December 2022 Predictions

It’s finally the end of the year!

December 2022 Planetary Transits

Dec. 4 Neptune stations direct at 22°38' Pisces
Dec. 6 Mercury enters Capricorn 
Dec. 8 Full Moon in Gemini 
Dec. 10 Venus enters Capricorn
Dec. 20 Jupiter re-enters Aries
Dec. 21 The Sun enters Capricorn (winter solstice)
Dec. 23 New Moon in Capricorn
Dec. 29 Mercury stations retrograde at 24°21' Capricorn

Dec. 1 Mercury square Neptune rx, Venus opposite Mars rx, Venus sextile Saturn 
Dec. 4 Venus square Neptune rx
Dec. 6 Mercury square Jupiter 
Dec. 8 Sun opposite Mars rx
Dec. 9 Venus square Jupiter
Dec. 12 Sun sextile Saturn
Dec. 14 Sun square Neptune
Dec. 17 Mercury trine Uranus rx
Dec. 21 Sun square Jupiter
Dec. 22 Venus trine Uranus rx
Dec. 24 Mercury sextile Neptune
Dec. 28 Venus sextile Neptune 
Dec. 29 Mercury rx conjunct Venus
Dec. 31 Venus conjunct Pluto

The people in my Discord server were lamenting how November seemed like the longest month lol. Now 2022 is almost over. Sometimes by December it feels like “nothing” is happening besides the holidays, but astrologically there is a lot in fact going on. Let us back up and talk about Mars retrograde though.

Mars turned retrograde a day before Halloween, letting us know it was about to cause some real spooky shit. And it has, I believe.

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Mars rules violence in every form along with conflict. I said in November, however, because Mars was in Gemini, that we may be a bit confused on these conflicts because of Mercury and Gemini’s trickery. And I think that largely came true. In the U.S. there was a couple of high-profile murders (Mars combining with Gemini’s need to broadcast or communicate at work here) whose circumstances are still not completely clear. In general, death seemed to be a frequent topic too with many celebrities dying almost back-to-back along with mass murders by lone assailants, whether white supremacists or “disgruntled” ex-workers. There was a rapidness to these cases as Gemini is very swift as it is a mutable air sign ruled the second fastest planet in astrology, Mercury.

Internationally, there seems to be large scale protests against governments. Mars, originally, showed insurrections, rebellions, and defiance. In Gemini once more, these protests were about pushing back against certain ideologies. Remember that Jupiter has been oscillating between Pisces, its nocturnal, passive domicile, and Aries, the diurnal domicile of Mars. All signs of the same quadruplicity or modality square, so Jupiter was squaring Mars in Gemini at one point when it was in Pisces most recently, suggesting a growing agitation between action and inaction, wherever that may lie, and how far we can push our beliefs. In Aries, however, Jupiter was (and still is) encouraging people to adopt new frameworks or philosophies and act on them, which I mentioned last month may not be a good thing because of how radical some people were becoming with their ideas.

In the most negative case scenario, we get hate crimes and domestic terrorism with all of this Marsian energy in the air à la Mars being retrograde in Gemini and Jupiter popping in and out of Aries. In the more positive direction, we may get the overthrowing of unjust or tyrannical governments. Because Gemini is all about duality thanks to its airiness, mutability, and ruler especially, we got both in such a short period of time. If your neck of the woods was rather calm, internationally it was not or vice versa. Another example of this schism was in the weather in the U.S.

Of course during the one time I don’t bring up the weather, we got rather unusual storms. In the northeast, New York got an unprecedented amount of snow out the blue. Just look at some of the scenes in the video linked below. It was crazy.

New York experienced a blizzard in November.

In other parts of the country, it was still unseasonably hot but then suddenly cold and the two constantly flipped back and forth like where I live. Tornadoes and hurricanes lasted long past their normal timeframe of late summer into early fall where the changes in temperatures made more sense.

