January 2022 Predictions


January 2022 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits for Jan. 2022?

Jan. 2 New Moon in Capricorn

Jan 3. Mercury enters Aquarius

Jan. 14 Mercury stations retrograde at 10°20’ Aquarius

Jan. 17 Full Moon in Cancer

Jan. 18 Uranus stations direct at 10°49’ Taurus

Jan. 20 The Sun enters Aquarius (detriment)

Jan. 24 Mars enters Capricorn (exalted)

Jan. 25 Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn

Jan. 29 Venus stations direct at 11°09’ Capricorn


Jan. 1 Sun trine Uranus retrograde

Jan. 4 Venus retrograde sextile Neptune

Jan. 8 Sun conjunct Venus retrograde

Jan. 10 Sun sextile Neptune, Mars square Neptune

Jan. 12 Mercury square Uranus retrograde

Jan. 16 Sun conjunct Pluto

Jan. 23 Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde, Venus retrograde trine Uranus

Jan. 28 Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto

Jan. 30 Sun square Uranus 

I find it interesting that solar calendars end before the Sun traverses through the entire Zodiac. But it should be noted that the ancient Mesopotamians’ new year coincided with the Sun entering Aries in the spring. I bring this all up because we have two inner planets in retrograde this month, Venus, which turned last month, and Mercury during the middle of the month. Retrograde periods bring back issues of the past. In January we are hit with a double whammy of people and situations we would rather leave in 2021 coming into 2022 with us. I remember watching something where a person said they heard that the energy of a year lingers for months after we are in a new year. It was related to numerology, and I wonder if this is true. In January, it may feel like that, that 2021 is lingering. Indeed, we will have to retread some things that we have experienced and likely didn’t finish or learn from in prior months. As we do all that, Uranus will turn direct!

By the middle of January, all of the outer planets will be direct. I think this symbolizes big things will start to be set in motion. What these things are depends on the planets. Pluto is digging up the dark, taboo things governments and high-power people have been hiding. We have been seeing some of this such as with the Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking trial and Britney Spears’s conservatorship finally ending just to name a couple high profile legal battles. We have also seen a lot of striking in the U.S. and a push for better working conditions across all industries.

For Neptune in Pisces…I’m not sure. I’m not sure if people are becoming more spiritually in tuned or coming into some sort of psychic ability. I think we have seen more of the malefic side of Neptune where messages and communication are very confusing and vague. We will have to wait and see how Jupiter conjuncting it will play out. In many ways, this conjunction is a bit bad lol. Jupiter expands everything it touches, and with it domicile in Pisces and moving towards Neptune, we can either see mass delusion and disillusionment or mass enlightenment and spiritual awakenings. It just all depends.

Uranus in Taurus, I have argued, is teaming up with Pluto in Capricorn to disrupt things that no longer serve us. While Pluto reveals, Uranus uproots. Pluto kills things very slowly, almost like decomposition whereas Uranus just explodes and shatters. Together we are seeing just how ineffectual our ways of governance are and how the Earth is rapidly changing for the worse.

All of these forces are direct and are going to be a bit potent until we enter Aries as the inner planets are transiting Capricorn into Aquarius, highlighting these planets even more as they will aspect each one in some way.

Besides this, I don’t have much to add. On Instagram I listed which transits I would consider easier and harder depending on the sign. I don’t know how I feel about this, so let me know your thoughts on it!

Important Transits for Fire Signs


Easier transits and aspects

Mercury, the Sun entering Aquarius: Aries and Aquarius sextile. Both signs are the pioneers, ushering in new things.

Mars entering Capricorn: Aries is ruled by Mars, and when Mars is exalted or otherwise dignified, Aries will tend to do better.

Harder transits and aspects

The New Moon in Cancer and Full Moon in Capricorn: Aries squares both Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer is too emotional and wavering while Capricorn is too rigid and by the books for Aries.

Venus retrograding in Capricorn: Although Venus does very poorly in Aries, it squaring and dominating Aries does not make Aries feel impassioned.

Mars square Neptune: Mars is Aries’s ruler and the two like to take direct action. Neptune in hard aspect to Mars makes it very confused in how it act.


Easier transits and aspects

Sun trine Uranus retrograde, Sun sextile Neptune: The Sun is Leo’s ruler. When it receives positive aspects, Leo tends to do much better.

