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She’s all ready to have hers!

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Hello and welcome back to my channel. In lieu of the VMAs, I thought I would read on Chloe Bailey’s solo debut. So, the first question I asked was, “Why did she decide to go solo?”

I got the 2nd House: Assets, 8th House: Intimacy, Moon: Feelings, Saturn: Wisdom, Leo: The Lover, Semi-Sextile: Allowing in reverse, and Neptune: Dreams at the bottom of the deck.

So, it seems like Chloe wanted to go solo in part because she wanted to make her own money. But I think that is a very small part. Both houses for money came out, and I think they mainly symbolize how much effort she has put into this solo project thus far. She said she has been working on this solo album since 2019 and because of the pandemic its release got delayed. So, there is a lot of time and money that went into it, which is also shown with the Saturn and Semi-Sextile cards.

But I think the main reason Chloe wanted to go solo is because she has something creative and deeply emotional to say. If you watch any of her performances, she always puts on a show and gives us a lot of emotion, so it seems like this album will be no different. She is a Cancer Sun with a Leo Mercury after all. But, yes, Chloe wanted to go solo because she has been working on her own side project for quite some time now. She even said she had to put it aside because she was making Ungodly Hour. So, in addition to the work she has put into Chloe x Halle, she had her own dreams, emotions, and creative vision that is uniquely hers that she wants to share with the world.

But why did she decide to debut as a solo artist at the VMAs?

We have Trine: Flow, Libra: The Idealist, Pisces: The Mystic in reverse, Quincunx: Complexity in reverse, 9th House: Seeking in reverse, 10th House: Reputation in reverse, and Scorpio: The Animal in reverse at the bottom of the deck.

This spread is very interesting because to me it suggests that this wasn’t entirely Chloe’s decision. Perhaps someone else, maybe Beyoncé as Chloe is signed to her label, had connections to the VMAs and thought that Chloe should make a statement by debuting solo there. But Chloe didn’t really want to do that. With all the reversed cards, I get the sense that she had a very different vision for her debut, and she may be a bit irritated that she was railroaded into doing the VMAs thing. I asked for confirmation, however.

Was debuting at the VMAs Chloe’s decision?

We have Sagittarius: The Voyager, 1st House: Self, 12th House: Surrender in reverse, Taurus: The Bombshell in reverse, Conjunction: Empowerment in reverse, Uranus: Revolution in reverse, Cancer: The Doula in reverse, and the 3rd House: Perception in reverse at the bottom of the deck.

I think that someone suggested the idea to her, and she welcomed it. I think what the reversed cards are saying, however, is that she is very overwhelmed by her debut. I’m not sure if she just wanted to release her album online and maybe do some performances on her Instagram or what, but I think her finally putting her own music out and having to stand alone without her sister is daunting. I wonder if she’s thinking about all the backlash she tends to routinely get online and that is what is affecting her right now and why the 3rd house card is reversed. People were on her case for being too “grown” when she did the Buss It Challenge and then they were riding her for crying and speaking on the negative reaction she received from said Challenge. Then when she performed Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good,” everyone said she was “doing too much” and that she should have just stood there and sang. So, it’s like she can’t be her authentic self without people hating on her, and I think that’s what these cards and the previous ones were saying. Here, it’s showing that she’s scared and overwhelmed emotionally but is maybe trying to keep a calm exterior and not let what people on social media say get to her. In the previous spread it is a bit of the same, especially with the reversed Pisces card. She is afraid she’ll mess up and people won’t see her vision but whatever image of her they have in their heads, which we have established is rather negative. So, all in all, I think Chloe did decide to debut as a solo artist at the VMAs at the suggestion of someone else who has connections to the VMAs, but Chloe is in her head about how people will receive the performance.

So, let us ask. How will people receive Chloe’s performance at the VMAs?

Many cards flew out in groups. We have North Node: Destiny, Ascendant: Outlook, 8th House: Intimacy in reverse, Pisces: The Mystic in reverse, Scorpio: The Animal in reverse, Semi-Sextile: Allowing in reverse, 4th House: Roots in reverse, and the 3rd House: Perception. The 2nd House: Assets reversed and Taurus: The Bombshell were at the bottom of the deck.

For the Chloe stans, I think they will love the performance. These are the people who have been wanting her to go solo for a while, so they are ecstatic that that day is finally here. They will seem to really love whatever she will wear and praise her beauty up and down across social media, especially Twitter.

For the overwhelming rest of the people who will watch her performance, I get the sense that they will not like it. With the 8th house, Scorpio, and 4th house reversed, I think they’ll be on their horse about how she’s too sexy again. I really don’t get these people, it’s like they haven’t taken one glance at her social media or watched a recent Chloe x Halle performance because to me as a newer fan of theirs, Chloe has always been trying to be sexy. Maybe these are fans of the younger Chloe x Halle when they were “innocent” but the duo are grown women now so they’re going to do grown women stuff and look like grown women. But it seems like that is all these people will be focusing on, Chloe’s body and how she is too “extra” and sensual.

