June 2021 Predictions

It’s officially summer!

June 2021 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits for June 2021?

June 2 Venus enters Cancer

June 10 Annual solar eclipse + new Moon at 19°41’ Gemini

June 11 Mars enters Leo

June 20 Jupiter stations retrograde at 2°11’ Pisces

June 21 The Sun enters Cancer

June 22 Mercury turns direct at 16°8’ Gemini

June 24 Full Moon in Capricorn

June 25 Neptune stations retrograde at 23°12’ Pisces

June 27 Venus enters Leo


June 1 The Mars-Neptune trine perfects

June 2 The Saturn-Uranus square perfects

June 3 The Sun-Saturn trine perfects; the Mercury-Neptune square perfects; the Venus-Jupiter trine perfects; the Mars-Pluto opposition perfects

June 10 The Sun-Mercury conjunction perfects

June 12 The Venus-Uranus sextile perfects

June 14 The Sun-Neptune square perfects

June 21 The Venus-Neptune trine perfects

June 22 The Sun-Jupiter trine perfects

June 23 The Sun-Pluto opposition perfects

June 30 The Mars-Saturn opposition perfects

For the past few years, every summer has been packed with planets either going retrograde or have been retrograde for a couple of months. This year is no different. In June, we will have Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto retrograde from the prior month. Near the end of the month, however, Mercury will turn direct, but Jupiter will turn retrograde a couple of days before this while Neptune will go retrograde shortly thereafter. The outer planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto going retrograde and remaining that way for long stretches of time is not uncommon. They are much farther away from the Sun (and Earth) than the inner planets (i.e., Mercury, Venus, and Mars), so they are often retrograde longer. Transpersonal planets like Jupiter and Saturn go retrograde somewhere in the middle in terms of frequency. But I do find it interesting that Jupiter will also be retrograde this month as well.

I discovered Astro-seek has some neat features, including these charts that shows the movement of the planets (and Chiron, Lilith, and the North Node) from month to month.

Jupiter, as we know from last month, was dominating the squares it was making to all of the planets transiting Gemini. In June, those squares will give way to positive trines as the inner planets will transit through Cancer for the majority of the month. This means that there will be a lot of emotional energy in the air, but it is not always expressed in the easiest of ways. By this I mean that water signs in general are not great with clear and effective communication. Mercury is in fall and detriment in Pisces, after all. Neptune will make many trines this month, but it will also square Mercury and the Sun at some point, causing a lot of confusion surrounding communication and one’s identity, respectively. Relationships between individuals should improve, however. Venus and Jupiter will trine as will Venus and Neptune. If there was some bad blood brewing in May, it seems that that will subside by the end of June. It does help that Mercury will finally be direct by then and still domicile in Gemini. After a period of mental overload and confusion perhaps, some of you will be able to clearly see who was in the wrong and are thus able to kiss and make up.

However, that is for some of you. For others, the presence of the Saturn-Uranus square, the Mars-Pluto opposition, the Sun-Pluto opposition, and the Mars-Saturn opposition speaks to some nasty tensions and perhaps even violence. If you intentionally avoid the news like me, we are unable to fully escape what goes on in our world on a global level. In mid-May, the genocide, apartheid, and colonial occupation of Palestine by Israel (which is backed not only financially but militarily by many Western countries, most of whom are colonial powers or the result of settler colonies) came back into the international spotlight.

In mid-May, Israel began an air strike campaign on Gaza, killing approximately 200 people and injuring more than 1,200, most civilians. Among them included Dr. Ayman Abu al-Ouf, head of internal medicine at Al-Shifa Hospital who was also the leading doctor against the coronavirus in Palestine. Most of his family members also perished in the attack. After 11 days of violence, there was a ceasefire, specifically between Israel and Hamas who controls Gaza, and the UN is now considering the Israeli attack on Gaza as war crimes as they appeal $95m “to help Palestinians over the next three months in Gaza, the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem” according to Al Jazeera.

Some Resources on Palestine

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list, and I understand some of these sources may be considered questionable (i.e., Al Jazeera).





