Naomi Osaka: Divinely Orchestrated?

The plot thickens…

Last Friday I uploaded my article on Naomi Osaka and what was going on with her to make her drop out of the French Open—or rather what made the organizations that run the French Open force her to withdraw as we learned. I initially didn’t have that many questions about this whole fiasco, so I went to Discord to ask my people for help. One of them, Nat, who is the Server Aunty lol, had asked me to look into Naomi’s ancestors because she saw a now deleted Tweet that asserted that that butterfly that flew onto her face during the Australian Open back in February was her ancestors showing their presence and protection. So, a couple of days ago I went to Instagram to ask what Naomi’s ancestors thought about everything that has happened recently because I both forgot and didn’t know where to place this line of inquiry into my original article lol.

Some people were saying that this butterfly was Kobe Bryant because apparently he was her mentor at some point? I don’t know if I necessarily believe that but what would I know?

I went to Instagram because I thought I would get a short message that didn’t need to be expounded upon into an entire post. Well, lmao… Mercury retrograde was kicking my ass because I do not think the messages came out clearly. So, here I will try to be more exact in what I was trying to say.

We Got You, Boo

While I did not ask about the butterfly incident (maybe I should have lol), I asked, “What did Naomi’s ancestors think about what has occurred (i.e., Naomi not doing that interview, the French Open fining her $15,000, Naomi ‘choosing’ to drop out altogether)?” I got:

What do Naomi Osaka’s ancestors think about all that has happened with her?

10th House: The World

1st House: The Body

Aries: I Am (reverse)

Black Moon Lilith: Mystery (reverse) – Capricorn: I use (reverse; clarification)

Leo: I Will (reverse; bottom of the deck) – Jupiter Return: Benefits (clarification)

Fire Element: Desire (reverse; bottom of the deck)

12th House: Escape (bottom of the deck)

Morning: The World Awaits You

Nostalgia: Focus on the here & now

Feather: Think before you judge – Phoenix: How’s that for happily ever after?

I think her ancestors are pissed and feel her anger as well. HOWEVER, they do not want her to self-destruct, I think. Aries has appeared multiple times for Naomi, both upright and reversed. Here it is reversed next to the Black Moon Lilith. I believe that her ancestors do not want her to get caught up in her negative emotions. And this is because her ancestors are working on the other side to give her some sort of blessing. But to receive it, she needs to be alone yet calm and grounded. Naomi is resting but she needs to be careful to not use this break to detach too much from the outside world. They want her to rest, yes, but they also want her to stay in the present and not completely isolate herself and get lost in her emotions. It seems like what has occurred was bound to happen, as if it was divinely timed. Naomi needs to focus on herself and not be on the public stage as much. I feel like her ancestors communicate to her subconsciously and possibly through her dreams. They may have been wanting to talk to her for a while but she has not been hearing them. Only now is she beginning to familiarize herself with their voices. And they are telling her to use her emotions constructively, not destructively. She should not let them use her and lead her to doing something she will regret. All she has to do is wait and things will be sorted out in due time.

So, Aries makes its appearance once again, but this time reversed. It, combined with the Fire Element card, and both being reversed, I get the sense that Naomi’s ancestors are angry, but it is a controlled anger. When Aries came out for Naomi it felt more like a stifled anger. Here it is more an anger that has a purpose, an anger that is manifested for a specific objective. One may call the energy here passion or the drive to do something. For Naomi it was more trying to hold back feelings of annoyance, irritation, and wanting to lash out. So, I interpret this difference to mean that Naomi’s ancestors are upset by how Naomi has been treated and they walk with her in her anger. At the same time, however, I also feel like they do not want these feelings to consume her.

There is a sense of “Let me handle this,” I believe. And I say this because both Black Moon Lilith and Feather came out. With Feather, especially under Aries, I feel like Naomi’s ancestors do not want her to implode or do something rash that she will later regret. This is made clearer with the clarification cards of Capricorn reverse and Phoenix. Phoenix is rather straight forward but I find Capricorn curious. I think her ancestors are warning her that if she acts from her emotions brashly, that can be used against her by the powers that be—i.e., whoever runs the tennis world. And they are right to advise her against making any more statements or certain moves. Again, they will handle what needs to be done from their side, so they want her to focus on herself.

The 10th House card comes out again, signifying to me that this whole fall out was partly orchestrated on Naomi’s ancestors’ part. I ask that question later but here I get the sense that they want Naomi to step away from the public stage that is her career. With the 1st House following this card, they want her to realize what is right in front of her—a vast ocean of potential. She is so used to sitting in front of a camera and being dissected that she forgot what it meant to be free or think of what is possible besides just her tennis career thus far. The world awaits her, but it is not the world she is used to. It is now her world where she can make the rules. But Naomi hasn’t woken up to that reality in a long time.

