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Hello and welcome back to my channel. I got a comment recently on one of my videos saying I should read on Halle and her alleged boo thang DDG. Like in most cases I have never heard of this male rapper. DDG, or Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., started out as a YouTuber after dropping out of college in 2015. Apparently, he was making $30k a month on here. He released music on his channel that went viral and got corporate eyes on him. In June of 2018, he signed with Epic Records. But in 2020 he created his own label, Zooted Entertainment.

So, while searching around, Halle being with this man is just a rumor. As usual, the evidence we have is Halle liking some of his Instagram posts, people claiming they’re at the same location together based on the similar backgrounds of photos, and people actually having real evidence of them being at the same place. But apparently neither one has confirmed nor denied seeing the other like that.

So, the first question is, “Are they really dating?

While shuffling, “compromise” fell out with a chunk of other cards. I thought it was weird and put it back. “Look for a sign” came out a bit later but since that wasn’t a direct “yes” or “no” either, I also put it back. Eventually “compromise” fell out again. I kept it and continued to shuffle which led to “it’s up to you!” to come out. Shuffling even more, “choose a new direction” and “in the near future” came out together. “Look for a sign” was at the bottom of the deck.

Considering we only started to hear rumors about the two at the start of the New Year, I’m not surprised by these cards. They may just be getting to know each other. But let us get nosy with other cards.

What is the nature of their relationship?

We have Venus in Scorpio: Secrets in reverse, Mercury in Gemini: Excitement, Jupiter in Gemini: Bluff in reverse, Mercury in Libra: Influence, and Mercury in Aquarius: Originality.

Jupiter in Libra: Negotiation was reversed at the bottom of the deck.

For tarot we have the World in reverse, 4 of Pentacles, the Hierophant in reverse, 3 of Pentacles, the Devil, and the Knight of Cups. The Ace of Cups and Two of Cups were reversed at the bottom of the deck.

As I suspected this is a bit of a situationship. They’re “entertaining” each other and talking but it’s not love. This is seen particularly with the Devil, Venus in Scorpio, and reversed Ace of Cups and Two of Cups at the bottom of the deck. But with the Knight of Cups, things can turn around.

I think their situation is known to the people around them as the Venus in Scorpio card is reversed. This is an open “secret.” I think with Mercury in Gemini it can represent two things. One is Halle’s excitement. I saw online that she likes men who are a bit rough, like a thug or is from the hood. So, to get a man like that or close to it, is exciting for her. The other thing that comes through for this card is the media. The imagery of the card is a man on a horse blowing on an instrument. To me he represents the blogs and other places catching wind of this potential couple and having a field day making articles about it.

Jupiter in Gemini reversed next to this card to me represents how the pair are neither confirming nor denying what’s going on between them. And if they are in a situationship or just “entertaining” each other, there isn’t really much to say anyway. There’s no need to lie or embellish here.

The Mercury in Libra shows how I think DDG is sweet talking Halle or how she’s falling for his game. This also can show how the two are just having fun and not much more.

The Mercury in Aquarius card is interesting. I tried to clarify it but often got too many cards and the one I did get left me with more questions than answers. So, I think this card sort of indicates how they met up was under strange circumstances or how people are reacting to them being together is with shock or intrigue. It could also be that the two got together a bit impulsively or quickly as the card I eventually got to clarify this one was Jupiter in Aries: Enterprise in reverse. This clarification card can also show how this relationship isn’t anything serious yet again and was just a spontaneous thing that happened.

The tarot is interesting. We start with the World. Upright it tends to mean an accomplishment or successful completion of something, usually a project or cycle. Reversed, it’s the opposite. There may be delays or stagnation or things left incomplete. In a love context the World reversed apparently means very similar things in that the relationship feels stale or that one person feels as though they are putting in a ton of effort into the relationship and yet it’s not going anywhere.

With this card next to the 4 of Pentacles I wonder if someone wants to make the relationship official or something more while the other is disinterested. I think this is of course Halle and the one who doesn’t really care to do all of that is DDG. This isn’t really surprising in this kind of situation and tends to be a common occurrence in relationships among young people and rappers. So, I think while this whole thing is very exciting and new for Halle, with this maybe being one of her first major relationships, she’s left wondering if it’ll ever be more. In this case, the Knight of Cups can represent her catching feelings. All the smooth talking has won her over but being with Halle has not won DDG over potentially.

