May 2021 Predictions

It would be nice if spring actually started and stayed.

May 2021 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits for May 2021?

May 4 Mercury enters Gemini

May 9 Venus enters Gemini

May 11 New Moon in Taurus

May 14 Jupiter enters Pisces

May 21 The Sun enters Gemini

May 23 Saturn stations retrograde at 13°31’ Aquarius

May 26 Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

May 30 Mercury stations retrograde at 24°43’ Gemini


May 1 The Sun-Uranus conjunction perfects

May 5 The Venus-Pluto trine perfects

May 10 The Mercury-North Node conjunction perfects

May 13 The Sun-Neptune sextile perfects; the Mercury-Saturn trine perfects

May 17 The Sun-Pluto trine perfects

May 18 The Venus-North Node conjunction perfects

May 20 The Venus-Saturn trine perfects

May 23 The Mercury-Neptune square perfects

May 28 The Venus-Neptune square perfects

May 31 The Mars-Neptune trine perfects

May marks both the end of spring and beginning of summer. This is why Gemini takes over near the end of the month as mutable signs indicate that the weather will begin to become more ambiguous. With Mercury entering retrograde toward the end of the month, Saturn going retrograde a little before then, Jupiter entering its nocturnal domicile in Pisces, along with Neptune making some hard aspects to Mercury and Venus, things are definitively about to go a bit haywire during May. There may be another battle within the mind that we saw back in March where Mercury was in fall and detriment in Pisces while also ruling and squaring Mars which had just entered Gemini.

In May, however, Mercury will be domicile, so we can expect our minds to be sharper and more focused. Mercury had an extra jolt to it when it was transiting near Uranus in Taurus last month. But there it was ironically more grounded and measured than that conjunction would have been otherwise. Now in Gemini, whatever new things you started in April may be a bit harder to manifest tangibly as your mind may be in overdrive playing with all of these new ideas and seeing what possibilities they can produce more abstractly in the mental realm. But since not only Mercury will start to trine Saturn in Aquarius, but Venus as well once it enters Gemini, you may find outside forces slowing down your roll a bit. Although a positive trine, Saturn is still malefic and overcomes or dominates the trine to Mercury and Venus, meaning that Saturn’s influence is stronger in this relationship. Consequently, the more playful, mischievous energy of Gemini is tempered by Saturn’s sternness. This is interesting to consider as Jupiter will also become domicile in Pisces towards the middle of May.

I saw a lot of other, older astrologers sort of “mourn” the loss of the previous Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that we’ve had for a few months now. I can only assume that they like Jupiter with Saturn because Jupiter is the greater benefic, which would help mitigate some of Saturn’s malefice as it is the greater malefic, even though Saturn when diurnal (and in its own domicile), from what I’ve seen, is a bit more tolerable than nocturnal. In either case, people may be in tuned to themselves more spiritually, religiously, and perhaps psychically this month. But Pisces squares and overcomes Gemini, meaning that we will have a part two to the Mercury-Mars square a bit here. But in this square, it is not a struggle between having lofty, perhaps not fully formed, ideas and then trying to act on them that is causing conflict. Here it is more so a battle between religion and reason.

Jupiter when in Pisces is not as structured and fierce as it is in its diurnal domicile of Sagittarius. Jupiter when in Pisces is quieter and more meditative. It is generous and helps from the heart without trying to convert people along the way. It is selfless and sacrificing. Jupiter, especially when in Pisces, operates almost entirely on faith and emotions and not much else. Mercury is the opposite. Seeing is believing and a large part of religion and spirituality is to suspend disbelief. But, for Mercury and Gemini, that is near impossible to do.

