April 2021 Predictions

April showers bring May flowers and my birthday lol!

April 2021 Planetary Transits

What are the planetary transits for April 2021?

Apr. 4 Mercury enters Aries
Apr. 11 New Moon in Aries
Apr. 15 Venus enters Taurus
Apr. 19 Mercury enters Taurus
Apr. 20 The Sun enters Taurus
Apr. 24 Mars enters Cancer
Apr. 27 Full Moon in Scorpio & Pluto stations retrograde at 26°48' Capricorn
Apr. 1 The Sun-Saturn sextile perfects
*Apr. 2 The Mercury-Pluto sextile perfects (not listed in the photos sorry)
Apr. 7 The Venus-Mars sextile perfects
*Apr. 9 The Mars-Neptune square perfects (not listed in the photos sorry)
Apr. 11 The Mercury-Saturn sextile perfects
Apr. 12 The Venus-Pluto square perfects
Apr. 14 The Sun-Mars sextile perfects
Apr. 15 The Sun-Jupiter sextile perfects
Apr. 16 The Sun-Pluto square perfects
Apr. 17 The Mars-Jupiter trine perfects
*Apr. 18 The Mercury-Pluto square perfects (not listed in the photos sorry)
Apr. 19 The Sun-Mercury conjunction perfects
Apr. 24 The Mercury-*Venus*-Uranus conjunction perfects
Apr. 25 The Venus-Saturn *square* perfects
Apr. 26 The Mercury-Venus conjunction perfects

So, for this month, I mixed things up. I split the transits up between when the planets ingress into a new sign and aspects. Hopefully this new set up helps visualize things more clearly. I may have to put a limit on how many aspects I highlight, however. Anyway, in April, we will see a lot of things you have set into motion in March, especially once the Sun and some other planets had entered Aries, stabilize in April as the planets trek into Taurus. Yes, what you have put effort into prior will have to be nurtured and sustained all throughout April to see it finally pay off much later down the line. Remember, I said back in March that it may be a highly creative time. This energy carries over to April but its more grounded and realistic as Taurus is earthy and fixed while Pisces is mutable and watery and Aries fiery and cardinal. Therefore, some or almost all of the projects you undertook in March may have to be abandoned, reworked, or more deeply invested in. What you continue to work on in April are things you will be in for the long haul. Consequently, the potentially scattered (Mars in Gemini) and/or intense (Aries) energy you were experiencing in March will subside as you will start to narrow your focus on projects that matter the most or are the most practical. There will be many soft aspects between the inner (i.e., the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) and outer (i.e., Jupiter through Pluto) planets, helping you make great progress on your ventures.

However, there will be a couple of Pluto squares around the middle of the month until they eventually turn into trines near the end of the month. Pluto is a very powerful planet. Its energy is darker than the other planets but at its most positive, Pluto can reveal to us the more hidden and perhaps sinister things that we would normally ignore and bury into order for us to confront that darkness. In negative aspects, however, Pluto can ramp up our urge to escape but it manifests more as paranoia and a lust for tyranny. So, with Pluto squaring the Sun, Venus, and Mercury there can be a lot of power struggles during the middle of April. This may peak during the full Moon at the end of the month as the Moon will be in fall in Scorpio.

As we all know in the U.S., there has been an uptake in hate crimes against Asian Americans as many are blaming the pandemic on them because the virus originated in China. I interestingly did not get any cards about this last month. I even argued that March would be a chill month! Maybe it’s because I do not zero in on America’s energy–I just simply ask, “What is the energy for X month?” and that’s it. In either case, I think the planetary transits for the middle of April seem to speak to this negative energy. So, I guess, don’t be shocked if more hate crimes occur during April and/or other mass killings as well, unfortunately. It doesn’t help that the Taurus planets will be flirting with Uranus too, suggesting that these newer attacks may be more shocking than the last, or despite the growing awareness of these crimes, the continuation of them still catches people off guard. In any case, below are some organizations you can support and resources you can use.

Some organizations you can support





Oracle Messages

What is the energy for April 2021?

