September 2021 Predictions

It’s the beginning of fall!

September 2021 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits for Sept. 2021?

Sept. 7 New Moon in Virgo

Sept. 10 Venus enters Scorpio (detriment)

Sept. 15 Mars enters Libra (detriment)

Sept. 20 Full Moon in Pisces

Sept. 22 The Sun enters Libra (fall)

Sept. 27 Mercury stations retrograde at 25°28’ Libra


Sept. 1 Mars opposite Neptune retrograde

Sept. 4 Mercury trine Saturn retrograde

Sept. 5 Venus trine Pluto retrograde, Mars trine Pluto retrograde

Sept. 6 Sun trine Uranus retrograde, Venus trine Jupiter retrograde

Sept. 13 Sun opposite Neptune retrograde

Sept. 16 Sun trine Pluto retrograde, Venus square Saturn retrograde

Sept. 20 Mercury trine Jupiter retrograde

Sept. 21 Mercury square Pluto retrograde

Sept. 23 Venus opposite Uranus retrograde

Sept. 24 Mars trine Saturn retrograde

Sept. 29 Sun trine Saturn retrograde, Venus trine Neptune retrograde

Sept. 30 Venus square Jupiter retrograde

So much has happened last month! The hard aspects to Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune caused all sort of havoc and confusion. Domestically, parents were literally fist fighting over whether or not public schools should enforce a mask mandate in an entire pandemic where children cannot be immunized yet and are being hospitalized at alarming rates. All of this is happening because the government decided that the states should all individually deal with these angry people while they went on vacation. This was also conveniently the time that the government decided that people should get evicted.

On September 4, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) imposed a nationwide temporary federal moratorium on residential evictions for nonpayment of rent. The moratorium was extended several times, until it expired on July 31, 2021. On August 3, 2021, the CDC issued a new order implementing another eviction moratorium through October 3, 2021. Rather than applying nationwide, the new order is only applicable in counties with heightened rates of COVID-19 community transmission. Both orders are intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by preventing homelessness and overcrowded housing conditions resulting from eviction. The CDC’s actions, which followed an Executive Order directing it to consider such measures, are unprecedented, both in terms of the agency’s reach into what is traditionally state and local governance of landlord-tenant law and its use of a public health authority. Courts have issued conflicting decisions on the initial order’s legality, leaving a cloud of uncertainty regarding the order’s enforceability.

From the Congressional Research Service

Some cities, like the one I live near by, have decided to extend the moratorium but the fact that the federal government has been silent on this during a pandemic and opted to let states handle this on a case-by-case basis is astonishing. I think I have said it before in these monthly predictions, but Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn are exposing how the way we live and are governed is extremely cruel and archaic. America is one of the richest and most powerful nations in the world, and yet its leaders routinely let its population die for absolutely no reason. I shouldn’t say no reason—it’s for capitalism and all the other systems of oppression that need to be alive and thriving in order to ensure that everything goes as plan. But people here and across the world are coming to their breaking points.

Although we will not have the same hard aspects to Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and even Jupiter and Saturn this month—in fact, we will have numerous positive or soft aspects between the inner and outer planets—the planets transiting through Libra and a bit of Scorpio will cause us to question how we should relate to each other and who wields power within relationships. Saturn is exalted in Libra, but the Sun is in fall here and Mars is in detriment. In other words, this sign may try too hard to seek balance in ways that make it difficult to take individualistic and/or self-interested action. This isn’t always bad in theory but sometimes Libra can be off in its assessment of what is “right,” “wrong,” and “fair.”

