Who is…Wonho?

This one is for you Nat!

Wonho was once the lead vocalist, lead dancer, and visual of Monsta X, a 2015 boy group signed under Starship Entertainment. In late October of 2019, Wonho faced a drug scandal. Reddit explains the specifics better so here is a comment from one of the many threads on this matter:

His ex Jung Da Eun called him out on insta because he’s been owing her money since pre debut and he still hasn’t paid her back. Starship denied it, she responded with screens of texts she exchanged with Wonho’s lawyer.

Han Seo Hee (the girl who smoked weed with TOP and sold drugs to BI) is currently dating Da Eun, and she’s been spilling everything she knows about him as well – the major thing being that Wonho went to juvie for aggravated theft when he was young.

As a result Starship announced that Wonho was leaving MX, and they were terminating his contract. Wonho’s goodbye letter was released shortly after that, he says it’s his own decision to leave the group because he doesn’t want to ruin the other members’ reputation.

Starship announced they would still be sueing Da Eun and So Hee for defamation.

A blurry image of Han So Hee (left), Wonho (center), and his ex Jung Da Eun (right). For the curious, Da Eun uses she/her pronouns but her gender and sexuality has been “complicated,” let’s say, by the issue of homo/transphobia. You can look up her past for what I mean by yourselves.

Here’s another post detailing the timeline of the mess that ensued during that time. But this article isn’t about this scandal and the fallout, however. Today, I wanted to do something a bit different. I’m experimenting with a new series I had at the back of my head for a while. I’m still a bit unclear on what I want to focus on but for right now let’s do a personality overview!

A 1993 (the rooster) or 1992 (the monkey) hyung?

Back when I cared about MONSTA X, not for their music but for their group dynamics, I remember there was speculation about Wonho’s age. Apparently, there were various moments where the other members, including Shownu, the leader, called Wonho hyung, which is an honorific Korean men and boys give other men and boys who are older than them. Born in 1993, or so he claims, like three other members in the group, Wonho couldn’t be the eldest as Shownu was born in 1992. But this issue of age is a pervasive problem when it comes to Kpop as Korea’s aging system is a bit “peculiar.”

Korean society considers newborns to be one years old and have a very strict social hierarchy surrounding age where if you are months to even days older than someone else, you are endowed seniority, respect, praise, and responsibility. This is often why the oldest members in Kpop acts tend to automatically become the leader unless otherwise specified like in Twice’s case, for instance, where Jihyo (1997), not Nayeon (1995), the oldest, is the leader. Regardless of this leadership structure, there is also the issue of the lunar calendar. (Or perhaps not regardless of this structure because fans online have also said Wonho was supposed to be the leader of MONSTA X, but Shownu instead became the leader at last minute for some reason. Hmm.)

We have seen this with SISTAR’s Hyolyn (December 11, 1990 to January 11, 1991; from Horse to Sheep) and Bora (December 30, 1989 to January 30, 1990; from Snake to Horse), for example, who just so happen to hail from the same former company as Wonho, Starship Entertainment. With all of this, it is hard to make a real call on Wonho’s birth. A lot surrounding his past seems purposefully obscured to protect his image. This is rather interesting because regardless of Wonho’s birth year, if his birth month and day are the same, then he’s a Pisces Sun.

Much of East and Southeast Asia use a lunar calendar and corresponding astrology that is tied to it that has its roots in ancient China. In this lunar astrology, each lunar year corresponds to one of twelve specific animals. Like Western solar astrology, some animals are seen as more auspicious than others which leads some parents to change the year and often month their child was born in on their personal records.

SISTAR. From left to right: Soyou, Hyolyn, Bora, and Dasom.

Pisces is perhaps the most elusive and confusing sign, sometimes on purpose but at other times not. People with this sign as a part of their big three (i.e., Sun, Moon, or rising) will be notoriously hard to pin down not only in terms of personality but behavior. When Wonho left MONSTA X, fans were dismayed and heartbroken that he didn’t come back after the police and Starship cleared him of all charges and allegations. I think since Starship took legal action on Wonho’s behalf especially, that fans believed or hoped for him to return as many of these Kpop companies leave their signed talent high and dry for less serious offenses. In any case, we hit a roadblock when it comes to Wonho’s Western astrology. I’m slightly more inclined to believe his 1993 birth only because it makes more sense to me, especially after looking up the personalities tied to the Rooster (1993) versus the Monkey (1992).

Photo by Peter Simmons on Pexels.com
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Which animal represents Wonho?

In the 1993, chart Wonho’s Mercury is retrograde and he has a clear lisp, for instance. As someone who also has a natal Mercury retrograde, I feel as though I’m very prime to picking it up in others. Lisps, speech impediments, the stumbling over one’s words in general, the struggle or mistranslation that happens from one’s thoughts to one’s words, etc. are all signs of a person having a natal Mercury retrograde. Even without understanding Korean, I could tell Wonho had a lisp but with a potential Moon in Gemini, that didn’t stop him from pursuing a career in singing and songwriting. In scripted shows and when just hanging out with his former members, he seemed very comfortable and communicative. If he was indeed born in 1992, his Moon in Aquarius would make him icier and more distant like Hyungwon, an Aquarius Mercury with heavy Saturn influence, and I.M, an Aquarius Sun and Mars with many Saturn-ruled placements as well.

