Halle Bailey: A Whole New World?

Will you see the 2023 The Little Mermaid?

Beginning of Transcript

Hello and welcome back to my channel. Having already read on Chloe and where her solo career will go, it makes sense that I would eventually read on Halle. However, Halle hasn’t really done much from when I first read on her back in February for my blog. So, this video will be sort of an updated, and in many ways, revamped version of my original article on her. I had just started reading oracle cards early this year, therefore my analysis and conclusions may have been a bit underdeveloped, at least in my opinion. Hopefully we can get better and/or more in-depth answers here.

Halle x The Little Mermaid

Around late January of this year, there were rumblings that filming for Disney’s live action The Little Mermaid had begun in the UK after an almost year long delay due to the pandemic. By around mid-July production had wrapped up with Disney stating that the film will drop on May 26, 2023.

So, how will the public and critics receive the movie?

The public is on the left and the critics are on the right. For the public, we have the 10th House: The World in reverse, Jupiter Return: Benefits, Capricorn: I Use in reverse, and Venus: Love.

We have two distinct camps that will crop up. One is more cynical and will not like the movie simply because they see it as a cash grab for Disney, which it is. They may have similar critiques to the ones most people had with Disney’s other “live action” movies in that they’re unoriginal and very stale. Disney, to them, is unwilling to reinvent the wheel, choosing to settle on rehashing their older, more successful films because they’re too lazy or too much of a hack to make something, anything, new. And they are right lol. I see this group of people complaining about the movie all over the internet, but I feel like the majority of them will not have seen the movie or will have interacted with the movie very superficially. Their gripe is more with how Disney is a mega corporation that makes soulless films that cash in on people’s nostalgia than anything “bad” about the movie itself.

For the other group of people, they will surprisingly love the film. With the Jupiter Return card, I think they are the people who will fall for the nostalgia factor. You may see these people online defending the film because the original Disney adaptation was their childhood favorite and this new “live action” remake made them feel like a kid seeing it for the first time all over again. I think this group of people are already big Disney fans, so most of what the company puts out, they’ll approve of regardless.

With that said, however, I do feel like there will be a very small set of people who will like the film simply because Halle is in it. When white Disney fans and “regular” racists were having a temper tantrum about Ariel being black, many black people on and offline made it a point to defend Halle and support the film just based on the backlash alone. I think this group of people will become active again once the film is released, making it a point to say they like the film regardless of their personal feelings, because people were being racist.

When I wrote my original article on the matter, I asked directly if people will be racist again once the film released. At the time, I interestingly got a “no.” So, let us ask again. “Will there be another racist backlash to the film once it’s released?”

I got “opportunity” and “don’t stop!” So, I think there may be another resurgence of hate, but it’ll be done in order to make money. Racists will make their long and dramatic “rant” videos to just make money. And they won’t stop as long as they make money from hate views. The figure on the “don’t stop!” card is blowing on an instrument and is standing on top of some stairs, drawing attention to themselves. So, it is important to ignore these people, which you should do anyway, and not give them attention because attention always translates into revenue.

But what about the critics? What will they think of the film? We got the Ninth House: Faith in reverse, Chiron: Healing, Moon: Soul in reverse, First House: Body, and Grand Cross: Provoker. I was curious as to why Chiron and the Grand Cross were here, so I pulled a clarification card for each. I got Part of Fortune: Increase and Fire Element: Desire in reverse, respectively.

I think many critics have lost faith in Disney because their “live action” films have been so consistently bad. Therefore, when it comes to The Little Mermaid, they’re trying to not get their hopes up. But it seems like for many, that’s exactly what they’re doing currently. Maybe Disney has sent out snippets of the film to certain critics or critics with connections have seen some behind the scenes or development stuff that is making them be a bit more hopeful with this film. But this quickly turns sour once the majority of critics finally sit down and watch the film.

