacles (reverse)
2 of Cups
3 of Cups (reverse)
4 of Pentacles (reverse)
The Hierophant (bottom of the deck)

Starfish: Wishes, sensitivity [Water] 
Sea Turtle: Longevity, introspection [Water]
Swan: Self-love, purity [Water]

Indecision: I use my intuition in all aspects of my life
Gratitude: I am thankful for this life and the opportunities that it presents (reverse)

Wonho ain’t feeling it and is even more worried about his financial future. But with the 7 of Swords, Hierophant, and Gratitude strangely coming up in reverse (I didn’t shuffle in reversals for those cards), I feel like Wonho is perhaps seeing a bit of what Joohoney and others were talking about when it came to the military. Like the music industry, and any industry really, there is some shadiness afoot. But for Wonho, to see it with his two eyes, may take him aback. In my former reading on him, I got the sense that Wonho was rather righteous and pious, not in a condescending way but in a “I hold myself up to a certain standard” kind of way. So, to see people act immorally or amorally is rather shocking to him.

I see Wonho with his eyes wide and mouth agape as he sees someone do something, perhaps steal something or pass something (drugs?) to someone else in a hidden matter. I just see Wonho looking at this happen right in front of him and him being like “Are they for real?” With the Hierophant out, I think although Wonho didn’t want to go, he assumed a rather admirable attitude when he did finally go. That is, he went into the military with the expectation that he was supposed to be morally just and follow orders to a T. But then he looks around him and sees people slacking off, or worse, doing things they aren’t supposed to like steal, do drugs, smuggle things in, etc. I feel like he feels like he should tell someone, and I think he might have told a higher up about some of the things he saw and this person sort of gave him an incredulous look but in a way that communicated, “Why are you snitching?” I feel like this person doesn’t like idols so that is where some of his contempt is coming from but the other side of it is from the fact that Wonho even told him that shady things were happening. I feel like for this man it’s very much “Turn your head and mind your business.” He’s seen all sorts of things go on in the military, but most know not to whine to him about it. It’s like “Why is he [Wonho] so sensitive? Pussy idol.” And indeed, sensitivity came out with the Starfish card.

Aside: Truth be told, I also heard the homophobic f-slur while seeing this. I want to say it was after the “pussy” comment, but I’m not entirely sure because while I acknowledged it, I didn’t write it down while doing this reading and I am editing this article a couple of days later. I wonder if the “pussy” comment even came out because I reject such language, slurs and the like, in my everyday life because I’m not a hateful person. But I wanted to mention that I did hear it more than once. I think this hurt Wonho in a different kind of way than this man just being dismissive and mean.

With all these marine creatures, I think this clearly speaks to Wonho as he is a Pisces and all. Additionally, all his former bandmates seemed to have mentioned that Wonho is highly sensitive. So, I wonder if while in the military, Wonho is put off and also shaken up and taken aback by other people’s actions and how no one is really saying or doing much about it. Sort of like the Hierophant, Wonho is watching all this mess like “Wtf is going on.”

Wonho is a man of character and these other men around him are acting very strange and abhorrent. Yes, with the 3 of Cups in reverse, these are not his people in the slightest. Wonho has seemingly spent so much of his life trying to be a better person for various reasons, so to see such illicit activity has left him conflicted and confused, especially with that officer/official’s reaction to him. With this King of Wands in reverse again, I wonder if this pisses Wonho off on the inside. These men are supposed to represent Korea and they’re stealing, etc.? What is that? With Gratitude in reverse, I wonder if Wonho is shaken up morally. He tried to be grateful for everything in his life but the people around him currently are being a bunch of assholes. With the reversed 4 of Pentacles, I wonder if Wonho is starting to think it’s him versus everyone else now. With people just acting any type of way in front of one another and the higher ups telling him to shut the fuck up about it basically, I can see him growing cynical, upset, and even bitter.

