Is DaniLeigh Pregnant?

And the mess continues…

I was on Twitter recently and saw a tweet that reads as such: “Da baby really hyped Dani Leigh up with that song, hung her out to dry on black twitter, then left her barefoot and pregnant….damn…. that’s back to back L’s.” And I was like, “Wait a minute. Is she really pregnant?”

And lo and behold, a quick Google search pulls up articles from early March saying that fans were speculating that DaniLeigh was pregnant with DaBaby’s child as she was sporting a baby bump in a red dress on social media.

To be honest, she does look pregnant

So, me being the nosy person that I am and having read on this whole DaniLeigh mess from the “Yellow Bone” fiasco to the breakup, I decided to get all up in her business once more.

Is DaniLeigh Pregnant?

The very first question I asked if DaniLeigh really was pregnant. Back in February she posted some lingerie pictures of herself on Valentine’s Day as DaBaby broke up with her earlier that month. In those pictures, her stomach doesn’t look larger than normal for her, but things can change in a few months’ time. So, I pulled out my Angels Answers cards and asked. I got “CHOOSE A NEW DIRECTION” and “UNLIKELY.” I should have stopped there but I impulsively pulled one more card and got “YES!”

DaniLeigh back in February

I originally put these cards back because these were far too many. So, I pulled again and instead got “DON’T STOP!” and “THERE’S SOMETHING BETTER.” Because this was ambiguous, I shuffled some more, and two cards flew out: “NO” and “YES.”

Because I was getting contradictory answers, I decided that pulling tarot for a clearer yes/no was the best option. I ended up controlling myself and only pulled the Two of Swords upright. As I have mentioned before, I am not a strong tarot reader, so I went hunting online to find meaning to this card. Unfortunately, the general consensus I found was that this card is neither a clear “yes” or “no.” Other websites said, however, that the Two of Swords when upright can lean a bit more into a “maybe” or cautious “yes.” But other sites also said that it meant “no.” Because of this, I was curious about what card was at the bottom of the deck, and it was the Three of Swords upright.

I didn’t bother looking up if it was “yes” or “no.” But what I find interesting about the depiction of this card in this deck is that it shows three men along with three swords in a rose in what looks like a graveyard or church grounds. Did they put the swords in or are they going to take them out? It is unclear but I was getting the feeling that this whole pregnancy thing out the blue was rather calculating on DaniLeigh’s part as she seems to still be stuck on DaBaby but in a more sinister or darker manner like the card shows.

The little guidebook that comes with this deck describes the Two of Swords as representing “contradictory thoughts,” being “two-faced,” “disloyalty,” “ambiguity,” and “vagueness.” The Three of Swords is “error,” “conscious insight,” and “decisive realization.” So, did DaniLeigh come to the epiphany that showing the world she was pregnant, whether true or not as I at least can’t seem to get a straight answer, would be a surefire way to get DaBaby to the very least pay attention to her again? I wasn’t entirely sure on this, so I asked, “Why is [DaniLeigh] walking around with a baby bump?” For that I got:

King of Pentacles (reverse)
Princess of Wands (reverse)
The Hanged Man
The Wheel of Fortune (bottom of the deck)
Mercury in Taurus: Resistance
Mercury in Aries: Restlessness
Mercury in Cancer: Intuition (reverse)
Mercury in Gemini: Excitement (reverse)
Mercury in Capricorn: Organization (bottom of the deck)

With the King of Pentacles as the first card and reversed, I think this is how DaniLeigh views DaBaby currently. As I predicted in my article detailing their breakup, DaBaby very clearly chose his career and saving his image and money over the relationship he had with her. You don’t need to read cards to see this though, lol. His actions spoke very loudly for themselves. But to reiterate, black women are DaBaby’s largest demographic, and they did not like DaniLeigh’s “Yellow Bone” song and all of the clownery that followed with her doubling down on it and also claiming that a yellow bone was what DaBaby wanted. All of this reflected not only poorly on her as she was also exposed as being a blackfish, but very negatively on DaBaby. He effectively ended up betraying the core of his fanbase in the worst possible way, especially since just very broadly speaking, black women generally do not like when black men are parading around a colorist non-black woman. So, like I predicted, DaBaby had to either choose between his career/fanbase and DaniLeigh, and he chose his career/fanbase over her. Therefore, it makes sense that the King of Pentacles came out first and reversed. It is interesting that in this deck, it has the Capricorn symbol on the card because DaBaby is either a very late degree Sagittarius Sun or a very early degree Capricorn Sun. So, that is just extra confirmation.

