December 2021 Predictions

2021 is finally ending after 84 years…

December 2021 Planetary Transits

Dec. 1 Neptune turns direct 20°24’ Pisces

Dec. 4 Total solar eclipse in Sagittarius

Dec. 13 Mercury enters Capricorn, Mars enters Sagittarius

Dec. 19 Full Moon in Gemini, Venus stations retrograde at 26°29’ Capricorn

Dec. 21 The Sun enters Capricorn

Dec. 24 The lunar nodes enter Taurus/Scorpio

Dec. 30 Jupiter enters Pisces (domicile)


Dec. 1 Sun sextile Saturn, Venus sextile Mars, Venus sextile Neptune

Dec. 5 Mars sextile Pluto

Dec. 6 Mars square Jupiter

Dec. 7 Mercury square Neptune

Dec. 9 Venus conjunct Pluto

Dec. 11 Sun square Neptune, Mercury sextile Jupiter

Dec. 16 Saturn square Uranus retrograde

Dec. 19 Sun sextile Jupiter

Dec. 20 Mercury trine Uranus retrograde

Dec. 26 Mercury sextile Neptune

Dec. 28 Mars sextile Saturn

Dec. 29 Mercury conjunct Venus

Dec. 30 Mercury conjunct Pluto

Dec. 31 Sun trine Uranus

Before we get into December, I wanted to touch on the partial lunar eclipse that happened last month! I went back and edited my November post, and as I said there, last month’s lunar eclipse was one of the longest ones in over 500 years, lasting almost 3 1/2 hours! That’s very significant, which is why I was actually mad when I found out about it a few days before it occurred lol. Personally, I don’t know how to feel about eclipses but this most recent one was clearly potent in many ways.

From NASA via their Scientific Visualization Studio

One is that the Moon was conjunct Uranus which has been in Taurus for about 3-4 years. To me, this signifies a collective shock to the world and is setting the stage for the North Node to eventually conjunct the planet as well. I think as I have been saying for these past few prediction articles, we are in a shift. More specifically, we are at a tipping point. Our old structures and systems are crumbling down. And the powers that be are doing a piss poor job of even faking the funk and downplaying the severity of not only our physical structures disintegrating, but our intangible ones as well. In many ways, the powers that be have been very bold with their apathy and dismissal of the masses, which has forced this tipping point to the breaking point numerous times. This is seen with the final Saturn-Uranus square we will face this month. Immovability that is fueled by a fear of change versus spontaneous change that is very disorienting. This overarching energy was seen with the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction as well, which finally ends this month.

Many people felt their freedom has been encroached on. Some for…wholly selfish reasons, but for others, lockdowns finally placed a giant spotlight on their own plight and struggles for autonomy and inclusion. Society and the collective consciousness changed significantly this year. And not to be an optimist, I think this was largely good. Good in that the collective finally had to confront and find solutions to problems that have been long ignored because it effected “those people.” The virus effects everyone. Not equally, of course, but it did show more clearly where social lines were drawn.

While people were dying, for instance, celebrities and other rich people continued to flaunt their wealth which brought scorn and exasperation instead of admiration and aspiration for once in a very long time. The average person was realizing, finally, that these people were not their friends. With all of their wealth, these rich people sat in their mansions with Wi-Fi and air conditioning and heating and whined and complained. For them, the world was slowing down, but it hadn’t stopped. For us, however, the world very much stopped. How, when everything was shut down, could we make money? Without money there is no water, food, clothes, or shelter. For people who have never been homeless before, or at the very least never had to live paycheck to paycheck, how do you know how to survive? Where were all these programs and social safety nets we pay into every year in taxes? We were collectively waking up to the reality that certain demographics lived in every day. This whole year was characterized by being shown and having to live in this reality, which most rejected but were confronted with over and over again. I think December is no different.

We start out the month with Neptune turning direct. I find this funny lol. This planet is confusing and vague both while direct and retrograde. It is very similar to the Moon card in tarot which represents that things are hidden and strange. Neptune turning direct is very much like that. When it was retrograde, there was much hysteria and confusion on what to do about the virus. Over here in the U.S., the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) did a very poor job at being clear and transparent on what to do and what they knew. Halfway through the year they declared the pandemic was over (lmao!) and lifted all mandates that protected the general public only to cowardly walk it back when new variants were cropping up and breakout infections were occurring. It’s almost as if we can’t call off a pandemic just because we think making money is more important than people dying. Who would have known that? Oh, perhaps the people whose job it is to research this stuff and make informed decisions that are supposed to protect us. But who knows?

