Chuu: She Can Chuu It, But Will She Chuu It?

All readings on Astro Lola are alleged and made for entertainment purposes only.

As promised, I read on Chuu. For those who are out of the loop, it was reported back in late March that Chuu filed a lawsuit against her company Blockberry Creative back in December 2021. The Korean courts granted her partial victory which meant that a specific clause in her contract with Blockberry was actually suspended, at least that is what fans think. But ever since this, Chuu seems to be pushed out of LOONA ever increasingly. Like in my LOONA world tour reading, Reddit seems to have condensed down the various incidents in a thread. Warning, it’s a bit long, however. I cut out things that I found wasn’t all that important to Chuu nor the reading. A big thing that I did cut out that is worth mentioning was Chuu alluding that she moved out of the dorms and has her own place, unbeknownst to the other members as they expressed confusion over a bathtub fans were asking about. Chuu said randomly online that she got one and was excited about it.

2021: Chuu gets her “big break” — her Chuu Can Do It (CCDI) series which is produced by DIA TV (a brand under major conglomerate CJ ENM), starring in a Pocari Sweat ad campaign, guest appearances on the popular variety show Hangout with Yoo, etc.

December 2021: In a report from Wikitree that will be released later, this is allegedly when Chuu won a partial victory in her injunction request against BBC to suspend effects of her exclusive contract.

February 4, 2022: BBC submits applications for trademarks on Loona Chuu, Loona’s Chuu, and 이달의 소녀 츄 (Girl of the Month Chuu). I can’t find a way to link to individual filings, but you can search here. The “designated goods” (as a reminder, you need to include the scope of what your trademarks covers) includes things like videos, music, mobile tickets, recordings of musical performances, event production, cultural events, photoshoots, etc. The other members are not applied for until months later.

February 8, 2022: Notice is posted that Chuu will be absent from the [LOONAVERSE:FROM] concerts in Seoul due to health reasons.

February 12, 2022: Chuu appears at the end of the second and final [LOONAVERSE:FROM] concert and spoke about how she felt bad she couldn’t perform, that she wasn’t “that” sick, and that she hopes to see fans when things get better. As we now know, all 12 members filmed a reaction to being on Queendom immediately after this.

February 15, 2022: During a vLIVE, it’s revealed that the members have their own dorm units now. (See August 27 and 31 for more)

March 17, 2022: Although not known until months later, this is when Chuu establishes Chuu Corporation. Chuu is listed as CEO and her mother is listed as internal officer. The business purpose listed includes production of broadcast programming and musical albums, entertainment management, album production agency, concert planning, and more. (See October 28)

March 29, 2022: That Wikitree report noted previously is released. Note that Wikitree is a celeb gossip site whose veracity should be taken with a grain of salt. Also note that this often gets conflated with another lawsuit involving a trainee.

March 31, 2022 – May 2022: Queendom airs with Chuu participating.


May 31, 2022: The US leg of Loona’s world tour is announced.

June 2, 2022: Teasers for Flip That begin.

During this Chicken Maru fansign, Chuu has a message for US fans: “See you soon!”

June 3, 2022: 20 minutes before tickets go on sale, BBC issues a notice that Chuu will not be participating in the world tour due to “conflicting schedules.”

June 6, 2022: BBC submits applications for copyright of other members (ex: Loona Hyunjin, 이달의 소녀 여진, etc.) As mentioned before, copyrights related to Chuu were applied for separately months ago. Again, I can’t find a way to link to individual filings, but you can search here.


June 20, 2022: Flip That is released with Chuu participating. During the showcase, Chuu says “I feel bad and sorry to our fans that I cannot make it to our first world tour. I tried to partially participate as much as I can, but there were difficulties regarding my schedules and many different circumstances, finally deciding not to participate.”

June 22, 2022: Reporter at E-Daily, who has covered Loona since debut, reports that her move to By4M Studios is imminent. Note while this source is more reliable than Wikitree, there was a controversy earlier this year surrounding By4M where a retired actress said she did not sign with them despite reports. (Fans will only get a substantial link to By4M when Chuu releases a vlog in the By4M office months later – see September 5 and November 5)

Korean fansites vent on Twitter and mention that Chuu has recently attended events by herself and left events in transportation separate from the other 11 members.

Chuu posts on Fab, saying “I’m going to do my best for the people I like…. for the Orbits, for the members. Don’t worry”

June 23, 2022: BBC releases a statement saying “Some articles have confused fans and the public with the expression of officials of the related person, even though the contents related to Chuu, a member of LOONA, are groundless. There is no position of the company or individual member… we will respond strongly to malicious expanded interpretation or any actions that encourage it.”


July 18, 2022: Loona’s second Japanese single “Luminous” and Loona’s Tokyo concert date are announced.

July 25, 2022: BBC announces that Chuu will not participate in “Luminous” and Loona’s Tokyo concert “due to their pre-determined personal schedule for the second half of the year.” Note that Loona’s Tokyo concert is technically a separate tour, not associated with the LOONATHEWORLD tour with promoter MyMusicTaste.