With the Moon in reverse, I think they’ll have the same critiques they had of Disney’s prior “live action” films: it’s soulless and lifeless. I think the CGI will be a point of complaint. I think critics will say it takes away from the film, especially in more serious and/or heartfelt scenes. I feel like some will have some negative views on Nora Lum, AKA Awkwafina, and her performance in particular. I wonder if they’ll say that her role as Scuttle will take out too much tension from scenes because her lines make it seem like Disney is trying way too hard to be “funny” and “relatable” that it will grating to viewers. I feel like for the rest of the cast, but Daveed and the boy who voices Flounder will be touched on the most, critics will find them too flat and boring. I feel like they wanted Disney to do more with the rest of the cast, but they’re just sort of hanging out or simply reacting to the events in the story instead of driving the plot, if you get what I mean. That may be a main complaint about King Triton. I feel like critics won’t like how Disney has written some characters like him to appease critical Disney fans because in-story, the changes they will make are odd and result in some characters being wishy washy.

In any case, with the First House card, I think critics will sum up their reviews by saying that Disney is only concerned about aesthetics or the appearance of the film over substance. Again, they will think the movie is soulless and bland. They may say Halle almost saves it with her acting and singing but it won’t be enough to save the entire film. I think many critics will openly wish that Disney would stop remaking their more charming 2D films into “live action” garbage.

When it comes to acting, both Halle and Chloe have had very minor roles in movies and TV shows until they landed reoccurring roles playing twins in ABC’s Grown-ish. But for Halle, Ariel will be her first major breakout role. With people knowing her more for her singing, “what will the public and critics think about Halle’s acting?” Like before, the public is on the left and the critics are on the right.

For the public we have Aries: I am in reverse, Gemini: I think in reverse, and Pluto: Transformation in reverse.

I feel like the public will unfortunately not like Halle’s acting. However, I feel like white fans and racists are mainly all over this spread. With Aries in reverse, we have the performative outrage surrounding Ariel being black that is driving some people’s “critiques” of Halle’s acting. Because Halle is black, many people will interpret her portrayal of Ariel through a racist lens. They may say that Halle made Ariel too forward, angry, and rude. With Pluto in reverse, they will say Halle created an Ariel they didn’t recognize and is not like the original in the 2D movie. Some people will flat out say this while others will be cowards and hide behind their words, saying things like Halle just doesn’t “fit” Ariel but won’t elaborate on why that is, or they will say it is because Ariel is kindhearted and compassionate, and Halle’s Ariel are not these things. Basically, saying without saying that they think Halle “blackened” the role of Ariel and that made it supposedly hard for them to connect with the film and this new Ariel on a personal level. This is all just racist projection. If you are black and have been in fan spaces, especially online, you have seen this behavior before, where white fans dance around their racism while writing 500,000 word essays riddled with racism on the piece of media in question.

Anyway, I also see a small subset of people being conflicted about Halle’s acting. It’s not “bad” but it’s not amazing either in their eyes. I feel like they’re conflicted on the matter because of how the former group will be acting plus they may think the movie overall wasn’t good and no one was amazing in their roles in general. So, it seems like the public will have mixed reviews on Halle’s acting while some will be obnoxious about it simply because Halle is black and to them, Ariel should be white, whether they have been on the record saying this when the cast was first revealed or not. And this also goes for people who tried to be supposedly open minded about the casting.

But what will the critics think? We have Third House: Messages in reverse, North Node: Life’s Purpose, and Sagittarius: I see.

I think for the critics, they will genuinely enjoy Halle’s acting but think that the chunkiness and even cringyness of the script held her and the entire film back. I think critics will see what Disney was trying to do with the film, update and modernize the story, but in doing so Disney made many lines in the film difficult to sit through. Jokes won’t land and are simply not funny. There will be lines that seemed like they were copied and pasted from a fan’s critique of the original film, such as some saying Ariel lacks agency or is not feminist enough. So, Disney may write lines and scenes that tries to address these complaints but how they do that makes the script bad basically lol. We saw Disney do this with the live action Beauty and Beast, and what I personally found funny about the matter is that casual critics pointed out how women’s rights in whatever century France the movie is supposedly set in is very different, and in some cases, more progressive than what Disney wrote in. So, I think something to that effect will happen again here and professional critics will point that out.

