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Hello, and welcome back to my channel. For the month of February, I wanted to shake things up and do some love/relationship readings. I’ve never done this kind of reading before, however. I don’t know really know how I’ll structure it and if the cards I will use are the greatest. In either case, today I will read on Zendaya and Tom Holland. I know next to nothing about them individually nor as a couple. I really wasn’t into the Disney channel growing up, especially when it came to their live action stuff. And I don’t care about Marvel in any capacity, so if I am missing key details about their relationship that may explain what comes up, I apologize. With this out of the way, let us look at their charts briefly.

In astrology there are various ways to read a natal chart romantically. Most of them seem to require that both people have their times, however. Only Zendaya’s time is speculated. Regardless, I don’t have experience reading astrology romantically so even if they did both had any sort of time, I wouldn’t be able to read on them confidently. So, instead we will just look at their charts overall and see how certain placements may interact.

Right away, this is likely a relationship built on communication. Both of Zendaya and Tom’s Suns are ruled by Mercury, with Zendaya being a Virgo and Tom a Gemini. They are like mirror images of each other in this respect. Zendaya is the nocturnal Mercury-ruled one while Tom is the diurnal Mercury-ruled one. In simpler terms, they are very similar yet different. Zendaya may be more methodical and precise in her life while Tom may be more spontaneous and a bit mischievous. However, when I look at them, I think it is a bit of the opposite. Zendaya seems more outgoing and jovial while Tom comes across as more serious and introspective.

This can be the result of Zendaya’s Jupiter and Moon trining, making her come off as more optimistic and cheerful. Tom has Pluto conjunct his Moon, making him seem more intense and pensive. It could also be possible that he is a Capricorn rising or otherwise has Saturn aspecting his Ascendant. Zendaya’s demeanor can also be the result of modeling at a young age; she has to exude confidence and power wherever she goes. In either case, their mutual desire to talk and exchange information likely drew them to each other and keeps them together.

It is interesting that their Mercuries are in a different sign from their Suns. Zendaya has hers in Libra while Tom has his in Taurus with Mars. Zendaya has her Venus with Mars. So, how the two communicate is ruled by Venus. They like to talk in order to form unions and because they find it enjoyable. They may have a lot of things in common, especially when it comes to their interests. They may like each other’s sense of style and dress as well. When searching around a bit on them, I kept seeing how Tom would gush about Zendaya in her comments. So, because Tom has his Mercury and Mars in Taurus, he may be very drawn to Zendaya’s beauty. For Zendaya, it may be his sense of humor and the way that he talks that is attractive to her.

Tom’s Mercury and Mars sextiles Zendaya’s Venus and Mars. For Zendaya, that could mean that Tom may come off as stable and reliable. He may be a rock for her. For Tom, Zendaya may be very thoughtful and kind. She may know what to say to him or do for him that will make him feel loved and protected, especially as her Moon is exalted in Taurus. They understand each other’s love language. This is all I’ll say about their astrology because we have to move on to the oracle. Overall, they complement each other.

So, the first question I asked was, “What drew them to one another?

For what attracted Zendaya to Tom we have the Meditator, Slave in reverse, and Samaritan, with Advocate at the bottom of the deck.

For Tom, all of the cards were reversed except the Gambler which I found really weird. Because of that I chose to flip them upright and read them as such. We have the Knight, Teacher, Gambler, and Student.

Let’s start with Zendaya. Overall, what attracted to her to Tom was his altruism and willingness to always help people, but this may be to a fault. With Mediator, Tom in Zendaya’s eyes is someone who likes to see both sides of a situation and put an end to conflict. With her Mercury in Libra, Zendaya may have been attracted to these qualities of his because she may think the same way. Through his actions, Tom shows consideration and compassion towards others. And it doesn’t just begin and end at personal matters, or, say, matters that may crop up on set. It seems that Tom is just an altruistic person in general. With Samaritan and Advocate, Tom may not be afraid to take the side of people that most of us would ignore or dismiss. It is likely why he’s seen as a Mediator in Zendaya’s eyes; he can see other people’s perspectives, and if it seems like someone is being treated unfairly or disrespectfully, he will stand up for them.

