Quinta Brunson: All Those Glitters Squandered

We can never shine.

The Emmys were on Monday, and I did not watch. However, I heard Quinta Brunson won an Emmy and her show Abbott Elementary three! This was all eclipsed by Jimmy Kimmel laying on the floor during Quinta’s speech, though. He apologized to her on his show and the two seemed to have made amends…or did they? Nosy as ever, I’m here to get the scope spiritually.

How did Quinta feel about winning an Emmy and her show three?

Man Holding A Coin
Walking Away

The Hanged Man (reverse)
Justice (reverse)
The Wheel of Fortune (reverse)
The Hermit (reverse)
2 of Presents (pentacles)

I honestly wasn’t expecting this. I thought more happy cards would come out but only one did—Cornucopia. With the 2 of Presents under it, these Emmy wins were being juggled with the theatrics of Jimmy Kimmel. Yes, although Quinta claims she wasn’t that bothered by his “bit,” the cards are telling a much different story. I think this Man Holding A Coin is Jimmy. With the Hanged Man under it, Quinta wasn’t really feeling him, but I think a bit more so after the fact when people were calling him out. It was her big moment, something she may have just dreamed of manifesting into reality, but it is now forever eclipsed by Jimmy. In the Hanged Man card in this deck, you see Sandy Claws is surrounded by what looks like evil spirits. This is Jimmy getting all the backlash. But if you notice in the following Justice card, Jack is at the podium trying to give a speech. He has an audience but it’s competing with what’s going on with Sandy Claws. Metaphorically, this is of course what happened on stage where Jimmy laid on the floor during the entirety of Quinta’s speech.

Quinta’s acceptance speech ft. Jimmy Kimmel

I think in the moment she forgot about him like she claims, but reading all the headlines and reactions being about Jimmy and not her, hurt her and made her rightfully pissed at him. What he did was selfish, and to be honest, not even “funny.” With all the racist vitriol being hurled at The Little Mermaid teaser and now this, black people, black women specifically, are not being allowed to shine because of white supremacy. Regardless of Jimmy’s “intentions,” and even his supposed “apology” after the fact, the truth of the matter is that he stepped on Quinta to make her moment, which is historic for black people, black women especially, about him, and Quinta recognizes that even if she’s keeping it cute because she’s deep in Hollywood and the public eye right now.

With The Wheel of Fortune, it’s like her luck ran out or the dart hit a bad score. When things were looking up for her, someone had to snatch the rug up from under her. She couldn’t even bask in her greatness because it had to be shared with someone who thinks they’re “funny.”

With this all being said though, Quinta is trying to put her best foot forward and move on from this situation with the Walking Away card. When I first looked at this card, I thought it was portraying Quinta looking at Jimmy on the floor as she was about to give her speech. From afar, the woman in the card looks disgusted and I believe Quinta did feel this way, even if only briefly. With the Justice card under this one, this is confirmation that this “walking away” is related to her speech. Quinta is trying to be the bigger person here and I think avoid further headache. With a certain demographic already up in arms about a cartoon mermaid from almost 20 years being portrayed by a black actress in a new live action rendition of the film, I think Quinta just wants to nip this whole situation in the bud and move on. However, we have the Hostilities card out.

I think this is the backlash, of course, the justified anger people have towards Jimmy. With the Hermit reversed though, Quinta may not know how to deal with this. She’s putting on a brave face but like Monster Who Lives Under the Stairs that is represented in this card, perhaps she wishes to sweep this whole fiasco under some stairs. The Hermit usually talks about withdrawal and even loneliness when reversed. So, this may actually be Jimmy’s energy a bit. I made a joke in my Discord server about how it seems like every two to four business months, Jimmy runs his mouth and says something that causes him to leave his show while the network scrambles to find any black celebrity available to host it to show how he’s “totally not racist” despite continued “mistakes.” I think he may go on another “break” or be more low-key moving forward and attentive when people speak. I feel like he is remorseful which is interesting. And he may make efforts to “correct” what he’s done, like going out of his way to compliment Quinta and other black women in television, for example. I think the general public will see it as performative, which it is but not in the usual sense. He’ll be genuine about making amends. He already apologized to Quinta to her face and on camera, so he’s doing all the right things so far.

How did Quinta feel about that man [Jimmy Kimmel] being on the floor during her speech?

