October 2022 Predictions

It’s cold AF but also hot AF. 🤔

October 2022 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits and aspects for October 2022?

Oct. 2 Mercury turns direct at 24°22’ Virgo (domicile and exaltation)
Oct. 8 Pluto turns direct at 26°22’ Capricorn
Oct. 9 Full Moon in Aries
Oct. 10 Mercury re-enters Libra
Oct. 23 Venus enters Scorpio (detriment), the Sun enters Scorpio, Saturn turns direct at 18°35’ Aquarius (domicile)
Oct. 25 Solar eclipse at 1°59’ Scorpio at 10:48 AM UT
Oct. 28 Jupiter re-enters Pisces (domicile)
Oct. 29 Mercury enters Scorpio
Oct. 30 Mars stations retrograde at 25°36’ Gemini

Oct. 1 Mercury rx opposite Neptune rx, Venus opposite Jupiter rx, Saturn rx square Uranus rx
Oct. 6 Mercury trine Pluto rx
Oct. 9 Mars square Neptune rx
Oct. 11 Sun trine Saturn rx
Oct. 12 Mercury opposite Jupiter rx
Oct. 13 Venus trine Saturn rx
Oct. 17 Sun trine Mars
Oct. 18 Venus trine Mars
Oct. 19 Sun conjunct Venus, Sun square Pluto, Venus square Pluto
Oct. 22 Mercury trine Saturn rx
Oct. 27 Mercury trine Mars, Mercury square Pluto

October is going to be an interesting month, and I say that because many planets are turning direct. We start out with Mercury on the 2nd and then Pluto by the 8th. Then shortly after this we have a Full Moon in Aries. I think if September was a month of reorganization, then October will be about taking decisive action from that, at least until the end of the month because Mars goes retrograde. But for early October, I think it is less about getting your bearings and more about assessing what you can do now moving forward. But this is complicated a lot by the negative aspects also taking place this month.

We start out the month with Mercury retrograde still opposing Neptune retrograde and now Venus opposing Jupiter retrograde as well. September may have been a bit confusing and caused a lot of back and forth mentally for some of you. I think with oppositions to Jupiter and Neptune, especially, it’s about being more realistic about something. Jupiter can be a bit ostentatious and loud while Neptune can get lost in the sauce and glamor or idealization of things. With the planets moving from the objective, albeit sometimes indecisive, Libra to the more analytical and resourceful Scorpio, many things will start falling away in October—illusions, delusions, and wish fulfillments that unfortunately may never be.

It’s interesting that Scorpio’s modern ruler of Pluto goes direct this month, but its traditional ruler of Mars will go retrograde. Pluto is all about going deep and purging and purifying what no longer serves us. It’s a very slow-moving process as Pluto is the slowest moving planet in our solar system. It going direct suggests that the inner work, at least within Pluto’s domain, is done for now. We must shift gears to our outer reality at this time. This will be difficult for many, however, as Saturn retrograde and Uranus retrograde will continue to square exactly by degree all month long.

In many ways, some of us won’t have to make the painstaking decision of what works for us and what doesn’t because the universe may just come in and bulldoze over those things for us. However, since this is a square involving Saturn of all planets, there can be considerable resistance. Resistance to your own purging and cleansing by others and the world or you towards others and the world. Saturn is currently domicile and while Aquarius does overcome Taurus, Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius. So, we have a very precarious tug-and-pull here. Both Aquarius and Taurus are fixed as well, meaning that they will not budge from their positions, complicating this intense square even more.

Month after month I’ve talked about the pandemic and government incompetence, at least here in the U.S. And while that remains (e.g., 400-500 people are still dying from Covid but the president declares that the pandemic to be “over”; the apathetic sentiment to monkeypox both by the government and general public; etc.), I think October will be more about the internal, emotional work we are all collectively doing. The world outside of us is constantly changing but oftentimes we forget about what is going on inside of us. With the cleaning up, organizing energy of last month being carried over to this month, decisions will be made that will likely change some of your lives forever.

