November 2021 Predictions

Can’t believe it’s almost 2022!

November 2021 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits for Nov. 2021?

Nov. 4 New Moon in Scorpio

Nov. 5 Mercury enters Scorpio, Venus enters Capricorn

Nov. 19 Full Moon in Taurus

Nov. 22 The Sun enters Sagittarius

Nov. 25 Mercury enters Sagittarius (detriment)


Nov. 1 Mercury trine Jupiter

Nov. 2 Mercury square Pluto

Nov. 4 Sun opposite Uranus retrograde

Nov. 5 Mercury sextile Venus

Nov. 9 Mercury conjunct Mars, Mars square Saturn

Nov. 10 Mercury square Saturn

Nov. 12 Sun trine Neptune retrograde

Nov. 13 Mercury opposite Uranus retrograde

Nov. 15 Sun square Jupiter

Nov. 16 Sun sextile Pluto, Mars opposite Uranus retrograde

Nov. 18 Mercury trine Neptune retrograde, Venus trine Uranus retrograde

Nov. 20 Mercury square Jupiter, Venus sextile Mars

Nov. 21 Mercury sextile Pluto

Nov. 27 Sun conjunct Mercury (combust)

Nov. 28 Mars trine Neptune retrograde

Nov. 29 Venus sextile Neptune retrograde

Nov. 30 Sun sextile Saturn, Mercury sextile Saturn

On the very last day of October, Mars entered Scorpio, its nocturnal domicile. Mars is often known by its diurnal presentation, where it is hot and angry and always in your face. Mars, when nocturnal, is nothing like this. This Mars is very cunning and calculating. Instead of focusing on how it will take action, it is taking note of how others are taking action. In this way, Mars can strategize its plan of attack and get the upper hand. Mars when nocturnal can be rather secretive in this regard. This Mars never shows its cards because it is playing the long game and doesn’t really care how far away the goal line is. It is determined to see through its desires through to the end. With all this being said, it makes perfect sense why Scorpio is Mars’s nocturnal domicile. How Scorpio operates aligns perfectly with how Mars acts when nocturnal. And we are dealing with this shadowy energy all of November until the mid of December.

The transits for November 2021

Edit: Apparently, the Full Moon in Taurus was a partial lunar eclipse. It was one of the longest lasting lunar eclipses in almost 500 years, clocking in around 3 and 1/2 hours. For whatever reason, Ephemerides don’t mention eclipses. In the future, I will look at other sources for the exact condition of the Moon.

If October was all about how several industries were trying to unionize, then November may be about how companies are trying to push these stories out of the public’s consciousness. Indeed, Mars when domicile in Scorpio can play dirty and use people’s vulnerabilities against them. Scorpio is a sign that holds grudges and refuses to budge on matters because it is fixed. So, to not only have Mars in this sign, but also the Sun and soon Mercury will make it harder and harder for people to bring their plights to the surface and effectively get justice and/or compensation.

However, all of the Scorpio planets will not only oppose Uranus retrograde but square Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Hard aspects emanate antagonistic energy. So, many things will not go as most would hope and it may actually be difficult to be incognito like Scorpio would want. As has been consistent for the past few years, expect the unexpected and your plans to crumble before your eyes. But since all the planets involved are fixed, there can be considerable push back this month, either from you or the people around you. Indeed, November may be the month where many of you throw your hands up and are like, “Enough is enough!” And yet things continue to move regardless, or if you have been feeling stifled, things seem to be halting to a screeching stop. This stop and go energy has been with us all year and it seems like it will not be letting up in November.

But not is all lost. The planets in Scorpio will make a sextile to both Venus and Pluto in Capricorn and additionally make a trine to Neptune retrograde. Therefore, for some of us, November may not be a doom and gloom month, but a month of persistent hard work. To many, this may not seem like something to celebrate, but for those who have been feeling unproductive and listless, November may be the month where you become more organized and disciplined. The trine to Neptune may invigorate many people’s creative juices as well. So, if you have had creative projects you wanted to tackle, November may be a good month to start planning and/or studying up on something.

Oracle Messages

What is the energy for Nov. 2021?

Grand Trine: Blessings (reverse)

Part of Fortune: Increase (reverse)

Eleventh House: Friends (reverse)

Yod: Destiny (reverse)


Bottom of the deck

Air Element: Communicating

North Node: Life's Purpose (reverse)

Sixth House: Routine (reverse)

Sun: Spirit (reverse)

November doesn't seem like it will be a good month. Astrologically this makes a bit of sense as Mars will be domicile in Scorpio and it with the other Scorpio planets (the Sun and Mercury) will not only oppose Uranus retrograde but square Saturn and Jupiter all month long as well.

Mars's nature is to "sever and separate." When in Scorpio, it is motivated to go within and see what no longer serves us. For November, it seems like certain friends and our jobs are those things. They may be blocking our blessings from the universe/ancestors/spirit guides/etc. and/or leading us astray from our soul's mission in this incarnation. So, for November, it seems important to have an internal dialogue with yourself to see who and/or what is a blockage to your life and perhaps think about cutting them out.

