The 7 Classical Planets: Ari Lennox

Aries supremacy!

I have to say out of all the people I have covered, perhaps except Azealia Banks and that was years ago, I have never instantly connected with their music as I did Ari Lennox’s. I was pleasantly surprised by her sound and almost sort of regret not getting into her work sooner. The most I knew about Ari Lennox was that someone unfortunately called her and Teyana Taylor ugly, comparing them to rottweilers, and that Snoop Dogg also said something slick to similar misogynoiristic effects. I do not know what bothers these dusty black men so much when a black woman is just minding her business, but they always got something to say. In either case, I will be examining Ari Lennox’s 7 Classical Planets.

Ari Lennox was born on March 26, 1991. Her birth place is ambiguous, so I set it to the capitol of Virginia. She is an Aries Sun, Leo Moon.

Sun in Aries

  • Dignities and Debilities: Exalted
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Triplicity if in a day chart
  • Ruler: Mars
    • In Gemini
      • D: Peregrine
      • P: Term
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Jupiter x2

The Sun is the ego or personality. It is diurnal and masculine. It is domicile in Leo and exalted in Aries, both of which are also diurnal and masculine. The Sun likes Aries because Aries is so forthcoming and passionate about how it presents itself. In Libra where it is in fall and Aquarius where it is in detriment, the ego is often put on the back burner to accommodate other people and be more amicable at the expense of raw (creative) expression. Aries, being fiery, cardinal, and ruled by Mars, does not have any qualms with being who it is unashamedly and boldly. Individuals with their Sun here cannot be anything or anyone but themselves, and the Sun really appreciates that. But Aries people often do not know who they are inside just yet.

Yes, while fire signs are commonly spoken of as innately confident and self-assured, most individuals with their Sun here are not until much later in life. Aries, as not only the first sign of the Zodiac, but the first fire sign as well, does not know who it is. This is why it is often called the “baby” of the Zodiac. Like a child, this sign just simply does things and learns along the way. This is also why, despite Aries’s brash reputation, many astrologers assert that people with planets here do not usually mean harm in how they fumble around. Being ruled by the planet of action, people with Aries placements grow through trial and error. But what I feel like these (modern) astrologers often leave out, however, is that this trial and error often involves direct conflict with others.

Mars is malefic and rules over such things like war and violence. It “severs and separates” (Brennan, 2017). Therefore, to have the Sun here, Ari Lennox—real name Courtney Shanade Salter—is learning how to individuate and come into herself through engaging in conflict with others.

Psychologists assert that our sense of self is developed through how we interpret others’ perceptions of ourselves. Fire signs oppose air signs, physically depicting this push and pull we all go through internally in order to form our personalities. The difference between how air and fire signs go about cultivating their individuality, however, is that air signs are more in direct communication with other people and often come to develop their personalities within a very social context. In simpler words, air Sun people are more likely to attach themselves to a group of people and take on a more communal sense of identity, especially Aquarius. Fire signs, on the other hand, do not inherently identify with the company they keep. They are more inclined to define themselves by how they are more different from others. Their sense of individuality is extremely independent from other people. These individuals tend to reject a more social sense of identity as a result and prefer to be seen as distinct and separate from any other entity. This is often why many people describe fire Suns as egotistical, prideful, and overall assholes; they typically refuse to conform and bend to the will of other people. They place what they think, believe, and do well above anything or anyone else. But in doing this, fire signs tend to better know themselves than the other elements and have a much stronger sense of self that is typically unwavering and courageous.

The “problem” with Aries Suns, however, despite the Sun’s exalted position in this sign, is how these people tend to go about finding themselves in the most aggressive ways possible lol. Aries people, like the ram, often charge headfirst into things without hesitation or forethought. They can be rather impulsive and impatient, usually lacking follow through and consideration for other people. They simply act (Mars) and deal with the consequences later (Saturn).

On the more positive end, these people tend to be entrepreneurs and trendsetters, typically going in directions that most would not think of and shy away from. Aries Suns are extremely ambitious and focused in all that they do. They are constantly in a state of self-discovery and exploration. Through asserting themselves fearlessly, perhaps even brazenly, they are able to go very far in life, often seizing the power and leadership positions they so crave.

However, at their most negative, Aries Sun people can find themselves endlessly at war with other people in an intense ego battle to show the other person that they indeed have the biggest dick in the universe lol! Aries, when manifested poorly or through affliction, can create very insecure individuals who feel like they always have to fight others and one up them to assure themselves that they are whole and complete. These people falsely believe that in putting others down, they are uplifting themselves. What is really happening is that these Aries people are incredibly lost and think that by being “first” or the “best” at something proves that they are important and distinct, that they have a purpose, and they are living that out by being different from the crowd. They think that it is them versus the world and by not fighting back, they will be swallowed up and lose their light forever.

Ari Lennox’s Sun is not maltreated, but she is among this new group of celebrities who have openly threatened to leave the industry altogether (multiple times) because she believes she is not getting the recognition or respect she thinks she deserves. Back in late 2019, she took to Twitter, as most celebrities do, to vent about how she was upset by how her debut album, Shea Butter Baby (2019), was snubbed by the Soul Train Awards because she didn’t win in any of the categories she was nominated in. In her now deleted tweets, she wrote over the course of two days,

I just don’t understand. At all actually. But cool.


It’s not an ungrateful energy. It’s not ego. I’m sorry people view my tweets in that manner. I just really cared about this one. If ball players can get upset about losing so can I. This was simply something I’ve always wanted.


Yea I’m hurt. I’m not built for these things lmao


It’s not just an award. It wasn’t any award show. It was the soul train awards. As you can see I’m big fan of soul music and huge fan of soul trains history. Being snubbed was something I always expected and was definitely prepared for just not by them.


