September 2022 Predictions

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September 2022 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits for September 2022?

Sept. 5 Venus enters Virgo (fall)
Sept. 10 Mercury stations retrograde at 8˚55’ Libra, Full Moon in Pisces
Sept. 23 The Sun enters Libra (fall), Mercury re-enters Virgo (domicile and exaltation) 
Sept. 25 New Moon in Libra
Sept. 29 Venus enters Libra (domicile)

Sept. 1 Mars sextile Jupiter rx
Sept. 2 Mercury opposite Jupiter rx
Sept. 3 Mercury trines Mars
Sept. 11 Sun trine Uranus rx
Sept. 15 Saturn rx square Uranus rx
Sept. 16 Sun opposite Neptune rx, Venus square Mars
Sept. 18 Sun trine Pluto rx, Mercury rx opposite Jupiter rx
Sept. 19 Venus trine Uranus rx
Sept. 23 Sun conjunct Mercury rx
Sept. 24 Venus opposite Neptune rx
Sept. 25 Venus trine Pluto rx
Sept. 26 Sun opposite Jupiter rx, Mercury rx conjunct Venus, Mercury rx trine Pluto rx, Mars trine Saturn rx
Sept. 30 Mercury rx opposite Neptune rx

In late September, we go through the fall equinox where there is an equal amount of daylight and nightlight. But after this, when the Sun ingresses into Libra, daylight decreases in the Northern Hemisphere until we reach the darkest day of the year during the winter solstice.

This decrease of light is one of the many reasons as to why the Sun is in fall in Libra. The Moon starts to reign supreme during this time of the year and the weather grows colder. This is interesting because there were two schools of thought when it came to the elements. In the 4th century BCE, the elements had two components. Here, air was hot and wet, primarily moist. But then around 300 BCE, the Stoic system emerged where the elements only had one principle. This didn’t radically change most of the elements except air. Now it was just cold to contrast against fire which was just hot (Brennan, 2017).

I bring this up because we’ve seen this dichotomy in the weather lately in the U.S. This past month has been usually wet with massive down pours in arid, desert locations which has led to historic flooding. It rained in Las Vegas of all places. That’s how bad it was.

There has been historic flooding and droughts all across the world.

I think I mentioned something similar in past predictions where there might be a lot of moisture in the air. Fall is a season where this more historically happens as the heat of the summer finally tapers off. But it seems like climate change has other plans. Speaking of other plans, Mercury goes retrograde this month.

Yes, Mercury is back on its bullshit this month and because of that we have mostly oppositions with this planet. It will oppose Jupiter twice with the first one being a separating opposition and then the second one being an applying opposition; and then Mercury opposes Neptune by the end of the month.

September will likely be the month of review. This seems to naturally occur around this time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere because typically crops are being harvested and people are becoming more aware that the year is almost over. It’s interesting how school tends to begin around this same time in America. I’m sure it has something to do with harvest and the like, but September also coincides with the planets transiting through Virgo and Libra, two very cerebral signs. What better time to learn? But I digress.

September is a month of new beginnings and preparations but it’s very different from the kind we saw in March/April. Here, and especially during this year, it’s not so much about unrelenting initiation but sort of balancing and organizing what you have. It seems like we have to be very cognizant of this with Mercury going retrograde.

With COVID and monkeypox, I think there’s a lot to take stock of. What have we’ve been doing on a global scale? In America, the government has pretty much given up on enforcing any sort of health precautions when it comes to COVID and they’re doing even less to prevent the further spread of monkeypox. Virgo is often overinflated with health because many modern astrologers link it with the 6th house because it is the sixth sign. Although Virgo doesn’t “rule” the 6th, no sign naturally rules a house, this sign is very aware of threats to its health. Indeed, this sign is often called a hypochondriac because of its attention to cleanliness and order but in our current world that is very much needed.

I know Last Week Tonight is more comedic and not a primary news source, but how John Oliver presents information is digestible and to the point.

With kids going back to school, people still trying to travel internationally despite ongoing issues with airlines, and monkeypox spreading when it could have been prevented, I think it’s important to prioritize your health this month.

Venus enters Virgo early in the month. Venus is in fall here. Venus likes signs that are not as fussy and particular as Virgo is. Worrying about getting sick isn’t sexy to the planet, but it is something that needs to be paid attention to.