Mars rules Scorpio. It is a malefic but a necessary one like Saturn. Mars cuts. It represents what is “sharp and abrupt” (Valens, 2nd CE as cited in Brennan, 2017, p. 176). For many of you, October involves ripping off that band-aid you’ve had on for far too long. Or, for others of you, it’s time to finally treat that wound you’ve been ignoring. It’s time to heal.

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Healing is never an easy process, even physically. Sometimes bones are broken and popped out of their sockets. The trauma and hurt we carry also affects our bodies. Scorpio is a water sign, and our bodies are 80% water. The emotional and spiritual are always important and works with our bodies, influencing them and vice versa. Shutting off one in favor of the other never works for us. When it comes to healing or “moving on,” both sides have to be treated but both can heal at different rates.

Water is elusive. Yes, it can be contained but it always morphs into whatever we put it in. It can be clear, or it can be murky. Depending on what’s going on in the sky, it can be both or change in appearance from one to the other and back again with ease. So, while many of you will try to unravel the mess of your lives and iron it out, don’t be completely frustrated by the process. Three planets are turning direct this month while one goes retrograde at the very tail end. This redirection of energy alongside various conflicting aspects will not be easy. It may even be jarring and disorienting! But if you take things one at a time, you can make it through.

Indeed, October is a packed month, especially towards the end. Almost back-to-back we have Saturn turning direct, Venus entering Scorpio (its detriment), the Sun entering Scorpio, a solar eclipse in Scorpio, Jupiter retrograding back into Pisces, and then Mars turning retrograde. Whew! There will be a lot of emotional energy in the air, but it won’t be overt.

The solar eclipse will occur at 1°59’ Scorpio at 10:48 AM UT

Scorpio is the most secretive sign of the Zodiac. But don’t get it twisted, it feels a lot. It feels so much but those feelings rarely rise to the surface. That is, until they can no longer be contained. With all this shifting of environments for some of you, everything may come to a head at the end of the month. I think around the eclipse, a final decision may be made. For some of you, that will likely involve cutting someone and/or something out your life for good. For some reason I’m seeing someone kicking their addiction.

Neptune is modernly associated with drugs and these oppositions to the planet last and this month could have been your low point. Indeed, with Pluto going direct, something drastic could have happened that made you realize that you needed to be clean and more present in life. This journey will be difficult and will likely kick your ass towards the end of the month, but I see whoever this is being able to keep moving forward and enter a phase of sobriety either this month or months down the line. I’m not sure who that was for but I’m rooting for you!

Overall, I think October will be a test of wills, especially for those of you wanting to break away from something or someone. There’s some intense transits and aspects, especially, this month that may make some of you want to throw in the towel and go back to that darker place you just left. The transition from dependency to independence is where people are at their most vulnerable and raw. Lots of things are suddenly shifting in the other direction, something we can see readily as the Scorpio planets will oppose Uranus in Taurus. It can be easy to get overwhelmed but think about all the work you have done already and how far you have come. If you were able to get that far, you can accomplish even more in due time. Slow and steady can in fact win the race when we are gentle with ourselves and go over our plans one more time. Take it easy in October.

Oracle Messages

Fire Signs

Jupiter: Abundance (reverse)
Second House: Owning
Sun: Spirit
Moon: Soul

The Sun (reverse)
Judgment (reverse)
2 of Needles (swords)
3 of Needles
4 of Needles

Loss: Healer Guides

Cat: Let's follow this spirit animal and embark on a profound journey of self discovery.

Wolf: Emphasize a deep connection with your intuition and instincts.

For you all, October does seem like it will be about healing and dealing with hardship like I said in the astrology section above and on Instagram. I said this last month but what I tend to write for the astrology does seem to carry over to the cards in some fashion. For the fire signs, your emotions are at an all-time high in October.

For some of you, this is due money-related issues. Some of you may be stressing about your finances and worrying about having enough. Jupiter is the planet of luck and large sums of money, but it’s reversed here. Curiously, however, the Second House is not though. I take this to mean that some of you may not have big money in the bank. That is, your savings are dwindling away but you still have cash flowing in. Some of you may be moving or changing jobs and that can be the reason for this disparity in money. The Sun in astrology represents status and reputation while the Moon travel. So, this can indeed be the case.