In either case, I think the critics will still praise Halle for trying her best with such a messy script with bad writing. I think they believe Halle has a place in Hollywood as an actress and she will only continue to grow and be more successful in other projects.

So, given Disney’s track record with their “live action” movies so far, “will [The Little Mermaid] be a financial success?”

I couldn’t get anything from the Angel Answers cards, so I asked the astrology oracle cards. I got Lunar Eclipse: Changes, Part of Fortune: Increase, Chiron: Healing, and Void of Course Moon: Missing. Fire Element: Desire was reversed at the bottom of the deck.

So, the overall energy I get from this spread is a “no,” but the tides can turn for the better. But for right now, even the universe doesn’t seem to know which way things will swing with this Void of Course Moon. When this card shows up, it often means that this is not the right time to be asking whatever question you have. I also got vague answers the first time I asked in my article as well. So, we will have to wait and see, I guess.

One question I didn’t ask in my article was “why did Disney choose Halle to be Ariel?” Because before the official cast was released, the internet seemed to be convinced that Zendaya will be Ariel. But then we were hit by the curve ball that was Halle. Halle makes the most practical sense in my opinion because she can sing, and she has a lighter and more whimsical sounding voice that meshes nicely with Disney songs. But why did Disney go with Halle?

We have Sun: Spirit in reverse, Black Moon Lilith: Mystery, Saturn: Truth, Cancer: I feel in reverse, Uranus: Genius, and Jupiter: Abundance in reverse. Aries: I am was at the bottom of the deck.

I feel like Disney wanted someone who was easy to work with, and for them, that meant someone humble and maybe even meek. At the same time, however, they wanted someone new yet familiar with the Uranus, Aries, and Saturn cards. Chloe and Halle have worked with Disney before when they were much younger, but only in very minor roles. So, Halle fits this bill of someone “new” or unexpected for audiences while also being someone the company has worked with before in some capacity. I think for Disney they’re tired of stars who they believe have a big head or are demanding. I think Disney likes actors and actresses who come to set and do as they’re told; not people who want things done their way. And I guess they saw Halle as someone who could take orders well, which I find funny because she’s an Aries. We don’t listen to people well, especially those in authority.

In either case, some cards left me confused in this spread, mainly the Black Moon Lilith, Saturn, and Jupiter in reverse. So, I clarified them all. For the Black Moon Lilith, I got the First House: Body in reverse and the Sixth House: Routine. For Saturn I got the Second House: Owning in reverse. For Jupiter in reverse, I got the Ninth House: Faith. The new card at the bottom of the deck was Yod: Destiny in reverse.

With the First House card, Disney didn’t choose Halle based on her appearance, or rather, her brand recognition. With the Sixth House card coming out, it seems like they chose Halle because they again wanted someone who would show up to set every day and not complain. They wanted someone who would simply do their job and that’s it.

With the Second House card clarifying Saturn, however, an ulterior motive Disney had was that they didn’t have to pay Halle as much as other actresses. This past summer and into fall, many people within the entertainment industry have been trying their hardest to unionize while corporations like Disney have been fighting to literally own actors and actresses. You all can read up on what’s going or went on between Scarlet Johansson and Disney and the history of Hollywood trying to control their talent, but basically, it seems like Disney chose Halle because she is not a part of Hollywood and all the unionizing that’s been going on lately. Thus, they can underpay her.

