Victoria Monét: Don’t Wreck Yaself

After 50 years, I am finally finishing my singer series. This is a long one, so buckle in.

Victoria Monét is the final singer we will examine in this mini-series. In terms of the other singers I have previously covered, Victoria stands out as she was and still is a songwriter, composer, and producer who only recently became a singer herself, a career trajectory the other women on my list have not gone through. I find this very interesting as I have never really heard that much of her until Sharnice in my Discord server recommended her for this series. But apparently Victoria has (co-)written for the likes of her friend Ariana Grande (e.g., “Thank U, Next”; “7 Rings”; and numerous other songs across multiple albums), Fifth Harmony (e.g., “Them Girls Be Like”), Chloe x Halle (e.g., “Do It”), T.I. (e.g., “Memories Back Then”), and Nas (e.g., “You Wouldn’t Understand”) among others. So, she is clearly successful on that front! And when I finally took a listen to some of her music, I found myself liking most of it. Some songs I can tell is a style she has steered Ariana in because they have that whispery sound that I find kind of empty feeling. But, overall, I like what Victoria has to offer. In either case, we will be asking the cards about her career, specifically where it is heading, especially after she recently brought her first child, Hazel, into the world earlier this year. But before we do, I think it is important to give a more comprehensive background on Victoria.

Made in Georgia

Born in Atlanta, Georgia but raised in Sacramento, California, Victoria had an early love of the performing arts. She would sing onstage during her elementary school’s holiday plays and in her church’s choir. In middle school, Victoria took up dance and even formed her own dance drill team. Dance had become such a passion for her that she pleaded with her mother to change their address so she could attend Sheldon High School’s performing arts program. Between dancing with her drill team, she was also apparently teaching dance at two separate dance studios, leading to a hectic schedule. Despite this, Victoria was able to be a part of the cast for the Monsters Of Hip Hop in 2008 where she trained with Boogie Monstarz under Jabbawockeez member Phil Tayag.

Not slowing down, Victoria was also developing a love for writing poetry and began ghostwriting for a friend and exchanging her poems with an older cousin. This eventually morphed into an interest in songwriting. Music had always been a part of her family, with her grandfather playing the saxophone and bass while her mom, aunt, and grandmother would sing. Victoria said that since she was shy, she gravitated more towards dance when she was younger because “[i]t still involved music but [she] didn’t have to speak” (Kaplan, 2020).

As she continued to write her own music, Victoria had been studying up on production side of music as well. She researched into the big producer names in the industry and tried her hand at making her own music at a local recording studio. Her mother even introduced her to a bassist that played for Janet Jackson, and “he was nice enough to give me one of his beats and I wrote one of my first songs to it,” Victoria recalls in an interview with Wonderland in 2020 (Kaplan, 2020). As she got deeper into her producer bag, Victoria learned about Rodney Jerkins (AKA Darkchild) through another producer she was working with and decided to add him on Myspace. Some sources claim that Victoria DM’ed him first while other sources say that he discovered Victoria through the music she published on the site. Regardless of the specifics, Jerkins sent her an audition flyer for a new girl band he was launching in Los Angeles. The audition was in a week and Victoria was hesitant. In the end, however, she packed for L.A. and quickly became a part of the girl group Purple Reign.

What was the girl group Purple Reign

Image from Melismatic

Jerkins signed the girls to Motown Records but the album they were producing was withheld by the label for some reason. Eventually, Motown dropped the group altogether. With this disappointment, the members of the group decided to move on with their lives and leave the apartment they all shared together…except Victoria. Moving to L.A. had been her dream long before this record deal, so since she was already in the city, she decided to earn a living through her songwriting, a skill she really refined thanks to LaShawn Daniels, a writer for Purple Reign. Victoria’s first big break was in 2010 when she co-wrote the lyrics for Dirty Money’s “I Hate That You Love Me” on Diddy – Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris album.