Finally, there will be a small group of people who are confused by Chloe’s performance. I think for this group, whatever image and/or sound Chloe goes with, they won’t “get it.” I think for these people, they have a particular image of a black female singer and Chloe is not giving them what they want. It seems very aesthetic based but not like the previous group where she’s “too sexy”; here it’s more, they don’t understand her vision or what she is trying to convey in her outfits or performance. They don’t think she’ll be the next “it girl” in RnB.

So, all in all, I think besides her stan base and casual fans, most people will have some “issue” with Chloe’s performance at the VMAs.

But what does Halle think about Chloe going solo?

We have Mars: Action in reverse, Saturn: Wisdom in reverse, 4th House: Roots in reverse, Leo: The Lover in reverse, Taurus: The Bombshell, Quincunx: Complexity in reverse, and Conjunction: Empowerment at the bottom of the deck.

I think Halle has some complex feelings about it. I think she’s realizing that the two are growing up but not necessarily apart if that makes sense. They’re maturing and that sometimes means as siblings you start to do a lot of things more independently. And it also means Halle can’t always be there to be Chloe’s support like she used to. Chloe has to stand on her own, which Halle thinks she can! It’s just that Halle may be used to always coming to Chloe’s defense and now Chloe has to be strong on her own against the wolves that are the public. This isn’t to say you’ll never see Halle coming to stick up for her sister anymore; it’s more so that Halle is acknowledging that she may have to take more of a back seat now and cheer her sister on from afar. So, I think Halle is very excited for her sister and of course wants to see her succeed. But on the inside, she may be wrestling with some more complicated emotions about them growing up and what that may entail for them career wise.

So, what will Chloe’s solo career look like?

We have Uranus: Revolution, Sextile: Opportunity, 4th House: Roots in reverse, Aquarius: The Innovator in reverse, 1st House: Self, and Libra: The Idealist in reverse. Opposition: Balance and North Node: Destiny were at the bottom of the deck.

So, Chloe’s solo career is not going to be what we, the public, are expecting. Chloe seems to want to shake everything up and make a statement, but many people will not like it. It will be the same “too extra” or “too grown” grievances they have had about her, I think, along with some people lamenting that what Chloe is giving is not the same as what Chloe x Halle were giving. But this seems intentional on Chloe’s part, I think. I think Chloe wants to give us something shocking and something to talk about. She wants to rebel against something, perhaps societal norms or norms within the music industry. Either way, what she will produce as a solo artist will be a deep reflection of her and her outlook on life. I feel like she’s going to be very personal in her music. And it seems like this is a good thing because she may be given many opportunities as a solo artist to advance herself. This seems to be because she is aligned with her soul’s purpose, which is to create and put herself on display.

I do feel like she’ll have many moments where she misses her sister Halle, though, with the 4th house reversed. With Libra reversed under it, I think she may have a hard time internally distinguishing herself from her sister, but this isn’t entirely her fault. Fans have long been endlessly comparing the two and wishing they would break up as a group to be solo. So, now that she is finally independent, Chloe may find it hard to know what to do at times in her career. Halle may have been the one to hold down the fort but now Chloe has to do everything herself. I think in the long run she’ll be fine. It’s not like her sister will just disappear or anything. But like Halle, I think Chloe may be struggling with being a bit more separate professionally.

Let us end by asking, “How will the public and critics receive Chloe as a solo artist?” The public’s perception is on the left with Pisces: The Mystic, 7th House: Relating, and Neptune: Dreams. The critics’ side is on the right and has the 8th House: Intimacy in reverse, Quincunx: Complexity, Pluto: Transformation in reverse, and Aries: The Radical in reverse.

So, we have a very interesting division. Although I asked how the public would receive Chloe as a solo artist, I think what the cards on the left are showing are her fans or perhaps people who will become her fans. They seem really young for some reason. In any case, the public may soften up quite a bit to Chloe once she’s able to find her groove. I feel like they’ll really vibe with her music on an emotional and spiritual level. Whatever Chloe will sing about they can deeply relate to. Maybe she’ll sing about relationship issues and people can really connect to the feelings that she is conveying. There is something very dreamy about how the public will receive Chloe.

For critics, however, they seem to have a more sterile take on Chloe. I get the sense that they don’t know what to make of her. I think they think she is still a young artist who is just starting out but is a little too intense. I think they’ll have a problem with how she’ll rock the boat and again be “too sexy.” They may say things like her music “misses the mark” or seems a little incomplete or rushed. It’s like they think she is trying too hard to present herself as this bombshell or baddie but she’s not to them, at least, not compared to other artists. They think if she tweaked a few things here and there, she will be more successful but for some reason I get the sense that Chloe will be successful in her own right. “Success” can mean any things, so I decided not to ask about that.

In either case, that is all I have for you. What do you think about Chloe and what do you want to see from her?

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