With the Ninth House and Jupiter reversed, it seemed like some people within Disney actually didn’t want to take a chance on Halle. They thought she was too much of a gamble because while Chloe x Halle have a dedicated fan base, some Disney executives weren’t sure if that would translate into movie tickets. I think these executives also thought about how Ariel being black could potentially “alienate” some of their consumers. I think for them, if they had to keep Ariel black, they would have chosen Zendaya. But it seems like other people within Disney fought for Halle and had a lot of faith in her ability to not only act but generate revenue for the movie. This crowd seemed to be very persuasive as Halle was ultimately chosen in the end. I think these executives talked about Halle’s “otherness” and how appealing to black people, and maybe even black people who wanted Disney to showcase other actresses besides Zendaya, would make them more money.

Even so, Yod being at the bottom of the deck is interesting. It means that a “situation may be chaotic, or may soon turn that way.” The booklet also says this card can mean “being inventive,” “trusting all will work out as it is meant to,” and “making up your mind” or “making a choice.” So, I think the card is reflective of that potential internal conflict over choosing Halle we just talked about. I do think it is interesting that “Destiny” is written on it, however, as it suggests that this wasn’t “fated” to happen on some level with it being reversed. The Black Moon Lilith card with “Mystery” on it also indicates that we—the public—may not ever truly know why Disney chose Halle to be Ariel. Even here, we can only speculate what the cards are trying to tell us. But in either case, let’s move on.

In my article, I asked how Halle felt about playing Ariel and I got cards that suggested that Halle wasn’t really into the process largely because she felt like she had to defend herself. These feelings appeared again when I asked what energy was around Halle was at the time. I wasn’t for certain if Halle was feeling isolated because the cast or even crew on set were treating her strangely or if it was due to the fact that she was away from her sister Chloe for an extended period of time. Not only that but Chloe was going through it emotionally back at home as well as people were going in on her for apparently being too sexual online with her doing the Buss It Challenge and her recent Instagram pics and stories. So, with all of that occurring while I was asking, let us see if we get similar or different results now that the filming is done.

I switched to tarot here. I actually got this new deck from my friend Andy! I think it is so fascinating that he chose the Mermaid Tarot from my wishlist as I didn’t tell anyone I was going to read on Halle. I guess the world works in mysterious ways.

Anyway, for how Halle felt starring as Ariel we got the Knight of Swords, 5 of Wands in reverse, the High Priestess in reverse, and the Star.

For how Halle felt during the filming of the movie, we got the 5 of Cups, the World in reverse, the 4 of Swords in reverse, the Lovers, Strength in reverse, the Hermit in reverse, and the 3 of Swords in reverse. At the bottom of the deck was the Fool.

So let us start with how Halle felt about being Ariel. With the Knight of Swords, it seemed like Halle was determined to do a great job on set. She may have saw playing Ariel as her big break or a positive giant step in the right direction acting wise. She may have been ecstatic to get the part, but she made sure to be levelheaded and logical in how she approached the role. This is likely why the High Priestess is reversed. I’m not sure if Halle is like her sister and is very emotional and intuitive, but it seems like Halle was trying her hardest to be methodical and strike while the iron was hot when it came to her role as Ariel. She wanted to seize the role with vigor, perhaps to stop herself from talking herself out of it. But her gut may have been trying to tell her something about what this role may entail, how the role of Ariel may come with some issues. Whatever those issues may have been at the time or were eventually going to be revealed to Halle, she didn’t want to deal with them.

With the 5 of Wands reversed, Halle just wanted to get through the project without any drama or conflict. She may have just wanted to get along with everyone and have fun on set. With the Star under the 5 of Wands, being in a starring role such as Ariel may have been a dream of Halle’s, so to finally get that opportunity, she tried to be as accommodating and tactful as possible while on set. She wanted to prove that she was worthy of such a big role. Even so, with how the sinister the High Priestess card looks, it suggests to me at least that there was something going on that Halle wasn’t entirely aware of but should have been. What that was, I’m not sure. It could be innocuous in that she was letting other people’s opinions of her override her own thoughts and that was unusual for her. In either case, let’s move on.