We have a full moon in Pisces this month. With Mercury opposing both Neptune and Jupiter, there can be lapses in judgement this month. It is in human nature to believe that something would never happen to us personally. In social psychology this is called the optimism bias. You will see this in conjunction with the normalcy bias which is a cognitive bias where you are basically in denial about a disaster. Many people may think because they survived COVID (whether they ever got it is beside the point), all is good in the world but I don’t think that will be the case for September.

Besides the oppositions between Mercury and the spiritual planets, the Sun will make these same rounds as will Venus by the end of the month into October. We all may be questioning why we’re doing something. Many people have quit their jobs this year while others have returned to the workforce. Depending on which side you’re on, September may treat you differently. It can be the beginning of the end of something or the end of something that ushers in something new. Whatever may or may not happen, an equilibrium will be reached, or something comes back full circle, especially during the new moon, perhaps.

But let us address the biggest elephant in the room: that Uranus-Saturn square.

Yes, these two planets will have caught back up to each other by degree this month. I don’t think I need to keep bringing up the same issues I have done when talking about this aspect, but it seems like the universe wants to. There are still many things shifting and it’s not just the weather. Governments and other large-scale structures are crumbling and those in charge are not doing much to stop it. In some ways this can be a blessing in disguise because many people may not be aware of how their institutions are overstretched, overstressed, and underfunded. By these structures falling, things have to be rebuilt. But since this is a square we’re dealing with, these structures will go down kicking and screaming instead.

Saturn is an immovable force up against Uranus, an erratic, sudden force. Some institutions may fall unpredictably and shockingly, exposing the filth underneath. Others will crumble much slower but when they finally fall, the shock will come from the unhurried nature of rebuilding or the reveal of how things were so mismanaged that it fell to begin with. The past and the future are in conflict. With Saturn dominating this square, the past really wants to win out but is that even necessary or “good?” Personally with how people act over here, I think it’s as clear as day that it’s not. But when it comes to certain things, there is wisdom in the past if we just pay attention. Anyway, I don’t know what else to say here so I’ll see you all in October lol!

Oracle Messages

Fire Signs

Jupiter in Pisces: Seduction
Mercury in Sagittarius: Discovery (reverse)
Moon in Cancer: Friendship
Jupiter in Aquarius: Innovation

King of Swords
The Fool (reverse)
Queen of Wands
10 of Swords (reverse)

Lotus: Move from darkness into the light like a lotus.

Wolf: Emphasize a deep connection with your intuition and instincts.

I got new cards! In either case, September is a rather interesting month for you all. I’m getting the sense that you should listen to your intuition but also use discernment. While writing extensively on Gemini last month, I learned that to the ancient astrologers, intellect and intuition was one in the same or that they were opposite sides of the same coin and never in conflict. Think of Yin and Yang. They’re polarizing forces that feed on and blend into each other. They can only exist with the other. In September, it seems like you have to use all sides of your mind—the right and left, creative and rational. As well as your instincts because there is the risk of being seduced and duped by something. Likewise, or in addition to, there is the potential of just not paying attention to what is ahead of you. The Fool is reversed.

As I mentioned on Instagram, the Fool and Mercury in Sagittarius being in reverse can mean that your travel plans may be dashed this month. This makes sense anyway as Mercury goes retrograde fairly early in the month. And in the U.S. airlines are still backed up and flights continuously cancelled because of labor shortages.

A friend may be there for you if this happens. They may be a fellow fire sign. This friend can also help you with your travel plans as well. Or maybe you will meet up with them if you do manage to catch your flight this month.

Regardless, September seems to be about something ending and that potentially giving way to something new like I mentioned in the astrology section. This 10 of Swords feels like old(er) energy. A couple of months back you all got this card but upright. A cycle is on its final way out it seems. Or this is the final nail in the coffin of something. This seems to have happened to force you all to look at something differently, more frankly. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Something new is slowly emerging. You’re moving into calmer waters.

Water Signs

Sun in Gemini: Versatility (reverse)
Moon in Sagittarius: Optimism 
Moon in Scorpio: Power
Mars in Pisces: Escape
Mars in Aquarius: Rebellion
Mars in Capricorn: Authority
Mars in Sagittarius: Domination 
Moon in Capricorn: Practicality 

Ace of Pentacles (reverse)

Owl: Pay attention to the winds of change.

