July 2021 Predictions

Apparently the Olympics will commence on the 23rd. 👀

July 2021 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits for July 2021?

July 10 New Moon in Cancer (domicile)

July 12 Mercury enters Cancer

July 23 The Sun enters Leo (domicile); Venus enters Virgo (fall)

July 24 Full Moon in Aquarius

July 29 Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius

July 30 Mars enters Virgo


July 1 Mars opposite Saturn retrograde

July 2 Mars square Uranus

July 5 Sun sextile Uranus; Mercury square Neptune retrograde

July 6 Venus opposite Saturn retrograde

July 8 Venus square Uranus

July 12 Mercury trine Jupiter retrograde; Venus conjunct Mars

July 14 Sun trine Neptune retrograde

July 17 Sun opposite Pluto retrograde

July 20 Mercury sextile Uranus

July 22 Venus opposite Jupiter retrograde

July 24 Mercury trine Neptune retrograde

July 25 Mercury opposite Pluto retrograde

July 28 Mars opposite Jupiter retrograde

Sidenote: I'm really proud of these pictures 😊

Astrologically, not much seems to be going on—at least on the surface. This makes sense as July is when the Sun enters its domicile of Leo. Leo is a fixed sign and astrologers thought that fixed signs marked the stabilization of weather. For this sign, that is summer. This summer, at least in the U.S., has been unbearable. There have been numerous heatwaves sweeping across the country and into parts of Canada. Global warming and climate change are not new concepts to the public consciousness despite many corporations’ efforts to say it is untrue. We are seeing with every consecutive year the effects of our ever heating up planet. We are also seeing how decades of maintenance, or lack thereof, of our infrastructure is also putting people’s lives in danger.

The transits for July 2021

About a week ago, a condo complex in Florida inexplicably collapsed. Over 150 are still missing while the number of confirmed deaths climbs to 18. An inspection report from 2018 cites “major structural damage,” and yet, the owners of the building did nothing to fix the problem, even ensuring prospect tenants that it was “safe.” The theme of this pandemic—which much of the U.S. pretends no longer exists—seems to be the slow collective awakening to how damaging capitalism is to our basic survival. Profit above everything else, specifically life in all of its various forms, breeds exploitation and instability. Many news outlets love to bring up that despite everything opening up—even as a deadlier variant of the coronavirus is in all 50 states—there is a labor shortage. These shortages are mostly in the supposed “low/unskilled” industries—fast food, retail, grocery, etc. There is no analysis on how many of these workers are now dead because they were front line workers, of course, just how companies are trying desperately to find new coercive methods to trick people into applying.

Jupiter backs up into Aquarius by the end of this month and Saturn will be retrograde and domicile in Aquarius for about two months around this time as well. With most of the inner planets (i.e., the Sun through Mars) being in Leo at some point in this month, they will oppose these planets, bringing up issues of the individual ego versus the collective ego (or, conversely, the superego according to Sigmund Freud, which is the internalization of society’s rules and laws). This is interesting because while the planets were in Cancer, they opposed Pluto in Capricorn. That opposition is like a part one to this Leo-Aquarius opposition in my opinion because there it was about the personal emotional self and the family unit (Cancer) against the individualistic pursuits of material power and the rigid structures that define society (Capricorn). Pluto, much like and unlike Aquarius, is about change. However, it is very slow but involves a complete overhaul of whatever sign it is in. Capricorn is society but Aquarius is as well, what needs to be, and often is, changed about society.

The planetary movement back in June

The cards I pulled for 2021 was Sun in Aries while Moon in Aquarius was at the bottom of the deck. I said that this basically meant that the energy for this year was very self-focused and that there was a marked emotional apathy towards other people. This Leo-Aquarius opposition in July is that in action. Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed, meaning that they are stubborn and will refuse to budge. For Leo, this can cause it to be pompous and prideful. For Aquarius, it digs its heels and never concedes to the fact that it and its wisdom can be wrong, misguided, or not as selfless as it touts them to be. With Mars and Saturn opposing each other directly by the beginning of this month, expect your desires (Mars) to be sidelined (Saturn). This frustrating back and forward, push and pull continues all throughout the month as the planets in Leo will also unfortunately square Uranus.