Where he may not stand up for is himself, however. With Slave in reverse, Tom may be one of those people who are always willing to help others but sees themselves as a lost cause or someone who is fated to suffer or have a bad life. This could be the motivating factor for why he’s so compassionate, but at the same time it may not be. This could just be Zendaya’s perspective. In either case, why would this be attractive? Well, Zendaya is a Virgo Sun and sometimes to this sign, someone who needs assistance or guidance in some way may be attractive as Virgo is a sign that loves to improve things and help others. It is ironically for some of these reasons that Venus is in fall here but hey. Let us move on to Tom.

With him, it seems as though he was initially attracted to Zendaya’s knowledge and likely willingness to teach. We have both the Teacher and Student here. It seems as though Zendaya can walk her talk but also be humble enough to learn from others. I wonder since Zendaya has been in the game longer than him and has more experience dealing with celebrity life that Tom was at awe at how she is able to handle it all gracefully. When he was getting close to her, he may have asked her about this, and he may have been surprised at how down-to-earth and easy it was to talk to her. He likely learned a lot from her. At the same time, there was likely other things he taught her as well and she was really receptive to him. He’s British so I wonder if he taught her like British slang or something and she found those “lessons” fun and interesting.

With Gambler, Tom was also attracted to Zendaya’s ability to be herself, I think. This card upright says, “Willingness to follow intuition, even when others doubt you.” I wonder with it under Knight if Zendaya encourages him to follow his heart and gut. With Slave in reverse on her side, I can see her trying to make him believe in himself. So, as a result, it was Zendaya’s willingness to be bold and do what she thinks is best in her life that was likely very attractive to Tom.

With Knight on top, Zendaya may have come off as very determined in her work in this regard. He may have saw that Zendaya is very passionate about her craft and genuinely loves it. Perhaps with the Teacher and Student cards then, Zendaya likes to help other people in the industry navigate it while also continuing to hone her skills as an actress as well. It’s like, she wants to see everyone win. This sort of fierce yet soft energy to Zendaya may have been very alluring to Tom.

The next question I asked was, “What do they love about one another?

I turned my cards all upright for this question.

For Zendaya, we have Pioneer, Vampire, Damsel, Artist, and Father.

For Tom we have Companion, Saboteur, Femme Fatale, Rebel, and Child: Nature. Thief was at the bottom of the deck.

Let’s start with Zendaya again. With Pioneer and Artist, she loves that Tom is always willing to try new things and express his creativity. I don’t know if Tom has a creative hobby or side hustle, but Zendaya likes Tom’s attitude, I think, and how he sees the world. He may have a unique perspective that she finds fascinating.

With Vampire and Father, it may be that Tom is a bit intuitive. With Vampire especially, he looks out for Zendaya and tries to make her aware of other people and their motives. With Artist, he may be able to read in between the lines and see what people aren’t really saying. He may be able to see how a person’s actions, behavior, and energy can be good or bad and warns Zendaya accordingly. She doesn’t see this as being overprotective or suffocating, however, because we have Damsel.

I think when Tom does feel certain things from people and tells Zendaya, he reminds her to think for herself. I think it’s very interesting that Damsel showed up on her side and Knight on his. I don’t think anyone “runs” their relationship. And I think Tom communicates that to her. He respects her and her autonomy. He doesn’t seem like the kind of person that likes when a partner is very dependent on him just because he’s the man in the relationship. I think he really values Zendaya’s independence and doesn’t want that to change in their relationship. He’s protective in a healthy way that isn’t tied to his sense of masculinity or lack thereof.

For Tom, he is very clearly physically attracted to Zendaya with Femme Fatale. We all see this. He’s always gushing about her beauty. It’s funny because the dress the person in the card is wearing can easily be something Zendaya has worn before. Tom thinks Zendaya is hot but more than that, he sees her as a Companion. She’s his friend. She’s kind and loving. She can wear the beautiful gowns and serve face and body, but she can also show up dressed down to just hang out.

Related to Zendaya’s kindness towards him is her love of animals. Again, I don’t follow any of these people, but Tom loves that Zendaya is just a considerate person overall. She has love for people, animals, and nature.

With Saboteur it reads, “Highlights your fear of self-empowerment and the changes it would bring to your life.” I was saying something very similar about the previous Knight and Slave cards. Zendaya may be very encouraging and likes to hype Tom up. He seems to appreciate and like this about Zendaya. Similarly, he likes her rebellious nature too.

