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Try Guys TV time! (With a side of cheating!?)

I’m a casual viewer of The Try Guys. I didn’t really start to watch them until the pandemic. One day while on Food Network, I saw they had a show coming out that was based on their funny “Without A Recipe” series. Making this jump to TV isn’t surprising, I guess, but I’m still curious to know how this will go.

Don’t watch if you’re distressed by mess or easily sick by the sight of certain foods

How will fans and regular Food Network viewers receive the series?

Ace of Swords
4 of Swords
Queen of Swords
King of Swords (reverse)
10 of Swords
Ace of Wands (reverse)
5 of Cups (reverse)
8 of Cups (reverse)
9 of Cups (reverse)

We got some very interesting cards. It seems as though both parties are dissatisfied for different reasons.

For the fans of The Try Guys, I think, at first, some thought it was a good idea to jump to TV. Many internet celebrities made the jump from digital spaces to more mainstream, traditional spaces, and for The Try Guys, perhaps it was their time in the sun too. But then we get the 4 of Swords. While some people thought going to TV was a great idea, I feel like some other fans are going to sit this one out. That is, they’re not going to follow The Try Guys to television. I feel like this demographic doesn’t even watch TV like that so there’s no real incentive to watch their show on Food Network. If their “Without A Recipe” returns to YouTube, they’ll watch it there but going out of their way to wait until 9pm CST on Wednesdays when they can just open YouTube and watch prior episodes of the series on their own time is not that attractive to them.

No-Recipe Road Trip With The Try Guys

Next, we have the Queen of Swords. Although I asked about the fans, I feel as though this is a female executive at Food Network for some reason. I think she’s in charge of this series and is trying to see the fans’ and Food Network viewers’ reaction to it. It’s like she’s taking notes on what is being said online and the viewing trends when it comes to this show. It is perhaps through the accumulation of this data that will determine if The Try Guys get moved to a different time slot or even get a second season.

Following this Queen of Swords is the King of Swords but in reverse. Because this is a King, I think this is another higher up in Food Network. I think this because for some reason I get the sense that most of the fans of The Try Guys are female and in their early to mid-20s. The energy of this King is nowhere near that. In either case, I feel like a man at Food Network is mad at this series. I don’t think it’s Guy Fieri but perhaps that one Armenian chef for some reason lol. It’s a man older than the Try Guys that’s just looking at them with disgust. I wonder if this man never had his own show on the network, so to have these internet randos who can’t even cook come on has him feeling a certain type of way. I don’t necessarily blame him because Guy dominates the network and has several shows on running almost back-to-back until recently. Long gone are the days of a singular chef having their own show and cooking their own meals. It’s game shows hosted by Guy, and now, more recently, his friends/colleagues. If you came on this network with the hopes of being a celebrity chef or at least a famously respected one, well…that’s just not how things turned out. It would make sense to be pissed, especially since Food Network now has a monopoly on food making television programming. No one watches the Cooking Channel lol. Daytime cooking segments on cable news or other news-like programming also isn’t the same. So, yeah.

Anyway, we end with the 10 of Swords. Some fans of The Try Guys feel betrayed. I think these are the people who are super emotionally invested in these men and have likely followed their journey from Buzzfeed to independent businessmen. Perhaps they thought these grown men would be making silly content on YouTube until they died of old age. Whatever the issue is, they are not feeling them making this jump together to TV. I know Eugene has been on TV before, and I think some of The Try Guys independently branching out like that is fine in the eyes of these fans. But all of them going on TV feels like an ending and a massive betrayal to these people. Maybe these are TV haters. Maybe they just have a hatred and fear of “humble” internet stars going corporate. I’m not sure but for these fans it’s like being stabbed in the back.

I think these people are being a little melodramatic, but they feel as though this is the end or beginning of the end for The Try Guys. Them going back to YouTube won’t be the same. Their content won’t hit whatever spot it hit for them. They’re traitors. Cash was more important than the actual content and fans who supported them. The Try Guys are hypocrites. I wonder if this group is especially mad at the fact that they have a Patreon but are also moving to TV. Like I get the sense that this subset of (male) fans have this strange “honorable” and “righteous” image of The Try Guys and them not sticking to YouTube and going where the money resides is like blasphemous to them. Like these people are shocked and hurt. Some of them can be this reversed King of Swords too. Like they wanted morality and transparency from The Try Guys, and they feel like they didn’t get that. Therefore, they were blindsided by this show. I could go on but let’s move on to the Food Network fans.

