Chuu: Why Was She Kicked Out!?

All readings on Astro Lola are alleged and made for entertainment purposes only.

So almost 10 days exactly after I posted my Chuu reading, Blockberry Creative comes out the woodworks and says they kicked Chuu out of LOONA because she was “abusive” to staff. Bianca in my server posted the story and when I saw it, I immediately thought it as a bold-faced lie. Blockberry is trying to paint Chuu as an Irene and it doesn’t make any sense. Chuu has a reputation for being energetic and very loveable. Unlike Irene, there doesn’t seem to be videos showing her nasty attitude in 4K nor people who have worked with her corroborating such accusations. In fact, numerous people have come to Chuu’s defense from current and past staff who have worked on her YouTube series “Chuu Can Do It” to an anonymous former Blockberry staff asserting that the company mistreats staff and artists to Hyunjin from LOONA also expressing her frustration and disbelief when asked about this situation by a fan. So, clearly this is a desperate attempt by Blockberry to smear Chuu’s name.

Hello. This is BlockBerryCreative.

We are releasing a statement to notify fans that we have decided that our agency artist Chuu will be expelled and withdrawn as a member of LOONA as of November 25, 2022.

There have been lots of speculations about LOONA’s Chuu this past year, but the agency and the LOONA members did not release any statements in order to not cause trouble with the group’s growth or cause concern to fans.

With the LOONA members’ affection for the team and consideration for their fans, rather than say what is true or not, they tried to express their feelings by putting in their best efforts for performances and content.

However, after recently being told of Chuu’s violent language and misuse of power toward our staff, the truth was found upon investigation. Agency representatives are apologizing and comforting staff, and we have decided to take responsibility for this and remove Chuu from LOONA.

First of all, we officially apologize to the staff who have been greatly hurt by this incident, and we will put in our full effort so they can now heal and focus on treatment and then return to their normal lives.

We apologize to the fans who have loved and supported LOONA until now and ask for your sincere forgiveness in not being able to have 12 members together until the end.

The agency and LOONA will return to our roots and work as hard as possible so an incident like this never happens again in the future no matter what. The LOONA members did not work only for their individual gains, and they know what fans have given them to bring them to this point, so they did not do anything to cause trouble to the team. They will make it to the end and give back for the love from everyone who supports LOONA.

Also, the agency and the LOONA members will act with respect and gratitude toward all of the staff who work with us. The agency will do everything possible to give back for the staff’s sacrifices and devotion so something like this never happens again. We once again bow our heads in apology to the involved staff and the fans for causing trouble with this incident.

Blockberry’s statement on Nov. 25 on Chuu as translated by Soompi

When I did my reading on her, I asked if Chuu would leave. I got “no” across the board. But I did ask this from her perspective. I didn’t ask if the company would kick her out because in a lot of cases, that doesn’t happen. In most scenarios, these idols leave on their own accord in some fashion, and if accused of something, most companies at least push back against the claims at some point. But for Chuu, these things came out of nowhere and now she’s suddenly gone. That’s very suspicious.

In my Chuu reading, I kept saying Blockberry was petty and angry that Chuu made all this money outside the company, and that all this (indirect) talking she did, especially when she said she hasn’t been paid by the agency, plus her partially winning her lawsuit wasn’t good for her. And now look where we are. When I asked what’s next for her, I personally didn’t see this unexpected slander and expulsion of her by Blockberry. However, I did say that this contract issue would rage on and that Blockberry would waste her time until her contract was naturally up. Additionally, I stated, “I feel like they’ll do something petty and nasty when that time comes.” Clearly, that time has come much sooner rather than later. And, indeed, Blockberry did do something petty and nasty.

The Devil and Justice cards kept coming out throughout the reading. In the final spread I said this about them:

With the Devil and Justice in reverse, Blockberry is trying to stop Chuu’s bag and ultimately her one wish in this life by excluding her from LOONA.

Me, Chuu Can Do It, But Will She Chuu It?

So, this has come true. But what is Blockberry’s reasoning? As fans have pointed out, it is very ironic that they chose this “abuse” and “misuse of power” angle because the company themselves haven’t paid their staff nor artists at all. So, who is technically the abusive one here misusing their power? Certainly not Chuu but let’s get into the reading.

Are the claims that Chuu was abusive towards staff true as alleged by Blockberry?

Sun: Spirit
Cancer: I feel (reverse)
Gemini: I think

King of Pentacles (reverse)
Queen of Pentacles (reverse)
Queen of Cups
King of Cups

I want to say no, these accusations are not true. With Gemini, I think it’s a lie and a lot of “he said, she said” as is represented by the four people that show up in the tarot.