Saturn and Uranus will square exactly three times this year. The first time they met up was back in mid-February. The two planets will square one last time near Christmas. Saturn is the planet of restriction, delays, old age, misery, anxiety, depression, and being orphaned. Uranus represents unpredictability but often in the more malefic sense. It is sudden changes, instability, and typically chaos. To have these two planets square, and in fixed signs at that where Saturn is actually under Uranus’s influence, shows that on the global stage, things will fall apart in the most volatile ways but over time. This collective shift has been in the undertaking for a few years now, I believe, however. Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter transiting Capricorn just kicked it into overdrive in my opinion. Therefore, when these planets (safe for Pluto) moved into Aquarius, and begun to square Uranus, humanity at large could no longer ignore how the adherence to antiquated structures and ideologies is literally a death sentence. We can no longer operate in the abstract and intangible (Aquarius) and ignore that ideas do have physical (Taurus, Capricorn) consequences (Saturn). There is a direct correlation, and the pandemic has shown us that without a doubt. But many are still resistant to changing the present. However, the tighter we hold on to the past and refuse to actively make meaningful change now, the harder it will be to adjust to the new reality, the new normal, that has been unfolding in front of us for the past few years now.

There is an intense push and pull to alter how society, and perhaps even humanity, operates at large. And with the negative aspects Pluto and Mars will make, it seems that things will get harder before they get better. Saturn being retrograde also indicates that change will be dragged out or even reversed. The U.S. government dragging their feet passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and giving its citizens stimulus money during the pandemic demonstrates this. But change will still come. It just seems like it will involve a lot of violence to get there, unfortunately.

#FreePalestine, #BlackLivesMatter, #StopAsianHate, #LandBack, #MeToo

Early in the month we will go through another eclipse, this time an annual solar eclipse. Apparently, eclipses come in pairs and surround a certain Zodiacal axis. Last month we had a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. In June, the solar eclipse will be in Gemini.

Solar eclipses are like super new Moons while lunar eclipses are super full Moons. The full Moon is about the ending of a cycle—completing something or finally laying it to rest. New Moons are the opposite. They represent new beginnings and starting fresh on something. But in the form of a solar eclipse, this newness is almost forced on us. To me, it seems like experiencing an intense Uranus transit because it seems as though the universe is grabbing you by the face and shaking you up and down.

This eclipse will intensely conjunct Mercury retrograde. So, it seems that this eclipse really wants people to reconsider how they communicate with others, how they think about things, and how they plan, especially since these planets will trine Saturn retrograde. The eclipse and Mercury will also square Neptune, however, really challenging people to get their lives in order. What is it do you want to do, whether in career, family, relationships, etc.? How should you balance logic and emotions? You may be asking yourself this all throughout June.

Oracle Messages

What is the energy for June 2021?

Venus in Pisces: Submission (reverse)
Saturn in Virgo: Isolation (reverse)
Saturn in Leo: Generosity (reverse)
Sun in Virgo: Health (reverse)
Sun in Leo: Fortune (reverse)
Moon in Sagittarius: Optimism (reverse)
Venus in Sagittarius: Flirtation
Jupiter in Virgo: Patience
Venus in Scorpio: Secrets (reverse)
Sun in Taurus: Acquisition (bottom of the deck: reverse)
Saturn in Libra: Devotion (bottom of the deck; reverse)
Saturn in Sagittarius: Fulfillment (bottom of the deck; reverse)
Saturn in Pisces: Loss (bottom of the deck; reverse)
Venus in Taurus: Romance (bottom of the deck; reverse)

The CDC announced recently that vaccinated Americans do not have to wear masks in most public and private spaces. Well before this, however, many states and cities have lifted such a mask mandate anyway. This has left the population divided.

Those who are frustrated by the restrictions that were placed on us we now celebrating. Many of them are traveling more, both domestically and internationally, causing flight levels to return to what they were before the pandemic hit. These individuals are looking to have a fun time this summer since they could not last summer. They want to flirt and have flings, nothing too serious. They are not concerned about the health risks associated with this behavior and I am not talking about this in a strictly sexual health context. Many of this section of the population simply do not fear the Corona virus anymore because, whether or not they are personally vaccinated or have contracted the illness, they see that the number of cases and deaths have decreased as an "okay" to do what they want.

