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Hello and welcome back to my channel. I’m continuing with my relationship series, and today we will look into Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison Fontaine. I’ve wanted to do a reading on Megan for a while now. It always seems as though she is going through relationship problems. I’ve felt this way ever since she fell out with her friend and former manager, Kelsey Nicole. Usually when Megan is being talked about online, it has to do with a relationship of hers ending, and poorly. I understand people fall out all the time but it’s starting to become a pattern with her that makes me, and other people, wonder what’s going on with her.

I think around the time I read for her on my blog, I was watching tarot and oracle videos on her, and there was this trend of readers saying that Megan has a tendency to cuddle up to aggressive men in order to be protected within the industry because she’s really soft and not about the hard life she portrays herself to be living.

Astrologically, we see this. She’s ruled by a Pisces Saturn and her Mars, which is also the ruler of her 7th house, is in the hot and dramatic Leo. Her Mars opposes her Sun by degree. So, this symbolically represents how her partners can be aggressive towards her while her Saturn in Pisces shows that she’s sensitive and gentle on the inside.

We have seen this dynamic play out before. We all know that Tory Lanez shot her in the feet back in the summer of 2020. (Pisces rules the feet, interestingly enough.) And then when it was rumored that Megan and Pardi were dating, this video surfaced.

You may want to lower the volume.

While Megan’s fans seemed concerned at first, it quickly shifted to focusing on how supposedly in “love” the two were. I personally found that very strange and the video distressing. Additionally, after that video came out, it felt like Megan and Pardi were overselling their “love” to the public. Megan was even talking about marrying this man at one point. The whole thing was just seemed odd to me after seeing that video.

Fast forward to the end of last year, and the two have apparently broken up. Megan deleted all her pictures of him and them together from her Instagram. She also didn’t wish him a happy birthday nor mentioned him in her post about 2021. In early January, Pardi posted an Instagram story stating that no one was putting hands on each other, and fans were letting their imaginations run wild.

Evidently, there were rumors going around that Megan was putting hands on him which I personally find bizarre as the video we first saw of the couple makes it seem like Pardi is the aggressor in the relationship. I wondered if these rumors were coming from the same people that thought Megan “deserved” to get shot at by Tory Lanez because Megan just happens to be a tall woman. Because these physical assault rumors just reek of misogynoir and hyper masculinizing black women, especially black women who are not seen as dainty or are not physically smaller than a man of a certain height and weight. With this line of thinking, whatever violence that may happen to them is warranted because it is assumed that they are the perpetrators in almost all cases. And sure enough I was able to track down where these rumors started to some messy tabloid I have never heard of in my life, MTO News. The article was titled, “Pardi Fontaine Dumps Megan Thee Stallion Because She is Allegedly a Mean Drunk.” A very classy title but I couldn’t access the article because it was deleted. Searching around a bit more, I found some articles online that seemed to have copied and pasted part of the article. One reads,

Megan Thee Stallion and her boyfriend Pardi Fontaine have called it quits and it’s alleged that the breakup was made possible because of Megan’s bad temper when drunk. Sources tell MTO News that Pardi loves Megan but then when she’s drunk, things get messy which Pardi is unable to deal with.

According to a rock solid insider – who is close to the female hip hop superstar – she and her longtime boyfriend Pardi Fontaine have split up. And our insider just dropped a whole lotta tea – on WHY the couple separated too.

“Pardi really LOVES Megan. I mean he loves and cherishes her. But Megan can be a bit much when she turns up.” When the insider used the term “turns up” to describe Megan, she meant – when she gets drunk.

MTO News’ insider continued, “Meg can get argumentative and say hurtful things And Pardi’s not the type of man to put up with that.”

“Pardi decided to call it off. They were fighting, and it was getting bad.” Our insider told us, “They might get back together, but Megan has to make some serious changes in her life.”

