Leo: An Emotional Goodbye?

This one is for you Harv!

Harv is in my Discord server and wanted to know about Leo from VIXX. They only had one question which is how Leo’s recent album will be received.

It took a while for cards to come out. They only did when I slightly tweaked the question to “How is the album being received?”

South Node: Past
Virgo: Digest (reverse)
First House: Arrival
Progressions: Journey (reverse)
Ninth House: Exploration
Gemini: Cross-Pollinate
Capricorn: Achieve (bottom of the deck)

I feel like this album is an accumulation of Leo’s career. We have two cards speaking of the past quite literally, the South Node and Progressions cards. I feel like this album is an emotional reflection of his journey as a singer, from being a member of VIXX to being his own independent artist. Something about this album feels sad which is interesting because I have never listened to any of Leo’s solo stuff. The blue in the picture I looked at while shuffling and the blue in the South Node card makes me feel melancholy and introspective. I wonder if Leo too will leave Jellyfish Entertainment soon. This album feels like a goodbye but also a look into the past. Leo took stock of how he’s grown as an artist while making this album. And I think if you’re a fan of his, you’ll really feel that.

This was the image I was looking at.

With Virgo in reverse, I wonder if Leo and his fans are not really nitpicking this album. I don’t know if Leo is a perfectionist, but I feel like he was a bit more relaxed when making this album and with the final product. As I’ve said, this seems like a very emotional piece. And as such, I think he’s letting the music speak for itself instead of overproducing it if that makes sense. Some artists are very particular with their music and while I’m not sure if that also describes Leo, I feel like he put this album out as a gift to his fans. Again, I’m not sure if this is like a farewell gift but something about it feels like an ending. This is confirmed a bit with the Ninth House card.

The 9th house shows long distance travel. Since Leo already completed his mandatory military service, I wonder if this card is talking about him taking a break from music for a bit. When I was trying to find pictures of him and this album, I kept getting articles that said he was casted in a BL drama. I think the 9th house card is talking about him transitioning a bit more into acting in the future. I don’t think he’ll ever stop making music in favor of acting like some idols do, but I do think he’ll take more frequent and longer breaks in-between music in order to act. I also feel like these breaks are taken to act in musicals as well, not just TV or film. He’s exploring his options outside of his current music career.

Finally, we get the last two cards. I feel like this album is more exemplary of who Leo is. He’s a Scorpio and definitely looks like one lol. He’s a very private person, especially emotionally, even with a Leo Moon. But I feel like with this album, he let his fans and any other onlookers into his soul a bit. Perhaps this is why Virgo is reversed. He didn’t go back in and carefully take out bits of him that he didn’t want the world to see. Instead, he kept them in and let himself be a bit more vulnerable. He’s 31 according to Google. I wonder if his Saturn return made him realize that it’s okay to be more open with himself, to allow others to see more of his color.

Gemini is the sign of duality. Yes, in this album he’s showing the world another half of him. And I think moving forward in whatever he does, he’ll slowly open up even more. He’ll dabble in and mix these two sides of himself, public and private, a bit more in his career.

I know Harv wanted to know how people will receive this album, but I got this emotional honesty from Leo instead lol. I hope this answer was satisfying! The energy of the cards aren’t really speaking of how people feel about the album for whatever reason. What Leo wanted to communicate took precedence.

In either case, since I’m a VIXX fan, I also had some broader questions about the group.

Hyuk left Jellyfish Entertainment recently but is still in the group apparently. This means only Leo and Ken remain. Ravi left a while ago but is still a part of the group as well. Hongbin was kicked out back in 2020 because he was drunk on live and talked shit, affectionately, about SHINee and other idols. But since idols can’t be people or talk like them, especially when discussing their friends, fans were pissed and, ultimately, he and Jellyfish thought it was wise for him to leave the group and company. He enlisted in the military that same month. He is now a full time Twitch streamer. Doing some research, N also left the label in 2020 and signed to an acting agency.

So, it seems like the hope for another comeback for this group is dashed, which is a shame because they were that boy group before they went to the military. So, what is next for this group?

Chiron: Heal (reverse)
Aries: Act (reverse)
Jupiter: Abundance (this originally came out on its side but I flipped it in reverse)
Sagittarius: Expand (reverse)
Libra: Balance (reverse)
Cancer: Immerse
Gemini: Cross-Pollinate (reverse)
Leo: Shine
Neptune: Vision 
Ninth House: Exploration (bottom of the deck)

This is what I expected—everyone is going their separate ways.

These Kpop groups always say they’re still a group but never truly come back like they do before. They may release one last album now all or mostly independent agents but the group as you once knew it is pretty much obsolete.

I feel like for VIXX all the members have different memories and feelings on continuing as a group. Some were more hurt than others like in Hongbin’s case, but I also feel like some dealt with their pain more silently like Hyuk. Things are rarely equal in Kpop. Some members have a very successful and thriving career within and outside the group while others do not. It is because of this that groups tend to disband after a while. With more than half of this group already gone from the company they all initially signed under, it makes sense that everyone isn’t on the same page here.

Many are trying to forge something new and on their own. Coming back to be a unit after you’ve finally tasted freedom may not be enticing to some members. Likewise, some are just now achieving the kind of attention they may not have gotten while in the group. Returning to be pushed back into the shadows or sidelines also isn’t fun. So, there seems to be less incentive for the people who already left to come back. But I also feel like for those who branched out into other things early on, like N who is pretty popular as a host and got attention for his dancing skills, that coming back as a group also isn’t that exciting. The members had fun when they could but now they’re all on the next chapters in their lives.

For some reason I feel like Ken is the most confused and anxious here. I don’t really follow any of the members, but I feel like I haven’t seen him do much outside of the group. It’s like his entire career was being a main vocalist of VIXX and that’s it. He doesn’t have much going for him besides that so he’s kinda left looking around wondering what’s going on. Everyone seems to be leaving in some way or the other but him. I wonder if this is true. In either case, the cards seem to be saying VIXX as a group is effectively over.

I’m sure the members are all friends or at least friendly with one another, so we’ll likely see them hanging out casually but when it comes to music, I don’t see them really making a comeback like say a 2PM or something. I feel like for some reason Ken will be the very last person to leave Jellyfish. Before I looked up articles to link in this piece, I thought N and Leo would stay a bit longer but not indefinitely, especially N for whatever reason, when pulling cards. That is, I felt like N would leave before Leo does, and lo and behold he already been left lol! Regardless, I’m not sure about Ken’s future here specifically. I think everyone else will adjust outside of VIXX and Jellyfish Entertainment okay except him. Nevertheless, I hope you all liked this reading! Hopefully the boys will transition into other things and are happy.

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