Realizing how little money you have to survive day-to-day can make you rather depressed this month with the reversed Sun in the tarot. The 2 of Presents didn’t come out but the list in the Judgment card sort of carries that energy of trying to balance a checkbook. Some of you may be trying to organize a list of what you need and how you can accomplish it all within this month. But with the 2 of Needles, you may be stressed out and stuck on the “how” part. There may just be a lot to do in October, which is interesting because we have the 4 of Needles out, suggesting that you may need to take a time out here and approach things one step at a time. With many cards speaking of intuition and not just using your logical mind to problem solve here, you may have to think outside the box in October and be guided by something. It may be a cat, who knows! Whatever it is, it may help you out during this difficult time of transition.

For others of you, you may not be experiencing money issues but relationship problems. The 3 of Needles speaks of heartbreak and sometimes even betrayal. Coupled with the Loss card, there can be some unresolved emotions that surface in October. Indeed, the Moon is out and is linked to our emotions. With the 4 of Needles, some of you may have ignoring or icing out these feelings and just autopiloting through life. Well, not anymore. As I said in the astrology section, October will be about healing and purging. With Jupiter in reverse, you may feel as though nothing will go right this month, but it is only so to break down your defenses and force you to deal with these emotions and thoughts that have been plaguing you under the surface.

The 2 of Swords is often depicted as a woman with a blindfold on with two swords crossed at her chest. It is the middle of the night. Here, Sally looks depressed making Jack his Sandy Claws outfit so he can be a culture vulture. There are so many things she wants to say to him but every time she tries to talk to him, he talks all over her and dismisses her worries about his little plan. This is you towards your emotions. You deflect, minimize, and ignore. These feelings haven’t disappeared but were added to a long list of other repressed issues and memories. Whatever has happened recently has been interwoven into the fabric of other unresolved problems. And all of this will rise to the surface in October.

A skeleton in a bright red outfit will come to your door during this month with a “present” it has haphazardly made just for you. And once you open it, everything inside will jump out and give you a true fright. Yes, October seems rather messy emotionally for you all. But it’s all for a reason. Something has been brewing under the surface for far too long. You must confront it. When you do, you can finally experience it and release it, ridding it of your life for good. Then a new chapter of your life will commence.

Water Signs

Moon: Soul (reverse)
First House: The Body
Twelfth House: Escape
Tenth House: The World (reverse)

5 of Potions (cups)
3 of Needles (swords)
4 of Needles
2 of Needles
Page of Candles (wands)

Judgment: Higher Self

Horse: Find the balance between [the] instinctive and tamed part[s] of your personality.

Universe: Always be in harmony with the universe.

A rather interesting reading! If we follow the progression of your element’s readings, there has been a narrative going on where you all have just been ravaged by your emotions. But somewhat recently you finally left behind a person or situation that was causing all of this and have since been on a journey of self-discovery and -exploration. However, it seems as though you all have hit a brick wall recently. Last month I said someone, or something, may come back to you and that you would either be on the offensive, defensive, or fleeing from the confrontation altogether. It seems like whatever happened then has led to an emotional spiral presently. The 5 of Potions speaks of heartache and I feel rumination of what happened and what could have happened. The 3 of Needles is about a breakup or betrayal and just sad feelings as well. With the 4 of Needles, you may been thinking about this situation even as you slept, and when you weren’t sleeping you were up thinking about it as you went about your day with the 2 of Needles.

Emotionally, some of you may be fatigued while others of you overwhelmed and anxious. Whichever it is, many of you are running away into fantasy and spirituality. You are using your mind not to problem solve but escape from reality. It’s very interesting that the Universe card says “Always be in harmony with the universe” because running away from your physical, waking problems is definitely not that. Some people seem to believe that practicing a strange nonattachment to this world makes them spiritually enlightened, but it doesn’t. It demonstrates that they’re emotionally immature and like to come up with wild excuses to avoid responsibility and hard work.