The King of Pentacles has to be the CEO. As we saw in the prior reading on this situation, he showed up as the Man Holding A Coin in reverse quite a few times. The guidebook for this deck mentions that this is a person of power as is the Queen of Pentacles. But for the Queen and King of Cups, this attribute is noticeably missing from their descriptions. I’m not sure who this Queen of Pentacles is (perhaps the CEO’s wife?), but the Queen and King of Cups are definitely all the people speaking out in support of Chuu, hence the Gemini card and the “he said, she said” energy I’m getting. Even in the how the cards are laid out, we have two groups of people standing opposite one another. One side—Blockberry—is saying that Chuu is an awful person and they had to get rid of her because they wanted to protect LOONA (laughable). And another side is pushing back against such accusations and are saying Chuu is the sweetest person imaginable and always treated them with respect. So, which is it?

With the Sun out I do think this wild statement out of nowhere by Blockberry was to attack Chuu’s character. The Sun since ancient times showed your reputation and modernly it is tied to your personality. With the King of Pentacles under it squarely, this was an attempt at defamation. But notice that only the Queen of Pentacles is on his side. However, it may be superficially as the guidebook claims this Queen is “[f]ocus[ed] on appearance and material aspects” (p. 14). For the King, the author writes that he “[l]ack[s]…social niceties” and “[s]poil[s] oneself” (p. 14). Perhaps this explains why Cancer is reversed. They, Blockberry, did this to hurt Chuu. [Allegedly!] It was a petty “revenge” that was concocted to break her emotionally, I believe.

As I mentioned in my previous reading, this company/CEO is very spiteful and has an air of “How dare you be insubordinate to me?” I don’t know if Chuu did or said something that really got under his skin, but I think her standing firm in whatever she was asking for, likely fair compensation and to not be worked to the bone, really pissed him off. But with her exposing the truth of what goes on in the company re: their money (as did some of the other LOONA members), which aligns with older stories former staff gave throughout the years about not being compensated for their work, and Chuu trying to give fans insight into what has been going on with her since the world tour, Blockberry had to come up with an excuse that would absolve them from wrongdoing when they did kick her out.

Again, companies kicking artists out is a bit rare. Most tend to fight for their artists, even shitty companies who couldn’t care less about their talent at least do that part. Or say even if an idol is kicked out, most companies don’t come forth with accusations themselves during or after the fact. A lot of the time we are left wondering what even happened because these labels put out very short statements announcing these people’s departures and not much else, maybe sometimes with vague mentions about prioritizing said artist’s physical and/or mental health or that there was a “disagreement” between the parties involved, if that. So, this was very bizarre on Blockberry’s part. I asked one more time if this was all true.

Sixth House: Routine
South Node: Life's Debts --> Pisces: I believe
Jupiter: Abundance
Fire Element: Desire (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Second House: Owning (top of the deck)

The Magician (reverse)
4 of Wands (reverse)
The Star
The Chariot (reverse)
The Lovers (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Justice (reverse; top of the deck)

In the prior spread, the 4 of Pentacles was reversed at the bottom of the deck which I didn’t show. With Jupiter and the Second House cards out here, this whole issue with Chuu indeed has to do with money. Blockberry created a lie (as represented by the Magician being in reverse) to tarnish Chuu’s career so that she couldn’t work ever again (as is indicated by the 6th house and Star). They wanted to create roadblocks for her with the Chariot and ensure that the public wouldn’t like her anymore with the 4 of Wands. But again, these accusations are just that, accusations.

At the bottom of the deck we have Fire in reverse, telling us that Chuu is not an aggressive person. With the Lovers and Justice under it, they show that Blockberry created this lie because they found Chuu to be too independent and “unruly.” They didn’t want to grant Chuu her wishes of fair pay and adequate rest because they were too proud. They would rather kick and scream and bite their own arm than simply agree to something that should be standard in the industry. Yes, Justice is reversed. They didn’t like how Chuu got that win. Blockberry is the man holding a knife and baby (Chuu’s music career?) while the woman at his feet is Chuu pleading with them. The man in the background is the legal system saying that this is unjust and ruling in Chuu’s favor even if only partially. The guidebook says when this card is reversed, it represents “unjust decisions…and just plain dishonesty” (p. 7). So, we have another confirmation that this is all some BS.

The South Node coming out was very interesting as is Pisces clarifying it. I think Blockberry will get some karma for this. With wrath comes consequences. Zeus is in the Jupiter card, and he is known to be a rather cruel god with 50-11 children. Blockberry’s decision to smear Chuu will come back to haunt them. We also have an angel in the Lovers card. All throughout my Chuu reading, I kept getting the sense of a spirit guide with her and how it wanted to help Chuu and guide her to leave the company. I think in harming Chuu, this spirit guide and maybe others will be after Blockberry. I feel like they may be instrumental in exposing something about them soon. I see the company going downhill after that and potentially even going full bankrupt and closing down shop. They really messed with the wrong one. [Allegedly!]