41: North Node - Life's Purpose
29: Fifth House - Creativity (reverse)
49: Jupiter Return - Benefits
46: Grand Trine - Blessings (reverse)
17: Leo - I Will
2: Moon - Soul (reverse; bottom of the deck)
16: Cancer - I Feel (bottom of the deck)
15: Gemini - I Think (reverse; bottom of the deck)

It seems like in April, many of you will be given the opportunity to more step into your life's purpose but some of you may not fully take advantage of it. Yes, starting in April, many of you are finishing up a cycle. In astrology, each house is activated for one year. This is called "annual profections," and we complete a full pass of our charts every 12 years. This coincides with the transiting Jupiter returning to your natal Jupiter's position--a Jupiter return. When this happens, it is thought to be a sign of great luck and an easing up of any negative forces that were previously impeding you. For those who are almost 24 like me, we are currently going through our second Jupiter return as Jupiter is currently in Aquarius. Consequently, we should see that life is on an upturn. But luck is not always so easily given out.

Similar to Saturn returns, good fortune may only come knocking if you have put the work in and have done well to seize previous opportunities that were presented to you. Sometimes when life has always been good to you, you become complacent. And when that happens, luck starts to come around more infrequently. So, you may have to ask yourself if you have been putting the work in to be given this blessing in April. Because some of you may have been playing and overindulging too much. Life was taken for granted and you let your heart rule too much over your head. Now in April, you may be on the outside looking into the party that is being had for once, wondering what in the world happened for you to be on this side. 

Despite what may be going on domestically in the U.S. and internationally (we’re back to business as usual fearmongering the public about supposed weapons that Iran and North Korea has smh), it seems like overall for April, things are looking good. However, like I said above, this sort of depends on you individually. Luck can come and go. If we do not seize the opportunities that present themselves to us, we really only have ourselves to blame–at least most of the time. So, it seems like in April, Lady Fortune is going to pay us a little visit. Whether we let her in or ignore her is up to us. Venus, the lesser benefic, will ingress into its nocturnal domicile (Taurus) around April 15th. So, by the middle of April, we may see some of those blessings and benefits this spread talks about materialize. Or not! Some of us may be too busy partying and in our feelings to see what the universe is presenting to us. Taurus is the sign of laziness and indulgence in its more negative manifestations. So, be wary of letting your vices get the best of you because you may miss out on some great opportunities to be more aligned with your soul’s purpose, especially since Mars will be in fall (Cancer) around the 24th, further slowing down any momentum you had in March and while most of the inner planets were in Aries.

What oracle messages do we have for April 2021?

9: Phoenix - How's that for happily ever after?
30: Castle - It's time for healing, not war
17: Flower - Be honest with yourself
18: Tree - Let them go
25: Mural - Be your own first priority
35: Shark - Swim away from this situation (bottom of the deck)
13: Lioness - You've earned all your stripes (bottom of the deck)
42: Homeward - Take yourself out on a date (bottom of the deck)
28: Confidence - It comes with time and practice (bottom of the deck)
10: Red - Forgive (bottom of the deck)
8: Wings - You never needed those wings to fly (bottom of the deck)
15: Garden - Something lovely will grow from this (bottom of the deck)

So, the message is very clear here: in April, many of you have left an abusive relationship or otherwise toxic environment. Or in this month you are planning on finally leaving.

Indeed, the Sun will remain in Aries until the very end of the month, signifying that this is the time for new beginnings, and of course, sometimes sad endings. This energy of moving away from someone (or something) has been coming up for some months now if you all have been closely following my page, and it seems like in April, many of you are mustering up the courage to go somewhere else. But what happens when you leave? Numerous stories rarely focus on that, and instead condemn survivors on going back. Rarely are we shown the hard work that goes on behind the scenes that these people go through. The stages of grief, the readjustment to life outside of that relationship/environment, the warped sense of self, etc...

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation in April, remember to be kind to yourself. It took a lot of strength, strength you probably didn't know you had, to stand up for yourself and say, "No more." Healing is solemn linear. It is plagued by many ups and downs but it is all apart of the process. So, don't hold yourself to unrealistic expectations, demanding that you "should have" reached X benchmark by Y months or you "should have" gotten over what happened to you Z years ago. It's okay. Focus on forgiving yourself first. Take time to rediscover who you are and what you like. Take time to relax and enjoy the Sun. Go out into the nature. Like the plants that are blooming around you, you too will sprout in due time when you are ready.