But with a Gemini Moon (and South Node) and his Venus and Mars not in Aquarius potentially, Wonho seems much warmer and affable. He also seems more eager to communicate with others, especially his fans, WENEEs (yes, seriously) and Monbebes, MONSTA X fans. There is a lot more moisture in the 1993 chart than the 1992 one that allows for this receptivity. However, we must also remember that Wonho is a celebrity and thus often playing a role. Typically, that role is one of a thirst trap lol but being engaging to watch and listen to as well as responsive to fans is his job too. Even so, Venus so tightly conjuncting a domicile Saturn just doesn’t seem like the Wonho he presents himself as.

Who’s the hyung in this relationship?

Saturn and the two signs it rules (i.e., Capricorn and Aquarius) are rather grave and serious in expression. Compare Wonho to Hyungwon and I.M again. Their personalities are much drier than Wonho’s, especially Hyungwon’s who is very Saturnian with numerous planets in the dry and cold Capricorn. You can even throw Shownu in here regardless of the accuracy of his own birth as well because with the 1992 date he has a Capricorn Moon. And, indeed, he does come off as very earthy. All three are very stoic in comparison to Wonho who seems to be all smiles and laughter most of the time. And with Wonho’s Venus in Aries instead of Aquarius and conjunct to the heavy, malefic Saturn, we get why he likes to present himself as a thot LMAO!

Yes, people with their Venus in fire signs love to be hot and want the world to see them like they see themselves. They can be a bit scandalous and risqué in their dress and how they express desire, but they don’t really care about other people’s opinions about this. If they want to be sexy, they’re gonna be sexy. Venus in the frigid Aquarius with Saturn bearing down on it via conjunction tends to make shier and more reserved personalities, especially when it comes to their sexuality and how they engage with the erotic in general. Aries on the other hand goes all out, showing off its skin and assets at every moment.

Whenever I first looked up Wonho’s chart and saw that lone Aries Venus, it made sense as to why he was so big and often flaunts this whenever he could. (In the 1992 chart, Jupiter opposing his Sun can also explain his bigness even though both are in delicate signs.) It is interesting to note, however, that in this 1993 chart, Wonho’s Mars is in fall in Cancer. Water signs in general are rather weak and lack vitality. So, Wonho would have to have such a powerful Venus that opposes Jupiter, the planet of bigness, to compensate for this in order for him to be such a himbo lol!

You really don’t see himbos in Kpop but you do see plenty of fiery personalities like Minho from SHINee, the flaming charisma, and Max Changmin of TVXQ who is frequently mentioned alongside Minho’s name. The former is a Sagittarius and the latter interestingly an Aquarius but has his Venus and Jupiter in Aries and his Mars in Sagittarius loosely conjunct both Uranus and Saturn out-of-sign.

With an absence of fire in the 1992 chart, I don’t think we could have the caked up Wonho we know today, but in the event that I’m wrong, then his Aquarius stellium would have to be prominent in some way, possibly aspecting an angle rather tightly to have the same effect. That, or his Jupiter needs to be this way, but I digress. Let us see what the cards have to say as this wasn’t much of a personality reading lol!

Personality Reading

A Softie At Heart

Shadow Attribute: Taking advantage of those who need help. Failing to care for oneself.

Light Attribute: Maintaining symbolic purity of heart and spirit.

Light Attribute: Freeing yourself and others from outdated beliefs. Releasing negative thought patterns.

Shadow Attribute: Manipulating others through duplicity.

Light Attribute: Desire to balance the scales of justice. Righteousness on behalf of society or oneself.

Child: Magical
Light Attribute: Seeing the potential for sacred beauty in all things. The belief that everything is possible.

Student (bottom of the deck)
Light Attribute: Humility and devotion to knowledge. Openness to lifelong learning.

So, these cards aren’t really surprising to me given all that I said about both natal charts. We start off with Healer in reverse, however. I don’t see this as cunningness but more misplaced helpfulness. Based on the rest of the cards, what I remember seeing of his personality through videos, and the fact that he’s a Pisces Sun tells me Wonho is a person who cares. But in caring he sort of oversteps other people’s boundaries unintentionally. It’s like in trying to do the right thing, whatever that may be in the moment, he ends up doing the wrong thing. He may say something that didn’t need to be said at that exact moment, for example. Or he may inadvertently trigger a person more by trying to hug up on them or giving them a gift when that person just wants space and to be alone. Overall, I don’t think Wonho is a malicious person. He tries to be kind and thoughtful, but it can miss the mark more often than not.

With this Healer card as well, it makes mention of how you can potentially fail to care for yourself. I think when Wonho was first going solo he collapsed on or off stage at some point. He may have been trying to overcompensate for his scandal and potentially tarnishing MONSTA X’s image by working so hard but in doing so he made himself sick. He started to ignore the signs his body was giving him and forwent rest. So, this card can speak of him always pushing his limit in order to entertain others. I think he’s very in tuned to his fans and what people want from him but in being so tapped in, he forgets about himself, which is something you can readily see in his natal charts.

In both, he has a prominent Jupiter opposition. Jupiter rules his Sun. The Sun shows one’s vitality. Jupiter can be overzealous at times. So together, or when Jupiter is in opposition to another planet, especially, it can make the native go above and beyond what is necessary. With the Sun opposition, it’s Wonho’s health. In opposition to Venus, it’s putting way too much energy into his craft as a singer, songwriter, and dancer. He can’t do it all. In the imagery of this Healer card, I see the woman trying to heal the blonde one as Wonho’s spirit guides and higher self trying to give him signs and signals that how he was working at the time was too much. But like the blonde girl, he was too much in his feelings and trying to make it up to his fans to really absorb what they were saying. This may be a frequent occurrence that fans are not always aware of, Wonho’s tendency to overwork to his detriment.