In a way, Uranus actually shakes up both Leo and Aquarius because while in Taurus, it is disrupting what we physically find safe and stable, especially as it squares both signs. Therefore, you cannot comfortably or begrudgingly choose sides in this Leo-Aquarius battle. Uranus is throwing a monkey wrench into all of that. You will have to think outside the box to deal with your problems this month. What you have taken for granted, ignored, or assumed to be true is deeply being challenged in July. You as an individual and us as a collective will have to confront how we go about life because as it stands, we cannot keep going in the direction that we have been going. People and the life around us are literally dying. We have to wake up and fight to do something to change the tides or else we will continually be swept away by them.

Oracle Messages

What is the energy for July 2021?

Sun: Being
7th House: Relating
Aquarius: The Innovator (reverse)
Venus: Love (reverse)
10th House: Reputation
8th House: Intimacy (reverse)
Sextile: Opportunity (reverse; bottom of the deck)

On July 23, the 2020 Olympics are set to resume in Tokyo. Coincidentally, the Sun enters Leo, its domicile, the same day. Venus enters Virgo as well, its fall position. In July, we will be in this egoistic energy that is at odds with this group-oriented energy we have been in since the start of the pandemic. Indeed, with the Sun card out first, people want the spotlight to return to them. People are wanting their lives and the world to "return back to normal" without any regard to the fact that it will not and cannot. In hyper individualistic countries like the U.S., going back to this "it's all about me" attitude will do more harm than good.

Although the 7th house of partnerships is out, Venus is reversed as is Aquarius and the 8th house, showing us that when we place our wants and desires above others and what would benefit the collective, we shut the door of opportunity on everyone. Life is not just about us, our careers, and our intimate partners. Life is about love in multiple forms with people who we often believe we have no relation to or obligation towards. But when behave as though this is true, that other people are our adversaries or abstract concepts we can choose to ignore, we cannot birth something new into existence. All we do is perpetuate the same cycles that help a select few at the expense of everyone else. July will ask us over and over again if that is what we truly want because we are going to get the wake up call that we are not in that special club that is exempt from the hardships of life.

For the most part, I think the astrology oracle aligns pretty well with the transits of each month. However, I think this month that the oracle is almost a one-to-one reflection of the planets. I say this because when I first saw the spread, I knew right away it was talking about the Olympics. The Sun, 7th House, and 10th House in particular stood out to me because all of these placements represent both the spectacle and business of the games.

Although the deck I’m using is very modern, conflating the houses with the signs, the 7th house is known to represent business partners and contracts. Businesses have been, excuse my French, frankly, bitching about how they’re not making all of the money in the world like they used to. This is a lie, of course, because the data has proven to show that many businesses made more money than usual during the pandemic, but I digress. The Olympics are a part of the capitalist landscape. I remembered when Japan was very upset by the initial cancellation of the games because Nintendo was going to unveil their Super Nintendo World among other things. Now that the games are back on, however, hopefully these businesses can stop complaining lol. I doubt it though.

Nevertheless, the 8th house in reverse can represent how businesses are coming out of debt and will start making some money again. With it under the reversed Aquarius card, however, I see the 8th house more so representing how people are turning their attention away from those who has passed from the virus. With the Sun upright, the ego is in focus, not the plight of the collective. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but this apathy towards other people’s suffering because it is not your own nor affects you is something that keeps coming up again and again. This is the energy that is in the air. This is why Venus is reversed despite the 7th house not being so. The 7th house doesn’t only represent partnerships and marriage.

The 7th house in its ancient conceptualization represents enemies and a loss of vitality. So, love, communion, and diplomacy are not what July is about. July is about getting what is yours and being the center of attention. Having that Hot Girl Summer you were supposed to have last year, whatever that may look like for any individual person. But as I said on Instagram, this is not the energy to have, obviously. This doesn’t help anyone, much less during a pandemic. If we return to this egoistic behavior, no one truly wins according to the reversed Sextile card at the bottom of the deck.

What oracle messages do we have for July 2021?

