LOONA: World Tour to Hell

All readings on Astro Lola are alleged and made for entertainment purposes only.

Back in late May, the very last day, in fact, when LOONA was on the Mnet show Queendom 2, it was announced that the group would go on a world tour. Despite being more popular internationally, this was the first time for such a feat. But little did anyone know that this world tour would lead the girls to hell.

This poster was posted to LOONA’s social media.

Kicking off the tour in North America, LOONA performed 14 shows in 13 cities in less than a month, including performing at KCON LA. As one could imagine from those numbers, the tour was a disaster. Multiple members have been injured and absent from shows, and experienced emotional distress as well. With the European leg of this tour already under way, I wanted to know what else could go wrong on this tour to hell.

How are the girls currently feeling on this tour?

Saturn in Taurus: Ostentation
Jupiter in Pisces: Seduction (reverse)
Sun in Taurus: Acquisition
Moon in Libra: Companionship
Moon in Capricorn: Practicality (reverse)
Sun in Sagittarius: Enthusiasm

7: Oblivion Denied
8: Tears of Innocence
12: Drowned Pride
9: Remembrance of Eternity
11: The Autumn Bride 

The Saturn in Taurus card is immensely fascinating to me. Saturn is the slowest of the seven classical planets and rules setbacks and blockages. Taurus is a slow earth sign because it is also fixed. The imagery of this card has two chariots moving at a leisurely pace. Although the North American leg of this tour was chaotic and fast moving, perhaps to the girls it was a slog. Yes, they were constantly on the move, but it was an ordeal to get through. Venus rules Taurus and shows music and creativity. So, I think this card is showing how the girls are over it but still have a ways to go. The tour doesn’t officially end until mid-September, after all. So, it seems like they are really going through the motions, almost zombie-like.

With the Moon in Libra under this card, the girls are trying to hang in there and support one another. The fact that there are only four figures in this card seems to reflect how the LOONA members have been dropping like flies quite literally on this tour. I don’t know if there’s four members who are particularly strong or what, but I feel like only a fourth of the members are really trying to put their best foot forward for the sake of the other girls. It may not be shocking if there’s only four girls on stage at some point.

Jupiter in Pisces reversed is interesting. “Seduction.” The girls are not feeling this tour as one would expect. Whatever Blockberry Creative said to them before and during this tour is falling on deaf ears, I think, at this point. The girls are exhausted and sick. Some are going through some extreme emotions. With the Moon in Capricorn under this card, they are all realizing how unfeasible this entire thing has been. I think I watched a video where someone said that a member had said they didn’t know how big they were in America, which is weird because once all the girls were together, they have always been more popular overseas than in their home country. I don’t know if Blockberry Creative made them feel this way or believe this lie, that they’re actually unpopular everywhere, but it seems like as of right now, the girls are waking up to the fact that their company is trash. Allegedly. Whatever rose-colored glasses they were wearing is now being taken off, and for some members, being thrown on the ground, shattering. Nothing about this tour was practical. From the number of shows to the size of the venues to the lack of breaks in between each journey. Nothing was grounded or made any sense. The girls are now seeing that.

This was the image in my head but after Googling it seems as though Haseul is the leader lol.

The Sun in Taurus paired with the Sun in Sagittarius are a bit strange. “Strange” in that someone is still feeling optimistic about the tour or at least still has their hopes up. I think this is the leader, Heejin? The member in “Why Not?” who had long brown hair. I feel like she’s trying to still have faith and put on good shows despite the horrid circumstances she and the rest of her members find themselves in. She may be one of these four figures who is in the Moon in Libra card. She’s trying to be a pillar of strength and energy for the rest of the girls.

With the Sun in Taurus, I think this may be Blockberry Creative. I think they too see how disastrous this whole ordeal has been but are still hoping that the money offsets this. That is, they don’t really care about these girls but what they can suck out of them, of course, allegedly. Blockberry knows these girls are famous internationally, so they saw this tour as a quick cash grab, especially since they have a lot more eyes on them following Queendom. The figure flying to me represents LOONA on tour and the figure above it the company overseeing it. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and represents wealth and large sums of money. Blockberry wants some of that international cash.

