DaBaby: DaFaq

We have now moved on from the Yellow Bone Saga to DaFaquery.

I’m late as usual but rapper DaBaby recently went on a strange homophobic tirade during the middle of his set at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami.

If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in two or three weeks, put your cellphone light in the air. Ladies, if your pussy smell like water, put your cellphone light in the air. Fellas, if you ain’t suck a nigga dick in the parking lot, put your cellphone lights in the air. Keep it fucking real.

This caused everyone and they mama to come out with statements denouncing DaBaby from Questlove to Elton John to Madonna to Miley Cyrus to Chris Brown (ew) to T.I. (shouldn’t he be in jail with his wife?) and many more. DaBaby in response doubled down on Twitter and in a series of 19 videos on Instagram. It was until the endorsements started to pull back and venues like Lollapalooza cancelled his set that DaBaby finally “apologized,” not once, but twice.

Social media moves so fast that people want to demolish you before you even have the opportunity to grow, educate, and learn from your mistakes. As a man who has had to make his own way from very difficult circumstances, having people I know publicly working against me--- knowing that what I needed was education on these topics and guidance--- has been challenging. I appreciate the many people who came to me with kindness, who reached out to me privately to offer wisdom, education, and resources. That's what I needed and it was received. 

I want to apologize to the LGBTQ+ community for the hurtful and triggering comments I made. Again, I apologize for my misinformed comments about HIV/AIDS and I know education on this is important. Love to all. God Bless.


This particular “apology” has been deleted from his Instagram seemingly a day ago.

And what’s so tragic about this entire thing is that came after he had Tory Lanez up on stage with him. So, this rant and the fallout following it wasn’t even the first thing that caused the public to give him the stank eye. Additionally, DaBaby may have went off on HIV/AIDS because a new song he quickly promoted after this incident references AIDS. Sure, makes sense. Anyway, I had to know what would happen with DaBaby moving forward. Let’s get into it. I pulled these cards on the 5th and 6th.

So Disrespectful

“Why did [DaBaby] go on that homophobic rant?”

Square: Challenge
Mercury: Communication (reverse)
4th house: Roots (reverse) --> 2nd house: Assets, Uranus: Revolution
Saturn: Wisdom (reverse)
Sun: Being
Venus: Love (bottom of the deck)

6 of Swords
8 of Pentacles
Princess (Page) of Wands (reverse)
9 of Pentacles (reverse)
4 of Swords (reverse)
5 of Swords (reverse)
The Hermit (reverse; bottom of the deck)

From the very first astrology cards, this whole rant was impulsive yet deliberate. DaBaby wanted to cause conflict and a scene. With the Sun out, so was his ego. I think most know that he is egotistical. You can just tell by looking at any of his pictures. But even so, he was fully aware of what he was doing. Many celebrities love to hide behind some BS reason they pull out their asses when the public does not like what they said or did like they weren’t “aware” of their words or actions, often citing being drunk/high or “uneducated.” So, the cards are showing that is not the case both in the astrology and tarot. He was fully aware of what he was saying and doing.

The 6 of Swords is very interesting in this deck because the author uses such words to describe it: “intelligent behaviour,” “explanation,” “change in the way of thinking,” “new mental orientation,” “conscious association” (Lösche, 2000, pp. 25). So, this card sort of mirrors Mercury (and Saturn) in reverse. That is, all of these cards are showing how DaBaby meant what he was saying. In his mind, he was clearly communicating his message. The impromptu nature of the rant is seen in Saturn reversed as well as the Princess (Page) of Wands in reverse.

Now, the reversed 4th house is peculiar. At first, I thought it was symbolizing the homophobic rant in that a lot of homophobes see being gay as an “attack on families” since that is what the 4th rules, family. But I was still confused so I tried to get some clarification on it. The 2nd house card flew out and Uranus looked like it wanted to come out as well. Uranus just reinforces how this tirade was random and out of nowhere, but the 2nd house shows the initial intent in my opinion. DaBaby feels threatened in his spot in rap.