Although both like to play with abstract ideas, the thought of just having faith in things that are not easily measurable, explained, or demonstrative is very hard for them. Mercury when in Gemini loves to inspect the finer details of things and can detach itself from whatever it is examining to be able to see all sides of it. Pisces cannot really do that and Jupiter tends to gloss over things or blow up other things that Mercury doesn’t always find relevant. So, in May, depending on how your own chart is configured, there can be a rather intense internal conflict over logic and faith. You will likely be taking in a bunch of new information, some requiring you to be laser focused and only acquire the facts and at other times you will need to actually forgo the facts and act from a place of empathy and feeling.

Again, Jupiter has more pull here in the square that it will make with all of the planets in Gemini in this month. So, issues surrounding religious/spiritual ideology, philosophy, philanthropy, morality, higher knowledge, justice, and friendship just to name a few, may come to a contentious head with your everyday thinking, money, communication, the youth, siblings, and community. Perhaps some people around you are more argumentative or try to subtly influence you to either realign with the dominant ideology or lead you away from it as Pisces tends to represent religion and spirituality that is less dogmatic and organized. Or people may be more willing to discuss more “elevated” topics such as morality and the justice system (Jupiter) and almost challenge you on your assumptions in a roundabout way (Pisces). Moreover, you may find yourself and/or others being a little cocky and extra with how they speak. Jupiter can often inflate the ego, so do not be surprised if people out the blue may approach you a little freshly but then turn around and cry wolf when you do not respond so favorably.

Speaking of out the blue, Mercury retrogrades tend to bring about people and things from the past back to us. Mercury went retrograde at the very end of January. Think back to the things that occurred during January and February because you may get unexpected calls or messages from those same people who appeared out of the ether during those months. Likewise, certain outside factors may also dredge up past issues or problems from either that time period or some other one that you will have to deal with. Since Saturn also goes retrograde a few days before Mercury as well, and the two will continue to trine until Mercury leaves Gemini around mid-July, you may find that these past people and problems will not go away so easily. It perhaps won’t be until August and September that whatever Mercury retrograde dropped at your feet is resolved or goes away until the next retrograde. So, overall, be mindful of how you speak to others and who is speaking to you. It is much easier to be persuaded during May than in prior months as you may be bombarded and/or spontaneously take in far too much information that is not easy for you to process. Because of that, you may let certain things slip here and there which will only cause negative consequences, especially since Saturn will be retrograde. You may just want to have fun or charge ahead on an idea that you think will work but you need to slow it down before you wreck yourself. Speaking of…

We will apparently have a Full Blood Moon total lunar eclipse sandwiched in between Saturn going retrograde then Mercury on the 27th. So, expect the end of May to be wild not only in your immediate life but globally as well. I’m not super well-versed in how the cycles of the Moon affect astrology but full moons are a culmination of energy and also represents the ending of something, more in the sense of completing a project it seems. I guess the closest to it would be like the World card in tarot, or better yet the Wheel of Fortune? In either case, there is a lot of energy in the sky, which will be exacerbated by the fact that the Moon will be in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s diurnal domicile. So, all of that energy will swell even more as Jupiter’s expansive spirit governs over this Moon. But Jupiter itself will actually square the Moon, so in many ways, this extra dose of (emotional) energy may not be great. Especially since Saturn will be slowing down to a crawl and walking backwards by this time and Mercury will do the same a few days after. Therefore, expect transportation, telecommunication, and likely your pets to be all out of whack following this eclipse. It also doesn’t help that the squares from Neptune to Venus (the 23rd) and Mercury (the 28th) will perfect around this same time as well.

Also interesting to note is that the Ascendant for this eclipse will be in Leo, meaning that the Sun is the ruler of the chart during this time

Oh, and, according to Cafe Astrology, “[a] Lunar eclipse is a more potent Full Moon, and its effects tend to last longer. Many astrologers believe that the effects of a Lunar eclipse last approximately six months.” So, May, with all of this energy surrounding how we think and theorize, will have long lasting effects until next year. I find this interesting because all of the planets transiting Gemini will hit the North Node this month. Therefore, with this intense lunar eclipse with the South Node instead, I wonder if for a lot of people there will be a release of karma or finally the recognition of it. For those who have Mercury and/or Jupiter aspects to the lunar nodes, I wonder if you will all suddenly have an epiphany on something during this time or you will have finally completed something karmic-related. The same goes for early degree (0-10°) mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) people as well as the lunar eclipse will be at around 5°27′ Sagittarius/5°25′ Gemini. Well, all I can say is good luck everyone lol!