What I find very fascinating about this article is the language used by the “friend.” All they said was that “Meg can get argumentative and say hurtful things.” No where did they say things got physical. Also in their statement, they also use the plural “they” when they do talk about any sort of fighting. So, although Megan may go off, the both of them seemed to have gone back and forward. And once again, there is no mention of scrapping or the implication that either one of them were putting hands on each other. To jump to the conclusion that Megan is a violent drunk has to be misogynoir at work once again. Many people do not believe Megan’s side of things when it comes to Tory Lanez, and it seems like it is those same people that took what this “friend” said to mean that Megan is aggressive physically.

When I was searching around for this article, I saw a forum where someone was asking how reputable the tabloid was. One user said they hit and miss. When you go to the site, this is very evident. It seems like the kind that just be posting anything. Additionally, all of their posts on Megan paint her in a negative light, with many dedicated to insinuating that Megan lied about the whole altercation with Tory Lanez. They even have an article up stating that Tory was hinting at winning the legal case when it is all speculation based on some Instagram posts. Finally, this website has an article up saying that Megan and Pardison got married. They claim yet another “friend” of the couple said so. So, yeah…I don’t trust none of this and stand by what I said about the misogynoir involved here.

In any case, let’s get into the reading.

The first question I asked was, “What drew them to one another?

On Megan’s side we have The Gem on its side, The Shaman in reverse, and The Prayer in reverse. For Pardi we have The Crone, The Hunter, and The Kiss.

Let’s start with Megan.

I think it’s very interesting that none of her cards towards him are upright. Maybe this a reflection of her current feelings towards him. In either case, I will read them as though they are upright.

Starting with The Gem, there was something very unique or special about Pardi in Megan’s eyes. Considering her past relationships, he may have stood out to her because of how he treated her. Indeed, when that video came out, Megan was online defending him up and down. As the relationship continued, we saw Pardi spoiling her with gifts and other romantic gestures. So, maybe before they even got into a relationship, some of that same sentiment was there and that was attractive to Megan.

She has also said online that he’s calm and that she used to talk to her boyfriends crazy. So, what also could have been attractive to Megan was his energy. Although that video will always be questionable, Pardi may have stood out from past loves because he wasn’t at 100 with her frequently. Maybe he’s not the argumentative type or one that likes to “put women in their place” when they’re “bugging.” Therefore, he came across as someone who is precious like a gem to Megan. He would be “the one” if Megan ever wanted to get married. And Megan has said she wanted to marry him. So, there is something about Pardison that made him stand out from the “trash” Megan has dealt with before.

With The Shaman and Prayer, there is something very spiritual about him, or Megan saw him as an answer to her prayers. I don’t know if either one is religious or spiritual in anyway but there is something here about them both.

With the Shaman, what could have been attractive about Pardi to Megan is that he’s the kind of person who can manifest or actualize whatever it is that he desires. The Shaman card kind of reminds me of the Magician, and that card is all about manifestation and using your skills to get what you want. There is a spiritual and practical element to the card, I believe, and I see it here with The Shaman as well.

Megan is all about hustling and chasing her dreams, so to find someone who matches her wavelength could have been alluring. It’s like he “got” her and understood her passions. I don’t know how long Pardison has been in the game nor his comeuppance, but I do think there was some sort of kindred spirit type of energy here that Megan felt with him.

Finally with The Prayer, I think Megan saw Pardi as an answer to her prayers. After Tory Lanez it was likely hard to trust men again for Megan, but as was mentioned before, there was something different about Pardi in her eyes. He could have come across as humbler, gentler, and softer than most men who have been in her life. So, him showing up and treating her like a person could have been taken as God hearing Megan’s prayers for better relationships and making him cross paths with her. Once again, there is something spiritual from Megan’s perspective here. And Pardison’s North Node is her Sun, perhaps suggesting a karmic relationship of some sort. Regardless, let’s move on to Pardi.

I think it’s interesting that Pardison got animal cards, even one with a horse on it! Megan’s cards were more abstract with a hand reaching out to something in two of them. On Pardi’s side two hands are shown holding each other. I find that very interesting.