The transits for December 2021

Anyway, Neptune turning direct should clear up some of the fog the planet has been emitting all throughout its retrograde period. However, Neptune is all about dissolving boundaries and cutting through the veil. What we may see is likely something we will not like. Escapism, denial, fantasy is also how Neptune can manifest. So, December can be the month of clarity as much as it can be the most confusing and overwhelming month this entire year. Indeed, we have a total solar eclipse to contend with in Sagittarius as well.

We tend to have 4-6 eclipses a year. A lunar and solar eclipse will fall on the same sign axis. In November, the lunar eclipse was in Gemini, and in December, the solar eclipse will be in Sagittarius. What I forgot to mention in my recap above and in my previous prediction post was that these eclipses have been hitting the lunar nodes that are in Gemini/Sagittarius as well. As a result, there is a lot of karmic energy tied to these last two eclipses. Something is ending and something new is being sowed. Gemini deals with the more mundane and detail-specific while Sagittarius the more worldly and broad. The North Node is in Gemini, though. So, the energy is more positively oriented towards Gemini. I am of the opinion that while the North Node is something we need to move towards, there often needs to be a balancing of the two poles involved. Since we’re not reading a birth chart, it is a bit difficult to glean what we should focus on moving towards, however. Mercury is the second fastest planet besides the Moon, so it will likely have gone through almost the entire Zodiac by the end of a given year. (We also have to remember that Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times out the year and the Moon never does!) Jupiter, however, is much slower—the second slowest of the 7 classical planets. Therefore, we can get a bit more info if we zoom in on it instead, so let’s.

The charts for the prior partial lunar eclipse and the upcoming total solar eclipse.

This is the last time we will have an eclipse along the Gemini/Sagittarius axis until 2029. The first time the eclipses occurred along this axis was back in early June of 2020.

Jupiter has been conjunct Saturn all this year, going retrograde briefly and escaping its oppressive nature in the process before coming right back to it. Jupiter finally leaves Aquarius once again to return to full strength in its nocturnal domicile in Pisces by the new year. I have belabored the point of restriction and freedom for the past few months now, so I don’t think I have to go over it again here. But with this solar eclipse in Sagittarius with the South Node, I think we are going to be repeating past mistakes again. I say this because in the U.S. at least, the moment Jupiter entered Pisces is when my dumb country declared the pandemic was “over” and lifted all mandates to disastrous effects. People and the those that govern us so badly want to return to “normal” but “normal” is a fantasy now. Yes, I think Neptune being direct is going to show us this ugly fact and Jupiter entering Pisces will only amplify that. This total solar eclipse is just setting the stage for that. Too much has changed to truly believe that we can return to the past and thus return to ignorance. While Jupiter was in Aquarius, there was an enlightenment that happened on some level, although many fought it and tried to bury it. Saturn, which has been at full strength because it is (in its diurnal) domicile, and also squaring its modern ruler of Uranus in Taurus, refused to let us look away, deflect, and ignore. Something big will happen early on in December that will reverberate well into next year. The big news seemingly already happened with the discovery of the Omicron variant. The pandemic will continue to rage on, and like the virus, we must adapt.

Mercury is the more meticulous, strategic planet. Perhaps the North Node in Gemini was highlighting how we can’t slip up, fudge the details, and throw caution to the wind. Indeed, the lunar nodes moves into Taurus/Scorpio on the 24th. By then, what will be in focus is our ability to thrive (Taurus) versus survive (Scorpio). The South Node in Scorpio is showing how our past is littered with corpses and internal destruction. With Uranus in Taurus, that destruction is made outer and once again filling the world with bodies. Who gets to have a “good” life? Who is (more) deserving of a life to begin with? These are the questions these lunar nodes will be asking us. Many things are going to be shook up by the end of the month, especially when that Saturn-Uranus square perfects for the last time.