The transits for September 2021

Take the eviction problem. Libra may argue that it is “fair” and “just” that people who haven’t been able to pay rent since this federal moratorium should be kicked out of their residence. But…that doesn’t make sense on an empathetic level. We’re literally in a pandemic with a dismissive, often unresponsive, federal government that hasn’t done nearly as much to ensure that its populace is safe and taken care of—with money we all are legally obliged to pay to them in taxes, mind you—on all levels like other countries have, even places that the imperial core consider “poor” and “backward.” (How Vietnam has handled the pandemic, all while the U.S. and other Western nations have been blocking them and the rest of the world from producing their own generic vaccine is amazing, for example.) Work has been placed above the lives of the people who live here, so to the government, thousands, if not millions potentially, of its citizens becoming homeless at the same time where natural disasters have been steadily becoming deadlier each year, makes “logical” sense.

This is the problem with air signs, even Libra. Feelings are often purposefully taken out the equation, which leads to problems like the ones we are seeing in the U.S. What is deemed “emotional” and “compassionate” can often be rendered as “illogical” and “manipulative,” sometimes even “lazy.” So, in September, you may find that your relationships and their inner workings will be at the forefront.

Venus will be in Scorpio, however, and Mars in Libra, making the two in mutual reception. This means that the more aggressive and darker side of relationships will characterize this Libra season. As I said before, you will all be examining who holds the power in your relationships. Who is the party that has the power to act, to decide, to will, to attack, to enforce, to threaten, to concede, etc.

Near the end of August, the U.S. government thought it was also wise to suddenly pull out of Afghanistan after over 20 years of militarily occupying the country. The immediate result? The Taliban was able to swiftly take over, causing millions of citizens to rush to airports to possibly seek asylum abroad. (I have been seeing non-news outlets say that this happened because the Taliban already controlled the overwhelming majority of the country anyway. Thus, the U.S. pulled out because we lost, almost reminiscent of the war in Vietnam.) We’re still in a pandemic where many nations have closed their borders and yet the American military propaganda machine is in overdrive over here.

Face of Imperialism by Michael Parenti

Every day on the news we have heard about a handful of American soldiers dying supposedly at the hands of the Taliban and nothing about the devastation that the Taliban have been causing to the Afghan people. You also will, of course, not hear about the depravity of the U.S. military in the 20 years they have been in this country unnecessarily, such as apparently killing civilians, even children, and collecting their skulls as trophies. All you will hear from the propaganda machine is some faux concern about women’s rights and that’s about it. This then gets regurgitated by white supremacist feminists (many are radical feminists or even TERFs) so they can act out their weird white woman victim complexes on the internet. It is a mess all around. I implore you all to do some minimal research on Southwest Asia as a whole and how Western countries, which includes the UK and other European nations like Russia, and Canada, have been destabilizing the area for centuries, often by getting involved in local conflicts to ensure that these places can never govern themselves independently. I will also link some places you can donate to below.

Just a side note, I tried my best to find links to places that actually help the local people as some bigger organizations just keep the money. Also, sorry if the links are weird. Some embedded while others did not. WordPress can be very weird with links.

How to donate to or otherwise help Afghans (DO NOT DONATE TO THE RED CROSS!)!/

How to donate to Haiti (DO NOT DONATE TO THE RED CROSS!)


So, in summation, this upheaval and unrest will rage on in September. And this will only be worsened by the fact that Mercury will go retrograde towards the end of the month. Communication, electronic, and transportation issues will be abound. Make sure to plan things out carefully and try not to start lots of new ventures during this time. Be mindful of your words as well, as Mars will be transiting with Mercury, causing people to be jump to conclusions and be passive aggressive. Mercury will also square Pluto, causing people to be particularly nasty with their words, choosing to cut very deep. With Venus in Scorpio, you may never know how you may have hurt someone, however, and how they may be plotting in ways to ensure that they get even. Venus will be opposite Uranus almost all month long, so expect people to surprise you, and not always in the good way.

Oracle Messages

What is the energy for Sept. 2021?