What’s the real reason behind Blockberry kicking Chuu out of LOONA?

Jupiter Return: Benefits (reverse)
Chiron: Healing (reverse)
Cancer: I feel
Second House: Owning (reverse)
Uranus: Genius (bottom of the deck)

The Fool
5 of Swords
The High Priestess
The Lovers
Justice (reverse)
The Magician
The Tower
8 of Cups
King of Pentacles (bottom of the deck)

We again this overt message of money and wanting to hurt Chuu emotionally.

Instead of Jupiter we got Jupiter Return here. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and wealth. The guidebook likens this card to the Chariot and mentions that the good luck conferred by this card doesn’t just have to be financial and material. Doors will open for you, love may be revitalized, etc. In reverse, Blockberry wanted to stop Chuu and her bag. There is just a very mean-spirited pettiness here. With the Fool, maybe Chuu was getting geared up to do a big project or at least something new and they wanted to get ahead of it to stop it. Yes, because following the Fool is the 5 of Swords.

Unlike the 5 of Wands, the 5 of Swords symbolizes defeat or victory, trying to win at any cost, and violent crimes such as murder. It many ways it’s much harsher and curler than the 5 of Wands. I see the person leaving the scene in the background as Chuu leaving defeated or wanting to get away from this conflict. I saw that someone transcribed some of Chuu’s comments at her birthday fan meet which makes it seem like she knew this was coming, her termination from LOONA/Blockberry, but I feel like she didn’t know they would go down this route.

We have the High Priestess out suggesting something was kept a secret, perhaps maybe this “abuse” angle. Maybe Chuu was simply anticipating articles to come out saying she left but not everything else Blockberry added to it to make her out to be a horrible person. That can be the secrecy here. With Chiron above this card, I always see the woman grabbing Chiron by the hair as cruel. This is Blockberry to Chuu. Again, how dare she make so much money on her name and image independent of Blockberry/LOONA? As “revenge” the label wanted to hurt her, not only in terms of her character but emotionally. [Allegedly!] Cancer is out again but upright. This card can likewise show some secrecy here. With the Lovers upright under this card, I wonder if Chuu and Blockberry were on better terms than they had been and Blockberry was cordial towards Chuu before she left. But a not second later they turned around and claimed all sort of wild things that just don’t make sense.

Uranus was at the back of the deck. This decision to kick Chuu out and have this abuse story tied to it was very out of left field, and I wonder if Blockberry chose to do this suddenly. That is, they decided to play dirty at the last second. We have Justice reversed again. This was some BS. With the Second House it was about money. I wonder if they sold this story of Chuu leaving and being a nasty person to the press in Korea. I feel like Blockberry wouldn’t be above that. The Magician is out but upright. I think it can represent this theory I threw out there. Moses here can be Blockberry with the story they crafted as they shopped it around. The people around him are the publications and LOONA/Chuu fans. The fans are the ones crying at his feet in disbelief. I know when I heard the news I was certainly taken aback.

When I looked at this card, I kept thinking “false idol.” This can actually have a few connotations to it. This can be the blasphemy Blockberry is spreading, the lies of a false prophet, and/or this can be Korea’s reaction to the news and them slamming Chuu. Because let us not forget that this year, and I want to say last year too, had a string of scandals where idols were behaving very badly, mostly going down for bullying accusations. But with Irene being exposed as a bitch basically, and people still not getting over Jessica’s departure from Girls’ Generation literally 8 years ago which can somewhat resemble Chuu’s in a strange way, these claims are not outside the realm of possibility. Some people may take Blockberry’s word here and see it as the truth which may be why the Magician is upright. I personally see it as the company creating this entire lie about Chuu’s character, but I don’t know what Korea thinks so I won’t completely dismiss this other theory either.

With the Tower, Blockberry wanted this claim to completely destroy everything Chuu has built up. When she finally left the company (when I was doing this reading, I thought Chuu left the company but she was only kicked out the group) as is shown with the 8 of Cups, they wanted her to look back one last time and see everything in rubble. But what’s interesting about this Tower is that it is not crumbling down. Many decks do show that because in the original card, it depicted that—Adam and Eve jumping or falling from the tower as it is struck by lightning. The guidebook says this is the Tower of Babel. I didn’t grow up Christian nor reading the Bible, but the guidebook says it was intended to reach heaven but represented the warning signs of destruction. With the King of Pentacles under this card, we see who created this tower and who wants to see it fall: the CEO.

