November 2022 Predictions

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November 2022 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits and aspects for November 2022?

Nov. 8 Total lunar eclipse at 15°59’ Taurus
Nov. 16 Venus enters Sagittarius
Nov. 17 Mercury enters Sagittarius (detriment)
Nov. 22 The Sun enters Sagittarius
Nov. 23 New Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter stations direct at 28°47’ Pisces (domicile)

Nov. 5 Venus opposite Uranus rx
Nov. 7 Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus square Saturn
Nov. 8 Sun opposite Uranus rx
Nov. 9 Mercury opposite Uranus rx
Nov. 10 Sun square Saturn, Mercury square Saturn, Venus trine Neptune rx
Nov. 12 Mercury trine Neptune rx
Nov. 13 Venus sextile Pluto rx
Nov. 14 Sun trine Neptune rx, Mercury sextile Pluto 
Nov. 15 Venus trine Jupiter rx
Nov. 16 Mars rx square Neptune rx
Nov. 18 Sun sextile Pluto
Nov. 19 Mercury conjunct Venus
Nov. 20 Sun trine Jupiter rx
Nov. 26 Mars rx trine Saturn
Nov. 29 Mercury opposite Mars rx, Mercury sextile Saturn

Every month I worry over what I’ll talk about. October and late September was packed filled with mess as many celebrities were caught cheating. I covered The Try Guy scandal at the very end of October myself. I chalk up all the mayhem that occurred to be the result of a massive shift in energy that culminated in October. Many planets that were retrograde went direct and we also had an intense partial solar eclipse in Scorpio. All around, numerous things that were dormant under the surface finally crested it in typical Scorpio fashion to typical Scorpio disaster. In November, I would say things calm down, but they won’t necessarily.

Mars went retrograde a day before Halloween to top off a very chaotic month. Since Mars has been in Gemini since late August, its effect is more akin to Mercury going retrograde as Gemini is such a communicative sign and is ruled by Mercury. I have personally seen news anchors trip over their words and technology not work as a typical Mercury retrograde period would bring but Mars going retrograde is very different normally.

Mars is our actions and anger. When retrograde, we may find it hard to be direct and assertive. Our movement becomes awkward and stilted. We may literally miss the mark because we are holding back. Issues that would normally smooth over won’t and instead lead to snipiness and passive aggression than just full-blown aggression and antagonism. The list goes on.

In the communicative Gemini, there can be a rehashing of things that many thought were cleared up or have been settled. Anger here is handled through talking and writing. Gemini is very mischievous and calculating, however, thanks to Mercury. So, Mars being retrograde in the sign can unearth secrets that some may have wanted to take to their grave. Additionally, secrets that may have been “open” to the people around the secret holder can suddenly come out to the public by a leaker/snitch/Ms. Petty Boots as well. Mercury can keep and expose information while also fabricating and obscuring it. This duality is central to this retrograde period. What information is really true, and which is really false? Can something be a little true and/or a little false at the same time?

What’s interesting about Mars is that it is a very straightforward planet despite being nocturnal. Being nocturnal and masculine, however, allows it to play the role of a hacker and the hacked at the same time rather well but where it trips up in Gemini is how fast and seamlessly the sign goes back and forward between these roles. Mars is a slower planet despite representing haste, ironically. It is blunt and hard hitting, whether this is in a more masculine, direct way or in a more feminine, indirect way. The sort of ventriloquism that Gemini constantly engages with is not something the planet accustomed to. So, Mars going retrograde can reveal as much truth as it can cause more confusion and misunderstanding.


Despite being an inner planet, Mars (and Venus) go retrograde rather infrequently in comparison to Mercury and the outer planets. The last time Mars was retrograde was in September 2020 where it was domicile in Aries and spent what felt like an eternity there but wasn’t really. In the U.S. at least, there was a considerable uptick in wildfires and other natural disasters at the time. Considering that Mars is an extremely hot and dry planet in its diurnal domicile that is also fiery and thus hot and dry, astrologically, things went “according to plan.”