With all the watery imagery and creatures in them that can’t speak in the Untamed Spirit Animal Oracle, I wonder if Wonho is growing a bit alienated by the military and is learning to not speak as much. Indeed, water signs in astrology were considered to be mute or incapable of speaking. Mercury is in fall (and detriment) in Pisces but also struggles in the other signs of this element as well. I see Wonho trying to calm himself down by meditating. He’s trying to not let the depravity he sees get the best of him. He already seemed worked up before going and I think he recognizes that that isn’t necessary while he’s in there as well for the next 18 long months, this prison, essentially. Yes, with the Sea Turtle and Swan, I see Wonho withdrawing into himself and going into an inner world that will give him peace. I don’t know who taught him to meditate but for some reason I feel like he does this before and/or after he works out too. In the guidebook for the Swan, it mentions Hans Christian Andersen’s Ugly Duckling and says, “the swan is a pure soul that remains true to itself despite the cruelty of the world” (Matteoni, 2022, p. 59). This is definitely Wonho, a pure man placed in a cruel world. Military life is causing indecision and withdrawal.

With the 5 of Pentacles out again and the 2 of Cups I have to wonder if Wonho does in fact have a lover on the outside waiting for him. At the bottom of the decks were also Otter and Love, which confirms this to me. At the top under the reversed Ace of Swords was the Queen of Wands again but upright this time. So, there is a fiery woman or feminine person that Wonho is thinking about and missing while in the military. At the end I’ll ask about this but overall Wonho is not feeling the military because it seems morally bankrupt in his eyes.

Otter: Joy, companionship (bottom of the deck) [Water]
Queen of Wands
Love: I commit to the prestige of seeing the good in all things (bottom of the deck)

How will Wonho’s military service go?

Ace of Pentacles (reverse)
8 of Pentacles (reverse)
Death (reverse)
The Star (reverse)
Temperance (reverse)
Page of Swords (reverse)
The Chariot (reverse)
The Moon (reverse)
Strength (bottom of the deck)
The Hermit (bottom of the deck)
The Hierophant (bottom of the deck)

Lion: Cheerfulness, pride [Fire]
Moth: Change, dreams (reverse) [Air]
Spider: Connection, shadow [Earth]

Gratitude: I am thankful for this life and the opportunities that it presents (reverse)
Indecision: I use my intuition in all aspects of life (reverse)
Freedom: I possess the power and the free will to create my own happiness (reverse)
Forgiveness: I acknowledge that harboring resentment blocks the flow of love (reverse)

It’s gonna be tough for him and a bit of a wild ride. All of the tarot, except for the cards at the bottom of the deck, plus The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards are reversed. A lion shows up twice. For Wonho, the military will really test him and almost kill him. Perhaps “kill” is but extreme, maybe “break” is better. I saw that Wonho isn’t even in the military military. That is, the part where they do active combat but something “alternative.” (Looking this up later, he is a public service worker like Taemin.) With that in mind, it seems like Wonho will still have a hard time which is very interesting. With what we previously saw, it seems like Wonho will have a difficult time wrapping his brain around the military culture, especially in not saying anything about what you see no matter how bad it may be. Indeed, with the Page of Swords we see someone discovering a dead body that was tucked away somewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wonho sees death, harassment, or even something sexually depraved while in the military. But as we saw, him speaking up just gets him chastised. However, I think not speaking up—and if he does, people brushing him off or even getting mad at him for even acknowledging and bringing it up—may traumatize him.

Yes, unfortunately, I see that the military is not great for Wonho’s psychological health. “Break” and “breaking” comes to mind while I write on this spread. With the 8 of Pentacles, the military expects Wonho to keep his head down and do his work while everything happens around him. But, instead, he’s the concerned person watching the individual pick the wheat. “Keep your head down.” But Wonho doesn’t. He stands tall, he looks around, he “tattles” but all that does is make military life harder for him. He needs resolve. He needs to just go within and try to not worry about what happens around him but he’s sensitive.

Even with the Hermit, just like the Hierophant, they are looking off to something, almost alerted. That’s Wonho. He can’t just “shut his mind off.” He feels everything. He’s a Pisces, a sensitive. He has a moral compass, but everyone is telling him to discard it. Why? The Moon is out and reversed. The military confuses Wonho. This place is held in such high esteem socially but in it, it’s like a hell house. I wanted to say whore house which lets us know a lot of what may go on inside.