In either case, we start out with The Crone. This card is very spiritual too but more in a self- preservation way. Crows and ravens are seen as very wise and tied to the occult. But when I see this card, I see it more as Pardi being attracted to Megan’s strength. He seemed to have initially saw her as someone strong because she has gone through so many hard things in life. Maybe he was amazed at how far she was able to get in the industry despite her mother dying and then all that happened with Tory Lanez. To get to the top of the rap game alone and surviving being shot at takes a lot of inner strength and determination. That was likely attractive to him.

What was also attractive to him was her ambitious nature. With The Hunter, Megan came off as a go-getter. She wanted to reach higher and higher. Each milestone achieved gave way to another goal to pursue next. Pardi came to understand why Megan is Thee Stallion. So, like Megan, there seemed to be some sort of natural affinity they shared when it came to their careers that may have been enticing to Pardi.

Finally with The Kiss, he was also, of course, physically attracted to Megan. However, I don’t think that’s all. That is, it wasn’t all about the booty. There’s a card in this deck called “Eros” that directly deals with the erotic, but that card didn’t come out here.

With The Kiss, I think Pardison just wondered what it would be like to be with her as her man. What would the first kiss be like? When they first held hands? When she laughed at his jokes did that mean she was interested in him? I think it was more like that than just getting a piece of Megan’s cake. And Pardi does seem like a romantic. So, what could have been attractive for him was Megan’s receptiveness to his romantic gestures, responding positively to gifts and compliments and those sorts of things.

This was all very interesting. Let us move on.

“What was their relationship like?”

We got Jupiter in Aquarius: Innovation, Mercury in Aries: Restlessness in reverse, Jupiter in Sagittarius: Principle, Moon in Leo: Appreciation in reverse, Mars in Virgo: Criticism, and Mars in Leo: Egotism.

For tarot we have the Queen of Swords, 6 of Cups in reverse, the Ace of Cups in reverse, 2 of Pentacles, and 8 of Pentacles.

So, it seemed like the relationship was very up and down and something that had to constantly be worked on to function well with the 2 and 8 of Pentacles. I even felt this as it was very hard to shuffle my decks when I was asking about this question.

With the Queen of Swords, I think a lot of this fluctuation had to do with Megan and how she talked. We not only have this Queen, but Mercury in Aries reversed and Mars in Virgo. Remember that tweet saying she used to talk crazy to her boyfriends? Well, I guess that isn’t something she has completely matured out of, especially since we have that rumor about Megan talking badly to Pardison too.

Megan’s Mercury is retrograde. This means that sometimes it may have been hard to get her point across and misinterpretation on either side is very likely. So, even if Megan was “talking crazy” or maybe has the tendency to jump the gun or be defensive in speech, there could have been times that Pardison just read her wrong.

With the Jupiter cards, especially the Aquarius one, there seems to have been an underlying issue with principles or life philosophies in this relationship. They simply didn’t align well with Megan coming across as a bit strange or outside of the box to Pardison while he may have been a bit on the traditional side, whatever “traditional” may have meant, with the Jupiter in Sagittarius card.

It is interesting that Megan is an Aquarius and Pardi a Capricorn with an intense Capricorn stellium. These are the diurnal and nocturnal domiciles of Saturn, respectively. In diurnal signs such as Aquarius, Saturn is more enlightened and has a great deal of perspective that it lacks in nocturnal signs like Capricorn. While in Capricorn, the planet is more depressive and ignorant. But I don’t think this is what occurred in Megan and Pardi’s relationship, however.

With the reversed 6 of Cups, I think it was Megan who quickly grew bored of the relationship, especially with it under the reversed Mercury in Aries. Maybe she came into the relationship expecting something different or even exciting with the Jupiter in Aquarius card but realized swiftly that the relationship was not what she anticipated it to be.

It seems like there was a lot of arguing and put downs in the relationship potentially. Someone was rather critical of the other, which left them feeling unappreciated and thus unloved. It seems like Megan was feeling this way. She may have interpreted some of Pardi’s comments to be disapproving of her, perhaps to even bolster his ego with the Mars in Virgo and Leo cards.

With the 2 and 8 of Pentacles under these cards, he may have pointed out flaws or things she could work on better when it came to her skills as a rapper. It could have just been friendly advice from Pardi’s point of view, but Megan could have taken it as a blow to her ego and undervaluing her as a rapper.

