Numbers That Govern: Summer Walker

By now, I’m sure many people are over her lol.

Today, we are continuing on with the singer series with Summer Walker. I was initially going to read on her 7 Classical Planets, especially since I have seen some very strange takes on it that I do not agree with. But when I saw she was born on the 11th, I felt called to read on her numerology instead. I guess this is a new trend I am on when it comes to the singers I have covered so far. In either case, let us see what we can extrapolate from Miss Walker’s numbers.

Summer Walker is an Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon (if born at noon or later)

Life Path: 22

The Life Path is “the most major lesson to be learned in this life, the central focus of a person’s existence,” (Goodwin, 1981, pp. 23). The Life Path, like the birth chart in astrology, is something the soul decides on before it (re)incarnates on Earth. Numerologist Matthew Oliver Goodwin makes a point to stress the fact that it cannot be changed because you cannot change when you are born. And indeed, this is true. The Life Path is fixed; the number shows what your soul wants to learn during this lifetime and likely many more to come.

Born on April 11, 1996, Summer Marjani Walker is a 22 Life Path. A number that repeats itself is called a Master Number. These numbers are rather special and important in numerology because the energy of the repeated number causes the overall double-digit number to vibrate on a much higher frequency than the numbers 0 through 9. As a result, they should not be reduced in most cases. A master number Life Path is one focused on helping humanity.


The Life Path is calculated by adding up and reducing one’s birthday.

The 22 is often known as the “Master Builder.” This is because it is one step above the 11, which is a number all about spirituality, consciousness raising, and idealism, and 22 reduces to a 4. For these reasons, “the 22, is potentially capable of combining the idealism of the first master number, the 11, with the ability to put these ideals into a concrete form” (Goodwin, 1981, pp. 11). Numerologist Shirley Blackwell Lawrence calls the 11 an “As Above” number and the 22 a “So Below” number, further illustrating this spiritual-material dichotomy (2001, 2019). However, the 22 is usually conceptualized as being just one step above the 11—it’s not just about the spiritual but materializing it in some physical way, somewhat similar to the 8. Therefore, I do not necessarily agree that the 22 is “less” spiritual than the 11 like she asserts. I believe that the 22 is just the “logical” conclusion to the 11. Likewise, 22 is just 11 times 2. Regardless, I find it fascinating that Summer Walker has such a Life Path to begin with, especially considering all of her other numbers are more aligned to the spiritual without this added balance with the physical.

Indeed, Summer Walker…is a bit “out there.” A 22 Life Path would suggest, on some level, that she should be more disciplined, organized, and capable than we currently see her to be. Truly, numerologists often talk up a big game about the 22 Life Path individual. Writing such things as:

Master Number 22/4s are practical planners and dreamers who have the visionary and intuitive insight of 11, the sensitivity and compassion of 2, and the practicality and determination of 4, which is the ultimate combination to turn ideas into physical form. Their ability to see the bigger picture and follow through with practical action enables them to achieve their goals and assist the evolution of humankind.

Buchanan, 2013, pp. 114

With this master number, [the native] has added perceptions, added awarenesses, different capabilities of understanding plus the ability to attain anything and everything in the way of material accomplishment.

Goodwin, 1981, pp. 248

When working in the positive energy of this number, much good is accomplished. Many constructive ideas come to 22’s and they have the innate ability to make their ideas reality.

Lawrence, 2001, 2019, pp. 220

But let me not sell Summer Walker too short. Although many may find her beliefs odd, she does have a successful singing career.

Like many of the new girls in the industry today, Summer Walker found her love of music through the aid of the internet, YouTube specifically, where she taught herself guitar. In an interview with The Face back in 2019, Summer said she used to upload videos privately, as in none of her classmates knew. (She claimed she was an introvert and people always called her “weird.”) For work, she held odd jobs, operating a cleaning business which she promoted on Instagram while stripping on the side. One day she was discovered by a woman who was the studio manager of a label called Love Renaissance (LVRN), which is distributed through Interscope Records, in Atlanta. Thanks to her, Summer was signed to the label and on October 19, 2018, her debut mixtape, Last Day of Summer, hit the scene. Peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 Chart and number 25 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, the mixtape was critically received, especially when she did a remix of “Girls Need Love” with Drake.