Although songwriting was successful for Victoria—writing for a freshly debuted Ariana Grande, Nas, T.I. and many more—her big dream was to be singer. In the interview with Wonderland, Victoria states that she told her grandma that her dream was to “to be a triple threat: a singer, a dancer, and an actress” (Kaplan, 2020). The plan had, however, morphed into Victoria writing hooks and singing the demo tapes she would send out to record labels with the hope that “they would keep [her] on the hooks as a feature” (YouKnowIGotSoul, 2014). And this worked! She started to get her foot in the door on the singing side of music as she would be a feature on songs she penned. Eventually, Victoria caught the attention of the CEO of Atlantic Records, Craig Kallman. He had liked what he heard so much in the demos she sent the company that he signed Victoria to the label on the spot when he requested her to sing for him in person.

On October 30, 2014, her first EP, Nightmares & Lullabies: Act 1, was released. Although Victoria was officially an independent artist, she laments that her “songwriting took off before [her own music]” (Kaplan, 2020). Even so, Victoria states that she wanted to do both, write and sing, and she is trying to find a balance between the two. She does acknowledge in a 2019 interview with The Guardian that songwriting was what was the paying the bills more than her own music, which had failed to chart except her “Monopoly” song with Ariana, however. But she seems more determined to pour more of her energy into her own music for her Jaguar project (Cregg, 2019), which will be released in three parts to form her debut album. Currently, she has a total of six extended plays under belt and many more producer and writer credits on songs, most of them falling under Ariana Grande’s discography. The release date for Jaguar Pt. 2 is to be determined.

Jaguar will be Victoria’s debut album

32 or 28?

Was Victoria born on May 1, 1989 or 1993 at 1:03pm?

Victoria has apparently lied about her age, stating that she was born in 1993, the same year as Ariana Grande, but is supposedly born in 1989. When I was looking up her chart before I did this reading, I felt like it was “off.” I thought it was because I wasn’t really acquainted with her energy, so I largely ignored it. However, as I was trying to look up more info on her, I saw Wikipedia was the only site that had a different date, something I possibly overlooked the first time I was looking up her birth chart. In either case, I was immensely confused and thought that since anyone could edit Wikipedia, it was wrong. But it seems to be correct as some gossip forums have pointed out that Victoria has been on the record online saying she was celebrating her 21st birthday back in 2011. If she was 21 in 2011, she could not logically be 28 now. She would have had to born in 1989/1990. Doing more searching around, there are lesser-known sites that have this 1989 birth date as well, including music websites. So, it seems like Miss Monét is trying to appear younger than she is. And having drawn up her birth chart with this 1989 year, I can say with more confidence that this seems “right.”

Mars in the 1st house seems way too aggressive of an energy for Victoria to have, especially since it would be in Leo. However, the 12th house ruler being in the 2nd house would make sense, as that placement suggests that she would work behind the scenes. But that too felt “off” to me. Having the 2nd house ruler be in the 12th would seem more “natural” because how she would make money would be the result of her not being in the public eye. The reverse suggests that she self-sabotages in some way when it comes to her money. The negativity of the 12th house is coming into her finances. If the 2nd was going to the 12th, though, that wouldn’t be the case at all.

Her having Mars in the 12th along with the North Node in the 8th house with the Moon (which is the 12th house ruler) is more plausible because these placements suggests that a person works in industries where they are not seen (12th house) and handle other people’s assets and finances (8th house). The Moon in Hellenistic astrology also shows one’s writing, so in the 8th house in Pisces, this shows how Victoria writes songs for other people and even produces songs for others as well. The 1993 chart does not show this as strongly in my opinion, especially since she has no planets in the 8th, and the 8th house ruler is retrograde in the 3rd house, the house of one’s immediate environment. To me, this would not as effectively show the path her career has gone down.