With Mars now in Gemini, there can be an upward trend in inflammatory speech offline and online. Mercury had some interesting ties to crime like Mars, so expect to see violence reported on more as well. The details of what led up to these incidents and what happens afterwards may be hard to parse, however, whether intentional or not. Things will not be what they seem. Don’t take things at face value this month.

It doesn’t help that Mars will square Neptune retrograde from the middle of November directly by degree until the end of month, basically. What is supposedly cut and dry isn’t. What was once tried and true is called into question suddenly. Where we are going in many facets of life is now disorienting and strange.

Those with Scorpio placements will continue to have a hard time in this month of November. With your modern ruler of Pluto finally direct but your traditional one of Mars going retrograde, it is time for you all to go into another period of reflection and eventual death and rebirth. Many of you are already somewhere in this process as we had numerous planets enter your sign and a solar eclipse happen almost back-to-back last month. This doesn’t even touch all the planets that went direct as well. It’s almost as if you all were hit with a ton of bricks and just as you were digging yourself out, Mars came through to dumb some more on top of you. This intensity and pressure won’t really ease up until mid-November as we begin the month with a follow up lunar eclipse in Taurus. This Moon will hit all the planets currently in your sign and has the added misfortune of teaming up with Uranus and the North Node as well.

The lunar eclipse will occur at 15°59’ Taurus at 11:00AM UT

Many life changing events are sort of at a bottle neck in your life currently, and the numerous negative aspects early in the month don’t help this. There may be a real feeling of being stuck but since Uranus is the planet of shakeups, this may end in a very jolting way, perhaps. But by the middle of the month, things should start to even themselves out as the planets will move on to the mutable Sagittarius. Its ruler is currently still retrograde but in Pisces, a sign you trine with as it is a water sign. In the death and destruction, there is likely a dim light at the end of the tunnel for you all.

For the rest of us all, once we hit mid-November, things will be a lot calmer and very introspective, a theme that Sagittarius and Pisces have been dealing with all year long.

Yes, in November it’s time to deepen our faith and spirituality. With so many shakeups this year, what have you discovered to be true about yourself and the world around you? With Jupiter constantly oscillating between Pisces and the signs around it, there has ought to be a shift in many people’s perspectives on life, their faith, and beliefs in general. From the effects of climate change evergrowing in omnipresence to governments regressing backwards in terms of their legislature and laws, there has been a lot to think about in a grand scale that is more associated with Jupiter. For those who don’t have Sagittarius or Pisces placements or even mutable ones in general, it may have been easy to brush off such events in life. But now with many planets in Sagittarius this month and Jupiter itself turning direct by the end of the month, it is now time that we all collectively engage with our beliefs and how we can assert them and materialize them in the real world.

Given that reactionary conservativism and resulting hate crimes are on the incline in the world, this idea of acting on one’s newfound beliefs isn’t always as positive as I am making it, however. Although Jupiter is a benefic, it doesn’t prevent people from being bigots and champions of hate. So, with all this malleable, changing energy in the air, it is always important to be alert and to protect yourselves. Jupiter can only do so much as our guardian angel.

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Oracle Messages

Fire Signs

Vesta: Hearth
Moon: Perception
Ceres: Nurture 
Aries: Act (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Miss Ida (The High Priestess; reverse)
Black Herman (The Magician; reverse)
10 of Knives (reverse)
The Big Queen (The Empress; reverse; bottom of the deck)

Lavender: Surround yourself with love 

Yemaya: Awakening
Gang Gang Sara: Resistance
Medusa: Rage

As I said on Instagram, there are several messages here, but the main one is to slow down and relax.

It’s interesting that we got Aries in reverse as Mars has only been retrograde for a little bit by November 1st. But with the sign in reverse, it is indicating that you all may have been doing too much as usual. Jupiter finally left Aries, so this is likely true. Relentlessly going at something is just the name of the game when it comes to the fire signs but you all may have not been making much progress on something despite your efforts.