Third Chakra, Archangel Chamuel
Second Chakra, Archangel Ariel 
Journey (bottom of the deck)

Ace of Candles (wands; reverse)
The High Priestess
The Hanged Man (reverse)
Page of Potions (cups)
2 of Presents (pentacles)

So, for one, she wasn’t enthused but again I think this was after the fact. After seeing how people weren’t talking about her necessarily but Jimmy on the floor made her upset. But even so, like with the previous spread, she is actually trying to move on, and I do think forgive Jimmy but not forget what he did if that makes sense. Like I feel as though she does in fact accept his apology and believe he is sincere in it, but she’s made a mental note of him and his behavior. I feel like she’ll keep an emotional distance from him moving forward but let us interpret the cards.

With the Energy Oracle Cards, I think Quinta is choosing to be appreciative of all the wins she got that night at the Emmys instead of focusing on the mess that surrounds it. The guidebook mentions that in the Appreciation card, the woman is choosing to focus on the rose in her hand and not the bramble bushes behind her and I think Quinta is doing something similar. She could be upset about this white man levying his whiteness to steal her shine as a black woman in such a historic moment but like I said before, Quinta is choosing to be the bigger person here. She seems very grounded and humble, and this attitude is what is allowing her to still be happy and glowing. Even so, with Journey, she wants to walk away from this situation. She doesn’t want it to be long and drawn out and rehashed every other month. It happened so let’s all just get over it. But the tarot is telling a slightly different story.

With the High Priestess, I feel like in some way Quinta doesn’t know what to feel exactly. Of course, she’s ecstatic about winning an Emmy and her show several more. But on the other hand, why did Jimmy Kimmel have to steal her thunder? With the 2 of Presents out again, it’s like she’s of these two minds, appreciative, yes, but also perturbed. “Angry” is not the emotion I’m feeling here. “Annoyance” may be another good word but whatever it is, Quinta is sort of mentally flip flopping on how she feels a bit. I think the people around her are sort of fanning the flames, telling her just how disrespectful his actions were and all that. They don’t mean to do this maliciously; it’s just the fact of the matter and how white people tend to do this whenever we get awards and other accolades. They have to make the entire situation about them one way or the other. Regardless of their supposed intentions or fringed ignorance, what Jimmy Kimmel did was a classic act of racism. I’m not getting into the whole “calling someone racist and their actions racist are different” thing so if you’re mad just close the tab. What he did was racist in context regardless of his intentions and feelings and his subsequent apology to Quinta. And I think because the people around her and people online are being rather firm in their expression of this, Quinta’s feeling mildly conflicted on the situation.

I do think there is genuine annoyance about Jimmy’s “bit” but how the whole thing grew after the fact is what has Quinta a bit “confused.” Confused is in scarce quotes because as I have mentioned, she’s trying to move on. Getting upset and turning around and being like “No, actually” is not something she wants to do but she may feel pressure to do so. I think Quinta is a very gracious person. If someone apologizes to her, she takes it at face value. I don’t think she tries to “read between the lines.” If a person says it’s their word, why would she believe otherwise? I think this is why the Page of Potions is here. I don’t want to say Quinta’s thinking is “juvenile,” but the Page is a rather young person in the tarot, and the Page of Cups specifically can represent children. “Simplistic” may be a better word here. When it comes to her emotions and emotional matters, Quinta may be a person that likes simplicity and things to be smoothed over. Her Moon can potentially be in Libra, so this makes sense. As a result, I think she does forgive Jimmy and is trying to see the silver lining in this situation: she won an Emmy and her show got three of them! Dreams do come true!

What was Jimmy Kimmel’s reasoning behind not getting off the floor?

Woman Holding A Heart
Door to Spirit (reverse)
Adjacent Possibilities
Man Holding A Coin (reverse)
Hostilities (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Ace of Potions (cups)
Queen of Candles (wands)
6 of Presents (pentacles)
3 of Candles (wands)
3 of Presents (pentacles)

It actually seems like Jimmy laid there out of respect for Quinta. Yes, he didn’t move because, while he was committed to the “bit” with the Man Holding A Coin out again and in reverse, he also didn’t want to disrupt her while speaking. It’s funny, isn’t it? The cards are saying he read the room in that sense, that getting up would be rude and distracting, but not him lying there. However, let me not say that because we do have cards that speak of him potentially changing course and leaving the stage.

