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Mini bio on Rubi: 00:49

Relationship recap: 1:20

Initial attraction: 4:24

Beginning of the relationship: 9:24

What caused things to go south: 15:25

DDG allegations: 18:32-20:01

End of the relationship: 20:01

Rubi’s thoughts on Halle and vice versa: 24:08

Outro: 25:21

Start of (Tran)Script

Hello and welcome back to my channel.

I got a lot of comments on my most recent Halle video, suggesting I read on a bunch of other couples. I appreciate the suggestions because the people I had on my list to read on for this mini-series was a bit tired looking.

So, today we will read on DDG, the man Halle is having a situationship with, and one of his public exes, Rubi Rose.

Trying to research into this particular relationship was a challenge to say the least. So, if I am missing little or big details about what went down with them, I tried my best. I mainly used articles big publishers put out and looked a bit at some gossip forums and YouTube videos to make a timeline. Hopefully it is accurate enough as many posts on Twitter and Instagram about what they said to each other are now deleted.

Rubi Rose is also a rapper, but her comeuppance wasn’t through YouTube like DDG’s but rather by doing cameos in music videos, such as in Migos’ “Bad and Boujee.” Around this time, she started regularly featuring on a Twitch stream with some hip hop commentator named DJ Akademiks.

In 2019, Rubi started to release her own music which caught some eyes. She signed to Hitco Entertainment that same year. On Christmas of 2020, she released her first official mixtape, For the Streets.

DDG and Rubi Rose first seemingly met during a video where they were set up as a blind date. It’s still up on Lala Baptiste’s channel titled, “I Set DDG up on a BLIND DATE with RUBI ROSE & This Happened!!” which was uploaded a day before Valentine’s Day in 2020.

After the date video, fans of both wondered what was going on between them but neither one said much of anything about it. And, during this time, it seemed like Rubi was with another rapped called Lil Tjay. That in itself was an entire mess I won’t get too much into. All I’ll say is that while she was with Lil Tjay, she was also claiming DDG.

Anyway, fast forward to early 2021 and DDG says in an interview with 99Jamz that he and Rubi had a “whole situation going on.” But this is where problems started.

Barely weeks after this interview, DDG claims he was single and looking for a Valentine because he found out something that made him realize that he didn’t need to be in a relationship at the time. Rubi responded to the Shade Room’s Instagram post about this with a “Yikes” in the comments. DDG responded to this in a story sort of mockingly.

Barely a month later in late March, Rubi posts a bunch of tweets saying that DDG was preventing her from connecting with other rappers by blocking them. She also alleged that DDG stole her phone and posted a bunch of pictures that made it seem like they were still together, but they weren’t. To put some icing on this cake, Rubi claimed that DDG liked to chase prostitutes and she wasn’t about that. She stated that he did all of this because she doesn’t want to be with him.

One would think this relationship would be over but nope! In late July the two got into a Twitter spat. Rubi tweeted randomly that she wants her next man to be tall and that she wants wear heels. DDG came in 30 minutes later like a hit dog and subtweeted that he wanted his next girl to have less than 60 body counts. Rubi has been slut shamed basically her entire career and with her also being on Onlyfans, DDG’S tweet went viral. DDG had to quickly walk this back, however, because it was apparently a lie, and he gave a sad apology to Rubi on one of his stories.

I thought this was their official, final break up but in November Rubi seemingly stole DDG’S car and was posting pictures in it, not denying it. Why she did this and how I do not know. But that was seemingly the end of them because rumors began to swirl that DDG was dating Halle around the end of 2021 and these rumors have only got stronger all of 2022 so far. So, hopefully this was a comprehensive timeline of this relationship.

Overall, this seems like an on-again, off-again relationship between two immature and childish people, who were, granted a bit young at the time. However, this relationship was also very toxic. Yes, on both sides, but there are also allegations that DDG put his hands on Rubi and supposedly apologized and gave her $100 to make up for it. So, yeah, you’re all forewarned here because I will ask if this is true.

With this depressing summary out of the way, the first question I asked was,

What initially attracted them to one another?

On DDG’s side we have the Destroyer, Bully, Angel, and Artist.

Rubi had the Visionary, Gambler, Father, Child: Eternal, and Vampire.