Gratitude shows up again reversed and Indecision makes another appearance too but also reversed. It’s like for Wonho, the military presents a very moral, philosophical question. What is the right thing to do? Should he really be grateful to serve his country? Before he may have blindly sided with his nation, desiring to serve it, and believing in what it deems as morally correct or objectively just. But while in the military that is challenged at every turn. What is there to be grateful for when you’re surrounded by degradation? I think while in the military Wonho will grow sad and somber and feel as though everything is hopeless. I don’t get suicidal vibes from him nor this spread but with the Star, Freedom, and Forgiveness all in reverse, Wonho may leave the military almost a shell of his former self. Seeing how dark and twisted humanity can really be in a confined space will change something in Wonho and that may leave him confused on life.

Yes, change is on the Moth card. Moths are the “uglier” nocturnal versions of butterflies. They too undergo a metamorphosis but we as a species often don’t praise them all the same. (Butterfly with the words “Transformation, poetry” was the second card at the bottom of the deck, clearly demonstrating what I’m talking about.) This—enduring the military—is a bad change for Wonho which is echoed in Death reversed. It’s an unwelcomed change, a change that was thrust upon him. People say we have to forgive to move on but is that even true? For Wonho, I think his experience with the military will stick with him for a long time and may be something he looks back on with negative, anxious feelings. But it will weave itself into his life much like his past he seems to always want to get away from. With the elaborate web in the Spider card, is the military supposed to trigger something within Wonho? I’m not sure…

What will he take away from his service once it’s over?

I had this question planned before pulling the cards, like I normally do. But is there anything to truly take away from that seems like an awful situation? Let’s see…

Queen of Wands
10 of Wands
2 of Cups (reverse)
The Moon (reverse)
Strength (reverse)
6 of Wands
The Lovers (bottom of the deck)

Lion: Cheerfulness, pride
Starfish: Wishes, sensitivity
Spider: Connection, shadow
Viper: Fear, healing (bottom of the deck) [Earth]

Service: I feel good when I can help others
Imagination: I embrace and nourish the creative aspect of my mind
Change: I understand that nothing can grow or evolve without movement
Gratitude: I am thankful for this life and the opportunities that it presents (bottom of the deck)

Miss fire sign, Queen of Wands, shows up again and almost hijacks this spread but I’ll come back to her later.

With the 10 of Wands, Strength, and most of the same Untamed cards, I think Wonho will sort of swallow what happened in the military. I don’t necessarily want to say “and move on” because Strength is reversed, and Starfish is out which was also at the bottom of the last spread along with Love. When I was talking about that official who may have chastised Wonho for snitching, I felt like Wonho may have walked away from that experience like “Wow, am I that sensitive?” And he is. But that’s okay. Wonho is sensitive. So what? But when it comes to being a man anywhere it seems, that is the worst thing you can be besides being gay. But the military did (or may) push him over the edge in many ways. Wonho may try to come out all “hard” and tough but on the inside he’s suffering. I think what will help him heal is when he gets back to music and his fans.

Yes, the 6 of Wands is upright and we also have Imagination. I think once Wonho can return to his normal he’ll start to feel lighter and less “crazy.” The love his fans will shower him in will be great for his mental health and esteem, I think. It’ll make him come out of his head and emotions. Perhaps that cheerful side of him will return. But with Death and Change, something did change within Wonho. He can’t go back to how or who he was before completely because of what he saw and endured. But he served like he was supposed to. I kinda like when the cards are cheeky like this Service one here. Wonho may try to recontextualize his experience as him helping others. As a public service worker, he likely did help civilians out and made their days easier. Once out (of prison), Wonho may choose to reflect on those moments more instead of whatever horror he saw. I think with some time, Wonho may come to accept the fact that some people are unfortunately like that, morally reprehensible, and that life can be very unfair but that he shouldn’t dwell on this forever. The military was simply an experience he had.