Next we have the Victoria Frances cards. I was going to hold off and pull them later but since these girls are still in hell, I thought why not?

With Oblivion Denied, it is reiterating what the Moon in Libra card is saying: the girls are trying to hold on. This woman is holding on to a tree while in a river. The river represents something emotionally repressed that needs to be said according to the guidebook. I’m sure the girls have a lot to say but for right now they’re just trying to hang in there. The guidebook says to lean on people who want to help you. So, like I said, this is echoing the fact that some members are a bit stronger than others and they are trying their hardest to support them.

Next we have Tears of Innocence. Some members are reviewing their life choices. I’m sure when you’re under 18 especially, being a Kpop idol is enticing. But once you’re in the game and are constantly mistreated by your company and don’t even have the outward success from your talents to hold you afloat emotionally, I’m sure anyone would be rethinking their life choices. LOONA debuted in 2016/2018. It’s 2022 and they had to go on a competition show they ultimately lost because they couldn’t participate on the first day to finally get some domestic attention. It’s one bad thing after another which a LOONA member lamented once while on Queendom. I’m still thinking of how I want to do a bigger reading on LOONA, but for right now, some members are questioning their entire careers at the moment. I don’t think this world tour to hell was in their childhood wishes of fame and fortune.

Next is the Drowned Bride. This is another card of pain and past memories. But in this card, the message is to move on. However, the person can’t. They may see themselves as a victim. There’s a lot of rhetoric surrounding that word which invokes a lot of debate, but I think it is true that LOONA as a group is a victim of horrible mismanagement, and from day one. Some members are currently trying to compose themselves emotionally, I think, but with all that has happened currently and in the past, it’s hard to keep a straight head and move forward with confidence. Everything around them is beyond a hot mess. Members are getting sick and injured and they’re supposed to keep going with a smile on their face. What?

When I look at this card I think of Olivia Hye. She may be the one that’s really feeling heated by everything that has gone on. She has that stare like the woman in this card. (She’s a Scorpio.) I think the bell represents her singing career but that’s not even important to her right now. Revenge, or at least vindication, for herself and the other members is. I’m not sure she’ll get it.

I don’t think this is the person I saw but I only remember Yeojin for this look lol.

With this card I also get the sense that another member is really sad. She has darker hair. It’s not bob length but to her shoulders. Yeojin? She’s just really upset by this tour and how her members are feeling. I get the sense that she’s overwhelmed and just wants to go back home to Korea and see her mom.

Next we have Remembrance of Eternity. This is a card of forgiveness and spirit guides. When I look at it though, I get the sense that some members are more somber and have made their peace with everything that has happened with this group. Yves (?) and Vivi come to mind when I look at this card. It’s a sad acceptance of their lot.

I think it’s interesting that the guidebook said that if the questioner is thinking of a loved one, their energy is very much around them. For the girl who wants to go back home, perhaps her mom’s energy is with her, but I feel a grandmother’s energy instead. I don’t know who this belongs to but someone, perhaps even on the other side, is watching over a member and helping them emotionally while on this tour. This card does feature a graveyard, so this grandma likely passed but is still with this member in spirit.

Finally, we end with The Autumn Bride. Although fall meteorically doesn’t begin until the Sun ingresses into Libra, September to many in the Northern Hemisphere is considered to be the start of the season. Thus, it’s interesting that we got a card talking about autumn and this tour finally concludes in autumn. In either case, this is a card of healing but when I look at the woman in it, she looks so sad. I think this sadness represents some of the LOONA members. Some are just going through the motions almost dead, which I mentioned before. They’re emotionally raw and sensitive but I think they’re at a point where, if something else bad happens, they don’t even really register it. They’re like a ghost floating about, moving here and there but they are not physically there or in touch with the world around them.

Photo by OVAN on Pexels.com

If we go with the guidebook’s interpretation then this is once again restating that some members are trying to hold everyone else together. They know how hard things are, but they are going that extra mile to help everyone else out. A smile, a hug, some food, etc. they’re delivering it with what little strength they have left day in and day out. They’re just trying to make it through.

How sad.

Why did Blockberry Creative book smaller venues?