August 1, 2022: Chuu says on Fab: “Yes I do [plan to open an Instagram account] 😜 They keep telling me to open one, but I’ve waited a little bit.” When a fan says they enjoy Fab, Chuu responds “What if I become unable to do this? That wouldn’t do. I want to keep meeting with Potatoes (a name for Chuu’s fans) and keep interacting, that’s why. Please understand. I’ll do my best at interacting. Don’t worry” (See July 4)

First concert date of the world tour. Fans at every stop will generally change their lightstick to Chuu’s colors for the song “Playback.” The recorded video mentions “11 girls” – this is because Chuu does not appear in the filmed “talent competition.” The video art for “WOW” includes Chuu’s name and photo.

August 2, 2022: Chuu is informed of the “Playback” color change and gets emotional.

Chuu announces she is releasing a remake (aka a cover) of an older song.

August – September: Chuu is on various channels and programs. To the best of my knowledge, BBC only retweets the single one where she introduces herself as “Loona’s Chuu”.

August 6, 2022: Members acknowledge fans changing their lightsticks to Chuu’s representative color at the Denver concert. Hyunjin posts a bit of her conversation with Chuu about this.


August 13, 2022: Chuu [plans to release a t-shirt] ( via CCDI.

August 21, 2022: Fans note the product code for Luminous has a gap between the Yves and Gowon versions (Yves is UPCH-89487, Gowon is UPCH-89489).

Fans notice a display in a Japanese record store for Luminous that includes a store-made (NOT official) Chuu-colored placeholder album.

August 23, 2022: Loona announced for Popstival 2022 in Manila, and Chuu is announced to not be attending “due to her prior commitments” at the same time.


August 30, 2022: 11 members of Loona arrive back to South Korea.

Loona announces collab with Wonderwall that will consist of merch, photoshoots, interviews, and fansigns. Chuu participates in the merch/photoshoot/interviews.


September 4, 2022: Chuu’s remake/cover of “One and a Half” is released. The title of the video, the official song description, and the tags all don’t mention her as Loona’s Chuu… which is a little odd (Ex: Loona’s Heejin & Jinsoul for “Masquerade”, GFRIEND’S Eunha for “Mr. Stranger”) but not completely new (“Starlight”).

BBC does not post about it. It is licensed by Kakao Entertainment (on behalf of Engine of Dream).

Music sites still list the artist as “Chuu (Loona)”, so there hasn’t been a database change.


September 14, 2022: Chuu responds to someone asking about fanmail: “I can’t go often to that company over there, BBC ㅠㅠㅠ Partly because of schedules, and when I’m able to stop by once every month or two, if they open the door for me then I can visit!!!!

Wait I thought this was private reply

Anyway ………

When I say ‘over there’ I’m saying over that way in Seongbuk-gu”

Someone on Fab tells Chuu “you have left the group out of your own selfishness.” She responds: “Bad words don’t even pick at my soul… real Orbits are busy just sending me love”

September 16, 2022: Seoul dates for the Loona world tour are announced.

September 20, 2022: The website for SuperStar Loona, a mobile rhythm game, goes online before any formal announcement. Graphics for Chuu are in the site assets but not displayed alongside the other 11 members.

September 21, 2022: BBC announces Chuu will not participate in Loona’s Seoul concerts “as informed in advance.”

September 23, 2022: Wonderwall announces Chuu will not participate in the Wonderwall fansign due to “personal schedules.”

SuperStar Loona is official announced. Although her representative color is shown, Chuu herself is not included as a card in the teaser video.

September 24, 2022: Chuu announces previously discussed shirt that also serves as a lottery entry to her previously hinted fansign (Chuu’s Birthday Party) via CCDI.

Chuu says on Fab: “Regarding participating in the afternoon schedule, I wasn’t notified of anything so that’s disappointing to me too.. I miss you too, lots and lots”

Yeojin responds to a fan question about this: “Yep yep they posted to our 12-person group chat and schedule matrix so we knew it all about it!”

Chuu responds to this, saying “Just because a schedule gets posted doesn’t mean I get to do all of it, I need to receive the (announcement) that gets decided by and sent down from the company so that my participation is decided, so even when there is a schedule post, I don’t know if I am participating in it or not.”

Hyunjin meets up with Chuu.


September 28, 2022: Chuu opens a personal Instagram account, says she’s “pondered this for 6 months” (which was March 28, for reference) on Fab. (see July 4 and August 1 for previous Instagram discussion)

Yves on Fab: “Mm lately I have been receiving many messages about the concert situation or the company. But there are definitely things that I cannot say as a signed artist, and lines I cannot cross, and I’m sorry that I cannot answer each and every question. I also tend to keep to these lines firmly.”

Jinsoul on Fab: Says reactions among the members are “half and half” on wanting a personal Instagram. She personally wants one. Fans sends “BBC: Yeah no you’re not allowed~” and she responds “Yep.” Fan sends “I will hold my breath until they allow Insta” and she responds “Hold-breath 🤢”

Gowon on Fab, asked about a personal Insta: “no,,, We’re not allowed to make one yet….”

Fan says Haseul private replied to them on Fab saying she would like a personal Instagram but is not allowed.


