Rihanna: What Was She Thinking?

Oh, baby what is you doin’???

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 4 was streamed worldwide yesterday on Amazon’s Prime Video. It was rumored days leading up to the show, however, that Johnny Depp would appear in it, which cause a lot of uproar online as Depp has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife Amber Heard and Rihanna is a survivor of said violence. Depp appearing in Rihanna’s show would be a second attempt of rehabilitating his public image as he also made a cameo at this year’s VMAs to very mixed reception. So, today I just wanted to do a very quick reading on why Rihanna invited Depp to her Savage X Fenty show.


Why did Rihanna invite Depp to her Savage X Fenty show?

Square: Challenge (reverse)
Aquarius: The Innovator (reverse)
Mercury: Communication
11th House: The Edge (bottom of the deck)
Conjunction: Empowerment (reverse; bottom of the deck)

6 of Cups (reverse)
2 of Cups
3 of Pentacles (reverse)
3 of Swords (reverse)
The Fool (bottom of the deck)

Do Rihanna and Depp have some sort of past history? With the 11th house and 6 and 2 of Cups, I feel like Rihanna allowing Depp in her show is “owed” in some way, but this spread is rather negative overall. The 6 of Cups shows the past and the 2 of Cups a relationship of some sort which the 6 of Cups can also show. Aquarius is often over conflated with friendship, and it’s reversed like the 3 of Pentacles which shows a collaboration. The 3 of Swords often shows heartbreak but in reverse it’s usually in the past. The Square card has the words “works out” and “reconciled” on it. With it above the 6 of Cups, was this an IOU? The Conjunction card echoes the 3 of Pentacles with its words of “joins forces with” and “allies with.” The 11th house once again makes me think that Depp probably called this in as a favor. Mercury is out so the two definitely talked about this beforehand.

I wonder with Aquarius in reverse and the 11th house at the bottom of the deck if the public doesn’t know that Rihanna and Depp had a thing in the past. The 2 of Cups in this deck is very romantic. I don’t know if they had a fling or private on-again, off-again situation but this spread overall is talking about burying the hatch when it comes to past beef, I think, particularly on Rihanna’s side. But why is the 3 of Pentacles and Conjunction cards in reverse? Is it because most people aren’t messing with Depp and despite knowing how bad this collaboration is for her brand, Rihanna conceded because that’s her past boo thang/friend (with benefits)? I’m not sure so I clarified both and the Aquarius card.

I got the 8 of Wands and 5 of Swords for the 3 of Pentacles. For the Conjunction card four cards violently flew out on the floor for some reason. I guess they were mad that I didn’t take the previous three cards that flipped over in the deck more politely lol. These four cards are the 5th House: Passion in reverse, Neptune: Dreams, Libra: The Idealist, and the 7th House: Relating in reverse. For Aquarius I got Venus: Love and North Node: Destiny in reverse.

Starting with the 3 of Pentacles, it seems like this decision came about rather quickly. When I first saw Mercury, I thought allowing Depp to make a cameo was rather calculating. It can still be that but perhaps how it came about was spontaneous or a bit sudden. Maybe his team reached out to Rihanna’s and things quickly progressed where Depp was unexpectedly in her show, at least to us the public. The 5 of Swords is very curious, however. In this deck, the 5 of Swords means “disgrace,” “blame,” “late insight,” and “acceptance of the unavoidable” (p. 23). So, once again we have cards indicating that Rihanna knew that having Depp anywhere near her and her brand was bad for both, especially her coin, but she took it on the chin for some reason. The reason seems to be that someone is “owed” as their past relationship has a lot of influence here.

As we see with the cards clarifying Aquarius, the two seemed to have some sort of relationship that the public may not be aware of. I know I don’t remember seeing the two cuddling up together, but I also don’t follow either, so I don’t know lol. But the North Node being in reverse is strange. Maybe the two weren’t meant to be and that’s why they broke up and with some resentment maybe as the 3 of Swords is out. The 5 of Swords now over this 3 of Swords can suggest past fighting or conflict in their relationship too. I don’t necessarily care about either person here as I am no longer 12, so once again I don’t know. But we get confirmation of this relationship that potentially turned left with the 7th House out and reversed. The 5th House also shows love and sex, and it is reversed. Moreover, Libra is often seen as The Relationship Sign™.

Neptune being out is interesting because that is the modern ruler of Rihanna as she is a Pisces Sun. For some reason I want to say drugs were involved in their past relationship. Neither are unknown to both but for some reason Rihanna’s energy is coming through here. Maybe Depp put her on to something when she was coming up as a singer. I wouldn’t be surprised but this is all just speculation. So overall, Rihanna let Depp be in her Savage X Fenty show because they have past history and it seems like someone owed the other, I’m thinking Rihanna to Depp. However, the negative impact of this decision is not unbeknownst to Rihanna. None of the cards talking about working together or collaboration are upright here. Even so, she seems to be taking it in stride. With the Fool at the bottom of the tarot deck, I think this interaction allowed Rihanna and Depp to possibly rekindle something. Perhaps communication or love. But who knows for certain?

“Nothing Is Promised”

How will Depp’s appearance affect Rihanna socially and financially?