Next, we have the Virgin. This seems to be speaking to how Wonho is a very pure and lighthearted person at his core. The smiling, laughing person we see on camera is genuine. As I said above, Wonho doesn’t seem to be a malicious or cunning person. He’s rather simple in a way. With the imagery of this card, too, he is very sensitive. When I was looking up info on him, apparently this sensitivity is an attribute the other members of MONSTA X picked up about him too. As a Pisces this makes sense.

All the water signs are emotional and rather sensitive. Next to Cancer, Pisces is perhaps the most fragile. Being mutable and ruled by Jupiter traditionally and Neptune modernly, the sign just feels everything. “Empath” and “psychic sponge” are both words that aptly describe the sign. For Wonho he’s emotional, sensitive, but also compassionate and fun-loving. He’s very much like a child which is confirmed in one of the Child cards also coming out. You can say there is a naivete to him but that is simply who he is.

Liberator is interesting. I get Jupiter vibes from this card which makes sense as Jupiter rules Pisces and Jupiter plays such a big role in both of Wonho’s charts. With this card, Wonho seems like a person that learns to roll with the punches. I’m not sure if he did in fact live a tough life, but I do feel like there is sorrow in his spirit. And yet, despite this, he tries to look at things for a silver lining or with the glass half full. When his scandal happened and he chose to leave both MONSTA X and Starship Entertainment, that was immensely difficult for him. But he felt as though it was the right thing to do. Now solo he likely has done things he couldn’t have if he was still in the group and company proper. He has his own fanbase, showing that people still believe in him and are willing to follow him as he embarks on this new journey. Things were not as bad as they could have been, I think, especially since Starship actually stood by him when so many companies do not for less. So, I think Wonho is a person who tries to keep things in perspective. Many things in life could have been worse or stayed bad but haven’t and for that he is grateful.

The Avenger card piggybacks on the Liberator card. I think Wonho is a righteous person. (Jupiter signifies this quality.) Him leaving MONSTA X and Starship was him acting from a place of righteousness and morality. There were numerous ways he could have handled his scandal, but I think he wanted to choose the most correct path or a path that had the most positive impact. Avenger is interesting as a name for this card because I don’t think that Wonho wanted to avenge himself or even get vengeance on his ex and her girlfriend for what they did. I think what he wanted was the truth and justice to be served. And in order for that to occur he had to take a backseat to the drama that was unfolding. This inaction ultimately worked in his favor as he was cleared of all charges. But he still chose not to come back. Why? Because he is a man of integrity. He committed a crime, allegedly, and for that the best option was to leave. “Righteousness on behalf of society” was to preserve the image of MONSTA X. In this way Wonho was an avenger and balanced the scales of justice.

Next, we have the Trickster but in reverse. I also do not see this as a negative. I see this card depicting Wonho’s tendency to be mischievous. If the 1993 chart is to be believed, then this Trickster energy aligns with his Moon in Gemini. Gemini is a playful sign. Its ruler Mercury signifies trickery in all its forms but also play. Mercury is associated with the Magician in tarot and people who use sleight of hand tricks and other methods of deception to both swindle and entertain. For Wonho, I think he likes to play tricks, but it comes from a very childlike place. I don’t see him being manipulative just to be an asshole or control people and situations. I see him more just playing pranks and playing “dumb” to get reactions from others. Yes, when I see this card, I see him laughing. It’s all for shit and giggles.

Next, we have Child: Magical. This card is similar to the Virgin in that Wonho is someone who is rather optimistic. Whether he is this innately or learned to be this way through his difficulties in life is a bit beside the point. Wonho tries to see life positively. With this card more specifically, however, he is also a bit of a dreamer.

As was mentioned, Pisces is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune, resulting in the sign easily getting swept into fantasy and escapism. At the same time, however, Pisces is very spiritual and wholeheartedly believes in the esoteric and fantastical. For Wonho, I’m not sure if he’s religious or even spiritually inclined but I still get the sense that there is a side of him that believes in miracles, dreams, and wishes. I’m sure there has been moments in his life that led him to this. Maybe miracles did occur in his life or circumstances have just “worked out” in some way for him. I think in those moments he was left in awe. Maybe there is more to life than what we can see and comprehend. I think this side of him also leads him to be humble and grateful in life. Despite all the childlike energy he exudes, there is an introspective side to him that wonders how the universe works. Maybe it’s God or something else. Whatever it is, is so fascinating to him.

Finally, we conclude with the Student which was at the bottom of the deck. When I was briefly researching for this reading, I was genuinely surprised he wrote for MONSTA X and was signed as a singer and producer under his new label. Often in Kpop there is a focus on what idols can’t do or are restricted from participating in. Usually when it comes to their music, the rappers are often given credits in songs because they write their own raps for better or mostly for worse. So, to have one of the singers in a group also produce is a bit unusual. I don’t know Starship’s history, but YG Entertainment and Cube Entertainment are more known for letting their artists have creative control over pretty much everything. In these companies’ cases, however, this hands-off approach leads artists to fend for themselves when it comes to promotions, but I digress.