He keeps showing up again and again. He really doesn’t like Chuu. [Allegedly!] He wants to see her fall from grace, but I just don’t see that realistically happening despite all his efforts. There is a sloppiness and lack of sophistication to his plans, and this extends to how LOONA has been horribly mismanaged so far. And we’re not even talking about how the company is basically bankrupt and how no one in Korea knows who these girls are outside of Chuu. This man wanted to play chess, but he can’t even play Scrabble. It’s just a hot mess.

Besides the 5 of Swords, notice how there isn’t really a lot of calculation on Blockberry’s part. Uranus and the Fool shows how this story was spun out of thin air and haphazardly. In the astrology deck, the author likens Uranus to the Tower. I feel like with these two towers, what will fall is not Chuu but the company. As we saw, karma is coming for them. I hope they’re prepared.

The Tower as depicted in the original Rider-Waithe tarot deck.

How does Chuu feel about all of this? (How does Chuu feel about getting kicked out of LOONA and the reason Blockberry gave to the world?)

Light Attribute: Preserving knowledge and information.

Shadow Attribute: Inability to commit to a path once found.

Shadow Attribute: Pretension to much deeper knowledge than you actually possess.

Visionary (bottom of the deck)
Shadow Attribute: Selling insights to the highest bidder. Compromising your vision to make it more acceptable.

The Princess Dream
Winter Rebirth
Surrendering to the Magic
The Philosopher Soul

I don’t know why I used the archetype cards here but with Scribe out, I wonder if Chuu is already drafting her handwritten letter to Instagram as we speak. This card can also speak to how Blockberry once again made this whole thing up. But I think with this card upright, Chuu will punch back with facts, especially now that it seems like her contract with the company is certainly scrapped at this point. (But we are not for certain yet.) Chuu is a Libra, so I feel like she’ll be direct and very concise in her wording. It won’t be the strange mess Blockberry gave us. Chuu’s Mercury is in Scorpio, so she is very deliberate with her words. I think she can reveal a lot in her letter, many things Blockberry probably doesn’t want out there, but they forced Chuu’s hand. The letter may be very long. I can see Chuu just pouring out her feelings for several pages. Again, I think it will be concise, however, not necessarily a stream of consciousness. Chuu may be rather vulnerable with her words, and many will feel bad for her and many more will turn an evil eye to the company. As I said, they messed with the wrong one.

With Seeker and Dilettante, once this bombshell of a letter drops, Blockberry will scramble and change their story. We already had numerous people come out in defense of Chuu, saying she was very hardworking to her detriment but made sure everyone else was looked after and loved. This very much flies in the face of Blockberry’s statement. The company may try to come back with a “Gotcha!” of some sort but I see this failing as well.

With Visionary we got confirmation that Blockberry could have allegedly shopped this story around at some point. This card can also talk about how the reason they even spun this tall tale was to make them look better in the eyes of the public. Again, I don’t know what the perception of this whole fiasco is like in Korea, but many Orbits (LOONA fans) and people overseas have been very vocal about their displeasure with how Chuu has been treated since the world tour. Blockberry knew if they just blatantly kicked her out without a cover story, there would be much outrage, perhaps to the point that their stock may plummet lower than I’m sure it already has been doing over the years. Yes, the archetype cards aren’t really speaking on Chuu’s feelings as much as they are giving more insight as to what may happen in the future and why the things that have already occurred unfolded in the way that they did. But what about the Victoria Frances cards?

With The Princess Dream, Chuu has felt like she has been held back as LOONA marched forward. Once that lawsuit was filed, Blockberry has hindered Chuu from participating in LOONA almost ever since. She was on Queendom 2 with the girls and did the promotions for “Flip That,” but for their Japanese comeback and various concerts, she has been sitting out. The woman in this card can represent Chuu leaving the Blockberry building sad. It is rumored that she has been without a manager for several months now, having to take a taxi to her schedules or rely on her parents. It was like she was exiled or banished from the company and LOONA. But with these bats with this woman, Chuu was divinely protected all along the way. Yes, the guidebook suggests that the person is never alone and are about to embark on a new beginning. There will be several opportunities available to the questioner, but they have to pursue them because they won’t fall in their lap. I said something similar in my reading, that the universe will catch Chuu if she leaves. This still seems to be true. Chuu is very divinely protected and guided. The world is now her oyster so she shouldn’t be afraid.

Winter Rebirth also speaks of divine protection and guidance. It additionally talks about being confident in the face of adversity and how that is a testament of much you’ve grown as a person. I think Chuu is very sad, but she is trying to keep things in perspective in that she honors and cherishes the time she had with LOONA and what she has been able to do in her career so far. I see her crying in her (new) apartment reminiscing about the past. She’s laughing a bit in between the cries. I think she’ll put on a brave face once she steps back into the spotlight. This decision deeply hurts but once again Chuu is very grateful for all the opportunities she had, especially when it came to meeting all the other members. I see her really breaking down in her living room on the floor.