October 14, 2022: Superstar Loona is released. Chuu is not in the game, beyond her vocals still being present in songs and her appearance in background photos taken from pre-existing promotional shots. In contrast to the other 11 members, there are no Chuu member cards, no Chuu artist packs, you cannot select a Chuu photo as a background or avatar, and her solo song is not available to play. yyxy (the subunit Chuu is in) is also not present in the game, in contrast to the other two subunits.

Chuu practices for her fansign.

October 15, 2022: Hyunjin says “I hope the 12 members of Loona will be together forever. I hope our [fans] and everyone else remember that we have 12 members… I wish Chuu could be with us sooner like this.” at their Seoul concert.

October 20, 2022: The Loona Twitter accounts posts a Happy Birthday graphic for Chuu.

Chuu performs at her fansign event.

October 28, 2022: The report that Chuu formed Chuu Corporation earlier in the year is released. (See March 17)

BBC statement: “We were not aware of Chuu creating her own company. We are looking into it. The rumors of Chuu leaving our company are groundless.”

November 5, 2022: CCDI’s vlog covering Chuu’s fansign is released. Fans immediately notice Chuu is at By4M’s office. This is the first true confirmation (beyond the single June 22 report) that By4M is managing at least some of Chuu’s activities.

By the Reddit user Zaktius

The gist of all of this is that Chuu is getting pushed out of LOONA and I and many other fans believe it is because of her lawsuit against the company and the courts partially siding with her. Because it is very evident from this timeline that Blockberry only started to be hostile towards Chuu and excluding her a month or so after she filed. What really caught people’s attention, however, was the fact that LOONA went on their very first world tour and Chuu was not included. Then LOONA comes back to Seoul to perform some more, and Chuu was still missing. Then it is revealed that Chuu had to pay for her own birthday fan event on October 20th. Then Chuu pretty much says she’s not in the group chat that the other members are in where they can get updates on their schedule. Chuu then opens an Instagram account, something that Kpop idols only do after years of being an idol, almost like a “You’re allowed more freedom now” type of thing. That’s how I see it anyway as many idols lament how they haven’t seen their parents in months, usually after debut but often afterwards too, and that they weren’t allowed to have cellphones for most of their 7-year standard contracts. Anyway, then it is reported that Chuu formed her own company to basically handle her solo work as it seems like she lacks a manager suddenly. All of this made me very suspicious, especially as Blockberry registered her stage name, and now it is known months before they did the same to the other girls. So, today I present to you all my reading on Chuu and what in the world is going on between her and her company. This is all alleged and for entertainment purposes only.

How did Chuu feel about not being on the world tour?

2 of Clubs (reverse)
Ace of Spades (reverse)
The Sun (personally I feel like it's in reverse)

All Tied Up (reverse)
Adjacent Possibilities (reverse)
The Thinking Man (reverse)


a-Bol-Nimba: Harvest
Atete: Worthiness
Oya: Storms

The tarot deck I’m using isn’t a traditional one as the clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds don’t always line up with the wands, cups, swords, and pentacles, respectively, one-to-one. And I’m not sure if the Sacred Destiny Oracle was a good choice to use either, especially when I didn’t shuffle reversals in but let’s see what I can extrapolate.

Communication wasn’t really there when it was announced that Chuu would be sitting out, a theme that pops again when it came to Chuu suddenly sitting out of LOONA’s following Seoul concerts. The 2 of Clubs in this deck talks about “a passionate conversation or debate.” The Ace of Spades is identical to the Ace of Swords. Both in reverse indicate that Chuu was purposefully left out of the loop. Like we have seen many times in Kpop, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chuu found out she wouldn’t be participating through the news like the fans did. At the time, LOONA were on Queendom 2 when their world tour was announced. It was very unexpected, and this impromptu-ness ultimately resulted in that tour being a complete mess. I read on the situation in this article. But while Chuu was back at home, she was depressed with The Sun card.

When I was searching for any new news about Chuu before I did this reading, some articles linked a brief clip of Chuu and other LOONA members during the promotion of their “Flip That” single being visibly sad when the MC was talking about their then upcoming world tour. So, yes, Chuu was upset that she couldn’t participate. Although it could have been a blessing in disguise, she wanted to be there with her members and have a good time on stage. We have the Community card out with butterflies in the imagery. LOONA got a lot of acclaim and attention for their 2019 song “Butterfly.” The insect is almost synonymous with the group, at least to international fans.

With the birds in the Freedom card next to it, I feel like Chuu felt like her wings were clipped during this time. As we can see, the bird in the forefront is separated from the birds in the background. Chuu likely could have had other work during this time that conflicted with the tour as she continued to grow her personal brand, but I don’t think that’s what she wanted. Her not being on the tour feels like a very deliberate move on the part of Blockberry Creative. When I first saw that only she was sitting out, I smelt the bullshit in the air. And here it does seem like Chuu had no say in this decision. Again, the cards that reference communication are all in reverse.