The other cards now made sense. The 8 of Pentacles symbolizes working hard at one’s craft while the 9 of Pentacles in this deck is described as “threatened security.” And indeed, when reversed, the 9 of Pentacles shows that a person’s financial and material situation is not great, but they may continue to put on a good face. For DaBaby, I’m not entirely sure if he was losing money before the backlash hit. I do remember, however, predicting that his career will tank and so will his money following his entanglement with Miss Yellow Bone, AKA his ex, DaniLeigh. And indeed, he has had some hiccups and been dragged since that reading. But I think here, he feels like his spot in rap is not secure. He may feel like he is working hard, maybe even doing double or triple time, but he’s not seen as the greatest man to ever grace rap like he may perceive himself to be. Like, why else bring Tory Lanez of all people to be on your set and also like a tweet mocking the whole situation that went down with Megan who is also a fellow rapper? DaBaby feels like he’s not at the top of the rap game and it’s true lol! He has been on a downward trajectory since the whole incident with him hitting a female fan, in my opinion. The whole “A yellow bone is what he want!” saga made it worse, and his inability to shut the fuck up and not be corny just continued to sink his public image and career thereafter. Consequently, DaBaby went on this rant to assert dominance in the only way he can—by showing the world he’s insecure lol! We all know how and why men do this. I don’t think you all need a psychosocial lesson in how masculinity is reinforced via being homophobic and misogynistic. So let us ask a follow up question.

Blame It On Lil Nas X

“Did the DaBaby go on this rant in part because he feels threatened by Lil Nas X’s success?”

If you believe
Opportunity (bottom of the deck)

It seems like it may not have been. I know this has been a popular theory, alongside people thinking DaBaby may be gay himself, but the cards seem to be saying if that is what we want to believe, sure. Opportunity is interesting at the bottom of the deck, however. Maybe he thought he would get some good publicity from this rant. And indeed, he quickly dropped a song after this mess. But as the saying goes, “Not all publicity is good publicity” lmao! So, let us move on.

God’s Work

DaBaby has been in controversy before and yet it has been continuously swept under the rug because he’s been booked and busy until recently. So why is it different this time? “Why was the backlash so swift this time?”

Aquarius: The Innovator
Square: Challenge
Quincunx: Complexity (reverse)
Leo: The Lover
Mars: Action
Libra: The Idealist (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Queen of Pentacles (reverse)
Princess (Page) of Swords
7 of Cups (reverse)
The Moon (reverse)
5 of Pentacles (reverse)
Prince (Knight) of Wands (bottom of the deck)

It’s the changing times. Being so openly and abrasively homophobic and ignorant does not fly in today’s day and age anymore. It does not help that we have a lot more celebrities who are openly LGBT+ as well, because as we have already seen, they are not afraid to push back against the rhetoric DaBaby was pushing. So, he pissed off the wrong people. Mars is out as is the Square again. Libra, the sign of relationships, is also out but reversed. DaBaby burned down some bridges and now they’re going to burn his money.

With the Queen of Pentacles reversed out and first for the tarot, I wonder if he pissed off a female executive or celebrity with a lot of power in the music industry. Leo represents celebrities or fame, so she may be well known and has been pulling the plug on a lot of DaBaby’s gigs and sponsors. Indeed, with the Princess (Page) of Swords next to it, people in power are talking about him. For people like Dua Lipa, she is realizing who he really is and how he is hurting her image and coin with the 7 of Cups, Moon, and 5 of Pentacles reversed along with the Quincunx reversed. This isn’t to say she isn’t an ally (I don’t follow her like that), but some of this backlash is money motivated. Celebrities who are associated with DaBaby don’t want to be in the sinking ship he is in right now, so they’re publicly denouncing him.

I think there is some truth to a YouTuber I watch who said that DaBaby is only getting cancelled because now he’s messing up white people’s money. And I believe that because when he was putting hands on black women along with his security guard, ain’t nothing happen. When he was being funky with Megan for no reason, nothing happened. But now since being LGBT+ is something that more directly effects white people, and they have their money tied up with him, they have all this smoke. And this is not to shill for the DaBaby or let homophobia slide because of some perceived racism going on, but it is interesting to see that this is what takes him down when men like him are not rare. There’s a lot of homophobic black men in rap. DaBaby is not the first and will not be the last. So, it’s just fascinating to see how oppression can intersect in these ways.

God’s Work Resurrected

“How does DaBaby feel about the backlash, DaCancelation Tour?”

Conjunction: Empowerment (reverse)
Neptune: Dreams (bottom of the deck)
Chiron: Healing (bottom of the deck)
Sun: Being (bottom of the deck)

4 of Pentacles (reverse)
The Wheel of Fortune (reverse)
Prince (Knight) of Swords
Judgement (reverse)
6 of Swords (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Ace of Cups (bottom of the deck)

Light Attribute: Inspires you to put compassion into action.
Shadow Attribute: Embracing negative causes or committing to causes for personal gain.

