2022 Valentine’s Day Readings

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know this is late, but I did some Valentine’s Day readings on my Instagram. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post them here because I didn’t know how I wanted to present them. But eventually I made up my mind lol. I hope you all like them! They were fun to do! My intuition was popping. I saw and heard a lot of things while reading. I added some of them but kept the more specific ones to myself. I also had to work with Instagram’s character limit too lol. Anyway, there’s two groups: “who is your secret admirer?” and “what does your partner love about you?”

Who is your secret admirer?

Choose a pile above.

Pile 1

Dilettante: Delights in the arts without having to be a professional. Alerts you to the danger of becoming superficial in your pursuits.

Damsel: Understanding the nature of healthy romance. Inspires you to rely on yourself.

Don Juan: Spotlights your positive seductive qualities. 

Child: Magic - Seeing the potential for sacred beauty in all things. The belief that everything is possible.

5 of Swords
Everything is Fine/10 of Swords

Uranus: Genius
Sun: Spirit

Your secret admirer is someone a bit eccentric and highly independent. They may be a jack of all trades, having a skill in many things, some a bit strange or out there. They may have a prominent Uranus and Sun. They could be an air sign (i.e., Gem, Lib, or Aqu esp.) or mutable (i.e., Gem, Vir, Sag, Pis) dominant. They are confident in who they are and what they do. They are someone who stands out in some way and revels in it. They do not want to be like other people–they want to be themselves. You (rhetorical) can take it or leave it.

They stand up for who they are even if that may get them in trouble a lot of the time. They are someone who may say exactly what’s on their mind and people are constantly shocked by this. This person tries to not let these conflicts upset their moods too much. At the end of the day, they said what they said. But these people are also highly romantic.

This person may not see you as a damsel and them as your knight in shining armor. That may be too cliche for them. You too may be a rather independent person and they find that incredibly sexy. This admirer will try to woo you. Maybe they can dance very well or they just know how to put the sexy on you. This person may have prominent Venus, Neptune, and/or Mars. They are physically attractive even if they dress a bit unconventionally. There is a lot of charm to their quirks. You should talk to them! They may easily entertain you with their stories. 😀

Pile 2

Sorry for the blur. My phone’s camera absolutely sucks. When I look back on the pictures on there, they seem fine! But the minute I transfer them to my laptop, suddenly everything is blurry!
Healer: Passion to serve others by repairing the body, mind, and spirit. Ability to help transform pain into healing.

God: Benevolence and compassion. Recognizing the eternal force within yourself and others.

Victim: Prevents you from letting yourself be victimized, or victimizing others.

Hedonist: Inspires creative energy to embrace the gold things in life. Celebrates the beauty in yourself.

Beggar: Confronts empowerment at the level of physical survival. Awakens the spiritual authority of humility, compassion, and self-esteem.

King of Swords (reverse)
3 of Cups

Fifth House: Creativity (reverse)
Libra: I balance 
Aries: I am

Your secret admirer is someone who has went through a lot of hurt in life and has been on the long journey of recovery. This hurt could have occurred consistently throughout childhood that left them not knowing who they were and a very negative self-image. But today, it is almost as though they are a new person! They may be an air sign (i.e., Gem, Lib, Aqu), Libra especially is what I’m getting.

They may be embarking on becoming a psychologist or youth counselor I heard specifically. (I also see that they’re 19 possibly???) They really want to take what they have gone through and learned to help others who may have gone through the same thing. Your admirer is very compassionate and spiritual. They see their survival as an act of God or some other higher force protecting them. As a result, they may hold faith very close to them. They may have their Jupiter in Libra or their Jupiter is prominent in some way.

This person is learning to rebalance their life and enjoy it finally. This may mean that they want to get close to you. They want to have fun with you. Maybe you two may like to drink or party. You should accept their offer to hang out or invite them some place some time. This person may be a little shy or how they approach you romantically a bit unassuming. Read a little bit into their gestures. They may be trying to tell you without telling you that they’re interested in you. 😉

Pile 3

Scribe: Preserving knowledge and information.

Poet: Expresses soul insights in symbolic language.

Seeker: Thirst for wisdom and truth wherever they are. 

Liberator: Imposing your own tyranny over those you claim to liberate. Ignoring legitimate constraints.