15: Mercury (reverse)

12: Pisces

16: Venus

26: Earth (reverse)

23: Fire

2: Taurus (bottom of the deck)

18: Jupiter (reverse; bottom of the deck)

It seems like in September, love and a lot of emotion will be in the air at the expense of rational thinking and pragmatism. Indeed, communication may be a bit funky in September, which makes sense as Mercury will go retrograde at the end of the month. But even so, it seems like our emotions will be ruling us this month, causing us to ignore reality. Many may be too busy excessively indulging in things that are pleasurable and enticing that we forget about both the small details and larger picture of life around us, throwing order and organization out of whack. Make sure you stay on top of personal matters and be more aware of your surroundings!

It seems like this month is all about desire. Fire, Venus, how the bull in the Taurus card is looking at that woman… For September, lust is in the air. This is funny because Venus is more about love than lust even though both Mars and Venus rule sex. However, as was mentioned above, Mars and Venus will be in mutual reception as they are in each other’s signs. This means that love will take on an overtly sexual and aggressive tone this month. But based on the cards here, this is to many people’s detriment (which is ironic because Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra are in detriment lol). It seems like too many people will be off in la la land when it comes to their sexcapades as Pisces is out and upright.

Mercury, Earth, and Jupiter are all reversed, suggesting that people are wearing rose-colored glasses. Whenever I see Taurus in this deck, I get the sense that some treachery is going on because of how sinisterly the bull is looking at woman in this card. And, indeed, I later got the Deceit card when I was asking what messages our guides have for us this month. Mercury in this deck is also looking over its shoulder, concerned. It is facing Pisces, a sign that Mercury is both fall and detriment in, indicating that logical thinking is immensely difficult here. With Earth reversed under Mercury, it seems like too many of you will be caught up in this situation(ship) or entanglement to see that something fishy (Pisces) is going on right in front of you. You may be spending too much money, find that things are “missing,” or just otherwise notice too late that your life is not as orderly and stable as it once was or should be. And this is all because you are both ignoring the smaller details and/or signs and the big ones as well. Mercury will go retrograde this month and will not turn back direct until mid-October. Therefore, it seems like this is the month to start paying attention to what goes on in your relationships and how you handle material and financial matters.

What oracle messages do we have for Sept. 2021?

42: Homeward - Take yourself out on a date
29: Feast - Slow down and celebrate yourself
22: Library - Take control of your own narrative
5: Stars: You can manifest your every wish

For Sept., some of you need to pump the breaks and smell the flowers. Last month may have been a month where you were all go-go-go that you never really had time to just relax and enjoy yourself. In Sept., you need to start taking some steps to do just that. Others of you, however, need to be more proactive in your life. You may let others take the reins too often and end up feeling like a hopeless victim! But you are not! Take control of the narrative that is your life. You are much stronger than you think, being able to tap into your inner strength and the divine to manifest all that you desire!

I respect the property of others (reverse)
I invoke laughter
I am forgiving (reverse)
I spread joy (reverse)

Some of you may have a nasty habit of being a but cruel. The whole "it's just a joke/prank bro" attitude is not a very nice one to have. Ask yourself why you enjoy spreading misfortune and mischief where you go? September marks the month where the Sun enters Libra, the sign of relationships. What is your relationship like with others, and perhaps just as importantly, yourself? What is something about yourself or what has happened to yourself that you are not forgiving yourself for? Why, instead of tackling that issue, do you external your pain and make it someone else's? September is asking you to put the jokes away and confront the hurt you harbor inside.

XXX: The One
XXXII: The Cave (reverse)
XXVII: The Unseen

For some of you, September may be a month of a lot of spiritual activity...but you may fear these types of things or believe that no one/your guides/the universe truly listens to you. But that's not true! The veil for you may be very thin in September, allowing you to take a peak into the other side. What you may see may not be as glamorous as you thought, however. You may reject it, wanting to return to the light but what is revealed to you needs to be acknowledged in order to grow. 