All Tied Up as well shows that Chuu didn’t want this, to not be on tour. It is interesting, however, that the guidebook states that when this card is in reverse, it shows that you are breaking free. I don’t think this is the case just like the Freedom card. I feel like no matter Chuu’s protests, the decision was made for her, and she had to deal with it. She is under a contract. If the company says, “Sit your ass down,” you’re legally obligated to do so. With Adjacent Possibilities in reverse right next to this card, it shows that Chuu couldn’t find a way to be in the tour. There were no loopholes or “technicalities.” Blockberry told her to sit, so sit she did.

This Thinking Man is interesting. Is their CEO a man? The guidebook states that in reverse, this card can “represent a male in authority who is not acting in your best interests” (p. 147). If not the CEO, I wonder if this can represent LOONA’s manager as that person seems integral to relaying information to the members based on the group chat allegations. But I still get CEO vibes from this Thinking Man.

I think once Chuu tried to legally suspend her contract with Blockberry through the courts and was granted partial approval, the CEO turned on her. That’s why she wasn’t in the world tour nor Seoul concerts. This was payback for Chuu thinking she could protect herself. Obviously, however, excluding Chuu from anything LOONA-related is dumb because most fans want to see the whole group in their entirety. Likewise, many people won’t like all 12 girls but have favorites, “biases” as they’re called in Kpop, and Chuu could have been one of them. Moreover, seemingly excluding Chuu out the blue like this and consistently thereafter (and before as well as I have learned while editing this article) just makes the company look bad and has pushed Chuu to take even greater steps to secure her career in any way that she can. But that’s a bit later. Right now, it does seem like the CEO has a vendetta against Chuu potentially because she took the legal route to get answers when it seemed like everyone around her was leaving her on read. I think this is why Purity and Courage came out. Chuu is trying to remain strong despite her company’s antics. With every wave that hits her, she endures. All of the terrible things we still don’t know about are still there under the snow, but Chuu is trying to begin anew in the best way that she can. Patience is at the bottom of this deck, so Chuu is just trying to buy her time.

The African Goddess Rising cards are curious. We start out with Harvest. What is there to harvest here? Maybe it’s the connections Chuu is making within the industry and her own content. She has a popular YouTube channel and a show where she interacts with other idols and does interviews amongst other things.

Perhaps this is where she is making her money as she and another LOONA member said no one has been paid since debut. But I’m sure her contract stipulates that a good lump sum of her YouTube money goes to the company to pay off her “debts” and doesn’t go directly to Chuu’s pockets. But even so, Chuu is building a name and brand for herself, regardless. No one in Korea seems to know who LOONA is but they all seem to know Chuu. With all these rumors about Chuu leaving the company, her having this reputation to fall back on is good for her.

Even so, the other cards speak of standing up for yourself. And I think Chuu has been doing that a bit in the best ways she can. She told us that she hasn’t been paid since debut, that she basically developed an eating disorder (that she later denied or tried to “clarify”) because she was so stressed, and that she had to pay for her birthday fan event out of pocket. Most recently it was revealed that she created her own agency with her as the CEO and her mother as the director in secret possibly as the statement put out by Blockberry indicates that they were not in the know. So, Chuu is making moves and voicing her frustrations in the best she can given her circumstances. Fifth Chakra, Archangel Gabriel was reversed at the bottom of the Energy Oracle Cards, which is inked to the throat chakra and thus communication.

Truth was at the bottom of the African Goddess deck but the 10 of Hearts or Wheel of Fortune looked like it was in reverse at the bottom of the tarot deck. (Looking at the guidebook after the fact, it actually seems like it is upright here, but the energy felt negative regardless.) Chuu is not out the woods yet and I think this indirect talking is not helping her with Blockberry.

Did Blockberry Creative kick her out the tour because of her lawsuit against them?

Ace of Hearts (reverse)
5 of Hearts
9 of Spades

All Tied Up (reverse)
Magician and the Mirror (reverse)
Door to Value


The yeses and singular no all flew out together as a group. The “No!” in the middle of both yeses tells me that this is mostly true but not the complete story.

The tarot seems to be talking about how Chuu felt crushed when she learned she wasn’t going with the rest of the girls. It may have even kept her up at night as to why. The Door to Value card under the 9 of Spades is fascinating because the word on the street is that Blockberry is broke. And since they’re broke, they have not only been jipping staff but the LOONA members themselves, so why is this card upright?

Perhaps it is talking about how Chuu not going was a blessing in disguise. The statement Blockberry gave was that the tour would conflict with her solo activities. And while it is true that they are working her to the bone outside of LOONA, I still question why they only made her sit out. I think I’ve seen fans say that maybe two other members also have many individual projects outside of the group besides Chuu but literally everyone but Chuu was on that tour. Why?

All Tied Up showing up reversed again seems to indicate that Chuu had no say in the matter. With the Magician and the Mirror in reverse, I think Chuu was confused and taken aback by this because she was more than capable of handling a tour in her eyes. The Ace of Spades was at the bottom of the deck but upright this time. I wonder if something was illuminated for Chuu during this. The High Priestess is reversed under this card. Maybe Chuu was getting what Blockberry was putting down. Let’s see what that was.

What was the true reason for Chuu not participating in the world tour?