DDG’S cards are very interesting because we start out with two very negative cards. Destroyer and Bully makes it seems like he liked Rubi’s straightforwardness and ability to be “real,” I think. Perhaps DDG liked her feistiness. I’m not sure what type of girls he dated before or are into, but perhaps something about Rubi was different than what he was used to.

With these cards, however, they’re almost like a warning that maybe DDG didn’t heed. As we saw from my summary of their relationship, there was a lot of back and forward and verbal altercations. It seems as though DDG was aware of this on some level, but he may have actually liked that about Rubi at first, likely because it wasn’t directed at him. Everyone loves honesty and people keeping it real until that energy is turned on them.

In either case, despite this writing on the wall, there was a side to Rubi that was much softer with this Angel card. I know I chose to read these cards upright and thus positively, but the negative side of this card is drawing my attention. The first line reads, “Acting innocent or angelic to mislead others.” Considering the cards above this one, it wouldn’t be shocking if Rubi acted demurer and cutesier around DDG, despite potentially being fierier, if not explosive, otherwise. However, they were in their late teens when they met. So, it is not unusual for girls to act a bit coyer or shier with guys they are interested in. It could have been innocent and not as bad as I am reading it.

Regardless, DDG also liked Rubi’s artistry with the Artist card. In that interview where he said they had a “whole situation going on,” he also mentioned that he was a fan of hers before their blind date video. And this card pretty much reconfirms that. He liked her work, flow, and visuals, it seems. There was an underlying level of respect that he had towards her.

On Rubi’s side we have Visionary which mirrors the Artist card in many ways. She too valued DDG’S work. But it was more than just admiration. For her, she saw his work as being outside the box. DDG was doing something else that other rappers in their age group wasn’t doing and that was attractive to her. He did new things that, while not always popular, was unique to him and he didn’t compromise his vision in this regard.

This sentiment is seen again with the Gambler card. In Rubi’s eyes, DDG was taking risks artistically. He was just out here doing his own thing. This could also be related to how he dropped out of college and pursued YouTube before transitioning into a recording artist. Taking that leap of faith was a huge gamble on his part. I don’t know Rubi’s upbringing, but her parents seem more well to do and have careers in more professional fields. So, Rubi could have been attracted to DDG because she understood his passion to make music and be successful. To go against the grain and other people’s opinions and expectations was likely tough but she admired his fortitude.

Next, we have Father. This card has come out in almost every relationship reading I’ve done, and I’ve always interpreted it to mean that the woman likes that her man is not a misogynist basically. However, in this case, this isn’t necessarily true, especially with all that went down in their relationship. In either case, while I was trying to construct their timeline, it was made very apparent that Rubi unfortunately tends to be in abusive relationships. One article I saw was an interview she gave where she said that her then boyfriend Playboi Carti shot a gun at her during an argument. So, to have relationships like that, it was likely that Rubi saw DDG as being much gentler than her prior boyfriends, at least a first. He perhaps didn’t seem like the controlling type, and that in it and of itself was rather attractive to Rubi.

Next, we have Child: Eternal. Although the both of them were young at the time, I think Rubi saw DDG as playful. Again, considering her dating history up to that point, this was likely a big plus. He was less serious and mean towards her. Maybe normal things slide off his back as opposed to being grounds for an argument or even physical altercation. Rubi could just relax and have fun like you’re supposed to in a healthy relationship.

Finally, we end with Vampire. This card is interesting. If you remember a while back, Rubi claimed that DDG was essentially blocking her bag by preventing her from networking. I think this card shows a bit of that energy, but I think maybe in the beginning, Rubi saw this as him looking out for her. He was just being protective in her eyes. If the vibes were wrong, he would tell her, only with her best interest in mind. Well, we see how that turned out based on her claims.

So, yeah, the writing seemed to be on the walls on both sides. Likely being young and dumb they ignored it or brushed it off. Clearly, they shouldn’t have but it’s too late. Let’s move on.

What was their relationship like in the beginning?

I’ve seen other readers do this type of spread for relationship readings where they pull a card for each person and then one in the middle that symbolizes the energy between them. I intended the middle to represent the objective truth where the cards on either side symbolizes the relationship from that person’s perspective. Hopefully that makes sense.

On DDG’S side we have Grand Cross: Provoker in reverse, Moon: Soul, and Saturn: Truth in reverse.