I know I keep referencing the prior reading a lot but many things there are brought up again here. Surrender to the Magic speaks of not listening to your intuition. Towards the end of the reading, I got a similar message for Chuu. But in this scenario, I think she is just too emotionally raw to hear the comforting messages she is getting from the other side. I think when she gets emotional, it’s very hard to grab her back. I know when you’re labeled as the “happy person” in the entertainment world, that often means that person is actually the saddest person in the room inside. For Chuu, I think that is true. She’s emotional distraught currently and in her own world so she may not see all the support people are giving her and the subtle synchronicities the universe is showing her right now. But I think after posting that letter she will.

Yes, the final card, the Philosopher Soul, talks about breaking free from a familiar pattern, sensing a change coming, and that you are destined for great things. This card warns, however, to trust your instincts and approach the new opportunities coming to you with open eyes. So, I think Chuu has to learn to trust her gut/intuition/instincts as she moves forward. Blockberry is clearly capable of shady things, and while many people are vouching for Chuu, her reputation can still be very damaged by this whole situation. That can make it hard for her to branch out and try to be independent even if her name is cleared later. Someone always remembers. But even so, this card says Chuu’s future is bright.

With The Faceless Company at the bottom of the deck, this line stood out to me: “On the surface you may well appear happy go luck, but you doubt your own abilities” (p. 38). I think despite all the messages of support, in real life and spiritually, Chuu is still very uncertain about her future now. Blockberry said she’s a bitch but everyone else is saying that’s false. How does she convince the world of who she really is? By taking off the mask. It will undoubtedly be terrifying as Chuu’s brand and image is highly tied to that happy-go-lucky attitude she has. But if she just allows herself to be honest with the world, no one will hate her, I think. With how Blockberry has been acting and their own terrible reputation, she has nothing to fear. But, of course, that is always much easier said than done.

How does the rest of LOONA feel about this?

The Autumn Bride
Autumn Virtuoso
The Empty Tomb of Love
The Colorless Duke
Home is the Kingdom
Journey at dusk

I think it’s telling that the first card to come out is one with 11 on it. Not even going off the guidebook but the imagery of the card instead, the girls are very sad. It’s a more somber kind of sadness, though. I wonder if some of them were waiting for this to happen while others feel very angry, I’m sensing. Yes, some of the girls are quietly taking this all in while others are seething with rage. Hyunjin and Olivia come to mind. I see an Olivia screaming in anger and frustration in her recording (?) room that was showed off on Queendom 2. So, it seems like the reactions are pretty mixed. The woman in the card seems like a ghost but in the guidebook, the card is actually pretty positive. For the LOONA members, there are a grab bag of emotions, but I think most of them are shocked into silence or are silently processing what is happening. But, again, not all of them.

With the Colorless Duke under this card, I feel like it’s the CEO again watching the girls and their reactions. I feel like he’s expecting a very big display of emotions from them so he can sort of revel in his decision to [allegedly!] hurt Chuu as we saw. But besides like maybe one or two members who are more visibly shaken by this news, the girls are overall not giving him a reaction and I feel like he’s a little bit upset by that. He may be watching the girls on social media and in the building sulking but not saying much, and he’s just like “That’s it?” I feel like this man thinks he’s very big brained and cunning but is not. I feel like the girls and the public and anyone who has dealt with the company certainly don’t think that. So, this is why the man in this card is looking up at the Autumn Bride a bit disappointed or even subtly angry. The rest of LOONA are not falling into his trap.

With Autumn Virtuoso and Home is the Kingdom, I feel like they are showing a specific member. For the Kingdom card I thought it was Heejin but Yeojin also came to mind for some reason. When I looked at Autumn Virtuoso again, I also thought of Heejin. I’m sorry for not knowing all of the girls’ names and faces but for whatever reason, Heejin steps out again. I know Haseul is the leader, but I never feel or see her. Just Heejin. Regardless, both cards speak of releasing yourself and moving on to something better. I wonder if Heejin will be the next to leave. But when I look at these cards, I just see a girl who is outspoken. Perhaps Heejin may come forward and defend Chuu publicly. I see her saying something about Chuu, LOONA, and how they’re a family or the like. Or how Chuu is a great person, very loving and kind, and that she would never verbally abuse anyone. I see Heejin saying this with a microphone so this may be before, during, or at the end of a performance. I see her breaking down in tears during her speech and quickly wrapping it up, telling Chuu she loves her as she makes a heart with her arms.

Indeed, with the Empty Tomb of Love, the LOONA members love Chuu and cherish her. This sudden departure is hitting them hard. I don’t know if they made some pack early in their careers or something, but I see the girls talking about something like that in the practice room or in that lobby area that was shown off in Queendom 2 and Jinsoul breaking down. They may all be reminiscing about Chuu and their early days. Blockberry may consider Chuu to be dead to the group but her memory within it will always live on.