While on set, Halle seemed to be homesick. The 5 of Cups often indicates heartache rather than heartbreak, in my opinion, like the 3 of Swords. With the Lovers under it, I think Halle was really feeling the separation from Chloe while she was on set. Indeed, with the imagery of the Lovers in this deck, you can interpret it to show how Halle was overseas filming while Chloe was back at home. I think the two did an Instagram live a little after Halle settled in the UK, and both ended up crying. So, the separation was very hard on both sisters. They seem to be each other’s support systems, so without the other and for so long, I think Halle didn’t really know what to do with herself but feel sad and alone. Her other half was now far away. How do you cope with that?

I think for Halle it was really hard at first, but as filming went on, she was able to stand on her own. But, even so, both the World and Strength are reversed. Strength shows a person’s self-confidence, so to have it reversed means that Halle was a bit insecure and likely felt vulnerable on set. I don’t think she knew any of the cast before filming started, so Halle had to not only navigate an entirely different country alone but form relationships with people she has likely never even met before. That’s hard for anybody! It didn’t help that this was during quarantine as well. So, now you’re in very intimate yet distanced relations with a bunch of people you don’t know.

There were a lot of unknowns that came with being on set and filming and I think that got to Halle and made her scared and doubt herself. Because of that, the World is reversed, indicating that she may have felt like she didn’t give it her all while filming or she didn’t live up to her own expectations. With the woman holding the Earth in her hands, I wonder if Halle feels like she let the world down with her performances on set. There was a lot of pressure that came with this role because of the racist backlash and Disney’s bad record with their “live action” remakes too. So, I think Halle was facing a lot of internal struggles while filming.

Indeed, with the Hermit reversed, Halle was very much out of her element and likely felt isolated. With the 4 of Swords reversed, however, she couldn’t really have time to herself to process her emotions. She had to be up and ready to film for likely the entire day. She was the star of the movie, so things likely couldn’t move if she was having an existential crisis in her trailer. Therefore, I see this sort of internal nervous and restless energy with Halle as she tried to do her best on set but when alone she tried to shut everything out and just turn herself off basically. By the end of a day of filming, she was likely burnt out. But she could never truly recover from this tiredness because filming for the movie was already delayed because of lockdown, and again, Halle was the star. I’m sure most scenes needed her in some capacity. So, she had to pick herself up and stand in front of the camera.

With the 3 of Swords reversed in conjunction with Strength, the Hermit, and the 4 of Swords also being in reversed, I wonder if Halle ever tried to reach out to anybody. It seemed like since she was trying very hard to appear strong, she may have refused to ask for help when she needed it. I feel like she talked to her sister, of course, but I wonder if any other person was there physically with Halle to help her out. It seemed like she needed someone there to be her friend and reassure her. Because with the Fool card, Halle came into the project very big eyed and excited. And yet we saw how quickly that went south. In either case, let’s move on.

Halle X Acting

So, “Why did Halle decide to get into acting more?” Chloe has clearly chosen to pursue music more but independently. Why did Halle go down the acting path?

For astrology we have North Node: Life’s Purpose in reverse, the Third House: Messages, Jupiter: Abundance in reverse, Moon: Soul in reverse, and Earth Element: Stability.

For tarot we have the 4 of Swords, Death in reverse, the 4 of Pentacles, the Hanged Man in reverse, the 7 of Swords in reverse, and the 8 of Wands.

In my original article, I got the energy of a man pushing Halle into acting. It seemed like he got the role of Ariel for her but he didn’t tell her until the last second so she couldn’t really back out of it. I get a similar vibe here. The North Node is reversed and is the first astrology card to come out. The North Node in astrology is supposed to show the general direction your soul is moving towards in this incarnation. To have it reversed suggests that acting in some ways is not in step with Halle’s soul’s purpose. Or, how she is going about pursuing an acting career is somehow misaligned with her higher purpose here in this incarnation.