7: Sword - Make the change
8: Wings - You never needed those wings to fly (bottom of the deck)
XXI: The Mystic (reverse)
XXXIV: The River (sideways)
III: The Starborn (sideways)
LII: The Tear (sideways)
I: The Mother (reverse; bottom of the deck)
18: I remain balanced in my emotions (reverse)
42: I embrace the all (reverse; bottom of the deck)

For months on end, it seems as though someone needs help with leaving a bad situation and/or relationship on this page. That theme continues into July. In June we saw that some of you have suddenly begun to waver in your decision to leave. You are wavering still, stuck on "what-ifs" or how things *ought* to have have turned out different. But they haven't. Things have fell where they wanted to fall and you need to accept the reality of that and make some much needed changes in your life. But many of you seem to not want to.

You are stuck in your emotions. You won't go in your cocoon to undergo a metamorphosis nor will you let yourself finally break down and release your tears. Instead, you are trapped in this in between state where you feel as though you cannot make a decisive choice on anything. But is this really true? Are you *really* in a damned if you, damned if you don't situation?

Your emotions are out of balance with your rational mind. You may be swinging wildly between what you are feeling in the moment and what you *think* is true and logical. They never meet in the middle to talk to one another which leaves you in this feeling of hopelessness. In July, you really need to look yourself in the mirror and see what needs to be changed for your betterment. When you get your emotions in check, whether this means releasing them or reining them in, you will begin to see life around you more clearly.

For these oracle cards, I wanted to mix it up and use cards I haven’t been utilizing that much. Anyway, like I mentioned on Instagram, someone really needs some guidance on how to leave/move on from a bad situation and/or relationship because the message of change came through strongly this month. Last month it seemed as though the person these messages are for were second guessing their decision to leave. Here, the universe wants them to know that they need to release their emotions surrounding this ending.

The problem seems to be wanting to keep it all in. But withholding one’s emotions is causing these feelings of hopelessness and indecision. If they would simply let out what they are feeling, they would realize that not is all lost and change is necessary to finally begin the healing process.

For other people, the opposite could be the problem and they are letting their emotions take the driver’s seat. In this scenario, the person in question needs to not let their emotions run amuck because they are not seeing their circumstances clearly. This is likely why they are wavering; they are not using their head. But regardless of what side of the equation you are on, the message for this month is to take the plunge and allow change to take place.

What messages do our guides have for July 2021?

46: Judgement - Higher Self
47: Psychic Awareness - Divine Soul
20: Exhaustion - Divine Helpers (reverse!)
42: Intuition - Inner Child
25: Shadow - Divine Helpers
6: Gifts - Joy Guides (bottom of the deck)

This spread is rather interesting. Judgement suggests that many of you have been letting your emotions run rampant, something we saw in the previous spread. This card wants you all to take a step back and use your rational mind. And yet most of the remaining cards also want you to become more in tuned to your psychic self.

It seems like in July, our guides are asking us to be more open and accepting. When we take a step back, our minds open up and while they are open, our guides want to show us our inner selves. The inner child is one. The child that was forgotten and all the fun and joy it experienced or wanted to experience. But our guides also want to reveal to us our shadow self and how we can unfortunately be nasty and cruel towards others.

With Exhaustion interestingly in reverse, we may finally have some off/down time in July to really examine ourselves and see if we are living our most authentic and joyful selves. What are we thankful for? What areas of our lives need improvement? July seems to be the month of review and introspective inquiry.

Finally, we reach the guides cards. We have seen a similar message to this one but in the past, it seemed to be warning about some deception that may occur. For June, it seems as though this is a month of introspection. It is only at the end of the month that the Sun enters Leo, so it makes sense that we are still in this emotional soup of Cancer until then. Nonetheless, our guides want us to be more aware of ourselves from an objective point of view. They want us to see ourselves from within—our soul, inner child, and higher self. These concepts are somewhat dubious in the spiritual/esoteric community, but they all point back to an authentic sense of self that operates on a higher level of consciousness. They are not selves we usually tap into, so in July, our spirit guides want us to slow down and really examine ourselves. To examine the purest and darkest parts of ourselves. Integration seems to the word I would describe this process, especially considering the excess of emotions we saw in the previous spread. Being in tuned to the emotional self is good and important, but it must be in balanced with all our other selves. What parts of you are imbalanced? What can you do to get them to work together?

This is what I have for July. Each day I’ve been feeling slightly better, so we will see if I am able to get back on track on what I was doing. If you like my work, think about tipping me on my Ko-Fi or buying something from my Amazon Wishlist.

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