Ace of Diamonds/The World (upright)
King of Diamonds
Jack of Spades 
8 of Spades/Justice (reverse; bottom of the deck)
2 of Spades/The Hanged Man (top of deck)

Storm Warning (reverse)
Rest and Rejuvenate
The World (bottom of the deck)

Remember how I was saying that perhaps Chuu not participating in the tour was a blessing in disguise as the tour was disastrous? The World card in tarot often indicates travel and with Storm Warning under it, I think they’re showing how horrible it would have been if Chuu was there. For some reason when I look at the Ace of Diamonds, I get the sense of like a spirit guide or something more esoteric. Perhaps that is why the “No!” showed up because besides Justice showing up in reverse, and at the bottom of the deck at that, I’m not really seeing complete or overt pettiness on Blockberry’s side.

The King of Diamonds reflects the Rest and Rejuvenate card. With everything Chuu is legally obligated to do, perhaps her sitting out of the world tour was a spirit guide or the universe telling her to relax. As we have seen, the LOONA members were all dropping like flies throughout the tour, sustaining injuries and getting sick. Although Blockberry may have some vendetta against Chuu because of her lawsuit, I think a third party from the other side ultimately stopped Chuu from participating. We literally have the Hanged Man out. Under the Justice card, part of this was Blockberry but not fully, hence the strange addition of the “No!” in the prior spread.

The Jack of Spades and Journey are weird. We know that a world tour involves travel lol. I don’t understand why the cards made that clear three to four separate times if we include the World card in both the tarot and energy decks, so I clarified these two cards.

I got the 6 of Diamonds upright and King of Spades/The Emperor along with First Chakra, Archangel Michael.

I’m going to be honest these cards didn’t help much lol! The 6 of Pentacles in tarot often has to do with employment or charity. The Emperor tends to show the father. The first chakra is associated with groundedness and stability. All the guidebook says about the Jack is that it represents caution or potential. I wonder if Chuu’s dad had something to do with this. Maybe he told off Blockberry and they sort of retaliated by not letting Chuu go on tour. Then the angel is just reiterating that Chuu didn’t leave Korea with the rest of the girls. I’m honestly not sure.

The 6 of Diamonds makes it seem like something was given or exchanged for something else. If Chuu’s dad did step in, maybe Blockberry only relented in how much they were making Chuu do by not having her go on the tour. I’m not sure. In the traditional tarot, a man giving out the pentacles has a scale in his hand and the pentacles on the card reflect that measuring or balance scale. So, there could have been a negotiation or compromise here that we are not aware of. Again, I’m not sure. I’m more confident in my spirit guide theory (Door to Spirit was the new bottom of the deck as well) and Blockberry being petty, to be honest. Let us move on.

The traditional imagery of the 6 of Pentacles

Never mind, let’s come back lol! I thought about these cards some more because they were bothering me. I think they are reflecting that Blockberry wasn’t necessarily lying when they said Chuu had other things going on that made it not possible for her to go on tour. If the Jack here is analogous to the Page of Swords, then it can show a delay in news, patience, and planning. Then the 6 of Diamonds as a clarifying card shows Chuu’s other jobs. The Emperor didn’t feel like the CEO but another man. It could still be her father, or it could be a manager or some other man who is expecting Chuu to show up to what she signed for. Whatever is going on between her and her company is not his business but Chuu’s appearance in whatever he is in charge of is. So that is why the Emperor sits on top of the Justice card. Again, the world tour was announced seemingly out of nowhere so I can see the other people that Chuu was working with not budging when it came to filming or what have you.

Archangel Michael just shows that Chuu never left Korea, I think. Staying in the country was more stable for her in terms of her obligations. But I also think that because this card depicts an angel that a spirit guide or something from the other side came in as a form of divine intervention. So, hopefully I was able to crack the code here lol. I think I did.

How does Chuu feel about being slowly phased out of LOONA?

King of Clubs/The Magician (feels upright)
Queen of Diamonds (feels in reverse)
5 of Diamonds/The Hierophant (reverse)
8 of Diamonds (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Woman Holding A Coin
Walking Away (reverse; bottom of the deck?)
Financial Constraints (reverse; bottom of the deck?)
Journey (bottom of the deck)

[When transferring this file from my phone, I wrote that the Walking Away and Journey cards were at the bottom of the deck but not Financial Constraints. I question that now lol because based on how I placed the cards only Journey could have at the bottom of the deck. Mars is in Gatorade in Gemini at the time of writing.]


Jumbie: Masks
Mama Djombo: Shine (bottom of the deck)

Wow, we got a lot of cards about money and they’re mostly positive. For Chuu, I think she recognizes what’s going on. She sees that Blockberry is being petty and is trying to stop her music career. But what they don’t realize is that Chuu is working hard behind the scenes to build up a career that she can control and centers around her personality. Yes, we got the Magician out which I feel is positive or upright and Mama Djombo with “Shine.” The LOONA members recently gave out their birth times when a fan asked, and Chuu is a Capricorn rising which places her Libra Sun in the 10th with her Midheaven. Chuu’s career and reputation will always be about her and her personality. She seems very well liked by the Korean public and I think with the bullshit Blockberry is on, she realizes this and is putting all her effort into that. I’m sure music and dancing is where her heart is, but I get the sense that she’s trying to be practical and smart here.