Very interesting cards this month! Looks like some of you will be throwing hands or catching them. Yes, we have many Mars cards and the Moon in Scorpio. As I said on Instagram, something may have been agitating you for quite a while or you are not completely over something. Because of that, perhaps, the universe is bringing that thing and/or person back into your life with this Mercury retrograde to deal with these pent-up emotions. Or, if you have been a flaky, unaccountable individual as of late, someone may put you in your place in September. Wherever side of this conflict you may fall on, this month will be about dealing with this. I think for a very, very small subset of you, the best option is to walk away.

If we remember prior readings, many of you had a very hard time walking away from something. And ever since you finally did, you have been prioritizing your happiness. Someone may not like this and cannot be reasoned with if they show back up in your life. They want to fight, not reconcile, or even apologize. In that case, don’t engage and just flee. They may try to bride or coax you with money or other material things but do not take it. Walk away. And if it safe to, stand up for yourself. They may bank on you folding like you may have done in the past, but September is about setting boundaries and not having them be crossed anymore. You are so much more powerful emotionally than you think. You’ve grown a lot and learned just as much. You don’t need this person or situation anymore.

For those who are about to explode, I think with the Ace of Pentacles in reverse represents not only instability but the potential loss of a job or money or something else material. I think this will only happen if you go in too hard. With the Practicality card there has to be a limit. If you got your point across that’s the time to walk away, not keep going. This person will likely leave you alone after this month.

Earth Signs

Venus in Leo: Affair
Mercury in Capricorn: Organization
Mars in Virgo: Criticism

The World (reverse)
Judgment (reverse)
6 of Cups

Sun: Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.

Light: Weave your spells by the light of stars and listen to your inner voice.

Very interesting reading as well lol! I say this only because I tend to find that what I say in the astrology section carries over to the oracle messages in some way. For you all that is the overarching energy of review. As earth signs, you all tend to take stock of your life quite frequently. However, it seems like a few of you are a bit touchy when others do this. It could just be you are one of those people re-entering the workforce and critique is not something you were longing for when it came to employment. Even so, like I said on Instagram, work often involves this evaluation process in some way, regardless of what industry you work in. There will always be someone watching and judging but in September it may take a more stinging tone, or you perceive it as such.

In September you wanted to be celebrated but may get the exact opposite or a more muted response. This may be for valid reasons. It really depends on what people are actually saying. Just because you don’t want to hear it doesn’t make it false or unwarranted. This month people are not trying to tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. That can be a hard pill to swallow but it seems as though you all need to keep things in perspective. I feel like some of you fall too easily into depression and cynical thinking. Instead of immediately wanting to give up, the cards are saying you should try to find the silver lining and be firmer in your intentions.

Don’t give up because you think others are not supporting you. Instead, try to understand where they’re coming from and heed their advice when necessary. Critique and feedback are not attacks on your character. Don’t let your wavering self-confidence sabotage you into thinking you’re worthless or bring nothing to the table. You are valuable and have skills someone else needs. It just may be that you have to tweak some things in your approach or product, is all. Don’t let past events of similar scenarios color your perception of what is happening in front of you.

Air Signs

Venus in Taurus: Romance
Venus in Gemini: Flattery 
Saturn in Taurus: Ostentation 
Saturn in Gemini: Concentration
Saturn in Scorpio: Inheritance (reverse)
Venus in Pisces: Submission (reverse)

6 of Swords (reverse)

Feather: Be honest with yourself. There is somewhere in your life where you haven't been upfront.

Like the water signs, we have this seemingly never ending story unfolding. In past readings, it looked like many of you were betrayed in some way and had a rather messy breakup with someone. It could have been a lover, but it also could have been a friend, co-worker, or family member. Regardless of who this was, you seem hesitant to get back out there because of the fall out. Whether romantically or platonically, you all seem to want to deny your desire to be in companionship with someone else. What is interesting is that you may have been entertaining someone or getting to know them in spite of this. You seemed to have gotten to a phase where you should deepen the relationship but are not. You are afraid of getting hurt again and bamboozled. But because of this, you are refusing to move on.

Like the bust in the Venus in Gemini card, your mind is in two places—the past and future. You are not engaging with the present. If you were, you would notice that what is right in front of you looks very different from what you are imagining it to be. No one is saying to dive headfirst into something you aren’t ready for, but it does seem like in September you need to be cognizant of what is really going on and what you really want. Be honest with yourself. Voice and embrace it.

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Brennan, C. (2017). Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune. Amor Fati Publications.


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