Moreover, her having planets in Aries in the 9th house is also “illogical” because while Victoria has worked with many different types of people, she hasn’t really worked with many foreign artists like her Aries 9th house would suggest. Her having planets in the 11th house in Gemini instead shows how she was trying to network within the music industry so she could eventually procure her own singing career. Gemini is a meticulous sign that can plan things out very well. Aries could never conceive of such a “scheme” nor have enough patience and stamina to carry it through. Additionally, the 1993 chart has this overarching energy of individualism and breaking away from group ties, the exact opposite of what Victoria has done. The 1989 chart shows a person who is more interpersonal and collaborative.

Finally, Saturn retrograde Capricorn in the 6th house along with Uranus and Neptune better explains why Victoria’s career has been so slow moving. The 1993 chart suggests impatience but also the ability to rise up in spite of it. Taurus, which sits upon her Midheaven in both charts, may be slow, but it is not slow like Saturn or Capricorn. Thus, the 1993 is “illogical” on that front because there is nothing really indicating delays and setbacks when it comes to career. The 1989 chart, however, does because not only is Saturn domicile, but is retrograde in the 6th house of work along side the planet of disruption (Uranus, also retrograde) and disillusionment (Neptune, also retrograde).

Anyway, sorry to ramble lol! This reading really made me put on my detective hat here and when that happens…I be going all in. Hopefully this makes sense, and I was able to communicate to you all the astrology in this and how her being born in 1989 “just makes more sense.”

No Good

The first question I wanted to know was, “What does [Victoria] think about her career (i.e., both songwriting/producing and singing) thus far?

Moon in Taurus: Exaltation (reverse)
Venus in Scorpio: Secrets (reverse)
Mars in Sagittarius: Domination (reverse)
Sun in Gemini: Versatility
Sun in Aquarius: Idealism
Mars in Capricorn: Authority (reverse)
Mars in Aquarius: Rebellion (reverse)
Sun in Cancer: Resourcefulness (bottom of the deck)
Moon in Scorpio: Power (bottom of the deck)

Queen of Swords (reverse)
Princess (Page) of Swords (reverse)
Two of Cups
The Devil (reverse)
Temperance (reverse)
4 of Wands (bottom of the deck)

So, I wasn’t expecting such a…turbulent spread. It seems as though Miss Monét is not too happy about the state of her career. But why?

Right off the bat with the Moon in Taurus and Queen of Swords in reverse, it seems like how things are currently going is not what Victoria had in mind. This makes sense as she wanted to be a triple threat since she was young: a singer, dancer, and actress. However, her early attempts at launching a singing career were squandered so she turned to songwriting to get her foot in the door. Along the way, she seems to have grown fond of it, but now as a singer as well, she’s finding it hard to balance the two. But this balancing act is not represented in these cards I am talking about.

With the Moon in Taurus and Queen of Swords, it seems like Victoria is dissatisfied in how her career as a whole is going. She feels as though she is not seeing the fruits of her labor materialize. It is not a secret that both artists and songwriters are underpaid, if paid at all, for their labor. And I feel like in Victoria’s case, perhaps going down the songwriting route has not transferred over into having a successful singing career. Indeed, the Moon in Taurus card denotes “[an] artistic expression that proves profitable” and “financial worries that may or may not be justified.” So, this can be an issue relating to money, perhaps her time and work as a songwriter not translating into extra financial assistance in her career, for instance, which can range from producing the music video, promoting singles on the air and online, booking venues, etc.

But then we come to the rest of the spread… The Venus in Scorpio loves to come out and reversed any time I use this deck. The authors say that it represents secret affairs. With the Princess (Page) of Swords reversed under it, I wonder if Victoria’s label and/or tabloids are trying to exploit some secret about her relationship with her boyfriend John Gaines.

From what I could Google, he seems like a non-celebrity fitness trainer and model but not much is known about him. Based on some websites’ wording, it seems like Victoria’s fans have been extra nosy because of this but she herself has kept the relationship pretty private. With this information then, the Venus in Scorpio card along with the Princess of Swords can mean that Victoria perhaps does not like how with celebrity comes the invasion of privacy, especially in the romantic sphere. The Page of Swords shows a gossip, so it seems like Victoria doesn’t like how people speculate about her love life. I think she in particular doesn’t like how some people may shame her for having a child out of wedlock with the reversed Mars in Sagittarius card with the Two of Cups under it.