A year later on October 4, 2019, Summer Walker’s first studio album, Over It, was released and to even more critical acclaim. It debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 Chart with 134,000 equivalent album units. Its debut week marked the biggest week for an R&B album by a female artist in over three years after Beyoncé’s Lemonade earned more than 200,000 units in its third week in 2016. Over It went on to chart for 14 nonconsecutive weeks, be the second-most streamed album by any R&B artist ever, and went platinum on May 7, 2020.

Summer was supposed to go on a 29 show tour, aptly named The First and Last Tour, for the album but cancelled the remaining 20 due to her social anxiety. Nevertheless, she won Best New Artist during the 2019 Soul Train Awards.

A list of cities Summer Walker was supposed to perform in.

After all of this, Summer Walker swore off interviews but continued to release music. On July 10, 2020, she released her second EP, Life on Earth. It peaked at No. 1 on Top R&B Albums chart, No. 2 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and at No. 8 on the all-genre Billboard 200 according to Billboard. The songs “Come Thru” featuring Usher went certified platinum on August 20 and “Body” went certified gold on August 25. Older songs also were certified on this day as well—”Playing Games” was a certified two-time platinum, and “Girls Need Love” was a certified three-time platinum. On October 14, Summer Walker won the Billboard Music Award for the Best Female R&B Artist at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards. On December 10, her debut song, “Session 32” was certified gold and “I’ll Kill You” featuring Jhené Aiko was a certified platinum as well. Finally, Over It according to the Billboard 200 year-end chart of 2020, was the second-best performing R&B album of the year behind The Weeknd’s After Hours and was the seventeenth best performing album overall.

I love the pink in the album cover lol.

Considering that Ari Lennox was the previous singer I have read on recently, Summer Walker’s accolades are about a mile long in comparison. But this is not surprising with a master number Life Path. Indeed, numerologists use such words as “visionary,” “dedicated,” and “a master of accomplishments” (Lawrence, 2001, 2019, pp. 222; Buchanan, 2013, pp. 114) to describe the 22. However, these same numerologists also note that it is very hard for individuals with master numbers to always be in this vibration because there is a lot of anxiety attached to it, which we see with Summer Walker. Consequently, these people may tend to operate from the “lower” reduced number and/or simply not achieve whatever it is they are set out to do.

In that The Face interview, Summer Walker says that she “don’t stand for shit” and that she’s “just doing this all for money, that’s it.” Like the author, I too wonder if this is entirely true, especially when a year or so back, almost every tarot video I watched warned her about keeping an eye on her money because someone close to her was stealing from her. Nevertheless, this is an interesting admission. People can work from the positive or negative side of all of their numbers, even destructive sides according to Lawrence (2001, 2019; destructive and negative seem to be one and the same for Goodwin). With how her social anxiety deeply impacts her ability to tour and promote in person along with this sort of blasé attitude to assigning any deeper meaning to her art, one can say that Summer Walker is operating from the negative side of her 22 Life Path.

Goodwin writes, “[The native] may accomplish [their] goals, but [they] will learn little of the ultimate lesson. [They] will be aware of not using [their] talents wisely, but may feel incapable of heading in a more meaningful direction. An occasional 22 is overwhelmed by [their] powers and retreats from them. [They] may accomplish little, feel frightened by the world around [them], uncomfortable with [their] nervous tension” (1981, pp. 268).

For Lawrence, the negative manifestation of the 22 Life Path is a person who is “aimless,” “frantic,” “feels inferior,” and “[is] indifferent” (2001, 2019, pp. 222). Buchanan uses similar words, saying that some of the 22/4 weaknesses is how it can be “awkward,” “stubborn,” and “inflexible,” clearing taking inspiration from a negative 4 manifestation (2013, pp. 114).