The Door to Spirit being reversed is so interesting. I think his intuition was trying to tell him this wasn’t the move but he didn’t listen or is a bit removed from this side of himself so he couldn’t even hear the advice. Indeed, in situations like these that blow up, I always see readers say the same thing—someone was trying to tell them beforehand, but they didn’t listen. This is another classic example. But I think as he laid there and perhaps even when Quinta called out to him one last time before she started her speech, he realized he messed up and had a very narrow window of opportunity to leave but he simply didn’t. The Adjacent Possibilities card explicitly speaks of this, how there are numerous unconsidered options. The 3 of Candles carries this energy too, of planning and consideration, and often being happy with the choices made. While Quinta was walking up, when she called to him the first time, when she addressed him the second time, these were all cues, options, for him to leave and abandon the “bit” but he stubbornly stayed.

I looked up his chart out of curiosity and Jimmy is a Scorpio which I found interesting. As a fixed sign, he’s stubborn and committed to things he undertakes even if the “joke” has long overstayed its welcome. I think it’s funny that the 3 of Presents is depicted as two monsters wheelbarrowing presents because how Will Arnett brought Jimmy on stage was by dragging him by the leg. I think with this card, Jimmy is slightly justifying his actions by roping Will in on it. They both decided the joke was funny and thus something they should both carry out. However, Will is not getting flack, Jimmy is and rightfully so. Will wasn’t awkwardly “pretend drunk” on the floor of someone’s acceptance speech for the entire world to see. Will was smart, Jimmy wasn’t. Sucks to suck.

So, this is what I see. The Hostilities card being at the bottom of the deck but reversed tells me that Jimmy’s intentions weren’t that of white hostility and envy. He genuinely thought the joke was funny. And while he did find it funny, he knew he messed up. Out of respect for Quinta, the Queen of Candles here, he chose to stay on the floor and let her shine. Little did he know that he did the exact opposite, smh.

Is Jimmy Kimmel truly remorseful? Does Quinta accept his apology?


The World 
Temperance (reverse)
Knight of Presents (pentacles; reverse)

5 of Needles (swords; reverse)
Knight of Needles (reverse)
The Fool
The Moon (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Very interesting! While shuffling for Jimmy, “No” was flipped over in the deck but I thought maybe I just didn’t flip it over before I started to shuffle. But with “Unlikely” coming out for him and “No!” for Quinta… I think the message is clear.

The World card speaks of accomplishments, travel, and an ending of a cycle. I think here it’s more representative of how the world had eyes on Jimmy and how they contained daggers. I think he apologized because it was the right thing to do but it seems like that’s not what he truly felt in his heart. And this is seen with Temperance being in reverse. Many cards in tarot speak of balance but Temperance takes on a much more spiritual tone. It’s interesting that we’re getting spiritual messages for Jimmy. In either case, his heart was not in that apology. If he is remorseful, it’s because of the backlash. Quinta got almost all swords cards which speaks of communication. The face the potions make in the Temperance card is also sinister. If things were all well and good, then didn’t a card with more positive imagery come out and upright?

The Knight of Presents is interesting. This is the slowest knight of the tarot. In the traditional Rider-Waite, the Knight is actually still on his horse with a pentacle in his hand, suggesting that he’s thinking. In this deck we have an elf checking off or reviewing a list. Jimmy coming out and “apologizing” is almost routine at this point. He says or does something, and the public gets rightfully upset, and he goes on a subsequent apology tour like other celebrities. Rinse and repeat. The Knight of Pentacles when reversed also apparently indicates broken promises and apathy. So, the “No” initially flipping over wasn’t a mistake.

Jimmy’s apology to Quinta

For Quinta, I’m still seeing she just wants to move on despite apparently not taking his apology to heart. The 5 of Swords when reversed speaks of reconciliation and the end of fighting that is seen when upright. The Knight of Swords when reversed too talks about not wanting to pursue something, perhaps because the person is scattered in thought. I think for Quinta it’s too much effort to make this bigger than it already is. With the Fool, she wants to begin anew and start over fresh, not with Jimmy necessarily, but from this situation involving him. As we’ve seen from the other spread, she’s just trying to be appreciative of even getting an Emmy at all and her show a few more. To turn the thing that happened between her and Jimmy into a “conversation” or “dialogue” or even “teaching moment” is to belabor the point. What happened happened is what I’m getting from Quinta. Does she’s genuinely accept his apology? The cards are saying “no” but they’re also saying she doesn’t think it’s worth her time to get something sincere from him either.

