October 2021 Predictions

Sorry if this article seems a bit rambly at times! Mercury retrograde has been making it difficult to get across what I want concisely.

October 2021 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits for Oct. 2021?

Oct. 6 New Moon in Libra, Pluto turns direct at 24°19’ Capricorn

Oct. 7 Venus enters Sagittarius

Oct. 11 Saturn turns direct at 6°53’ Aquarius

Oct. 18 Mercury turns direct at 10°10’ Libra, Jupiter turns direct at 22°20’ Aquarius

Oct. 20 Full Moon in Aries

Oct. 23 The Sun enters Scorpio

Oct. 30 Mars enters Scorpio (domicile)


Oct. 1 Mercury retrograde square Pluto retrograde, Venus square Jupiter retrograde, Venus sextile Pluto retrograde

Oct. 3 Mercury retrograde trine Jupiter retrograde

Oct. 5 Sun conjunct Mars (combust)

Oct. 9 Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde (combust), Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars

Oct. 13 Venus sextile Saturn

Oct. 14 Sun trine Jupiter retrograde

Oct. 16 Sun square Pluto, Mercury retrograde sextile Venus

Oct. 18 Mars trine Jupiter

Oct. 21 Mars square Pluto

Oct. 26 Venus square Neptune retrograde

Oct. 28 Venus sextile Jupiter

Oct. 29 Sun square Saturn, Venus sextile Jupiter

Oct. 31 Mercury trine Jupiter

October is a jam-packed month as many of the outer planets that have been retrograde for months will turn direct. Pluto interestingly starts us off early in the month by going direct around the 6th followed by Saturn on the 11th, and then Mercury and Jupiter on the 18th. Many of these planets will be in some contact with one another, causing the once stagnant energy they were creating to slowly dissipate. Mercury and Jupiter are in air, which will trine the Sun for the majority of the month. But Pluto is in Capricorn.

Capricorn makes an inferior square to Libra and is averse to Aquarius. In other words, Pluto will ignore Saturn (its ruler) and Jupiter and will focus on harassing the planets in Libra—the Sun, Mars, and Mercury. What we may think is freedom will be severely tested during this month. And that is because while Jupiter is moving away from Saturn once more, Pluto squaring the planets in Libra will continue to reveal the underbelly of governance to the public consciousness but more forcefully. Indeed, it is interesting that Saturn is domicile in Aquarius and copresent with Jupiter because Saturn is the planet long-lasting punishments, imprisonment, and restraints. Jupiter is the planet of freedom, the releasement from bonds, and the government. Together, the two suggest a slowing down of change, or while they were retrograde, the reversal of laws in order to restrict change that has already occurred. It did not help that Uranus has been transiting Taurus, which exacerbates this push and pull energy. And now Pluto is about to turn direct.

The transits for October 2021

Pluto turning direct in Capricorn’s house will demand that we come back to earth and stop philosophizing about things that are abstract and theoretical (air). What is freedom if it can only exist in our minds? Where is the concrete, tangible (earth) evidence of such freedom? How can it be exercised independently (cardinal) on an individual level? How has our governments and those of others’ been treating us? How have they’ve impacted our lives physically?

If you live in the U.S., you know that our presidency—or, rather, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—pretty much said the pandemic was over a couple of months back only to change their minds. Now there is mass confusion (Neptune domicile in Pisces which has also been retrograde for a while now) about how many vaccinations we should get, from which company we should get them from, and if we should get boosters as well. Nowhere in this back walking have we had a moment to mourn. All that I have been seeing is the media machine going very hard to get everyone vaccinated and making spectacles out of those who didn’t for whatever reason and are now in the hospital on a ventilator with the virus. When I see this day in and day out on the news, I wonder why the government is so hellbent on making us “go back to normal” while doing nothing to make the transition easier on us. Why has the government refused to give us adequate aid in the form of money and housing—things that would slow down the spread of the virus in addition to going back to masks (which we should have never taken off anyway, hello?). How has the government fulfilled its duty to its citizens? It hasn’t. And Pluto turning direct in Capricorn is reminding us of that.

Freedom cannot exist strictly in the abstract and theoretical. It must be something that can be exercised and embodied physically, and has a clear, tangible impact (Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus). Because for all the gains we have made during the pandemic such as more accessibility for disabled people (i.e., remote learning, waiving the requirement of doctor/medical notes to get extensions and/or time off, etc.), more attention to public health and cleanliness (i.e., cleaning surfaces people interact with, having hand sanitizer and hand soap at most public spaces, the cleaning of public spaces in general, etc.), more attention to the safety and health of workers…those in power have made sure to spend all of their energy, money (our money in the form of taxes), and other resources (which they only have because of the general public) to reverse all of this.