So, it seems like Summer Walker not standing for anything, at least according to her, and not using her influence and voice to “build, create, or promote something that benefits humanity and bridges the spiritual and material worlds” (Buchanan, 2013, pp. 116), she is not aligned with her Life Path in the most positive way. She is letting her fears and anxieties get in the way of what her soul came her to do. But what did her soul come down to Earth for? Let us investigate the other numbers for some clues.

Birthday: 11

Born on the 11th of April, Summer Walker has a 11 Birthday number. The Birthday number is a sub-lesson to the Life Path. The 11 is the first of the master numbers, so this is another intense number for Summer Walker to have. This means that in addition to being called to materialize something of great heights, she must also raise Earth’s vibration to new heights as well. Indeed, the 11 goes by many names but all numerologists make sure to reference the spiritual aspect of this number: “Illumination” (Goodwin, 1981; Smith, 2019), “The Psychic Master” (Lawrence, 2001, 2019), “The Inspiration Teacher” (Buchanan, 2013), etc. The 11 is all about cultivating one’s intuition and reaching one’s full potential in life so they can teach and inspire others to do the same. This is why people with 11’s in their chart tend to be immensely creative. By creating things, the 11 person can “inspire by [their] own example, living in the way revealed to [them], spreading [their] ILLUMINATION for others to absorb and benefit” (Goodwin, 1981, pp. 233).

Summer Walker was born on the 11th of April, making her birthday number 11

Clearly, singing is how Summer Walker is choosing to inspire others in this lifetime. However, as we have mentioned in the previous section, she is letting her anxiety perhaps get in the way of that. Anxiety is seen with all of the master numbers because these numbers just simply vibrate on a much higher frequency than the single digit ones. With the 11 especially, there is an added emotionality attached to the number because its reduced number is 2.

The 2 is all about love, cooperation, and our emotions. It may be likened to Cancer and perhaps the 11 as Pisces, at least in my opinion. As a result, an 11 person can be deeply moody, hypersensitive, and defensive. They can turn their backs on their mission and become co-dependent and a follower. Because the 11 consists of two 1’s, these people are supposed to be leaders and teachers, which is often why these people find themselves frequently in the limelight. They must channel messages from above in order to help guide the masses. If they are caught up in their emotions and anxieties, they cannot do any of this. But again, not living up to their fullest potential is not always these people’s faults.

Goodwin argues that while people with 11’s are aware that they are here for a specific purpose, they may not be able to use their gifts, neither for themselves nor others (1981). Some of this seems to be the result of being an impractical idealist who is more of a dreamer than a doer. It may take a person several lifetimes to completely step into and then actualize their fullest potential. This can also be because the 11 is considered to be the number of self-mastery while the 22 is more the mastery of duality, of both the spiritual and material (Smith, 2019). Self-mastery rarely happens in one lifetime, I argue. So, perhaps, we should not be so hard on Summer Walker. Her soul elected to take on a very difficult mission during this life which may or may not be accomplished.

Expression: 9

The Expression represents the native’s natural talents and abilities, which happens to be some of the most noticeable parts of the individual. When we add and reduce all the numbers in Summer Walker’s name, we get a 9 Expression number. 9 is another spiritual number, so once again, Summer Walker is here to carry out some higher mission in this lifetime. With the 9, she is here to be a humanitarian. The 9 is like a higher octave of the 6, in my opinion, because the 9 must selflessly give to everyone, not just their partners or family. It is interesting to note, however, that Goodwin says that serving others through charity or philanthropy is not the only way to live out the 9; you can also give yourself to others via your creativity (1981). Indeed, Goodwin lists creative ability as one of the 9 Expression’s abilities/positive attitudes alongside being altruistic and sensitive towards others.

18 = 9

When you add up all the numbers in a person’s name, you get the Expression number.