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With the Ace of Wands reversed right out the gate, I feel like the majority of the people who watch the channel are not enthused by The Try Guys’ show. With the 5 of Cups reversed, some are very mellow dramatic about this too, but I get with the Ace of Wands that most people are just lukewarm to the show.

It’s like “Oh, okay.” Lol like it’s not that serious. They may have saw the big promo banner like I did and just shrugged their shoulders. There’s other programing to watch and I’m sure they already have their favorites or go-tos. This new show doesn’t look like anything special.

Then we come to the 5 of Cups. I feel like some fans of the network are lamenting the past days of this channel. They probably remember all the fun personalities and shows of the past and see this new show as like a sad ending or goodbye, especially with the reversed 8 of Cups next to it. It’s like this show is further proof that the old Food Network is never coming back. It’s just game shows hosted by Guy, the chefs that frequent his shows, or it’s this new crap.

With the reversed 8 of Cups, I do think some people may stop watching the network or as religiously as they once did. Like I said, there’s a sadness about what the network once was. Now to some people it’s beyond recognition or it seems as though the next generation is taking over. I feel like people who watch this channel are older, hence they can remember what the network was like before all these changes, especially before it became the Guy Fiery channel. Now with weird internet stars from the YouTubes coming on, I think some people think it’s time for them to move on and start watching something else.

With the 9 of Cups, those who are choosing to stay don’t like The Try Guys’ show. I feel like this demographic is older too but not as old as the ones leaving. These people feel more middle-aged and mean lol. These are the types of people who clog up emails about how they hate the new changes and how they feel so betrayed and yadah yadah. For some reason Tabitha Brown and her show are coming to mind with this group. Between her and The Try Guys coming to the network, things are just “out of control” now. I feel like these people watch the very dry daytime programming Food Network shows and don’t really like anything that’s shown in the afternoon into the night. These people have very particular tastes, and they don’t like all the new changes to the network. They will complain and write strongly worded emails to the network and really demand that they are listened to. I would just write them off as “angry old Boomers” but again they don’t feel that old. In either case, they’re big mad and don’t like The Try Guys show.

How did this deal come about?

8 of Pentacles
Ace of Cups (reverse) --> clarified by the 4 of Swords (reverse)
The Lovers
The Empress
The High Priestess
9 of Pentacles (bottom of the deck)

I feel like this was actually in the works for a while but the pandemic put it on the back burner. Yes, I feel like when I was looking around a bit for info on this deal late last month, I think I saw an article from back in 2019 saying that a show was in the works. If that is true, then the cards are just reflecting that. I know in California they had rather weird and ever-changing rules when it came to social distancing and lockdowns early on in 2020. So, if there were already articles floating around about a show in the works a year prior, it makes sense as to why we’re only seeing the end product now.

The remaining cards after the Ace of Cups are very interesting. It seems as though a woman or several women were involved in this deal which I said in the previous spread with the Queen of Swords. With the Lovers, The Try Guys may have known someone from the network prior to the creation of this show. For some reason, Eugene is coming into my mind. Like he knew a lady at Food Network or a woman friend he has knows someone at Food Network, and through this woman, Eugene was eased into making contact with executives and the like. As was previously stated, Eugene has been on TV before. So, I’m sure he has his connections and his own savvy way of interacting with television folk.

With the Empress, a woman at the network took a liking to Eugene/The Try Guys as a whole. Since the Empress represents mothers, I feel like this woman was aware of The Try Guys through her kids perhaps. I’m seeing a young boy for some reason, so perhaps her son is a big fan of The Try Guys. So, Eugene working his way up the Food Network social ladder to this woman was like a match made in heaven. I feel like this Empress is a higher up at the network and has heard rumblings of Eugene interacting with lower level staff. Then when one of these lower staff members came to her office one day and mentioned Eugene and how he’s a part of The Try Guys, etc., this Empress grew curious.

I feel like the two talked in her office. Eugene seemed nervous while this woman seemed very sharp and no nonsense. I feel like this is the Queen of Swords we saw, or she has a very similar vibe of a Queen of Swords. In either case, I feel like Eugene talked about The Try Guys and subtly pitched their “Without A Recipe” series to her. I feel like she sensed what he was putting down and thought about talking to the other executives about potentially putting their show on the network. I see a very excited Eugene who quickly recomposes himself and the rest was history as I feel like this Empress kept her word and sort of “shopped” the show around with the other higher ups.