Everytime I wrap my mind around it I just can’t accept it. It feels like a break up. I made a soulful album. I never ran from who I am. I just expected that one platform to understand that. It takes a lot of energy to do these things and ultimately this was a hard loss for me.


You know what I realized? People who genuinely fuck with me understand my frustration. People who are self hating haters and clearly have never given my music a chance got the biggest problem with me always.


It’s not just the awards. SBB was slept on in so many ways. Im too emotional to pretend like I can play this game.


Tired of being annoying tired of being annoyed. I just ain’t built like the rest of them. This shit ain’t for me. It’s clear I’m not “cool” enough. Not trendy enough and I don’t care to be. I don’t strive for that. I’m not going to chase this shit ever again. No more fake shit on my part.


I’m not selling out. So I quit.


For people saying I just started no. I’ve been grinding since 2009. There was so much madness leading up to right now.


Dear fake fans please unfollow. I’m not entitled. I’m hurt. There’s deeper things i would love to say but I just can’t. It’s not entitlement. It’s blatant disrespect.

What’s so…interesting about fire Suns is that despite spending so much energy into cultivating independence and individuality, they are often the quickest to be upset when people do not praise or celebrate them for expressing their authentic selves even though they often do not invest this same energy into others. Fire Suns often demand that others pay attention to them and affirm their sense of self, especially Leo Suns. What fire Suns have to learn is that only they can be their biggest supporters and cheerleaders in life. For these individuals, they need to walk their talk and be okay with not fitting in and being commended for their unique sense of individuality, especially Aries Suns in my opinion, because they tend to be far more antagonistic to other people than Leo and Sagittarius and yet be shocked when no one fucks with them. Often, people won’t always rock with fire Suns and that is because they need to learn what it really means to be self-sufficient and secure in their identities. So, they will usually be placed in situations where they are forced to either stand firmly in who they are or succumb to self-pity and loathing.

For Ari, this seems like a particularly difficult lesson for her to learn and accept in such a public manner because back in late April last year, she expressed regret about her music career on an Instagram picture of a younger her.

Man I wish I could start over. Go back to this girl. Wish I never showed the world my personality. Wish I never did an ig live. Wish I wasn’t so naïve. Wish I never loved as hard as I do. Wish I was smarter. Honestly wish this was a world where you could be free and not judged. Where you could speak your mind and people understand context without tearing down people. Me opening up myself to the world has only damaged my career but realistically how many people really vouching for soul in the mainstream? I felt my personality helped but it hasn’t. I literally can’t be a carefree woman. I have to live a lie because people are so judgmental and self righteous. Like even if I was insecure that makes people feel good stating that aloud? Even if I was all these things what’s the point in going out your way to say it? If I never returned to social media could it really erase everything’s happened? No. But I’m going to try. If I’m going to be this imperfect woman, I need to be it off the grid. You think priding yourself on my weakness makes you so righteous? It’s wild crazy. Bitches can’t even be carefree. People think the industry is the worse part of being successful, no it’s the people judging your every move.

Hopefully as Ari continues to mature, she will realize that life is not without judgement and that if she indeed wants to be this carefree—yet paradoxically perfect?—woman that she needs to do that herself and stand confidently in this energy without expecting others to constantly applaud her for it. But with a Leo Moon, this will be an extremely difficult road to traverse.


Sun sextile Saturn (degree)

When Saturn makes contact with the Sun, the native tends to be serious, sometimes melancholy, and a tad shy in disposition. Some of this can be due to the fact that they had to mature faster than their peers because they grew up poor. In other cases, they just had a somber upbringing that shaped their personality to be the same way. Regardless, the native tends to be rather responsible, mature, and obedient. They are hardworking and not known to have flights of fancy unless Jupiter also makes an aspect or is prominent in some way. They accomplish a lot because they approach their goals coolly and persistently. They may reach success only when they are older, however.

Sun trine Jupiter retrograde (degree)

With the Sun and Jupiter forming a trine, the native has a big personality, especially when both are in fire signs. It is not obnoxious or overpowering though (but of course, there will always be one person who thinks so). The native is just a very optimistic and cheerful person. They are like a ball of sunshine. You will rarely see them in a bad mood or sulking over a situation for long, unless Saturn is prominent and/or afflicted. They can easily bounce back from such things. This is because they view life positively. The world is their oyster and they gladly take that oyster into their hands!

Moon in Leo

  • Dignities and Debilities: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Sun
    • In Aries
      • Exalted
        • D: Triplicity
        • P: Triplicity if in a day chart
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: No
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Jupiter x1, Maltreated by Saturn x1

Leo is the Sun’s domicile. Cancer is the Moon’s. These two signs cannot see each other, symbolizing that there is a lack of acknowledgement of one another. This is interesting because we all know that the Moon’s light is simply a reflection of the Sun’s. In Ari’s chart, this is very literal as her Sun rules her Moon. So, these feelings of inadequacy and persecution run deep within her. Indeed, Leo, like the other fire signs, can be both confident and insecure, sometimes simultaneously. Leo is different from all the other fire signs, however, because it is in a more direct struggle with being its authentic self and also ensuring that others pat it on the back for doing so, which may require compromising the ego in order to please the crowd. Aries doesn’t really care. It will be notably upset if people try to dismiss it, but Aries can more easily get over it lol. Leo, being fixed however, sits in its anger, and constantly feeds it. Personal attacks and slights, perceived or real, are thusly interpreted more severely in my opinion. So, with the Moon here in Leo, Ari is prone to being particularly sensitive when it comes to her pride.