Now…I don’t know Summer Walker. She could be a very nice person behind the scenes. However, her public persona is a bit messy. I understand wanting to push back against people who are hyper focused on her every step, but some of the stuff she be saying and doing is a bit weird… At the time of writing this, she recently posted on her Instagram Stories that she wants vaccinated people to stay away from her. Before this, many were concerned that her baby was malnourished because the baby looked underweight. It did not help that a year prior to the baby’s birth, Summer condemned mothers for feeding their babies formula because she is concerned about what is actually in it. She advocated for fresh fruits and veggies in a blender instead.

A few months back, many were concerned for Summer’s baby because they looked underweight. These concerns grew more when Summer posted a picture of what looks like ingredients for a baby formula she may feed her child which includes hemp seeds.

The whole “clean diet” movement is not new. Many people have made very successful careers off of following a diet and lifestyle that is more organic or vegan/vegetarian. I personally have complicated feelings on this because of how our food is grown and made (in)accessible to certain demographics. It is all very complex with no quick fixes. So, in some ways I am not opposed to people wanting to eat in ways that are deemed “healthier.” (I put “healthier” in scare quotes because that is rather subjective and have many caveats, but I digress.) If Summer Walker chose to make this her public persona and a message she wants to spread it would be fine and in step with her 9 Expression. But how she has been doing this, even if unintentionally, is actually very dangerous.

In its most positive manifestation, I believe that the 9 is an energy that can understand how people are multifaceted and allows them the space to all live differently. But sometimes when people are so committed to “helping” or spreading “the truth,” whatever that may mean, they can become dogmatic and controlling. Now, I don’t necessarily see that with Summer Walker. At worst, I just see ignorance. It’s one thing to believe all that she does but it is another to publicly say it and constantly double down on it, you know? And then delete your social media (which is currently back up lol) when you get dragged like she did when she posted a video to Instagram saying that Chinese people were purposefully spreading Covid, a very ignorant and racist sentiment. It’s a mess and clearly shows that she has a long way to go if she truly wants to step into the pure energy of all of these spiritual numbers. Indeed, the negative attributes of the 9 include: self-centeredness, intolerance, insensitivity, indifference, intensity, dramatic, unforgiving, stingy, etc. Maybe with time and experience Summer Walker can manifest the more positive side of the 9 which includes being compassionate, dedicated, fulfilled, and accepting.

Soul Urge: 7

When you add up all of the vowels of a person’s name you get the Soul Urge. This number symbolizes what the native desires at their core. Goodwin states, however, that this lurks below the surface and is something the native rarely openly expresses but when described, they will readily identify with (1981). For Summer Walker, we have the last spiritual number, the 7, as her Soul Urge number.


The Soul Urge is calculated by adding up and reducing all the vowels in a person’s name.

This is not a surprising one as the 7, when manifested negatively, wants to disappear. Indeed, the 7 is like the Hermit card in tarot; it has an energy of wanting to be left alone and can come off as rather secretive and aloof. I liken it to Scorpio—it is a very observant and incredibly knowledgeable but rather difficult to approach and to get to know. But the 7 here is a Soul Urge number. So that means below the surface, Summer Walker wants to retire from the world so she can study in peace. Yes, despite being in the limelight, she hates it, but we all knew that. However, with a 22 Life Path she must in many ways be in the spotlight because her soul has elected to take on such a big mission. But deep down it may regret this to an extent with this 7 Soul Urge number.

At its worst, the 7 is a snooty recluse. As an intellectual number, the 7 can make a person come off as “above it all” and a smart ass. The number finds it difficult to relate to others and be social. This wouldn’t be so bad if the number didn’t use its inability to be affectionate and open to be mean and cold. There is something different about this number, which just fuels people with it to withdraw further and repress their emotions and desires. For Summer Walker, this may be unconscious. Although we can all see how she is reserved to a fault, she may not completely recognize how bad it is or can get. This isn’t to say everyone has to be outgoing and always “on,” even as a celebrity. But there are certain expectations that comes with the job of being a public person and an artist. She cannot always run away into obscurity. Whatever she says both in real life and online will have an audience. When she steps out into the world, there will be an audience.

