Singer Series Wrap Up

I finally end my singer series after over a year.

1. SZA

I kicked my singer series off by reading on SZA on September 23, 2020. Because her birth time was known, I decided to read on her luck in career. What we found out is that SZA is very watery and family-oriented. She has a grand trine between her Pisces Moon, exalted but retrograde Cancer Jupiter, and Scorpio Sun (and Pluto and Mercury). This allows her to be creative and very free flowing in not only her career, but life as well.

In the 85,000 years it seemed to take me to finish this series off, I happened to watch this video where someone went through all of SZA’s very strange lies. They range from very minor, inconsequential things such as drawing on freckles and putting that awful thing on her head for many years which was apparently many wigs sown together. But then others were very weird like SZA saying she didn’t grow up with TV among other things lol. I think all of this water in her chart makes her a bit out of touch with the world at times. I feel like when she says these things, she clearly wants attention, but the way she goes about it is very incoherent and contradictory. I mainly blame her Pisces Moon which is in mutual reception with her Cancer Jupiter. Scorpio is more grounded than these two and knows how to cut through the bullshit while Cancer and Pisces especially loves to swim in it.

In my SZA’s article I wrote:

[With Scorpio] [o]n the Midheaven and the sign her Sun is in, SZA may have a reputation for being both magnetic and hard to get to know. Even if she is the type of celebrity to sit up on Twitter and/or Instagram live all day talking, what she reveals actually isn’t much—even with Mercury in the 10th house as well. Scorpio is incredibly good at creating the illusion of being raw and close to people but in reality, hold a lot back and keep a distance from others. As a celebrity this is an ingenious skill to have as finding that line between privacy and connecting with the world and fans can be very tough because the latter two often do violate the boundaries of celebrities for all types of reasons.

I think SZA’s antics and trolling on Twitter and elsewhere is her watery grand trine at play. But with Scorpio as her Midheaven, the odd behavior she exhibits is more calculated than we think. Indeed, although SZA has many of her personal planets with the Midheaven, suggesting that she is not as sneaky as others with Scorpio placements, they imply that there is a level of plotting and thinking that goes behind all the weird things she be saying just to say. So, everything about SZA has to be looked into because what she shows tends to be deliberate—deliberately misleading.

One last thing I want to touch on is the drama that went down on “Astro Twitter.” Apparently, SZA’s astrologer, someone who went by Jade @iJaadee (this isn’t her real name supposedly), was exposed for scamming people and being a fake who stole content and was allegedly making $60K a month. I guess she couldn’t take the heat and told SZA to come to her defense, which she did to cries of dismay and backlash. SZA decided to leave Twitter for a day or so—who could blame her, honestly—but then came back with another bombshell to the Jade fraud saga: Jade didn’t give her the full context for why people were coming for her neck.

A deleted tweet that reads, “love you @ijaadee you ain’t never steered me wrong 🧡”

Back to deleting this app lol . Ta ta 🧡

SMH . I didn’t know anything prior to tweeting . I was not on the app . My friend asked for help w no context. I would never gaslight anyone . I should’ve checked first . pls take care 🙏🏾

So, in addition to not paying for commissions that led to a person becoming homeless allegedly, Jade used her celebrity contact to take the heat off her because she knew people would be after SZA instead of her. Can you believe this mess? Luckily, Jade eventually deleted her Twitter but it is now back up as I am editing this article, smh. I haven’t kept up with the drama in detail to get a firm grasp on all that happened or didn’t because Twitter users are allergic to making a Google doc callout post I guess, but it’s sad that SZA got roped into all of this because she was purposely thrown under the bus by her own personal astrologer. WTF.

A Twitter thread that details the mess. Whoever’s tweets this person is referencing put their Twitter on private, so.

