Rico Nasty: Put Some Respect On Her Name

Girl, what is going on!

If you follow Rico Nasty, you have seen the disrespect she has been getting lately. She is touring with a rapper named Playboi Carti, a man I never heard of before, as his opening act. Another rapper named Ken Car$on is also with them. This King Vamp Tour (it was formerly called the Narcissist Tour after his third upcoming album, Narcissist) will last three months, having kicked off on October 14th and will end on December 23rd. However, this tour has been plagued by numerous issues from fans fighting to storming a venue that was cancelled on short notice. Playboi’s fans unruliness continued throughout the tour as they started to direct their childish behavior towards Rico.

The King Vamp Tour

On November 7th, Rico Nasty went on Twitter to clapback at Playboi’s fans who booed her during her opening set at a show in Los Angeles the day before. Videos started to surface around the 10th.

Then barely a week later, a fan threw a water bottle at Rico while on stage. This promoted her to jump down into the crowd to find the perpetrator. She was stopped by her bodyguards, however.

Since that incident, many other people have come to Rico’s defense such as JT from City Girls, Zack Fox, Metro Boomin, and Kenny Beats. But curiously neither Playboi nor Ken have made statements on these matters. However, having now looked a bit into Playboi’s bio, this is not surprising because he ain’t shit. His baby mama is Iggy Azalea, but he intentionally missed the birth of his son and refuses to sign the birth certificate. He of course also cheated on Azalea during their relationship. Additionally, he never formally addressed the incident where his fans were going crazy and trying to rush his Houston venue because it had been suddenly cancelled. He only posted cryptically, “HARDcore” and “Cult,” apparently his first tweets since September. 

What is even stranger about his reaction to the Houston venue is how there is a video of him telling his fans in LA on the 6th to be respectful and less rowdy because the city was threatening to shut them.

Regardless of his flip flop energy, hopefully all of this will give some added context and insight as to why the cards came out the way that they did.

Nightmare Vacation

How is Rico Nasty currently feeling?

11: Aquarius
9: Sagittarius
12: Pisces (reverse)
25: Air (reverse)
21: Neptune (reverse)
22: Pluto (reverse)

9 of Wands (reverse)
8 of Swords
Page of Swords (reverse)
10 of Cups (reverse)
2 of Pentacles

Let’s start with the astrology. Rico is trying her very best to be detached from the constant disrespect. With the Aquarius card, the being has two massive shields up on each side of it but there’s a light or fire running through it. Rico is, of course, pissed and irritated, but she is trying to defend herself since no one else will. She’s trying to take the belittling on the chin but on the inside she is hot. With the Sagittarius card next to Aquarius, Rico will and can pop off in an instant. We already saw her jump down from the stage to find the person who threw that bottle at her. She’s not playing around. How Playboi Carti’s fans are treating her is disgusting and it of course affects her emotionally. She is a rapper too. She is Playboi’s equal, and yet these people in these crowds refuse to treat her as such.

With Pisces in reverse, I think Rico doesn’t know what to do which we see with the reversed 9 of Wands and 8 of Swords as well. She is very confused by this hostile reception. Pisces is a feminine sign. Rico may be thinking if her being a woman has anything to do with it. According to Rolling Stone, she and Playboi make similarly alternative rap music and have worked their way up from the underground scene, so one would think they would make a good duo and she would be a great opening act. But this has not been the case. And because of that, Rico is likely overwhelmed emotionally.

Rico is not a major mainstream artist, so touring after lockdown was probably the only real time she could be out on stage and perform her music and just have fun. But now she has to deal with misogynoir from a bunch of racist white boys. These were not in her plans.

With air reversed, Rico wants to continue to speak out, and this is echoed in the reversed Page of Swords. However, what she will say, I feel, will be twisted and manipulated to unfortunately make her out to be the angry black woman because she will likely just go off with no filter like she’s been doing. (The air in the card looks like ocean waves, suggesting a very emotional energy to the card as well.) She’s only trying to protect herself but how she’s doing it is ill advised from a public image standpoint. Maybe if Playboi and/or Ken would open their mouths, she wouldn’t have to do this alone, but they seem to be more worried about themselves.

In any case, Neptune being reversed just reiterates what I said about the reversed Pisces card. The being in the image, however, looks like it is surrendering or giving up, much like the reversed 9 of Wands. It’s bittersweet but Rico feels defeated. She is trying to hold out as this tour goes on for another month, only stopping two days before Christmas, but it’s very difficult for her.