Jupiter in Taurus: Status
Sun in Aquarius: Idealism
Mars in Capricorn: Authority 
Mars in Aquarius: Rebellion
Saturn in Pisces: Loss
Mercury in Pisces: Inspiration 
Saturn in Scorpio: Inheritance (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Jupiter in Gemini: Bluff (bottom of the deck)
Mercury in Scorpio: Extremism (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Jupiter in Scorpio: Manipulation

According to fans, the venues in America were far too small and quickly reached capacity. Based on the cards, it seems as though Blockberry Creative’s status was a large deterrent to them being able to pick bigger venues. Although this company is a subsidiary of another company that sells military technology to the Korean Army, they seem to make bad business deals, some they flake out of, which eventually led to severe financial constrains last year. As a result of that, and then being a lesser-known company on top of that, I think these smaller venues were all Blockberry could feasibly get. Yes, as shocking as it may be, I think Blockberry knew that smaller sets were not ideal and actually fought to get the girls into more suitable spaces. But again, Blockberry’s status doesn’t seem to hold a lot of weight or power. We got three cards talking about status—Jupiter in Taurus, of course, Mars in Capricorn (in reverse), and Saturn in Scorpio (in reverse). Since these cards of money and power are mostly reversed, and Mars in Aquarius is below the Jupiter in Taurus one, Blockberry did indeed have to fight to secure venues at all because they are not that bish in the Kpop music scene. They’re not a YG Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE Corporation), SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment… They’re Blockberry Creative. Who??? So, they really had to pull some strings to get anything substantial.

With the Jupiter in Gemini card, this seemed to have involve talking a big game, perhaps hyping up LOONA. But again, since the girls’ too lack power and weight to their name—they’re not a BTS, BlackPink, Twice, Ateez, etc.—no one was trying to really hear all that. And I think when that happened, whoever was in charge of booking venues, or whoever was in charge of this world tour, may have got a bit threatening, allegedly. Mercury in Scorpio is out but reversed, suggesting that that route didn’t work. With Jupiter in Scorpio also out, this person or group of individuals resorted to just straight up lying and/or manipulating, allegedly. Gemini can be a master of tricks too, so I think this was the more fruitful direction, unfortunately, or a direction the company chose to take over others, allegedly.

With Mercury in Pisces also out, I think the people at Blockberry, or this one individual who is in charge of the tour/venues, was left exasperated and confused. “LOONA is big internationally!” They may have exclaimed in frustration. “So why is nobody booking them!?”

Yes, with Saturn in Pisces, Blockberry Creative ultimately lost out on booking bigger venues because no one knows who they are over here.

Why did Blockberry Creative make LOONA go on tour anyway?

Mercury in Aries: Restlessness
Mercury in Aquarius: Originality
Moon in Gemini: Adaptability
Sun in Pisces: Vision 
Sun in Aquarius: Idealism (reverse)
Mars in Capricorn: Authority (reverse)
Jupiter in Taurus: Status
Mercury in Pisces: Inspiration (reverse)
Sun in Aries: Assertion (reverse)

It seems as though this was a sudden idea with Mercury in Aries and Aquarius. This is self-evident as LOONA was in the middle of taping Queendom when this tour was announced. Speaking of Queendom, I think Blockberry announced this tour to build on the attention LOONA was getting. But it’s strange that they decided to make the girls go on a world tour instead of a domestic one as the group is relatively unknown to the Korean public. Perhaps that is why both Sun in Aquarius and Mercury in Pisces are reversed. Because on the one hand, Blockberry thought this world tour was a novel idea. But, on the other hand, actually putting it together was an entire separate thing. Blockberry was just running on wishful thinking and building interest in the girls thanks to Queendom. Everything else in between was muddy.

Mars in Capricorn came out again but reversed. Blockberry didn’t know what they were doing. I don’t think the girls have ever gone on such a massive tour, and Blockberry being a smaller company that just sprung up didn’t know either. With Jupiter in Taurus, the company thought LOONA’s name and international fame would carry them and basically sort out the details without them having to do much leg work. But as we see with the last two cards, that wasn’t the case. By not knowing how to conduct a world tour, secure big enough venues for LOONA’s large international fan base, nor take the initiative to do their research about America, the whole thing fell apart rather quickly.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Perhaps they thought they could just wing things and adapt when need be with the Moon in Gemini card. However, their lack of status, power, and influence with the reversed Mars in Capricorn card showed that this was not great thinking on their part. They should have done their due diligence to make the tour a success, not just assume that it would be one “just because,” just because they’re LOONA. As we previously saw, whomst is LOONA and Blockberry Creative? No one apparently. Smh.