Notice how in the Morning card there is no press or cameras outside the girl’s window. She looks well rested and at peace. She is unbothered. When was the last time Naomi felt like that? Remember the 4 of Swords reversed we saw for Naomi’s career. She needs a break and her ancestors have made that happen for her whether she likes it or not. Why? We will get into that later but for right now they want her to retreat. I think they communicate to her through her dreams or when she mind is completely still. When she was hyperfocused on her career and image, they couldn’t reach her. But right now, away from all the lights and pressure, they can get close to her and bless her with their gifts.

“Everything Happens For A Reason”

So, with the clock imagery of the 10th house card and my intuition, I felt like Naomi’s ancestors had a hand in all of this mess, something I touched lightly upon in my original article. Therefore, I straight up asked, “Did her ancestors have anything to do with the events that have transpired? Did they set them in motion for a divine reason?” I pulled two cards that were calling me. They were “YES” and “WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS.”

Did her ancestors have anything to do with the events that have transpired? Did they set them in motion for a divine reason?


Within the next few weeks – Big, happy changes, it’s up to you!, ask help from others (bottom of the deck), be assertive! (bottom of the deck) [clarification]

So, Naomi’s ancestors had something to do with the events that have occurred recently in her life. As I said in the previous post and in my article, I feel like this was divine timing. And indeed, the truth has been revealed. It seems like Naomi will come to realize this on some level in the next few weeks. Some big, happy changes will come into her life but it seems dependent on her on whether or not she will receive them. Again, her ancestors want to give her something. With the previous post I wonder if it is her freedom or ability to move through her own life more freely or with a sense of control. Saturn has shown up in her reading before, signifying how she is being constrained and restricted. But sometimes in this, a person learns what works for them and what doesn’t. It seems like Naomi had to make a choice, her career or herself. It seems like her ancestors wanted her to choose herself for once. So, they had a hand in what has happened thus far. But let us ask more directly.

So, we got a very clear answer: yes, Naomi’s ancestors had some influence in what has gone down for her with the tennis world. As I said here and alluded to throughout my first article, it seemed like these events were bound to happen. The Part of Fortune came out and I explained how it was originally reversed in the deck but turned upright as it fell to the floor. This confused me but I got the sense that Naomi refused to do that interview because something or someone “told” her to do so, that it was the “right” time to do so. That’s why she left so abruptly. All of the Moon energy of that particular spread also led me to believe that she was operating from her emotions or intuition. Here with these two cards, we can see that it was her ancestors guiding her. But why? I didn’t get into that right away. I was fascinated by the “WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS,” so I pulled some clarification cards. I got “BIG, HAPPY CHANGES” and “IT’S UP TO YOU!” I was curious what was at the bottom of the deck, and it was “ASK HELP FROM OTHERS” and “BE ASSERTIVE!”

So, it seems like Naomi’s ancestors are gearing up to give her something but…ask and you shall receive. They seem to want her to ask for their help and be assertive (a word I curiously kept using in my original article) when she does. As I mentioned before and in my Instagram post, I feel like Naomi’s ancestors speak to her through her subconscious, hence, they likely communicate to her through her dreams or in a meditative like state. I think in the next few weeks they may try to reach out to her in these ways because she has less distractions going on in her waking life. They may show her that she is not alone and that they are here to guide and protect her from the other side. In trying to foster a relationship with her, they may hint that they can do many things that she cannot do in her 3D world, and that they will lend her their powers/strength…but only if she asks.

I feel like although they helped to create this “perfect storm” as it were to shake her up, I do not think they will easily give her whatever it is they want to give her on a silver platter. Naomi’s ancestors feel strong and proud, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. I just mean I get the sense that they are firm and confident in how they operate, and they want her to learn how to be the same. So, they will not always just drop fortune in her lap; they want her to achieve great things through her own efforts. This is very Saturn in Aries in my opinion, learning how to be responsible for yourself in a mature and measured way.

Naomi has a retrograde Saturn in Aries. There is some heavy karma tied to this planet and it seems like her ancestors are helping her work through that in this lifetime.

“We Did It For Your Own Good”

But let us get into the big question: “Why did Naomi’s ancestors do what they did?” I got:

Why did Naomi’s ancestors do what they did?

7th house: Partners (reverse), Pisces: I Believe (reverse), Saturn: Truth, Grand Trine: Blessings, Venus: Love (bottom of the deck), Mercury Retrograde: Reinvention (bottom of the deck), Part of Fortune: Increase (bottom of the deck)

Self-Control: Higher Self, Survival: Healer Guides, Priorities: Master Teacher, Competition: Warrior Guides, Solitude: Higher Self (bottom of the deck), Unconditional Love: Divine Mother (not pictured; bottom of the deck)

Naomi’s ancestors set this chain of events in motion because they wanted her to stop putting others first so much to her own detriment, to be less people pleasing. They want her to reconnect with Source/God/her (higher) self. But she had to be alone to do because other people’s words, actions, energy, etc. were interfering with Naomi’s ability to center herself and hear her inner voice. Once alone, her ancestors could show her what was going on around her more clearly. Both here and in my article, there is this energy of not being privy to something and/or there is a harsh reality Naomi needs to accept. This does not mean she should felt defeated by what has happened; quite the opposite. She needs to reinvent herself and learn to have more self-love because on the astral plane, her ancestors deeply love her and want the best for her. This is why they did what they did.