The Moon is our emotions, subconscious, and creative side of the mind. To be supposedly “snubbed” by the Soul Train Awards back in 2019 was like being told that Ari Lennox’s entire existence didn’t matter, that her creativity was not needed. Leo is basically the celebrity of the Zodiac, so to have nothing short of consistent adoration is like death to it. With the Moon ruled by the impatient and anger-prone Aries Sun to boot, we have a perfect recipe for…temper tantrums, unfortunately. I do not personally interpret Ari’s tweets as such, but the fact that she has expressed wanting to leave the industry for almost two years straight from 2018 to 2020 does speak to Leo’s melodramatics and Aries’s hasty nature. Ari stated that she made Shea Butter Baby for black people and yet an award show that directly caters to and celebrates black music such as soul did not see her work as something worthwhile enough to give an award to. You might as well have spit in her face and told her she had zero talent.

And while many on social media have taken the opportunity to do just that, especially when it comes to attacking her unambiguously black features such as a wide nose, natural hair, and unlightened brown skin, Ari needs to realize that she will unfortunately never get that emotional validation she craves from the masses, or it will never be enough for her. Satisfaction in herself and her creativity has to come from within. But as a celebrity this is difficult to do because you are putting yourself out there with the expectation that whatever you create will be well-received and celebrated. But often, it is not. But does that warrant quitting the industry altogether? What if you finally get rewarded and acknowledged much later in your career? What if you are already being celebrated but not in the way that you anticipated?

Ari has her Jupiter copresent with her Moon and North Node in Capricorn, so she really, really wants this outside validation, especially in the physical form of awards and trophies. But Capricorn rarely presents natives with their flowers early on in life as Saturn, its ruler, is the slowest of the 7 classical planets and the planet that does not typically stop impeding you until you have gone through your first Saturn return when you are around 28-30. Ari is 30, so she is going through her return right now.

It is interesting that her Saturn is in Aquarius because in this sign, its diurnal domicile, Saturn is all about organization and structure. It is logical and methodical. But Aries is not lol. Saturn is in fall in this sign because its energy is far too reckless and impatient. Leo is opposite Aquarius, suggesting that it too struggles with patience and waiting one’s turn. When a fire sign wants something, it wants it right now. But sometimes that is not possible, and in many cases, this is because the native has set their sights too high.

Ari had only been an artist for 3 years publicly under J. Cole’s Dreamville Records when the Soul Train Awards rolled out. When you compare who she was up against and lost to—Lizzo for Best R&B/Soul Female Artist, H.E.R. for Album/Mixtape of the Year, and Chris Brown ft. Drake for Best Collaboration Performance—those artists had been in the game much longer than her and are typically more admired, although this is highly questionable, but I digress. You cannot step into an industry and have everyone in it instantly accept and commemorate you. Some individuals have been making and performing music longer than Ari has been alive, so in some ways it is a bit naive to expect all of these accolades so early in one’s career simply because you said you made it for a specific demographic. Yes, some artists can become the nation’s “darling” fairly quickly but typically people get their flowers in the form of awards much, much later in their careers even at events that aren’t deeply racist like the Soul Train Awards versus, say, the Grammys.

But again, with her Moon in Leo, this desire to be recognized and embraced is both an ego and emotional thing for Ari. She feels as though she is important and special and that should in some way be reflected back to her in her environment. But again, fire sign people have to learn that this isn’t always so, or at least not automatically. They should take a note from their earthy neighbors and realize that fame and fortune rarely occur overnight, and even if it does, those cases tend to be extremely short lived. So, for Ari, she needs to find strength within herself because people outside of her will not gift her with self-esteem and self-love simply because she is herself. She has to be confident in who she is and her work even if no one is clapping when she stands up.


Moon copresent with Jupiter retrograde

Jupiter expands whatever it comes into contact with, so since the Moon represents the physical body, many astrologers note that Moon-Jupiter natives can be larger or have a tendency to overindulge in food and drink. Although these same astrologers also note that these natives often have great health or lucky in this aspect. But Jupiter in aspect to the Moon can also expand the emotions. Yes, people with Moon-Jupiter aspects tend to have huge emotions, experiencing persistent highs and lows. It may be difficult to regulate themselves emotionally. These people just feel a lot. It’s hard for them to not always be in their feelings, but Jupiter is the planet of optimism. As such, it tends to make natives rather jovial and see the glass as half full. People, thusly, with these aspects but especially the conjunction, are often very cheerful and like to share their joy with others, making them very compassionate and generous. This can make them immensely popular. Women, especially, may feel at ease around them and trust them. These natives are very big on family. Therefore, unlike other Jupiter contacts, they tend to not be overly adventurous and travel the world as much.

Moon trine Mercury (degree)

With her Moon and Mercury in positive aspect, Ari Lennox can easily express her emotions verbally and through the written word. The mind and heart are linked. Because she is in tuned to herself on these two levels, she can readily read people. She is more perceptive than people may tend to give her credit for. Ari is likely a good communicator because she knows how to speak to people on a personal level. She knows how to get to the heart of the matter in a way that is sensitive and thoughtful, albeit a bit roughly because both her Moon and Mercury are in fire signs along with her Sun and Jupiter. Regardless, people may tend to feel at ease around her and feel as though they are cared for. 

Mercury in Aries

  • Dignities and Debilities: Peregrine
  • Ruler: Mars
    • In Gemini
      • D: Peregrine
      • P: Term
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: N/A
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Jupiter x1

Mercury represents the more “logical” or left side of the mind. It shows how we communicate, think, and problem solve. It is neutral in terms of “gender” and sect. Therefore, many astrologers say that Mercury very easily and clearly takes on the qualities of the sign that it is in. In other words, it is like an empty slate which the Zodiac project onto. In Aries, Mercury is a lot more ballsy and crasser. Yes, fire signs tend to lack filters, so to have Mercury here, it produces people who are not shy about voicing their opinions even if it offends and hurts others. There is often a strong bite to their words. Clapbacks, roasts, and throwing shade are not unusual for people with this placement. Fire signs are extremely direct and said what they said and meant that shit. Mercury in fire is very similar to Mars in air in that conversations often quickly turn into battlefields. However, again, Aries does not always mean to be a dick.

