August 2021 Predictions

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August 2021 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits for August 2021?

Aug 8 New Moon in Leo

Aug 12 Mercury enters Virgo (domicile and exaltation)

Aug 17 Venus enters Libra (domicile)

Aug 20 Uranus stations retrograde at 14°47’ Taurus

Aug 22 Full Moon in Aquarius

Aug 23 The Sun enters Virgo

Aug 31 Mercury enters Libra


Aug 1 Sun conjunct Mercury (combust); Sun opposite Saturn retrograde; Mercury opposite Saturn retrograde

Aug 2 Venus trine Uranus

Aug 4 Mercury square Uranus

Aug 6 Sun square Uranus

Aug 9 Venus opposite Neptune

Aug 11 Mercury opposite Jupiter retrograde; Venus trine Pluto retrograde

Aug 18 Mercury conjunct Mars

Aug 19 Sun opposite Jupiter retrograde
Aug 20 Mercury trine Uranus retrograde

Aug 21 Mars trine Uranus retrograde

Aug 23 Venus trine Saturn retrograde

Aug 24 Mercury opposite Neptune retrograde

Aug 26 Mercury trine Pluto retrograde

This month feels like déjà vu, as though July was an intermission. This actually makes sense astrologically because all of the outer planets including Jupiter and Saturn will be retrograde by the end of this month. As a result, Jupiter and Saturn are eventually going to meet back up with one another, likely when Saturn is direct, and Uranus and Saturn will prepare to square intensely by degree one last time around Christmas. That’s a lot. But wait there’s more! With the Sun in Leo for most of this month, it will not only oppose Saturn and Jupiter but square Uranus. I think we can see the effects of this occurring now.

The transits for August 2021

Almost a month after the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) said the American public could go buck wild and all without masks, we are on the cusp of another national lockdown. Numerous places have reissued their mask policy as Covid cases have been on the upward trek rather aggressively and many people are unreasonably upset about. The delta variant (including some delta plus version?) is no joke, even infecting vaccinated people. People got way too comfortable with this newfound freedom they were granted (represented by Jupiter’s short stint in Pisces where it was free from Saturn’s malefic influence) and they are angry that the CDC and the federal government are now backpedaling. But with Jupiter back in Aquarius and more planets entering the analytical Virgo, the CDC and national government are both realizing just how devastating their decision to let people go maskless and not socially distance was, although they both seem to be very reluctant to fully and audibly admit this. It’s almost as if they do, they will have to also admit that capitalistic greed over human safety and lives is more important to them. But in any case, all the hard aspects that will occur this month reflects both the American public’s inability to put the collective welfare of the country’s people above individual gratification and how the rest of the world is deeply frustrated by Western countries that are blocking their ability to produce their own generic version of the vaccine while they open back up and go on with life as “normal” to only realize that a pandemic is a persistent global phenomenon.

Western countries versus the rest of the world

Note, I do not know when and where these images were taken

So, expect sudden reversals (Uranus) and former restrictions (Saturn) to be put back in place. Also expect to be constantly updated on the virus and other things occurring domestically and internationally as Mercury will be domicile and exalted this month. Do not assume everything you hear and see to be 100% clear and effective, however, as Mercury will be opposite Neptune until it enters Libra at the very end of the month. Indeed, it seemed like communication was wonky, almost as though we are still in a Mercury retrograde, all last month, at least in my opinion. This strange energy will continue all August as Mercury will not only oppose Saturn retrograde but square Uranus until the 12th. Therefore, communication may be stilted and frustrating (Saturn), which may cause some to outburst or impulsively (Uranus) say something they maybe shouldn’t have. Indeed, some egos may be bruised, especially early in the month as the Sun also makes these aspects and Leo is a very prideful sign.