For Rubi we have Lunar Eclipse: Changes, Third House: Messages reverse, and Neptune: Sacrifice.

For the truth we got Void of Course Moon: Missing in reverse, Water Element: Sensing in reverse, and Chiron: Healing in reverse.

This already looks messy but let’s start with DDG. From his point of view, Rubi made it hard to truly be with her. With this Grand Cross I feel like from his perspective she was always provoking him low key. We saw this much later on in the relationship where she would taunt him and claim him as hers while she was with other men. This pattern seemed to have begun when they started to mess around. And, indeed, it did seem like Rubi was just with anybody and I think that hurt his feelings.

With the Moon out, I think DDG is rather upfront about how he feels. Whether that was always expressed positively is a whole other thing, but I do think he did make it known that what Rubi was doing or saying was hurting him.

He came to not trust her because there just seemed to be a lot of lies from her end with Saturn being reversed. Maybe she said she was over some other guy she was messing with when she ran back to him but barely days or even hours later, she was with that same guy. So, what was the truth then? Was DDG her man or nah? This flip flop energy got DDG in his feelings.

For Rubi’s side of things, we start with Lunar Eclipse. This card always stumps me in what it truly means but here I think it represents cycles. The imagery on the card shows the Moon undergoing an eclipse. Eclipses are taken very seriously in astrology and often represents big changes. In the context of this reading, however, I think it was Rubi sort of cycling through these rappers she attached herself to, with the Moons representing them. DDG was just another one she was juggling. The Moon is the fastest planet in astrology, so perhaps going from guy to guy wasn’t really anything new for Rubi. Things in her life were always changing.

The Third House being reversed is interesting. It reads to me as mixed messages but not face-to-face but over text and the internet. Typically, I get this card in relation to Twitter but here I think it was just digital communication overall. With it being reversed, Rubi too felt like she was getting mixed signals from DDG. Perhaps from her point of view she was communicating directly and honestly but she didn’t realize that wasn’t the problem. The problem was always her actions afterwards. You can’t hit a person up with “I love you” or “I miss you” when you’re kissed up with someone else. I think when DDG pulled away emotionally, Rubi was upset and confused. Like, why didn’t he want to talk suddenly, again, being unaware of how she was acting was making her send the mixed messages.

Neptune is interesting. “Sacrifice” is written on the card. Does this sacrifice mean in the sense that Rubi had to be steady with one person? I’m not really sure so I clarified it and the Lunar Eclipse card. We got Cancer: I Feel and Leo: I Will.

When it comes to the Neptune card it seemed to talk more about how this planet’s energy is confusing. It seemed like perhaps Rubi wasn’t sure on how she personally felt about DDG. The Lunar Eclipse card shows that she is perhaps a person who navigates life through her ever-changing emotions. So, it could have been true that one moment she was feeling DDG and the next she was feeling some other guy. That’s just who and how she is with the Leo card. You get ups and downs with her, never truly knowing where you stand with her because she herself doesn’t know where she stands emotionally with others and likely with herself.

This lack of clarity and overwhelming emotions seems to have characterized the early part of their relationship as a whole. We start out with the Void of Course Moon for the truth and typically when you get this card there isn’t a lot of information you can gather on your question. However, it is reversed. When the Moon is in its void of course, it means that the Moon is not making any exact major aspects to any of the other classical planets for the next 30˚ regardless of sign boundaries. Astrologers today who use this concept have a slightly different definition which makes it seem like the Moon goes void of course rather regularly. Regardless of definition, however, when the Moon is void of course it is considered to be running in a void for a set period of time. Modern-day astrologers, who are often horary or electional astrologers, warn of doing things during this time because nothing will come of it, or it will be incomplete in some way. You can liken this to a mini Mercury retrograde.

Regardless of technicalities, I take this card to mean that DDG and Rubi Rose didn’t have a proper relationship to begin with it. It wasn’t solid. The commitment to each other wasn’t there. There were grand plateaus of claiming one another but they were hollow. What there was was a lot of emotions, many negative, that didn’t do anything to advance the relationship with the Water Element card being reversed.