The last card is interesting. It says the worst is behind you but that you need to slow down and take things day by day. I feel like LOONA as a group wants to say something, but individual members may go on social media independently to speak out which sort of throws their collective statement out of whack. But even if the girls wanted to say something as a group, I see the CEO watching them and putting a stop to it or sabotaging it in some way. He really wants to rein in his control over the girls and the current situation. [Allegedly!] People are defending Chuu already, so to have the LOONA members do the same casts more and more doubt on the company’s statement which was very flimsy to begin with. But even if the LOONA members give a very encouraging message to Chuu or just say that they love her and not drag the company in the process, he won’t allow it. He’ll find a way to alter things come hell or high water. [Allegedly!]

I pulled some more cards.

4 of Wands (reverse)
Knight of Swords
Queen of Swords
The World (reverse)
The Moon (reverse)
7 of Pentacles

The girls feel like the LOONA family was basically broken overnight. No one is happy about this. When I saw the 4 of Wands for Chuu, I wondered if the scene it was depicting was her on set for her show. Showing up here for the remaining members, I feel like we will see their displeasure on screen. I see Olivia mean mugging the camera while the other members are quietly but visibly sad or not as upbeat. You can see and feel the forced happiness and liveliness juxtaposed to more somber and quieter moments. With the following Swords cards, I wonder if we’ll get sly jabs at Blockberry and thinly veiled comments about how they are treated by the company or how the company treats staff. I can also see the girls making a point to show and say how kind they all are to staff on camera in some capacity. Basically, I see the girls coordinating how they’ll expose and fight against Blockberry. Indeed, we have both the Knight and Queen of Swords upright. They want to speak. An air sign in particular may want to especially with the Queen. Besides Chuu being a Libra there are quite a few Geminis in the group: Yves, Choerry, and Jinsoul. Heejin is a fellow Libra. Kim Lip is an Aquarius. Many of the girls have air moons too. So, perhaps this Queen represents all of them, but I feel like there may be a representative of sorts who takes the floor. She may be coordinating this effort to defend Chuu or is the brains behind it at least. But, overall, the girls may be talking in the near future somehow, some way and what they will say will cut but be clear and factual.

With the World and Moon in reverse, the girls think Blockberry lied to the world. Perhaps this is why they are so passionate on speaking out. I still think some members may go “off-script” or “rouge” but the general sentiment behind their comments and statements is all on the same page: they love Chuu.

This 7 of Pentacles was strange so I clarified it.

I got the Hermit in reverse while the Page of Cups in reverse and the Page of Pentacles upright were at the bottom of the deck.

As I was just saying, some members may want to speak out by themselves and find waiting around for the right moment to do so to be too long. They want to immediately show their support for Chuu. But with the Page of Cups in reverse, this seems to be coming from the more emotionally immature members. This can also represent the water signs members—Olivia, Hyunjin, Yeojin, and Go Won. There are no earth Suns in the group, but a couple have an earthy Moon: Go Won and Jinsoul. If the Page of Pentacles is not talking about them specifically, this Page can represent that the more emotionally mature ones of the group are trying to prevent the other ones from saying things that may hurt them or Chuu. (You can see this in the imagery of the Page of Pentacles where a young person has their arm up against another person.) They’re looking at everything practically. Yes, they all want to show support for Chuu, but there’s a way to do that. Just blurting out whatever comes to mind is not good for anyone. So, while all the girls want to say something, they’re all trying to be on the same page before they do it. That’s very smart of them.

What does Korea think about all of this?

LOONA isn’t all that popular in Korea, but Chuu is beloved by the public at the same time. What are their thoughts on this whole situation?

7 of Swords (reverse)
6 of Pentacles (reverse)
Queen of Swords (reverse)
2 of Swords (reverse)
4 of Pentacles (reverse)
The Moon

I feel like overall the public is confused. With the 7 and 2 of Swords, some can tell there is BS afoot but may be holding off on picking a side. With all the bullying scandals that have happened this year and many of them being cleared up or revealed to be the opposite of what was initially reported, I think it’s hard for some people to be completely pro anyone. However, some people do not think Blockberry is lying and think Chuu did in fact verbally abuse staff with the Queen of Swords in reverse. I’m sure Irene’s whole scandal came to mind when Blockberry’s statement dropped. I think for some of the Korean public it’s very much like “Oh shit, here we go again,” and they just dismiss the situation with exasperation. “What idol hasn’t been accused of being a stuck up, nasty person?” they may be thinking. I feel like this is coming from older people who aren’t even into Kpop for some reason. They just hear all the scandals and are over this trend the industry has been having not only this year but the last few.