With the 9 of Pentacles, I think what ultimately gave The Try Guys the greenlight was the potential revenue they could bring to the network. They are already immensely successful on their own. With their viewer base tuning into their show on cable, there’s endless potential for profit.

So, I think that’s how this show came about. The High Priestess suggest some secrecy, but I think that’s Eugene even making contact with this Empress and getting close to Food Network on his own. I feel like he didn’t really tell the other members until he talked to this Empress, and she implied that she would try to shop around their show to the other executives. I don’t feel like the other Try Guys were “betrayed” or even all too taken aback. I think they were surprised by this but weren’t holding their breaths because nothing was set in stone at the time. So, yeah. Very interesting.

How do The Try Guys feel about jumping into the TV world together?

Queen of Wands
4 of Cups (reverse)
King of Cups
Queen of Cups
2 of Wands
Knight of Pentacles
Queen of Pentacles

It’s very interesting that we got so many Queens here. In either case, I feel like for the most part, all of them were on board but Zach. I feel like he is represented by the reversed 4 of Cups. He didn’t want to make this jump to TV because he liked what they had going on independently. He may have thought that executives and Hollywood getting involved in their business and group dynamic would mess up their synergy and that it would perhaps be the slow decline of The Try Guys. I feel like he didn’t really care about what money they got or could get with the Knight of Pentacles under this card. Thus, he was very slow to get on board with this show.

For Eugene, I feel like he’s this Queen of Wands. He was ready for another TV debut. With the 2 of Wands under it, I feel like this show is a stepping stone to do more in Hollywood. I don’t think he’s opportunistic in the negative sense, but Eugene does seem like a person who has both a backup plan and other interests besides The Try Guys. I don’t know if he wants to be an actor or activist or what, but I feel like he’s planning something beyond this show.

For the King of Cups I thought of Keith. Although he’s the other Gemini in the group, I feel like he went with the flow with this. I do think there was hesitation but with the Queen of Pentacles under this card, he may have thought of his wife Becky and the legacy he can create with this opportunity. We all know Keith is the food guy of The Try Guys. Long term, being exposed to the more professional side of the food world will work in his favor. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got some more lucrative backing for his sauce line or even a very short-lived show of his own either on Food Network or sponsored by them in some online format. But I don’t think he came into this deal with this in mind. I think this will just be a happy side effect of the show.

Next there’s Ned. I at first thought the King of Cups represented him until I flipped over the Queen of Cups as well. Although he’s the other Gemini in this group, he does give off a very Cancerian energy. His Mercury (and Mars) are in Cancer so this makes sense. In either case, I think Ned took the jump to TV because of his family and wife, of course. That’s his whole personality at times lol. But he did it because of them. There’s a legacy energy to these cards, especially the Queen of Cups. Like, he wants to do well in his career in order to ensure that his family is taken care of. Although this show is a risk, it was a risk he was willing to take for his family.

I also feel like there is some sentimentality towards the other Try Guys too. They’re his second family. I think Ned left his higher paying corporate job for Buzzfeed and when they all decided to leave the company together, he wasn’t certain about their future. I think he’s the money/business side of The Try Guys, so there’s a lot of added stress on him to make sure their brand doesn’t fail. So, he almost leapt at this TV deal because of that. In our capitalist world, continuously expanding and entering other markets is the only way to truly survive, especially as internet celebrities. If going mainstream fails, at least they had the opportunity to do so may be his thinking here. Saying “yes” to different types of opportunities is more advantageous than saying “no.” So, I think this is where everyone stands.

How did they feel during the filming of the series?

4 of Cups
The Hanged Man (reverse)
8 of Wands (reverse)
10 of Wands
King of Wands (reverse)
Knight of Wands (reverse)
Page of Wands (reverse)

It seems like they didn’t have a good time, especially Zach. Zach is a (double) Leo, so I assume this King of Wands is him. This would line up with the previous spread as well because we have the 4 of Cups again. For him, I feel like he didn’t like the lack of creative control and just control in general. Zach is very…colorful, let’s say, as a personality. He be saying wild stuff at times, and I think the bureaucratic nature of Food Network and TV in general is not for him. If he and the other Try Guys made funny videos until they all died, I feel like he would be content. But with all the rules and regulations and I think the starting and stopping of TV production just blew the whole experience for him. I see him looking at everything happening around him almost anxious. But as production crawled on, he sort of stopped caring. Like he checked out emotionally and mentally. And there is confirmation of this stagnant energy.