With Gratitude out but upright this time, Wonho may try to see his duty as something to be grateful for, that serving his nation was worthwhile, although I can see that those potentially unsavory experiences will always linger within him. We do have Death out after all. There’s a death card in the Soul’s Journey cards too and while shuffling I saw it a bunch. It was actually at the top of the deck once I was done. “I am learning that endings are merely beginnings.” The beginning Wonho seems like he will be most excited for is what he can do in his career and for his fans once his service is done. Again, the 6 of Wands is out. Being an idol makes him feel loved and brings him happiness. Having a relationship may have too…at first.

Death: I am learning that endings are merely beginnings
Pelican: Love, motherhood (bottom of the deck) [Water]
Kangaroo: Progress, care (bottom of the deck) [Fire]

I feel like when Wonho comes back, he’ll be a bit confused by this Queen of Wands. I see her being a bit “shy” or distant from him, which is not what the Queen of Wands is known for. She’s hot and confident, fiery and bold. But in this deck the Queen has her hands over her chest while a man is all up in her face. I wonder if this person is kinda over Wonho once he returns. Instead of distance making the heart grow fonder, it grew colder for this Queen. And that really confuses Wonho with the Moon in reverse. The 2 of Cups is also reversed. When I first saw it, I saw it as Wonho trying to reconcile with her. I see him trying to make the effort to be close to this Queen, to embrace and kiss her. But with Death under this card, I’m not sure if that will really work. I see them being a couple for a few weeks to potentially a couple months after Wonho is released and she just leaves. Why? I’m not sure.

The Lovers was upright at the bottom of the deck. Does this card not look like a therapy session lol. Gemini is associated with the card for some reason, so I wonder if Wonho will make the effort to talk to this Queen and try to make things work in whatever way that he can, and that can include couples therapy! But I’m not sure how conducive this will be. I still see her being a bit blasé and aloof towards Wonho during and after it. With the 6 of Wands above the Lovers, I wonder once Wonho returns to music that he’ll be single. I don’t listen to his music, but I tried to listen to the single he dropped around the time I first read for him. It was a breakup song. I wonder if we’ll get another one or if that song was about this Queen. I feel like they’ve broken up once before…

Who is this Queen of Wands?

Clearly, she has something to say because she kept showing up in almost every spread. Whomst is she?

Shadow Attribute: Compulsive need to keep moving on.

Light Attribute: Delight in serving others with a free and loving heart.

Light Attribute: Helping those in need with no expectation of return.

Mother (bottom of the deck)
Shadow Attribute: Smothering or abandoning children. Instilling guilt in children for becoming independent.

9 of Pentacles
6 of Swords (reverse)
Ace of Wands (reverse)

Is she his baby mama? When I saw the Ace of Cups way back in the first spread, I asked myself this question. With the last spread we just covered, the “love” and “motherhood” on the Pelican card and the kangaroo with the doe in its pouch made me ask this more and more. Remember, Wonho seemed concerned about money before he left and while he’s been in the military so far. In the 5 of Pentacles, we have a poor couple. Not only has the Lovers come out but the 2 of Cups too. Here, we have Mother, although in reverse. Do you see the picture I’m seeing?

With these current cards I don’t think she’s a celebrity, especially with Pioneer in reverse for some reason. With the person serving tea in Servant, I think she worked at a coffee shop. With the 9 of Pentacles, I do think Wonho was lavishing her with his money. I think she liked this, but she also wanted to keep living her normal life too with the 6 of Swords in reverse. Upright, it often means you’re moving away from something. Reverse, it can mean that you’re not. Yeah, with the Ace of Wands in reverse, I get that this person wasn’t enthused to leave her old life behind, so she simply didn’t. Being elevated to a high-class woman may be fun every now and again but sort of being Wonho’s pet (I don’t know why I used that word, maybe she felt like that) wasn’t for her. The beautiful gowns and extravagant restaurants are fun, but she seems down-to-earth and practical. Like she didn’t let the glitz and glam of Wonho make her starstruck. Interesting.

What is her [the Queen of Wands] relation to Wonho?