2. Normani

Oh, Normani, Normani… Her article marked me introducing numerology to the blog! I was tired of reading the same placements over and over again, as Normani had many of the same placements I read on for my rapper series. So, I thought of reading her numerology instead. That was the metaphysic I properly got into well before astrology, so it made sense to eventually return to it. In either case, we learned that Normani has a lot of love karma in her numbers, which is also reflected in her natal chart. This can potentially explain her strange career thus far as relationships and having pleasant interactions with people within the industry is how you come up and stay up. However, during the late summer of 2021, I pulled some cards on Normani and hoo, boy!

I had to do a two-part series because, from the beginning, something was off. I felt like I was missing a crucial piece to what I was interpreting so I had to start over and do a follow up. I’m glad I did because I think I finally got the message: Normani is being sabotaged on the spiritual plane—allegedly! I already name dropped who I think it is. If you look at the Moon in Leo card I pulled, you can see the resemblance, I believe. And when I was asking for a direct “yes” or “no,” I actually got a bunch of cards including, “yes!,” “success!,” and possibly “don’t stop!” and something else. But I just wanted a simple “yes” or “no” without anything else. So, I shuffled and shuffled and pulled from the top. That’s the “yes” without the exclamation mark you see in the video. So, yes, it seems like who I asked it was. Perhaps, like Lizzo sang, “All the rumors are true, yeah.” But this is all for entertainment purposes only. Normani and the people around her have been on record constantly saying and/or alluding to sabotage behind-the-scenes that I guess that they cannot bring to light. So…take that as you will.

Oh, one last thing I wanted to bring up is the issue of Normani’s album. In the 50 takes I did of my videos on her (it’s only really 2-3 lol), I asked about her album the first time under the assumption that it was coming out this year because I misunderstood a video I watched. And here is what I got before I realized my mistake:

 So, with all of this, will we truly get an album by the end of the year?

“Not the right time” and “success” flew out as a pair. But at the bottom of the deck was “no” with an exclamation mark followed by “reconsider,” “there’s something better,” “unlikely,” and “peaceful resolution.”

So, I do not think that we will get an album by this vague date. It may be pushed back for whatever reason, but we may still get it. I asked the astrology cards for confirmation.

We have the South Node: Life’s Debts reversed, Saturn: Truth, Taurus: I have, 8th house: Endings/Beginnings, Sun: Spirit, 3rd house: Messages, 7th house: Partners, Pisces: I believe, and Pluto: Transformation at the bottom of the deck.

Now, let me preface this by saying while shuffling I kept seeing Saturn and the 6th house in the deck. Saturn is all about restrictions and delays and the 6th house is your work. Now let me also say all of these cards except Pisces fell out; I pulled Pisces. I’m telling you this because the color scheme here seems very intentional, and Pisces sticks out like a sore thumb.

Orange and yellow correlate to the sacral and solar plexus chakras, I think, which relates to creativity and self-esteem, respectively. And indeed, these cards do reflect these things. It seems like the answer to the question I asked, however, is also a no. “No” because we have Saturn and the 8th house. There is going to be some delays with the album, and it may even be given to someone else or is “lost.” “Lost” because the 8th house represents things that are lost or given to someone else that were previously your own. Likewise, the 7th house is out and under Taurus. This house relates to the power you give over to others. Therefore, the album or certain songs and concepts from it may go to someone else in Normani’s label or is just given to someone else in the industry. Why? It seems like those past life debts we were talking about earlier show up again.

Indeed, the South Node shows the past life, and with it reversed, next to Saturn, and with the Sun under it, it seems like karma is coming to take away this album from Normani to teach her a lesson. Pluto at the bottom of the deck also signifies this. It rules death or transformation, a purification of what does not serve a person anymore. Pluto moves slowly, even slower than Saturn, however, so I wonder if this delay/cancellation was inevitable or in the making for quite a while. Or, alternatively, Pluto and the 8th house can suggest that Normani may just have to start the entire project over for some reason.

I wonder with the 3rd house if Normani will tell us that the album will be delayed but not why. I feel like Normani will be a little hushed mouth about it but detectives on Twitter will put the pieces together. Yes, the hieroglyphics on this card tells me that we will have to read in between the lines or seek out people who can. Again, Twitter comes up for some reason in my mind like it did in my previous reading.