Indeed, Pluto being in reverse suggests that Rico is about to implode. Like the Aquarius card, she is trying to be cool and not let all the hostility get to her, but it does. She’s only human, and with the very people she is touring with refusing to make the situation better, she is left to her own devices.

Now for the tarot. The 9 of Wands when upright suggests that a person is badly beaten up and broken down, but they still try to stand up strong. Therefore, when it is reversed, it denotes that a person is giving up. The battle is too much. Now, for Rico, I don’t think she has entirely given up on fighting back but her energy has waned considerably. She likely does not have the fire to go above and beyond to put on a good show anymore because people will just boo her, throw things at her, and demand Playboi instead. So, it’s like, what’s the point? Over time, I think we will see her physically and mentally worn out and more and more detached from the spectacle of performing. She may just sit quietly backstage very sad.

The 8 of Swords suggests that Rico doesn’t know what do about this reoccurring issue with Playboi’s fans disrespecting her. Often this card means that whatever the person is going through, they can easily get themselves out of but I’m not this is the case for Rico. I don’t know what contract she signed, how much money she was promised, or what, but I would assume she can’t just drop from the tour. Again, lockdown really hit smaller and more niche artists like her badly. Most could only stay afloat by touring. With almost a year of not being able to, I’m sure Rico can’t afford to say fuck it all and bounce but I’m not really sure she even wants to. If she does leave, then that turns into its own beast where publications and onlookers speculate endlessly about what happened and will be all up under her posts pestering her about it. So, it’s sort of damned if you do, damned if you don’t, I think, for Rico, unfortunately.

With the reversed Page of Swords, Rico just wants to speak her truth and set the record straight. But as we have already discussed, her “going off the record” to clapback at these fans is not really a good move careerwise. (I’m all for Rico standing up for herself, don’t get it twisted.) I know for rappers, their images and PR works a bit different from other artists, but I think Rico constantly going to Twitter to defend herself will contribute to this burnout that’s already setting in. All that fire that could have gone into a performance may be redirected into clapbacks and arguing with the crowd. The Page often represents someone who comes off as immature. So, to the fans she is trying to get to respect her, it comes off as, again, an angry black woman they triggered emotionally and then the entire cycle repeats at another city. At the end I will ask the cards on some advice on what Rico should do, but I believe that always coming back with something to say is not productive for her.

In either case, we have the 10 of Cups in reverse. Yes, for Rico this tour has turned into a nightmare. She does not feel the love not only from fans but likely from the people who she is touring with. The 10 of Cups is about the family and being emotionally fulfilled and happy. It’s like a dream come true. Reversed, then, is the opposite. I don’t know if Rico knew both Playboi and Ken before this tour or what, but she feels left out in the rain. From what I could search online, neither one of these niggas have come to her defense. Why though? She’s Playboi’s opening act. He can tell his fans to calm down when the city he is in is threatening to shut down his venue, but he can’t open his mouth to tell his same fans to give her some respect? Really? Same with Ken? This is all a hot mess and why we end with the 2 of Pentacles because Rico feels like she has to juggle everything herself. What should be a group effort, a family endeavor as they’re all alternative rappers, is a solo project apparently. Everyone is for themselves but they seemed to have not clued Rico in on this. It’s a damn shame. Justice for Rico!

“Party Goin Dumb”

Artists do not tour alone. They have managers, hairstylists, makeup artists, bodyguards, and a bunch of other people with them. So, what in the world is going on with this tour??? Why has no one done anything to help her? What is the energy around Rico?

5: Leo (reverse)
12: Pisces
15: Mercury (reverse)
8: Scorpio (reverse)
2: Taurus
6: Virgo (reverse; bottom of the deck)

The Tower (reverse)
The World (reverse)
6 of Cups
Ace of Pentacles
Everything is fine/10 of Swords (bottom of the deck)

The energy is not very good. With the Tower coming out for tarot and first, things are, in fact very bad. The Tower, when upright, denotes chaos, an unexpected upheaval, and total ruin. Reversed, however, often means that the tower did not fall yet. This can mean that people are resisting whatever change is trying to come about or they have narrowly missed disaster. I think with Pisces out along with the reversed Mercury and Virgo cards, there is something about this tour that is likely not up to code.

Whoever is running these shows may not be following Covid protocols or double-checking certain paperwork. There is this sense of confusion and too many things going on at once. But this seems to be very behind the scenes with the reversed Scorpio card. Someone may be running around trying to do damage control so certain information doesn’t get out, but it seems like things are being held together with duct tape at this point. I haven’t really looked into what else is going on with this tour besides the Rico stuff, but it seems like there are miscommunication problems and other things going amuck around Rico. “Everything is fine” someone may be telling her, but like the being in the Mercury card, she may be looking back rather uncertain and a bit confused.