November seems like it will be the month of introspection, especially in terms of where our lives have been going as of late. Between the weird in between space of a partial lockdown and the days getting shorter for us in the North Hemisphere, life has been depressing and slow moving. It seems like nothing is going “right.” Many want the wheels of “normalcy” to start moving again but it seems like the universe wants us to sit still for a while and think.

What do we want out of life now that we have the time to really think about it? What do we wish could be a reality? If given the opportunity to do what our heart has always wanted, would we do and what would it look like? November is asking us to consider these questions.

What oracle messages do we have for Nov. 2021?

21: Clover - Release your guilt

38: Villain - You can always rewrite the story (bottom of the deck)

I listen to opposing opinions

I am accepting

I communicate with compassion (reverse)

I am peaceful (reverse; bottom of the deck)

XLV: The Threshold (sideways)

XIV: The Judge (sideways; bottom of the deck)

In the month of November, many of you are called to release your guilt surrounding something, likely something very traumatic that happened to you. If the thing in question is not as grave as trauma, you are still being asked to forgive yourself in order to move on. What happened to you does not define you; you can always rewrite the story of your life that will unfold in the future. But many of you are stuck and want to remain that way. For some, you may think you are being "kind" and "fair" in constantly swallowing your pain and remaining silent, but all you are doing is drawing out the healing process. You need to acknowledge and voice your hurt so you can eventually overcome it. Standing near the edge of it but being afraid to reach out to it will not help you in November. Try to take a step towards it.

November is indeed the month of introspection. The cards here indicate that healing needs to occur, a theme that has been pretty consistent these past few months. It seems like many of you are dealing with some trauma you have been carrying for several years that needs to be brought up the surface finally. We get some cards indicating that verbalizing what has happened to you is important. Talking to someone about what has happened to you or even confronting people about how they have been complacent in the abuse may also be paramount. You have been silencing yourself and letting other people’s opinions and thoughts stop you from articulating your own hurt for far too long. November calls on you to stand up for yourself and let others know how you feel, even if the other people involved get their feelings supposedly hurt. Everyone needs to hear what you have to say. This will undeniably be very scary for many of you, so it may not surprising that some of you may choose not to do any of this. But the messages for November do encourage you to step forward and put yourself out there in order to heal.

What messages from our spirit guides do we have for Nov. 2021?

40: Appreciation - Divine Helpers

8: Discontent - Muses

44: Devotion - Nature Spirits

33: Discipline - Master Teacher

13: Solitude - Higher Self (bottom of the deck)

For the month of November, our guides are telling us to reconnect with the world around us. Some of us may be feeling discontent and potentially restless in November. Days are getting shorter and colder, and it just feels like there's nothing to do! When we start to feel like that our guides want to remind us to be appreciative of everything and everyone around us. Without someone else taking up the extra load we don't want to carry, we wouldn't be able to have all the things we take for granted such as electricity, water, or even all the things we order online that come straight to our front steps. Our guides really want us to come back to reality and realize how much of the world's ability to function depends on us being kind to one another and someone putting the hard work in. For some of you, you may be that essential worker or that person who makes sure things run smoothly. You work hard and should be appreciated for all that you do.

For others of you, the dissatisfaction you feel is tied to your creativity. Some of you may want to create something or become more adept at a skill but feel frustrated by the small amount of progress you have been making. Your guides want to remind you to be disciplined and that in order to achieve all that you desire, you have to put some elbow grease in. Take some time out for yourself and work on your craft. In no time you'll start to feel more accomplished and content in life.

This is the first time in a long time that we didn’t get cards talking about exhaustion or taking a break. Yes, November seems to be about not slipping in a complete depression, it seems. Our guides want us to take some time out to contemplate and rest a bit but they also want to remind us to stay present in the moment. When we get wrapped up in feelings of despair or boredom, we fail to realize that what’s going on around us isn’t all that bad. You may have a roof over your head, food in the fridge (even if you don’t like what’s in there), friends and family who love you, etc. So, it is important in November to not take those things for granted.

In November as well, it seems like our guides want us to be more organized and disciplined in something we want to be more proficient in. Creative projects come to mind but that doesn’t have to be the extend of what this craft may be. You may simply want to learn about something you find interesting. Whatever the case may be, our guides don’t want us to just pick it up and put it back down. They want us to stick with it and grow in this area. That is why they are also encouraging us to take some quiet time out for ourselves to simply think and reflect. November is not a month to be relentlessly working at something. Instead, pump the breaks and take in the world around you.

Well, that is all I have for you all. I was going to pull some tarot for the elements like I did last month but I didn’t feel like it for some reason. I might drop something in the middle of the month, however, so be sure to check my Instagram periodically. As I said in my Victoria article, I’m not sure if I’m going to start up another series soon or not. I may have a video dropping this month on my YouTube channel, so be sure to check that out at least! Anyhow, take it easy!

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