Why? Again, it seems like someone else is calling the shots here, not her. With the Third House card, I get the sense that someone else is negotiating contracts and deals for her, which is not unusual for a celebrity, but it seems like this is not a good thing for Halle specifically as Jupiter is reversed. Jupiter is the planet of good luck. To have it reversed here indicates that things are not well or are not manifesting as they should. Indeed, with the Moon card also reversed, there is something “wrong” here. Acting, or again, how Halle’s acting career is going, is not “right.” With the 4 of Swords, it seems like Halle was supposed to or wanted to rest before pursuing acting more, but someone didn’t let her with the reversed Death card. It seemed like she was content with where she was career wise but whoever this person was wanted her to do more, to expand. Hearing that, Halle may have been confused on what to do. She was fine where she was, but someone was telling her to do more and to be bigger. How?

With the reversed 7 of Swords, Halle didn’t have to worry about the “how” because whoever this person is was already 10 steps ahead of her, choosing projects and collecting contracts ahead of time. All she had to do was go on set. Indeed, with the 8 of Wands, there is a swiftness to all of this that I also saw in my original article as well. Although it may have seemed chaotic to Halle, it was more calculated and methodical than it appeared with the Earth Element card out. With this card as well, I think whoever this person is wants to stabilize Halle’s career. Because with this complacent energy they believed she had, they didn’t want her to fade into obscurity simply because she refused to put herself out there more.

Now, with all that being said, does Halle genuinely like acting?

“Unlikely” and “abundance” flipped over in the deck. Getting a “no,” or an answer leaning more towards a “no,” is what I got in my original article. However, with “abundance” and even “success” at the bottom of the deck, suggests that, regardless, acting will make Halle a lot of money and she may in fact be rather good at it as time goes on.

But “will Halle decide to pursue more acting roles after [The Little Mermaid drops]?” And “will Halle be offered more acting roles after this movie?”

For whether or not Halle will continue to go down the acting path after The Little Mermaid, we got Tenth House: The World, Yod: Destiny, the Wheel of Fortune in reverse, and “in the near future.”

So, it seems like Halle will seek out more acting gigs after The Little Mermaid, but it seems to be directed by another person. Indeed, with the “in the near future” card, it looks like an older angel is guiding a younger appearing angel. It is possible that this is the same person who is already behind Halle’s acting career. They want Halle to be known as an actress with the Tenth House card. However, the path to this destination seems to be plagued by problems with the Yod card. It indicates “profound blocks,” ” stop and start motions,” and “allow[ing] matters to unfold before acting” according to the booklet. The reversed Wheel of Fortune has a similar energy. Things may not go according to plan and Halle may feel like she is not in control of her life and career more specifically. So, if we don’t see much of Halle on the big screen after The Little Mermaid, it may be due to this other person holding on to the reins of her career and unfortunately leading her down a path of uncertainty.

For whether or not Halle will be offered acting gigs after The Little Mermaid drops, we got Capricorn: I use, Fourth House: Roots, Mercury Retrograde: Reinvention, the 6 of Wands in reverse, and the 7 of Wands upright. We also got the cards for “a year from now,” “abundance,” and “no” with an exclamation mark.

It seems like the entertainment industry will not really be jumping to sign Halle up for another acting role after The Little Mermaid releases. With the astrology cards, it seems like they don’t want to let Halle in. With Capricorn and the Fourth House, Hollywood is still very much an exclusive club. You need connections and status to be “in,” and unfortunately for Halle, she’s not there yet. Some people may take a chance on her but change their minds at the last second with the Mercury Retrograde card. They may cancel on her or say there was a “miscommunication” error between her and her agent and the studio or something along those lines.