With Venus and Mars having recently entered Virgo, your relationships and actions may be off as well. Things should in theory calm down towards the end of the month as the Virgo planets will make soft aspects to Uranus and Pluto instead of hard ones and Venus becomes domicile in Libra, but Uranus still brings surprises, nonetheless. As the Sun enters Virgo, you may indeed have to be more vigilant and precise with how you go about your life and take care of business. This is not the month to be slipping.

Oracle Messages

What is the energy for August 2021?

Moon: Soul

Sagittarius: I see (reverse)

Jupiter: Abundance (reverse)

Saturn Return: Age (reverse)

Virgo: I analyze

Water Element: Sensing

Twelfth House: Escape (reverse)

Eleventh House: Friends (reverse)

Mercury: Mind (bottom of the deck)

For the month of August, it seems like many of you need to get your head out of the clouds. Last month may have been a time of letting yourself loose and having fun, but for August that may need to change. You are not seeing things properly because you are looking at the big picture when you should be prioritizing the small details right now. August calls on you to stop distracting yourself from things that need to get done and taken care of. You may need to be more meticulous and trust your intuition. You may need to pull away from friends or stop hiding away in your house because your responsibilities are knocking on your front door right now. Do not ignore them. Open the door and let them in because Lady Luck has already left the building. Now the Lord of Karma is waiting for his turn to enter. Are you ready?

For this spread, I think it’s interesting that we have both Jupiter and Saturn in reverse because these two planets have been retrograde for a while now, and are actually going to meet up soon by degree. As I said on Twitter randomly, I wonder if this conjunction is an indication of a national mask mandate returning soon as these two planets were conjunct during the majority of the year long lockdown we had in the U.S. And as soon as Jupiter entered Pisces, the mask were allowed to come off. Pisces is not an inherently logical sign. Mercury, the planet of logic and reason, is both in detriment and fall here. Jupiter, meanwhile, loves the sign so much that Pisces is its nocturnal domicile. There, Jupiter is allowed to be itself, which is free. So the American public was free for a little while until the CDC told us what any person with common sense could figure out: we still need to wear masks while in public because the nature of the virus is still largely unknown and is mutating. It’s very ironic how the U.S. lifted almost all Covid mandates the minute the delta variant hit our shores. Now we’re going back to masks and social distancing a couple months later.

When I see the 11th house card with the two figures so close to each other’s faces, it reminds me of social distancing, which is why the card is reversed. It seems as though this spread is saying: you must all pay for your negligence. Everyone going maskless and acting as though we’re still not in a pandemic that affects the entire world is now having severe consequences and punishments, hence Saturn Return in reverse. Like how Saturn is in retrograde, we are going through the lessons of this planet once more because apparently people cannot listen and follow basic rules. However, the blame also needs to be placed on our institutions which dictates how we can behave both publicly and privately. Nevertheless, August will be about being smart and being vigilant mentally and intuitively.

The Moon represents the body and Virgo can tell when its body is out of whack. It is important to be mindful of what your body is or is not doing out of the norm. If something “feels” off, it may in fact be so. If you think you are experiencing more than just allergies or the common cold/flu, you should probably look into that. No more shrugging things off even if you are vaccinated. Breakout infections do not seem to be as uncommon as the news is making them out to be. People can also still be asymptomatic. Stop looking at the bigger picture (Sagittarius and Jupiter reversed) of, “Well, I’m good because I did xyz.” Think more critically and carefully (Virgo, Mercury). August seems to be a precautionary month and a month where you may press your luck. Please be careful out there.

What oracle messages do we have for August 2021?

35: Shark - Swim away from this situation

43: Spaceship - Don't be afraid to sing (bottom of the deck)

44: Storm - Every hurricane comes to an end (bottom of the deck)

III: The Starborn

XXX: The One (reverse)

XXVIII: The Shadow

LVII: The Ring (sideways)

XXXI: The Heart (reverse; bottom of the deck)

I embrace the all

I act respectfully of others (reverse; bottom of the deck)

August seems like it will be the month of shadow work. Now I'm not well versed in this subject, so you all will have to Google lol. But from *my* understanding it is a period of self-reflection and almost isolation where you try to go into yourself to realign yourself spiritually on all levels. This seems to require looking at yourself deeply and without fear because you will likely be confronting parts of yourself that you do not like, acknowledge, or repress.