It can also be possible that someone is watching or shadowing her with the Taurus card. Maybe this person doesn’t want Rico to also bring up any issues the tour is having to the general public. I’m not sure. Let us pull a clarification card.

We have Saturn that flew out. Yes, people behind the scenes don’t want Rico to speak about whatever is happening on tour beyond her ongoing struggle with Playboi’s fans. Again, I’m not sure if this due to them not following Covid guidelines potentially or traveling with illegal substances across state lines perhaps, but someone wants to keep things on the hush for whatever reason.

This article is entertainment purposes only. Everything is speculation and alleged. 🙂

The reversed World card can indicate that this tour is not successful and may end early. Alternatively, this can represent Rico’s feeling as well. With Leo reversed, this tour is Playboi’s tour, yes, but it’s coming off as it’s Playboi’s show as well. That is, he’s being rather egotistical and full of himself. Perhaps this is why the tour is a disaster that other people have to clean up. The World when reversed can also represent feeling stuck. As we can see on the card, a woman is encircled by a garland and each corner of the card is governed by the four fixed signs of the Zodiac—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, as they have represented the four corners of the world since time immemorial. So, this can again represent Rico’s feelings, or this can describe the general energy of the tour. No one working as staff can really leave just like Rico. Perhaps people are unsure of how to leave even if they could with the World being under Pisces. A lot seems to be going on.

Now, the 6 of Cups is very curious here. It often describes one’s childhood, memories, or children and family. It can mean reunions but also homesickness. I wonder if Rico’s son is somewhere else. That would make sense given Covid and everything. But perhaps Rico is missing him and the rest of her family. As we saw in the previous spread, the 10 of Cups was reversed, suggesting that Rico didn’t feel like the fans and likely Playboi and Ken were like her family or treated her as such. So now Rico may be homesick and thinking about her son. Again, this tour goes on until December 23rd. That is a very long time, and it has already started off very ugly. I’m sure Rico would rather just be at home. However, we end with the Ace of Pentacles.

Regardless of how Rico may be feeling, she’s getting paid, and that unfortunately may keep her on this miserable ride. Even when things are thrown at her and people boo her, at the end of the day she is making some money off of being there. And she may not want to mess that up if that means she can provide for her son.

Act Like a Man, Think Like a Man

Apparently both Playboi and Ken have a “mysterious” public image they are pushing, as both barely post on their social media accounts and when you look up pictures of them, you will find many with their head down or face obscured. Regardless of their weird emo attics, why have neither one publicly stood up for Rico? Playboi is on the left and Ken is on the right.

3: Gemini (reverse)
6: Virgo
5: Leo (reverse)
8: Scorpio (reverse)
The Hierophant (reverse)
8 of Cups (reverse)
4 of Pentacles 
3 of Swords (reverse)
8 of Pentacles (bottom of the deck)
Wheel of Fortune (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Let’s start with Playboi. With Gemini starting us out and reversed, he may actually be conflicted on whether or not he should speak. With Virgo next to it, it seems like he wants to be very precise with his words. I guess with his whole “mysterious” persona, he chooses to speak to the public in a way that is concise yet short. I think it is interesting Virgo popped up in general because while I was trying to find Rico’s chart again as I was on my phone, his chart came up and he’s a Virgo Sun and has placements in Leo from what I glanced at.

Indeed, with Leo in his chart and this Leo card showing up again reversed, he is rather egotistical. With Scorpio reversed next to it, it seems like he is more worried about keeping up his public cryptic image rather than being a man and a human being and setting his fans straight. How shameful and childish. Let’s move on to Ken.

As I said I don’t know this man. I didn’t even look up his chart. Anyway, for him, nothing wanted to jump out when I used the astrology cards, so I switched to tarot. Although cards came out, it was still like pulling teeth, like perhaps he didn’t care about any of this. And, indeed, with the 4 and 8 of Pentacles, he’s just trying to do his part and get paid. With the reversed Wheel of Fortune, I wonder if he makes any real or good money on his own. Perhaps touring with Playboi has helped to boost his bag and because of that he doesn’t want to blow this opportunity.

Still all the cards that came out are a bit strange to me. The Hierophant when reversed apparently denotes unconventionality, challenging the status quo, or reversed roles. Alternatively, it can mean restriction, especially when it comes to tradition or beliefs.