It’s possible that she thought she was on top of her game, so to have him be like “you can improve things here or there,” that could have been taken as unwarranted criticism. With her Moon and Mars in Leo, Megan is the type of person that wants admiration and praise, not directions on how to get better. She may desire a partner who is her hype person because to her, she is at her best already. She’s everywhere and has won awards. What is there to improve?

But with so much Capricorn in his chart, Pardison could have saw Megan’s career in terms of longevity, especially with the 8 of Pentacles out. It’s nice to be famous and win accolades but how could Megan aim higher and sustain her legacy? Hot Girl Summer came and went. What else can she do to promote herself or keep people interested besides that? She could switch up her flow and rap in different styles. She could change her image. She could coin a new word, etc.

So, I think what happened in this relationship is that Megan got bored of it rather quickly and things got bad because of their differing belief systems and how they communicated with one another. Megan may be a little silver tongued or blunt while Pardison could have given her unsolicited advice that she took the wrong way. This all led to their relationship going through many ups and down with some verbal fights all along the way. There also could have been issues stemming from the trauma of being with Tory Lanez that weighs on Megan’s mind as well. Megan may have thought that this relationship would be different, but it ended being more of the same.

So, with all this being said, “Did they break up?

There’s been no news about the two since January. When I was pulling cards on them on the 11th, I didn’t see any new posts of them together on either of their Instagram accounts. So, did they break up or nah?

I asked my Angels Answers cards numerous times because in the first draw, “no” kinda slid into my hand without falling out in a way that I thought was organic. As I kept shuffling, I was getting cards like “compromise,” “romance,” “recovery,” “choose a new direction,” and “in the near future,” the latter of which came out more than once. “Unlikely” even came out as well. Eventually I just gave up and that’s when “no” with an exclamation mark came out on its own.

So, it seems like they aren’t truly broken up. But if so, what’s going on?

What’s going in their relationship currently?”

We have many cards. Mercury in Libra: Influence, Moon in Taurus: Exaltation, Moon in Aries: Protection, Mercury in Taurus: Resistance, Saturn in Capricorn: Riches, Jupiter in Virgo: Patience in reverse, and Jupiter in Leo: Publicity in reverse.

For tarot we have the King of Swords, Knight of Swords, the Moon, Ace of Pentacles, 8 of Cups in reverse, and 9 of Cups in reverse.

So, it seems like Pardison has been trying to reach out to Megan. We have the King of Swords here now. With Mercury in Libra and Moon in Taurus, he may be trying to sweet talk her or using material things to coax her back. But with Moon in Aries and Mercury in Taurus cards, Megan is still upset at him about something and seems closed off to his offerings. She may not be responding to his messages.

I think, because of that, Pardison may have gotten sterner with his words and more direct with his tactics. We have two cards of impatience here, the Knight of Swords and that reversed Jupiter in Virgo. He may have thought Megan would come back sooner with the reversed 8 of Cups, but she has not.

With the Moon I feel like he doesn’t know what’s going with them. Based on the “no” card and the other cards that came out before it that I didn’t show, it seems like they’re not fully broken up. So, it’s possible that Megan got mad at something he did and just ghosted him. With the Moon under the Moon in Aries and Mercury in Taurus cards, Pardison may be genuinely confused at what he did to make her so upset.

The Ace of Pentacles and Saturn in Capricorn are interesting. We can read the Ace of Pentacles as Pardison being blindsided by Megan leaving. To him, the relationship was solid, and he made sure to always make her feel secure while she was with him with the Saturn in Capricorn card. So, what was she unhappy about to the point of leaving?

Another way to read this, however, is that Megan seemingly breaking up with him is messing up his coin. In a lot of these rapper relationships, it seems like the woman is the bigger, more successful star. When they get into a relationship with less mainstream and successful rappers, they elevate them not only in the industry but within the public sphere. So, Megan “breaking up” with him tarnishes his image, especially since he was into sharing his over-the-top displays of affection all over social media. This is likely why we got the “Publicity” card in reverse. Megan’s dissatisfaction with the relationship as represented by the 9 of Cups being reversed was publicized and sensationalized. Megan can move on from this relationship if she wants to and be fine career wise. Pardison though? I’m not too sure. I know that I never heard of this man before he got with Megan. Same with Tory Lanez.