In Aries, Mercury is more like a child who doesn’t always understand that what they say and how they say it can have wildly varying consequences (Saturn). But…sometimes the Aries person does know this and yet does not care. Unless the person has strong (negative) Uranus aspects and some planets in Gemini, however, I do not believe that people with an Aries Mercury are trying to “edgy” or rude on purpose. I think that those with their Mercury in Aries simply like stating what they believe because in doing so, they are asserting themselves mentally and intellectually and reaffirming their identities.

Remember, Aries is highly competitive as it enjoys challenges and demonstrating its strength. As a result, Aries Mercury people are not above getting down and dirty verbally or through text to prove something of themselves. In fact, they may instigate heated discussions because they just want to dominate someone else or make it known how they feel. Again, it is not mischievous like Gemini who loves to play devil’s advocate nor is this behavior rebellion for rebellion’s sake like we see with Uranus; it is more an exercise of personal power. “How can I make sure the other person knows exactly where I am coming from?” is more the mindset than anything truly malicious in my opinion. But other people do not always see this. Often what they surmise is that the Aries Mercury person is extremely immature, insecure, and domineering in communication. However, some people may like and welcome how easy it is to know exactly where these individuals stand because they just straight up tell you lol.

Now, Ari has her Mars in Gemini, which means that her Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception. Another person who has this reception but with Mars in Virgo is Rico Nasty. In her case we saw an artist who is able to channel the more aggressive, raw energy side of Aries into empowering music that seems to be very therapeutic for Rico as well. In Ari Lennox’s case…we have more of the clapbacks and sensitivity to scrutiny instead in my opinion.

Ari Lennox’s music is extremely sensual and melodic, showcasing the talent of her domicile Taurus Venus, but in terms of standing up for herself, we see the more insecure side of Aries, an Aries who feels like it has to constantly defend itself to offset how it feels so unsure of who it truly is inside. Now, months after I published my Rico Nasty article, I learned that she and Asian Doll had a long-standing beef with one another for whatever reason, demonstrating that Rico’s mutual reception is not all sunshine and rainbows, but it seems like Ari is more at battle with herself and is externalizing it. We saw her lament about how she cannot be carefree without people judging her and how she felt frustrated by the Soul Train Awards. Again, fire sign people are rarely the self-assured, bombastic individuals astrologers frequently describe them as, at least, not right away. To have her Mercury in Aries suggests that in addition to not knowing who she is at her core, Ari Lennox also doesn’t really know what to think about herself.

Indeed, with her Moon also in Leo (the Moon represents the more creative, scribing side of the mind), Ari’s sense of self is rather wavering and unstable. She doesn’t really have a firm grasp on who she is, so people’s perceptions of her disturb her. All Aries really knows is what it experiences along the way as it stumbles and headbutts its way through life. This is often why anything that is taken as a personal attack is reacted to so swiftly and passionately—to fire signs they are just out here vibing and exploring until someone comes out of the woodworks to put a stop to their journey. But what this element refuses to acknowledge is that their path in life is not as detached from other people’s as they want to believe. In fact, their path could not exist if others did not have their own.

Realizing that other people exist and have perceptions about things—including about the native—that do not always align with their own is a persistent blockade that fire Mercuries, especially Aries Mercury people, have to face in life. Because what typically happens is that these natives tend to have rather stubborn, black-and-white thinking (maybe safe for Sagittarius) that tends to lack nuance. This isn’t to say fire Mercury people are ignorant…but they can be lol. They can be loud and wrong, all bark and no bite because they are not usually willing to listen to anyone but themselves. Mercury in Aries is especially notorious for ignoring advice, preferring to just charge ahead without having to second guess itself. So, in many ways, Ari is right in that her personality has the potential to sabotage her career if she isn’t careful. However, most celebrities never truly get “cancelled” for the things they say unless what they’re saying is “extreme” (i.e., typically meaning that advertisers and sponsors are pulling their support of the celebrity back) or alludes to some illegal and/or morally reprehensible behavior. So, Ari will likely be fine in terms of her career. At the same time, though, it never truly hurts a celebrity to learn how to journal instead of always running to social media where they have millions of eyes on them to vent about something they’ll probably stop caring about once they post it.


Mercury square North Node (degree)

Squares represent a fierce deadlock between the planets and/or points involved. But many interpret squares to be “positive” in that, unlike the softer aspects and even the opposition, this conflict presents opportunities for change to occur. When it comes to squares to the lunar nodes, however, some interpret this to mean that perhaps the native has “skipped” over the lessons involving the planet making the square. But in this life, they are given another chance to try again to further develop the skills attached to the squaring planet. Here with Mercury, this means that Ari Lennox is given another chance to develop her mind, ideas, and thinking. But this chance will not be made easy this time. No, with the square she will likely find a lot of stumbling blocks when it comes to Mercurial activities. She may find that her ideas are not always supported but challenged and met with criticism from others. This, of course, causes immense frustration. This can lead Ari Lennox to withhold her thoughts or water them down because others are not willing to listen to them, something she has more or less said across social media and in interviews. The ultimate end goal of these scenarios is not to make the native never voice their opinions or chase after their novel ideas; it’s more so to make the native really examine their thought patterns and see what serves them and what does not. Because the other problem the native may have here is the inability to adequately be in the present. They are either stuck in the past referencing data that is outdated or they are too far in the future that they have skipped all the planning that is needed to get them there in the first place. Solving the conflict in squares requires more patience and constant adjustments compared to the opposition in my opinion. So, Ari Lennox should learn to be more resolved in her career and realize that not every setback or challenge to her in this area is to deter her but to force her to engage with these activities more actively until she is proficient.