Indeed, with Chiron reversed, it seems like two hurt, insecure people started to mess around, and things just got worse from there. This relationship was just a breeding ground for the two to hurt each other, although I will say that it does seem like Rubi instigated a lot of this, however. But regardless of who was to blame, everything that came afterwards could have been avoided if the two or one of them severed ties completely at this point and moved on. But that’s not what happened. So let us move on and ask,

What caused things to go south?

On DDG’s side we have Virgo: I analyze, Taurus: I have in reverse, and Black Moon Lilith: Mystery.

For Rubi we have Venus: Love, Second House: Owning in reverse, and Grand Trine: Blessings in reverse.

For the truth we have the Seventh House: Partners in reverse, Jupiter Return: Benefits, and Sun: Spirit.

Let’s start with DDG. It seems like he became a bit paranoid and was digging into Rubi’s social media. As I recounted in the timeline, Rubi did allege that he stole her phone and posted those pictures and videos. She also claimed she was hacked at one point too. I didn’t see anything that said it was DDG but from his perspective he just couldn’t trust Rubi. With everything she said, he had to double check it or look further into what she actually meant.

Indeed, we have the Black Moon Lilith card. This card also stumps me and likely only because I don’t use the Black Moon Lilith in my personal readings but in either case this card means mystery, the other woman or man, stalking, feelings of being replaced, and feelings of being slighted or overlooked to name a few according to the guidebook. I think both sides admitted to cheating at some point but I think at whatever time this spread is representing, DDG wasn’t entirely sure if Rubi was because he didn’t have concrete evidence at the time. So, to find some, he was trying to analyze whatever Rubi was posting.

Taurus is reversed and can be a rather jealous and possessive energy. So, for DDG he was trying to find out who Rubi was with and why and when. Since he couldn’t have her, he wanted to know, and I do think this became obsessive a bit. And I also think this is where his image of Rubi was turning sour.

I don’t know the whole story of Lilith but she’s a deity that has been vilified throughout time until very recently. She sort of represents the dark side of femininity and sex. So, for DDG he may have started to see Rubi in a similar fashion and that in turn could have fueled his growing obsession.

For Rubi we interestingly start out with love. I think even when things were turning bad, she still loved him or had love for him. However, we have the Second House in reverse. Perhaps for her, love also involves material things and things started to go south for her when DDG stopped buying her things maybe. And when the money and gifts stopped, that’s when Rubi saw the relationship not being fun or easy anymore. They couldn’t just chill anymore. I feel like DDG started to ice her out and that made her a bit confused.

For the truth, I think these cards are showing how this relationship was messy and very on-again, off-again. When they came back together it was good but perhaps short lived. With the Sun out I think their egos got in the way of them making up properly and likely setting better boundaries. The two weren’t listening to one another and were drifting apart. I think the Sun can also represent when the two were airing out each other’s business online and fighting publicly as well. It was like a pissing contest. Just a lot of egoism.

So, it’s time for me to ask that question. When I was on the gossip forums, I saw the claim that DDG put his hands on Rubi at one point. I tried to find articles to back this up but couldn’t. However, when I went to YouTube there were videos of leaked DMs of DDG threatening to end Rubi’s career and Rubi trying to placate him. In the next message we see Rubi with a bruise on her arm saying that DDG was doing the same thing her past man did, referring to the hitting, I assume. She goes on to say how her ex made fun of her while doing it just like DDG. Rubi insinuates that DDG was talking to another girl and that she won’t speak about it or him if he doesn’t talk about her. He then allegedly sent her $100 over Apple Pay and apologized, stating he won’t do it again and that he’ll work on himself.

So, did DDG really put hands on Rubi?

While shuffling, “remain positive” flew out. I set it to the side and kept shuffling. I saw both “no’s” at the bottom of the deck until “unlikely” came out.

With this answer I followed up this question with, “Were those messages between the two real?” But I couldn’t get a direct answer.

So, I asked the first question more directly with language YouTube doesn’t like and got the same cards once again. “Forgiveness” was at the bottom of the deck.

When it comes to situations like this, please do not use my reading as “proof” that nothing happened or that Rubi was lying. These are simply the cards I got. Let’s move on.

What was the nail in the coffin for their relationship?

To me these cards overall aren’t talking about what was the final strike but more how the relationship ended or fizzled out.