It is this issue between the tangible and physical versus the theoretical and immaterial that October will make us contemplate. The idea of masks versus the reality that they prevent transmission in a time where there are breakout infections. The idea of “life at conception” and pulsating cells equaling an autonomous person (even though that line of thinking is in direct conflict with the social and legal restrictions individuals face until certain ages like when they can learn how to drive, when they can get medical treatment without a guardian, when they can work, when they can smoke cigarettes and drink, when they are considered to be an “adult,” etc.) versus the physical reality of carrying a pregnancy you do not want to term because the bodies that govern you say that you must. The idea of borders and “protecting” them (from what?) versus the reality that migrants have nowhere else to go because their country was not only hit by a natural disaster potentially but have been exploited and beaten to the ground by other wealthier and more militarily strong countries for decades, if not centuries.

What makes a person a person? What makes a person a citizen? Who gets to decide who is and why and in what manner? How does the one defining these things benefit from that? Because all of these outer planets, including Jupiter and Saturn, are asking these questions. And I think the general public is slowly waking up. They are being forced to see things for what they truly are, and many are now fed up.

Numerous places are having a difficult time finding bodies to fill positions. The media machine and people who are deeply entrenched in capitalist thinking have been hard at work to frame this as people being “lazy,” “entitled,” and “selfish.” But why should you risk your life to barely survive on what little money you would make if you did take that job offer? A lot of people are realizing it’s not worth it anymore. I don’t think people are demoralized, however. In fact, with all the strikes, protests, and unionizing going on across various industries, I think many have been invigorated and found the will to fight like they never have before.

Too many people have died from this virus (and it wasn’t always due to the virus necessarily but how people were treated in hospitals, how people lost their jobs because they couldn’t get sick time off even in an entire pandemic—let alone paid sick time off, how the government refused to extend the eviction moratorium and people became homeless, etc.) and yet our government wants us to carry on like nothing has happened. The people in Congress are paid for life. You, an ordinary person, are not guaranteed anything in every sense of the word. Not guaranteed a place to live, an income, food, safety, etc. And people are over it. They are over the nonsense and the higher ups trying to force “normalcy” when that died a long time ago. So, I expect the planets that will turn direct this month to bring up all these issues that the pandemic shone a giant spotlight on. Issues with accessibility for disabled people; the reality that our infrastructure is a joke and dangerous; that we are expected to work or else; that we are expected to pull money out of thin air to pay for bills and things that should be free and widely available but aren’t because profits are prioritized above all else; immigration and how race, ethnicity, religion, and the geographical place people are migrating or seeking asylum from are all important factors to how and why they are treated like animals needing to be separated and put into cages (I thought people were going to hold Biden “accountable” for that, strange, huh) or to be set pieces for white supremacists who have been growing bolder and bolder with each election since Obama to act out their weird violent, racist fantasies in the flesh finally and not behind keyboards.

I want you all to remember that Pluto will enter Aquarius in 2024. If you thought Pluto exposing the underbelly of governance for these past few years with Uranus tagging along in Taurus was bad, we truly haven’t seen nothing yet. And what is so sad about all of this is that the powers that be can change everything. But they won’t because that’s not how their script was written. They have their play they want the world to put on but as time goes on, the actors that are us are growing more and more frustrated. Some are choosing to walk off stage and never return but many are turning around and demanding that the script be thrown out the window lest they set the entire building ablaze. The choice hangs in the middle. I guess we shall see how the scales tip the closer we get to this final Saturn-Uranus square by Christmas. Stay safe everyone.

Oracle Messages

What is the energy for Oct. 2021?

11th House: The Edge

Gemini: The Butterfly (reverse)

Semi-Sextile: Allowing (reverse)

Aries: The Radical

Mars: Action

7th House: Relating

Quincunx: Complexity (bottom of the deck)

For October, relationships seems to be the focus, which makes sense as the Sun will be in Libra for the majority of the month. I see specifically that many people are reevaluating their friendships. It seems as though some of you may have fake friends or rather superficial relationships that are holding you back from growing.

Similar to all the retrograde planets we have been dealing with since the summer, whoever you have surrounded yourself with seems to be pulling you backward instead of propelling you forward. If you have been confused and mystified as to why your life has been in limbo for a while, it is likely due to this negative energy around you. It is of a lower vibration that has dampened your more buoyant and optimistic one. In October, you are encouraged to cut ties with such people.