Scorpio is a cold and wet sign while Sagittarius is hot and dry. However, the ancient astrologers also grouped the signs by the season they occurred in. So, the “spring quadrant” comprised of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini and had hot and wet weather; the summer one of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo had hot and dry weather; the autumn one consisted of Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius when the weather was cold and dry; and, finally, the winter quadrant had Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces where the weather was cold and wet.

The Zodiac were divided up in various ways. One was by the seasons. ©ASTRO LOLA

Specific planets also foretold the kind of weather you could expect. Mars, according to the English astrologers of William Ramsey and William Lilly, suggested thunder and lightning along with “pestilential air” and fiery storms (Ramsey, 1653; 2014 as cited in Obert, 2020, p. 126; Lilly, 2004, as cited in Obert, 2020, p. 129). Jupiter meanwhile forecasted pleasant or serene weather where it is temperate and “healthful” (2020, p. 144, 147). So, besides climate change, perhaps the current transits in the sky could explain the strange, up and down weather we have been seeing. In either case, let’s talk about December finally.

Another outer planet turns direct at the very beginning of the month, Neptune! I think I said back in October that things will start to feel as though they are finally moving forward, but I always mentioned the square between Uranus and Saturn and how it represented an intense deadlock in our world, especially in terms of change. Things are moving in a certain direction, but it may not always be a good one. But with the planets marching along to meet up with Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn, change will be sowed—or ripened even!—whether we personally like it or not.

I’ve seen the astrologers fear mongering about Pluto’s eventual ingress into Aquarius the few times I’ve been on Twitter, and I try not to feed into that mentality over here because that isn’t needed. However, we likely are gonna have another stint over how our governments govern in the coming months. Pluto is the supposed “higher octave” of Mars. Where Mars came to be reassigned as “simple warfare,” let’s say, Pluto took on the more nuclear, cataclysmic type of war that is characteristic of the modern day where whole nations and regions of the world are essentially blown off the face of the planet. With the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war and how Russia seems to be pushing into Poland (although sources say that missile strike wasn’t from Russia), which is a NATO ally, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a (mini) World War III that is reminiscent of World War I where it is mainly a European conflict that those powers drag everyone else into. In Asia, I can see there being their own conflicts as blows with various countries’ governments have been brewing on and off for a while. So, unfortunately, war may be in our near future in many places. It may come closer to the end of the year when Venus conjuncts Pluto and Mercury turns retrograde, though. At that time, Jupiter would have returned to Aries, adding more literal fuel to the flames of agitated global relationships.

It’s interesting how for December, things will become clearer only to bring about more chaos. By that I mean, Neptune going direct can bring a needed sense of reality to the world, but Pluto can do that as well in a very severe way. Pluto unearths things we thought were dead so they can be properly buried once and for all. When it comes to nationhood and governance, that casket of colonialism, imperialism, and death which is rotting in the earth can unleash all kinds of havoc once opened. But in a lot of places, that casket needs to be opened, investigated, and perhaps eventually burned or laid in a more proper spot.

I think I’ve been saying this for as long as I have been rambling on my blog, but things are shifting, and the universe wants us to take more positive steps in a better direction. However, capitalism and the lingering effects of colonialism and imperialism has constantly fought against this urge to change to ensure that certain people continue to suffer. COVID was a perfect time to course correct but the powers that be fought tooth and nail to maintain the global status quo to disastrous effects which is now setting off a chain reaction across the world that may blow up in the most egregious ways in the next coming months. Indeed, I think this next upcoming Mercury retrograde will also signal a big change that we can’t walk back from. There will be another deadlock á la Saturn and Uranus that will set the stage for 2023, whether for better or worse.

Lol, I said I didn’t want to fear monger and here I go. Sorry to end on a depressing note but astrology is not all “love and light.” The world isn’t either so why would the stars reflect that? In any case, December is apt to be long and cold as it usually is. With most of the outer planets now direct, there is likely to be massive changes on the global front but in a more direct way. It may feel like we’re taking two steps forward with ankle weights on, however. Something will shift but not after some bloodshed potentially.