Mercury sextile Mars (degree)

When the fiery Mars comes into soft contact with Mercury, the native tends to be very direct and firm in speech. They will not necessarily raise their voices or cuss you out, but they will tell you what they think whether you like it or not. The native’s mind is sharp and quick. They can easily come back with arguments and counterpoints on the fly. In the negative contacts between these two planets, others may interpret the native to be aggressive and sometimes even (in)sensitive, but here in the sextile, many view the native as lively and passionate in speech instead. There is much mental energy here and the native is likely to be a lifetime learner.

Venus in Taurus

  • Dignities and Debilities: Domicile
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Triplicity if in a day chart
  • Ruler: Itself
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Maltreated by Saturn x1

Back in my Rico Nasty article, I wrote,

Venus is domicile in Taurus. This means that Venus is at its most comfortable because it rules Taurus (and Libra). In fact, since Venus is nocturnal and feminine and is Taurus, Venus especially favors Taurus over Libra. Venus is also the day triplicity ruler of earth as well, at least according to Ptolemy. This is interesting because I think many frame Venus at its most elevated when it is governing over Libra. Indeed, you will be hard pressed in finding astrologers and astrology fans alike describing (Venus in) Taurus as beautiful, refined, and creative as (Venus in) Libra. Instead it’s food jokes and stating people with these placements are “homely,” “natural beauties,” or “the girl/boy-next-door.”

This is fascinating to me since Taurus is very motivated to live its best life. Because Taurus is earthy, it wants the best of everything, and with Venus here this means the best clothes, cars, food, houses, jewelry, hair, make up, etc. Venus in Taurus wants to embody beauty and wealth.

People with this placement want others to look at them and see someone who is well put together and expensive, especially if Venus is in the 1st, 2nd, or 10th house. But like other planets in Taurus, Venus understands that in order to obtain this standard of living, it needs to work hard and be practical in how it handles its money.

As was mentioned at the start of this article, Ari Lennox has unfortunately faced some intense misogynoir in her career for her appearance. She is unambiguously a black woman, and by that, I mean she does not look mixed or has features that are more commonly associated with non-black people. She rocks her natural hair, wide nose, and brown skin. And because of that, she is hated on, especially by black men. I can write several volumes of books on why this is, but numerous other black women have already done so. Thus, to summarize their work, colorism and featurism combine and work in a way that disproportionately condemns black women in racialized misogynistic ways. Because in order for white women to be docile, polite, and chaste, white supremacy needs black women to be wild, aggressive, and hypersexual. Dehumanizing black women in this way also gave white patriarchy an excuse for their continued rape of black female slaves. Therefore, we have this persistent image of black women being bestial, masculine, and undesirable. So, for Ari to not have a public image or persona where she is constantly dolled up—that is, dressing and presenting herself in (hyper)feminine ways that are associated with white (and/or non-black) women (i.e., straight, long hair down her back; light(er) skin; thin facial features; light eyes; skinny and flat, etc.), people perceive her to be “ugly” or “homely,” qualities that many connect with Taurus.

Ari’s Venus is maltreated by Saturn, meaning that Venus is being blocked by Saturn from manifesting what it signifies which includes beauty, art, and love. So, it is not surprising from an astrological standpoint that the public denies her innate beauty. And yet, in spite of this, Ari continues to be her. Recently, she cut her hair shorter and has been seen rocking other hairstyles, but she hasn’t changed anything fundamental about her appearance.

When Venus is domicile in Taurus, the native is often learning the lessons of self-love—how to love every inch of their body in its natural state. In our hyper image focused capitalist world where we are bombarded by companies about how awful our bodies are from the inside out, Ari sticking to her guns like this is something to celebrated. We have seen time and time again how so many celebrities buckle under pressure and radically or slowly change their image over the years, and sometimes to the point of irreversible damage or recognition. So, it is the hope that Ari is able to continue to rebuff the “criticisms” she faces from the public because it will be extremely sad to see her lose her sense of inner beauty and end up becoming a person she still does not like all because she changed her appearance to placate others. However, this interview with Buzzfeed back in 2019 makes me hopeful:

23. What makes you feel empowered?

Rocking my natural nose, hair, and skin — that makes me feel so empowered, because there's so many people out there that would rather me not do that. I refuse to change for them. Knowing that I can encourage someone else to rock their natural self really empowers me as well.


Venus square Saturn

When Saturn gazes upon Venus, natives tend to be more conservative in love, often being “old fashioned” or shy. In hard aspects, however, there is usually a sense of being ugly. Yes, Saturn itself rules people who look “downcast,” “sullen,” have a “feigned appearance,” and are “squalid” (Brennan, 2017). So, when Saturn is in hard aspect to Venus, natives tend to be insecure in how they look. As a result, they may have a rather pessimistic outlook on dating and love, whether the native is perceived and/or treated as “ugly” or not. Saturn “rejects and excludes,” so natives with the Venus square can also feel as though they don’t fit in or are an outcast sometimes without this insecurity in their looks. Consequently, these natives can be loners and asocial which just makes it harder for them to connect with others. Indeed, people may view Venus-Saturn square people as distant and cold. These are often the qualities people do not look for in partners and friendships, so these natives can get caught up in a negative feedback loop of loneliness. These individuals can also be subconsciously materialistic, preferring to put all of their energy into pursuing money and other earthly pleasures and status at the expense of cultivating relationships. So, this behavior can additionally cause the absence of love in the native’s life as well. Saturn also rules delays and setbacks. Therefore, all of this can change as they get older but it may not if the native does not also change their cynical attitude.

Venus trine Neptune

Venus and Neptune are perhaps the most creative planets in astrology. Therefore, when they trine, the native is immensely creative. These people have a giant imagination and a very fine eye for fashion. They may be drawn towards music, film, dancing, poetry, painting, etc., but with the trine they may be not always use or push their skills to their fullest potential as they tend to take them for granted because these things may come so easily to them.