King of Wands (reverse)
Page of Wands

Leo: I Will (reverse)
Scorpio: I transform (reverse)

Your secret admirer can either be younger or older than you. They are a writer. For some of you, they may be a poet more specifically. Regardless, they are a person with many ideas. They are overflowing with things they want to get out into the world which they typically do through writing. They may carry a notebook with them or they like to do spoken poetry. Some of them may even like to sing. Music is what they could write. I don’t necessarily see story writing with this admirer. What they seem to be writing besides their thoughts is notes on a certain subject. Your admirer is an eternal student. They may even be in college right now. They love to learn and actively seek out new information almost daily.

They are really passionate about what they know and what they are researching. Sometimes, however, this can lead them to be a bit pompous and dogmatic. Your admirer is most definitely a fire sign–Aries, Leo, or Sag. If not these signs then Scorpio can be another. They are *hot*! Just always going at everything at 1000. Combine this with their extensive knowledge, they can be a bit of a know it all. They may like to argue with people about what the “facts” are of things or just seems to get defensive when people don’t immediately agree with them and their thoughts.

Likewise, they may use their knowledge to “save” people. If they are still college aged or a bit younger than you, this is simply their desire to help people being applied in a misguided way. For those of you who may be dealing with the King of Wands, they are just very intense about their visions and often get tunnel vision. In both cases they mean well but their zeal can become overzealousness rather quickly. You may like their passion for life but may have reservations about them which is totally understandable. 🥺

Pile 4

Fool: Fearlessly revealing emotion. Helping people laugh at absurdity and hypocrisy.

Thief: Sheds light on the potential wealth within you that can never be stolen.

Knight: Loyalty, romance, and chivalry. A love of honor.

Detective: Great powers of observation and intuition. Desire to seek out the truth.

8 of Pentacles
Ace of Pentacles

Fire Element: Desire
Seventh House: Partners
Sixth House: Routine

Your secret admirer feels like a Gemini, although the other air signs (i.e, Lib, Aqu), esp. Lib, can apply too. They may also be an air sign with some earth in their chart or vice versa. They could be a Virgo.

Your admirer is a person that likes to seek and reveal truths. There is something a bit prophetic about them. They are the type of person who likes to cut through the BS, even if makes everyone else uncomfortable. They may do this in a jokey way where they point out truths or social taboos people like to ignore, dismiss, or shy away from. Or, they can be a bit dry and mechanical in how they do this. Your admirer may be a comedian or has a job that requires research and an attention to detail. In the latter case, their work may expose certain things or people in a scathing way.

Whatever their job may be, they are a straight hustler. In fact, they may be a bit of a workaholic but it pays off for them quite literally. They may be rather comfortable at their job and take it seriously.

But these people are not all work and no play. Quite the contrary, your admirer is very passionate and romantic! They may be the type of person who falls in love easily. I feel like everyone knows who they’re dating for some reason. Maybe it’s because they are the type of person who always has a partner on their arm. Perhaps their Sun is in the 7th house. Either way, work and love are perhaps the two most prominent things about them. They work diligently but when not on the clock, they are getting their hearts stolen by someone. That someone may be you! You may have met them at work or they are a long time colleague. Behind all the jokes, they seem interested in you! 👀

What does your partner love about you?

Choose a pile above.

Pile 1

IV: The Eternal Child
XXIII: The Destroyer
LXIV: The Offering

Sun in Sagittarius: Enthusiasm
Moon in Capricorn: Practicality 

I remain in balance with my emotions 

Knight of Wands
Nine of Wands
Six of Pentacles

16: Make an Altar 

What your partner loves about you is your spirit. There is something very childlike and enthusiastic about you. You never lost that spark to you. But even so, it seems like this was a very difficult battle for you. You likely went through many hardships in life. You may have had times where you weren’t this ball of energy and life. It is possible that you had to rebuild who you were from the ground up multiple times. But today you stand very tall and confident.

You are balanced in your life, especially emotionally. Your partner really appreciates your perspective on life as you are likely able to remind them what is important. You are able to see things clearly and unbiasedly. You may be the one in the relationship that is able to handle all the “hard” things for your partner, like perhaps talking to a difficult family member or taking care of the yard work. (You may garden or grew up on a farm.) There is something very stable and calm about you that your partner loves. You may be a Sagittarius Sun with your Moon in Capricorn.

You are very nurturing in a reserved way. You are generous and like to help people. Your Jupiter may be in Capricorn. You are not afraid to lend a helping hand. You may like to do charity work or donate to causes.