We have two cards about a woman and her money. This is Chuu. The earthiness of her rising is steering her in the right direction, I believe, and likely her mother as well. They are both saying, “Secure that bag.” With the Hierophant in reverse, Blockberry is trying to block Chuu within the industry, but they actually don’t have much power, I think. This card in reverse is telling me that they may be full of a bunch of hot air and empty threats. This is why Financial Constraints is reversed under it. Chuu is not broke. Although Blockberry is personally not paying her nor the other LOONA members, Chuu is making bank elsewhere, and I feel like she is investing that money towards her own career.

I think the rumors that she started her own agency with her mom is true. Chuu is finally seeing her worth and how her abilities extend much farther than music and dancing. She’s an entertainer and very charismatic and enduring. People just like her and she is now acknowledging that. She’s realizing that she doesn’t need Blockberry, they need her. With this, she is stepping into her power more and more and gaining confidence. The mask that Blockberry assigned to her is now slipping off or is not being put on as much. She’s showing the world who she is, and the universe is rewarding her for that.

Blockberry may try to block Chuu’s coin but I think it simply won’t work. If you remember in my LOONA world tour reading, many American venues didn’t seem to know who this company was. With LOONA also not being widely known domestically until Queendom, this company doesn’t have the sway and power that they flex like they have. They’re bankrupt and can’t pay their own employees. They’re losers lmao. And I think Chuu is slowly realizing this more and more.

Notice how we didn’t really get cards of sadness here but determination. I think that’s great for Chuu! But we have a lot of cards of travel. Out of all of them, Walking Away is in reverse. I think Chuu is 85% ready to leave and journey on her own. I feel like she’s emotionally conflicted, however. Without Blockberry, there wouldn’t be a Chuu of LOONA. Likewise, without LOONA, there wouldn’t be Chuu the idol. But at the same time, I think she recognizes that she has to go.

If she could have it her way, she would stay with the company and group and maybe continue to do solo work but not at the rate or way it has been going. I think she’s holding out for things to change but knows in her heart it likely won’t. With every little instance that has happened since she filed for a suspension of her contract, the truth rings ever clearer that Blockberry doesn’t give a shit about her and her wellbeing. And every time Chuu had to swallow this fact. Now I think she’s mostly ready to move on, but she still has hope that things will change so she doesn’t have to, unfortunately. But, overall, I do see Chuu moving in a different direction. However, like the woman in the Walking Away card, she turns back to look one last time.

The Thinking Man was reversed at the bottom of the Energy Oracle deck. Openness was at the bottom of the Sacred Destiny one. I feel like Chuu is divinely protected, so as much as Blockberry and its CEO will try to stop Chuu and make her miserable for however long she is under them, she’ll prevail and have the last laugh as is represented in the Jack of Clubs.

Is Blockberry doing all of this to Chuu because of the pending lawsuit?

Although this question was already partially answered, I wanted to know if Blockberry is excluding Chuu from LOONA activities because of her pending lawsuit with them.

Jack of Diamonds (upright?)
Queen of Spades
Ace of Diamonds/The World (upright)

Man Holding A Coin (reverse)
Angel of Strength
Cornucopia (reverse)


This all has to do with money and I think Chuu making more money outside of LOONA/Blockberry.

As we all know, Blockberry is broke af. They were a small company when they started LOONA and they blew through all of the money they had giving all 12 members solos and making multiple subunits before even debuting the group as a whole. Not to mention, they seemed to have burned bridges with potential investors pretty early on as well because they always seemed to have bowed out of their end of the bargain. So, Chuu being as popular as she has gotten seems to have pissed off the CEO, I think, who is now showing up as this Man Holding A Coin in reverse.

I wonder if Chuu is contractually obligated to keep most of the money (75% came to my head for some reason) she makes doing solo work. And since the company has been struggling financially, the CEO sort of expected her to give them some but she hasn’t, or she stopped doing so at some point. I think because Blockberry wasn’t paying her for her involvement in LOONA at all, she made the decision to pocket all of the money that was rightfully hers. After all, stories of idols having to pay for virtually everything while under a company is not unusual to the Kpop world.

With this Queen of Spades, I think it was her mom that told her to fight back and stand up for herself. I see a scared and conflicted Chuu. Her mom seems very hard (I mostly say this because of this article but her energy here also felt a bit stern), so she didn’t want to disobey her but at the same time, she didn’t want to ruin her career by being “difficult” either. But as time went on and the company continued to be a mess, especially after their creative director left (I can’t find any good articles on this so I linked a Reddit thread dismissing all the drama surrounding him), which I think was around the “Butterfly”/[XX] era, Chuu started to understand what her mom meant and she started to “rebel” a bit.

I see an almost hyperventilating Chuu as she softly starts to push back. I think her mom was in her ear telling her to get this money with her solo work with the Jack of Diamonds and the CEO recognized game. For whatever reason, this man seems very petty. Not a JYP, “I own/made you” petty, but like a “How dare you question my authority” kind of petty. I do think the “How are you doing better than me” energy is also there but overall, I think he just doesn’t like how Chuu has so much potential outside of the company and LOONA.