In love, they are a hopeless romantic. They are very compassionate, generous, and idealistic. However, they may tend to put people on pedestals or have highly unrealistic expectations about love. However, unlike those with the square and opposition, people with the trine eventually come to realize that the fairytale romance they were dreaming up in their head isn’t real.

Mars in Gemini

  • Dignities and Debilities:
    • D: Peregrine
    • P: Term
  • Ruler: Mercury
    • In Aries
      • Peregrine
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither

As was mentioned back in the Mercury section, Ari Lennox’s Mars and Mercury are in mutual reception or rule one another. Because of this, and the signs they are in, I believe that the two feed off and encourage each other in negative ways.

Mars in Gemini tends to produce people who have a lot of things they want to say. This is fine, of course, half of the world’s populations will likely fall under what we call “extroverted,” in my opinion. But for Gemini and Aries, what we often get is someone who is very restless. Indeed, Aries and Gemini are high energy signs that lack patience and follow through. With the mutable and airy Gemini Mars ruling over her Sun and Mercury, Ari is much more scattered and unfocused in nature than a typical solar Aries individual. This is likely why we saw her voice her early retirement so frequently. Mutable signs either adapt or run away. Fire signs, especially Aries, either go that extra mile or don’t even try. The former is very wavering in energy while the latter is all-or-nothing. Together, we have very unstable energy that seems to burn up rather rapidly.

Because Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception, Ari may be prone to making snap judgements. She thinks but with how swiftly she does it, she might as well have not done any rumination at all. Of course, being punctual can be a gift. However, this tendency to always be in motion physically and mentally can be detrimental as well.

Creatively this can trap Ari. Gemini is a sign that gets easily bored if it lacks mental stimulation. Aries, being so passionate, does not have this problem but its inability to wait can make it disinterested in whatever it was undertaking if the end goal cannot be reached quickly. So, for Ari, if she cannot immediately act on a creative impulse, or be validated for it, it may be extremely difficult for her to complete projects. It may not be shocking if she ever revealed how she has an entire back catalogue of songs that were unused or not fully realized because she either couldn’t maintain her inspiration, concentration, or stamina. Gemini is also the sign of multitasking, so it is also possible that Ari is easily distracted by chasing the next best thing before she has even finished penning and/or recording her current song. This in itself can lead to burnout, something both Gemini and Aries especially know intimately.

These two signs feed on each other’s insecurities of not doing “enough,” whatever “enough” is to the native. There can be feelings of inadequacy when the native sees other people passing them by and being rewarded in their work. This may cause them to believe if they just keep pushing themselves and refuse to take breaks, they can catch up. But what if they put in all of this effort to still be second, third, fourth place or not even qualify to be worth mentioning? Then what?

To be or not to be, that is the question Ari asks herself. By doing (Mars) she becomes (Sun) and by becoming (Sun) she does (Mars). But what if she is unsure of what to do or become (Gemini; Mercury)? Maybe she tries to do and be so many fragmented and scattered things (Gemini) that she cannot later pull the pieces back to create something that is holistic and true to herself (Sun)? Once again, then what? Would her life and career all be for not? These internal questions of who she is may plague Ari until she finally learns that her reason for living is to discover who she is. And in this discovery process, she may find that she is many different and contrasting things. And that this is okay. It’s fine because all sides of her are her.


Mars sextile Moon (degree)

When the Moon is in aspect to Mars, the native’s emotions are very powerful and intense. But when it soft aspect, these emotions are not overwhelming or necessarily aggressive. Here in the sextile, emotions are expressed directly and confidently. When something bothers the native, they will let others know. These are not the type of people to let others walk all over them in order to make that other person feel better. But again it never really divulges into breakdowns or shouting matches. The native knows how to pick and choose their battles.

Mars sextile Sun (sign)

When Mars aspects another planet, it adds some heat to that other planet. Since the Sun represents the personality, when Mars is in soft aspect to it, they create people who are self-motivated, energetic, and competitive. These natives are naturally driven and passionate, especially when both planets are in diurnal signs. The native is very decisive and hard working. Their confidence is not as hot and burning as the trine or conjunction, but they still make others know that they’re that bitch. These people are open and honest and like these characteristics in other people. When they are in a situation that needs a leader, they are not shy in taking on that role.

Jupiter Retrograde in Leo

  • Dignities and Debilities: Triplicity (Ptolemy – if in a night chart) and term
  • Ruler: Sun
    • In Aries
      • Exalted and triplicity (Ptolemy – if in a day chart)
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Bonified by Venus x1

Jupiter is a fun planet. When it is diurnal, it is especially jovial and sociable. In Leo, it tends to produce party people or people who know how to command a crowd with its talents and flamboyance. However, Ari Lennox’s Jupiter is retrograde. When Jupiter is retrograde, the native rarely feels as lucky as they may appear to others. There is a sense of being unlucky as things seemingly never fall into their laps. Everything they have achieved came from hard work and/or they tend to be awarded much later in life and all at once. And indeed, Ari’s career has been plagued by failed auditions for singing shows, a bad contract deal with a former person, and deaths in the family, the first being her brother which caused her to want to leave the music industry the first time.

What I find so fascinating about Jupiter being retrograde is that apparently these natives cannot be satisfied materially. Try as they might, they will often find out in life that, no matter how much they amass in wealth and accolades, it will never be sufficient. There will still be a void in their heart that cannot seem to be filled. Karmically, the reason for this is because in a past life, the native did not live up to their full potential. There was a lot of complacency, and they didn’t expand their mind much. Consequently, in this life, they are being forced to have faith in themselves because, externally, they will frequently not be met with much “divine intervention” as it were. Another slightly alternative explanation is that these natives were persecuted for their differing beliefs in past lives. Again, however, the lesson is to develop a strong personal sense of faith that does not crumble under scrutiny or societal pressure. So, in many ways, a natal retrograde Jupiter behaves nocturnally in that the native is more mediative, passive, and reflective versus outwardly enthusiastic, playful, and bigger-than-life.