You may also be very spiritual. If you are a Sagittarius that’s pretty much a given lol. But how you approach your spirituality is disciplined yet open. Your partner may have had issues with religion growing up but seeing how you engage with it perhaps changed their perspective on it. You may have an altar at home that you pray to regularly. (With Our Lady of Guadalupe on it?) You also be into crystals and meditation.

Pile 2

LXXVII: Aletheia
XVIII: The Siren
XXXIX: The Temple 
LV: The Vision

Venus in Sagittarius: Flirtation
Mercury in Sagittarius: Discovery 

I communicate with compassion
I am open to love in various forms

King of Pentacles

39: Plan a vacation

What your partner loves about you is…everything! You are likely very cultured. It is possible that you have seen the world and like to take your partner to places they haven’t been to before. You may be a Sagittarius or Capricorn with your Venus and/or Mercury in Sagittarius.

You likely had a spiritual awakening in your travels, especially in places that are surrounded by large bodies of water. As a result, you have cultivated a perspective and life philosophy that your partner finds extremely fascinating. It’s like you have the answers to the universe and you are showing your partner that everyday and when you book your next vacation together.

You are likely a lover, spoiling your partner. While in conversation with others you may be a bit blunt, with your partner you are softer and know how to make them feel loved.

You are likely very open to life and new experiences. This is what makes you so fun! You and your partner have likely had numerous joyful adventures together. You two may have a photo album of your trips together. Your partner really does enjoy your company and everything about you. They love you. ❤️

Pile 3

XXXIX: The Self

Saturn in Virgo: Isolation (left reversed)

Queen of Pentacles
Two of Pentacles
Three of Cups
Knight of Cups

5: Beauty Ritual 

Minimal cards came out until I pulled the tarot. I’m not sure what that means. Perhaps your partner is one of few words or you’re the type of couple that doesn’t fawn over each other like that.

In either case, your partner loves for who you are which seems to be a rather soft, emotional, and sensitive person. You may be a Cancer Sun, rising, or Venus especially. It may be hard for your partner to describe you and many may not “get” why they’re with you. But your partner understands you and values you.

You are emotional yet stable at the same time. You may be a bit moody or fluctuating but are deeply romantic. You may tell and show your partner that you love them. You may like to cook for them or you often go out of your way to do something extra or special for them. Like, if they work from home, say, you may decided to clean and declutter their office, for example. It is usually in the small gestures like that that your partner really appreciates.

Your partner also really loves how you care for the Earth and your physical appearance. You may be an outspoken environmentalist. You may be vegan or are otherwise rather conscious of your carbon footprint. You may grow your own food. Your partner loves that you are so caring about the planet. They also love how you may like to glam yourself up. Maybe you like to paint your nails or wear cute/sexy outfits or wear makeup, do your hair, etc. They like how you do it not only for them but yourself.

Although I get the sense that you may not be the most social of people, you do try to make the effort for your partner which they notice and appreciate. I feel like your partner is the breadwinner in this relationship. You may try to remind them to take breaks and relax, which is likely why you try to tolerate socializing more than you’re usually comfortable with. You really know how to take care of your partner and they love that about you.

Pile 4

XLVII: The Storm
LXXIII: Thanatos 

Moon in Leo: Appreciation 

I speak positively of others


4: Be still
2: Alone Time

Sort of similar to Pile 1, you are someone that has been through a lot in life. But it is through your extreme hardships that you came out the other side very appreciative of life and generous towards others. You may be a Scorpio with your Moon in Leo with your Mercury possibly in Libra. Your partner may admire your fortitude. With the things you have gone through, many may have expected you to break but you never did, only transformed. Your partner may learn a lot from you because of this. Being in a relationship with you may be karmic for them on some level. They may have Pluto in their 7th house and you are that transformative force that is making them learn how to see other people’s perspectives more clearly and with a deeper understanding.

From you they are also learning just how to be and to be alone. Some may think you are a recluse but it is more that you like to spend time alone centering yourself rather than a fear or aversion to being around others. It is also possible that you are or were in a long distance relationship with your partner. This could have made them anxious. I feel like they were hurt in the past. But your stillness and calmness slowly taught them to silence those worries. You are loyal and dedicated. You didn’t/don’t care how long it took/takes to see them; you made/will make the trip and show how much you love them. You may be a musician. You may write and/or play songs for your partner. You may have a very soothing voice and know what to say to make them feel affirmed and grounded.

So, I hope you all enjoyed these readings! I’m still working on other things, including my Black History Month post. See you all soon!

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