The Princess or Page of Wands is clearly DaniLeigh. In this deck, it is a young woman who looks rather determined and as though she is plotting revenge in my opinion. The booklet describes her as a “tempestuous young woman” who is “impulsive,” “passionate in both love and anger,” “spontaneous,” “superficial,” “disloyal,” “unstable,” and “cruel.” And indeed, I see the woman in this card as extremely immature. The energy is childish, and to be honest I do not like DaniLeigh’s energy lol. She’s goofy in my opinion and has a strange… “uppity” air about her that I do not understand. In either case, like I said, I see this Princess of Wands as DaniLeigh and she is planning something. This is echoed in the Hanged Man, which often denotes contemplation or even limbo. The booklet gives descriptions of “changes,” “insight,” “selfishness,” and “self-deceit.”

I find all these tarot cards illustrating thinking and reflection fascinating because all of the oracle cards under the tarot are Mercury cards. Mercury is the planet of communication and shows how people think. So, to have no other planets present signifies in my mind that DaniLeigh has been in thinking mode post the breakup.

With Mercury in Taurus under the reversed King of Pentacles, she is clearly stuck on DaBaby and his betrayal. Taurus negatively is described as a materialistic sign, so we once again get this message of how DaniLeigh sees DaBaby as a materially selfish person. She thought they were in love and then he pulled the rug up under her to save himself careerwise. Taurus, additionally, can also show possessiveness and being territorial in love as well. With the Mercury in Aries card following the Taurus card, there is a bullheadedness and unwillingness to let go of the past, of course on DaniLeigh’s side. Mercury in Cancer reversed following the Aries card further confirms that 1) she is in her feelings and letting her emotions cloud her better judgement and that 2) she is not listening to her gut and guides, something that came up in both of my readings on her. In this Cancer card, I really feel like DaniLeigh’s spirit guides have been working overtime to get to her and she is just not listening and refuses to let his man go. This is echoed in the imagery of the Mercury in Gemini card as a man is on a horse transmitting his messages to the heavens. However, since it is reversed, DaniLeigh is ignoring the call.

She seems to be more focused on getting DaBaby back, and while she may have been plotting this for some time, her showing off her baby bump a month ago seemed to be a rather impulsive and desperate move for attention. And it had seemed to have worked because media outlets reported that DaBaby and DaniLeigh may have gotten back together for a moment. This is reflected in the Wheel of Fortune and Mercury in Capricorn. The former denotes good luck or a turn in luck while the latter in my opinion further reinforces this calculating and planning energy but also reaping the rewards of one’s labor, almost akin to the 7 or 9 of Pentacles upright.

Media outlets speculate that DaniLeight and DaBaby were in the same car in the separate videos they uploaded to their social media accounts

So, what we can determine from these cards is that 1) this pregnancy is fake and a ploy to get DaBaby back or 2) this pregnancy is true but it may be a “trap baby.” Although I am already all up in her business, I decided against asking if this “trap baby” theory was true. Instead, I switched gears and asked if DaniLeigh and DaBaby were currently together.

Perpetually On-Again, Off-Again

I had my eyes closed as I was shuffling my Angels Answers card and when I finally opened them, I was met with “NO” at the bottom of the deck lol. I kept shuffling though and got “NO!” and “DON’T STOP!” “NO” and “UNLIKELY” were at the bottom of the deck.

So, no, they are not currently together. These cards made sure that I was not confused lol. So, I had to ask “why?” For that I got:

Ace of Cups (reverse)
Judgement (reverse)
The Hermit (reverse)
3 of Wands (bottom of the deck)
Mercury in Scorpio: Extremism
Moon in Libra: Companionship (reverse)
Saturn in Aquarius: Eccentrism (reverse)
Saturn in Pisces: Loss (bottom of the deck; reverse)

We finally get DaBaby’s energy! From the very first card, it is clear that there is no more love in this relationship or DaBaby is no longer in love with DaniLeigh. With the Hermit and 3 of Wands, he just wants to be left alone and vibe, but she seems obsessed. It is funny because right before I started to shuffle the astrology oracle, I suddenly remembered that DaniLeigh has a Scorpio Venus, and what was the very first card that popped out seconds after? Mercury in Scorpio.