Korea is currently dragging Wonho for this outfit.

I think with the Student card it shows that Wonho is someone who is always willing to learn. When he is put in situations where he is forced to adapt, he rolls his sleeves up and goes to work. Suddenly going solo would have been a daunting task for anybody but I think for him, Wonho really made the effort to make it work. I saw that he apparently makes his own stage outfits, for instance. Although he has producing skills under his belt as well, that was within the context of MONSTA X. Wonho probably had to learn how to create songs he wanted to showcase which could have been very different from the group’s style. Figuring out how to fill up a stage and make a performance work without 6 other people is also a feat onto itself. So, I just see Wonho being very willing to learn in the face of adversity specifically.

Again, I don’t know his past, but I feel like this ability to be open to knowledge and obtaining new skills may be the result of his hardships in life. Astrologically, all mutable signs have to learn how to be versatile and adaptive. Before his idol debut, Wonho was an ulzzang who went by the name Shin Hoseuk. Once a trainee under Starship, Wonho was given the stage name Sino and was in a pre-debut boy group called NUBOYZ with Shownu, Jooheon, and a rapper called #GUN. They all went on a survival show created and hosted by Starship called NO.MERCY in 2014 which resulted in the formation of MONSTA X. Just a day before debut, however, Wonho had to suddenly contend with the fact that he would no longer be the leader. In life, those with mutable placements will be thrown curve balls but have to make the most of them. Wonho does this by remaining humble, optimistic, and eager to learn. This is who Lee Hoseuk is.

Spiritual lessons

Since I look at things beyond the astrology, numerology, etc. to the esoteric and spiritual, I wanted to know what are some major spiritual lessons Wonho is going to experience in this life.

If we go back to the astrology, what these two charts have in common is Chiron being in Leo. This means that there is a wound surrounding who Wonho is as a person and likely as a celebrity as well. In the 1993 chart, Chiron opposes Saturn by degree. In the 1992 one it opposes the Moon most directly. Regardless of the specifics of either chart, there is some heavy karma attached to Wonho on the spiritual plane that followed him into this life. We see this a bit in the mystery of his past. When his alleged drug history and delinquency was brought to spotlight, I wondered if it was this karma manifesting.

Water signs tend to leave things rather open-ended in their lives as there is a propensity to run away when things get tough. Pisces is especially guilty of this. Air signs sometimes behave very similarly and, in both charts, Wonho has an airy Moon. So, emotionally, he may find certain situations difficult to deal with, especially if they involve confrontations with a debilitated Mars in the 1993 chart. In the 1992 one it’s possible that Wonho went through immense hardships in life, especially in terms of love (Venus), emotions (Moon), and the consequences of his actions (Mars conjunct Saturn; Saturn in general) as the Aquarius planets there are all maltreated because both malefics are also there, one of which is domicile (Saturn). Thus, Wonho could be traumatized or otherwise fatigued by specific situations. Regardless of either chart, this life could have left Wonho confused and hurt on who he truly is. With a Pisces Sun, he is everchanging and evolving. Who he was in the past and who he is currently are likely not the same but do co-exist in the same space of who he is at his core if that makes sense.

Mutable signs embody duality. There is always more than one side to them. In individuals, they can come off as contradictory and very two-faced, but the fact of the matter is that both of these seemingly disparate sides are all of them. One side is not “realer” than the other.

Being a celebrity, especially in Korea it seems, requires constancy in behavior and a strict adherence to many unspoken rules. But, for Wonho, he transmutes them naturally. He cannot be contained nor defined. But, because of that, he has to contend with the harsh realities of his environment as is represented by the Chiron opposition in both charts and his Aquarius placements, especially his domicile Saturn in Aquarius. This is partially why I believe that exposure happened. Who is Wonho authentically? Who is Lee Hoseok authentically?

When the exposure happened, I was instantly drawn to Wonho’s Sagittarius North Node in the 1993 chart. To me, at least, I saw this schism from MONSTA X as divinely orchestrated. Despite Sagittarius being a bit more communal than the other fire signs, it is still a fire sign. Fire signs are independent and tend to go through periods of severing ties with larger entities they are tied to. In cases like Wonho’s, this can occur seemingly out the blue as well without any initiation on the native’s part. With Jupiter being the ruler of this North Node and it opposing Venus but being ruled by it, I think Wonho had some sort of karmic relationship with his ex. How the two left each other in the past and present had to be dealt with on this plane in order to heal and move on in the spiritual. But, in addition to this, I think his Jupiter-Venus opposition serves as a weighing scale that keeps him in equilibrium with himself and those he involves himself with. In other words, when Wonho gets too involved with or caught up in other people at the expense of himself, the universe comes in and sets things right by severing ties with those people in some way.

This life for Wonho, if the 1993 year is to be believed, is about being more independent and having faith in himself. To have faith in his abilities and who he is in relation to others and without others. Sorry if this is confusing but trying to find the words to explain what I mean is a bit difficult here. Basically, I think there is a divine reason as to why he ended up leaving MONSTA X and that is for his spiritual growth which involves the art of balancing himself with others. He cannot be overly involved with others and lose his sense of self in the process. He has to be firm in who he is, but this is of course complicated by being a Pisces Sun and any karma he has surrounding relationships in past lives and in this one. Venus positively aspects his lunar nodes as does Jupiter. Love and fate play an interesting role in his life.