We have Negotiation in reverse over the Ace and Two of Cups, which are love cards. Halle may have hinted at her growing feelings and desires to make this relationship into something serious, either directly or indirectly, to his indifference. He may have told her once or a couple of times that he’s “not looking for anything serious.” Perhaps this is why “compromise” came out twice. Halle is the one who has to make a compromise here—continue the situationship as one and give up the potential of something deeper or look elsewhere. This can also clarify the “it’s up to you.” The “you” is not us the onlookers, but Halle.

The 4 of Pentacles usually represents a partner who is clingy, possessive, or jealous. They may be holding on to grudges. Here I think it is more Halle wondering where this relationship is going. The 4 of Pentacles can represent that a person has a hard time opening up emotionally, and I think that is DDG or DDG from Halle’s perspective. Again, Halle is all for this relationship, but he may not be matching her enthusiasm and she catches that sometimes and it may give her pause. Like is she doing too much? Mercury and Gemini are the energies that play “what if” games, so as much as Halle is very into this relationship, DDG’s potential aloofness can make her question what’s going on. Perhaps this then explains the Mercury in Aquarius card. It represents how DDG may be in this relationship a bit detachedly. He’s levelheaded and not letting the passion really get to him. This in turn explains the reversed Jupiter in Aries card. I think it and the World reversed shows his lack of commitment at the moment. He doesn’t seem to interested in making this a serious or long term thing, and he can have a lot of reasons for that and that doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person. He just had different ideas coming into this relationship than Halle.

And I wouldn’t say this is a miscommunication issue either but a misalignment of values which is confirmed in the Hierophant being reversed. I think it’s interesting that in this deck it depicts someone writing and it’s under the Gemini cards. Perhaps this was writing on the walls, that this man was not desiring a commitment but Halle, being an Aries, jumped at the opportunity anyway. I’m not necessarily seeing that Halle will get her feelings hurt in this relationship, at least with these cards. The 3 of Pentacles suggests that they may even collab on music or something. It can also represent that Halle or the both of them are trying to make this relationship work or that they’re still in the talking/learning phase of the relationship.

So, overall, this relationship isn’t anything serious yet, but Halle may have already caught feelings while DDG may be a bit aloof in this regard. Halle may be a bit conflicted about this mismatched energy, but I don’t see her leaving anytime soon.

While I was looking up information on this couple, I saw an article that said Halle was bankrolling DDG and the source was none other than MTO News. If you watched my prior Megan video, you would know this website is highly suspect. In either case, they apparently said that Halle is “paying all his bills.”

Part of the article reads,

There’s a new trend taking over – rich, beautiful women “taking care” of their rapper boyfriends. MTO News broke the story that Erica Badu is “supporting” her rapper boyfriend, and paying all the bills – now Halle Bailey is doing the same.

MTO News is hearing reports that Disney star Halle Bailey is also supporting her boyfriend, a Youtube rapper named DDG. According to multiple online reports, Halle and DDG are living together in a Hollywood apartment and Halle pays all the bills. She is also helping him finance his “rap” dreams and aspirations.

So, is this even true? Is Halle financially helping DDG out in his career and paying all the bills?

While shuffling I got a bunch of cards that didn’t answer the question but a couple times at the bottom of the deck, I got both variants of “no.” Strangely, they didn’t fall out on their own, however. Only “unlikely” did. I asked this question with the astrology and tarot cards as well.

We have Mercury in Cancer: Intuition in reverse, Venus in Taurus: Romance, the Sun in Aquarius: Idealism in reverse, and the Sun in Leo: Fortune in reverse. Venus in Leo: Affair and Saturn in Taurus: Ostentation were at the bottom of the deck.

For tarot we have the Chariot, the 2 of Wands, the Lovers in reverse, and the 4 of Wands in reverse.

These are all interesting cards. None of them really address money directly except the Sun in Leo and Saturn in Taurus cards. The absence of money cards already clues us in that this rumor is likely false. The Sun in Leo card doesn’t even seem to be talking about money here but clout. With it reversed I think it’s showing how MTO News started this rumor to drum up traffic to their site, but it was largely unsuccessful. I’ve switched over to DuckDuckGo as my search engine a little while ago and on there, you tend to find more obscure websites and blogs, so I think the fact that this rumor readily popped up over there as opposed to Google tells us a lot.