The Moon at the back of the deck for Quinta is interesting. Reversed, it indicates secrets revealed. I think she knows Jimmy was full of it and I think she’s been considering what everyone has been saying to her and online and she’s a bit more convinced now. That is probably why “no” came out and strongly for her. She could sense that this was more to save his butt than anything else, which is interesting because Jimmy’s cards for why he stayed on the floor seemed so sincere. But feelings can change and when we’re dealing with someone who constantly “fucks up,” they know people are growing tired of them and their “antics.” And not just the public but other, higher up people we don’t see but these individuals do. Once those people are whispering and talking, that’s the time these individuals who always get into mess start to switch their tune a bit. So, this was very interesting. I seriously was not expecting this based on how the prior spreads went and the emotion I was picking up on. I guess that just goes to show you that Jimmy is a Scorpio through and through.

To switch gears, Abbott Elementary is being sued by a woman named Christine Davis who claims that the show is plagiarizing her own show called This School Year. According to the lawsuit filed back in mid-July, Davis claims that she wrote the script for her show back in 2018 but didn’t obtain a copyright of it until 2020. Abbott Elementary debuted in 2021, and Davis maintains that the show shares uncanny similarities to her work, including the “look and feel of the inner-city school, the mockumentary style, unique plot synopsis, set design, and unique characters” according to the court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight. She is demanding an unknown amount of money but wants “Brunson and ABC [to] turn over all profits they made from the show.” What Davis believes is damning about the lawsuit is that she shopped her show around in Los Angeles in mid-June and July of 2020. The producers who she presented her script to allegedly promised to show it to Hulu but then a few months later Abbott Elementary began filming. As a result, she thinks her script was stolen and given to Quinta and her production team even though the producers of Abbott Elementary are not the same ones Davis met with.

Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

I think, like most people, I have never heard of this show nor this woman. Similarly, it seems like what she is claiming as her unique copyright doesn’t seem that unique to her. This is especially true given Quinta has been on the record numerous times saying that Abbott Elementary was based on her own school experience and is particularly inspired by her middle school teacher, Ms. Abbott. Going to an underfunded inner city black- and brown-majority school is not exclusive to either woman, but to me at least, it seems like both were drawing on their own histories and they just happen to overlap because this experience is not unique to poor black and brown students that go to city schools. Maybe I’m just not understanding. Anyway, I only asked what would be the outcome of this lawsuit, not thinking to ask if Abbott Elementary was plagiarized.

What will be the outcome of this lawsuit?

The Star
Strength (reverse)
9 of Candles (wands)
Page of Candles 
The Tower (reverse)
The Moon (reverse)
Knight of Presents (pentacles; reverse; bottom of the deck)

Journey (reverse)
Man Holding A Heart (reverse)
Envy (reverse)

I feel like this will be a very long and drawn out case. Whoever this Christine Davis is, she’s not giving up. Although we have Strength reversed, we also got the 9 of Wands. I think because we didn’t get any legal cards, which both decks have, it may be hard for this individual to build up a solid case as what she claims is copyright is very generic. According to ET, This School Year

follows a New York City public school, in which the principal hires filmmakers to film a documentary of the school. [Davis] details a series focusing on a principal convinced everything is going well, that the show is well-controlled and that the “teachers and students will adhere to her agents.” But the teachers, staff and students have their own agenda. The main character, named Ms. David, is a “young, idealistic teacher hoping to get tenure but also trying to convince everyone that the school needs to be reformed.”

Pierre‍, M. (2022, Jul. 18). ‘Abbott Elementary’ Creator Quinta Brunson and ABC Sued for Copyright Infringement. Retrieved from https://www.etonline.com/abbott-elementary-creator-quinta-brunson-and-abc-sued-for-copyright-infringement-187497

Those are not unique ideas, especially not to Davis. Filming a series in a mockumentary style that centers around ordinary but fallible characters is not new. That’s been the trend in comedies for a while now. Even so, I think with the Page of Candles being under The Star card, this woman is actually jealous a bit. It’s interesting that Envy did come out but reversed. When reversed, it’s supposed to show that the person is moving on from those feelings. And maybe Davis did try to move past those feelings, or at least ignore them, but when Abbott Elementary became a success and something people were lauding, that’s when she shifted gears and a fire was lit under her. If she does truly believe that her show was copied after being rejected, then I can understand her a bit because if Abbott is effectively the same, why was her idea rejected and not known until now? Why did she have to take this court to get her shine?