Also with this Queen, I think some people are having a hard time reconciling what Blockberry is alleging and Chuu’s image. They may look at Chuu and be like “Verbal abuse came out the mouth of this angel?” Hence why the Moon is under this card. It simply doesn’t make sense.

With the 6 and 4 of Pentacles, some people may think Blockberry did this to tarnish Chuu’s reputation. These people may think that since Blockberry couldn’t keep Chuu (she was rumored to have signed to another agency for management), no one else can. Therefore, they threw her under the bus in the worst way possible.

So, as these types of situations go, there seems to be a wide range of opinions. But there does seem to be a thread of mistrust and waiting for more information here as well. Only a small subset of people seem to wholeheartedly believe the accusations but I think this has more to do with a distaste of idols and their drama in general than Chuu in particular. I can see some people taking pleasure in this whole situation because they think idols are uppity and need punishment to bring their egos down. But again that doesn’t seem to represent most of Korea’s opinion on this matter, I think.

What will Chuu do now in relation to this?

Gemini: I think
Lunar Eclipse: Change (reverse) --> Yod: Destiny (reverse)
Water Element: Sensing
Eleventh House: Friends

The High Priestess
8 of Pentacles
King of Wands (reverse)
The Magician (bottom of the deck)
King of Pentacles (bottom of the deck)
4 of Wands (bottom of the deck)
5 of Cups (reverse; bottom of the deck)
The Devil (reverse; bottom of the deck)

With Gemini and the High Priestess, I think Chuu will write that letter, especially with the Magician out and over the King of Pentacles. Chuu will expose something or simply tell her side of events which will reveal the truth anyway. I think for Chuu, it is hard to accept what has transpired but with Lunar Eclipse and Yod clarifying it, this break between Chuu and LOONA was going to happen anyway. Death is extra confirmation that change was inevitable. That lawsuit made all the pieces fall into place and while she didn’t want to go out this way, this seems permanent. Change, even if it is ultimately positive in the end somehow, can come at us very negatively.

I think this whole thing set something in motion. I mentioned karma coming for Blockberry but for Chuu, this cycle of her life had to be closed. In a way, Blockberry putting out that malicious statement about her forces her to really leave Blockberry. I tried to find articles the day the company dropped their statement that said if Chuu’s contract was terminated but all they said was that she was removed from LOONA. That is very interesting. If she’s removed from LOONA does that also mean her contract is void or nah? Will Blockberry keep her under them to waste her time and make her suffer even more? I want to say no because I think Chuu will be released somehow and it may again involve a spirit guide facilitating the entire thing. Perhaps that is why the Water Element came out.

Chuu may be getting messages and signs from the other side but with the 8 of Pentacles I see her continuing to work. Maybe they are guiding her to do, I’m not sure. But this 8 of Pentacles is very interesting because a person is looking back at the person picking the grain while everyone else in the background ignores them. Why? Chuu will continue to work even when the world around her is crumbling. I think many will be concerned for her as she does this. They may tell her to relax and possibly even take a hiatus, but Chuu may go into overdrive because her future with Blockberry is the most uncertain it has ever been. The Devil is out so Blockberry likely have something up their sleeves. [Potentially!] Notice how the person in the 5 of Cups doesn’t see the Devil watching them. I can see this as Chuu and Blockberry.

As we previously saw, the CEO keeps tabs on these girls. Although I claimed that Blockberry can’t do much to stop Chuu’s bag, that didn’t mean they wouldn’t try. This King of Wands can be the angry CEO. With friends and acquaintances all coming out to support Chuu and discredit Blockberry, I can see him being pissed. But, alternatively, this King can be a disgruntled ex-employee of Blockberry’s coming out and exposing the company. A former employee has already done this anonymously online as several others have as well over the years. Maybe they will continue to speak through social media and make Blockberry look worse and worse and Chuu better in relation. So, overall this is what I see. What about LOONA now as 11?

What’s next for LOONA now as 11?

Saturn Return: Age
Gemini: I think (reverse)
Virgo: I analyze (reverse)
Venus: Love (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Air Element: Communicating (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Three of Swords (reverse)
Justice (reverse)
Knight of Wands (reverse)

They will be silenced and watched. I think Hyunjin speaking out to that fan has put the girls on social media lock down. With both domiciles of Mercury in reverse (i.e., Gemini and Virgo) and the Air Element in reverse with Saturn Return out, the company will tighten their grip on the girls in the near future if they haven’t already. But then why did I also see the girls throwing shade in a previous spread? When I saw them indirectly making jabs at the company, I saw that more in the future, not currently. I saw that occurring in like a few months. This spread seems to be reiterating that scenario.