It’s like he wants her to be small and be forever grateful to him and his company for even introducing her to the world, but I think he knows that she could have done that all herself and still be successful. Or rather, he realizes that Chuu made Chuu, not him and his company.

When people think of Chuu, they don’t think of Blockberry. They are not synonymous like HyunA was with Cube and vice versa or Taeyeon with SM. Chuu is Chuu. And that is what gets under his skin. The world should recognize and respect his company like say how the world is doing with HYBE. I think this man had big ambitions, LOONA’s concept and “universe” says as much as well as the billions of won he sunk in the process. I think he wanted to be with the big 3/4–SM, YG, JYP, Cube/HYBE. But that doesn’t seem to be happening due to multiple stupid decisions on his part that he can’t rectify now. So, Chuu going out and being so successful and loved through her own merits without also bringing up the company and LOONA (to a lesser extent) with her has him sick. Again, Chuu is Chuu. She is not Blockberry nor LOONA really.

I know we got the “No!” card to this question and it flew out exactly in the middle of the spread, but I feel like there’s layers to this “no” like how there was layers to the yeses and singular “no” we got previously. All of this grief the company is currently giving Chuu is not solely because of her lawsuit; it’s way more to it than that. It’s what she has beyond the contract she signed to be in LOONA. It’s her essence and ability to make money without their help—the company and LOONA’s name. Very interesting. Speaking of this lawsuit…

How has winning it helped or hindered [Chuu’s] career thus far?

9 of Hearts (reverse)
8 of Diamonds (reverse; came out a bit sideways at first)
Ace of Hearts (reverse; came out a bit sideways at first)
6 of Spades (reverse; bottom of the deck)
7 of Hearts (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Financial Constraints (reverse)
Fifth Chakra, Archangel Gabriel (reverse)
The Garden and the Gate (bottom of the deck)
Man Holding A Coin (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Blossoming Abundance (bottom of the deck)

It seems like in the long run it freed up some money for Chuu and her abundance is able to flow much more freely to her. But this lawsuit and partially winning it has also brought a lot of stress and heartache.

I see the 9 of Hearts here as the 9 of Cups in tarot. Upright it shows a wish being fulfilled or you being rather content with something. Reversed, it’s the opposite. With Financial Constraints again out and reversed, it’s like in getting this win, Chuu lost something else in exchange, her ability to sing. The fifth chakra is the throat chakra. In reverse, I see this as Blockberry continuously excluding Chuu from LOONA activities. As I keep saying, this is pettiness. Chuu partially winning made Blockberry go, “Since you love variety shows and hosting so much, do that instead while we promote overseas.” Yes, with this Man Holding A Coin coming out again, this all has to do with money.

When it was about communication, he showed up as the Thinking Man. When it comes to Chuu getting her coin outside Blockberry/LOONA, he’s the Man Holding A Coin. With Blossoming Abundance under him, it’s about Chuu growing and expanding outside of the little bubble she was placed in. Even the Garden and the Gate speaks of “abundant prosperity, staying safe” (p. 30).

Chuu got some of what she wants but if she leaves, she can get so much more. This is yet another spread showing that Chuu is staying due to fear. I think that’s why all of the tarot is reversed but Action is upright. Chuu can now move forward in her solo activities unhindered by Blockberry for the most part, but she still believes in her singing career, LOONA, and even Blockberry’s vision. She wants to keep working with the other girls and thus be under Blockberry but doing so seems to be like shooting yourself in the foot. There are so many other options for Chuu but she remains where she is. Why? Are her fears that great? But then why does it seem like she’s already mostly out the door?

Why did Chuu set up her own agency?

2 of Diamonds/The High Priestess
Ace of Hearts (reverse)
King of Diamonds (upright?)

The Thinking Man (reverse)
The World (reverse)
Door to Spirit

I think Chuu realized, psychically or through divine messages, that Blockberry was a sinking ship. I think she was becoming aware of this slowly on her own the longer she was in the company too, but what finally tipped the scales was how she was treated after her lawsuit and partially winning it. Ever since then, she started to recognize game. I feel like with the High Priestess Chuu became aware of something or overheard something she wasn’t supposed to about her/the company’s feelings on her and that shocked her awake basically.

I see her like in overly cheesy and dramatic shows outside a room up against an open door where people were talking, and she overheard a secret. It left her taken aback. I see her with her mouth agape. I think whatever was said stuck with her.

I see her backstage at like a music show somberly thinking about what was said very sad. I see her crying before she quickly puts herself back together to go perform or more likely give a post-show interview with the rest of the group. Chuu learned something that day that made her realize it was really her against the world. I feel like she wanted to talk to her fellow members about this, but she never did.

I see her looking at a member sadly in the practice room as they all take a brief break, tears in her eyes but she can’t open her mouth to speak. She plays it off and cries a bit as others comfort her, but she again never says what was bothering her and what she heard.

