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What is the energy for 2022?

Fire Element: Desire
Libra: I balance (reverse)

Next year seems like it will be similar to the prior one where people will put their individual desires above the needs of others. But instead of "others" here specifically referring to society or the collective, it is referencing our more intimate relationships.

2022 seems like it will be a year where people are really focused on their goals, but in doing that, they may neglect their partners in the process. Indeed, this self-focused energy can quickly turn selfish and self-indulgent. Balance in relationships require compromise, and at times, sacrifice. When we are only looking out for ourselves, the people closest to us can feel neglected and shut out.

This is very bad on its own but considering that we will be in a 6 year, this passionate energy when exercised solely for personal reasons and gains may come with a lot of consequences, especially romantically. Be mindful of the ways that your enthusiasm and determination can push loved ones away.

I have thought about pulling more cards for this question, but I think I like two cards better because I just want a snapshot of the year. Anyway, last year we got the Sun in Aries with the Moon in Aquarius as the card at the bottom of the deck. I think these energies played out very clearly throughout the year. In the U.S. at least, there was a steady stream of violence that erupted, especially early on in the year and when the Centers for Disease and Control said the pandemic was over. (Can we talk about how this organization has done more to worsen the infection and death rates than people simply being reckless?) There was an air of irritation and as though we were unnecessarily restricted which led a lot of people to act aggressively, even violently. This was just part of the problem I believe as the pandemic just amplified issues that were already there. Regardless, accompanying this hostile energy was also a lack of empathy.

People were only looking out for themselves, and this had grave consequences–breakthrough infections, new variants, death, etc. People were so desperate to do what they wanted when they wanted that they refused to care about their fellow human being, which is just prolonging this pandemic ironically as our government also refuses to do anything meaningful (i.e., consistent stimulus checks, continuing the eviction moratorium, giving out free covid tests and actually having enough of them, holding companies responsible for forcing their workers to still come into work if they tested positive for covid and refusing to give workers with covid paid leave to recover, intensive covid tracking, telling the CDC to stfu, etc.) to mitigate the spread of the virus and make life under these semi lockdowns (if we can even call them that in some places) and just everyday life easier for the average person.

“There is no federal solution — this gets solved at state level,” Biden said at the beginning of his remarks from the White House, where around 25 governors from across the country beamed in virtually for a weekly conference call. “That ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road, and that’s where the patient is in need of help — or preventing the need for help.” He added, “My message to the governors is simple: if you need something, say something. We’re going to have your back in any way we can.”

Can you imagine your President/Prime Minster saying this ignorant mess lmao!
From CNN

Now for this year, the energy is again about this push and pull between self-interest and tending to others, especially our romantic partners. I don’t find this too surprising. In the West, at least, our societies are hyper individualistic and selfish. The pandemic has flipped the script, however; forcing us to take a step back from our own concerns and to open our eyes to the realities other people face. Many over here hated this, often acting out in childish yet violent ways to exercise what they believed to be their “freedoms” and “rights.” But the thing about a pandemic is that acting so selfishly only worsens the conditions these people find so stifling and oppressive. Who would have thought lmao.

But, yes, 2022 is shifting our focus away from the global to more intimate as trying to make people over here at least compassionate and understanding of how society works on a macro level wasn’t that successful. By zeroing in on love–romantic, platonic, familial–maybe more people will finally wake up.

However, with this Fire card, I’m drawn towards the light in the upper portion of the triangle. It symbolizes that people will be very determined and ambitious with their goals this year. In many ways this isn’t inherently bad. For example, I really want to learn tarot competently and try to feel comfortable enough with my astrology skills to finally reoffer astrology readings. This passion is fine. It can even be seen as admiral. But where this can turn left is if I or anyone else takes this desire to accomplish something as a zero-sum game where we have to meet our goals no matter what. No matter if we’re sick, tired, or rarely see our loved ones. When determination turns into obsession and anger is what can go wrong with 2022. That is why Libra was reversed at the bottom of the deck. It can show how we neglect others, but it can also indicate how we may be approaching life rather hectically.

Libra is an air sign and the sign of balance. Moderation and rationale is the name of its game, but with it reversed here, we can run the risk of overdoing things and being destructive not only to ourselves but others. Our desires may need to be tempered in 2022 and approached more with a level head. We don’t have to sprint towards our goals. If we don’t achieve them by the halfway point of the year or by the end of the year or 5 years from now it’s okay! It’s okay. We are clearly not lacking enthusiasm or spirit in 2022; we just need to have patience and compassion.