Although it is 2021, almost 2022, women, especially black women, having kids before marriage is still frowned upon. And while Victoria did not grow up in Georgia where she was born, I’m sure the fact that she was raised by her grandmother and her parents separated and never married could have resulted in the people around her having many things to say about her pregnancy with her boyfriend.

Regardless, it is interesting to note how it seems like Victoria has been quietly blowing up a bit this year and last when she suddenly became pregnant. Having a baby does complicate things, especially during a pandemic that has made it harder for lesser-known artists to adapt to. So, with two cards about love showing up in a spread about her career, I think that this issue of balancing songwriting, singing, and performing with a child and man is something that Victoria thinks about a lot. This is confirmed in the 4 of Wands at the bottom of the tarot deck, which can represent family. How does she manage it all???

It seems by being versatile, a bit idealistic, and resourceful. With the Moon in Scorpio card showing up with the Sun in Cancer card, I think Victoria is a lot stronger emotionally than perhaps many give her credit for. It will take a lot to destroy her. She will make a way out of no way because she is able to see the larger picture and can adapt to changing circumstances while also thinking outside the box, it seems. She’s a planner and knows how to preserve her resources. Then why are there so many reversed Mars cards along with the Devil and Temperance also reversed?

I think that with the Devil reversed under the Sun in Gemini card, it shows that Victoria is a person who can free herself from bad situations and is perhaps someone who tries not to dwell on negativity. This is confirmed in the Sun in Aquarius card. But then what about the reversed Temperance? This card when reversed is all about imbalance on a holistic scale. However, since we are asking about her career, I wonder why the 2 of Pentacles didn’t show up? That card is also about imbalance but in regard to your material affairs, so work and money. You’re trying to juggle too much essentially. But Temperance is here and under the Sun in Aquarius card. Perhaps then Victoria is letting her ideas and how she wants her career to go mess up other areas in her life. Temperance in reverse can also indicate conflict with others. Since Aquarius is the sign of larger groups of people or friends more specifically to modern astrologers because they conflate it with the 11th house, it seems like Victoria is having relationship troubles with other people.

Her own intimate relationship seems fine but when it comes to perhaps people in the industry, it seems combative. Mars in Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius are all on the table. Sagittarius and Capricorn more so represent institutions to me, and they seem old and almost maintained in a ritualistic way. I wonder with the figure in the Mars in Capricorn card and the two men in the Mars in Aquarius card if either Victoria pissed off somebody or somebodies in the industry or she is pissed at somebody or somebodies. Because when I look at those two cards in particular, I don’t see active anger or aggression but a sort of subdued energy. Notice how almost no one in these cards are in motion. Contrast these cards to the Mars in Sagittarius card which shows two men in a physical struggle.

I wonder if Victoria wants more support from the industry or particular people within the industry and she is not receiving anything. This can explain why the Moon in Taurus card and the Queen of Swords is out. Victoria may feel like with so much seniority or status she has within the industry because of her songwriting, which has been nominated for a few awards, that people should be more willing to help her when it comes to establishing herself as a singer. But powerful people at the top (Mars in Sagittarius and Capricorn) and maybe even friends she has made in the industry (Mars in Aquarius) seem a bit indifferent and unmoved by her ambitions.

It is interesting, however, that both the Mars in Capricorn and Aquarius cards are looking at the other cards. These industry people are watching Victoria but not doing much or anything at all to help advance her, and this is why I’m picking up on a sort of muted anger. This can also explain the Sun in Cancer card in a different way. Because of the lack of support, Victoria has learned that she has to manage what resources she does get and already have well. She has to be flexible (Sun in Gemini) and be a bit unorthodox (Sun in Aquarius) in order to maintain this dream she has had for so long.