As for the 1992 chart, the spiritual lesson is somewhat similar but in a rather different way. There I think the issue surrounds how Wonho fits into society, Korean society. Astrologer Chris Brennan sums up Saturn’s energy as “rejecting and excluding” (2017). Saturn often manifests as society and its rules and regulations. As a result, Saturn can often show how we fit and do not fit into society, how we push back against its boundaries or adhere to them. With the 1992 North Node in Capricorn and Saturn domicile in Aquarius, there is a stronger emphasis on Wonho dealing with the consequences of his actions. The exposure of his past is some of that made manifest. I think the other part of this is how Wonho constantly pushes up against Korean societal expectations with his pictures and sense of dress.

The tattoo isn’t directly on his ass but still lol!

To anyone who isn’t obtuse, his pictures (and often stage outfits as well) invoke homoeroticism. No straight man is posting that many pictures of his ass in short shorts and drawers, I’m sorry LMAO! I’m not mad at him but many people in Korea are ever giving him the side eye. I remember back in some video offhandedly, a member of MONSTA X mentioned Wonho has a tattoo on one of his cheeks. Again, no shade, but would a straight man have an ass tattoo? Anyway, lol, this heavy Saturn influence in the 1992 chart suggests that Wonho’s past and present are intimately linked which we see with the Moon, the South Node lord, and Saturn, the North Node lord, being conjunct. Allegations, scandals, and rumors that would be easily cleared up by whatever means or forgiven when levied at or associated with someone else will not happen for Wonho.

With both node lords in Aquarius, I don’t think the lesson is to completely abandon collective thinking and identity like in the 1993 chart somewhat, but to be less emotionally invested in them if that makes sense. Korea is a collectivist, conservative society. Social transgressions, especially by public figures, is taken much more seriously than over here in the West. Just smoking weed and adultery are harsher punishable crimes than drunk driving and sexual assault over there, unfortunately. So, stepping out of line can easily destroy your career if you are not careful and remorseful. But Wonho keeps pushing boundaries. Mars is in Aquarius in this chart 1992 as well. So, I think the spiritual lesson he is learning, if the 1992 chart is to be believed, is how to emotionally disengage from the collective and deal with the lasting consequences of whatever he does regardless of how hard they may be. He’s learning how to find security within the group even if he is rejected by it.

Well, this is just what I think. I pulled some cards to see what else could be major spiritual lessons Wonho is tackling in this life.

What are some major life lessons Wonho is going to learn in this incarnation?

40: Appreciation - Divine Helpers
22: Truth - Higher Self
1: Unconditional Love - Divine Mother 
13: Solitude - Higher Self
23: Suffering - Divine Teachers (bottom of the deck)

Karmic Relationships: Orion energy. Polarity. Soul Growth. Conflict.

Loosen Your Grip: Coping mechanisms. Density. Addiction. Let God in.

Not to toot my own horn but it seems like I be knowing based on these cards. We start with Appreciation. In the guidebook this card speaks of recognizing your place in society and effect on others. When I first saw this card, however, I saw it as Wonho learning how to appreciate life in whatever way it presents itself to him. Once again, his past is coming up. Whatever may have happened back then, I get the sense that Wonho shouldn’t forget where he came from even if it was bad or he did bad things. There is something about being humble here, being grateful.

I see the hands in the sky as his spirit guides helping him out on the other side and manifesting opportunities and experiences for him in the physical world. With an older humanly figure giving something to the smaller figure, this may have often occurred within the context of a person going out of their way to help Wonho out. Like perhaps during his scandal, Starship sticking by him can be an example. Maybe someone in the company really liked him and helped him out during the legal process. It is things like that. Wonho has divine helpers, but he shouldn’t take them or the people in his life for granted, however. With the Karmic Relationships card out, it really behooves Wonho to always be humble and appreciative in life because many people who come in and out of his life do so for divine reasons. I wonder beyond settling past life conflicts it is so that Wonho can let God in. As I mentioned above, I’m not sure if he is religious or spiritual or not but I get the sense that he isn’t for some reason. In this life, however, Wonho has to contend with the divine and reconnect with spirit. As a Pisces Sun, this is his life mission anyway but for some reason this issue of spirituality and giving and receiving will be a large lesson he undertakes during this lifetime.

Next we have Truth and the Higher Self. Who is Wonho? Who is Wonho in relation to others and without them? How much of him is just another performance? In this life, Wonho is learning what it means to be “real.” The guidebook talks about how this card is all about perceiving life accurately beyond your emotions. While I think this can apply to Wonho, I think the lesson he’s learning is that of authenticity. In his life already he has worn many different hats but which of those hats exemplifies him and what he is about? When he left MONSTA X because he thought it was a noble thing to do, how did he really feel? How did he feel about ex putting him on blast and trying to ruin his career in what looks like out of nowhere?

I don’t think Wonho is “toxically” positive, but I do think he sort of glosses over his deeper feelings by trying to always be righteous in some way. Maybe this is in order to “correct” the past in some way but in this life Wonho will have to confront who he really is and what he really wants and how he’s really feeling. Did he want to truly overwork to the point of exhaustion back then in order to show the world he was actually a stand-up person? Why does he feel the need to always be presentable and pious? It can’t only be because he’s an idol. What is really eating at him? Honesty within himself is a major lesson he will be wrestling with during this lifetime.