So, in summation, Pardison did something to upset Megan and she has seemingly ghosted him. Pardi has been trying to talk to her since to no avail. This whole ordeal is deeply confusing to him because he doesn’t know what he did wrong. In his eyes their relationship was going great until she left, revealing to him that she’s dissatisfied with the relationship.

So, what even led up to all of this?

We got Moon in Libra: Companionship, Mercury in Scorpio: Extremism, Sun in Aquarius: Idealism, Mars in Sagittarius: Domination in reverse, Jupiter in Sagittarius: Principle in reverse, and Saturn in Gemini: Concentration.

For tarot we have the 10 of Cups, 4 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups in reverse, the 3 of Swords in reverse, and the 6 of Wands in reverse.

It seems like things were going great at first with the first card for the astrology and tarot. They were in love and going about their lives until something went left. And that something seems to be someone talking crazy. In the Mercury in a Scorpio card, it depicts a man confronting a woman aggressively. It could be that Pardison came at Meg first. Or she interpreted his words as attacking her.

We have two Sagittarius cards. Again, it seems like their ideologies were just not aligned and this constantly led to verbal conflicts. Whatever he said could have been the last straw for Megan, so she just upped and left. We can also interpret this to be controlling energy as well.

Scorpio is very possessive and the man in the card here is grabbing at the women. The 4 of Pentacles under it also speaks to possessiveness. The Mars in Sagittarius card can then be interpreted as Pardi strong arming Megan. He may not have physically but it is suspicious that rumors of putting hands on each other continues to surround this couple.

If these cards are not depicting possessiveness, then they can be showing grudges. Both the Mercury in Scorpio card and the 4 of Pentacles can denote this. Maybe Pardi brought something up that Megan thought he was over but wasn’t. If it is true that he tends to be critical of her, then bringing up something that she thought they moved past could have pushed her to leave.

Likewise, the roles could have been reversed. Maybe there was something Megan couldn’t get over that he did. I don’t necessarily see cheating here so it could be something else. Regardless of what it was, there were words exchanged that seemed to really hurt Megan but also made her realize something: her self-worth.

The Sun in Aquarius card is out and the reversed 7 of Cups is under it. Both can speak about clarity and gaining a wider perspective on something. Maybe for Megan, she realized she didn’t have to deal with this relationship anymore. She could have finally woken up and saw that the two of them were not compatible. Their ideals just don’t align. Perhaps he doesn’t celebrate her successes as much as she does his or as much as she wants. Maybe she’s realizing that she needs a partner who is her number one fan and knows how to appreciate her talents without discrediting them. I think with the reversed Jupiter in Sagittarius, she’s learning that she can’t always be so optimistic about the types of relationships she be jumping into. Caution can be a virtue.

So, I think with the Saturn in Gemini card, instead of continuing to argue and even dragging it out to social media where everyone could see, Megan chose to leave silently by deleting those pictures, not wishing him a happy birthday, and not really mentioning him at all into the new year.

But we still got that “no” card. That reversed 8 of Cups was also a clue because when the 8 of Cups is reversed, it can indicate that a person may want to walk about but is too scared too. They do not want to be alone.

So, “Will they get back together?


Well, with that being said, I hope everyone enjoyed my video! I honestly wavered a bit in posting it because when I do my readings, I often pull the cards before I go back and write my intro or look a bit deeper into whatever is important to the reading. For this reading it was finding the source to the abuse claims. Although I think the claims made in the article are dubious, rendering the entire piece’s credibility virtually nonexistent, it seems to have some truth, and that is that Megan has the tendency to be harmful with her words. She even admitted as much with that tweet. But as we saw in my reading, it’s far more complicated than that and that the two eventually had a very bad breakdown in communication that made Megan walk away. So, take this reading as you will. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. People acting up will be blocked.

End of (Tran)Script


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