As we already established, Victoria became a new mom back in February of this year. So, how will that affect her moving forward? “How will her career go now that she has a child?

Sun in Sagittarius: Enthusiasm (reverse)
Venus in Aries: Lust (reverse)
Jupiter in Virgo: Patience
Mercury in Cancer: Intuition (reverse)
Saturn in Leo: Generosity (reverse)
Sun in Aries: Assertion
Sun in Scorpio: Endurance (reverse)
Mercury in Aries: Restlessness

6 of Cups
Ace of Cups (reverse)
8 of Swords
8 of Cups

So, it seems like Victoria will not be slowing down anytime soon but to her burn out. Yes, with the Sun in Sagittarius in reverse, Victoria is actually not less enthusiastic about her work, but perhaps putting an excessive amount of energy into it. With Venus in Aries in reverse next to it, it seems like her desire to keep moving forward outweighs whatever else is going on in her life. Indeed, the reversed Ace Cups under it confirms this excessiveness.

With the 6 of Cups, I wonder if Victoria doesn’t want to go back to being a “nobody.” Just an unnamed person who writes all the popular and successful songs but never sings them or produces them for herself. Victoria is a Leo rising. She is someone who came into this world wanting to stand out and be admired. She didn’t come (back) here to be a person behind the scenes, at least, not forever. Her Sun is in the 10th house alongside her domicile Venus. She came here with something creative to share with the world, and now that she is finally feeling a bit of that spotlight, she doesn’t want to lose it. But that seems to mean not slowing down or being patient. The word “Patience” is even written on the Jupiter in Virgo card, and although she is a Taurus Sun, this word seems to be noticeably missing from her vocabulary now.

The Sun and Mercury in Aries cards suggest that Victoria has already taken off and is not looking back. Just because she just had her first child doesn’t mean she will put her career on hold. She has a lot of new ideas and has a ton of energy for creative endeavors despite being a first-time mom. But with the Sun in Scorpio card reversed, this won’t be for long. She will eventually burn herself out trying to do too much.

Interestingly, however, neither Temperance nor the 2 of Pentacles showed up. We have the 8 of Swords, 8 of Cups, and curiously Justice instead. It seems as though down the line Victoria is going to tangle herself up and not know what to do. When you’re doing the most when you do not need to, it is hard to wade through the mess that has accumulated around you. But with Mercury in Cancer reversed, it seems like her spirit guides will try to help her in avoiding this path by sending her signs in any way they can. But it seems like it will fall on deaf ears.

Notice how in the Cosmic Tarot that the people in the 8 of Swords are not tied up like in the traditional tarot. I think this just better represents how a person can mentally box themselves in with their worries and anxieties.

The 8 of Cups signifies walking away from something, but in this deck, it seems very reminiscent of the 5 of Cups which shows heartbreak. And indeed, in this deck, the 8 of Cups denotes “resignation” and “giving up projects.” So, it seems like by going 5 million miles per hour, Victoria will trap herself and has to make a big decision on a project, or her career as a whole, to find a way out. That way out is seen with the Justice card.

The 5 of Cups and 8 of Cups in the traditional Rider–Waite tarot deck versus the Cosmic Tarot deck

Justice often signifies legal matters, but I think here it more means balance. Whatever Victoria has to give up or walk away from will help balance her in her career and return her energy to its “natural state.” (The Justice card tends to have a karmic energy to it.) With Saturn in Leo reversed, I wonder if this again has to do to with a (perceived) lack of support from the industry. I wonder if Victoria will realize that overworking herself will not get her what she wants. I feel like her guides will try to communicate that to her, how going about her career this way is both strenuous and very unnecessary. Her career will unfold in the manner and pace that it will. Rushing things and going above and beyond what is required will not skyrocket her to fame. She needs to have patience.

Who That Is? (That’s My Baby Daddy)

Next, Sharnice, who suggested I read on Victoria, wanted to know how involved Victoria’s boyfriend, John Gaines, is as a father. I guess she is one of those Princesses of Swords who wants to know all about Victoria’s love life lol. “How involved is the father?