On the more personal level, December will cause you all to reflect on the year and how you’ve changed internally, especially when it came to your beliefs as Jupiter has bounced back and forward between its domicile of Pisces where Neptune has also been domicile and Aries. I do think the effects of COVID has caused something to move in us collectively which will influence how we’ll interact with the world come 2023. I may do a pick a card article about 2022 and what you all were supposed to learn but we’ll see. Let’s get more depressed with the oracle messages.

Oracle Messages

Fire Signs

1: Aries
22: Pluto (reverse)
19: Saturn

The Hanged Man
Page of Swords

36: Balance - Divine Teachers
35: Shame - Divine Helpers

December is an interesting month for you all astrologically with perhaps the exception of Sagittarius. By this I mean, when the Sun begins to transit Capricorn, the greater malefic of Saturn reigns supreme and descends the Northern Hemisphere into a dark coldness that doesn’t let up until March or April. These winter months can seem like an entirety even if they are no longer than any other season. I bring this up because Capricorn squares and dominates Aries and opposes Leo. Next to Sagittarius, it can’t do much because that fire sign can’t even see it. In this month’s spread we have Pluto in reverse, which is currently direct in Capricorn, and Saturn, which is domicile in Aquarius.

Oftentimes you all as an element are very go, go, go or not doing much of anything. It’s all at once or you don’t even lift your finger. That way of being can work for you all but sometimes it does not. December seems like a month where it does not. In December you all may feel very energized for some reason, perhaps because you all are always 20 steps ahead and are already planning months into the New Year, but the cards are asking you to pause and reflect on all that happened this year before you rush off into the new one head first, almost nose diving like the angel in The Hanged Man. Always jumping before you leap can wait two seconds before we close out this year. What have you accomplished this year? What are you proud of? What are you ashamed of?

Shame came out, and with Pluto in reverse there may be something that needs to be cleared out by the end of the year before you can proceed into 2023 with the rest of us. Although fire tends to blow up unexpectedly, it can just as quickly die down as well. But it seems like there is something that hasn’t gone away this year that you are being called on to return to. You all may have been ignoring whatever this is, just charging ahead as you always do, but in December this thing or even person you have been ignoring may be dug up, the curtain torn away like in the Page of Swords, to reveal itself to you. Yes, in the Balance card we have two people exchanging gifts. Do you owe something to someone else? Them to you? Does an amends need to be had? With Shame, there can be a lot of negative feelings surrounding this situation, but you are encouraged to find that innate strength you possess and try to at least reach out and make contact with whatever or whoever this is. 2023 may be a worse year if you do not because you will continue to carry this wound unconsciously and it will permeate everything you are trying to do in the moment. Venus nor the 2 of Cups came out so you don’t have to necessarily forgive if you don’t want to, but the cards do seem to be saying that you should at least try to confront what needs confronting before we close out 2022. This was a 6 year for us all, a year of responsibility and relationship. How has that manifested in your life this year?

Water Signs

6: Virgo
8: Scorpio (reverse)
20: Uranus (reverse)

Ace of Swords
2 of Pentacles
2 of Wands

48: New Life - Divine Mother
32: Decisions - Higher Self

This year has likely been truly chaotic for you all with hopefully more ups than downs. But when those downs happened, they were downers. ‘Tis the plight of water signs, I suppose. Even so, you all start out strong in December only to almost fold under the pressure to make a decision, a decision that will likely alter your life. Indeed, when those eclipses happened in Taurus/Scorpio you all may have been pushed to the edge, but I want to say in a good way. All this year you have struggled to obtain your freedom, and you got it (hopefully)! But now you have to close the book on your old life so you can begin writing your new one. But…where do you even begin? Do you have the money, the shelter, the clothes, the food, the stability to move forward? Yes, even if you don’t. Why? Because you are ready to truly free yourself in mind and spirit.