For oracle messages this month, I feel like I got four distinct messages. For the Believe in Your Magic cards, one message is that some of you need to slow down and just relax. This is not a new message we have been getting all year. But, yes, some of you may be stressing out about life, which is not without reason, of course. However, stressing out and trying to overcompensate for that by overworking it not the business. Try to take some time out your life just to enjoy and celebrate yourself!

Another message this deck is trying to give us is that some of you need to stop believing you are helpless. Indeed, you are much more powerful than you think but some of you may like to sit on your hands and then cry about situations you could have proactively taken steps to prevent or change. For September, it seems like you need to stop letting things just happen to you and go out there and make things happen for you. Libra is a cardinal sign, meaning that it is action-oriented and a leader. Virgo is a mutable sign and an earth one ruled by Mercury, meaning that it can meander and focus on things that are not all that important. So, as we approach late September, think about the ways you can be more intentional in your life as the Sun starts to stop floundering and be more direct and honest.

For the Amenti Oracle, we get an interesting and “darker” message, which is similar to the one it gave us last month: a lot of you need to really work on yourselves and be kinder to not only yourself but others. It is interesting that this message came out again as the planets transit through Libra and a bit of Scorpio. These are the most intensely relationship focused signs out of the Zodiac in my opinion. Both want to be accepted by others (Libra more so than Scorpio, of course) and find it hard to deal with rejection. While Libra will contour itself to appease another, Scorpio may go to great lengths to keep that other person, even if both perish in the process, however. There is also an interesting paper-thin line between love and scorn with Scorpio, which is why Venus is so fundamentally uncomfortable here. So, it seems like with the Amenti Oracle, it is saying that some of you are taking this scorn you have for yourself and projecting that outwardly to the world by being mean to others in a backhanded, sarcastic way.

Libra is about finding a balance between the personal ego and that of another person, especially a person you love. Scorpio is about confronting the ego and essentially killing it so it can eventually reform into something better, more whole, and more enlightened. When you ignore the trauma inside and never forgive yourself, all of that pain, anger, and emotion has to go somewhere. And it seems like it is leaking out in destructive ways for some of you until you finally sit down with yourself and acknowledge that whatever happened, did in fact happen. It is only when you bring these painful memories to the surface that you can begin the healing process. No amount of “jokes” and playing the role of a jester will turn back the clock, unfortunately. All you can do now is forgive yourself.

Finally, we have the Wild Unknown Archetype cards. It somewhat mirrors the message of the Amenti Oracle in that, there is something deep and dark that some of you are refusing to confront. Here, though, this seems more spiritual than (trigger warning) sexual assault related in my opinion. I get the sense that for some of you, you may like to dabble into the esoteric and spiritual but are afraid of “going all the way,” whatever that may mean. Perhaps looking into death and the afterlife, talking to spirits and entities, channeling messages from these things/the Universe/Source/etc., the list can go on. But I feel like you should. When you tap into your spiritual side like this you are whole or complete. It’s as though all the pieces of who you are will come together neatly like a puzzle if you do. I feel like a spirit guide or ancestor or the like is very close to you this month, helping you to take this next, almost “final” step. So, I don’t think there is necessarily anything to be worried about unless you are literally messing with demons lmao. I think they want you to finally cross this threshold so you can further develop your spiritual powers and they can more easily talk to you directly. So, if you feel like something or someone is close to you, even talking to you in your ear, again I think around when the Sun enters Libra for some strange reason, it is likely a guide or ancestor wanting to work with you. September may be a month of strange “coincidences” and increased messages for some of you.

What messages do our guides have for Sept. 2021?

52: Business - Venus

51: Leadership - Holy Spirit

25: Shadow - Divine Healers

14: Celebration - Joy Guides

41: Bravado - Warrior Guides (reverse!)

27: Deceit - Guardian Angels

28: Restrictions - Joy Guides

11: New Beginnings - Divine Father

In September, for some of you, it seems like you have to learn how to keep things cordial in business matters. You may be given opportunities to network or otherwise be in a leadership position. But with this, there can be feelings of competition, envy, and deceit going on from the people around you. However, it seems like our guides are urging you to keep it cute. Going on the offensive will not help you here. Sidestepping conflict but also being aware of your dissenters seems like the best case scenario here.