It seems as with all the other numbers in her chart, she should be using her platform to spread positive and helpful messages instead of whatever she has been doing. She can talk about her spirituality for example, or how people can eat better—showing the world through living it. But…it seems like Summer Walker doesn’t want to do that, or at least not yet. I’m sure constantly being clowned, dragged, and condemned online has not helped her to open up. Almost all of these numbers, but the 7 especially, have a tendency to avoid conflict and retreat. This is her defense mechanism when people do not get off her back. But again, Summer Walker is a celebrity, and one that was rising to the top rather quickly when she hit the scene. So, she cannot go back to being unknown. She is known and from her chart, she should be making the best of that, even if she is misunderstood, another 7 characteristic. However, she will definitely need to work on her people and communication skills first.

Final Thoughts

Summer Walker is a curious case, but her numerology chart is very illuminating. She is a highly spiritual and sensitive soul, perhaps too sensitive for the life she is currently living in this incarnation. But something in her wants to do something grand during this lifetime. What, I do not know. Maybe she doesn’t know either, at least on a physical, conscious level. In either case, let us look at all of these numbers collectively.

Goodwin states that all of the core numbers influence one another, safe for the Birthday number which cannot be influenced by the other numbers. So, the Life Path is influenced and modified by the Birthday, Expression, and Soul Urge numbers. The Expression number is influenced and modified by the Life Path and Soul Urge. The Soul Urge is influenced and modified by the Life Path and Expression numbers. And finally, the Birthday number influences and modifies the Life Path.

Goodwin, 1981

For Summer Walker, we have all of the spiritual numbers, the 22, 11, 9, and 7. According to Goodwin, the 22 is discordant with all of these numbers expect for the 9 where it is harmonious. This makes sense as the 9 is all about endings and completion. The 22 is about the ultimate completion in life—bridging the physical with the spiritual in the most extreme way, almost like the 8 on crack.

For the 11, it is harmonious with all of the above numbers expect the 22. Goodwin argues that this is because the 11 is idealistic and spiritual while the 22 is more practical and actually wants to materialize its vision. He also notes that the nervous tension of both can lead to unsavory outcomes. So, if the 11 is impractical and ungrounded, it can sabotage or get in the way of the 22. This explains why the 11 is harmonious with the 9 and 7 while the 22 is not. These numbers are also visionaries but lack that tangible aspect to them. These numbers may live too much in the clouds or their heads to really have an important, physical impact on others.

And finally, the 7 and 9 do not get along because the 7 is too introspective and withdrawn to be generous and loving like the 9. This makes sense because as we have mentioned, the 7 can be a know-it-all and condescending intellectually. This goes against the 9’s principles of being understanding and accepting. The 9 would never look down on others for what they may lack mentally, perceived or in actuality. The 9 will learn to love everyone and go out of its way to be of service. The 9 sees humanity as one big family while the 7 would rather run straight to the hills to have some space alone to itself.

So, all in all, we can see that Summer Walker is sort of pulled in different directions internally on a spiritual level which we can all see in the physical world through her turbulent career thus far. If we glance at her birth chart, she has a lot of past life baggage she is bringing over from previous lives as she has her South Node in Aries alongside her Saturn, Mars, and Sun. All of the malefics are with her South Node, suggesting to me that her past lives may not have been easy or all too great, possibly through her own actions. With a square to Jupiter by both lunar nodes, she may additionally have to overhaul her belief system, interestingly.

However, it is fascinating to note that no karmic numbers showed up here. In fact, master numbers were present instead. Perhaps her soul is more enlightened than how we physically perceive her to be. Or at the very least, there is a lot more to her than what she has presented to the world thus far. Maybe some things are just lost in translation, but it is hard to not misinterpret her sometimes if she isn’t actively translating for us. So, I’m not sure how to end this lol. Tell me your thoughts on Summer Walker and if you believe that when she is much older that she will come more into herself and her life’s purpose.

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