Harder transits and aspects

Mercury, the Sun entering Aquarius; Mercury retrograding in Aquarius: Aquarius is opposite Leo. Aquarius is too impersonal and unfeeling for Leo. The Sun is also at its weakest in Aquarius.

Sun conjunct Pluto: Pluto is too heavy and often dark as a planet for the bright Sun and sunny Leo.

Uranus in Taurus; Mercury, the Sun square Uranus: Taurus squares and dominates Leo. Taurus is too practical and boring for Leo. However, Uranus here is destabilizing our foundations and material things. Leo is a lover of fine things and things being solid. Uranus is disrupting all of this for Leo, forcing change to things that it would rather remain the same.


Easier transits and aspects

Mercury, the Sun entering Aquarius: Sagittarius and Aquarius sextile. Sagittarius appreciate Aquarius knowledge and ability to think critically.

Jupiter moving away from Saturn: Jupiter rules Sagittarius and it was not faring well under Saturn’s presence, especially as it was domicile in its own sign. Jupiter is now domicile or at its full strength in Pisces.

Harder transits and aspects

Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces: Pisces and Sagittarius square. Sagittarius is very straightforward and firm in its convictions. Pisces is not. Jupiter conjunct Neptune makes it hard for Sagittarius to know what to believe in.

Mars square Neptune: As a fire sign, Sagittarius likes to go about its business without any hassles or second guessing itself. Neptune square Mars is making that very difficult.

Important Transits for Water Signs


Easier transits and aspects

New Moon in Cancer: The Moon rules Cancer. A new moon indicates new beginnings.

Venus retrograde sextile Neptune: The feminine planets being in soft aspect to one another makes relationships flow more smoothly for feminine signs like Cancer.

Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces: Cancer and Pisces trine. Jupiter is also exalted in Cancer. Both planets being domicile helps facilitate Cancer’s innate psychic abilities and affinity towards spirituality.

Harder transits and aspects

All the transits in Capricorn: Capricorn opposes Cancer. It is stern and more focused on material and financial gains than emotions and relationships, especially with the family.


Easier transits and aspects

New Moon in Cancer: Scorpio and Cancer trine. While the Moon is in fall in Scorpio, it being domicile in Cancer is still a positive for the sign.

All the transits in Capricorn: Scorpio and Capricorn sextile. Both signs have passion and ambition to them.

Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces: Scorpio and Pisces trine. Both planets being domicile helps facilitate Scorpio’s innate psychic abilities and affinity towards spirituality.

Harder transits and aspects

All the transits in Aquarius: Aquarius and Scorpio square with Scorpio being in the dominant position. Even so, Scorpio does not like how Aquarius is very detached emotionally and doesn’t investigate things with vigor and intrigue like it does.

Uranus, North Node in Taurus: Taurus and Scorpio oppose one another. Uranus is shaking up what Scorpio finds solace in physically. This is inherently threatening to a sign that values stability and knowing how to survive. The North Node in Taurus is making Scorpio move away from its more ingrained suspicious, live or die attitude to be more trusting of its environment and learn how to thrive rather than just survive.

Mars square Neptune: Mars rules Scorpio. Mars when nocturnal is not as direct and forceful as it is diurnal. Nevertheless, the square from Neptune is making it hard for Mars to take action of any sort, let alone stealthily.


Easier transits and aspects

Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces: Jupiter traditionally rules Pisces while Neptune modernly. Both are domicile in its own sign. Good fortune and psychic clarity are enhanced here.

All the transits in Capricorn and the New Moon in Cancer: Pisces and Capricorn sextile. Although it may seem like they don’t have anything in common, their strengths compliment and balance each other out. Capricorn reminds Pisces to not float away from Earth. Cancer and Pisces trine.

Venus retrograde, Sun sextile Neptune: Neptune acts as a malefic most of the time. When the other planets are in soft aspect to it, this side is less likely to show up. Things seem more magical and glamorous.

Harder transits and aspects

Mars square Neptune: Pisces is a rather fragile sign that can easily be led astray. Mars’s malefic, forceful energy is not helping it take action more directly. If anything, it is making Pisces more confused and fearful.

Uranus, North Node in Taurus: Although Taurus and Pisces sextile, Uranus is causing Pisces a lot of confusion as it rips apart everything it thought was solid and unchanging. Pisces is already a very changeable, chameleon-like sign. Uranus’s presence in Taurus is making it difficult to lay down firm foundations. The North Node in Taurus is asking Pisces to be more grounded and practical. But with both Jupiter and Neptune domicile in Pisces, Pisces will have a very hard time doing just that.

Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto: Mercury is at its weakest in Pisces. Pluto can bring to the surface some rather dark and depressing things. Together, it may be difficult for Pisces to face things for what they are, even when these things are presenting themselves crystal clearly because Pisces would rather run away.

Important Transits for Earth Signs


Easier transits and aspects

All the transits in Capricorn and the New Moon in Cancer: Taurus and Capricorn trine. Taurus admires Capricorn work ethic and ability to make it to the top. Taurus may feel very productive when planets transit this sign. Cancer and Taurus sextile. The Moon is also exalted in Taurus. The two signs have much in common and feel very comfortable in each other’s energy.

Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces: Although Taurus definitely questions Pisces a lot, the two sextile. Taurus may feel more enlightened and abundant not only spiritually but physically with these planets domicile.

Venus retrograde sextile Neptune: Venus rules Taurus and Neptune is considered to be the “higher octave” of Venus. When they are in soft aspect, relationships are nice and pleasant.

Venus retrograde trine Uranus: Although Uranus is a wild planet, it in positive aspect to Venus can shake up Taurus’s love life and relationships in good ways.

Harder transits and aspects

Venus, Mercury retrograde: Venus is Taurus’s ruler. With it retrograde, everything in Taurus’s life is throw out of whack. Taurus is a pragmatic sign that values common sense and being straightforward. Mercury being retrograde complicates all of this.

All the transits in Aquarius: Aquarius squares and overcomes Taurus. Taurus does not like Aquarius’s need to overly complicate matters for the sake of intellectualism. Aquarius is also a bit weird and doesn’t understand relationships like Taurus does.

Uranus in Taurus: Uranus is turning Taurus’s world upside down and inside out. Taurus HATES change and that is all Uranus is bringing it in its sign. Sheesh!


Easier transits and aspects

All the transits in Capricorn: Virgo and Capricorn trine. Both signs are workaholics yet efficient at what they do. Virgo appreciates Capricorn’s vigor and ambition.

All the transits in Aquarius: Although these signs do not witness (aspect) one another, Virgo appreciates Aquarius’s need for organization and logic.

Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto: Virgo is a very analytical sign. With its ruler conjunct Pluto, Virgo can get a lot of intense work done, especially work that requires one to research and be extremely thorough and precise.

Harder transits and aspects

Mercury, Venus retrograde: Mercury is Virgo’s ruler. With it retrograde, communication and thinking power is shutting down and leading to many mistakes and headaches. Venus is in fall in Virgo. It doesn’t do well with matters of the heart but Venus being retrograde is focusing Virgo to deal with these subjects intensely.

Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces: Pisces and Virgo oppose. Virgo hates how Pisces is so “whoo whoo” and vague. Virgo just wants the facts and clear communication.

Mars square Neptune: Virgo is very particular with how it goes about things. This aspect is making it difficult to know what’s going on.

Mercury square Uranus retrograde: Virgo is a perfectionist with a very detailed plan. Uranus is throwing a monkey wrench into EVERYTHING!


Easier transits and aspects

New Moon in Capricorn: The new Moon brings new beginnings for Capricorn.

Saturn in Aquarius: Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius, and it is domicile in Aquarius. In this sign it is providing Capricorn with a lot of perspective and insight it usually doesn’t have.

Sun trine Uranus retrograde: The Sun will be in Capricorn until the 20th. It in positive aspect to Uranus is bringing about positive change to the sign.

Harder transits and aspects

Full Moon in Cancer: Cancer and Capricorn oppose. The Moon will be at its strongest because not only is it domicile but full. Capricorn doesn’t like to concern itself with emotional matters.

Pluto in Capricorn: Similar to Uranus in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn is changing everything Capricorn has built up and come to rely on. Here, it is slower and revealing to the sign what truly serves it and what does not.

Saturn square Uranus: Although this aspect perfected for the final time back around Christmas, the two will continue to be in hard aspect until Saturn moves out of Aquarius. That will take a while, so Capricorn is suffering. The current Saturn is ruled by Uranus, and with it squaring Uranus, there is a fierce deadlock between moving and not moving. Trying to maintain what it has and throwing it all away. A lot of this is out of Capricorn’s control.

Important Transits for Air Signs


Easier transits and aspects

All the transits in Aquarius: Aquarius and Gemini trine. Aquarius helps Gemini to be more structured and organized in what it does.