So, yes, DaniLeigh is very intense and passionate in love, something we saw reflected previously. She doesn’t let go of love easily or quickly, which is interesting because DaBaby also has a Scorpio Venus with Pluto conjunct it as well. In either case, the Mercury in Scorpio card depicts them as a couple but with the genders reversed in the imagery. DaniLeigh is the man refusing to let the woman go. In the guidebook, the authors say that the man in the card has a letter that changes how he views the woman, and thus he is demanding answers. DaniLeigh wants answers for DaBaby’s behavior, for why he left but she and the entire world already knows why. His career was ultimately more important than her. Because of that, the relationship is dead. It is an empty husk of what it was previously, and she is still picking at it, looking for anything to salvage from it like depicted in the imagery of the Saturn in Pisces card.

But from DaBaby’s perspective, he left amicably with the Moon in Libra card. They shook hands on it, and he went on his merry way. Of course, it is very possible that this did not happen at all, but regardless, DaniLeigh is still hurt over the breakup. But to him, DaBaby doesn’t understand why she’s bugging. Again, he has made it clear that he has moved on. Money and being seemingly loyal to his fanbase that already doesn’t like her were more important than any emotional bond they had.

And DaniLeigh’s refusal to let him go has changed his perception of her. DaniLeigh is like the ancient mermaid depicted in the Saturn in Aquarius card—odd-looking and unattractive. I’m sure they will always hook up, but I do not think he will be in love with her again in the near future, especially since she is fighting so desperately to get his attention and perhaps bending over backwards to be with him.

Like the Mercury in Aries card we saw earlier, I think there is a lot of fighting going on between them, with it largely being instigated by DaniLeigh in this Mercury in Scorpio card. And that is very off putting to DaBaby and he keeps telling her he has moved on and doesn’t want to be with her. Again, she doesn’t want to hear that and instead digs her heels in even when her guides seem to be trying to help her get over him with the reversed Judgement card.

So, with all of that mess, I went on to ask, “What will their relationship be like moving forward?” I got:

5 of Pentacles (reverse)
The Hanged Man
Prince of Wands (reverse)
10 of Wands (reverse)
Ace of Pentacles (bottom of the deck)
Mercury in Taurus: Resistance (reverse)
Mercury in Gemini: Excitement (reverse)
Mercury in Aries: Restlessness
Mercury in Cancer: Intuition
Saturn in Capricorn: Riches (reverse)
Saturn in Sagittarius: Fulfillment (reverse)
Mars in Leo: Egoism (bottom of the deck)

Now, with the tarot, the messages in this spread did not come to me as easily intuitively as they had in the previous spread before. However, in conjunction with the astrology oracle cards, it solidified that my first instinct was right: DaniLeigh and DaBaby continuing to mess with each other will ultimately ruin both of their careers financially, especially DaBaby’s in my opinion.

The 5 of Pentacles when upright represents the loss of money if not outright poverty and suffering materially. Therefore, when reversed, it is supposed to mean the opposite, that financial hardship is ending but I do not get that energy from this card in this spread. Right away, I felt more of a persistent lack of money and loss of finances. This is confirmed or rather reinforced with the Saturn cards all being reversed and having positive meanings such as “riches” and “fulfillment.” Moreover, the Ace of Pentacles showed up as the energy of the bottom of the deck. Again, I do not get a good energy from that card either. I feel loss or opportunities slipping this couple by, more so DaBaby once more, because they are effectively toxic to each other.

All of the previous Mercury cards that we saw before came out again with some either reversed (Mercury in Taurus) or upright (Mercury in Cancer), but their messages are still the same: DaniLeigh hyperfixating on DaBaby, either exacting “revenge” (this (fake?) pregnancy?) or trying to desperately get back together with him, will only distract her from her own career and money. With the Saturn in Capricorn card, I really feel like DaniLeigh is blocking her bag. In the guidebook, the authors write that the figure in the card is Fortuna, the Greek goddess of fortune, who is carrying the symbols of her riches: health, wealth, and the arts. By not letting this relationship go, Fortuna will not bless DaniLeigh with these riches or DaniLeigh will not be able to emulate Fortuna by manifesting her own riches, especially when it comes to the arts in my opinion.