Shadow Attribute: Places financial gain and control over imparting spiritual insight.

Shadow Attribute: Intoxication with destructive power. Destroying others' dreams or potential.

He’s actually hurt by the backlash and overwhelmed by it. His ego is hit because he’s confused by why no one seems to be in his corner with the astrology cards. This in a way clarifies the Advocate card because it was initially reversed in the deck but turned upright when it flipped out. That is to say, he wants sympathy, but he isn’t getting any lol. He feels like this is a witch hunt and people are out to destroy his career. With the reversed Trickster card that is not shown in the picture at the bottom of the deck, DaBaby feels like people are playing up what he said and making people turn on him. I think with the Prince (Knight) of Swords he wants to keep talking but with Judgment in reverse, someone close to him may be advising him not to because the public is not having it right now.

With the Wheel of Fortune in reverse, DaBaby has indeed pushed his luck too far. As a result, he’s trying to secure whatever he has right now because he sees the wheels of fortune coming to a stop and turning backwards.

With the 6 of Swords here, I think the original meanings are more accurate in that, while DaBaby is in his feelings, he’s still stubborn and prideful. I haven’t been watching the entire fallout of this situation, but he did double down multiple times before going on is pathetic apology tour, and that is reflected in the 6 of Swords reversed and also the Sun coming out again. His mindset likely won’t change anytime soon but who knows lol.

Baby Talk: “What does Megan [Thee Stallion] think about the backlash DaBaby is receiving?”

Venus: Love (reverse)
Pluto: Transformation
Taurus: The Bombshell
3rd house: Perception (reverse; bottom of the deck)

King of Wands (reverse)
The Emperor
The Chariot 
Queen of Pentacles (reverse)
The Devil (reverse; bottom of the deck)
7 of Swords (reverse; bottom of the deck)
8 of Swords (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Judgement (bottom of the deck)

Light Attribute: Loyalty, tenacity, and unselfishness.

Shadow Attribute: Smothering or abandoning children. Instilling guilt in children for becoming independent. 

“That’s what his ass get!” is what I heard in Megan’s voice when I pulled the Venus and Pluto cards. And indeed, Megan feels like DaBaby got what was coming to him. She has no love for this man and may even be angry at him (along with her man) which is understandable because of his behavior towards her as of late. I think because of that Megan is trying to not pay his situation no mind. She’s just trying to focus on herself and getting her own coin. Even so, Companion came out and upright. I was confused by this, so I wanted clarification. Mother then came out reversed. I wonder if for Megan she thought of DaBaby as a friend or at least someone she was cool with only for him to turn on her. I’m sure she feels some type of way seeing someone she formerly liked get dragged to the ends of the earth, but I think with Mother reversed she’s realizing that she is not his. DaBaby is a grown man, so she doesn’t have to speak on his problems. He can handle himself. This is likely why the 3rd house is reversed because that is the house of communication. Social media is written on the card, so Megan will likely not get on her platforms to say anything or at least directly about DaBaby.

Edit: It is interesting how this has come true but in the form of an interview. Megan was interviewed for Paper magazine recently where I guess she was asked about LGBT+ acceptance after DaBaby’s tirade, saying, “It is about time. Representation is important, and it is really crucial for us all to have compassion and acceptance of every human.” So, the 3rd house may also be reflecting how she is denouncing him like everyone else.

YELLOW BONE THATS WHAT HE WANT: “What does DaniLeigh think about the backlash DaBaby is receiving?”

Scorpio: The Animal (reverse)
Leo: The Lover (reverse)
Neptune: Dreams (reverse)
Jupiter: Expansion
Cancer: The Doula (reverse; bottom of the deck)

Two of Cups (reverse)
7 of Pentacles
10 of Wands
8 of Swords
The Emperor (reverse;bottom of the deck)

Child: Nature 
Shadow Attributes: Tendency to abuse animals, people, and the environment.

Light Attribute: Humility and devotion to knowledge. Openness to lifelong learning.

Shadow Attribute: Using power for self-aggrandizement. 

Destroyer (bottom of the deck)
Light Attribute: Releasing what is potentially destructive. Preparing for new life.

