Emaza Dilan: Evolve in Order to Survive

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Start of Transcript

Hello and welcome back to my channel. This video is a viewer request. A viewer named Ariana wanted to know about a person named Emaza Dilan and her solo career. I never heard of this person so I did some cursory research so I could get an idea. So, apparently Emaza is a singer who sung alongside her two other sisters. Back in the late 2000s they were called the Mizzes until shortly changing their name to Ceraadi. In 2013, they went professional and their first music video, “Favorite Song,” dropped in 2015. They grew a large audience on YouTube and Instagram, almost acting as influencers as they would post vlogs and do hair and makeup tutorials. Then some drama hit, which led one sister to leave 2019. So, that left Emaza and one other sister and they signed as a duo to Roc Nation. They released a five-track EP titled, “Ceraadi’s Playlist.” Fast forward to present day and that remaining sister abruptly left as well. Emaza then went solo, releasing her first EP, “E-Mixtape,” in July of this year.

So, with this type of background, it makes sense as to why Ariana said Emaza seems to have a lot of setbacks. But even so people can overcome a lot. I wanted to know if there was anything astrologically or even numerologically that can point to any type of bad luck.

I do not know Emaza’s birth time but she’s a Capricorn Sun with a potential Cancer Moon. Right away, her being a Capricorn Sun tells me that her life will not be easy nor one that will quickly reward her for her efforts. Her essence is ruled by Saturn. This is the greater malefic in astrology, meaning that it is the planet that brings about harsher misfortune than Mars. But this can depend on a person’s chart. If Emaza was born during the day, Saturn would only be her moderate malefic, or the planet that brings her some modest misfortune. Mars, however, would be the planet that always causes her trouble. If she was born at night, then it would be reversed with Saturn being her most malefic planet and Mars only being her moderate one. In either case, her Saturn is in fall in Aries.

In Aries, Saturn brings about misfortune in the form of our own actions. Typically, Saturn will manifest as setbacks or roadblocks in our life. While in Aries, these setbacks materialize when we act impulsively, impatiently, or selfishly. Aries as a sign likes to avoid personal responsibility, and desires to rush headfirst into things, so Saturn tends to be very frustrated here which is why it is in fall. This placement likely frustrates the native as well because they may feel like life is always against them but what Saturn is trying to teach them here is how to be a person of integrity and to be more measured in their actions. So, right off the bat, some issues with delayed gratification can be an issue. And this can be exacerbated by the fact that Saturn often doesn’t give us what we want until after 30 when it returns to its natal position in our charts. For Emaza being a Capricorn Sun, she may not feel like her life really “starts” until this age because she may find herself having to take the harder, much longer route because she may have a tendency to want to skip steps and achieve fame right away. With her Mars conjunct Jupiter, there can be a lot of restless energy that may make her self-sabotage and have to deal with the consequences of her actions.

Speaking of this aspect, her Jupiter is maltreated by a malefic enclosure. This is a fancy way to say that the malefic energy of both Mars and Saturn is adversely affecting the benefic energy of her Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance and is the greater benefic. But, again, how much positivity it subjectively brings to any one person depends on the chart. If Emaza has a day one, then Jupiter is her most benefic planet, or the one that will bring her the most subjective positivity. Venus will be the planet that sometimes brings about that. If born at night, however, this changes, of course. In either case, Jupiter is blocked from bringing good things into Emaza’s life.

These images are describing sect. Sect determines which planets are more benefic and which are more malefic subjectively to the native.

When we look at Venus, it is retrograde. This on its own causes Venus to have a hard time manifesting what it signifies which includes love and the arts. Whether or not Venus is her most benefic planet, Venus being retrograde and ruled by the malefic Saturn can make it difficult for Emaza to pursue her singing career. But Venus is tightly conjunct Neptune as well, which is a good and bad thing. The bad is that she may be confused about Venus related things. Perhaps this can translate to her not knowing what to do in her career or where to take it. But without a time, I cannot be sure as the planet that signifies her career can be a different planet. This aspect also mean that she may be too trusting of people and get into relationships that are neither good for her well-being nor career. Regardless, the good is that she is immensely creative and likely knows how to take her music and brand to the next level, whatever that may mean or look like. She can also be very alluring and charming.