Yes, *both* Aries and Mars are out, suggesting that you need to put your wants and desires first. But you don't have to fear being alone after this because the 7th house card suggests that once you sever ties with this friend group, people who are more aligned with you will step in and you will start to grow as you should. 

When I initially saw this spread, I got two messages but for whatever reason I found it hard to put it into words. So, with the top row, I think one message is about the slow realization that the people you keep around are not good for you. Like I said on Instagram, these friends may be a bit two-faced, showing one side of themselves when you’re around but revealing someone completely different when you’re gone. Gemini in reverse can show gossip and shit-talking. However, with the 11th House upright, I get the sense that many of you were none the wiser about this deceit. You may have thought that these people were your comrades, only wishing the best for you, but they were only superficially attached to you and did not want to see you prosper. And yet when this reality comes to light, many of you will refuse to sever ties. I see many in denial and trying to rationalize the evidence away. This will only cause the blockages these people have created for you to persist, though. This issue will likely not be resolved by November rolls around.

For the bottom row, I think many are recently single or have been living the single life for a little while. In either case, the people these cards are representing have been doing what they want and enjoying it, but some love is coming their way. Venus enters Sagittarius early in the month, so in addition to Mars being out, this encounter is apt to be spicy and passionate.

So, these were the messages I saw for this spread. I think it can also reflect what I said on Instagram where people become aware of the deceit in their friendship and then leave them, allowing for more likeminded people to come into their lives. Let me know if any of these things were true for you by the end of this month!

What oracle messages do we have for Oct. 2021?

45: Throne - Your potential is endless (reverse!)

18: Tree - Let them go (bottom of the deck)

I honor animals with reverence (reverse)

I listen to opposing opinions (reverse)

I regard all altars with respect (reverse)

I do the best I can (bottom of the deck)

I do good (reverse; bottom of the deck)

LIII: The Riddle

XX: The Pilgrim (reverse)

LXII: The Sword (sideways)

So, we have a continuation of the first message of cutting some people out of your life but perhaps to more mystical and confusing ends...

It seems obvious, at least to those on the outside looking in, that whoever is around you impeding your growth needs to go. You may have been getting signs from your ancestors/spirit guides/God/the Universe/etc. and even told point blank by ordinary people around you and your pets (yes, your pets lol) that the company you keep is no good...but you never listen. To open your eyes and see reality for what it is, is something you would rather not do. There is a refusal to take action here, whether to leave and/or cut out what no longer serves you.

You *may* be absorbing what entities in the veil are showing you and what people in your waking life are saying but making that final decision is too hard for you it seems. You may want some closure before you make your choice or you want to know what was the purpose of your hardship...but both may not come to you until the time is right. It seems as though what is important to know right now is that you learned whatever spiritual lesson you were supposed to learn, so now is the time to move on. No dragging your feet, no lingering about. Let go of this person/group/situation and make your departure or take up the sword and sever what is holding you back. If you won't, something else will for you.

So, here, we get a very similar message to the previous spread, but I think how it goes down is a bit different.

With the Believe in Your Own Magic cards, it seems as though some of you will be oust out of a friend group. The Feast card came out reversed and the energy at the bottom of the deck is “Let them go.” So, it seems like the group decided that you did not belong anymore and kicked you out. Of course, you will be upset and likely confused because you thought these people were your friends, but the Tree card is saying to not waste your tears on them. These people were no good for you and were inhibiting your growth. You are better off alone no matter how much it hurts.

With the Amenti Oracle cards these people did not respect you. They did not respect who you were as a person and likely violated your boundaries repeatedly. But, again, I get the sense of being a bit naïve or wanting to believe that your friends were not as bad as other people were telling you were. People around you who actually love you may have been trying to wake you up, but you always dismissed them. There is a sense of some of you having this self-image of being a nice person who does good which leads you to believe that the people around you would never betray you. And yet that is what they continuously did. The woman in the “I honor animals with reverence” looks sinister, like she is up to no good, especially with the snake in the background. The “I do the best I can” card reminds me of the High Priestess in tarot. Therefore, it suggests to me that on a psychic level many things have been trying to warn you about these people. However, the woman in the “I do good” card with her eyes closed was you—refusing to accept the reality right in front of you. It interestingly falls under the “I listen to opposing opinions” card. You are in denial.