Another portion of the population is not too sure. They are cautious and waiting patiently for more information before they follow what the previous group is doing. While they too long for a "hot girl summer," they are too aware of the remaining risks--other strains of the virus--to take that chance. They are guarded and will continue to wear masks and maintain their distance from others.

Finally, one last part of the population is still mourning. They have had loved ones die, especially intimate partners. They are pessimistic about the summer. No one can console them. They haven't left their home in months. Their soul cries out for their loved ones as everyone else goes on with their lives.

For this month’s astrology pull, I actually thought about setting the intention for like a review of the year. In other words, I wanted to see how people felt about being halfway through the year already. But I decided against it, and yet it seems like that’s what I got anyway lol.

This spread is very fascinating to me, perhaps because it departs from past readings that seem centered on relationships and the ending of them. Here, it is very clear that this is the energy of the American public as summer approaches. As I mentioned on Instagram, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) basically told people that if they are fully vaccinated, they can pretty much return to “normal” life while those who are not should just get vaccinated already. This comes a bit after some cities and entire states have lifted their own mask mandates and have “reopened.” These recent decisions on both the federal and local level have produced two camps of people: those who want to throw caution to the wind and those who are more hesitant.

Whether or not people from the “I don’t give a fuck, I’m gonna do whatever I want finally” camp are vaccinated or not, or had at some point contracted the virus, they want to “return to normal.” They want to go back outside unbothered, “unshackled” by the chains of a mask. But they had to in order to have full access to most private places like grocery stores, restaurants, bars, or stadiums and arenas. This also included public spaces until recently like parks and beaches. However, with cities and states “reopening” and the CDC basically giving anyone the “okay” to go maskless and not stand 6 feet apart, this is all changing rather rapidly. This is why we have Submission in reverse. These individuals felt stuck in a cage with the open world right in front of them that they could not fly out into. But now they are spreading their wings and taking flight. This is why Isolation is also reversed. I find it interesting that Generosity is reversed right next to it, though.

In the imagery of the card, it shows a group of people reaching out to some man in the sky as he gives them stars. In the booklet, the authors say that the man on the hill is essentially channeling the man in the sky’s message to the crowd. When I look at this card, however, I see the figure in the sky as the CDC taking the people’s masks lol. And the crowd cries in happiness. They think that this pandemic is over, but it is not. That is why health came out in reverse in my opinion.

Every time we have tried to “reopen” anything we eventually had to close it because cases and deaths went back up “shockingly.” When I watch the news, I see the anchors championing how the cases and deaths have been down as of late, but I have to wonder how much of this is the effectiveness of the vaccines or is it the fact that the people who have gotten the virus either recovered or died by now. Because while adults are able to get vaccinated, children are still left in this grey area. In either case, for this first group, they don’t really care about how dangerous going out may still be. They are about to have a Hot Girl Summer full of passion.

For the second group, the “I don’t trust y’all” group, they are on the defense. When I look at the woman in the Jupiter in Virgo card, I see this group. They are guarded and waiting their time out. Notice how this card is under the Sun in Virgo card. This group knows that while, yes, cases and deaths are down, that does not mean we can slip up now. With the first group out here wylin, harassing grocery store workers and even decking flight attendants in the mouth because they were asked to wear a mask in a space, it is understandable that some of the public is wary moving forward into summer.

To them, the Sun is not shining down on Earth like in the Sun in Leo card. For this group, the reality of other variants is in the back of their mind. This is clear in the Venus in Scorpio card. The symbols in the card are veves from Voodoo, but here they look like viruses. With it reversed, it shows that the some of the American public is aware of the fact that different strains of the virus can make their way here (they already have) and newer ones can develop. Especially since everyone and their mama is out here traveling, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, it was all over the news earlier last month that India was struggling to combat the spread of the coronavirus, showing that many countries do not have any sort of immunity so far. And yet here in the U.S., people are literally having tantrums over being told that they still need to wear a mask in most public and private spaces. The cognitive dissonance is not lost on group two. Even when they too long to travel (Saturn in Sagittarius) and have fun (Moon in Sagittarius) as well.