What is the energy around LOONA?

Mercury in Gemini: Excitement
Moon in Scorpio: Power
Mercury in Virgo: Caution 
Saturn in Capricorn: Riches (reverse)
Mercury in Leo: Drama
Saturn in Virgo: Isolation (reverse)
Saturn in Leo: Generosity (reverse)
Sun in Sagittarius: Enthusiasm
Jupiter in Pisces: Seduction (reverse)
Sun in Gemini: Versatility (reverse)
Mars in Gemini: Decision 
Jupiter in Capricorn: Control (bottom of the deck)

It seems as though European fans are excited to see LOONA. There is a lot of talk about them, some good and some worrisome, of course, due to how LOONA fared in America. With both Saturn in Capricorn and Leo in reverse under the Mercury in Gemini card, I get the sense that Europe may not be as lucrative for the girls for some reason. They are making less stops in comparison to America, but Europe is much smaller than the United States overall and is made up of rather tiny individual countries. Even so, however, there is a restriction of money, I feel.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

With Saturn in Leo in reverse, I feel like Blockberry pulled back resources for the girls because of how disastrous the American leg of this tour was. Perhaps they weren’t expecting to spend more money than they actually made, so to cut back on costs and get out of the red, maybe the girls are in less fancy hotels, getting less meals, etc. I feel like things are just downgraded. Allegedly. Maybe the girls are in shadier neighborhoods, for instance. Also alleged. I saw that they lost some luggage in a layover in Canada, so their sound equipment like mics can be crappier too. The list is endless.

But Saturn does represent things that are degraded and decrepit. While Saturn can show the extremes of wealth and poverty, it being the greater malefic often manifests the more negative side of this planet. With the Saturn cards reversed, the cheaper, dirtier, nastier side of Saturn is here.

With the Moon in Scorpio, emotions are high but hidden. The Moon is in fall in Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign that feels intensely but rarely expresses that until it seemingly explodes out of nowhere. Korea has a rather strict social hierarchy. Talking out of turn is much more serious and devastating than it is over here in America. I think some of the girls, Olivia especially, want to give the company and staff a piece of their mind but are biting their tongues because of social mores. The ones who want to speak up are tired of seeing their fellow colleagues suffer and the company hand waving the situation away, potentially.

Photo by Claudio Mota on Pexels.com

Again, Saturn in Leo, which seems to be my card for powerful people in industries, is reversed. The figure is not giving the public any of those stars. Blockberry is not really helping the girls. Allegedly. All they’re concerned about is getting the money they thought they would earn with this tour back. It doesn’t matter that members are sick, injured, or hurt emotionally. All that is important is finishing this tour. Allegedly.

Yes, with Mercury in Leo under the Moon in Scorpio card, someone indeed wants to speak out and roar like the lion in the card. But again, they know they can’t. Their tongue is all tied up like the Möbius tube.

With the Sun in Sagittarius out again and upright, someone is still trying to maintain hope. I feel like it’s the leader again, Heejin? She seems mentally and emotionally strong. She’s trying her best to hold everything and everyone together.

With Mercury in Virgo, many LOONA members are wary of this final stretch of the tour. Fans have been loud and rude in America, so they are on edge about how the European fans may act. As we see in this card, there are restless deer almost charging at this figure. Symbolically, this is the fans rushing to see LOONA, not paying any regard to their emotions at the time.

Next, we have Saturn in Virgo in reverse. Some members want to quit this tour and not even show up on stage. As I already mentioned, perhaps four members are “okay” at this point and are really the ones going the extra mile with this tour. They’re putting on great shows and consoling other members who are having a tough time. With this card reversed, however, I don’t think this is working as well in Europe. Some members are completely checked out and are maybe acting up a bit. It’s understandable but some of stronger members are trying to coax them back in vain.