The 8 of Cups reversed means that a person is staying in a bad situation instead of walking away like when the card is upright. The 4 of Pentacles can signify materialism or possessiveness. This card often means a person is clinging on to their material things. The 3 of Swords when reversed can indicate that a person is moving on from a heart break finally or not. In a work setting this can mean that things are getting better, and people are communicating more, or that the environment is a bit hostile because no one is trying to make up.

So, it appears as though Ken feels like his hands are tied a bit. With the reversed Hierophant, he may think that since this is Playboi’s tour and he hasn’t said anything, maybe he shouldn’t either. What if he did say something and he is kicked out? This seems to be the thought process here as that 4 of Pentacles is under it.

However, because of that, Ken is not sure what to do with the reversed 8 of Cups. He sees how Playboi’s fans are treating Rico, but since no one else is doing anything, why should he risk his bag to save her? He’s not Capitan Save a Ho. So, that’s why he’s just worrying about doing his part on the tour and not much else. Cowardice.

Anyway, will either one of them ever say anything about the fans’ behavior towards Rico during or even after the tour is over?

After shuffling for a while, I eventually got an “unlikely” for Playboi and a mixed message from Ken: “reconsider” and “yes!” but “no” was curiously under that “yes!” So, Ken may something or he may not. Let us directly ask about Playboi.

What does he think about his fans constantly disrespecting Rico? And why does he allow it?

Queen of Swords
Wheel of Fortune (reverse)
6 of Wands
10 of Wands
The Devil (bottom of the deck)
Ace of Cups (reverse; bottom of the deck)
3 of Swords (bottom of the deck)
Knight of Wands (reverse; bottom of the deck)

7 of Cups (reverse)
9 of Cups
Page of Cup
9 of Pentacles
10 of Cups (reverse)
The Chariot (not shown; bottom of the deck)
2 of Cups (not shown; bottom of the deck)

Perhaps it was misogynoir all along. I say that because with the Queen of Swords out, it seems like he views Rico as a woman who can “handle herself.” As in she can speak up for herself and is perhaps a cold woman. Rico is authoritative and is very direct with her words. But with that, she plays her luck. To him, some people may like and appreciate that but for others not so much. His fans seem to be in the latter camp here. So, to him, it’s like she made her bed and now has to sleep in it. She was too prideful and perhaps thought she was the shit, and she has quickly realized that this is not so, and that people are judging her. People are comparing her to him, and I guess to his fans, the two don’t stack up.

I wonder with the cards at the bottom of the deck if Playboi felt maybe slighted by her or some type of way because she can be blunt and so upfront. Because the Ace of Cups in reverse denotes unrequited love and the 3 of Swords often signifies a heartbreak. Alternatively, this can represent how he is interpreting how his fans are reacting to her in that they simply have no love for her. In this case, he can see the wickedness of their behavior with the Devil card, but he seems slow on correcting that with the reversed Knight of Wands. But why?

With the reversed 7 of Cups, Playboi seems to be finally waking up to the gravity of what his fans are doing to Rico. When this card is upright, a person may be in a fantasy world and not thinking straight. Thus, if reversed, it often implies the opposite, that a person is getting a reality check. But then we get to the rest of the cards…

The 9 of Cups denotes fulfillment and one’s dreams coming true. Why would such a card come out, and upright, in this situation? With the Page of Cups following it, Playboi seems to be emotionally immature. Perhaps to him, all publicity is good publicity even if comes at the expense of the person literally opening shows for him on this long tour. Because it’s very odd that not only the 9 of Cups showed up but the 7 of Pentacles as well. The 7 of Pentacles is about waiting for what you have sowed to yield an abundant harvest. It is about long-term planning, especially when it comes to finances. So, it seems like Playboi is using his fans constantly disrespecting Rico to elevate his career. And it seems to be working because again who is this man??? I may have heard his name once before, but I at least never felt compelled to look him up until now. Searching his name and even checking out his music, especially since being so tight lipped is a part of his image, only drives his sales and notoriety. He’s not stupid. Many people in the industry are not. He’s playing Rico and her fans.

What is interesting, however, is the 10 of Cups we end with. On some level, Playboi is human and has feelings, and how his fans are treating Rico does affect him negatively. But with his refusal to defend her and set his fans straight makes these sentiments extremely shallow.

Indeed, the Chariot is at the bottom of the deck. That card speaks of a victory and being ambitious yet disciplined. Again, why are cards speaking of happiness, money, and success popping out here unless Playboi really doesn’t care about Rico in these situations? It’s very strange yet telling. The 2 of Cups being under this card is stranger. Is he proud of what his fans are doing? It seems like it with these cards and through his actions or lack thereof. Smh, let’s move on.