Oracle Messages

What is the energy for May 2021?

22: Pluto
16: Venus
2: Taurus
7: Libra
26: Earth
3: Gemini (bottom of the deck)

Last month we got a very clear message of stepping away from a certain relationship and/or environment. In May, it seems like this process of removal or elimination continues. With Pluto out first, that place you were in is finally being put to rest and you are going to experience a slow rebirth. A rebirth where your wants and needs are put first finally. You will reconnect with yourself in intimate ways, rediscovering what makes you feel pleasure and what gives you a physical sense of security. For so long you had the vengeful gaze of someone on you, but now in May, you have been set free. Use this time to realign yourself with your body and parts of yourself that you have neglected and buried.

For the oracles messages, I didn’t immediately get any messages for some reason. It took some time for me to realize that this spread, and the following ones, were talking about last month’s messages: some of you have left a relationship and/or situation. In April, many of you have finally mustered up the courage to leave. So, now in May, you are all trying to place yourself first. This nicely coincided with the Sun traversing Aries then Taurus and now Gemini as we end May. Aries kicked off this “me first” energy while Taurus sustained and nurtured it. In Gemini season you will meet up again with your other half and realign yourself on all levels, especially physically with the Earth, Taurus, and Venus cards but also mentally I believe with the presence of Gemini and Libra. Indeed, if March and April still saw you in the background, May will be a different story. But even with this, you are not out of the woods yet.

Considering this month’s transits and the later cards, be aware that these toxic people and situations may try to suck you back in. Pluto, Venus, and Venus’s domiciles of Taurus and Libra are important to point out as these planets were squaring each other last month. And now in May, Venus will square Neptune at end of the month. So, relationships while ending, will unfortunately not end completely or cleanly. Especially with Mercury going retrograde this month as well, make sure that when you fully close this darker chapter in your life, you do so firmly and with a level head. Gemini in this spread can indicate fickleness and Libra indecisiveness. So, be sure to not compromise your happiness and desires again just because these people and circumstances worm themselves back into your life and start to sweet talk or manipulate you.

What oracle messages do we have for May 2021?

43: Spaceship - Don't be afraid to sing
13: Lioness - You've earned all your stripes
23: Confidence - It comes with time and practice
29: Feast - Slow down and celebrate yourself
42: Homeward - Take yourself out on a date (bottom of the deck)
40: Morning - The world awaits you (bottom of the deck)
20: Lighthouse - Don't doubt your worth (bottom of the deck)
21: Clover - Release your guilt (bottom of the deck)

Echoing last month's messages, many of you have mustered up the courage to finally put yourself first. In May, you need to keep that up! You were made to believe that you deserved the awful things that have happened to you but you did *not* deserve the disrespect and shame. You have learned to quiet your voice, and now it is the time to let it loose. "You've earned all your stripes" so now "release your guilt." Take this month to sit with yourself and rediscover who you are. Spend some time in reflection to work on yourself and build up self-confidence. It is time to be your own champion again, to celebrate your victories because you have been through a lot. When you begin to you'll finally start waking up everyday with purpose. The world is waiting for you.

With these cards, the messages were a lot more straightforward. Interesting, though, no cards jumped out. I had to pull them all but perhaps that doesn’t mean anything. In either case, we get the same message of healing here. Many think that something truly horrific or traumatizing needs to occur to be “worthy” of feeling exhausted and battered by what they experience day in and day out or just for one instance. That is not the case. Healing is not just for life and death moments or when we get sick physically. Healing needs to occur any time we are in a space where our wants and needs have been ignored or stifled for too long either voluntarily by our own volition or out of necessity.