The Magician is reversed, and Medusa is out as is the 10 of Knives. Something may have been stopped dead in its tracks or you have. Not being able to always move forward is like death to you all, especially those with Aries placements. Under The Big Queen was the 7 of Coins, so you all could have been working towards something for a while. Therefore, to have it suddenly be stopped or stopped to a crawl would understandably make many of you mad or otherwise upset. But with Gang Gang Sara out, are some of you really stuck or are you avoiding something?

What may be slowing you down is you and your resistance to something. Perhaps you’re scared of success or messing up so you’re holding back not only your actions but your emotions. You want to make something work so you may be throwing yourself into it to ensure that it does, but the possibility of failure or success can be eating away at you, causing you to get cold feet or unintentionally manifest roadblocks or blunders. Overall, you all need to relax.

There is a lot of intense emotions being bottled up and stuck somewhere that needs to come out. Likewise, or conversely, you all just need to come back to whatever this is after a much needed break. Spend some time with family and friends as the holiday season is coming up. Do things that make you happy instead of stressed. Then come back to this project/plan/etc. with new eyes and renewed energy.

Some of you may be going through this emotional rollercoaster in November because you are going through a spiritual awakening of some sort. With Jupiter retrograding back into Pisces, some of you need to come back to your emotional and spiritual center and enter a period of deep introspection and quiet.

Water Signs

Libra: Balance
Mercury: Messages
Vesta: Hearth

Gullah Jack (The Hanged Man)
Father of Baskets (cups; reverse)
Mother of Knives (reverse)

Gold: You don't need someone else to fix you 

Gang Gang Sara: Resistance
Modjadji: Manifestation
Medusa: Rage

You all still get rather consistent messages. This year may have been about grand, new changes where you found a semblance of freedom and independence. However, this has not been easy by a long shot. As the end of this year approaches, you have been learning about speaking up for yourself and setting up boundaries. November is going challenge you to see how much you’ve truly grown, it seems, in regard to this.

There may be something that pisses you off in November. It may be a person, either a fellow water sign man or masculine person or an air sign woman or feminine person. If not these people, then the Father and Mother could just be talking about how you engage with others in general. Things in your life are still not completely in balance despite your strides in confidence building. You may still hold back your feelings and communicating properly and swiftly about how someone makes you feel. Water signs are naturally shy and lethargic. Working up the courage to speak can be difficult but you must continue to work on that. If someone is pushing your buttons or just even making you feel a certain type of way, communicate that. Oftentimes the scenario you are making up in your head is far scarier than what may transpire in the real world. Despite this, however, Mars is currently retrograde.

You have to be a bit careful with how you phrase things as communication can be a bit wonky, which combined with the fact that water signs are mute, can lead to misunderstandings. But that shouldn’t dissuade you from being upfront and articulate. You’ve all come such a long way from where you were. Keep going! Don’t give up now! Just speak up and balance the scales in your life to now include what you feel and what you want. No more overgiving. Give back to yourself. You’ve done so much all by yourself so far and you can continue to reach higher and higher through your own merits in the future. Anything can be yours.

Earth Signs

Second House: Resources (reverse)
Ninth House: Exploration
Libra: Balance (reverse)

Courting (The Lovers)
Bishop C.H. Mason (The Hierophant)
The Big Queen (The Empress; sideways)

Sekhmet: Wounded Healer

Surrender: Do it for you (reverse)

We got a very specific message for someone in this spread, so I’ll just copy and paste the bulk of what I said on Instagram here:

It seems like someone is getting married or is currently engaged with marriage looming on the horizon…but you’re getting cold feet. There’s something “off” about this relationship. There’s love but that’s not enough. Where is the money, the assets, to sustain the relationship? Where is the time to look after yourself and not your partner and what they need and want 24/7? In this relationship you have been putting yourself last but almost taking pride in it. Being a martyr is often a role thrusted upon women and those who take a more feminine or domestic role in relationships. They give and give and give and never ask for anything. But in not asking for help, attention, love, you put yourself last. Is this something you want to continue for the rest of your life? Marriages are not as binding as they used to be in the past but once children are involved and resources intertwined, it gets harder and harder to leave. Some of you need to think long and hard about whether you truly want to go through with this commitment any further in November.

