Brittney Griner: Finally Free!

Brittney Griner is coming back home after a successful prisoner swap.

The day Griner was sentenced, I did two readings on her on my Instagram. I was going to do another reading when Dennis Rodman said he was going over there and do…something. But after he was dissuaded by the government, I dropped the idea, assuming Griner was going to serve that 9.5 year sentence. However, as you will see below, I kept getting this message of hope when I read on her. It seemed to have come true.

Reading 1

So, WNBA star Brittney Griner has been detained in Russia for several months now and many are wondering when and if she’ll ever come home. I was originally going to ask if the U.S. government will be able to bring her home, but this case is very obviously politically motivated and then further complicated by Brittney’s race, gender, and sexuality. Additionally, the U.S. has been in the talks of doing a prisoner swap so both Griner and another American prisoner can come back in the exchange for a high-profile Russian arms dealer we have locked up. Apparently, Russia responded to this proposal in “bad faith,” whatever that may mean as the White House is not clarifying. With all this now involved, I simply asked what will be the outcome of Griner’s trial. I meant to do this much earlier but we shall see very soon if my predictions are accurate or not.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Fulfillment (reverse)
Venus in Taurus: Romance
Venus in Gemini: Flattery (reverse)
Mercury in Capricorn: Organization (reverse)
Sun in Leo: Fortune (reverse) 
Moon in Aquarius: Independence
Moon in Capricorn: Practicality 
Mercury in Sagittarius: Discovery (reverse)
Venus in Virgo: Discrimination (reverse)
Venus in Leo: Affair (reverse)
Sun in Aquarius: Idealism
Sun in Scorpio: Endurance (reverse)
Moon in Sagittarius: Optimism (bottom of the deck?)

I will keep it 100, things don’t look too good. Saturn in Sagittarius being reversed is the biggest sign. This card deals with matters overseas or in a foreign country. Saturn actually signifies bad travel over water. So, this right off the bat says that Griner’s trial did not go great overall. Venus in Taurus is strange and all I can think it’s saying is that Griner loves her wife and wishes she was there with her. But with the rest of the cards, Russia doesn’t seem too keen to look at things from her point of view, or more aptly, the U.S.’s point of view. We see this again with Venus in Virgo being reversed. They’re not looking at the small details and they are not entertaining any “loopholes” the U.S. is proposing. Russia is very emotionally detached from Griner’s situation. This whole trial is about international dick measuring. Russia won’t budge and is treating Griner’s case as a political flex but also as though this was like any other case in their country in the sense that they’re using their laws to prosecute her. While there is hope on her side with the Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Aquarius cards, the Sun in Scorpio being reversed and next to the Venus in Leo card which is also reversed tells me that she thinks her days are numbered. She lost this battle and likely her free life. But will she be sentenced? I asked more directly this time as this spread is a bit hazy as is confirmed with the Sun in Pisces being at the bottom of the deck.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Fulfillment (reverse)
Mars in Aries: Impulsiveness (reverse)
Moon in Virgo: Order (reverse)
Mars in Gemini: Decision
Moon in Sagittarius: Optimism
Saturn in Aries: Risk (reverse)
Jupiter in Pisces: Seduction (reverse)
Mars in Taurus: Defense
Sun in Taurus: Acquisition (reverse)

For whatever reason I want to say “no,” but the cards are telling me a different story. They’re telling me that Griner will be in Russia for much longer, but the U.S. is working hard to get her back. They’re trying to play it a bit carefully, however, given the history between the two and of course the war in Ukraine. I feel like the U.S. is optimistic about Griner and their strategy. They’re not rushing nor making big moves. They’re play it safe, but I feel like Russia still won’t budge. Like they see through the U.S. and will hold Griner so that it makes a point to them. Again, this is about political dick measuring.

4 of Knives
Dr. Grant (the Hermit)
10 of Coins
Son of Baskets (Page of Cups)
Ace of Knives (reverse)
The Free Man (the Fool) (reverse)
Aunt Caroline (the Wheel of Fortune; bottom of the deck?)

I asked about the outcome one last time with tarot. While the cards took forever to come out, the story is the same—she isn’t coming home. The 4 of Swords often takes about rest but it can also show imprisonment. The Hermit coming out is very interesting. That too talks about time away from people and being in solitude. The 10 of Coins is upright but The Free Man or Fool is reversed under it. Griner still cannot see her family and enjoy a meal with them. With the Son of Baskets or Page of Cups and Aunt Caroline/Wheel of Fortune at the bottom of the deck, there’s still hope, however. Things may eventually turn in Griner’s favor, but it may take a miracle here. That is all I’m able to get from the cards. We will just have to wait and see, unfortunately.

TL;DR She’s not coming home. Although the U.S. is trying its best to get her home, actually, Russia sees through the bullshit. They are not budging. This is all about politics and releasing Griner (and possibly another American prisoner) would let us “win.” The U.S. and Russia have a very long history and the war in Ukraine is yet another battlefield where the two “superpowers” are going at blows for domination. Griner is just a pawn here. Her plight doesn’t matter to Russia. She will be in that cell for a long time. With Aunt Caroline in this deck, I wonder if she will serve those 10 years, or the age of Ms. Caroline here is more metaphorical. That Griner will age like 30 years whenever she gets out. So, yeah. The cards do not spell out freedom for Griner, unfortunately. Keep her in your prayers.

Reading 2

Forever nosy, I wanted to see what the transits were around the time Brittney Griner was detained. When it comes to the law or justice system in astrology, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are the planets to look at. The first two planets have significations of imprisonment with Mars also showing captivity and Saturn long-lasting punishments and the harsher, punitive side of the law. Jupiter is the more “restorative” or righteous side of the law and shows freedom and governments.

Brittney Griner’s birth chart with a chart of Moscow on the outside. I couldn’t find a time where it was reported that she was detained but it really wouldn’t have mattered because I don’t have a time for Griner, anyway.

What jumped out to me was the transiting Uranus squaring Griner’s Jupiter and trining her Uranus. Her being detained was certainly out the blue. All at once, her freedom and rights were gone just like that. The transiting Uranus also trined her Neptune more directly by degree. How the detainment happened was likely very confusing to her. Uranus also hits her Saturn, the planet of solitude and the greater malefic, signifying that once again her imprisonment was sudden and unexpected.

The transiting Mars hits all of the planets the transiting Uranus hits by conjunction. Although Mars was in Capricorn, I feel as though the whole ordeal was quick but, as we saw, from detention to trial was going to be very long. Capricorn is slow and ruled by Saturn. Griner was going to be in for the long haul. Pluto also being in Capricorn and copresent with her outer planets and Saturn shows us this as well and how the outcome of her trial will forever be life changing. I think the transiting Mercury hitting her North Node also indicates this.

Saturn was in its diurnal domicile and opposite her Jupiter, indicating once more that her freedom was taken. Considering that Saturn will not leave Aquarius until March 2023, this again shows how Griner will not be coming home any time soon.

Lastly, Griner has Chiron in Cancer. Her going through this whole thing will indeed wound her even more on the soul level when it comes to family and the home life because her freedom was snatched from her. However, as Capricorn is opposite Cancer, personal responsibility has to be taken here. That is all for now.

So, how do you feel about Griner’s detention and now subsequent and sudden freedom?

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