During the middle of the month, however, things may start to calm down temporarily. I say “temporarily” because while more planets are moving into Capricorn which is earthy (yet cardinal) and ruled by Saturn, Venus interestingly goes retrograde! I find this fascinating because Neptune is often held up as being the “higher octave” of Venus. Where Venus just signifies love, Neptune represents universal love, for example. So, to have Venus go retrograde while Neptune finally turns direct is very curious. Venus in Capricorn is not its usual loving self. Venus in Capricorn is colder and more concerned about materialistic things, such as one’s status, power, and money. It is like a stern parent. It is more worried about making sure things are stable so it can continue to lay the foundation for other things (cardinal). But when Venus is retrograde, there is a lot of insecurity and hyperfixation on the things not only the planet signifies, but what sign it is in signifies as well. So, I think in December people will not only fret about what they have or not have, but what the next year is going to be like. Will we have another lockdown? What will happen if we catch Covid and suddenly can’t work? What if we recover but we have all the awful side effects from the virus and are essentially disabled? How will we keep our homes and make sure we and our families have enough to eat? These are questions about security and survival. With the veil lifted, what is truly important at the moment? Several things have to end to usher in the new. What or who will you be giving up or letting go of this December?

Although there will be numerous soft aspects (mostly sextiles) this month, I personally feel like this month will be a bit crazy. Crazy in the sense that many things are coming to a head and/or converging to one point. Neptune turns direct but Venus goes retrograde. Many planets enter Capricorn and with that they are trining Uranus and meeting up with Pluto. Both Uranus and Pluto signify change, one very abrupt and shocking and other much slower and more intense, respectively. Again, a lot will happen in December as we end this very long feeling year. I’m not sure what big event will occur besides this revelation of a new coronavirus variant, but I hope everyone will stay safe.

Oracle Messages

What is the energy for Dec. 2021?

Venus in Cancer: Birth

Mars in Pisces: Escape (reverse)

Venus in Gemini: Flattery

Jupiter in Cancer: Speculation (reverse)

Jupiter in Gemini: Bluff (reverse)

Jupiter in Taurus: Status (reverse)

*Bottom of the deck*

Sun in Virgo: Health (reverse)

Sun in Libra: Harmony (reverse)

Moon in Gemini: Adaptability (reverse)

Mercury in Pisces: Inspiration (reverse)

Moon in Aries: Protection (reverse)

Mars in Gemini: Decision

December will be about the new variant. Many people will get sick, and because of that, many people this month are worrying. How do we survive this new strain and just the ongoing battle against the virus in general? There is an undercurrent of stress energy in this spread. People want to escape but know they cannot.

We turn to our leaders for guidance but it seems like they are preoccupied with playing politics and fighting than trying to help us. They will try to sweet talk us, though, telling us things are not as bad as they appear. But for those of us still out here surviving, *barely*, it is hard to take what they have to say seriously. We can see with our own eyes that things are not okay. And since they are not, many of us are trying to plan for next year better.

This month is all about the Omarion variant. While shuffling, the new strain did cross my mind briefly and coincidentally, the first card, Venus in Cancer, came out at the same time. This card clearly symbolizes the new variant. It incubated and mutated in us and then was birthed. The sigils (which are the seal and spirit of Venus, respectively) clearly show this, how the virus was once one way and is now something else entirely.

With the reversed Mars in Pisces, we can’t escape this new variant. I think this card can also symbolize how white, Western countries have been behaving these past two years. They kept trying to deny and downplay the severity of the coronavirus and even declared at one point that the pandemic was over. Clearly, this half of the world was living in a fantasy. Isn’t it interesting how Neptune went direct this month and Mars has been trining Neptune from Scorpio? Taking this very passive, delusional route is not helping anyone or the world. The leaders of the world need to take their heads out of their asses because they too are not immune to this virus, especially with how it continues to mutate.

I think for many of us, we’re not sure what to think at this point with the Venus in Gemini card. I think many of us are reviewing this year and the year before and questioning what has really changed. Not much, at least here in the U.S. Although President Biden says he doesn’t want lockdowns again (okay lmao), we likely will see a return of mandates and people getting sick and dying again. It’s already happening. It’s like we’re stuck in a loop and our heads are going to split into two like the figure in the Venus in Gemini card. What should we do? What should we believe?

With the Jupiter in Cancer card, the world leaders are looking at the virus and arguing over what to do, or more likely, what not to do. While they’re talking and playing politics, colonialism, and imperialism, I think the crab represents us, the average person. We’re looking up at our leaders and just wondering what the fuck. They’re the ones with all the knowledge when it comes to the virus and fighting it but beyond telling people to get vaccinated and schedule their 5,000th booster shot, what is truly helping us? People still have to work, people still have to eat, people still need a place to live. What happened to the stimulus money? Where are social programs and services that can help out in these dire times? They’re nowhere to be seen because the leaders of the Western world wanna play with everyone lives and make bank from it.