Harder transits and aspects

Mercury retrograde: Mercury is Gemini’s ruler. With it retrograde, communication and thinking power is shutting down and leading to many mistakes and headaches.

Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces: Pisces and Gemini square. Like Virgo, Gemini hates how Pisces is so “whoo whoo” and vague. Gemini can appreciate Pisces’s need to see all sides of a matter, but Gemini is very detail-oriented and analytical. It just wants the facts and clear communication.

Mercury square Uranus retrograde: Although not a perfectionist by any means like Virgo, Gemini is also rather detail focused. Uranus is throwing a monkey wrench into EVERYTHING!

Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto: Gemini is very lighthearted and a bit of troublemaker. Pluto’s heavy energy is darkening the mood and making everything too serious.


Easier transits and aspects

Venus retrograde sextile Neptune: Venus rules Libra and Neptune is considered to be the “higher octave” of Venus. When they are in soft aspect, relationships are nice and pleasant.

Venus retrograde trine Uranus: Although Uranus is a wild planet, it in positive aspect to Venus can shake up Libra’s love life and relationships in good ways.

Harder transits and aspects

All the transits in Capricorn and the New Moon in Cancer: Libra squares both Capricorn and Cancer. Capricorn is too bogged down by its material desires and ignorance for Libra. Cancer is too emotional and subjective.

Venus, Mercury retrograde: Venus is Libra’s ruler. With it retrograde, everything in Libra’s life is throw out of whack. Libra is diplomatic and judicial. With Venus AND Mercury being retrograde, it is hard to maintain amicable relations and think clearly.

Mercury square Uranus retrograde: Libra is rational and fair. Uranus squaring Mercury is making communication chaotic and difficult.

Mercury conjunct Pluto: Although Libra likes to get to the truth of matters, it likes to keep perspective and see both sides. Pluto is making it plunge deep into one side and engage with unsavory things.


Easier transits and aspects

All the transits in Aquarius: January is when Aquarius shines quite literally as the Sun begins to transit here. Mercury is dignified by triplicity while Saturn is domicile.

Sun, Venus trine Uranus: Uranus is Aquarius’s modern ruler. Planets in positive aspect to it makes Aquarius fare better.

Uranus turns direct: All signs suffer when their ruler turns retrograde. Uranus has a much longer retrograde period because it is an outer planet. It turning direct will hopefully allow Aquarius to get things back on track.

Harder transits and aspects

Mercury retrograde: Mercury is the night triplicity ruler of air. Air signs are logical and intellectual. Mercury turning retrograde makes it difficult for this element to go about its business easily.

Uranus, North Node in Taurus: Aquarius and Taurus square. Aquarius dominates this square, but it is being challenged by its ruler Uranus. Uranus is forcing Aquarius to see the merits of the physical world and concerning itself with material matters instead of abstract ones for once. This is hard for Aquarius. The North Node in Taurus is not helping this matter.

Mercury, Sun square Uranus: Although the positions of Mercury and the Sun are favorable towards Aquarius, they are challenging its ruler, Uranus. There may be a fierce deadlock with how Aquarius expresses itself verbally, through the written word (Mercury), and creatively (Sun).

Saturn square Uranus: Aquarius can be said to be fighting itself here. Saturn is domicile in its preferred sign (Aquarius over Capricorn) but the modern ruler of Aquarius is pulling Aquarius in another direction. Stability in what is not real (Aquarius) versus instability in what is real (Taurus). This may be causing Aquarius a lot of anxiety.

Oracle Messages

I switched things up finally and only read on the elements instead of just the general energy of the month. Let me know if you all like this!

Fire Signs

What do fire signs need to know in the month of January?

21 - Sagittarius: I see

27 - Third House: Messages

38 - Earth Element: Stability (reverse; bottom of the deck)

XVIII: Pa [The Moon] (reverse)

44 - Woman holding a heart (reverse)

28 - Victory

42 - Ayizan: Miracles

51 - Leadership: Holy Spirit

An answer to your question: Within the next few months

It seems like for you all, there is something you need to become aware of in January. You may be trying to see things from a practical angle but whatever is concerning or preoccupying you needs to be looked at from a spiritual/esoteric lens. You may get or have been getting messages about whatever this is or needs your attention. They may have been confusing but should make more sense later in the month. If not, you just have to trust your sixth sense is telling you; not necessarily your physical ones.