We have Jupiter in Pisces again and also reversed. I think the members who are checked out are just emotionally overwhelmed. They see through the bullshit and want to either give Blockberry a piece of their mind or are thinking of terminating their contracts completely. Allegedly. Some may not go that far but instead take the Chuu route and simply sue the company in order to suspend their contract. I don’t know what the difference is between suspension and termination, but in either case, some members are just done. They don’t want to go on.

The last two cards are interesting. The Sun in Gemini being in reverse shows that the girls are tired of bending over backwards and taking all the abuse and crap, both from their company and the out-of-control fans. They have endured so much during this world tour, and many are reaching their breaking point.

Photo by sk on Pexels.com

Mars in Gemini is curious. I wonder if this is related to the Saturn cards in that Blockberry is trying to be more strategic and savvier with the tour in Europe. As they seem to be cutting corners, allegedly, this makes sense. It’s like a game of chess, it involves careful planning and calculation. Take this out, move this over here, etc.

Finally, we end with Jupiter in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn and Jupiter is in fall in this sign. Jupiter finds it hard to indulge, have fun, and manifest abundance in such a depressing sign with a restrictive ruler. When I see this card, I see Blockberry wanting the girls to just suck it up and stop whining. Allegedly. Yes, I think they just want the girls to finish the tour and then they’ll figure out what do later. Cancelling, sitting out, and just not fulfilling what they already laid out is simply not an option, apparently, allegedly. So, yeah.

What will happen on this tour when they go to Europe?

Sun in Cancer: Resourcefulness
Mars in Capricorn: Authority (reverse)
Moon in Libra: Companionship (reverse)
Mars in Virgo: Criticism (reverse)
Mercury in Libra: Influence
Saturn in Aries: Risk

It seems at the moment more of the members want to go home or are homesick. The group only returned to Korea temporarily to have a brief break before going to Europe. With Mars in Virgo in reverse, I think the European fans can tell that many of them don’t want to be there or are exhausted but they’re not judging the girls too harshly for that. I’m sure these people saw what went down in America, so they may be trying to be more understanding and accommodating to the girls.

With Mars in Capricorn out again and reverse, Blockberry is potentially putting its foot on these girls to just struggle through the rest of this tour. Allegedly. With Mercury in Libra under this card, some staff may be trying to butter the girls up or get in their ear and convince them that things aren’t so bad or that when they return to Korea, things will be worked out. Allegedly. As we can see in this card, it’s Adam and Eve and the sneaky serpent approaching them with information and knowledge, the glyph of Mercury in its mouth. Mercury is the planet where duplicity and being of two sides is its main function or purpose. The act of influencing someone can be for good or evil. Libra is a sign notorious for being indecisive, so clearly Blockberry is trying to iron out some of the ire the girls are feeling before this tour is over. Allegedly.

Next we have the Moon in Libra out again but reversed with Saturn in Aries under it. The four members who may be stronger than the others are reaching their limit in Europe, or everything is finally catching up to them physically. Where they may have pushed themselves to exude high energy and good vibes in America, that passion is all but dried up currently in Europe. It was perhaps during their mini break before this final stretch of the tour that their bodies were beginning to feel the aftereffects of the insomnia (not confirmed), last minute rehearsals (alleged), and potential extra effort they made to overcompensate for the weaker members. Now they too are sore, tired, and most likely sick and are less able to get up and move as they once did. These members may have more long-lasting health issues than those who sat out early.

What will happen after the tour?

Saturn in Scorpio: Inheritance
Moon in Aries: Protection
Mercury in Virgo: Caution (reverse)
Saturn in Gemini: Concentration (reverse)
Mercury in Aries: Restlessness
Moon in Gemini: Adaptability --> clarified by Sun in Pisces: Vision and Sun in Leo: Fortune 
Moon in Leo: Appreciation 
Sun in Sagittarius: Enthusiasm (reverse)

It seems as though when LOONA come back to Korea, Blockberry executives are getting a talking to. With Saturn in Scorpio out once more, I think Olivia may be the first to go for the neck. Allegedly. We have not only Saturn in Gemini reversed, indicating someone no longer biting their tongue, but Sun in Sagittarius now reversed. Yes, I think once Olivia opens her mouth to voice her frustration with this tour—how unprofessional, disorganized, and harmful it was—some more courageous members may speak up. The leader is coming up again, Heejin? She seems more somber and a bit meek compared to Olivia who is just spitting fire, but I think she’ll corroborate what Olivia says and the rest of the members will silently nod along. Some may speak up a bit, but I see a lot of hesitancy and just defeat. Kim Lip may say something and bring up her breakdown at Chicago, for example. (This is all speculation.)