I don’t want to focus too much on the astrology, but this is just what I saw in regard to luck for Emaza. I would look into her numerology, but I can’t seem to get an accurate last name for her, so there’s not much I can say on this. She is a 3 Life Path, however. So, she is here to learn about creative self-expression and communication more generally. This makes sense and is aligned with her Virgo North Node. However, I will add that with this that she needs to learn how to be more exacting and discerning in this life, or she will learn about these things naturally over time. This may be a difficult life lesson for her to learn because of that tight Venus-Neptune conjunction, though.

Emaza also has 1 as her first challenge, which means that from birth until around 33, she will struggle with issues of independence and individuality. But her first pinnacle is a 3, meaning that she is supposed to learn how to speak her truth by going through this struggle. Her third or main challenge is a 6, however. So, she will struggle with family problems and issues surrounding duty and responsibility her entire life. The lesson to be learned from this is the 5 or freedom. Very interesting considering her Saturn placement.

Anyway, let’s get into the questions. The first thing Ariana wanted to know was will Emaza be successful on her own.

First, “ask for help from others” flew out, which to me already signaled a “no,” but I kept shuffling. I eventually got “mediation brings answers,” “no need to worry” and then “no” with an exclamation mark. So, the answer seems to be a no, although the “no need to worry” is interesting. Let us pull some oracle and tarot cards.

We have Mars: Action, Pisces: The Mystic, Pluto: Transformation, Square: Challenge in reverse, and 1st House: Self in reverse at the bottom of the deck.

For tarot we have the Ace of Wands in reverse, the Wheel of Fortune in reverse, the World, the High Priestess in reverse, and the 3 of Swords in reverse at the bottom of the deck.

So, the answer is still a “no.” The “no” is seen in the 1st house being reverse and the Square card even being present. In the tarot, the “no” is seen with the Ace of Wands, Wheel of Fortune, and 3 of Swords all being reversed. But why will Emaza not be successful on her own?

The astrology cards are very funny in my opinion because they are reflecting what I said about her chart. With Mars out, there can be an issue with impulsivity. Pisces is next to it, suggesting that Emaza tends to jump headfirst into things without thinking. She may be a go-go-go type of person, especially since her Mars and Jupiter are in air and the Saturn that rules them is in Aries. But because she is always going a million miles an hour, she can be short sighted. This is especially seen in the High Priestess being reversed. She doesn’t listen to her higher self or intuition. And what is interesting is that she is likely very intuitive with her potential Cancer Moon and that Venus-Neptune conjunction. But she may sometimes confuse her desires with spiritual guidance or her gut with good luck and the end result is that she often goes in the wrong direction or lacks the ability to know how to get what she wants more practically.

Indeed, the Wheel of Fortune is very much like Jupiter in my opinion, which makes it under the Pisces card so fascinating because Jupiter rules Pisces. So, in other words, she has “bad luck” because she simply doesn’t think things through. She may navigate life too much through her emotions and desires and they are not always the best tools to be using when it comes to her career it seems. Under the 1st house card was Mercury, so I do very much think Emaza will not be successful because she doesn’t use her head at times.

However, with Pluto and the World upright under it, I feel like her luck can change if she changes. Besides the issues I just talked about, Emaza may have some other problems to work through. The big one I see is her image and the issues surrounding her sisters.

Fans already know the low down, but the basic summary is that the Znunie left not only the group suddenly but home as well it seemed. Emaza, Sayir, and their mom who is their manager made a video saying that Znuie was missing only for her to post on Instagram later saying that she wasn’t and that her family was pulling a publicity stunt. She stated that she was fine, the male friend they suspected of potential kidnapping and controlling ways was just her friend, and that she wasn’t happy in the group.

I’m not sure how fans took this, but I can only imagine that this tainted the image of the family as a whole and effected the other sisters as they went on as a duo. Then Sayir also left under unusual circumstances a year later. So that was yet another blow to their image. Therefore, Emaza has all of this emotional baggage attached to her as she pursues a solo career. Fans of the group or duo may not be willing to support her alone, especially considering all of this strange drama, which is confirmed in the reversed Three of Swords and Square card. So, until Emaza can sort that mess out, perhaps even going so far as to transform or reinvent herself and/or image, she may not be able to be successful alone. This is confirmed by the Six of Cups also being reversed at the bottom of the deck.