Just like I was saying with the prior Gambler card, Tom does see Zendaya as a rather independent person. The person in the Rebel card kind of looks like her and how she tends to dress when not glammed up. I think Tom loves how Zendaya has managed to remain true to herself within the industry. I don’t know Tom’s history as an actor, but he may have felt a pressure to be someone he’s not at times and that was difficult for him. But Zendaya could likely be at his side reminding him to be courageous and not let all the mess that comes with the entertainment world and celebrity life eat away at him. He’s still Tom Holland and he doesn’t have to accept whatever is thrown his way. All of this accumulated in Zendaya stealing his heart. He really does seem to love her. 

This is all well and good, but “How do they feel about being exposed?

For those who don’t know, allegedly, Zendaya and Tom were exposed by an obsessive fan who was so determined to prove that the pair were dating to “own” the “antis,” that they tipped off the paparazzi who then stalked the couple and exposed them back in July of 2021. This stan denies these claims, especially the part where they allegedly paid the paparazzi and knew where Zendaya’s mom lived and stated that if either Zendaya or Tom had issues with their content, which obsessively focuses on the two being a couple across all their social media accounts, and being exposed in the PageSix article, then they could just DM them. This makes sense because celebrities just reach out to their crazy fans casually all the time. Regardless of what’s going on with this stan and if they are the reason the two were exposed, Zendaya and Tom have expressed their disappointment over the invasion of privacy in interviews. I think for Tom this was more of a betrayal because he quickly rose to fame due to his role as Spider-Man while Zendaya may have taken it easier because she has been in the public light almost her entire life. In either case, I wanted to see how they felt about being exposed like this beyond what they have already stated.

It was hard to choose a deck for this question, but I eventually settled on this “darker” one I got for Christmas! Anyway, for Zendaya we got Autumn Virtuoso (ver-tree-oh-so), The Philosopher Soul, The Mirror in the Candlelight, and The Autumn Bride.

For Tom we have The Faceless Company, Dorick’s Bride, The Colorless Duke, and The Ashen Queen.

Since I feel like Tom was more emotionally distraught over the exposure, let’s start with him.

His cards are very interesting and pretty much confirmed what I was thinking about him and the exposure. He’s a private person. This exposure showed him that even when he wears a mask and is very careful about what facets of himself he shows or gives to the public, that doesn’t mean that the parts of him that he wants to keep hidden will never be publicized. He played the game carefully and still lost. And the obsessive fans are like the woman in the card laughing. To them, all the speculation and digging turned out in their favor because they were “right” all along. These fans had their own masks and slipped into the masquerade without Tom noticing.

With Dorick’s Bride, Tom quickly realized that something died in his life, and that was his illusion of privacy and being treated like a person. He was pushed over the threshold. He is no longer a private citizen but almost like an object people can pick and probe at until they get their fill. Because of this, he was thrown for a loop when the exposure happened.

The last two cards show overthinking and being overwhelmed. Tom likely didn’t know what to do when the pictures and article dropped. It was a one-two punch to the gut—having your privacy violated and then having people celebrate it. He had to make a lot of new decisions in his life suddenly. How to address the exposure, how to behave in public, especially when Zendaya was there, and now having to always look over his shoulder and wonder if someone else was lying in wait to expose something else. Tom couldn’t go back to the life he had before the exposure, so now he has to make do with whatever he chooses to do moving forward.

For Zendaya’s cards, I will admit that they were hard for me to interpret, so I switched to another deck. We got Neptune: Dreams, Mercury: Communication, Trine: Flow, and North Node: Destiny all in reverse. The 2nd House: Assets was at the bottom of the deck. So, for her, she seemed to be very confused about what was going on. People around her maybe told her about the article and pictures but she may have been in disbelief. It likely didn’t make any sense to her, because her and Tom had been doing such a good job at keeping the relationship on the low, that to be exposed like that came out of left field. Apparently, the pictures and video were taken while the two were stopped at a red light. So, to get such candid images like that, especially of such a brief moment by the paparazzi, was bizarre to Zendaya. Although she’s been in the public eye all her life, that may have been the first time she felt vulnerable. It could have caused a lot of anxiety. She could have been wondering what she did “wrong” for the two to get caught. A lot of what ifs could have played in her head.