Finally, we conclude with The Wild Unknown Archetype cards. Some of you may have been more aware of what has been going on than others but now you are left wondering why you had to go through that. You may be the type of person who is spiritually aware or tapped into the ideas and rhetoric that is thrown around in esoteric circles but are a bit frustrated with how vague things can be. “Everything happens for a reason” may be a particular trigger for you because the things that you may have experienced in life may have been awful. How can “everything happen for a reason” when they are always negative and difficult? What is the “higher” purpose of those types of events? What was supposed to be learned there? Why can’t life be easier, and your manifestations actually work?

With the Riddle card…you are not supposed to readily know why you go through certain tribulations in life it seems. But because of that, you may feel stuck in how you should proceed in life. If your life is “destined” to be riddled with strife and conflict, then what is the point of being optimistic about the future or being confident in where you want to head in life? But with The Sword card, you must continue to move forward and know when to cut things out of your life.

This card always reminds me of the Ace of Swords, and that card is supposed to represent mental clarity or a new idea. Here, it seems to represent the will to act. To cut or not to cut, that is the question. The world has given you a sword for a reason—to help you navigate through your life. But, instead, you are standing there puzzled by it and wonder where its manual is. There is none, though. A sword is a sword. It is a tool that has many different uses. How you decide to use it is up to you. The universe just thought you should have it.    

What messages do our guides have for Oct. 2021?

13: Solitude - Higher Self

30: Death - Guardian Angels

20: Exhaustion - Divine Helpers

6: Gifts - Joy Guides

26: Invention - Creativity Guides

28: Restriction - Joy Guides

42: Intuition - Inner Child (bottom of the deck)

In October our guides want us to relax and be alone. For some of you this may be the result of overworking yourself or your body and emotions have been in overdrive as of late. The Death card in this deck says it does not speak of literal death but considering the state of the world right now, I never rule that out. However, considering the previous messages, this "death" can also be the ending of something, likely a relationship that is or will be rather difficult for you to handle emotionally. But this thing that is ending is again for your highest good. So, your guides are encouraging you to keep an open mind and be receptive to whatever gifts they may bring you. Also try to look at what is ending in a different light, perhaps try to see the higher purpose in it or accept that was just one chapter in your life and you have many more ahead of you. Your guides may also be encouraging you to take up something creative as you rest. Regardless, October seems like the month of rejuvenation.

What I found so interesting about this month’s spirit guide messages was the fact that our favorite card Exhaustion was actually in the spread! Typically, that card loves to be at the bottom of the deck, to me symbolizing that its energy is more hidden and playing in the background. But for October it seems like the Exhaustion is front and center. This is fascinating since so many planets will go direct this month. While Libra is cardinal, Capricorn is earthy and Aquarius fixed, meaning that they move much slower and have a tendency to get stuck. So, perhaps, this Exhaustion is the sluggish nature of these signs. You may have wanted to move forward for months but were always going backwards it seemed or stopped dead in your tracks. Fighting against this stubborn energy wore you out. It didn’t help that natural disasters and humanitarian crises were going on throughout this time as well. So, it is likely you were worn out by life itself as well. Regardless of the specific cause, it seems as though our guides want us to tap out for a bit in October. They want us to spend some time alone, maybe doing something creative or otherwise having fun. There is the sense of being stuck mentality, and it seems like our guides will be trying to communicate with us through our higher mind or intuition. So, if new ideas come out of nowhere, it is likely your guides/ancestors/etc. trying to shift your focus elsewhere or to open you up to something beneficial. Again, it is interesting that Venus moves into Sagittarius this month because Sagittarius is a very open sign, especially when it comes to interacting with new, foreign things. Some of you may start to dabble in something rather spiritual in nature.

I wanted to reconnect with and use this deck that I've had for a while now. So, I decided to pull one card for the elements. I intended this to include the Ascendant and Moon, so if you have any of these placements in a different element than your Sun, it's fine to check out the message for them as well. 🙂 The order is fire, water, earth, and air.

What messages do we have for fire signs for Oct. 2021?

7 of Clubs (reverse) - 8 of Spades/Justice (bottom of the deck)

For fire signs, it seems like October will be a month of conflict that may be so messy it turns legal. The Justice card is upright, so if this squabble does turn legal, you should be okay -- "okay" if you were the one instigating the matter in that you may get a slap on the wrist or have the case thrown out. In the opposite scenario where you had to press charges, then the ruling should be in your favor. Saturn turns direct this month, so indeed, the justice system may hear you out. It still behooves everyone regardless of which side they are on to be more mindful with their words and actions in October.

What messages do we have for water signs for Oct. 2021?