With the Man Holding A Heart in reverse, this woman is in her feelings about this case whether we the public believe her claims of copyright infringement or not. She’s upset but for some reason isn’t trying to be. Maybe she believes if she’s emotional, people will discredit her even more and take her less seriously. Perhaps this is why Strength is reversed. Because the truth of the matter seems like she’s bothered and possibly even jealous of Abbott Elementary’s success and likely Quinta. Again, if her claims are true, it would make sense. With the Tower in reverse, it could have felt like her dreams came crumbling down and someone else got to reap the rewards from the rubble. The Tower can also suggest that this lawsuit can get more media attention and almost destroy Abbott Elementary but may not. With the Moon there’s something more to this case. Claiming copyright is not the full story, whatever the “full story” may be. With the Moon being reversed here, I don’t think something will be exposed to the public. Instead, I see it more as an intensified confusion that is normally seen with this card. However, something may still leak out to the blogs. With the 9 of Candles over this card, I think this woman will continue to fight tooth and nail for this lawsuit, regardless. There may be delays, strange happenstances, and overall confusion with this case, though. I tried to pull more cards to see if I would get anything different, but they took a while to come out and what did fall out wasn’t anything novel or added much to what I already got. No Justice card or even Judgment came out. So, let us move on then.

How does Quinta feel about the lawsuit?

Door to Personal Healing and Happiness (reverse)
First Chakra, Archangel Michael (reverse)
Door to Romance (reverse)
Patience (reverse; bottom of the deck)

3 of Candles (wands)
8 of Presents (pentacles; reverse)
8 of Potions (cups)
8 of Candles 
King of Presents (pentacles)

I think Quinta thinks the suit is bullshit. “Bullshit” in the sense that she believes that this woman is being deceitful, calculating, and is out to destroy her happiness and success. With both the Door to Personal Healing and Happiness and Archangel Michael in reverse, this lawsuit could be potentially stressing Quinta out. She seems fearful of the outcome and what that means for her budding career in Hollywood. Moving from Buzzfeed to the silver screen is momentous. Quinta, much like Issa Rae, showed that it was possible to achieve your dreams and go big. But now with this lawsuit, can she really continue to say that? Overnight she seemingly obtained success for her hard work and the praise, admiration, and attention that comes with it. But just as easily, that could be all be gone. Quinta could wake up and realize it was all a dream.

I think with the 8 of Potions, Quinta just wants to wash her hands of this situation and leave it behind. However, we have Judgment right after this card. Whatever may come of this lawsuit, Quinta is scared. She knows something as serious as copyright infringement is bad, especially in her case because she has claimed Abbott Elementary was based on her own experiences in school and was inspired by her teacher, Ms. Abbott. Even if these are wholly her ideas and inspirations, the scrutiny of the public and what TV executives and other Hollywood types may think is nerve wracking. Both ultimately decide just as much as a judge the outcome of this case and everything that follows after it. Not knowing what will happen is why Archangel Michael is in reverse. The guidebook says he represents stability and security, and Quinta is not feeling either. This case truly hit Quinta hard and fast with the 8 of Candles.

The King of Presents is interesting. I don’t think that’s her but possibly her husband? I think he’s trying to ground her and be there for her physically at this time, because as we see, she’s not doing too good when it comes to this situation. Patience in reverse is curious. Perhaps it’s a nervous impatience. A “Can we just get this over with?” type of energy. With Death, I think Quinta does worry that this can be the end of her. That’s why she would rather know sooner rather than later.

Quinta and her husband Kevin Jay Anik. Is he an earth sign because the King of Pentacles represents the earth element.

Will Abbot Elementary continue to do well?