For some of you, this may require leaving a particular relationship, whether romantic, sexual, platonic, or familial. For others, it may require just being honest with yourself. Some of you are not connected to who you are and are thus not whole. What is your life's purpose? Have you've closed yourself off the love? Do you view life as linear and oppressive? Why? Why do you think and behave in these ways?

For others of you, you may need to shatter this facade of being all "love and light" when you are not. You may say you are an empath and love everyone but in your waking life you do not reflect this. You may even be disrespectful of others and judgemental. What are some ways you can acknowledge this about yourself and change the tides?

After months of getting a repeated message, in August we get something new. It seems like we need to confront our dark side which is actually a message that showed up in last month’s guides reading. In either case, there is a little of prior months’ messages in that the Believe in your Own Magic oracle cards seem to be talking about leaving a relationship and dealing with the healing process afterward. That is, reclaiming your voice and realizing that leaving doesn’t always mean that life automatically becomes easier or better, but it will with time. For this to happen, however, some of you need to mentally and emotionally leave the relationship as well as physically.

When it comes to the Wild Unknown Archetype cards and the Amenti Oracle, the message seems to mainly be about realignment and acknowledging certain parts of the self that are not in balance. Some of you may not be living your life’s purpose. Others of you seem to have shut off your capacity to love for whatever reason. And then some of you present yourself as this saint almost but you don’t believe or practice what you preach. So, August is asking you to be more honest and real with yourself and others.

What messages do our guides have for August 2021?

22: Denial - Divine Helpers

6: Gifts - Joy Guides

25: Shadow - Divine Helpers

2: Partnerships and Love - Nature Spirits

1: Unconditional Love - Divine Mother

20: Exhaustion - Divine Helpers (reverse! Bottom of the deck)

Similar to the previous message, our guides want us to stop being in denial about ourselves. Within everyone is a "light" and "dark" side, and that is okay! What isn't okay is ignoring the "dark" side in preference for the "light" because when we do this, we refuse to acknowledge how we may act in ways that are destructive, both to ourselves and others.

Our guides want to remind us that we are loved and have many gifts. Therefore, we should not close ourselves off to love, work to the point of exhaustion, and overall just be so hard on ourselves and possibly others! They believe in us and often try to help us in any way they can. So, why do you ignore their help and continue down this path you are on? Our guides want us to be more appreciative of ourselves, them, and others. So, take a step back and take an inventory of yourself and what you have. What is a gift and what is something you can work on to turn into a strength or positive? Who are the people in your life that should hear, "I love you"?

For this spread I was waiting for the Shadow card to come out and it did, just third. Denial instead came out first which I found interesting considering the previous spread. It seems like some of you are truly in denial about an aspect of yourself that needs to be brought to the surface. Your guides will be there every step of the way, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening, whatever may or may not happen when you begin this process.

Again, we also have a message about a relationship. Here, it is more about how a new one may come into your life. So, if you have been feeling unloved, that is not true! With the Unconditional Love card out, our guides are reminding us that we always divinely loved even if think this is not true, especially if we believe that this is not being reflected in our waking life. They are working hard to introduce you to someone soon it seems. They may show up when or after you have gone through journey of self-reflection.

Finally, Exhaustion makes an appearance at the bottom of the deck once more, this time reversed. I do not interpret its surprise reversal to mean that you are all well rested but that some of you may be in overdrive this month like you may have been last month. So, our guides are once again reminding us to relax and take things slower. Maybe we’ll finally listen lol. I know as an Aries that is very doubtful for me personally but hey.

This is what I have for August. If you like my work, think about tipping me on my Ko-Fi or buying something from my Amazon Wishlist.

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