With Ari’s retrograde Jupiter in Leo, I get the sense that she is hyperaware of herself and what she wants to present to the world. Her Moon is copresent with Jupiter and her Moon is her South Node lord, meaning that it has some significance to her past lives as well. In my SZA and Tinashe readings, I asserted that it is possible that the two are trying to re-live past life desires—the desire of being famous. I said this because both have their South Node lords in the 10th house of career. In her book, Past Life Astrology, astrologer Judy Hall states that a person can have “work karma,” and this can manifest in many ways. One is that the native’s past life job can carry over into this life where they use the skills they have gained to help people in their current life. Another result is that the native simply returns to that field in their waking incarnation. So, say they were a doctor or healer of some sorts in a past life. In their next incarnation they may go into medicine. With Ari Lennox I get that similar energy, which can explain why she feels like she has to prove herself and collect rewards so quickly in her career. She may have tried repeatedly across different lives to be famous or otherwise make a career for herself in something creative like music. But she either failed or what she was able to accomplish did not live up to her standards. I think this latter speculation is truer for some reason although her retrograde Jupiter can be the result of the former as well.

In either case, I get a hurriedness from Ari. A rush to say, “I made it.” This is interesting because with Saturn opposing her Moon by sign and her Jupiter more intensely by degree, I believe that she will always be blocked from sprinting to the finish line. And this is fascinating on a spiritual level because Saturn is her North Node lord, the planet that should, in theory, in my mind at least, help her succeed in life. But Saturn is malefic. This means that is many ways, it is actually here to impede her. But negativity is not always bad.

As a fellow Aries Sun, I know we all collectively have a problem with being restricted, whether in actuality or fantasy. Anything that slows us down is viewed as an enemy we either have to escape from or take down in order to be in motion again. But as her North Node lord, I think Saturn is trying to teach Ari that life often moves much slower and deliberately than we want, and that’s okay and sometimes even necessary. Having her Jupiter in Leo may make Ari want to tackle the entire universe but that is extremely unrealistic and will only serve to distract her from her true life’s purpose. Once she is able to accept that life is not always on our sides in the sense that it will just allow us to do what we want uninhibited, I think the easier she will start to be on herself and her work. Life is what you make it. Therefore, you can learn to enjoy it and work with it, or you can dig your heels and work against it to more frustrating ends. The choice is hers.


Jupiter retrograde square Venus (degree)

Jupiter in contact with Venus always tends to produce extremely popular and sociable individuals. There is something very likable about the native. However, in the square, the native is actually very unlikable. There is often a pompous, overly dramatic energy to them. They may think they are the center of the world and that they are more important than others. They are conceited, thinking they are all that and then some because people tend to think they’re hot or they are rich. Superficial, lazy, and gluttonous are words that may accurately describe these natives or are terms others attribute to them. These natives need a hard reality check.

Jupiter retrograde opposite Saturn (degree)

Jupiter and Saturn in hard aspect always leads to an internal conflict between optimism and pessimism. In the opposition, the native constantly goes back-and-forward between trying to be assured in themselves and positive thinking and feeling insecure and miserable. When I see this aspect, I see a person who has an immensely difficult time perceiving things correctly. They are either too idealistic or cynical and rarely anything in between. It’s very much an all-or-nothing energy. A success means that God is on their side and things are looking up. But when a failure or setback occurs, they are talentless hacks and nothing good ever happens to them. Because of this attitude, these natives are always disappointed in life and themselves. Solving an opposition requires meeting in the middle. For these natives, that means being balanced both in positivity and negativity. They can’t let things go to their head and they also cannot always be in their heads. Being more structured and organized in life will help a lot but also remaining flexible and having a constructive outlook will as well. Life may or may not get easier for these individuals later. This largely depends on whether or not they are able to practice the above advice.

Saturn in Aquarius

  • Dignities and Debilities: Domicile
    • D: Triplicity
    • P: Triplicity if in a day chart, term
  • Ruler: Itself
  • Rejoicing by Gender?: Yes
  • Bonification and Maltreatment: Neither

Saturn in Aquarius is in its diurnal domicile. Saturn when diurnal is very interesting in my opinion because rather than the miserly pessimistic/cynical manifestation that we typically seen when it is nocturnal, we get a Saturn that is a master organizer. Indeed, Saturn has triplicity in air, and we can interpret that to mean that Saturn has some sort of dignity in that element, or it rules air as a lord. In either case, both signify that Saturn is not always doom and gloom. Saturn is about structure and order. It very much represents society, and as such, it comes to represent how we are limited by others and our immediate environment. Perhaps this is why it is exalted in Libra—Saturn represents the law or the outcome of the law. The law can be cold and unfeeling like Saturn, but sometimes it can also be fair and just…sometimes. In either case, to have Saturn in Aquarius and as her North Node lord means that Ari Lennox is very aware of the public. This is self-evident by how she talked about how she feels like she cannot be carefree without others’ critical eye on her.

Moreover, Ari has stated in interviews about her comeuppance that she started off on YouTube and Facebook during college after she didn’t make the cut for American Idol back in 2008 before her senior year of high school, and how she learned from the harsh response from the comments section made her aware of what the public likes. “I learned very quickly what people like to hear and what people didn’t like to hear,” she told Rolling Stone in 2019.