Kim Lip

I see the girls in a large meeting room with Blockberry executives or higher ups and those people are asking them how they feel a bit apprehensively because they know they fucked up and are about to get it. We have the Moon in Aries with a tiger snarling in the card. Moon in Gemini is out again, clarified by the Sun in Pisces and Leo. I feel like Olivia will be very direct and to the point with her words, telling Blockberry how the girls had to basically fend for themselves and find ways to protect one another while on stage and while touring. To them, it was like everyone was just watching them suffer and doing nothing to help. Olivia may ask if money is more important than the girls and their health. I feel like she’ll really there and in. Potentially. Heejin may interject a bit because she knows better than anyone how business works since she’s the leader and always the one the company looks to and calls on when it comes to the functioning of the group. Olivia may ease up a bit at that point but she’s giving them the death stare, that Scorpionic piercing gaze. She’s that tiger in the Aries card.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Next we have Mercury in Virgo again but reversed. I think the girls will talk about how they felt unsafe on stage and afraid for their fans. The venues in America were rumored to be very small, lacked ventilation, the fans were unruly, and the overall organization was in disarray. With the Moon in Leo, the girls just wanted to perform for their fans in peace but that’s not what happened. They were actually excited to be in the U.S. and perhaps on this tour at first until mishap after mishap occurred and how there was almost no downtime in between sets as they were bused off to the next city. The girls both did and didn’t feel appreciated by not only the fans but their company. Allegedly. I feel like Vivi may discuss the Chicago incident here a bit and how she felt and how Kim Lip suffered.

I already went over the last two cards so it seems like there will be a big meeting between Loona and Blockberry about the tour once they all get back to Korea at some point. Beyond that I’m not getting much. I’m not sure if they’ll have a comeback soon after the tour or what but the cards wanted to focus on this meeting.

What’s some advice for the girls right now?

Grey: Endings are inevitable
Villain: You can always rewrite the story
Raindrops: Take a chance on them
Evil Queen: You deserve sugar, not salt
Expectations: Don't seek anyone's approval
Lioness: You've earned all your stripes

There’s a couple cards in this deck that speak of karma and getting justice deserved, but it seems like for LOONA, the advice is for them to dust themselves off and try again. Yes, this tour to hell is almost over. They were mistreated by almost everyone (allegedly), but they shouldn’t crawl into a hole and never come back out. Some members have been seriously considering their careers thus far as we’ve seen. But it seems like the cards are saying don’t give up on your dreams. The worst may be over.

Photo by Kulik Stepan on Pexels.com

Villain in this deck is always so interesting because of the music coming out of the conch. With Expectations under it, I think this is the Korean public or whatever a Knetizen is. I’m assuming the latter is a chronically online person. Either way, it is known in Kpop that the public is very harsh on idols.

Any little “mistake,” even instances that aren’t mistakes or are simply situations where the idol was justified in their actions, such as Kim Lip walking off stage, is blown up to a disproportion degree then harped on to the ends of the earth. Idols get called “selfish” and “ungrateful” when they don’t act like a perfect robot, basically. So, it seems like the cards are saying LOONA will likely return home to a mountain of criticism and scrutiny, but they don’t have to listen to any of that.

Those people running their mouths online didn’t have to deal with what they’ve gone through. Because of that, their words should hold very little weight. Likewise, they can flip the script if they are honest and open about their experiences. It’s hard to believe lies once they are up against the truth and sincerity. LOONA may do this, hold like a press conference about how they felt on tour but even if they do not, the advice is that they can take control of the narrative if they want to. Regardless, they are not beholden to the public’s opinion of them. They went to hell and somehow made it back. That’s a feat in and of itself.

Anyway, that’s all I have for these girls. I may read on Chuu a different time as this reading is long enough. If you liked this article, consider donating to my Ko-Fi! I also have an Amazon Wishlist!

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