Additionally, Saturn in the Saturn in Taurus card, is a restrictive energy. It is not generous nor philanthropic like Jupiter. Likewise, Taurus can be a bit stingy and penny pinching. So, once again, we have confirmation that this rumor isn’t true.

What the astrology cards are showing overall is how Halle and DDG are minding their business and enjoying the little thing they have going on between them. It is a very physical relationship with Venus in Taurus out but one that is fun and enjoyable with the Venus in Leo card out. But there is something more to this.

The Mercury in Cancer card rarely comes out in this deck but when it does it seems to indicate that there is more going on beneath the surface. What’s under this card is the Chariot. It tends to represent movement and a success or victory in something. It’s a forceful card and can indicate ambition and determination.

The 2 of Wands often indicates needing to make a decision or traveling overseas. Interestingly, in a love context this is a bad card as it can indicate cheating.

The Lovers is a card you want to see in love readings because it indicates that you are aligned with your partner. Reversed, consequently, means that you two are misaligned. The sex is apparently still great but you two are not on the same page. Someone may have checked out while someone may still be holding on.

The 4 of Wands tends to show your home life. When reversed it shows there are problems in this area.

So, we can take this in two ways. One is that perhaps the author of this article came up with the idea of this rumor because they saw the potential success in it. Halle and DDG are a semi-hot topic on the internet, so if this person made an article about them saying something outlandish, the site could get traffic. This outlandish lie was saying Halle was bankrolling DDG and that they were already living together. They could link to their Erykah Badu article and spin the tale to be reflective of a larger issue happening within the music world which will have people debating in their comment sections, driving more clicks and revenue. And I’m sure relationship drama is more lucrative than other types of drama. But regardless of that, this rumor didn’t do what it was supposed to do, it seems.

With the reversed Sun in Aquarius and Leo cards, I don’t think MTO got the numbers they wanted from this piece. I think most people were disinterested in it or never saw it. I also think this website sort of overestimated the power of Halle and DDG’s fan bases. No shade to either of them but while Halle is the bigger name of the two, she hasn’t been in the headlines as often as her sister Chloe. She was away filming The Little Mermaid and only somewhat recently came back into the spotlight. There wasn’t a lot of noise she could make online like Chloe did with her “Have Mercy” release just for a comparison. Likewise, how popular is DDG really? Again, it seems like one of those cases where the woman is more mainstream and popular, and because of that, she brings up whatever man she is dealing with along with her. Apparently DDG dated Rubi Rose and forgive me for not being plugged in like other people but like…who cares? I still don’t know this man. So, yeah. This is one way to read this spread—that MTO News was on that BS but it barely did numbers.

Another way to look at this is that there may be some issues in this little situationship that is going on between Halle and DDG. The passion and physicality are definitely there, but again, romance or “real love” is lacking a bit, and this can be leading to some problems.

While the Chariot is a very victorious card, it can also indicate having to overcome challenges and obstacles. With the 2 of Wands next to it and the remaining cards, this relationship can potentially fizzle out quickly. I think with the Idealism card and the Lovers reversed under it, there is some rose-colored glasses being worn here and I think by Halle. Again, this can be one of her first relationships. She’s only 21 and DDG 24. It’s puppy love mixed with lust. If they “break up” or something negative happens here I don’t think it will be life shattering. It’s just young people having a thing, nothing more, nothing less.

I clarified the Mercury in Cancer card and Chariot for fun. I don’t think the cards I got are really worth mentioning because they seem to solidify the lie more than anything. I think for whoever wrote the article, they thought it would be their big break or sort of elevate their name or position within the blog, causing people to celebrate them. They again seemed really confident in their article. Perhaps they needed to because they were the ones who needed someone to bankroll them. In either case, this weird rumor doesn’t seem to be true.

Since the cards seemed to indicate that what is going on between Halle and DDG is in its infancy stage or simply a situationship, I’ll end the reading here. What do you all think will happen with this couple? Will they become something more? Will it remain a situationship? Will someone leave or even cheat? Let me know in the comment section below!

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