But in Aquarius, I personally do not think Saturn is always “Fit in or else.” Aquarius is often described as “friendly but detached” and that is because Aquarius takes a very objective, collective view of people. It doesn’t necessarily see individuals as it does groups of people. As a result, Aquarius is group-oriented. It concerns itself with the plight of groups because it identifies with the group. This is the opposite energy of Leo which defines itself by how different or more special it is from the group. And this is where Ari runs into problems.

Her Leo Moon and retrograde Jupiter oppose her Saturn. So, she is in a constant, back-and-forward struggle between standing out from and leading the group (Leo) and standing in the group and being an equal within it (Aquarius). We saw this struggle in action when she said that she made Shea Butter Baby for black people, an Aquarian selfless act but the demand for praise and acknowledgment is very Leon. A person cannot really be an equal within a group while also insisting on that they are appraised above others within that same group. But this is interestingly how Capricorn sort of operates in that it “will work within the group to support the group, [but it] also seeks personal recognition for its efforts. […] Where Capricorn seeks prominence in the group, Aquarius seeks absolute equality in the group and draws strength and support from membership in a collective” (Burk, 2001, pp. 75). So, we have this strange battle between discovering oneself by how they are different and also acknowledging the presence of others and taking into consideration their desires going on within Ari Lennox.

Since Saturn is her North Node ruler, though, Ari on a spiritual level is being pulled to identify with a group of people while also discovering who she is independently. But oddly enough Aries and Aquarius sextile, suggesting that they have some small things in common. A more modern take asserts that both are concerned about personal freedom with Aries focusing only on its own liberation while Aquarius fights on the behalf of others’ freedom. Another thing the two have in common is that they tend to be pretty straightforward and honest. Both signs rarely have secret agendas or like to pull the wool over people’s eyes. If you ask them what they think, they will tell you lol. So, Ari’s spiritual missions are not necessarily in conflict, although her North Node (Capricorn) and Sun (Aries) do square by sign. Nonetheless, I think that by having her Saturn in Aquarius, her overall soul lesson in this incarnation is to learn how to be more detached emotionally.

Indeed, Ari Lennox is a little too invested in how society views her. This is not unusual for people in the limelight, but I think she needs to take a more objective view on her life and accomplishments because Leo can sort of hyperfixate on what it lacks, which tends to be attention and admiration. Fire needs something to sustain it to continue burning brightly, and when Leo lacks that inner spark, it comes to depend on others to keep it aflame. But the public’s affection is fickle and highly volatile. So, Ari will constantly be insecure emotionally if she depends too much on the public’s reception of her to determine how much she enjoys her career and herself. Yes, the opposition between Saturn and Jupiter suggests a need to rein in one’s energy because it is wildly out of balance. Since she is so fiery elementally (although not by much compared to the other elements safe for water), I think the imbalance lies in being so enthusiastic that hitting just one roadblock sucks all of the life out of her. It’s fine to be excited about things but there still needs to be an element of levelheadedness and logic. You cannot sprint to the top without a plan because what will happen when things go wrong or turn out to be less than satisfactory? You can’t turn back so how do you adjust? Going off on feelings all the time is not always the most practical thing to do. Sometimes you have to use your brain and repertoire of knowledge to problem solve your way out. Perhaps this is also a lesson Ari will learn in this life—learning how to work within frameworks and limitations instead of against them. Maybe when she learns where she ends and where society begins, she will feel more secure in who she wants to be. She is likely going through this difficult lesson now as she goes through her first Saturn return.


Saturn opposite Moon (sign)

Whenever Saturn aspects the Moon, the person tends to be rather melancholy and sad in life. In the harder aspects, this is more prominent as the native can be (clinically) depressed and emotionally rigid. Indeed, Saturn in opposition to the Moon can cause natives to be awkward emotionally. They do not know how to express themselves when it comes to their feelings. This can be due to harsh parenting or a childhood plagued by tragedy and poverty. As a result, the native blocks and represses their emotions. This, of course, leads to complicated relationships and lots of heartbreak. These natives do not know how to open up and be vulnerable with others, again, possibly because when they were, they were punished for it or life circumstances meant that their cries for help were never answered. In either case, the opposition is somewhat easier to overcome than the square if the native is able to find professional help and begin to break out of their fortified shell and allow themselves to finally feel their emotions.

Saturn sextile Mercury (sign)

Saturn brings structure and stability when it aspects another planet. In a sextile to Mercury, it brings order to the mind. The native is thoughtful in communication as they are rather slow to express their thoughts. Although this can be viewed negatively because some with this aspect do withhold their thoughts at time, often these people are just trying to figure out what is the most important thing to focus on before they speak. Therefore, they tend to be concise and to the point in communication. They are disciplined and organized mentally with great powers of concentration. All of this often makes these native great writers and orators.

So, this was my reading on Ari Lennox. Sorry if it came off sort of patronizing or like I was talking down to her, but I just got this energy of insecurity from her chart. It’s like she’s externalizing her inner battle to be her most authentic self. She wants to be herself, whoever that is, but when the public is not completely accepting, it fucks with her emotionally. Then she gets defensive and wants to explain herself as a way to reaffirm herself, but it doesn’t always work. It’s like…she wants the world to validate her existence but as I said time and time again, she’ll have to do that herself because 1) people will always have varying perceptions of her and 2) trying to mold herself to be what people want will only make her miserable. As an Aries Sun, she has to forge her identity by herself and then stand in it regardless of what people say. But her soul is very aware of others, especially society at large. Aries does have a problem with being a bit of a menace when unchecked, but I do think Ari has to strike that balance between being secure enough in herself that others’ opinions of her do not rattle her so greatly and realizing that life is not without laws and rules. Limitations are not meant to stifle individuality but ensure that everyone can coexist as peacefully and safely as possible. This is a very difficult lesson to master, and not all fire signs completely understand it until they pass but it is the hope that Ari Lennox can come to realize that who she is fine, and she should celebrate herself even if the world seemingly doesn’t.

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