6 of Spades - Joker/The Fool (bottom of the deck)

The previous messages of leaving some people behind may have particularly resonated with you because we get the same message here: you will be moving away from someone or something in October. It is for the best because who or whatever you are abandoning seemed to have caused you a lot of strife and possibly anxiety. In October you are beginning anew. You are free.

What messages do we have for earth signs for Oct. 2021?

Jack of Clubs - 8 of Hearts/The Moon (bottom of the deck)

I will admit I'm a bit stumped here. Clubs seem to indicate good fortune, however, and the Jack of Clubs can mean there is a young, energetic person who may be an admirer. The 8 of Hearts is supposed to traditionally suggest an invitation, perhaps from this Jack of Clubs, but in this deck it represents the Moon in tarot. There may be something perplexing or odd with this person. Be wary of their intentions with you. Alternatively, this spread can mean you are enthusiastic about starting something new but may become a bit confused or tripped up along the way. You may need to slow down and reconsider the path that you are on.

What messages do we have for air signs for Oct. 2021?

King of Diamonds - 6 of Hearts/The Lovers (bottom of the deck)

It seems like some of you are about to deepen a relationship you have with a materially prosperous individual (and/or possible earth sign). They are kind and sensual. They are like your other half and you really love them. The connection will only deepen this month.

Finally, I wanted to reconnect with one of my older decks, but I didn’t want to use them in a reading on my blog or YouTube channel just yet until I felt more comfortable. Therefore, I pulled two cards for each of the elements for this month. I meant to put a little elemental emoji on the picture to let people know which was which but I forgot lol. In either case, let us go through them.

This deck combines tarot with cartomancy or regular playing cards but as I look at the imagery of these cards more, I think it leans more heavily into the tarot than I initially thought. I say this because with the 7 of Clubs for fire signs, it doesn’t seem to resemble the energy of the “normal” 7 of Clubs; it is closer to the 7 of Wands. In that case, I think my interpretation on Instagram is still right, but I would modify it by saying that for fire signs, some long-standing conflict is finally going to court. I know that since the pandemic hit, the court system has been backed up, (Saturn also conveniently went retrograde while it was transiting with Jupiter, the planet of justice and freedom, which also went retrograde as well) but it seems like in October, any case you may have had pending is at last going to go before a judge. The Justice card is upright, so I still believe that whatever the ruling is, it should go in your favor, whatever that may look like for you. Good luck on that endeavor!

For water signs, I don’t think there is much to add from what I said on Instagram. Spades are equivalent to the Swords, and the 6 of Spades here has the archetypal imagery and energy of the 6 of Swords. You are all moving away from something or someone into calmer waters. The Joker/ Fool card suggests that once you leave, you can begin anew. However, I do get a slight negative energy from the Fool here. So, for some, it may not be an easy transition. You may need to plan more before you set sail to your new destination to ensure that all goes well.

For earth signs, it seems as though someone who is deceptive is trying to come into your life. The Jack of Clubs has a lot of positive connotations but with it combined with the Moon card, which I see as “reversed” or representing the more negative interpretation, I think you should be wary of a fiery, masculine, young person who introduces themselves to you. Something is off about them—they may have ulterior motives. Alternatively, like I said on Instagram, the Jack of Clubs can represent the Page of Wands, which still represents a young, fiery person but instead of being a charmer, it symbolizes you and how you may be a bit naïve and impulsive. The Moon still suggests something sinister, however, in my opinion. So, it behooves you to still be on guard and mindful of how you move. All is not well or what it seems. I am hesitant to say magic may be involved or a spell, but I feel like if a person does indeed come into your life, it may be for an ominous reason. Be careful in October.  

Finally, we end with air signs getting closer to an earth sign or a person who is rather sensual and perhaps materially abundant. I don’t get anything negative from these cards and they seem to be the only ones that are positive lol! Like I said on Instagram, it is a bit funny that the air signs get this message of love during Libra season, the sign of relationships. This can also be the result of the retrograde planets turning direct this month as well. Saturn and Jupiter will trine all the Libra planets and Venus moves out of its debilitation in Scorpio early in the month as well. Sagittarius sextiles Aquarius and Libra, so indeed, things in the romance department will likely go swimmingly for the air signs this month. (Although maybe not as well for Gemini’s as Venus will be opposite them.) This spread can also reflect a bit of what was said in the astrology oracle in that this King of Diamonds/Pentacles is a new boo thang that enters your life and will match your vibration very well. Regardless, have fun air signs lol!

So, that is all I have for you all for October. Like I said on Twitter, I’m going to take a little break from my blog and YouTube, especially. I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out lately but I shall return later in the month! See you all then!

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