So, once again, I am getting a “no,” but I feel like the fans will be hopeful which is likely why I felt drawn to pull out Pisces. The writing is clearly written on the walls even if we refuse to read them, it seems, but her diehard fans will try to keep their spirits up. I guess we will all just have to wait and see.

This is interesting since November came and went and we still have no album. Someone asked Normani about her album recently and she gave a very vague “summer” answer. So…these cards I pulled may be true…or may not be. At this point, I’m a little fatigued with having to play detective with Normani, I will be honest lol. I wish her all the best, though.

She is asked about her album around the 2:20 mark

3. Tinashe

Tinashe’s article was another one where I elected to read on her numerology instead of astrology. In this case, however, the birth time was questionable. Anyone can say they saw or have someone’s birth certificate and are simply reciting the time they saw. Therefore, when the native in question doesn’t come out with their time, or at least their Ascendant, I choose not to read on their luck in career. In any case, Tinashe is such an interesting case not only in terms of her career, but metaphysically as well. Her numbers clearly show her life and career as though it is a mirror—how she is a songwriter (which may be a past life gift), how her family is so supportive of her and she is in return, and how she was dipping her toe into activism. I love when the metaphysical is like this.

4. Chloe x Halle

My Chloe x Halle’s articles, plural, marked me finally doing oracle card readings on my blog! Indeed, I got a bunch of cards for Christmas, so I wanted to make use of them. Looking back on these readings, they’re not as bad as I think they are. I think they are fairly accurate and shouldn’t be things I am ashamed of. After all, this was the first time I was pulling cards on someone else, people I didn’t know at that too. Anyway, these articles were helpful when I eventually made my videos on the duo as well.

I believe my Chloe video is very accurate.

I wish I used “sexual” instead of “sexy” over and over again, but people are having very mixed to negative reactions to Chloe and her music. Like I said in my video, Chloe is trying to mix it up and give us something different because she wants to. And…people don’t like that. Fans of (the younger) Chloe x Halle don’t like it and people who have hang ups with black female artists, especially those who choose to be (very) sexual in their artistry, don’t like it. I personally grew to like “Have Mercy” and play it fairly regularly. I will admit I was “shocked” with how forward Chloe was with her eroticism in the video, but I eventually got over it. Now I am looking forward to her new single she teased.

Notice how the lyrics of this song confirm the 7th house card I pulled in her reading

As for Halle, it was interesting to see what was going on or how she felt behind-the-scenes on The Little Mermaid set. It seemed as though in my first reading things were rather negative. In my new reading, it appears that she was able to overcome most of those difficulties I saw, but Halle was battling herself. This makes sense since The Little Mermaid will be her breakout role. There’s a lot of pressure with that. Not to mention, there was just a lot going on back at home with Chloe and out in the world as well. I think all of this contributed to her potentially turbulent time on set for a brief while.

Regardless, just like my article, a man showed up again who seemed to be orchestrating Halle’s acting career in my video reading. I wonder if it is her dad. As I was editing my video, I happened to come across a line in Halle’s Wikipedia page that said that her dad is both her and her sister’s manager. If so, this all makes sense. It is interesting that their mom didn’t step out in both spreads. She did make an appearance at the bottom of the deck in my video, however, but I didn’t add her. She showed up as the reversed Empress which was weird. The Empress in my Mermaid Tarot deck is very sinister and angry looking. Behind that card was the Queen of Cups, which I knew was Chloe since the card appeared much softer in appearance and Chloe is a Cancer. (Their mom seems to be a Scorpio based on the day they were posting pictures with her on Instagram.) So, I’m not sure if Halle’s mom was for this push in acting too or what. I didn’t go chasing after an explanation, especially since the card was at the bottom of the deck anyway. What do you all think?