With Unconditional Love and Suffering, another major lesson Wonho is learning during this lifetime is how to love, especially himself. His past, although elusive, seems to be plagued by hardship of some kind. I don’t know what kind specifically, but this keeps showing up in some fashion for him. I wonder if in his upbringing he didn’t feel loved which led him to do things he may not be proud of. Whatever the case may be, Wonho is learning about love and suffering. Most people do not want the suffering part, but that is just a fact of this reality. We can’t experience bliss and happiness without also facing that which is negative and painful. For Wonho, especially as a Pisces, he’s learning how to navigate this duality, how love and pain are just two sides of the same coin. Happiness is not eternal but that doesn’t mean we should let our hardships destroy us in the process.

With Unconditional Love specifically, I think Wonho is learning to love and accept himself. There may be a desire to distance himself from his past so others can like him but ignoring what he did and who he was during those times is not living in his truth. Regardless of his transgressions, the universe will always love him and that is something he has to learn. Faith as a topic keeps coming up one way or the other and I think if Wonho learns how to be more spiritual, many things in his life will make more sense to him.

With Suffering, I think this is talking about his idol life and how he wishes to push past exhaustion or pain to keep going like he’s a machine almost. I think in this life he is learning where he begins and ends and how much he can realistically exert. Setbacks are not always bad. Sometimes they are for our own good. If he can’t release that album on that specific date or show up to that shoot or filming when he said he could, he should look at those moments not with frustration but as blessings in disguise. Likewise, he needs to recognize that people won’t abandon him as easily as he thinks. Going so hard to prove himself doesn’t always pan out and can in fact lead to much direr situations if he isn’t careful. I think once he learns to love himself completely, he’ll stop trying so hard to be perfect essentially.

Next, we have Solitude. This card looks very similar to the Student card. As I said back in one of the astrology sections, it seems as though Wonho is learning about independence and/or how he fits into society and outside of it. Additionally, as I also just mentioned in this section, Wonho has to learn to love himself and with this card he likewise has to learn how to be at peace with himself. He’s trying to prove something about himself that perhaps doesn’t need proving. The past and present of who he is, is all of him regardless of his personal feelings on the matter. Once he can see and accept this about himself, the sooner he can achieve internal peace.

Circling back to the Suffering card for a moment, Wonho likes to overwork, I think. That Jupiter opposition in both charts is paramount because Jupiter rules his Sun. The tendency to overdo everything is very possible for Wonho but he needs to scale that back. He is divinely loved and protected. No matter what people say or think matters; what matters in the end is him being one with himself. But that will be hard not only because of his potential insecurities but his karmic relationships.

I already said I think Wonho and his ex have some sort of karmic relationship and it seems as though I was right with this card coming out. It being next to Solitude and under Truth is immensely fascinating as it seems as though what I said about the universe coming in to shake things up for him when he is too involved with others at his own expense is somewhat true as well. The guidebook reads, “Polarity causes conflict and highlights separation. However, because of this, conflict can also result in unity and growth,” (Noel, p. 84). The relationships Wonho makes are for a divine purpose. Whether it is to rehash past life issues or to foster particular life lessons, who Wonho comes into contact with and why are not just mere “coincidences.”

I think during his scandal, Wonho tried to deny he and his ex were a couple but these old pictures says otherwise…

I.M comes to my mind when I look at this card. Back when I cared about MONSTA X, I remember seeing a reading or two that said him and Wonho were very close, almost divinely connected and I think that is true. I don’t think I.M is from a past life but by connecting in this one they are interlinked in some way spiritually. Why, I’m not sure. But perhaps the two are supposed to trigger something within the other.

I.M just recently left Starship but claims he’s still a part of MONSTA X, very much pulling a Ravi. I think him being the second one to leave is interesting considering his and Wonho’s relationship. Wonho may have many relationships that are fated in some way or just experiences a handful of connections as very intense and difficult to break loose from. These are souls that are connected to him beyond the physical. He may have conflicts with them and falling outs but in the end they all serve a divine purpose. With the Loosen Your Grip card, I think it is so that Wonho can learn independence and what a healthy relationship even is and how to love someone else and to be loved. It is under the Unconditional Love card, after all.

Wonho may have stayed in bad situations and relationships that didn’t serve him until circumstances ripped him out of there. In this life he has to learn how to surrender control and fear. With Suffering next to this card, he may cling on to certain things and people because he doesn’t want to suffer or be alone but this codependency he develops doesn’t serve him one bit. He’s much stronger than he thinks he is, especially emotionally, but I think for him, he doesn’t like going at things alone. That may have been so much of his early life, and he doesn’t want to go back to that. But if he cultivates radical self-love and peace within himself, he wouldn’t need to cling on to external factors to feel safe and loved. He would have everything he could ever need within himself. But this is much easier said than done. Wonho is only 29 (if he was born in 1993). He still has his whole life ahead of him. Maybe as he gets older, he’ll be better able to grapple with these lessons and confidentially.

Nat’s Questions ft. Bianca

This reading was actually supposed to be short (lol) and just focus on the few questions Nat from my Discord server had. But I had to get all spiritual and philosophical as usual so here we finally are. The first question she had was, “Does Wonho like men?”

We all see his pictures. We all know him and I.M are very close. We all know he has a tat on his ass. We have all seen other men just out here touching his boobies without permission. (Of course I can’t find the video now smh. 🙄 ) So, what’s the tea?