In the near future, you will once again see the girls more visibly dispassionate about music and disliking being a part of the group/company with Venus in reverse. The company will be very cold and stern with the girls moving forward and may even threaten their careers if they speak out or try to leave as well. [Allegedly!] They may bad mouth Chuu and use her as an example of what can happen to the rest of the girls. [Allegedly!] I see some of them very shocked by how the company will speak to them. Choerry comes to mind for some reason. I see her eyes wide as she is taken aback. I feel like the company may try to divide and conquer and break the girls down. [Allegedly!] But I also see Jinsoul for some reason telling everyone to not fall for their empty threats and stay strong. Maybe she was the Queen of Swords we saw earlier. I feel like she has something up her sleeve which may be revealed later. In either case, with the reversed Knight of Wands, Blockberry is just focused on keeping the girls in line and taking the winds out of their sails they see them gaining.

How will all of this effect Blockberry as a company?

Taurus: I have (sideways)
Eighth House: Endings/Beginnings (reverse)
Solar Eclipse: Revolution (reverse)

Death (reverse)
2 of Swords
Queen of Swords

It will almost kill the company but not completely. There may be a dip in their finances such as in their stocks and companies may be apprehensive about wanting to recruit Chuu for projects. Yes, this Queen of Swords is probably Chuu. With the Solar Eclipse reversed above it (isn’t it interesting that we got the solar eclipse here and Chuu got the lunar one?), she almost caused a revolution within the company through her actions, but I see Blockberry trying to stubbornly march along with business as usual. Yes, they are resisting this change Chuu has brought about and the change the company also brought upon itself by trying to do this young woman dirty. With the 2 of Swords, I think things are in limbo a bit. But as I’ve been saying, Chuu set something in motion. I think Blockberry may ultimately fall from this potentially, but we won’t hear about that until the final moments. There’s too much pride in the company to let it go without kicking and screaming first.

So, this is all that I see. This is all alleged and for entertainment purposes only as always. What do you all think about Chuu getting kicked out of LOONA?


As I came back to edit this article to get rid of typos and awkward sentences I missed in my haste to put this reading out, there has been some developments in this case and even some confirmation in what I said here. I’m not sure how much I will continue to add in the coming days but as of Nov. 28 in the U.S., these things have transpired:

  • Hyunjin was conspicuously absent from her program after she spoke out on Chuu’s situation and told fans to support her. BlockBerry stated that her absence wasn’t because of her comments but a scheduling conflict, their favorite go-to excuse for everything.
  • It is reported that nine members of LOONA (Heejin, Haesul, Yeojin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Choerry, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye) have recently filed injunctions to suspend their exclusive contracts with BlockBerry Creative to which the company simply replied with a curt “They [the rumors] are not true” when asked to comment.
  • Chuu posts an Instagram story thanking people for their concerns, that she didn’t do anything shameful, and that she will come back at an unspecified date to give a full statement.
  • Chuu has reportedly signed to BY4M Studio, confirming a rumor that goes back months. This is for her entertainment activities.
  • Blockberry announced on the 7th of December that LOONA will be having a comeback on January 3rd. The mini album is interestingly called an “origin album.” It’s named [0] and has five tracks. Not playing around, some Orbits have decided to coordinate a boycott of the release. Here’s the Reddit thread detailing the inner workings of all of that. The boycott has been surprisingly very effective, with pre-sales dropping a supposed 98% according to fans who are keeping track. At the time pre-sales were launched, only 93 were purchased compared to the 5,098 for Flip That, LOONA’s previous release. These fans have also even allegedly convinced Kpop oriented stores and storefronts worldwide to not carry and/or sell the mini album.
  • Blockberry announces that there will not be a media nor fan showcase for LOONA’s January comeback. They haven’t decided on doing a live broadcast when the mini album drops yet.
  • Dispatch on Dec. 18 comes out the woodwork with an article that tried to boast the allegations BlockBerry pushed in late November about Chuu’s supposed “abuse of power” and language towards staff. However, all they did was expose how LOONA is under slave contracts where in their 7:3 deal, members actually incurred massive amounts of debt with little to no gain. This is because the expenses were 5:5 after the money was credited to them. As Chuu explained, this could easily and swiftly be a 9:1 or even 10:0 in actuality. This issue of money confirms a lot of what I said in my first Chuu reading, especially when she won her lawsuit against Blockberry. In her victory, she was able to flip the split in her favor 3:7 and sometimes even 0:10. She also gained the legal right to participate in LOONA activities at her discretion. She chose to show up every single time because she loved the group even while she started to lose faith in the company, another thing I saw in my previous reading. Overall, I think this article blew up in Blockberry’s face again. However, the use of language is very important in Korea, so I’m not sure if this will hurt Chuu’s reputation or not in the long run.

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