When I was shuffling the astrology cards, I was seeing a DaniLeigh sort of standing haughtily like in the picture below atop some building looking down, sort of saying, “Told you.” It was like she thinks this is happening to the DaBaby because he left her, like almost karma. And I do think with Scorpio being the first card out and reversed, that is how she feels. The woman in the card also mirrors the image of DaniLeigh I saw in my head.

With the Two of Cups reversed under it, I think DaniLeigh is reveling in how DaBaby is essentially being “cancelled.” Yes, with Jupiter out, DaniLeigh is taking pleasure in all of this. Leo is reversed in the spread and the woman again sort of reflects DaniLeigh’s feelings about this whole thing: it’s kinda funny. Similar to Megan, DaniLeigh feels like DaBaby is getting what he deserves. With the 7 of Pentacles, 10 of Wands, and 8 of Swords, she thinks his downfall is his own doing. The reversed Emperor is DaBaby falling from his thrown in her eyes. The Destroyer card also reflect these feelings. The Prince in reverse shows how she sees him now: deceptive and manipulative.

Now, Cancer is interesting. This card to me reads as her mixed and bittersweet emotions towards DaBaby which is why the Two of Cups is reversed. As I said in my first article on her, DaniLeigh’s own cancellation tour will deeply affect her moving forward, and it is deeply entangled with DaBaby. So, on the one hand, that was once her man but on the other hand he’s an awful person. I think this is why Neptune is also reversed. It can show the love she once had for him, the almost fantasy world she was living in. But Neptune reversed can also show her waking up to the cruel reality that he never cared about her like that.

Finally, Child: Nature in reverse is rather odd. I got this card when I asked what DaniLeigh thought of the DaBaby in my article about their breakup. With Student next to it, I wonder if she thinks DaBaby learned to be this way and maybe he can be “educated” out of it. Or, she believes that DaBaby needed to be broken down in this way so he could be more open to knowledge and become less ignorant. That is perhaps why Destroyer is in the light attribute. …But who knows?

Kirk: DaBaby’s Career and Future

“What will happen in DaBaby’s career moving forward?”

Semi-sextile: Allowing (reverse)
Capricorn: The Boss (reverse)
Mercury: Communication
Trine: Flow (reverse)
Saturn: Wisdom
Sun: Being (reverse; bottom of the deck)
Square: Challenge (bottom of the deck)

Judgement (reverse)
King of Cups (reverse)
Queen of Pentacles 
10 of Swords (reverse)
King of Pentacles (reverse)
Prince (Knight) of Pentacles
8 of Wands (bottom of the deck)

So, we have three actors here: a King of Cups (a man or someone masculine with a placement in Cancer, Scorpio, and/or Pisces), Queen of Pentacles (perhaps the same woman as we have seen before; a woman or feminine person with a Taurus, Virgo, and/or Capricorn placement), and a King of Pentacles (a man or masculine person with a Taurus, Virgo, and/or Capricorn placement).

These are some high up people, the kind that can make or break a career through their influence and power, and they are watching the DaBaby. I feel as though they are putting him through some test. A test to see how he will behave moving forward. They are blocking him in his career to see what he’ll do or likely say as Mercury is out again and as is Saturn which rules air (communication) through triplicity. None of them are rooting for him. I think they all think it’s a bit funny to be honest. They like that his ego was knocked down a few pegs and it is because the Sun is reversed. I think DaBaby may not be in the spotlight as much, again, because of these people’s doing and also because the public doesn’t like him.

I think with time, DaBaby will learn to be more careful with his words as Mercury, Saturn, and the 10 of Swords are present. The imagery of the 10 of swords of this deck really stands out to me. It’s like DaBaby is cutting his own tongue or his tongue is slashing away at all the career and financial opportunities he could have gotten. This card can also represent him not giving up. Indeed, with the 8 of wands, I feel like he’ll keep trying to march forward in spite of the obstacles now in his way. Yes, the Prince of Pentacles can represent him still trying to work, and he may still work but it won’t be like it was before. It seems like everything is a waiting game right now. If DaBaby can prove himself to these three shadowy figures, perhaps they’ll take him off the blacklist. But I find it interesting that the 10 of Swords reversed can also symbolize that the worst is yet to come. I think with the Sun and Square showing up again too, if DaBaby doesn’t cool his ego and tries to double down on his words once more, his career will continue to spiral downward.

So, that is all I have. What do you all think about this mess? I for one wish he will just go away lol. The girls are the ones dominating the rap game anyway.

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