Unlikely (bottom of the deck)

Aries: Act
Moon: Perception (reverse)
North Node: Future
South Node: Past
Vesta: Hearth
Midheaven: Pinnacle (reverse)
Descendant: Invitation (reverse; bottom of the deck)

We surprisingly got “No.” Under that card was “No!” And at the bottom of the deck was “Unlikely.” Before I looked at those cards I randomly pulled “Yes!” from the deck, but overall, the answer seems to be “no.”

However, with the astrology cards, I wonder if he ever experimented or acted on certain feelings in the past. The Moon being reversed with “Perception” makes me question the “no’s” we got. Coupled with the Vesta card with that flame in the center, I do think there is some feelings towards men that maybe Wonho chooses not to acknowledge. Maybe like many things in his past, that “phase” of his life was in the past. But then we also get the North Node with the Midheaven in reverse. I think all the “queer baiting” he engages with isn’t completely for show…but he knows if he did confirm people’s suspicions that that could be the end of his career.

There is a gay comedian in Korea who was blacklisted when he came out. I’ve seen him on TV sparingly since then, suggesting that Korea let him back on the air in some capacity but I’m sure being openly LGBT is not the move over there. The only other openly LGBT celebrities I know of are Harisu, a trans singer, and Holland, a gay singer. Harisu was before the current Hallyu Wave in the West, and I think she stopped making music anyway so most international fans won’t know her. Holland is newer on the scene, but he isn’t mainstream. There was an incident recently where he was the victim of a homophobic attack. To make matters worse, the President of South Korea has been called a Trump after Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States who was known for his open bigotry and often cited as the cause for white supremacy becoming even more normalized in this retched country. So, acknowledging you may have gay feelings, let alone being open about them, as a public figure is very much suicide for celebrities in Korea. It doesn’t matter how popular they are. But then that still leaves us with why does Wonho post very overt gay “bussy” pics. Let’s ask.

Why does Wonho constantly post bussy and other homoerotic pictures?

Chiron: Heal (reverse)
Ceres: Nurture 
Descendant: Invitation (reverse)
Scorpio: Investigate (reverse)
Midheaven: Pinnacle (reverse)
Pisces: Sensitize (reverse)
Tenth House: Authority (bottom of the deck)
Debilitated: Discomfort (reverse; bottom of the deck)

I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure lol! The answer doesn’t seem very straightforward, but I’ll try to explain what I see.

To be fair, he looks like he’s 12 in some of these pictures lol!

The story Wonho gave for being so big is that a friend of his is a body builder and I guess that inspired him. If you look back to his ulzzang days, he wasn’t huge. He looked to be average size for his height. I wonder with Chiron and Scorpio being reversed that the bigness has to do with Wonho’s past yet again. I don’t know if he was bullied or endured violence in his past or if it was more the psychological aftereffects of poverty, for example, but I feel like Wonho flaunts his size at least because he’s proving to himself and others that he’s not that small, vulnerable little kid anymore. Ceres is out. I don’t use asteroids, but the guidebook makes mention of our relationship to food and how we are mothered and mother others. So, this theme of a hard upbringing continues for Wonho.

Getting physically bigger can be a coping mechanism. All animals do this, puff up to appear larger than they are when threatened, and we humans are no different. A man like Wonho getting jacked can be to let people know that they can’t mess with him anymore. That he’s a different person hence why Scorpio, the sign of inner transformation, is reversed. His pain was externalized as developing a hard outer shell. Although crabs and scorpions are very different, both have a barrier of defense. For scorpions, they also have an extra layer of prevention with their poisonous tail they strike with quickly. So, again, Wonho may be big as a way to protect himself. But then we have all these cards talking about career and how one is perceived by others.

Wonho in his 20s.

Not only did the Midheaven come out again, the most visible point in a natal chart, but the 10th house, the house that carries the Midheaven, at least in non-whole sign house systems. The Midheaven is reversed but the 10th house is upright. One has a castle in the sky in its imagery and the other a mountain with the Sun in the center rather than almost off the card. Wonho is well aware of people’s eyes on him, for his bigness and now for his homoerotic thirst traps. With Debilitated in reverse as well, he doesn’t feel uncomfortable posting such pictures. This isn’t a gay-for-pay type scenario, nor I think one where his company forced him into such skimpy and sexualized outfits like say Kai from EXO who has said he feels uncomfortable in similar outfits and behaves very squeamish in said outfits when not on stage playing his role as the main dancer. Wonho seems to like the attention but then why are most of these cards talking about attention in reverse?

I think with Ceres and Pisces in reverse, Wonho doesn’t want to come off as soft. As strange as that may sound, I think he wants people to really acknowledge his muscles more than anything and how he can be desirable because of them. But you may be thinking, “Then why so many ass pics?” And that’s a very good question lol! Why? Why the short shorts and undies pictures? At the bottom of the deck is the North Node again while the South Node is at the top. This has to do with Wonho’s past and future. There’s something about the two that he is continuously fighting against I want to say. I think he wants to show the world and everyone in it that he is in control, in power, and that he’s just not one to mess with. Clearly, this may be a peculiar way to go about that lol, but with the Midheaven and Descendant in reverse with Pisces also in reverse, it’s like Wonho wants to put a wall up between him everyone else.

I think what he wants us onlookers to focus on is the power in his back and the strength in his legs than ass and crotch, respectively. But considering the previous spread…can we be too sure?