With Scorpio in reverse, there is some repressed emotions you have been holding on to all this year that need to finally be let go of. With Uranus, it’s like the ghosts of the past still ring in your ears and appear before you to harass you. But these things, places, and people are no longer a part of your reality. You are free physically so why are tormenting yourself by keeping your mind, emotions, and spirit locked up? Freedom means being free in every capacity. In December you are asked to make the ultimate decision to truly free yourself. Take up that sword and start hacking away at the ropes and chains that bind you because once you have decided to choose yourself and what you want, there is no going back. All the sadness, anger, and bitterness needs to be left behind. Embrace the new reality you have created for yourself with open arms.

Earth Signs

16: Venus (reverse)
9: Sagittarius (reverse)
7: Libra (reverse)

The Magician
The King of Wands
5 of Wands

16: Self-Esteem - Guardian Angel Michael
43: Risk - Joy Guides

We got an interesting message for you all and that is someone or someones are getting on your last nerve. As an element, earth is very chill. You really have to continuously and obnoxiously get on your nerves to see you all snap. But this person does seem persistent here as they are a fire sign potentially. Fire is just as stubborn as earth, but it also has the extra caveat of never backing down from a challenge and your non-reaction is that challenge. So, this person or even group of people have been trying, scheming even, to find what makes you tick so they can exploit that and then turn around and go “See, just as I said” when you blow up on them. I don’t know who has it out for you but the message seems to be to continue to ignore them. Let this person wear themselves out, not you. I’m getting a rather mature, responsible energy from you all while I get a very immature, childish energy from this King of Wands/Sagittarius. They may be boisterous, loud, and showboaty like the creature in the Sagittarius card. They may be the “leader” of a posse that is making you feel excluded or like the odd person out. Do not let this behavior get the best of you. You are above such middle school tactics. Resist the urge to play into their game and when necessary (re)assert your boundaries. Once that’s done, just try to relax and let loose. Yes, there is likely a lot of work that still needs to be done in December and many people are counting on you. You can’t fulfill your work if you’re entertaining some asshat. Remain “neutral” the best that you can and let them grow bored with you and eventually move on.

Air Signs

26: Earth (reverse)
23: Fire (reverse)
4: Cancer 
10: Capricorn

The Emperor 
The Devil

2: Partnerships and Love - Nature Spirits 
34: Deprivation - Prosperity Guides

Somewhat similar to the water signs, December seems like a month of culmination. For you all, you were dealing with some karmic lessons surrounding relationships which makes sense as this year was a 6 year. Even so, it seems like you all missed the message because you didn’t want to hear it, so you focused your energy on more earthily matters or you got sucked into feelings of resentment and the like. Your spirit guides, etc. did not want you to do that. They wanted you to form deeper, more meaningful connections. Yes, air signs can make friends with just about anyone but how stable or worthwhile are those relationships? Are you just making friends and acquaintances just to have them, or do you make relations to create an emotionally enriching life? The answer is only something you know but it seems like something wasn’t learned here or things were purposefully lost in translation on your side. I feel like your guides, etc. were rather persistent in their messaging to you but like the Emperor in this card, you turned your head away. Why? Was something too painful to witness? You didn’t like the bluntness of the message? Whatever the reason, you are encouraged to reflect on your relationships this year and try to find the deeper meaning behind them. Why you met someone, why you were attracted to them or vice versa, why things ended up going nowhere or somewhere, why things ended in the way that they did. What was the reason for all of this? Dig deep and uncover the truth.

Well we got some dramatic messages this month safe for the earth signs. It seems like we should all take some inventory of the year and reflect on why things turned out the way that they did. Or for others of you, perhaps you shouldn’t or do it in a way that enables you to finally move on. 2023 seems to want most of us to not carry any baggage into it that doesn’t serve us. What doesn’t serve you anymore in 2022? Will you leave it at the door or bring it with you?

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Obert, C. (2020). The Classical Seven Planets: Source Texts and Meaning. Almuten Press.

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