Finally, there is one last group that isn’t involved in this mess. They are the ones who are still mourning the death of loved ones. While people are outside fighting, this group has been inside depressed. The man who cannot be consoled in the Saturn in Virgo card is this group. They are the bird in the Saturn in Libra card who will not leave their deceased partner’s side. They have lost everything, and in many cases, this may not be an exaggeration if their partner was the breadwinner (Sun in Taurus). This group is disconnected from the rest of the world. It will be a very long time before they find the strength to move on emotionally.

What oracle messages do we have for June 2021?

37: Grey - Endings are inevitable

15: Garden - Something lovely will grow from this

42: Homeward - Take yourself out on a date

2: Evil Queen - You deserve sugar, not salt

5: Stars - You can manifest your every wish

27: Witch - Justice is coming (bottom of the deck)

LV: The Vision (reverse)

LXII: The Sword

LIV: The Vow (sideways)

LVI: The Gem (bottom of the deck)

For 2 months, we got this message of many of you leaving a situation or person/group of people behind. This continues into June, however, with a legal and/or spiritual twist.

"Endings are inevitable" indeed, so why are you still holding on? Some of you need to realize that leaving is final. You cannot continue to waver or flop flop in your emotions on this matter. You need to be firm and decisive with the action you are taking, which seems to be packing your things and going.

Some of you are starting to second guess yourself and ignore what your gut/guides are trying to tell you--move on. You did not deserve what has happened to you, and best believe that person will get their karma soon. You can even help in manifesting that justice is served but you need to let go of your psychic tie to this person or persons and place.

Some of you have taken either a conscious or unconscious vow to them that is making it difficult to see things clearly and leave totally. What you should do instead is make a vow to yourself, a commitment to rediscover who you truly are inside. What gem will you find when you finally take a peek inside of yourself? You may be shocked that your inner most light is still there, waiting for you to step into it.

Shout out to Bi who bought me the Wild Unknown Archetypes deck! 😊

For these oracle messages, we got a similar message that we have been seeing for the past few months with a slightly different energy. I don’t know if I can effectively communicate how cards and spreads can give off a specific energy, but I did get a more serious and even “darker” tone with The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck. The Believe in Your Own Magic deck is more uplifting and encouraging while the Wild Unknown seems sterner and piercing. So, while the message for June is the same—it’s time to leave behind a certain situation and/or relationship—the normal affirmative tone is offset by the uncomfortable truth that many of you apparently need to hear. I find this interesting because sometimes the Ask Your Guides deck served this purpose. The cards Truth, Discipline, and Decisions especially come to mind. But it seems as though the Wild Unknown decided to take charge here lol.

In any case, this spread is really imploring you to dig a bit deeper into why you are still holding on to whom- or whatever you have been taking steps to leave behind. I find it fascinating that both decks are saying that you should take matters into your own hands even as the universe/God/your guides/etc. are also working to get you justice in some capacity. Witch, Stars, and the Sword (which looks like the Ace of Swords) especially stand out to me because the energy is very self-determined. They are suggesting that if you want vindication, pick up that sword or bat and do it yourself. I am reminded of the Leadership card that appeared last month. You are again being asked to stand up for yourself, to show up for yourself. Yes, it seems like there may be some divine intervention of sorts that may happen this month, but how successful it will be seems dependent on how you move. With Vow sideways, some of you are wavering in what you want. Do you really want freedom, closure? Because it seems like some of you are not too sure. “Maybe it wasn’t too bad. Maybe they didn’t mean what they said.” But what if it was that bad or they did mean what they said? Then what? The cards seem to be saying that you need to be decisive in your actions and leveled headed. Justice is coming for someone, and you cannot be in this confused, in between state when it happens because “endings are inevitable.”