Our leaders in the West will continue to downplay the severity of the virus even with individuals vaccinated and boosted, especially this new variant, but many people are not buying their bluff this time around with the reversed Jupiter in Gemini card. The CDC and U.S. government did the worst thing possible by proclaiming the pandemic was over back in mid-May and rolled back mandates everywhere. Now with the mandates back to varying degrees across the country because both the CDC and national government wanted to shake off the ire of the public and shift the blame and burden onto local governments to enforce at their discretion, people are getting fed up. Our leaders told us the pandemic was over so why are there new variants? Why are things still fully shut down or in a strange in between stage of not fully closed but not fully (re)opened. What are we supposed to do? Despite doing all this talking, they are not soothing our anxieties here. And to a certain extent, they genuinely don’t care.

With the Jupiter in Taurus card reversed, the issue was and will continue to be about money. The economy, the economy, the economy I have heard news anchors drone on since the pandemic. And yet, numerous businesses and wealthy people were able to make not only their normal sales and revenue, but exceed that. How? Wasn’t everything shut down? While people were getting sick and dying, the elite were sitting pretty. They still are. And this is one of the many things that seems to be pushing December to a breaking point.

Yes, with the cards at the bottom of the deck, people will and already are, getting this new variant and becoming very sick. This new variant has turned the world upside down. (Although, the mounting evidence points to Europe having this variant long before the researchers in South Africa discovered it on their own. It’s almost as though white countries have a vested interest in making the Global South seem “responsible” for the continuation of the pandemic. It’s almost as if these same white countries refuse to give up their patents to allow the Global South to make their own vaccines because then these white countries’ big pharma industries couldn’t rake in cash and hold power over these poorer countries. But this is all just alleged and speculation. 🙂)

With the reversed Moon in Gemini, people are finding it more and more difficult to adapt. The “normal” ebb and flow of life has been completely thrown off, and no matter how hard our governments and even ourselves try to force the cart back on the rails, things are just messed up. Because of this, many people are feeling hopeless in December. They feel like they’re not safe and that they are pretty much left in the cold. As a result, many are starting to plan and think a little more strategically. Just being off in la la land or stressing and hoping that the pandemic will just end is not smart anymore. (It never was.) Now, people have to think more long-term but quickly. If we were to go into another lockdown, how we will survive? If we happen to catch this new variant, what should we do differently as we quarantine? As I said much earlier in this article, December is going to be about thriving versus surviving. Many of us will be just trying to survive, especially towards the end of December, I feel.

What oracle messages do we have for Dec. 2021?

34: Voyage - You already have all the answers

I benefit with gratitude (reverse)

XL: The Queen (sideways)

There seems to be two messages here. The first is related to the pandemic and wondering if one can return home it seems. Indeed, with some borders closing again, it is difficult to know when or how many of you will be able to come home. Alternatively, the problem can be not knowing where to go as no country or one place is truly safe.

The next message seems to be about dealing with an older woman who is very temperamental. The gratitude card seems to be about how they are not grateful of you and all that you do. This woman can rather hot and cold. She can play the role of this regal, gracious, and almost self-sacrificing ruler and then turn around and flip the script, being vain, contemptuous, and ugly. You not know what to do with her. With Voyage, you may want to leave but don't know where. But you are possibly not looking at the signs around you that are trying to lead you in the right direction. Take your mind and eyes off your worries and see what the world truly has to offer you.

I will admit I thought this spread was a bit strange until I actually tried to interpret it. Someone in the server I’m in on Discord frequently tells me that my monthly readings always seem to be speaking to her. And while we laugh about this, I think these oracle cards are but I’m not sure how they’ll make her feel. I hope they don’t discourage her or make her feel even worse about her situation! 🥺

For everyone else, I don’t think there is too much to add that I didn’t already say on Instagram, so let us move on.

What messages from our spirit guides do we have for Dec. 2021?

5: Loss - Healer Guides

36: Balance - Divine Teachers

11: New Beginnings - Divine Father

23: Suffering - Divine Teachers

49: Compromise - Master Teacher

48: New Life - Divine Mother

The message could not be anymore clear here. December will be a month of loss and suffering, likely due to the new variant that has been identified. There's not much we know about it as the public, but from these cards, it may be more aggressive than the other strains. Or the collective is just going through the grieving process once more. Yes, the cards all strangely mirror each other. Perhaps this symbolically represents how this is just another cycle, unfortunately.