Moon in Aries: Protection
Jupiter in Capricorn: Control
Sun in Pisces: Vision
Venus in Capricorn: Convention
Sun in Cancer: Resourcefulness (reverse)
Moon in Sagittarius: Optimism (bottom of the deck)

9 of Cups
3 of Wands (reverse)
7 of Swords
The Empress
Queen of Cups (reverse)
Death (reverse)
The High Priestess (reverse; bottom of the deck)

So, I see good and bad. Let us start with the good.

It seems like John will be an active father…at first. With the Moon in Sagittarius card and 9 of Cups, he seems really content and fulfilled by having a child with Victoria. (But it is interesting that the 10 of Cups didn’t come out, which symbolizes a big, happy family.) I’m not sure if this is first child or not, but he seems enthusiastic about the process. However…he seems like a man who is rather old fashioned minded. With the Moon in Aries card, he sees himself as the protector of his daughter and Victoria. He will go on the offensive to ensure that they are not in danger, whatever “danger” or “in harm’s way” looks like to him. This is because he has a lot of traditional views with the Jupiter in Capricorn card. He may be a man that believes that a man “should be a man” and take care of his family by being a protector and provider. And yet…it seems like he won’t hold up his end of the bargain.

The 7 of Swords shows treachery and the Sun in Pisces (John is evidently a Pisces Sun) can sometimes show a father who isn’t always there physically and oftentimes emotionally. There is something both sneaky and elusive about him. And yet while with Victoria he will put on this traditional front. He may want Victoria and him to act as this very conventional family that is made up of a father, mother, and their two kids and nice house with a white picket fence with the Venus in Capricorn card. With the Empress under it, I wonder if Victoria is okay with this. Since it appears that her own father wasn’t in her life (and her mother to an extent because she was made to live with her grandmother at a very young age while her mother worked several jobs), she may welcome this sort of set up for her daughter. You can even see a child in the Venus in Capricorn card underneath a house. But one day the curtain will eventually fall to reveal what lies behind it…

The word on the internet streets is that John cheated on his then girlfriend with Victoria during the shooting of Victoria’s “Moment” music video, which is very sensual I might add, and involves kissing. Shortly after, or rather, abruptly after filming according to a cryptic Instagram story made by the now ex-girlfriend, John seemed to have decided to be fully committed to Victoria. Unfortunately, this switch up allegedly occurred while the ex had a rather public miscarriage as she is also prominent in the online fitness community John is a part of. Thus, with this information, it explains why this reversed Queen of Cups is here with Death reversed next to her. This woman is understandably still emotionally hung up on her relationship with John. It doesn’t help that the miscarriage allegedly just so happen to coincide with Victoria announcing her pregnancy on social media. This then explains why Victoria is represented by the Empress and not another card. The Empress is usually depicted as a pregnant woman, and as such, she comes to represent pregnancy and fertility (issues).

Watch for yourself

With such overlapping timelines that point to cheating, it makes sense why Death is reversed along with the Sun in Cancer card. This ex probably thought that that would be her and John with a child, not him and some other woman. She thought they could build a family and home together, but he threw all of that away to chase after Victoria. The miscarriage can also be represented in the Death card, not literally in my opinion, but symbolically in the relationship dying. This card can also indicate a resistance to change, showing that this ex cannot move on as quickly as John has, especially emotionally.

I cropped out the ex-girlfriend’s Instagram handle, but the story she posted allegedly after the breakup is a Tweet that reads, “the disrespect is all the closure you need sometimes”.

The middle picture shows some comments people left on John’s post about the pregnancy announcement. It looks like an exchange between two people discussing how John has “moved on to this big step just after his breakup…” Basically, one of them thinks he had to be cheating because he moved on very fast from his ex to knocking Victoria up.