Regardless, for DDG we have the Part of Fortune: Increase, Mercury: Mind in reverse, and Neptune: Sacrifice in reverse.

For Rubi we have the Third House: Messages, First House: Body, and Black Moon Lilith: Mystery.

For the truth we have the Fourth House: Roots, Saturn: Truth, and Solar Eclipse: Revolution in reverse.

Overall, I think things just sort of slowed down and stopped on both sides. From DDG’S perspective in particular, I think towards the end of their relationship, if you can even call what was going on with them that, things started to look up for him. Maybe he was in this music bag and seeing a lot of success with it. It was like when he wasn’t all wrapped up in Rubi, things were turning out for the better.

However, with Mercury reversed, I still think he had a lot of complicated feelings about her. Like why she did the things she did. Neptune is also here. He couldn’t always rationalize her behavior, how she could be all up in his face and elsewhere saying she loved him but was with another man. Just the constant childish games she played had worn him out. Stopping his whole life to chase after her was growing stale. Always responding, always looking and lurking was tired after a certain point. So, I think for him, he was growing up a bit and wanted something else going for him than whatever was going on in between them.

From Rubi’s perspective she definitely wasn’t getting the reactions she wanted from DDG, I think. We start with Messages. We always see her claiming that DDG was the one in his feelings, but this seems to be mutual. As I said a bit earlier, perhaps there was a stretch of time where DDG was just focusing on music, so he couldn’t, or just didn’t want to, respond to whatever bait she threw at him. And because he stopped biting, this left her wondering why.

I think like the figure in the First House card she was waiting and waiting for him to return but he never did. Perhaps that’s why she stole his car. Petty little things online weren’t getting to him anymore, so she had to do something drastic to catch his attention and seek her out. But besides committing theft, he seemed disinterested in her for once. Based on the articles and the cards, it seemed like Rubi sort of commanded this relationship because she made DDG chase after her. But now things were reversed.

With this Black Moon Lilith card, I think she was wondering if he was hooking up with someone and was getting jealous and in her feelings. But since her tactics to get him back weren’t working anymore, their relationship just sort of quietly ended.

For the truth, the Fourth House card coming out is interesting. With Saturn under it I wonder if some older family members got involved. I feel like a grandma or older aunt came to DDG specifically to talk to him and straighten him out. I think this female relative tried to make him see the truth to what was going on—how Rubi was playing him. I think this relative also tried to get him to refocus on his career. There were millions of girls he could get with, but you only had one shot at stardom. What was more important? And I think talking with this relative likely set him on the right path.

When I saw Saturn, I also thought of spirit guides. I feel like either one or both of their guides stepped in to end this relationship. I don’t know if this was a karmic relationship, but it sure was toxic! At a certain point I think divine intervention was needed and some other entity beyond the veil severed it. With the Solar Eclipse card, it may not have been as swift as it could have been because it is reversed, but the job got done. I think with Saturn either one’s guides are preventing another reunion between the two. Perhaps DDG’s guides brought Halle towards him. Who knows? But I do think people and entities specifically intervened on DDG’S side. I also believe he was maturing a bit which allowed him to eventually move on instead of fighting to stay.

To close out this video I asked, “How does Rubi feel about [DDG] dating Halle?” and “What does Halle think of Rubi?

For Rubi we got Jupiter Return: Benefits, Aquarius: I know in reverse, and Virgo: I analyze in reverse. I clarified the Jupiter Return card and got Neptune: Sacrifice.

For Halle we got Mercury: Mind in reverse, Black Moon Lilith: Mystery, and Lunar Eclipse: Change.

I think for Rubi she’s a bit taken back by these rumors. I think in her mind they could get back together so to hear that he’s dating someone else is strange to her. But at the same time, it seems as though she is avoiding learning more about this, to see if it’s true or not. I think she’s moved on to an extent but not as fully as DDG. I think she’s sort of waiting for either one to announce that it’s official, but until then she’s sort of minding her business. She’s not trying to creep on them or get more info elsewhere. She’s sort of playing it cool.

For Halle, I think she doesn’t know what to think of Rubi. Like she’s a mystery and what went down between her and DDG seems a bit too messy to unravel so she’s not touching it. Their relationship was simply a thing that occurred, but things are moving on. So, that’s all the questions I had. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe!

End of (Tran)Script

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