The next question Ariana asked was, “How will the public take her once she does hit the industry?” I found this interesting since Emaza is already signed to Roc Nation. Maybe they meant “What will be the public’s perception of her be once she’s more mainstream?” I’m not sure so I kept it more general. “What is the public’s perception of Emaza as a singer?”

We have Conjunction: Empowerment in reverse, 1st House: Self in reverse, Mercury: Communication in reverse, Libra: The Idealist, and Virgo: The Alchemist in reverse.

For tarot we have the 10 of Swords, the Tower in reverse, the Fool, the King of Swords in reverse, the 4 of Swords, the Knight of Wands in reverse, and the Ace of Swords in reverse.

The tarot is very interesting so let’s start with that. With the 10 of Swords and then the Tower and Fool, I feel like people think that Emaza in some way betrayed her sisters or the group they were all a part of, but she plays innocent. This seems to be about how the other two sisters left. I think fans especially don’t like how Emaza won’t address those situations or even just her sisters in general. Communication seems to be a big thing people are frustrated by and how Emaza is not precise with her wording. It’s like she’s trying to present this wholesome, almost naive image and they’re not buying it. There is just something about how she behaves that is rubbing fans the wrong way. Like the woman in the Libra card obscuring half of her face, Emaza is only presenting part of the story, or she is hiding how involved in the mess she was.

With the King of Swords, there may be a man who is either a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius or has a lot of air in his chart is not helping the situation. He may be running his mouth in defense of Emaza or against her. Whatever he is doing it reflects poorly on Emaza and is likely causing her a lot of stress and anxiety with the 4 of Swords. Finally, with the Knight of Wands reversed, the public may think she is rushing into this solo career business or that she is too reckless and impulsive in life. This is mirrored in the reversed Conjunction card. So, all in all, the public does not have a good image of Emaza and this goes beyond her just being a singer. And this is something I saw when I was Googling around and glanced at some comments on an interview she did on YouTube.

Considering this, I had to ask, “How will the drama surrounding her sisters leaving affect her solo career?”

I got Saturn: Wisdom, the 9th House: Seeking, Moon: Feelings, Sagittarius: The Voyager, and Ascendant: Outlook reversed at the bottom of the deck.

For tarot I got the Chariot, Death in reverse, Temperance, Knight of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles, and the World at the bottom of the deck.

The drama of both sisters leaving the group will block Emaza in her solo career in many ways for a long time. I’m not sure if they all were able to travel because people wanted to book them or something, but travel is showing up prominently in the astrology cards. This can also be metaphorical as in the breakup of the group and how it was done may prevent Emaza from expanding her own horizons career wise. And this is because the wound is still fresh. Each sister pretty much left back-to-back as there was only a one-year gap in between it all. So, fans will have to recover emotionally from the loss and process what even happened, especially if they have been following all three sisters since the mid-2010s. But it seems like once that issue is finally laid to rest, Emaza can then move forward.

But it seems like that issue has to be thoroughly put to rest with the Death card and Emaza has to go through a sort of transformation or realignment. Because when she does money looks like it will start coming to her. The Knight of Pentacles shows a job offer and the Page of Pentacles indicates a new money venture or additionally some good news about money. We end the tarot with the World card, and it is interestingly under the Ascendant card. This astrology deck views the Ascendant and 1st house as two separate and distinct things when they’re actually the same. The Ascendant is just the angle the often begins the 1st house. In either case, having this card show up and not the 1st house to me suggests that once Emaza can move past this drama surrounding her sisters leaving and reinvent herself almost as separate entity from them, people will begin to view her differently and likely more positively. Because right now they seem to distrust her. When she’s able to regain their trust, her career should start to take off. But this will not happen for a while. I wonder with Saturn out, if it will be after her first Saturn return in a few years.

So, next I asked, “Will Emaza ever achieve mainstream success, that is, success beyond social media?”