I’m not sure if the comment in the third picture is from the same post but it reads: “Is he marriage material? He used his ex to win 50k on Fear Factor. Dropped her when another bag came along. Met Vic Oct/Nov last year at gym (I saw a video on Omar Bolden YouTube “Day In My Life”) .Did Moment video in December (he was still in relationship) Posted subliminal “I’m moving on” New Years IG post. Moved into Vic house during quarantine (I noticed similar background in IG stories), had Vic preggo by May.”

However, it does seem like John also has some feelings wrapped up in what he did too, because why else would the ex show up along with his deceit when I was asking about him as a father? Furthermore, the 3 of Wands can represent being stuck in the past or feeling as though you cannot move forward. Although the symbols on the Jupiter in Capricorn card that sits above the 3 of Wands have nothing to do with these two women, I feel like they are represented here, regardless. John is trying to play house with Victoria to cement this façade of being this upstanding dad to onlookers to perhaps offset his internally conflicted feelings about the dirt he allegedly did. He feels trapped by his decisions.

But cheating was a choice he actively made himself. It is seen in the 7 of Swords. All of the eyes on the Sun in Pisces card that sits above the 7 of Swords stare back at the observer, perhaps indicating that they are carefully tracking the observer’s moves. It is interesting that the Sun in Pisces card shows the daytime while the 7 of Swords shows nighttime where the person in the card has their back turned to the observer. John during the day with his ex monitored what she was doing so that he wouldn’t get caught in whatever he was doing. But by night he relaxed and carried out his treachery. Who knew how long he behaved like this during their alleged 3-4 year relationship?

The High Priestess is reversed at the bottom of the deck and I’m not sure who this represents. To me it seems like Victoria…so perhaps she doesn’t know or want to know this information. With the High Priestess in reverse, it tends to indicate you are not listening to your intuition. Perhaps she is blinded by how enthused John seems about being a father that she is overlooking this fact about him because I feel like she does know in some capacity about his ex. The Empress, Queen of Cups, and Death all align with this High Priestess, after all. And we have seen in the previous spread that perhaps not always listening to her higher self and maybe even others around her is not unusual for Victoria. So…yeah. I’m not sure where this relationship will go but it has a lot of underlying issues that are not going away any time soon.

Aside: Having dug deeper into the gossip forums, apparently Victoria said in a video a commenter couldn’t specify that her and John weren’t dating because he had a girlfriend. However, Victoria appeared in a lie detector video that was uploaded to YouTube in March of 2020, and when asked if she would date John who starred in her “Moment” video, she paused apprehensively but finally said she couldn’t answer that. The lie detector determined that was a lie, so her manager asked her again. That time Victoria answered more confidently “yes” and she was seemingly telling the truth. Hmm.

The questions about John begins around 3:34

Aside 2: Okay, so I’m giving this article one final pass over before I publish and I just realized that this cheating incident was actually brought up in the very first spread with the reversed Venus in Scorpio card! It being reversed symbolizes how this is a bit of an “open secret” in the small circle John runs in and on the gossip forums. The Princess of Swords is the gossipers online that are speculating and digging into the timeline of their relationship! Lol, sorry, my mind is just blown here a bit.

So fuck a fantasy, this your motherfuckin’ moment

To end, let us ask, “What can we expect from [Victoria] in 2022?”

Mars in Cancer: Quarrel
Sun in Sagittarius: Enthusiasm
Mercury in Cancer: Intuition
Mercury in Scorpio: Extremism (reverse)
Mars in Capricorn: Authority (reverse)
Sun in Libra: Harmony (reverse)
Mercury in Libra: Influence (bottom of the deck)
Sun in Taurus: Acquisition (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Sun in Aries: Assertion (not shown; bottom of the deck)
Mercury in Aries: Restlessness (not shown; bottom of the deck)

The World (reverse)
8 of Swords
King of Cups
2 of Wands (reverse)
Ace of Cups
6 of Pentacles
5 of Wands (reverse)
The Lovers (reverse; bottom of the deck)
3 of Swords (reverse; not shown; bottom of the deck)
Strength (reverse; not shown; bottom of the deck)