Living in this world is tough. It really is but that doesn’t give us the okay to always run away from it and expect the circumstances in our lives to be sorted out by the time we come back. No. During the month of October you have to get your head out of the clouds and participate in your life. You all are likely highly intuitive and spiritual, but these gifts are not meant to be used to avoid dealing with the physical and material. You are a human being with a physical body. You are no longer a soul up with the stars chilling. You are down here experiencing a 3D reality. This involves being present in everything that you do and using your mind to find tangible, logical solutions to your problems. Being in harmony with the universe involves being in harmony with yourself first.

Earth Signs

Sun: Spirit (reverse)
Taurus: I have
Yod: Destiny (reverse)

The Star
3 of Needles (swords; reverse)
5 of Potions (cups; reverse)

Suffering: Divine Teachers
Shadow: Divine Healers

Feather: Be honest with yourself. There is somewhere in your life where you haven't been upfront.

Heart: Believe in your heart that you are meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.

It’s very interesting how all the readings so far have the same message but is wrapped in different colored paper. For you all, there seems to be a past situation that hasn’t really closed out. You may believe that you’re “over” that person or situation, but the reality is that you are not deep down inside. Deep within yourself you are still hurting even if the pain feels dull right now. You are carrying some sorrow with you that needs to be addressed.

For the earth element, ignoring a problem until it stops bothering you is often a go-to. Sometimes it feels like only the fire signs truly attack something head on lol. But it’s true. Earth signs don’t usually go out of their way to deal with problems. If they can walk right on pass it without an issue, it will and often does. But as one can imagine, that’s not really healthy.

You all can say how “unbothered” you are until you’re blue in the face, the fact of the matter is, is that you are bothered but won’t admit it. There is something that still eats at you that is rising to the surface in October and at the behest of your spiritual team. Yes, your spirit guides, etc. are stepping in to help you. They may trigger you in October but only so that you can properly deal with whatever this is. Whether you did something in the wrong, or someone else did, or you both ended up hurting each other, you are meant to finally heal. I get the sense that many of you have been silently beating yourself up over whatever this is, and the message is to no longer carry those feelings. It is okay to move on. You’re not a bad person. There is light and dark in everyone. It is time to stop punishing yourself.

Air Signs

Saturn Return: Age (reverse)
South Node: Life's Debts
Chiron: Healing

9 of Needles (swords; reverse)
6 of Presents (pentacles)
7 of Presents 

Life Force: Aphrodite

Moon: Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you. Then you will see your own light as radiant as the full moon.

You all have always gotten much different readings from the rest of the elements even if the basic idea still runs throughout the message. In either case, as I said on Instagram, it seems like October will be another opportunity to properly close out a karmic situation, whether that involves a karmic relationship or a karmic lesson you were supposed to learn. Whatever the case, I feel like you all didn’t follow the plan laid out and set into motion for you. You experienced a heartbreaking betrayal or falling out, but you didn’t absorb the higher purpose of that devastating event. You all were left so distraught and frazzled by what happened that you couldn’t register why it happened.

Things don’t just happen “just because.” They are often meant to serve some higher spiritual purpose and you all went through something hard and tragic to set something else in motion. It seems like that something was to be more discerning with who you call friends, hash out some past life relationship that didn’t close out properly, and/or to be more spiritual in your waking life. The exact reason will vary for each of you, but the undercurrent seems to be that you all were supposed to grow from whatever situation you were in earlier this year but haven’t.

You all may have been too logical about it or just so utterly confused by it that you couldn’t grasp what was happening behind the scenes on the other side. A debt had to be repaid, a cycle finally closed, and some healing beginning. But that hasn’t happened yet for you all.

So, in October, the divine will likely intervene once again to give you another opportunity to try again. They may make things clearer for you all so you can more readily see what they’re trying to make you see. So do not be surprised if old issues suddenly start to pop up again or the same circumstances that led to this pivotal moment earlier in the year repeats in some way. You are meant to learn something spiritual here and become more enlightened. Allow that change to take place.

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Brennan, C. (2017). Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune. Amor Fati Publications.

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