With this King of Diamonds showing up again, I wonder if this is a spirit guide of Chuu’s. I am once again drawn to its almost Buddha-like calmness in its imagery. With Door to Spirit under it, I think this guide patiently and softly guided Chuu to this decision to start her own company. I feel like he protects her when it comes to her money and career. Like he’s the overseer of her abundance, and by guiding her gently, he helps to empower Chuu to be more confident and assured of herself. I wonder if he tends to be close by her while she works or swoops in when she’s feeling low and confused about her career. He may send her small signals that cheer her up and give her psychic nudges to pursue things materially and financially. So, overall, I think Chuu made her own agency because she was spiritually guided to do so for her own benefit.

Will Chuu leave Blockberry Creative?

7 of Clubs (reverse)
6 of Hearts/The Lovers (sideways)
6 of Spades
3 of Clubs (reverse; bottom of the deck)
5 of Clubs/The Devil (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Cornucopia (reverse)
Blossoming Abundance
Door to Spirit (reverse)
The World (bottom of the deck)


No. However, it is a “no” that comes after some back and forth and struggle.

The 7 of Clubs is like the 7 of Wands, the Lovers the Lovers, the 6 of Spades the 6 of Swords, the 3 of Clubs the 3 of Wands mostly, and the Devil the Devil. In other words, Chuu is caught in the middle. As we have seen in the other spreads, she is holding out hope, perhaps naively. I think the Door to Spirit being reversed is her not listening to her intuition and guides and staying instead of leaving. I also think that Blossoming Abundance is upright because if she does terminate her contract, then so much more will come in. But in staying and fighting à la 7 of Clubs, she ultimately loses which is why Cornucopia is reversed. She wants things to get better, but they won’t. She’s failing to see her true potential. She’s so much more than LOONA’s Chuu. She can simply be Chuu and not have to deal with all the hassle and lack of money. Her name, her personality, her image, her brand supersedes Blockberry and LOONA but there is just this part of her that doesn’t believe it, which is why she’s staying, albeit with a lot of conflicted feelings and wavering emotions.

Chuu’s guides want her to leave. They are trying to steer her in that direction but she’s still too scared to get in the boat and never look back. Although Blockberry has her by the chains with their contract, her getting that small victory in court shows that she has the potential to break it altogether, I think. Or break it enough to allow her to just leave the company. I know in the Kpop world that’s rare but it’s not unheard of. The Chinese members of EXO did, although not without a lot of sacrifice. They all, from what I heard, are very successful or at least comfortable in China doing their own things (except Kris currently but we don’t talk about him…). That can be Chuu in Korea.

Unfortunately, Blockberry is a sinking ship and they’re sinking LOONA with them. Chuu doesn’t have to be on this ship anymore. She has a boat waiting for her by the shorelines. She can leave but only if she believed in herself even 75%.

What’s next for Chuu?

Queen of Spades (reverse???)
3 of Clubs (reverse)
Queen of Diamonds (upright?)
The Sun (I'm not sure lol; bottom of the deck)
5 of Clubs/The Devil (reverse; bottom of the deck)
8 of Spades/Justice (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Indecision (sideways)
Angel of Love
Door to Spirit (bottom of the deck)
Blossoming Abundance (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Broken Heart (bottom of the deck)

So it seems like the pettiness of Blockberry and the issue of Chuu’s contract will continue. As we just saw, she is wavering in her decision to truly leave Blockberry. It’s like she’s of two minds. One loves LOONA, the work she has done in it, the opportunities the company has given her by being a part of the group, and the members themselves. She sees the girls as more than just her colleagues, they’re like her family.

Remember how I said her mom feels rough? Before I did this reading I saw an article that described how Chuu didn’t talk to her mom for six months for an unspecified reason, although in Kpop this is not strange. Eventually she reached a point where she broke down emotionally and reached out to her for solace. Instead, all her mother said was to keep going. After that Chuu started to distance herself from her. By how she was bursting into tears, this was not a good look for her mom. A mother who is more tender and caring would likely not have dismissed their daughter in that way, especially if she was expressing her hardships. There was just something about this that didn’t sit right with me. Many of the LOONA members have Scorpio in their charts so this coldness makes sense astrologically, but I think because the girls may have tough personal lives, they have been able to bond in a way other groups can’t.

Kpop is not pretty when the curtain is lifted. I think familial hardship and company bullshit has made the girls very close with one another and respectful of each other’s feelings. So, to up and leave after all that trauma, let’s be real, must be hard for Chuu. She knows that Blockberry ain’t shit and she can be successful elsewhere, but at the end of the day she wanted to sing and dance. Being a personality is not something I think she wanted to do; it just sort of happened and people love her for that perhaps more than her music. I think if she could be appreciated for both, she would be satisfied but with how things are, it’s tough! What should she do? What can she do?

With the Devil and Justice in reverse, Blockberry is trying to stop Chuu’s bag and ultimately her one wish in this life by excluding her from LOONA. Her spirit guides are trying to nudge her and make her turn around. Abundance will not bloom for her in Blockberry. Chuu knows this but leaving is still hard. I see her conflicted and sad, almost crying again. To leave would be to break her heart. Without LOONA and her singing career, what is she? I think until Chuu solves this inner dilemma she will be in this strange limbo, with Blockberry wasting her time until her contract is naturally up. But I feel like they’ll do something petty and nasty when that time comes. I think Chuu just needs to rip the band-aid off and take that leap of faith. The universe will catch her. She can Chuu it.

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