Religious Factors: Your love life is influenced by your religious upbringing and spiritual path.
Release Your Ex: The time has come to clear your energy.
Calling In Your Soul Mate: Your prayers, affirmations, and visualizations help bring you together.
True Love: This is the romance of a lifetime! (Bottom of the deck)

Lightning: Sudden change, shocking news, surprise, epiphany, upheaval, transformation
Wedding rings: Union, wedding, married, soul connection, eternal love, everlasting promise (reverse)
Twin Flames: Yin/yang, zen, balance, union, duality, coupling, complement each other (reverse)
Seduction: Attraction, flirting, dating, hooking up, temptation, third-party interference (bottom of the deck)

I’m gonna be honest, I feel like these cards didn’t really help lol! But I shall convey what I see.

This Queen of Wands may be a rebound or someone who came into Wonho’s life unexpectedly. I don’t want to say Wonho cheated with this person but with the Release Your Ex card and Seduction having “hooking up” and “third-party interference” on it, I can’t help but see it that way a bit. But the energy I’m getting from all the cards is that is not the case. As I said, she may be a rebound or someone who came into Wonho’s life after he had already broken up with someone prior. I don’t know if Wonho wanted to marry his ex or his ex wanted a ring, but it seems like the past relationship he had was rather serious and not something he has completely let go of emotionally. He did make an entire breakup song, so yes, he’s in his feelings. But with this Queen, I feel like she’s very much his opposite.

Although Wonho showed up as the King of Wands a few times, I think that was only in relation to the question I was asking which dealt with his feelings on the military. Wonho is a water sign and very sensitive. We have seen this. People have said this about him too. He’s a softie. This Queen though is fiery and a go-getter, I feel. Very independent and can do all bad by herself. Indeed, with Twin Flames, I think she is the yang and Wonho the yin. For those who don’t know, yang is the active, masculine principle while the yin is the receptive, feminine one. I don’t want to say she’s an alpha, but I feel like she sort of runs the relationship. I feel like Wonho was attracted to her first, saw her first, and made the first move but once together she continued to live her life.

As we just saw, I don’t think she completely switched up her entire existence just because she’s dating an idol. Many fans turn idol girlfriends/wives do that but not her. I don’t know why I see her working at a coffee shop or café, but I see her making drinks and being very focused on her work. Being someone’s partner is not her life. With Religious Factors, I feel like this type of person is not someone Wonho usually dates. I don’t know what he likes but being so sensitive himself, this type A personality is likely not something he naturally gravitates towards. But this Queen is in his life for divine reasons with this Calling In Your Soul Mate card and even Twin Flames too, although reversed, and True Love.

As I mentioned in my other Wonho article, Wonho’s relationships will largely be karmic. Why? I guess that’s just what his soul wanted to do. And it seems like it called in this Queen. Usually, I see people say that karmic relationships are meant to teach you something and I wonder if that is to be more upfront and direct in Wonho’s case. We saw that when he is, at least in the military, he’s shut down but perhaps that is a lesson too. To stand up for yourself and stick to your convictions.

Notice how we got all spiritual again with Wonho? There’s something about his beliefs that is very important in this life for him. And it seems like this relationship will be too. I feel like the prior one wasn’t but since he’s a water Sun, he’s in his feelings about the breakup still. So, perhaps his soul and spirit guides worked together to manifest this Queen to get him out of a rut. She may have been very attractive and enticing to him, so the plan worked lol. But what was all of that about them potentially breaking up or their relationship otherwise being strained once he gets out the military? Is she pregnant? I will only ask one of these questions and the other one at a different time because this reading is already so long.

Is this Queen of Wands Wonho’s girlfriend?

“No” flew out. I’m trying to not go back to my old ways but “Yes!” was at the bottom of the deck. Anyway.

Is this Queen of Wands pregnant/Wonho’s baby mama?


Welp, there you have it. Makes a lot of sense given all the spreads. If you want to be in disbelief too, “No” was at the back of the deck. But…I believe this “Yes!” Also, this recontextualizes that Religious Factor card, does it not! Hmm! Will we get an out of the blue shotgun wedding as is idol tradition? Wedding rings was in reverse though… Anyway, I was thinking for February that I should do some relationship readings. Let me know if you all want Wonho and his baby mama on the list.

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