For those who are not getting married or engaged or moving to some deeper phase in your relationship, these cards can also talk about how many of you are not putting yourself first. Yes, Courting and Bishop C.H. Mason here can be talking about how some of you are too committed to a belief system or mindset that you are not really seeing the full picture correctly, thus limiting what your true options are.

With the Second House in reverse, money seems to be an issue here, nothing novel to you all as earth signs. At the bottom of the tarot deck was the 7 of Coins in reverse. In the Believe In Your Own Magic oracle, “Lioness: You’ve earned all your stripes” was also at the bottom of the deck. There may have been something you were working hard on like your fire cousins that may not be going anywhere as of late. But since you have already put in so much time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears into whatever this is, you don’t know what to do now that you’re seemingly stuck or stopped. What may be stopping you in actuality, however, is an unresolved emotional issue. Earth signs are notorious for bulldozing over their feelings for the sake of work and hitting deadlines. November is asking you to stop doing that and really investigate what is eating at you. Dealing with these emotional problems can help to clear out whatever may be blocking you in the physical.

If this isn’t work related, it is possible that you all are trying to move to a new phase of your life but there is a lot of anxiety in the way. With the Second House in reverse, you all may be worrying about if you have enough money and other resources to move. And/or with The Big Queen sideways and Surrender in reverse, you’re all worried about your mom and what she may think. You may have a toxic co-dependent relationship with her, or she is overly dependent on you, so making this effort to leave home/her may be daunting. You may believe you don’t have what it takes to be independent but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Do what you need to do for you. Stop putting your goals on pause for others or scrapping them altogether. Your life is your own. No one else can live it nor dictate it but you. Yes, it will be scary venturing out on your own and there are likely a multitude of childhood issues you may need to work out on your own time but what matters right now is placing yourself first. You’ve already earned all your stripes. It is now time to walk down this newly paved road confidently.

Air Signs

Third House: Communication
Fifth House: Passion
Mars: Motion (reverse)

5 of Baskets (cups)
Gullah Jack (The Hanged Man)
The Free Man (The Fool)

Long Bubby Suzi: Shame

Bitch-Fire: Stand up for yourself 
Garden: Something lovely will grow from this

This issue of a falling out continues. To be honest, I often think this message is for me for personal reasons lol, but I won’t get into that here. Anyway, with Mars going retrograde in Gemini, and Mars showing up reversed here, it may be time to unearth the hatchet so it can finally be laid to rest properly. Two cards have swords here and they’re not in the attacking position. The Ace of Swords was at the bottom of the tarot, and it too was pointing to the ground as it was reversed. If you reach out to whoever this or vice versa, I think the conversation won’t be as bad as many of you may think it will go. Yes, there are still hostilities and past resentment to work through, but I think the initial meet up won’t dissolve to shit, basically. No one is in attack mode here on either side. You both may be rather willing to hear the other person out, but someone needs to speak first.

Ace of Swords
Pallas Athena: Think
Clover: Release your guilt
Descendant: Invitation 

At the bottom of the astrology deck was Pallas Athena with the subtitle “Think.” It has a warrior’s helmet in the imagery. Yes, I think a conversation needs to be had. You both have laid down your weapons and are willing to call a truce for now. What would happen if you met this person? Apparently, something good would come from it. Likely shame, anger, and other hurt feelings will finally be expressed and released, freeing you both from this strange limbo you’ve been in, a weird standoff that likely has been dragged out for months. Even if you two don’t get back together or rekindle the relationship, what mattered is that you finally cleared the air so you can go into the new year without regrets.

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