At some point, however, we have to come back to reality and make some adjustments. Things need to be rebalanced and comprises have to be made. It is only when things are more aligned or stabler that something new can be come in. What this "newness" will be is different for every one of you. For some, this may be a pregnancy. For others, it can be something creative related. If the latter, the cards surrounding loss and suffering can be metaphorical but perhaps not. In either case, like how the eclipses usher in something new while forcing us to let go of something old, our spirit guides are echoing the same message here.

This is a very interesting spread! All these cards turned over in the deck. I wasn’t going to take the remaining four as they flipped over under my hand while the first two flipped onto my hand. But I decided against it and I don’t regret it!

It seems like our guides really want us to know that there is light at the end of this awful tunnel of a year. Yes, many people will get sick, some of whom will pass. Adjusting to life after either event will be hard because we are placed in an impasse. But our guides are nudging us to not remain fixed in our situation or feelings. They instead want us to compromise and be more adaptable. When we are able to calm back down and move into a state of equilibrium, then they will help in bringing something new to us. Again, whatever this is will vary from person to person, but the guidebook does highlight creativity and pregnancy as two potential things. Alternatively, these last two cards can represent some of you moving into a new state of being. Perhaps some of you are literally moving with the Divine Father. Or you are being reborn with the Divine Mother. These cards read to me as the beginning, middle, and end of December, so I believe this new thing will appear towards the end of the month into January. I hope it’s something good!

2021 in a Nutshell

Finally, I wanted to ask what the collective was “supposed to” learn this year. I wanted to ask this question because I’ve seen a lot of spiritual people say the virus is not a “cleansing” necessarily but that it has a specific spiritual purpose. And that purpose seems to involve waking people up spiritually. Yes, I coincidentally watched a psychic tarot reader recently say that people may be more forthcoming about their faith in the near future. Other spiritual people have said that the virus was supposed to have us all collectively slow down and heal and tackle certain human issues. Some of these issues seem spiritual-related like I mentioned but some of the others seem to involve rebalancing like humanity’s karma. That is, we as humans have done many terrible things to each other (this is not excusing European colonialism and imperialism and other forms of these oppressions enacted by other people, mind you) and the planet, and we are at a tipping point as I have mentioned throughout this article.

Since things had to be locked down, we finally had time to ourselves to think and wonder. For some, this was supposed to lead to a spiritual awakening, and this doesn’t always have to be in this lightworker/starseed/”divine mission” type of way either. I think this can just mean you personally becoming more in tuned to your body and soul essentially. But on the whole, I think things were supposed to shift majorly in how we run things and simply live life. Capitalism has been on its last legs for a while, and I do think we are seeing the last hurrah of it. But apparently the virus was supposed to do this sooner? Faster? I’m not entirely sure the timeline because some of these spiritual people can be vague and/or the messages they receive are very broad and difficult for even them to decipher. In either case, I do think the virus has caused things to move in a way that is shaking us and the world up, even if it is slower because the powers that be are purposely slowing this change down. Anyways, let’s get into what I pulled.

What was the collective supposed to learn in 2021?

Earthed: Learning how to be human. In the world, but not of it.

We were supposed to learn how to balance the existential crisis of realizing that we are human but that we are also a spirit. Many people tend to fall to either extreme when on Earth: being fully emersed in the physical at the expense of the spiritual or being too enveloped in the spiritual at the expense of the physical. 2021 was about coming towards the middle, to be balanced. Both extremes are too extreme. We had to realign ourselves, likely to be better able to adjust to the shifts that are coming.

This is so funny. So, what we were supposed to learn this year was how to be human. To acknowledge that we are, in fact, human—bodily, organic, and 3D—but also realize we are spirits and that there is more to life than just being human. This is perhaps the biggest struggle we as humans will have to face while we are on this planet. To live life as a human but also keep in mind that this is all temporary and that there exists entire realms beyond this one.

This does not mean, however, we should be spacey and not engage with the Earth. No, it means that we have to be balanced. To live in the world but not so much so that we are immovable, fearful, and closed off. To be balanced is to be somewhere in the middle, and 2021 tried to move us there collectively. From which side are you approaching the middle?

Well, that is all I have for you all. This month I will try to catch up on some loose ends in terms my blog like writing that Singers Roundup article! I’m not sure if I will be able to drop a video within this time frame but we’ll see. Anyway, if you liked this article, consider leaving me a tip on my Ko-Fi. I also have an Amazon Wishlist.

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