As I said above, we are still getting this energy of people leaving bad relationships and/or environments that has been appearing for a couple of months now. I think in this particularly spread, it is more final than in the previous readings. This makes sense astrologically and even numerologically as Taurus sustains and maintains what Aries has put into motion and the 4 is all about firm foundations, boundaries, and structure. So, I think many people are moving away from toxicity with strength even though it hurts.

Yes, emotionally, it may be a different story with all the cards at the bottom of the deck speaking of healing and finding one’s confidence. Even in the previous astrology spread, we have the Moon and Gemini reversed, indicating that for those who have left, or still contemplating about leaving, are confused and overwhelmed. Perhaps, some of you are stepping away from family and are scared on how to survive alone without familiar people or your support network, even if they were the people causing you all of this pain. But you have already done so much for yourself already even while they were in your life. So, what’s the difference when they cannot reach you to tear you down? Like the Mural card says, you need to be your first priority now and heal. You need to focus on yourself and what makes you happy and what you need emotionally and spiritually in April.

What messages do our guides have for April 2021?

45: Life Force - Aphrodite
21: Truth - Higher Self
29: Despair - Nature Spirits
23: Suffering - Divine Teachers (reverse!)
30: Death - Guardian Angels
24: Rest - Holy Spirit
8: Discontent - Muses (bottom of the deck)
10: Family - Holy Spirit (bottom of the deck)
25: Shadow - Divine Healers (bottom of the deck)
22: Denial - Divine Helpers (bottom of the deck)

The messages from our guides seem to echo the ones in the previous spread: it's time to move on.

When I saw Death, I thought it was literal as it is actually pretty common for survivors to be murdered just shortly after they leave their abusers. However, the booklet says this is more metaphorical, as in what died was what was harming the person. I'm not too sure that this is the case for everyone though...

In either case, in April, many of you are moving away from toxic people and environments. You have finally realized, it is the hope, that this person and/or place has caused you immense suffering and that has to end. Your life force has been sucked out but a few too many of you refuse to see that. You have been in denial. And yet subconsciously you have been acting out your trauma, perhaps unfortunately onto the people around you. You have been depressed and anxious and don't know why. Well, in April, you may discover why, and hopefully make a decision to take life back into your hands.

The truth will set you free but it may feel more like a death of a loved one instead. Do not despair. This was a blessing. Even in your denial, your guides have heard your calls for help and are reaching out to you. So, as you process your loss, take time to rest. Your guides are making sure that your home is now safe and secure. You do not have to suffer anymore.

In the previous monthly predictions, the astrology, believe in your own magic, and guides cards sort of gave different messages. For the guides cards, we kept getting this overall energy of overworking and needing a break. But I think around the same time this energy about harmful relationships started to showed up, the guides cards sort of mirrored the same message. In this month, though, the guide cards really echo the believe in your own magic cards.

What I find so fascinating about this spread, however, is that we got a reverse card. I don’t shuffle these cards in a way that they would show up reversed, so I think the fact that it did (if I remember correctly it flopped onto my desk) is significant. I think that the Suffering card is indicating that whatever hardship some of you are going through will start to dissipate in April. For some, this may be because you are finally waking up to the reality you need to be seeing. This message of not seeing things for what they are but how you personally want to see them is not new. In fact, I think Truth showed up previously in a reading. So, this is just hammering home that some of you need to open your eyes. And I think this is finally happening. Perhaps, as Denial is out but so is Shadow. It seems like your guides are intervening here on your behalf with the Death card and forcing certain things to end and/or to your attention because their prior efforts have fell flat or were actively ignored. In either case, some of you may be feeling this ending very hard. Instead of Rest, you feel Despair. But I feel like once you sit in this energy and let it pass, you will realize how that situation and/or relationship was sucking you dry and causing you so much grief and Discontent. Alone, you can finally Rest and recharge yourself. As was noted in the previous spread, it will not be easy but ultimately it is for the best. Sometimes life is about hard truths and hard endings. But something beautiful will grow from your newfound freedom. You might not see it right now, but it slowly bloom in front of you.

So, this is all what I have for April. It was pretty heavy but this need to move on seems to be a message a lot of people need to hear. So, I hope they hear it and take action accordingly to live life more happily and freely!

In any case, April 16th is my birthday, so think about supporting me on Ko-Fi or buying me something off my Amazon Wishlist if you want! 😀 It would mean a lot to me!

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