For the tarot, we get more of the same. With the 6 of Wands in reverse, people in Hollywood may not see what’s so great about Halle once The Little Mermaid comes out. There are a ton of actresses out there who can look pretty and sing, according to them. With the imagery of 7 of Wands, however, I do think a lot of this pushback is racial as well. Many executives do not want to put a black woman in a leading role, especially in a role that paints her in a positive, desirable light. So, Hollywood is not interested in Halle in that regard too, unfortunately.

Finally, we get to the Angel Answers cards. People in the entertainment industry may approach Halle either a year from now or a year after The Little Mermaid drops for roles. And it may be many roles with “abundance” out. However, considering the previous cards and the fact that we end with a “no,” most of these offers may fall through and/or end up being hollow. So, we may hear that Halle was considered for a role, but it ends up going to like Zendaya or someone else. There may be many situations like that down the line for Halle acting wise.

Halle x The End

Now we reach the end. “What is next for Halle in general, especially in 2022?”

We have Cancer: I feel in reverse, Twelfth House: Escape in reverse, and Aries: I am in reverse. Sixth House: Routine was at the bottom of the deck.

For tarot we have the 6 of Wands, the 7 of Wands in reverse, the Fool in reverse, and the 3 of Wands in reverse. The Hermit was reversed at the bottom of the deck.

It seems like Halle may be in her feelings and wants to get away from the spotlight, but I think she will pushed there regardless of how she feels. With Aries reversed and the Sixth House at the bottom of the deck, I think this will be due to her having to promote The Little Mermaid a ton next year to stir up interest. Indeed, with the 6 of Wands card, I think whoever manages her and/or Disney will push Halle into the spotlight more and more next year to make people curious about her. She may sing and do covers increasingly on her Instagram page for example or give interviews at various magazine companies. Whoever is managing her wants all eyes on her. But for Halle, her energy is waning a bit.

As an Aries, she can get burned out very easily and not have a lot of stamina and passion to sustain enthusiasms for things long. With her Mars in Taurus, many may think it’s the opposite, or helps to mitigate some of this, but with it in the 12th house, Halle can actually get fatigued and over stimulated easily, especially as a Gemini rising. She needs periods of time to herself so she can recharge herself. But with the movie’s release on the horizon and even with Chloe making waves on her own, Halle’s team may be preventing her from resting and recentering herself.

Indeed, the 7 of Wands when upright signifies standing up for yourself and often your beliefs. But reversed, it can mean that you are folding to other people’s wills and are consequently burnt out and overwhelmed. So, it seems like the people around Halle are not really letting her do what she wants or needs, which we have established is being alone.

With the reversed Fool, I think that Halle is a bit apprehensive about how her career will go moving forward. She may have been naive yet hopeful about it at first but now that reality is setting in, she doesn’t seem to be as enthused about the circumstances she’s finding herself in. This is echoed in the 3 of Wands being reversed. When she came back home from filming The Little Mermaid, I don’t think Halle expected life and her career to be so different from where it was when she first left. Something has shifted and ended but she doesn’t know how to take it in, just like the figure in the 3 of Wands. So, things seem to be rather confusing and up in the air for Halle in the near future. But what about her singing career?

Will Halle go solo musically soon?

I actually initially got the “abundance” card when shuffling, but since that wasn’t a clear cut “yes” or “no,” I put it back and continued shuffling. Eventually “no” with an exclamation mark and “there’s something better” flew out. So, no, it seems like Halle isn’t going to go solo musically like her sister Chloe, potentially. But literally on the same day I asked this question, I saw buzz online saying Halle may in fact go solo musically soon because she was cryptically dropping very short videos of herself in the studio. So…with that being said…I’m not sure what Halle is going to do music-wise. I initially had the idea that she may be a producer in the near future and instead of making music for herself, she makes music for other people to perform. Maybe that is the “there’s something better” the card is alluding to. But now I’m not sure. What do you all think?

Anyway, that is the end of the video. What do all think about Halle? Do you think The Little Mermaid will be good? Will you even watch it? Do you think Halle is a good actress or will become one down the line? Let me know in the comment section below!

End of Transcript


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