Nightmare Vacation pt. 2

What else will happen on this tour?

I got two new decks and I will use one of them here. I only intended on getting a maximum of three cards as I am getting familiar with this deck, but I only ended up with two.

28: Victory (reverse)
8: Indecision 

So, we saw a bit of this defeated or unaccomplished energy along with some wavering feelings when I asked about the energy around Rico. It seems like the tour will continue to be a hot mess until the very end. Rico may be reconsidering her role as Playboi’s opening act because things are going so poorly for not only her personally but the entire production as a whole as well it seems. She is weighing her options—sticking out to the end so she can get paid or just packing up and leaving. Ken also had a bit of this energy too. So, these cards can reflect him also and possibly even staff trying to make this tour viable. I wonder what in the world is happening behind the scenes.

“Block List”

Let us end by asking what advice Rico needs to hear.

8: Indecision (reverse)
42: Seventh Chakra, Archangel Uriel
25: Deceit
41: Caring connections (reverse; bottom of the deck)
13: Financial constraints (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Child of the Cosmos: The intelligence of the Universe lies within you

1: Princess - You can be your own knight
38: Villain - You can always rewrite the story

So, the advice is for her to leave, point blank period. Indecision when reversed in this deck means decisiveness. The person has finally made a choice or is about to. I find this sentence very interesting: “You may not have known what to do in the past, but your soul has been trying to guide you” (Taylor, 2013, pp. 27). I almost felt compelled to pull from my Ask Your Guides deck but decided against it. However, the Child of the Cosmos card under the Indecision card just confirms what I was thinking: Rico should listen to her intuition and spirit guides and ancestors that are around her. They are trying to keep her safe and comforted, but Rico still has free will and they have to honor that. So, if she wants to stay on this mess of a tour, she can but they advise against it. They want to remind her that she is highly intelligent and very strong. She does not need these people nor this tour nor the money. She can do everything herself. So, she should stand up for herself and simply leave.

Indeed, the Archangel Uriel card suggests that the channels between herself and her higher self, guides, ancestors, etc. are very open. If she asks them for help, they will do just that. I think Rico’s mind is a bit clouded so she cannot hear them clearly, but all of these entities and spirits are there with her, waiting for her to call out to them. Perhaps that explains the Villain card. If she asks her guides/etc. for help, she can find a way out of this tour without completely being the “bad guy” or the one who “ruined” the whole thing because she just couldn’t “hang” and grow a thicker skin. Alternatively, this card can represent how her guides/etc. will be right there with her if she decides to stand up for herself before she leaves. Indeed, the Princess card came out before the Villain card. She can rescue herself and simply leave without much of a hassle or she can use that sword or stone to let everyone know what’s good. It’s up to her.

The Deceit card is very interesting. Given the strange cards and energy when I asked about Playboi and Ken, it makes perfect sense why this card is out here: Rico is being duped and deceived by these men, namely Playboi Carti. There is absolutely no reason as to why he can open his mouth to rap for his fans but not tell these same fans to stop being misogynoiristic towards Rico, going so far as to physically hurt her. Like what the fuck. But as we saw when I asked what he thought about his fans’ behavior, cards about happiness and money came out. Playboi is only about himself and his fame and money. Remember, the tour was originally called The Narcissist Tour. He told us what he was about from jump. And indeed, although the man is white in the card, doesn’t he look like Playboi a bit?

This card talks about a person disrespecting you to others and details being hidden or even manipulated when it comes to business (Taylor, 2013). The milk is rotten and starting to curdle. Yes, Caring Relationships is reversed. Neither Playboi nor Ken care about Rico. They are playing in her face, and I think Rico may be none the wiser, which is why her guides are trying to step in and communicate with her. They are trying to open her eyes to this deceit clearly in front of her and persuade her into leaving.

With the Financial constraints card in reverse, her guides/etc. are trying to tell her that this little money she is getting is not worth it, and she is better off just leaving because even more money is coming her way. She will not be broke or strapped for cash by any means by not continuing this tour. She’s Rico Nasty. Her name will bring her money. She doesn’t need to be attached to these men who do not give a fuck about her. She can be her own knight and rewrite this story she’s in.

Edit: While editing this article, Rico’s new song, “Money” ft. Flo Milli, just dropped. A coincidence? I think not.

So, that is all I have for you. As most of you can tell, I’m a bit heated by this entire situation. I haven’t followed Rico much after reading on her back in June of last year, but she’s a human being deserving of respect. The fact that these two men refuse to defend her is very disgusting. I hope Rico realizes her worth and does more solo work because she doesn’t deserve any of this.

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