In this off time they are planning to give her some sort of blessing. And while her world may be shaken upside down right now, they want her to remain calm. All this upheaval is for a reason that she will likely begin to notice in the next few weeks. Her ancestors are on her side; they want her to know that she can weather any storm but emotionally she needs to be composed and relaxed. What has happened in her career is not entirely her fault nor the end of the world, so she should not be beating herself up emotionally. Her ancestors are handling what needs to be done from their side.

What she needs to do right now is focus on herself and healing her wounds. She should look around at what does and doesn't serve her anymore and make the necessary changes to be fulfilled on all levels of her life. This is a time of restructuring and meditation even if the outside world is hellbent on misunderstanding her and rousing her into battle.

I find it interesting that the 7th House came out and not Libra, especially since Aries came out so frequently. The difference is that Libra is about balance—the balance that is involved and needed in any relationship, where no one is sacrificing more than the other; that the ego does not take precedence over another; that desire does not lead the individual to behave in ways that disrupts the peace, etc. The 7th house is not tied to Libra regardless of what modern astrologers say. To the ancient astrologers, this was the house where people met their adversaries and significant other. It was a retiring place where you gave your power over to someone else.

Here for Naomi, it is reversed, signaling that her ancestors believe that she has given too much energy, and especially power, over to other people. Naomi is funnily enough a Libra Sun so this people-pleasing, “I don’t mean to be rude” energy is what her ego is developing in. However, the Sun is in fall in Libra, which is a fancy way to say that the Sun does very poorly in this polite energy. As we have seen, Aries and “BE ASSERTIVE” have come out, which suggests that Naomi’s ancestors want her to be more in this self-determined energy. They want her to put herself first. She has sacrificed so much for her career, and it is not making her happy. So, she should leave it for a while and explore the other areas of life she has been neglecting.

With Pisces reversed, a card that came out for Naomi as well, I think her ancestors want her to reconnect to her higher self (or God or Source). She has been fundamentally out of sync with herself for quite a while and now is the time to try to realign. Saturn is also a card that appeared in one of Naomi’s spreads but reversed. There it was talking about how the French Open made her withdraw. The Truth about what happened was obscured and falsified to the public. Here I feel like Naomi’s ancestors want her to see the truth of her career, I believe. Saturn is currently in Aquarius but retrograde. In Aquarius, Saturn is more enlightened and is able to have a broader and clearer sense of perspective than in Capricorn. So, right now I think Naomi’s ancestors are showing her something that she has been ignorant to, and I do believe it is a little bit of a harsh truth. And I think that truth is that Naomi is treated differently because she is half black.

I know for mixed people, sometimes accepting this fact is hard because of a lot of different factors. But accepting the reality that the world is anti-black and will operate in ways to push you out of existence is a pill that they have to swallow like all other black people who are not mixed. In recognizing that unfortunately many places, people, and systems in the world have a personal vendetta against your blackness, I think it in some ways does alleviate the stress of playing the game of “Is it because I’m black?” Because the answer will always be “yes.” Even if the tennis world and wider media landscape has treated Naomi kindly up until this point (they haven’t), that is only because Serena Williams has been their whipping girl for decades. Now that Naomi has asserted herself in a way they do not like, all bets are off, and she will likely be treated no better than Serena. Naomi was just a means to get Serena out; they do not genuinely like Naomi for her skills, unfortunately. And that is the Truth.

But Naomi’s ancestors do not want her to be discouraged and defeated by this fact. They want her to exercise stronger self-love and take this downtime to reevaluate her life thus far. What is it that she truly wants? Be assertive! Discard what is not necessary and focus on what is currently important to you. They will take care of the rest. Naomi shouldn’t worry about things that are not in her control right now. They want her to seek solitude, to meditate, to heal. They are preparing something great for her in the near future.

So, this is what I what I was trying to say on Instagram lol! Hopefully it makes a lot more sense. I gave the abridged version to our Server Aunty, and she had a really interesting perspective on Caribbean/Haitian ancestors that I did not have. Basically, she said she knew Naomi’s ancestors had something to do with this whole dilemma because Caribbean ancestors are quite feisty and direct in getting their message(s) across to someone. They also don’t play any games, and we see that with the Aries, Fire Element, and Warrior cards all out on the table lol! I thought about pulling on what this fortune is that Naomi’s ancestors seemingly want to give her, but I feel like that should be a special surprise just for her, so I just minded my business. I hope you all like the article and send Naomi some love!

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