There's something better

All Tied Up
Angel of Strength
Rest and Rejuvenate (reverse)
Angel of Balance (reverse; bottom of the deck)

The Empress 
2 of Presents (pentacles)
Page of Potions (cups)
King of Candles (wands)
5 of Needles (swords)

Iwa in my Discord server wanted to know if Abbott Elementary will continue to be successful. It seems like the answer is “no” even though the Angel Answers cards gave a roundabout answer. I genuinely believe that this is the result of the lawsuit. The All Tied Up card is very similar to the 8 of Swords in tarot. It can feel like you’re stuck but if you really are depends. Here in this deck, however, I think it is physical as opposed to mental like the 8 of Swords can indicate. The Empress seems to signify Quinta as she is the “mother” that “gave birth” to this show. The King of Candles is Christine Davis because when I pulled more cards on the lawsuit, this same king came out then. With the 5 of Needles next to the king, the lawsuit is being taken seriously here by everyone involved with the show. Luckily for the cast and crew of Abbott Elementary, however, season two was already filmed before everything happened. But moving forward, they have to reach an agreement or settlement as this case deals with copyright claims. You can’t keep moving forward with production with such an accusation, which is likely why the 2 of Presents showed up once more. Trying to juggle the success and momentum of the show with this legal battle will be difficult. But with the Angel of Strength coming out, Quinta and her legal team and even ABC are going to take this battle head on. They all have the resolve and inner strength to fight back. However, with Rest and Rejuvenate in reverse, I feel like the show may go on an extended hiatus, perhaps even through part of season two, to deal with this legal matter.

Just as an aside. I randomly picked another card from the Angel Answers deck and it was “No!”

As we already saw, this woman may not let up on this case. Davis believes her claims with all her might and will defend her intellectual property to the bitter end. I feel like she may get more or better legal counsel to stop the show in its tracks. And this is where Quinta steps up her game as well but to her detriment. In addition to the 2 of Presents we have the Angel of Balance in reverse. This lawsuit may consume her because just like the woman claiming copyright, Abbott Elementary is Quinta’s baby, the culmination of all her hopes and dreams. Seeing something she created and become so successful be ripped from her is something that can’t happen. So, whatever it takes, and it will take a lot from her. The Page of Potions is out again. This is very emotional for Quinta but why wouldn’t it be? The “there’s something better” coming out is always interesting and sometimes even a bit ominous. Perhaps there is a silver lining here that we can’t see just yet.

What’s next for Quinta careerwise?

Third Chakra, Archangel Chamuel (reverse)
Appreciation (reverse)
Cornucopia (reverse)

2 of Presents (pentacles)
Page of Potions (cups)
5 of Candles (wands)
9 of Candles
The Hermit (reverse)

It seems like Quinta’s got shooters now. The 5 of Wands speaks about conflict and with Envy out and upright this time, someone is giving her the evil eye because they’re jealous of her success. Here I don’t think it’s the person filing the lawsuit. Instead, I think it’s people in Hollywood. As we know, Hollywood has always been full of it when it comes to “diversity” and the like. They want to keep the industry white, so to have another successful black woman in television is disgusting to them. They don’t care how hard women like Quinta have worked to even get to Hollywood and make a name for themselves in more traditional media spaces. Like the old signs of yesteryear said, it’s whites only.

The New Black Hollywood

Yes, with Cornucopia reversed, Quinta will now be blocked moving forward and it’s not just because of the lawsuit. I think I saw something similar in my Issa readings. For a black woman to get an Emmy and her show three is unprecedented. Black people, especially black women, are on the up and up. Hollywood is not a whites only exclusive club. Jordan Peele is coming to mind. His films have been wildly successful. No longer are we winning awards for playing slaves in racist white productions but in our own works that show our humanity and struggles through whatever lens we choose, comedy or horror.

As we have been seeing these past couple of years, conservativism and white supremacy has been in vogue and growing more and more normalized and public. But even as this has been happening, we still rise and that pisses off the white elite. They want us to be discouraged and miserable but for people like Quinta, she’s gonna keep getting back up. We have the 9 of Candles. In the traditional tarot it shows a person badly injured leaning against a wand for support. The meaning of the card is that the person is choosing to keep fighting on. But while Quinta may be strong in the face of impending adversity, we got the 2 of Presents and Page of Potions again.

The 9 of Wands

This whole Hollywood thing with its tricks and scheming is all so new to her. Managing a successful show is already hard enough without the added racism and lawsuit. Quinta seems to be a rather emotionally sensitive person who probably just wants to mind her business with the Hermit being reversed. She’s been drained at this point, but the chaos and obstacles are not stopping. In fact, they’re mounting. Quinta will likely try to keep moving forward but there may be a breaking point eventually.

Well on that depressing note, that’s all I have for you all. What do you think about Abbott Elementary? Jimmy Kimmel being on the floor during Quinta’s speech? Let me know in the comments below!

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