Monkeypox: Why Is The Government Making It A ‘Gay Issue’?

Was I right?

Recently in my Discord server, Harv showed me this tweet someone made about an article the Daily Mail posted.

OG Tweet: They are going to kill queer people over monkeypox stories being presented like this.

Daily Mail headline: US records first two CHILD monkeypox cases: California toddler and an infant in D.C. were likely infected by 'household contacts' and both had contact with gay or bisexual men, CDC chief says

I would like to assume that the people who read my blog don’t live under a rock and aren’t obtuse on purpose but this headline is beyond disgusting. Implying that these children only got monkeypox due to predatory gay/bi men is ancient homophobic rhetoric. Monkeypox is primarily spread by skin-to-skin contact, prolonged face-to-face contact, touching objects that an infected person interacted with, among other methods of contact. Not to mention that the virus has been shown to jump to animals. So, if you had the virus, it is extremely easy to pass it on just like the Corona virus.

But monkeypox in the West has been presented as this sexual disease, some experts even going so far as to theorize it’s an STI/D or behaves like one at least, that only affects degenerate men–the gay and bisexual, the ones who have sex with other men. What’s been so fascinating about this very obvious homophobic framing is that monkeypox outbreaks across the African continent have never been perceived nor pushed as a “gay issue.” Yes, while Western homophobia is going into overdrive, across the world, this virus is treated like any other epidemic: with care, tact, and seriousness.

In the U.S., and apparently in the UK that is ever falling into a full fascist state, there has been little to no action taken in curbing the spread of the virus. I honestly believe it’s because of not only how awfully Covid was and continues to be handled, but also because gay and bi men were able to be successful scapegoats by the government. Indeed, just based off my own viewing habits, the news has done little to effectively communicate just how dire monkeypox is, what symptoms to look out for, and most importantly, what to do if you did in fact contact it. This latter part has been so abysmally handled. Vaccines are hard to come by (especially if you’re not white) and based on anecdotes, hospitals are very dismissive of anyone who isn’t a gay/bi man coming in and saying that they might have it.

A friend’s mom has symptoms of monkeypox and they won’t test her but told her AT THE HOSPITAL that it looks like monkeypox but as she is not gay she shouldn’t be tested. She’s a massage therapist and could have caught it at work.

They specifically told her she doesn’t meet criteria for testing. This was at a large hospital in the Piedmont (NC)

Quick note: they were able to get an appointment for a test not at a hospital.

Seeing all of this, I decided to read on why the government was trying to handwave monkeypox away as a “gay issue” they could ignore like they did HIV/AIDS. What I got, I was actually initially hesitant to share. To have my suspicions confirmed made me uneasy about the potential reaction. But after talking to the rest of my server, I posted what I found on my Instagram back in mid-August. Here it is.

Homophobia pt. 1

Mercury Retrograde: Reinvention
Scorpio: I transform
Eleventh House: Friends
Earth Element: Stability
Part of Fortune: Increase
Sagittarius: I see

Addict - Light Attribute: Helps you recognize and confront addictive behavior.

Servant - Light Attribute: Delight in serving others with a free and loving heart.

Rescuer - Light Attribute: Provides strength and support to others in crisis. Acts out of love with no expectation of reward.

Avenger - Shadow Attribute: Resorting to violence in the name of a cause.

I feel like this is a bit similar to how abortion rights were overturned. What I mean by that is that it’s no secret that the dominate thinking is that gayness is a “sin” and that most people don’t want it “in their faces.” Gay people being able to marry and be open relatively safely depending on the location, is seen as a step “backwards” to bigots and the government. Like politicians championing the reversal of Roe v. Wade, making monkeypox a “gay disease” is yet another strategy to make gayness weird and unsavory again. That is why Mercury Retrograde came out. The dominate narrative that gayness is wrong in every area of life hasn’t been the norm for the past decade. We have drag shows on cable and streaming platforms. Trans women were breaking out as actresses. And “too many” people were supporting and celebrating this. By pinning a new (it’s been known since the 70s in Africa at least) mysterious disease on an already marginalized group of people who have been receiving much more acceptance over time, it’s a more nefarious way to “course correct” what was “led astray”: heterosexuality.

The Scorpio card reminds me of the AIDS epidemic which actually coincided with Pluto’s transit in the sign. Under this card is the Part of Fortune, a very prosperous and lucky symbol in astrology. Why would that be there unless it was to indicate that the government thinks making monkeypox a “gay thing” would be effective propaganda in an ever escalating world against the LGBT+ community?

With the 11th house, the imagery is interesting. It shows three statues very close together. Two are face-to-face. Gay men are a part of the LGBT+ community. This is a targeted attack against them as the attack on trans women has been focused on bathroom and high school sports legislature. By making monkeypox a “gay disease,” all facets of the community are targeted. That is what the government sees with the Sagittarius card.

The archetype cards are interesting as only one came out reversed and that is perhaps the worst one. “Resorting to violence in the name of a cause.” That cause is homophobia. The other cards support this in their imagery, especially the Addict card which shows a person pushing back against wind or water. The heart shaped floaty in the Rescuer card is the “sanctity of marriage” or love “only between a man and a woman.” Servant shows that the government is serving a conservative agenda. The tea is the propaganda.

Homophobia pt. 2

Grand Cross: Provoker
Chiron: Healing (reverse)
Gemini: I think (reverse)
Cancer: I feel (reverse)
Black Moon Lilith: Mystery
Twelfth House: Escape

Engineer - Light Attribute: Ability to give creative energy a practical application. Talent for designing resolutions to common dilemmas.

Shape-shifter - Shadow Attribute: Projecting any image that serves your personal agenda in the moment.

Slave - Light Attribute: Surrendering your power of choice to the Divine with complete trust.

Samaritan - Light Attribute: Refines your capacity to help those you would prefer to ignore.

I pulled more cards. They are confirming that is on purpose and that the government is using gay and bi men as a scapegoat. We literally have “Projecting any image that serves your personal agenda in the moment” out. Provoker is out as well and was the first card to come out. Chiron reversed is interesting. They may continue to withhold medicine and treating this disease as an epidemic for a while longer, until the people they care about start to catch it. So, yeah, their intent has been clearly laid out.

So, that is what I got at the time. Based on the continued apathy and horrendous headlines like those presented at the start of the article, my predictions seem fairly accurate thus far, unfortunately. With the Covid pandemic being declared “over,” it is safe to assume that there will be no large efforts to curb the spread of this virus. After all, it only effects men who have sex with men… smh.

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