For some, this problem that is trying to make itself known to you has to do with a relationship. Perhaps there is infidelity afoot and your emotions and senses are trying to reassure you that your suspicions are unfortunately correct.

For others of you, you may be concerned about your job. You may be waiting for some sort of pay raise, promotion, or acknowledgement/congratulations for your efforts. What you're not understanding is that these things are coming! Just not at the pace you want them to. You may have to wait a few months before all of this materializes. Relax and take a step back. Look at the bigger picture and search for clues that reaffirm that reward is on the way instead of hyperfixating on what you supposedly lack at this current moment.

There really isn’t much to add here other than for fire signs on the whole, we have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of our current situations. Sort of similar to air and earth signs, we too can get bogged down on the details or things not going in precisely the exact manner that we want. Combine that with our classic impatience, we have a recipe for hostile feelings and self-absorption. January asks us to look at things on the grand scale and have a little faith and patience that things will work out in our favor because they will!

Also, when I was shuffling the Ask Your Guides cards I kept saying February instead of January for some strange reason. Maybe February will be an important month for some of you.

Water Signs

What do water signs need to know in the month of January?

13 - Aries: I am

3 - Mercury: Mind

10 - Neptune: Sacrifice

10: Storm Warning (reverse)

25: Deceit (reverse; bottom of the deck)

26 - Qetesh: Sacred Lust

9 of Cups (reverse)

The Sun (reverse)

Judgment (reverse)

20 - Exhaustion: Divine Helpers

An answer to your question: Within the next few months

For many of you, you went through a very difficult time recently but luckily it will end or begin to end in January. During this rough patch, your world may have felt like it was crumbling down and that everything you wanted was shattered right in front of you. But the storm is moving on. Although exhausted, especially emotionally and spiritually, try to look at the bigger lessons or take away from your ordeal. Look at your situation not from a place clouded by your turbulent emotions but from a clear and open mind. Something new might be born out of this turmoil, perhaps a new you. Maybe you are finally seeing something or someone for what they are rather than what you wanted them to be. Regardless of what you went through, take a moment to rest, reflect, and realize that you deserve good things.

Leave it to the water signs to have a dramatic reading lol! But yeah it seems like you all will be going through some hardships in January that may be on its way out. With the “within the next few months,” however, this ordeal may persist a bit longer for some of you. When I shuffling I kept saying Scorpio first instead of Cancer, so perhaps it is the Scorpio people that will still be in the storm for a bit longer. That is unfortunately very on brand for the sign.

In either case, there is a lot of feelings of being disappointed and sad. It seems like almost all the elements are feeling a bit down and believe that their desires are going unheard. For the water signs though, this seems very personal and not really tired to your ambitions directly. Whatever is going on goes a bit deeper than that. You all may have been spiraling for a while, not knowing how to get out or straighten yourselves out. Again, however, it seems as though the darkest and roughest part of this time is on its way out. Although it may be difficult to reflect on what happened, it seems like the cards want you to do just that. To think about what you went through and try to potentially see why those things occurred or what is something potentially positive you can take away from it. After that, try to rest and recenter self-love and pleasure into your life again.

Earth Signs

What do earth signs need to know in the month of January?

42 - South Node: Life's Debts

8 - Chiron: Healing

11: Cornucopia (reverse)

42: Woman holding a coin (reverse)

18: Anxiety (bottom of the deck)

The Chariot

41 - iNkosazana: Celestial Alignment

40 - Yemaya: Awakening (bottom of the deck)

34 - Deprivation: Prosperity Guides

An answer to your question: Wait, compromise (bottom of the deck)

In January, you all will be working through some past life baggage, especially any past life hurt. Astrologically this makes sense as all of the outer planets (i.e., Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are all aspecting you in some major way. There needs to be a spiritual healing that happens in January, or you will embark on one during the new year. There may be an (re)alignment that happens once you take care of whatever needs to be healed and laid to rest. It seems like this karma may come at you at fast or demands your attention strongly in January.

For the rest of you, you are not concerned about the spiritual but the physical and your money. With the pandemic raging on for a 3rd year now, many of you are worried about your money. You may have been able to (barely) stay afloat in the prior years but you don't know how long you can last. It seems as though the message is to be more patient and compromise. Worrying won't help none and the obstacles in your way may be a blessing in disguise or a sign that what you truly want is not ready yet. Whatever the reason may be, you need to keep your head held high because you will be fine in the end. Just relax and wait a little longer.