5. Ari Lennox

Recently, Ari Lennox was detained in Amsterdam because she was racially profiled. I feel like there’s always an issue like this when black artists head out that way, which I why I find white Europeans falling over themselves to “brag” about how progressive their countries are so annoying and laughable. Worry about your country slowly turning into a neo-Nazi state right in front of your eyes, returning the world’s heirlooms, and cancelling colonial “debt” than trying to score internet points because you’re dunking on the U.S. Anyway, when I read on Ari I returned to astrology. It was fun because she’s a fellow Aries! As another Aries, however, I tried to convey my understanding of her frustration at not being celebrated despite her efforts. But I’m not sure if that came off well. It may have seemed as though I was ragging on Ari, but I promise I actually really like her music! “Bussit” and “BMO” are my favorites, and I may have new ones because I have been exploring her discography more at the time of writing this. In either case, I’m glad she’s safe and has not retired from the industry like she threatened to do.

6. Summer Walker

Where do I start with this one? I’m not sure lol. What we learned from this article is that Summer Walker’s spirituality is very much who she is physically and spiritually. Spirituality also seems to be her life’s purpose too. However, all of this indulgence in the spiritual has had adverse effects on her waking life, potentially. She’s off living in la la land as we can see with her relationship with her baby daddy and producer, London On Da Track, and how underweight their daughter is. She needs to turn this around and step more into her calling in a more functional way. …Yeah. I think that covers Summer Walker lmao!

7. Victoria Monét

Very last on the list was Victoria, which I covered near the end of October of this year. I used oracle cards here and got all up in her business lol. And I feel like I got tea with the help of gossip forums. Like many artists, her intimate relationship with her baby daddy is questionable at best, especially in terms of how they got together, and that seemingly took over the entire reading. Which is interesting because I didn’t directly ask about it despite knowing about the alleged cheating lol. Anyway, there was one question I sort of glossed over while doing this reading that someone in my Discord server asked, and that was, “Will [Victoria] win awards for her own music that she makes for herself?”

“Compromise” flew out on to the floor. I also pulled from the top and “Reconsider” was there.

So, it seems like, no, Victoria will not because if she does win an award for her own music, she may have to compromise and accept a win because she features a more popular artist on the track with her, for example. If not that, she likely will not win an award for her work she produces for herself, sadly. I wonder if this is because of her natal chart. Despite being a Leo rising, when it comes to work, she will likely not be singled out for praise and recognition. Someone else will always be with her–her rise to fame will be a collaborative act, not a solo one, as it has been. I wonder how she feels about that.

Honorable Mentions

1. DaniLeigh

This is more of a dishonorable mention lol, but during my series I read on DaniLeigh’s Yellow Bone Saga and even read on DaBaby’s DaFaquery at his Rolling Loud set this year. I remember staying up to finish my first article on her, because at that point, I personally was done with the blackfishing nonsense that has been going on in the world for a while. So, I felt compelled to see why she was doing all of this mess and get it out there. Her article marked the beginning of me learning how to read intuitively, which was fun now that I look back on it. Just knowing what the cards were saying without having to second guess myself or look them up was nice. What isn’t nice is the continual drama between these two individuals.

If you follow these two for whatever reason, you will know that DaBaby dragged DaniLeigh online, purposefully posting their arguments on Instagram, and then eventually got the police involved to have her taken out of his house. Wow. Seeing all that, and the yelling and emotions made me really uncomfortable, so I posted on Twitter that I wouldn’t read on these two starting at this point. I don’t want to see anything escalate in my reading, so go seek out other readers to know what’s going on with them. It was “cute” and “fun” when they were both being clowns, but now that a child is involved and things are being aired out on social media, I cannot deal.

2. Emaza Dillan

I had no idea who this person was before reading on her as she was requested by a commenter on my Chloe video. It was a nice change of pace for my channel, however. I wonder how accurate my reading is and will be down the line.

That is the end of my singers wrap up article! Despite taking over a year to finish it, I hope everyone had fun! I certainly did! These series help me to discover new artists to listen to and expand my Spotify playlist beyond the like 10 people I have on rotation lol. Anyway, I’m going to draft up an anniversary post next and then work on my next video. See you all then.

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