For DaBaby, he seems more like the Saturn in Sagittarius card. Sagittarius is often associated with foreign people and travel. And indeed, the imagery of the card shows a businessman waiting for the incoming ships to dock. For DaBaby, black woman are his biggest fans. I cannot stress this enough. Overall, I would say, again very broadly speaking, that as a whole, we do not like this whole blackfishing nonsense a lot of non-black women have been doing recently and we also tend to have reservations about black men who frequently date light skinned and/or non-black women. Therefore, DaBaby has messed up on the two most important fronts to his main demographic. As we saw in my previous reading on him, this whole fiasco with DaniLeigh has costed him money. And it will continue to do so as long as he is attached to her in any way. With the Mars in Leo card out, I think despite how much he does not want to be with her, he will still sleep with her. And because of that he will never get rid of her. DaniLeigh will always lurk around in the shadows with him because he chooses to do so lmao. This refusal to completely cut her off is reflected in the reversed Prince or Knight of Wands and Hanged Man.

Their relationship is in a strange limbo but DaniLeigh is on the offensive. She will not let him go, and the more he resists, the harder she will pursue him. Therefore, it doesn’t matter that DaBaby has emotionally moved on because DaniLeigh will do everything in her power to make him keep coming back or at least have her on his mind. And it works! DaBaby comes back even though he feels burdened by her with the 10 of Wands reversed.

To be honest, when I look at this spread, I see a karmic relationship or karma in the making. I do not think this will be the only lifetime where DaniLeigh and DaBaby will come together in union. But as for this lifetime, however, their continual interaction will only hurt them, especially financially for DaBaby and more so emotionally and healthwise for DaniLeigh. With the Mercury in Cancer card but upright, I very much get the sense that DaniLeigh’s guides are working so hard to get her to see the light and move on. The Buddha-esque figure is her guides and they are communicating to her through her intuition and other psychic means but all she thinks, breathes, and eats is DaBaby to their exasperation.

Your Angels Are At Your Door, Miss Yellow Bone

So, with this impression, I closed out my reading by asking what DaniLeigh’s guides want to say to her. I got:

Escapist: Come home to yourself
Garden: Something lovely will grow from this
Nostalgia: Focus on the here and now
Raindrops: Take a chance on them (bottom of the deck)
Solitude – Higher Self
Purpose – Master Teacher
Invention – Creativity Guides
Partnerships and Love – Nature Spirits (bottom of the deck)

So, it is very obvious from these cards that DaniLeigh’s spirit guides want her to take time to be alone by herself. She really needs to work on getting over this relationship with DaBaby. It’s over, even if he does fleetingly give her attention and “love” here and there. She is stuck on him as it has been made clear by all of the previous cards. She may be playing “what-if” games with herself and/or him, wondering what went “wrong,” why he “truly” left, or if he’ll come back and stay. But her guides keep trying to tell her that it’s useless in doing all of this mental work. He has removed himself from her and that is just what it is. She needs to snap into reality and accept that this is what has happened. Yes, she will be hurt, but that’s normal! She needs to focus on herself right now.

Her guides just want her to be still and quiet and to heal. They are all taking care of things from their side of the veil. DaniLeigh does not have to do anything but just relax and perhaps refocus on rebuilding her career that is still in shambles from the “Yellow Bone” mess. While she is doing all of that, her guides are actually working on introducing someone new into her life. According to the Partnerships and Love card, it doesn’t have to be romantic in nature but someone new may be entering her life soon, likely to help her move on from DaBaby. DaniLeigh’s spirit guides are trying to teach her that just because this relationship blew up in the worst possible way does not mean that she is unlovable or can never love again. There are so many other fish in the sea, and once she puts herself back out there and is more receptive to the new people her guides are bringing to her, she’ll be better able to get over DaBaby and adjust to life without him. But as for right now, it seems like all of this is falling on deaf ears.

Well, that was my article on this hot mess of a train wreck. If you liked it, think about supporting me on Ko-Fi or through my Amazon Wishlist.

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