What messages do our guides have for June 2021?

10: Family - Holy Spirit

9: Pleasure - Divine Goddess

8: Discontent - Muses

3: Community - Spiritual Ancestors

2: Partnerships and Love - Nature Spirits

1: Unconditional Love - Divine Mother

24: Rest - Holy Spirit (bottom of the deck)

11: New Beginnings - Divine Father (bottom of the deck)

Summer officially begins when the Sun ingresses into Cancer, the mother of the Zodiac. We start to feel more sentiment and want to spend time with family. The cards here reflect that desire.

In June, our guides want us to relax and have fun with loved ones. Although there is much unrest across the world and in our own backyards, we need to take time out for ourselves to nurture our spirits and the ones around us. We do that by indulging in what makes us happy. Do not be afraid to spoil yourself in June. You deserve it! Life has been scary for many of you as of late, but it seems like in June, the universe is trying its hardest to put your mind at ease and link you up with people who are on your same wavelength.

With restrictions being loosened in the U.S. at least, go visit family and friends that you haven't been able to. If plans have been pushed back for some time, go back to them and see if you cannot get them moving again. The universe has your back and is rooting for you!

This spread echoes the messages of this month’s transits and the astrology oracle in that family, love, and having fun seems to be the focus. Indeed, as was mentioned earlier in this article, the CDC has eased up on its guidelines for vaccinated individuals and in its wake numerous cities and entire states are “reopening” if they haven’t already. You can turn on the news today and see people outside with no masks nor socially distancing in many public places. It’s almost as though the pandemic never happened. In either case, it seems like our spirit guides are encouraging us to take this opportunity to reconnect with family and other loved ones if you have been isolated from them. I would still advise people to be cautious regardless, especially since mass shootings are on the upturn. But it seems as though even our spiritual teams are encouraging us to go outside or at the very least have some face-to-face contact. Our guides want us to remember that we are loved unconditionally and are still connected to others despite having to be apart from people for so long.

What can you do for your mental and physical health in June 2021?

26: Health Checkup

27: Hydrate

17: Create art

16: Make an altar

35: Meditate

49: Spend time with friends (bottom of the deck)

For June, it seems as though everyone needs to realign on all levels of life starting with the physical body. We are not out of a pandemic yet, so it is important be mindful of your body and that it is functioning as it should, whatever that may look like for you. If you have been putting off seeing a doctor due to the fears of the virus, you are encouraged to put them aside and book an appointment anyway. If you do not have any serious concerns that require seeing a specialist, you may just have to remember to stay hydrated. It is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and with global warming, heat waves and strokes are increasingly common. Make sure you are drinking enough water!

Others of you may need to still your mind and connect with your spiritual body. Has the chaos of everyday life left you confused and restless? Try meditation or pray to whom- or whatever you need to in order help quiet your mind. When we are calm and collected, we are better able to tackle our problems.

Finally, others of you may need to spend more time creating something or hanging out with friends. This past year has not been the easiest or most fun, so take some time out to indulge in your inner child and make something! It doesn't have to be a "master piece"; just something that gives you joy and a sense of fulfillment. If you don't want to continue to spend time alone, don't! Go physically visit your friends if you can or try to rekindle relationships that may have dwindled during the pandemic. They are likely just as eager as you are to reconnect.

Finally, I did a reading on what you should do for your mental and physical health. I did this since we are halfway through the year and I thought I should do something extra lol. Regardless, these cards are self-explanatory. As summer approaches, be on top of your physical health by booking an appointment with a specialist if you need to. Stay hydrated, especially since the weather is so unpredictable and as we break record heat levels. Others of you need to focus on finding ways to calm your mind. Meditation and possibly connecting with your ancestors/guides/etc. may work for some of you. Others still may just need to do something creative or hang out with friends. June seems to be about domestic travel, so do not be afraid of going outside—if you can safely—and visit some people you haven’t seen in a while.

That is all I have for June. If you like this article, think about supporting me on either Ko-Fi or through my Amazon Wishlist!

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