When so much time and energy is expended to other people with none of it returned or broken up with periods of time to recharge, something has to give. Last month we got the Death Guide card, suggesting that some of your angels have decided to step in to make sure that something came to an end. In May, now that they or you have succeeded, they want you to take some time to yourself to regroup and relax. Our favorite card Exhaustion shows up later, so indeed, many of you need a break again. Sometimes when we are finally let go from a restricting situation, we are excited and want to do all the things we have put off. Or, conversely, anxiety sets in because the world that we once knew has been turned upside down (which nicely coincides with the Sun-Uranus conjunction at the very beginning of the month). In whatever situation you are in, try to take things one step at a time. With Saturn trining the Gemini planets and also going retrograde as well, if you do not stop to take the time to rest and unwind, your guides might step in again to ensure this whether you like this or not.

What messages do our guides have for May 2021?

33: Discipline - Master Teacher
32: Decisions - Higher Self
51: Leadership - Holy Spirit
28: Restriction - Joy Guides
27: Deceit - Guardian Angels
20: Exhaustion - Divine Helpers (bottom of the deck)

In May, many of you are trying to move your life in a new direction. Considering the previous messages, this makes sense. However, to get there, you need to be self-confident and have the right skills. And that's not all! It seems as though you have deceptive and manipulative people around you who are working against you. Be mindful of the company you keep and watch more carefully how people react to your successes. Are they happy or are they trying to plant seeds of doubt in you? If not other people, you may need to watch out for your own pessimistic thinking. Sometimes are worst enemies in life are ourselves. You need to make some major decisions about some things soon, and it is in your best favor to try to remain positive. Your guides are here to help every step of the way, so while you may need to be vigilant, don't forget to smile and have fun. Don't over do it! You will get where you need to be in due time. So, do not force things. Hone your craft and learn to celebrate yourself more.

Similar to the astrology cards I pulled last month, we have this energy of stepping into one’s life purpose but with perhaps mixed results. Here, though, it does not seem to be due completely to missing opportunities or being lazy. Instead, it seems as though some of you are just trying too hard to force something, maybe a dream job. As much as it sucks, and I know this personally as an Aries Sun lol, what we desire tends to show up when it is the best time for us. This may mean that when you want things to happen may not be the time that the right circumstances and your guides have scribbled down for you. So, it is important to be more patient (which I think is a card in this deck but I’m not completely sure).

These Discipline and Restrictions cards also neatly aligns with Saturn in Aquarius, just by itself and the trines it will make to planets in Gemini and it going retrograde. Some of you need to make some important decisions in May, and it may be rather final, so be careful. Your guides want you to be prepared for whatever new phase of life you are about to step into. Prepared in the sense that you have the needed information and skills and prepared to have to stand your ground. With the Leadership card, we once again get this energy of putting the ego first and some people may not like that. With the Deceit card, some individuals may go out of their way to trip you up, to make you second guess yourself or full out sabotage you. We see this energy in not only the transits but astrology oracle as well. Make sure to always double check your work, especially when Mercury goes into shadow, and over your should.

Pluto is the planet of power struggles and control. When in contact with Venus, it can create some rather nasty and dark relationships, which some of you likely saw last month. With Venus and Neptune also squaring with Jupiter empowering Neptune via conjunction, there is the possibility of being swindled and duped this month. So, Discipline and Restrictions may be blessings in disguise because both can enable you to be more discerning with the people who come into contact with you. You might be able to build up healthy boundaries (Saturn) that are now not so easily overstepped or broken. If they are, however, you may find yourself back at square one and burnt out. So, be careful!

This is all I have for you for May! Again, I may be a bit busy this month, so my Summer Walker article will be delayed. If you like this post, think about supporting me on Ko-Fi or through my Amazon Wishlist!

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