We have both the Hanged Man and 8 of Wands reversed. I don’t know The Try Guys’ filming schedule nor flow, but I get a sense of frustration with just how slow TV shooting was. This is mostly from Zach though. I feel like Ned and Eugene were trying to get Zach to focus and be on task a lot during production and almost held his hand throughout filming. I see Eugene sort of explaining how TV worked to Zach and him always retorting how he was so bored. I don’t know if Zach has ADHD, but I feel like once he’s checked out, he’s out. I think The Try Guys know this about him, of course, but I feel like Eugene and Ned were doing double duty to hold this show together because Zach just wasn’t cooperating or as much as he could have.

I feel like Keith had similar feelings to Zach. I sense a boredom or like an apprehension. I think Keith is the greener one to TV, so I get the sense that he was just looking around nervously to everything that was happening around him. Like I said previously, I think he was trying to go with the flow but with a lot of down time for whatever reason and lack of control, he was just sitting around going like “Okay” and nodding his head. This is why the Knight of Wands is reversed.

I wonder who the Page is. I think it’s more symbolic of all of The Try Guys and their energy. They—maybe with the exception of Zach—were all excited to be on TV and get their series out to more people but with how slow everything was with potential delays as well sort of killed their enthusiasm. Therefore, in the end, the whole ordeal was more of a burden than a blessing which is seen with the 10 of Wands. If my theory is right in that the pandemic already put this series on hold, all this running around with very little being truly accomplished was surely exasperating.

Again, I don’t know how The Try Guys operate with their content, but I get the sense that they all felt pressured and as though things should have moved a lot faster. This would naturally make sense as web content and producing an entire television series with multiple cameras, lights, and hairdressers and makeup artists, and numerous editors and edits to the final product is not what they’re used to. Even with other people handling their work, I don’t think it ever reached TV scale production. And The Try Guys going from being their own agents to agents of a different enterprise with its own rules and regulations likely didn’t feel all too good either.

I feel like when everything was finally over, Zach was sort of gloating and saying he was right in that they probably shouldn’t have taken this deal. If things were delayed the first time, I see him being like “See, that was a sign” and the other Try Guys sort of sitting in silence and frustration. Because, on the one hand, he’s right, but on the other hand, if things did go well then he couldn’t say any of that. So, yeah, very interesting. Before I finally got around to doing this reading, I saw that The Try Guys did a podcast about their time at Food Network and by the title, it does seem like things did not go well. I never watched this video because while I like The Try Guys, I’m not subjecting myself to an entire podcast for them LMAO. You all can watch it and tell me if I’m accurate or not. In either case, let’s move on.

What will happen next for The Try Guys?

King of Swords
Ace of Swords (reverse)
10 of Pentacles
3 of Cups
3 of Wands (reverse)
6 of Swords
6 of Wands (reverse)
The Devil (reverse)

Someone may leave? I say this because we have quite a few cards of leaving. The 3 of Wands, 6 of Swords, 3 of Cups because there’s only three people there, and the Devil in reverse. Although we have the King of Swords out, I don’t think it’s any of the Gemini members but Eugene. This lines up with what I said earlier. I don’t think Eugene may potentially leave out of malice or anything but out of a desire to do something more. Like I said I don’t know if he wants to be an actor or activist or whatever but with this 3 of Wands in reverse, he may just have other passions he wants to pursue outside of The Try Guys. He’s already explored them but for him, I don’t think he wants to be like 40+ still making Try Guy content and that’s fair. I think out of all The Try Guys, he’s the most forward thinking in the sense that he’s always cognizant of what may lie ahead. This whole Internet thing usually doesn’t last. Therefore, it is smart to get ahead of it and have other options. However, I do think there is a hesitancy to completely jump ship with the 3 of Wands being in reverse. Regardless, I do think with the Ace of Swords in reverse, The Try Guys may not be all on the same page moving forward.

