A (Mini) ‘Break’?

I don’t know what I’m doing lol.

I wasn’t for sure if I should make this post. For a while now, I haven’t been offering paid readings. I realized I offered them too prematurely and I thought in the time since, I would have a better grasp of what I want to give you all. However, time has went on and I will admit I haven’t made much progress in the sense that I have been wavering in my faith or ability to offer something good.

And it’s funny because I have been watching pick a card videos that all have been saying pretty much the same thing: study! And now the message seems to be “focus, bitch!” And have I’ve been listening? A bit lol.

“A bit” in the sense in that I have redirected my energy into paid readings. The “plan” was (yes, past tense) to get super organized and create outlines that I can just plug info into so that I can speed up the process from the writing stage to sending the completed file to you all. But now, perhaps, I do have to slow it down even more and study more deeply. The problem, I think, was that I was super distracted by wanting to build up my YouTube channel and blog. I think me wanting to explore oracle/tarot readings veered me too much off course. Now the universe is trying to pull me back lol. This month’s messages for the fire signs really resonated with me if you’ve read them.

In any case, while I’ve been starting and stopping, wavering in energy and conviction, and unwilling to trust my abilities our landlord told us he wants to sell our place. How wonderful! He won’t give us an exact date too which is really fun. So, now we have to move. I thought about opening commissions then and there but with this mystery timeline, I think that isn’t all too wise either. So, what I am saying in this incoherent post lol, is basically that I will try my best to focus on getting organized so I can once again open up paid readings for you all. This will involve a “break,” and break is in quotation marks because knowing me, I will still post things on my blog at least. But the goal is to become more knowledgeable to offer you all the best products. I hope you can all wait for me a bit more!


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