There seems to be two camps here–one dealing with some sort of spiritual matter and the other dealing with something more tangible and physical. They don’t seem really related but I think they are. For the ones overly concerned about your finances or other physical issues like health, it seems like these cards want you to take a step back and reconnect with your spirituality. Worrying and obsessing over money and what you want to have won’t help you nor speed up whatever you are seeking financially to manifest. The universe is always working in your favor but you don’t seem to believe that right now. As earth signs, you are the most resourceful of the Zodiac and know how to survive modestly with comfort. What will be different in January? You will find a way, and as you do, have a little faith that what you desire will come to you in due time.

For the rest where it seems like the spiritual is more pertinent in January than physical matters, I think you’ll make a lot of headway in whatever you are doing. It seems to be that you’re engaging with some of spiritual work or trying to level up your healing game or even engaging in shadow work, and in January, I see a lot success in these areas for you all. You may be awakening spiritually and with that, you are aligning with what your soul came here to do. That’s great! Keep up the good work!

Air Signs

What do air signs need to know in the month of January?

22 - Capricorn: I use

33 - Ninth House: Faith (reverse)

35 - Eleventh House: Friends

45: Man holding a heart (reverse)

12: The temple path (reverse)

9: Broken heart (bottom of the deck)


Ace of Wands

6 of Pentacles

44 - Iest: Surrender (reverse)

9 - Modjadji: Manifestation

29 - Ma'at: Giving and receiving (reverse)

14 - Celebration: Joy Guides

An answer to your question: There's something better

Many cards had a lot to say to you all in January! A big one seems to do with your relationships. On the platonic front you may be unable to see your friends in January, especially those that live far away. This seems to be the result of other obligations you may need to tend to, such as your job or family. This can also be because the new variant is making travel difficult right now as well.

On the romantic front, some of you may be going through or will experience a breakup. It seems to be with a man or masculine person. Regardless of the details, it is important to not hold on to your negative feelings. Experience them and then let them go. Yes, surrender to your current emotions, let them run their course, then move on.

For others of you, there is something misaligned here. You have been ignoring your spiritual (and likely emotional) side. You are urged in January to correct this. You may be too concerned about earthly, material matters right now when you should direct your attention to something higher.

For those of you who are trying to manifest something, it may not be exactly what you were intending--it may be something better! So, celebrate! Something good is coming. Be open to receiving it.

The air signs also got a very interesting spread. There seems to be a sense of heartache here which is not surprising. As the social signs, this ongoing pandemic has likely been very difficult for you all. Not being able to see other people face-to-face is unusual for you all and only communicating digitally may not always be preferred. But how we engage with one another will have to remain distant like this for a while longer, unfortunately.

For some of you, you may be going through a breakup or rough patch in your relationship possibly with a man or masculine person. The man holding a heart can also symbolize shutting down your emotions. The cards are saying to not do that and surrender to your emotions in order to heal them. Sometimes the reason why we can’t move on or heal is because we don’t want to deal with our negative emotions, or conversely, we sit in them too much. You need to rebalance yourself.

Indeed, balance and realignment is a big message for you air signs. This seems to be on all levels. Some of you may be too preoccupied by your material matters or emotions. For some of you, you need to tap more into your spiritual side. Your guides want you to get back on the right path in life because you have strayed too far from it.

Another way to get back into harmony is to be open to receiving and giving. You may be on either extreme, receiving and being selfish or giving and being a martyr. You need to be content in the middle, not over or under doing either side.

Finally, there is a subset of people who are going to receive something from the universe or another person soon. It seems to be something you have been manifesting for a while. However, it may be something better than you intended or you didn’t think your manifestation would yield so much fruit. Good things are coming and it is time you celebrate. Your efforts will be paid off, perhaps very literally.

So, this is all I have for you all! I hope everyone likes the new things I did this month. It was interesting to do, I believe. It seems like all the elements need to engage with the spiritual more as there were cards indicating the need to so in every group. Yes, we live in the 3D and have to focus on what’s going on around us to survive, but it seems like 2022 and January wants us to also consider the spiritual to be equally important. The signs we receive, the messages we have in our dreams, etc. are just as important as making sure you get that promotion or job, it seems. Remember the card I pulled for what we should have learned in 2021? To live on Earth but not of it. In other words, yes, live and engage with the world but do not be consumed by it. There is much more to life that money and eating, for example. Are you emotionally and spiritually fulfilled as you are physically and financially? Both are important but are they to you? That seems to be the question of January.

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