“Let go” flipped out first eventually followed by “unlikely” and “choose a new direction.” A card flipped over in the deck, and it was “no” with an exclamation mark.

So, why not? Why won’t Emaza achieve success outside of social media?

We have Aquarius: The Innovator in reverse, 5th house: Passion, Conjunction: Empowerment, and the 7th house: Relating. Pluto: Transformation in reverse, Quincunx: Complexity, and the 1st house: Self were at the bottom of the deck.

For the tarot we got the King of Wands in reverse, Death, the Magician in reverse, 10 of Swords or Everything is Fine in reverse, Temperance in reverse, and the Moon in reverse.

It seems like if Emaza doesn’t make the radical change in her image that we’ve been talking about, then she can’t become mainstream. But it seems far more complicated than that with the Quincunx and Moon cards.

With the astrology cards, the problem may be that she is not viewed as someone original or different or unique enough to make that leap from social media to more traditional forms of media. Her creativity may not captivate mainstream audiences and they feel like they can’t really relate to her. More people than those in their early 20s and teens listen to music and follow artists. So, indeed, there can be a gap between the type of audience Emaza has curated online versus the one she will have to create if she was more mainstream.

With “saturates” on the Conjunction card, the issue can also be with oversaturation of certain types of artists that Emaza may fit into. To some, she may just be another light skinned mixed girl who sings RnB. That’s not anything new or exciting to them. For people online, however, she’s a pretty and funny girl. But that can’t always carry people to the limelight by traditional means anymore. How will she stand out?

For the tarot, we have the King of Wands in reverse. So, an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius man in the industry may not like Emaza and does not want her to achieve mainstream success. With Death and the reversed Magician next to it, he may be a shady person that wants to ensure that Emaza stays exactly where she is or that her career even ends altogether. This can then explain the 10 of Swords which signifies a betrayal. This in turn clarifies the Moon card which shows confusion and things not being quite right. Temperance in reverse tells us that things are imbalanced and not manifesting as they should. I don’t know who this man is, but it is not unusual in the music industry to have saboteurs. So, it seems like Emaza not making the jump from social media to mainstream is twofold.

Finally, we end with Ariana’s last question, “Does Emaza feel confident about her solo career?”

“No” with an exclamation mark and “be assertive” with an exclamation mark flew out. So no, she is not but it seems like she has to learn how to be more assertive in her career.

Regardless, why is Emaza unconfident in her solo career?

I got Aries: The Radical in reverse but I’m not sure if it was trying to flip upright as it came out, the Sun: Being, Libra: The Idealist in reverse, and Jupiter: Expansion in reverse. The 12th and 1st houses were reversed at the bottom of the deck.

For tarot we have the Page of Pentacles in reverse, King of Wands in reverse, 7 of Cups, 3 of Pentacles in reverse, Strength, Judgement, and the 9 of Pentacles in reverse.

So, it seems like Emaza is trying to be confident or put on a brave face but on the inside, she’s finding it hard to keep up the facade. With the 3 of Pentacles reversed, she’s insecure about being alone without her sisters. When they were around, perhaps things were much easier and she didn’t have to worry about so many things. Now solo, she has to decide everything for herself, which is likely why the 7 of Cups came out and why Libra is reversed. Emaza feels overwhelmed by the plethora of choices she has to make because she is in charge now. With Aries reversed and what we talked about in the astrology, she may be the type of person who acts first and thinks later but in order to have a successful career, she cannot keep doing that because all of the burden rests on her. There is also the added weight of people’s judgement of her with the Judgement card.

With the Page of Pentacles in reverse and the 9 of Pentacles as well, Emaza can achieve success, especially monetarily, but she’s not putting the work in to lay down a solid foundation for herself. She may be missing out on certain opportunities because she drags her feet on making a decision or having concrete goals, which in turn makes her unconfident in her career. But with the King of Wands showing up again, I wonder if this mystery fire man is blocking her when it comes to opportunities. Emaza can also be blinded by how people are judging her that she’s not paying attention to her own garden, so it wilts. She needs to refocus and figure out what she wants to do in her career.

So, that is all I have for you. Are you a fan of Ceraadi? What do you think about Emaza’s solo career thus far?

End of Transcript

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