Whatever people may have thought about him in the past is no more. His outfits are skimpy not because he’s appealing to men (at least not directly idk 👀) but to show every inch of his power and mass. How many idols are as jacked as him? No one really lol. Some male idols are muscular and often that is only for their comebacks. Most are lean. Only Wonho has pounds of pure muscle and I think he revels in this fact a bit. I don’t know what demons he’s fighting with, but he plans on winning.

I asked one more time why the bussy pics and got…

Shadow Attribute: Conceals deep fears behind verbal or physical abuse.

Shadow Attribute: Relying on luck rather than hard work.

Shadow Attribute: Places financial gain and control over imparting spiritual insight.

Shadow Attribute: Turns a lyric gift to negative or destructive effect.

Shadow Attribute: Intoxication with destructive power. Destroying others' dreams or potential.

Light Attribute: Delights in the arts without having to be a professional. Alerts you to the danger of becoming superficial in your pursuits.

Light Attribute: Expressing a dimension of life that is just beyond the five senses. Inspiring others to see life symbolically.

So, when Bully flew out, I knew that this was related to what I’ve been saying all throughout this article in that Wonho is desperately trying to prove something of himself, to himself, and to others. As onlookers it just looks like thirst traps but there’s way more to these pics, booty ones and all lol. I keep getting this idea that these pictures are to emphasize his bigness rather than invoke gay panic and thirst. With the Destroyer, it’s once again a message of “Don’t mess with me. I’ve been hitting the gym since last you’ve seen me.” Again, I don’t know what happened in Wonho’s life but something about his past is ever present yet obfuscated.

For the people that know him, I think the message is loud and clear but to onlookers it’s like why is this assumed straight man posting so many pictures of his ass for LMAO. With the Guide card it’s like the Scorpio card in reverse we just saw. There’s more than what meets the eye and Wonho seems very determined and deliberate in this even if we as observers do not understand the significance.

With the Poet, Dilettante, and Artist, I also think these risqué pictures are done for fun. To Wonho, he sees himself as more than just an idol, singer, and performer. He can model, he can lift weights, and he can show his ass along with his abs. No one can really stop him. As I said somewhere else before, people cannot box him in and define him. The notion that idols can’t do something just doesn’t apply to him. If he wants to look like a body builder, so what? If wants to show off his ass because he thinks it looks good, so what? Him being an idol doesn’t restrict him like other people, for better or worse. With all those reverse Midheaven and Descendant cards, people’s opinion of Wonho is all just chatter and background noise. If he wants to do something that isn’t “correct” for an idol to do, oh well. He’ll tempt fate and almost destroy his career in the process then. This is a rather interesting man once you get past his goofiness and cake.

Is he dating anyone?

No! - No - Unlikely

This was a joke question by Bianca in the Discord server, but I thought there wasn’t any harm in asking lol.

“No!” flew out. I also instinctively pulled a card and got “No.” “Unlikely” was at the bottom of the deck.

So Wonho seems to be single. But I wonder if that’s only because he’s busy focusing on his career. 🤔

Is he getting into other ventures besides music (and modeling)?

Unlikely (bottom of the deck)

Dignified: Strength (reverse)
Descendant: Invitation
Retrograde: Review (reverse)
Wonho is a model for Cent Double.

This was the last of Nat’s questions. “No” flew out and “Unlikely” was at the bottom of the deck. With Dignified in reverse, I think Wonho just doesn’t have the time nor energy to do any more than what he’s already doing. Being an idol is more than just being a singer. On stage you better know how to dance. But as a soloist, Wonho has to dance and sing rather well because he doesn’t have anyone else to rely on. With him making his own stage outfits, running a YouTube channel, working out to stay stacked, going on variety shows to stay relevant and promote his music, and also interacting with international fans due to MONSTA X’s international fanbase that was garnered over the years (Wonho has recently broken into the Japanese market as well), Wonho is booked and busy. He models and has done musicals too like most other idols. So, I think he’s just trying to manage his current workload before adding to it.

With the Descendant out but upright I think entities have reached out to Wonho for partnerships, sponsorships, and whatever else but with Retrograde in reverse he may have turned them down with some feelings of regret. The person in this card is looking back a bit uncertain. That was likely Wonho in those moments. He understands that he likely has to take all that he can get as a solo artist in a subsidiary label of a much larger one. Plus, with his scandal, he may think he can’t afford to be picky.

Even so, I think after his collapse a couple of years ago, he had to scale things back. He was doing way too much and forgot that he was human and not superhuman despite his muscles. He needs breaks and rest like everyone else. So that is likely why he isn’t doing much else outside of his current activities. I feel like this at the discretion of a medical or health professional, however.

Even so, I think after his collapse a couple of years ago, he had to scale things back. He was doing way too much and forgot that he was human and not superhuman despite his muscles. He needs breaks and rest like everyone else. So that is likely why he isn’t doing much else outside of his current activities. I feel like this at the discretion of a medical or health professional, however.

I feel like Wonho is often conflicted when he is presented with opportunities because his gut instinct may be to say “yes” without much thought but the words of someone else is in his ear discouraging him for his own good. I just see him in bed on his phone with a thermos being slightly depressed because he’s “resting.” So yeah.

A picture similar to what I was seeing in my head.

That’s all I have for you all. Do you all feel like you know who Wonho is now? Lee Hoseuk? Let me know in the comments below!


Brennan, C. (2017). Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune. Amor Fati Publications.




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