When I saw they were getting a TV show on Food Network, I immediately thought, “What is the end goal?” Because it seems like for most people who get famous online, the end goal is to go mainstream and get more traditional fame and clout. We see this with the little TikTok stars. They’re no longer really on the platform. They’re at the Met Gala, they’re trying to brown nose up to the Kardashians, they’re trying to seriously act or have music careers, etc. I think for Eugene more than anyone, that is what he wants to do. But since he has this deep emotional bond with these men and because they all left Buzzfeed together, it’s a bit hard for him to just up and leave. But I think that is what his heart wants to do with the 6 of Swords and reversed 6 of Wands.

Yes, The Try Guys are successful together but for how long? And does everyone feel like they’ll be on top or just “okay” forever? No.

And I think when they reach a point of almost fighting on what to do next, Eugene will start to make his exit.

It’s interesting that we got the 6 of Wands because this card is one of celebration and almost celebrity in a way. And Eugene is the most popular Try Guy hands down. With it reversed under the 10 of Pentacles which shows one’s legacy, I think he is the one to leave this group first. I don’t think he’ll take any pleasure in this. It will be a sad end but ultimately one he chose to make because he wanted something more than what they all created together. I don’t think that’s “bad” or even “selfish.” The Try Guys took up a large part of his 20s and now 30s. Moving forward, I don’t think he wants that to be a staple of his 40s, you know? He just has other aspirations and people can’t really fault him for that.

So, in the end, The Try Guys may continue as three, but I feel like things will be very different. I feel like Keith may be the most effected by Eugene leaving. I don’t know who’s super close with whom—although Zach has an interesting fascination with Keith—but I think if Eugene leaves, Keith will be the most in his feelings or just feels a certain type of way because of it. I don’t want to say he’ll be angry; I think it’s more confusion and being caught off guard. I think for Keith, he goes through the motions but ultimately likes what he does. So, Eugene potentially leaving sort of throws a monkey wrench in his life and “wakes” him up a bit. I’m not sure if Keith will be the next in line to leave, but I think Eugene’s absence will really make him think long and hard about the direction of his life and what he’s doing. In this way, the King of Swords and reversed 3 of Wands can symbolize this realization.

Alexandria Herring of The Food Babies, a spin-off series produced by The Try Guys.

So, the rumor mill is churning and Ned is accused of cheating on his wife Ariel. Yes, Ned “My wife” Fulmer is accused of cheating on his wife with The Food Babies host Alexandria Herring. Fans of the both have noticed that Ned hasn’t been in The Try Guys’ videos since early this month, speculating that he has been edited out of videos where he was present. More observant viewers have also noticed that Alex’s fiancé, whom she was to wed next month allegedly, deleted all their pictures together from his Instagram and turned it to private. To make matters more suspicious, some fans are now paying more attention to the fact that Ned’s wife removed the “Ned’s wife” quote from her bio on Instagram a few months back. YB, the other half of The Food Babies, also unfollowed both Alex and Ned on Instagram as well. All together this does not look good. I will not read on this situation until it is resolved, if possible, but I can’t help but look at these last set of cards differently.

Although I still stand by what I said above, energy is always changing. We keep noting in my Discord server that this Mercury retrograde is not playing with celebrities, and it seems like internet celebrities either. If we reinterpret the cards, then the King of Swords is Ned as he is a Gemini. The Ace of Swords is the allegations. The 10 of Pentacles is the family Ned is potentially destroying. The 3 of Cups can be third party situations but I also believe that it can still represent The Try Guys continuing on as three. The 3 of Wands is Ned being edited out and contemplating everything that is going on. The 6 of Swords is him leaving or getting left behind as The Try Guys continue to make and publish content. The 6 of Wands is, of course, the drop in Ned’s popularity and image. His supposed devotion to his wife is called into question currently as the Devil represents the cheating. But what do you all think? I’m not sure how to feel.

In either case, that’s all I have for you all. What do you think? Are you a fan of The Try Guys? Do you like their show on Food Network or is better served on YouTube? Personally, when I finally caught the first episode on TV, them making a mess while trying to cook grossed me out lol. I don’t know why because I find their “Without A Recipe” series very entertaining on YouTube. Maybe it was the HD cameras, I don’t know lol. Anyway, if you liked this article, consider donating to my Ko-Fi! I also have an Amazon Wishlist!

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