For others of you, similar to the previous oracle cards, there is something "darker" within you that you need to confront. Because at the moment, you are projecting whatever this hurt is on to others, and you are unfortunately coming off as snide and rude. Your guides urge you to take inventory within and unchain yourself from whatever negativity you are harboring inside. To look at things differently and realize you are not as stuck or down on your luck as you think you are.

Whether you are in group 1 or 2 or both, it also seems like some good will soon step into your life in September. For some reason I think it will come at the end of the month or when the Sun is about to enter Libra. In either case, September is about new beginnings and celebrating!

For September, our spirit guides have two messages. One is for the business people or even just people who are still working their 9 to 5s: money and abundance is coming but some people around you want it for themselves. But do not fight them; sidestep them.

Indeed, Deceit as a card is not a new message when it comes to these monthly predictions, but for the month of September, someone or even multiple people may be putting the evil eye on you. Your guides have been watching you put the work in to succeed, so they have been working from their side of the veil to make sure you are rewarded. But with rewards comes jealousy. Do not let the haters ruin your happiness, opportunities, or time to shine. Do not be goaded into petty fights and arguments. Just mind your business. Your guides are out here throwing hands for you on the spiritual plane, so put your fists down. Faking it until you make it, or rather, until these people get up out your face, seems to be the message here lol. Libra is all about being fake nice, but not nice nasty. Keep it cute and cordial.

The second message is almost a reiteration of the Amenti one and a bit of the Wild Unknown Archetype: there is a part of you that you are ignoring, which you shouldn’t. Again, it seems like a “darker” or nastier side that some of you do not want to look at, but in September, you must. Because whoever this Shadow self is stops you from reaching your fullest potential, whatever that may be. Some of you may have a lot of self-defeating and -limiting beliefs that keeps you in this pessimistic energy. Your guides are urging you to change your perspective on things, because when you do, you will realize that life is actually worth celebrating and new things are just around the corner.

What can you do for your mental and physical health in Sept. 2021?

34: Massage

39: Plan a vacation

54: Watch a movie

26: Health checkup

9: Clean your space

47: Sound healing

48: Spend time with animals

40: Pleasure (bottom of the deck)

For September, some of you need to focus on your physical body, paying attention to what hurts, aches, and seems a bit off. For some, a time of rest where you can massage and stretch yourself may be all that you need. For others of you, it's best to go to the doctor. I know that may be harder or scarier than other times because of the pandemic, but if you think you need to go get something checked out, just do it.

Mentally, for some of you, you need to declutter your space so you can have peace of mind. As Marie Kondo says, do the things around you "spark joy"? If not, think about tossing it or repurposing it. For the things that do, perhaps engage with it in a different way or more frequently.

One of the cards says, "plan a vacation" but with travel restrictions back in place, I think some of you should plan a mental vacation instead. Watch your favorite movie or a movie that has been in your queue on one of your streaming platforms for years. Hang out with your pets. Play music or make a new playlist. Or...simply play with yourself.

September seems like the month of getting reacquainted with our bodies and how it can be a site of pleasure instead or pain or tension.

Finally, I pulled some health cards because I meant to when the Sun first entered Virgo, as that sign is a hypochondriac lol. In either case, for September, it seems like you all need to have some fun…but in the house lmao. Watch some movies, listen to some music, play with your pets, clean up your space, go support your favorite creator on OnlyFans, etc. Some of you need to pay more attention to your physical body, however. Go see a doctor or just try to stretch more, especially since a lot of mandates may have returned where you live if they never went away in the first place. These messages are pretty self-explanatory here.

This is all that I have for September. If you like my work, think about supporting me through my Ko-Fi or Amazon Wishlist.

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