The Numinous: Mystery (reverse)
Scorpio: The Animal
Libra: The Idealist
8th House: Intimacy
10th House: Reputation
Moon: Feelings (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Pisces: The Mystic (reverse; bottom of the deck)
2nd House: Assets (bottom of the deck)

The Chariot
3 of Cups (reverse)
King of Swords (reverse)
4 of Cups (reverse)
8 of Wands (reverse)
Ace of Wands (reverse; bottom of the deck)
The Emperor (reverse; bottom of the deck)
The Sun (bottom of the deck)

With the Numinous out, it seems like this is largely a mystery, even to Rihanna as she shows up reversed as the Pisces card. However, with the Chariot and 2nd House both out, the latter of which has makeup in its imagery, I think Rihanna will press forward and be okay on the money front. With the absence of Pentacles cards and the 2nd House being upright, I think the issue won’t be her money or people supposedly saying they will boycott her products. No, I think this Depp situation will impact her more socially.

The Moon interestingly showed fortune but since it was so fast, fortune associated with it was cyclical, having many ups and downs and was seen as unstable. The Moon also showed the common people and gossip and rumors. With Scorpio and Libra, I think people will be in two camps on this.

With Scorpio, some people will be very disappointed in and upset at Rihanna. As a survivor herself, what was she thinking? She more than anyone should know what it’s like to be dragged through the mud and put on display for public jeering and spectacle like Amber Heard was during her very recent defamation trial with Depp. The sheer amount of pleasure many onlookers took in tearing Heard down and psycho/overanalyzing her while applauding and almost venerating Depp should have been enough to never allow him in the Savage X Fenty show. This more critical take is why the 3 of Cups is reversed under Scorpio. For this subset of individuals, they are no longer rooting for Rihanna or celebrating her accomplishments. In their eyes she set women way back.

For the Libra crowd, they’re trying to be impartial here. They are trying to see the situation as a delicate, yet complex issue as domestic violence survivors tend to make decisions that require more compassion and nuance. Rihanna basically endorsing Depp via association and giving him a platform can be the result of her own trauma of being brutalized. Let’s not forget that she went back to Chris Brown. So, this group of people are trying to give Rihanna grace when it comes to this situation. Overall, however, I think teaming up with Depp will still hurt Rihanna careerwise.

With the 8th House and 4 of Cups in reverse, I wonder if people in the industry may pass her up on some things. The 8th house shows a loss in money and assets, particularly to other people. I see designers for some reason passing up on offers Rihanna may extend to them. I also see certain female celebrities being very hesitant about working with her further because of this. These women may be champions of women’s rights or otherwise made speaking out on these issues apart of their brand or public persona, so this whole situation is now a conflict of interests. They want to support Rihanna as a ~woman of color~ (I sarcastically say this because I am picking up on white women energy here lol) and a ~girlboss~ but her politics are now problematic.

With the 10th House and 8 of Wands in reverse under it, I think Rihanna’s spotlight may dim a bit and buzz around her fade. Many people were already disappointed in her new single which was for the new Black Panther movie. It’s been years since Rihanna has put anything out musically and for it to be this slow, somber song was a bust. And with her saying her performing in the upcoming Super Bowl doesn’t mean she’s ready to release an album, I think people will start to turn their attention elsewhere. Yes, the Ace of Wands being in reverse shows a disinterest in something. Next to the 10th House, it is related to Rihanna as a celebrity. Notice how there are cameras pointed at the empty chairs. Someone else will come to sit in them in the minds of the public.

Now, there is some other energy here in this spread as well. A man. He shows up as the King of Swords and Emperor, both reversed. Is this her baby daddy A$AP Rocky? I looked him up and he is indeed an air sign, a Libra. (While I was editing this article, I looked up Depp and saw he was a Gemini Sun, but I didn’t necessarily feel his energy here in this card nor overall in the spread. I also just realized that there is the Libra symbol on this King of Swords. Double confirmation.) The Emperor in the tarot shows fathers. The Sun coming out in conjunction with the reversed Emperor shows their son. When I saw all these cards, I got the sense that A$AP was mad at or even jealous of Rihanna messing with Johnny.

I thought “Will Rihanna start fucking him?” Why I thought this randomly, I’m unsure. I think it was because Libra came out. As The Relationship Sign™ and her and Depp possibly having something in the past, it’s not hard to connect the dots laid out here. It’s interesting, however, that Libra seemed to more so come out to almost confirm that this male energy here is A$AP. He’s upset and not because this whole thing may cost Rihanna (it won’t, it seems), but because she may have been a little too “friendly” with Depp. I see her smiling at him as they talk and reminisce about the past. So, A$AP may be feeling a bit territorial right now and is like “Bish, we have a family together” as he points to their son.

I’ve seen some tarot readers say the Ace of Wands is “big dick energy” so I wonder if Rihanna and A$AP have issues in their relationship… Especially as this card is over the 8th house which modernly shows sex. Maybe Rihanna is working too much and they’re not being intimate but now with her acting all buddy buddy with Depp it’s like “Wtf are you doing though!” I’m not sure but A$AP is here in this spread and isn’t happy. Let me know if you all want me to read on their relationship.

In any case, this is all that I have. I thought about asking how this cameo would affect Depp, but I honestly don’t care about him enough to extend the energy. So, I’ll end things here. Let me know also if you all want me to read on Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance and/or her music career after it.

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