So, it seems like in 2022 we can expect some relationship drama from Victoria. As I have mentioned before, her boyfriend and father’s child seemed to have cheated on what was his then current girlfriend with her. This is made worse by the fact that Victoria says she was acquainted with John before entering a sexual relationship with him as they go to the same gym, although she claims they never really interacted prior to him being in her “Moment” video. Even so, she has also been on record saying she knew he had a girlfriend at the time (allegedly)…a girlfriend who also frequented this same gym according to rumors.

Around 1:30 Victoria describes how she knew John and why he was in her music video

Well, in 2022, this dubious relationship will hit the rocks. The two may be quarreling more regularly. Although the Mercury in Scorpio card shows a man getting physical with a woman, I don’t really feel that type of energy personally. I feel like Victoria is the type of person to hold her anger in, which is probably why we see Mars in Capricorn reversed again. Mars in this sign is more like itself—active and a bit aggressive. But reversed here I feel like it indicates an inaction which is interesting because the other card for conflict, the 5 of Wands, is out. Reversed, this can mean the end to a conflict, however. With it partially under the Mercury in Libra card, it is possible that they are able to resolve whatever problems they may have by talking it out.

Indeed, the 2 of Wands confirms that reengaging with one another will help. Moreover, the Mercury in Cancer card is out, and the King of Cups is under it. It seems like John is the type to talk through his feelings or try to solve emotional problems through talking. I feel like this can calm Victoria down and make her a bit more levelheaded. Even so, I feel like their relationship will be on the rocks for a while after this difficult ordeal they may go through. The Sun in Libra card is reversed with “Harmony” written on it. Victoria may feel like they do not have the same chemistry as they once had. Indeed, the Lovers is reversed and the 3 of Swords was also reversed at the bottom of the deck.

For some reason, I feel like Victoria will allude to these relationship problems on Instagram in her posts. Again, with Mercury in Cancer and Libra out, I feel like what goes on in their relationship will be talked about online and Victoria may inadvertently tell on herself. John is also active on Instagram because he’s evidently a model and brand ambassador. I feel like he won’t be as forward but instead chooses to talk about how he’s a father and what that means to him. Basically, projecting that authoritarian, paternal energy we saw when we asked about him.

But besides this messy relationship drama, I also see Victoria going down that impulsive, overworking path we talked about. The Sun in Sagittarius card is out but upright, perhaps suggesting that Victoria is hopeful about 2022 when it comes to her career…but it won’t go like she wants.

The World is reversed, and that often means that you do not feel like you are accomplishing your goals. One website interestingly adds that it may also indicate that the person has taken shortcuts instead of putting in the real effort to secure their desires. Considering that the Sun and Mercury in Aries showed up at the bottom of the deck, this pretty much confirms that this may be true for Victoria next year. She’s trying to shoot to the top and it simply won’t work in the hurried way she wants.

Again, with the reversed Mars in Capricorn card, it seems like the industry will not response to her desperate efforts. And because of that she will be at a loss about what to do because the 8 of Swords shows up once more. But as I said before, this is her own doing. The 2 of Wands reversed suggests a lack of planning and as though there are a lack of options, so you may believe you have to choose the safer one to your dissatisfaction, often. Victoria has to slow down and perhaps stop hyperfixating on what she believes she doesn’t have (reversed Sun in Taurus) and just focus on slowly climbing the music industry ladder instead. With the 6 of Pentacles, someone will be charitable towards her in the future. So, she shouldn’t give up hope but learn how to temper her expectations career-wise. I think that these frustrations in her career can also be the force that is fueling her relationship problems with John as well. So, it really behooves Victoria to scale things back.

Anyway, that is all I have. Were you shocked by what you read today? I know I certainly was! In either case this wraps up my long overdue singer series. I’m not sure if I’ll do another “series” soon so we will just have wait and see!

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