2022 will be a 6 year. The 6 is all about love, responsibility, and balance. Be prepared to take up extra duties, especially when it comes to work and the home.

The 6 is a number of loyalty and service. 2021 let us be selfish and ego-centric to an extent but in 2022 we have to come back to Earth and clean up our messes. We cannot escape our consequences or pin the blame on others. We must confront the situations we find ourselves in and either stand in them or correct them.

Relationships, especially with the family, will be salient this year. Emotions may run a bit high with the three 2's in 2022. Try to keep a leveled head but foster, maintain, and exercise sensitivity and compassion, if not for others, at least for yourself.

The number for this year is 6. 6 is all about love and responsibility. This is a fitting number following the previous 5 year. 5 represents freedom, and indeed, that is all everyone complained about last year. The ability to be unrestricted and do as you want had to be curbed to an extent to get the spread of the virus under control. But in the West, government restrictions were laughable at best and abandoned not even halfway through the year. This of course led to more problems and chaos. It is very interesting that this deadlock between restriction and freedom was seen astrologically in a few different positions. The most obvious one was the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction for the majority of the year. The other major aspect was the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. It perfected around three times and brought sudden limitations and the ending of those restrictions in rather hazardous, disorienting ways. Jupiter flirting with Neptune amplified the chaotic energy of this aspect as well in my opinion as Neptune’s energy is very confusing and vague on its own without Jupiter coming in to make things worse. But let us return to the numerology.

2022 has three 2’s in it along with a 0. Zero in numerology is not a nothing number; it basically represents the vibration of all of the other numbers in one number. When it shows up it’s neither an ending nor beginning but an infinite loop. I guess you can say it amplifies whatever other number is present with it as zero doesn’t have a distinct vibration on its own.

In either case, the 2 is all about emotions and relationships. It represents harmony and cooperation. To have so many 2s this year in many ways emphasizes the relationship energy of the 6 these numbers reduce to. Indeed, there are a lot of similarities between the two numbers but the difference between them is that the 2 is more about forming connections while the 6 concerns itself with duty.

While the 2 is trying to be sensitive and receptive, the 6 is making sure that it is of service and nurturing the people around it. I guess you can compare it to Venus being in Cancer (2) versus the Saturn being in Cancer (6). By this I mean, the 2 is more about your personal relationships and meeting people halfway while the 6 is about showing up for your family, marriage, etc. and making sure that domestic affairs are taken care of.

To be in a 6 year means that we will have to rein in the impulsivity and rebelliousness of the prior 5 year. Indeed, the 5 can be a reckless and rather selfish number when it manifests negatively. As I have been on my soapbox going on about, in the West at least, people took the pandemic as a joke and even when shit continues to hit the fan, many people over here still refuse to band together for the greater good. People continue to go out maskless, abandon other safety guidelines, and even travel abroad all because they want to and feel like it is their right after the world imposed on them so many restrictions. Did the universe not know that they needed to go to Cabo in 2020?

Anyway, the 6 is all about responsibility, balance, and community–all things many chose to ignore in favor of self-interest. Although some people—mostly rich people—got heat for being ignorant early in the year, it seems as though that smoke has died down. Even so, things that go around, come around. And what is coming around are the consequences of our actions. Over a million people have died from the virus in the U.S. This wasn’t all due to recklessness, however. The very slow moving and blasé attitude of the government did not help. But even so, I think for many, these deaths and long-lasting effects of having covid and this weird energy of being aware of the pandemic but not taking it seriously is going to take its toll on people this year.

People have lost their parents, children, and lovers. Others got covid and never recovered physically and are now disabled. This is all devastating and very traumatic. And yet we are expected to still show up for school, work, etc. without any resources or time to grieve or adjust financially. Why? What happens when you can’t do any of the above? We can clearly not rely on our national government to do anything meaningful to help us, so who do we turn to?

I think in 2022 people are going to learn the importance of community. The saying that it takes a village applies to everything and everyone. There can be a moment where you are the one in need and will have to ask for assistance. Do you know people or organizations in your community that will come to your aid? If not, 2022 may be the year that you will.

Establishing relationships with others, whether romantic, platonic, or otherwise will likely be the name of the game for this year. That sense of apathy that reared its ugly head in 2021 needs to be replaced with sensitivity, receptiveness, and a sense of duty. If we are to survive the rest of this pandemic and ongoing climate crisis, we need to come together and help one another.

This is all I have for you all. What do you think 2022 will entail?

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