With the reversed North Node card, it seems, like Tom, Zendaya learned what truly comes with celebrity—the invasion of one’s personal privacy for the public’s consumption. It’s a very harsh lesson, but one every celebrity must go through during their career. Even so, the exposure likely threw off Zendaya’s sense of security. How do you survive in a world that doesn’t care about your personhood? This will likely be a lesson Zendaya and Tom will struggle with their entire lives.

So, “how did this [exposure] change their relationship?

We got the 8 of Cups in reverse which was clarified by the Page of Cups. The King of Pentacles in reverse which was clarified by the reversed 2 of Swords. And the reversed 2 of Pentacles clarified by Judgment in reverse and the Queen of Cups.

The 5 of Cups in reverse, the 4 of Cups in reverse, and the 7 of Cups were at the bottom of the deck.

It seems as though the exposure almost made someone walk away if they didn’t already, and that someone seems to be Tom with the King of Pentacles out. It appears that he didn’t know how to handle the invasion of privacy well emotionally. He was unsure of what to do moving forward from that. He was perhaps thinking of how to juggle his career with now a very public relationship. There were a lot of eyes on him at that moment. It may have been overwhelming, especially since the status of their relationship was always danced around or flat out denied. Now with photographic evidence, they couldn’t play that game anymore.

For Tom, what changed in the relationship was himself. The stability he built up around him was rendered unstable overnight. He may have been comfortable having this little thing with Zendaya only kept between them, but now that it’s public, he may feel some outside pressure to present the relationship a certain way or put on a show for fans. But he doesn’t want that. What he has with Zendaya is private and intimate, not for curious, and honestly, obsessed onlookers. So, because of that he may not actually know how he wants to precede with this relationship. He may be afraid of how it will change now. He’s very much in his feelings and head about this, maybe needing time to be alone a bit, but Zendaya seems very understanding of this with the Queen of Cups. She seems to empathize with his confused and scattered feelings at the moment. She may patiently wait on him to get his life sorted out.

So, with all this being said, “what’s next for them in the future?

We have the Tower in reverse clarified by the reversed 8 of Swords, the Moon which is clarified by the Lovers, and the Page of Cups which is clarified by the Knight of Swords and 9 of Wands.

The Empress in reverse, the Emperor in reverse, the Wheel of Fortune, and 8 of Pentacles in reverse were at the bottom of the deck.

It seems as though they really do have the potential to break up, and I think this is mostly from Tom’s side. The exposure of their relationship and people constantly talking about it and maybe even demanding more information about it seems to have left Tom feeling defeated. It may just be easier to break up than deal with all of that pressure. But with the Tower reversed, he may not end it. Even so, he knows the relationship just isn’t the same, so he may be delaying the inevitable but feels like his hands are tied with the reversed 8 of Swords. With the Moon and reversed Page of Cups again, he may be emotionally overwhelmed and confused on what to do and feel. He loves Zendaya with the Lovers card out but too much has shifted to go back to their normal.

With the Page of Cups showing up again, I wonder if Zendaya was Tom’s first serious relationship or he’s just a tad bit emotionally immature. The Page represents a young person or someone who is inexperience in something. That something here is love and emotions with this card being a part of the Cups suit. So, it possible that Tom is handling all of this a bit erratically. But with the Knight of Swords clarifying this card that may not be true, actually. Tom down the line may eventually sort his feelings out and come to the conclusion to end the relationship. Or with the 9 of Wands, Tom and Zendaya start to grow apart until they both wonder what’s the point of continuing this relationship.

If they do break up, I think Zendaya will fare much better than Tom with the Wheel of Fortune under the Empress. She’ll eventually heal and move on to better things. For Tom, the 8 of Pentacles in reverse suggests that he may throw himself into his work to deal with his heartache. I don’t think that’s the best for him. Distractions are just that. Once they’re gone, then what?

So, yeah. Sorry to end on a depressing note but this should be seen as a lesson to us all—celebrities are people too. Prying into and exposing their lives for “ships” and other nonsense is wrong. We saw how a similar invasion of privacy and constant public scrutiny eventually led to Britney having a breakdown which allowed for her family to take advantage of and put her in a conservatorship she just recently got out of. Tom and Zendaya’s relationship is not that dramatic but stalking celebrities for whatever reason is wrong period. I hope if they do break up, people will handle it normally and with maturity, but I doubt it. In any case, let me know what you thought of this reading. People acting up will be blocked.

End of Transcript

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